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After being betrayed by his bodybuilder boyfriend, Leo stumbles on an acquaintance with a wizard who claims to want to help him get even.

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Part 1 After being betrayed by his bodybuilder boyfriend, Leo stumbles on an acquaintance with a wizard who claims to want to help him get even. (added: 29 Jun 2018)
Part 2
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Part 1

Friday. Another week is ending at last and everybody at office is preparing to leave. Everybody but one: Leo Freeman, computer engineer, 27 years old. Life has been good to Leo, apparently, good job, high salary, making good progresses, but he has never been so miserable in his life.

His lover, Kevin Richardson, 23 years old and a gorgeous jock, has just left him. Leo never really believed such guy would ever be interested in him, but he had been. They enjoyed their time together a lot, although they had many problems to resolve. Kevin was a real hardcore at gym, spending almost 5 hours at the gym every day working out and doing absolutely everything to keep (and develop even more) his mighty 6’2”, 195-pound physique. Kevin was really narcissistic to the point of obsession, dropping hundreds of dollars on supplements, vitamins, power shakes, skin products, shampoos and other stuff. His wardrobe consisted basically of dozens and dozens of skin tight pants and the smallest shirts of all. He actually had gained almost 10 pounds by the end of their relationship. Of course, Leo hand funded all his “enlarging process.”

Leo is much more reserved person. Not because of his looks—he is very impressive himself: 5’10”, short dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and certainly not skinny, though he is way behind Kevin in this particular area. He has slender, well-toned muscles, but he never worried himself about working out, skin care, or shampoos. He just tries to take a healthy life.

During their seven-month relationship, Leo had made a lot of concessions. One of them meant he started going to gym and working out with Kevin, but he obviously couldn’t keep up his lover’s pace. He ended up giving up after three months, taking his pain and disappointment with him. Kevin worked a salesman in a famous clothing store, but he was fired just after they started going out together. Sure, Leo made quite a bit of money at his job, and soon he was supporting Kevin and his expenses. He had nothing else to complain about, especially in sex. It was wonderful—Kevin really knew how to please his lover. But Leo felt so damn empty. He kept it to himself until one day, one terrible Wednesday.

Leo came home early because of a headache and he saw what he couldn’t believe: Kevin fucking the biggest bodybuilder he had ever seen. In fact he remembered that bully. He saw him hanging out with Kevin in the gym, and Leo knew he used to be around the biggest guys in there. Kevin used to say that he was getting close to the bigger man was for inspiration.

There wasn’t much to say. When they saw Leo, they just stopped. Kevin went over to him and admitted that he needed to be with bigger guys, because he just felt that way. He was disappointed with Leo because he refused to improve his body, so he looked for people with the same interests he had.

Leo couldn’t say a word. He just left them and wandered by the streets, trying to figure out how he let things get that way. He didn’t love Kevin, he knew in his heart. He had just settled—after all, he was hot.

Eight days after that tragic event, Leo found out that Kevin took all the money out of the account Leo opened for them. Fortunately it wasn’t his main account—otherwise he would be wiped out. The wounds opened for Leo all over again. Paul, the stupid fucker Kevin had cheated with, was indeed very big, so muscular and veiny you could call him a freak. How could Kevin like that kind of thing? Kevin himself was so beautiful and muscular, why would he prefer that mountain, anyway? Well, that he would never understand.

Leo decided to walk home. He just didn’t want to get there soon. He kept walking, and following streets he didn’t knew. After a few hours he found a strange-looking old store with the funniest sign in the window: “You were hurt by your lover, you feel betrayed? Don’t get mad get even!

Leo smiled and felt his feet taking him inside. Why would he want this? Sure, he was hurt, but he was a better person. He sure would like to see Kevin suffering just a little bit, though. Inside the old store it seemed much bigger and wider than from the outside, filled with many shelves and cabinets full of old and strange stuff, spooky eyes, blue pots, spider legs—all kinds of things you hear about but never actually see in real life.

“May I help you?” The voice came from a tall thin man with a goatee long enough to reach his waist.

“Oh, no! Thanks. I was just looking…” Leo said in a surprised tone.

“Take your time, we have just what you need to get even with Kevin.”

“Hey, how did you—?”

“Why don’t you look around?” The old man had this spooky scary look. Leo wasn’t a skeptic exactly, but he wasn’t a fool either. That guy was really strange. Leo took a walk around the store, just smiling at every strange blue jar. The thick liquid inside seemed hair gel, and that made Leo think about Kevin and all his grooming products. In that exact moment he heard the shop owner behind him.

“That’s a very special potion, Mr. Freeman.”

“What the heck is that? How did you know my name?”

“It is always like that,” sighed the owner, half to himself. “They find me and still get frightened with me. Look Leo, I don’t have time for explanations, not now! Just think about what you want!”

“I don’t want anything from here! In fact, I am leaving right now!” Leo turned his back and went straight to the door, when he suddenly was stopped by a strange force. He just couldn’t move.

“Look, you fool mortal, I am sick of your explosive temper!” The man was talking to him normally, but his eyes were full of a green glow.

“W-what do you want from me?” Leo asked with fear. The man came close to him and touched his nose with his thin long finger.

“The right question is what do you want from me, Leo Freeman?”

“I don’t want…anything.”

“Yeah, yeah. Cut the bullshit and let me explain to you! I am Sheldar the Wizard! I live since the era of the Magic, I was designated by the Higher Forces, which your people insisted in denying. My task here is providing Justice, not your in mortal way, but into a cosmic magical way.”

“And how do I fit in?”

“Your kind of people is very hard to find nowadays, and you are always being abused by other people, usually you are on your own, but from time to time my masters send me to grant for one of you good people a chance to set things even, and you were the lucky one this time!”

“What you mean by even?”

“Everything you see inside of here is a way to get even with Kevin. Some are very light, others are way too cruel, but you are the only one to decide which way to take. I warn you, however—anything you chose here will be permanent and will change your life forever, so be wise and careful.” Leo felt the control of his movements back, but the first time he believed in all that story he heard.

“You say that I can take one among all of these things and use it against Kevin?”

“Not just against him, but depending on your choice you’ll have another view on your life.” Leo looked everything again, paying attention to what these could things do. He got a vague sense as he looked at each one, but there were no labels.

“You could tell me what these things are?”

“No, I can’t interfere in any way. “Use your instincts, you’ll know what to do!”

Leo looked again to that jar with the blue stuff, and he felt his guts trembling. He approached the jar and took it in his hands, and looked to Sheldar.

“That’s my choice!”

“Very well! It was your free decision, now follow me!” Sheldar led Leo to another room, with an old table and made him seat down in a funny chair.

“You made a curious choice, Leo Freeman!”

“Why is that?”

“Well, this is a magic ink. If this is applied to your skin, then you’ll have the power to transfer the strength of those you want.”


“That’s it! You will become bigger and stronger until you are satisfied, that is if you ever get satisfied.”

“And how will it help me to get even with Kevin?”

“Don’t ask me. It was your choice!” Sheldar opened the jar and said, “Give me your arm.”

“What for?”

“Foolish mortal! I must apply the potion in your skin in order it to work!”

Leo refused at first, but he just thought of Kevin making fun of his physique, the scene of he and Paul making out on his own bed, and that made him angry enough to extend his arm. Sheldar applied the ink on his skin and he could feel it burning, but Sheldar held his arm and continued his sinister ritual.

“I make this drawing in your skin to give you the power to fulfill your desire for Justice. This mark, from now on, shall remain with you and will provide that you wished with all the power of your soul. May the higher forces grant you what your miserable world denied to you. You shall fulfill your most valuable task.”

Leo woke up all sweaty and trembling, his heartbeat crazy. He looked around and saw his bedroom. Thank goodness! It was all a dream! Leo got up from the bed and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. In the way he passed to the bathroom and noticed something strange.

Holy cow! There was the same drawing! Only now it seemed like a tattoo. A bluish drawing looking as those tribal tattoos, only this one had strange symbols written around his arm, by the way, that tattoo was around his biceps, although he remembered Sheldar making it on his wrist. What the heck was that?

It is all so fucking confusing, Leo thought and went to bed again.

Next morning he woke up and went straight to the gym Kevin used to go to. He was all dressed to work out, although he never enjoyed it. Leo wasn’t thinking right. All he knew was that he had this feeling that he needed to see Kevin.

The gym was full of the biggest men he’d ever seen, the smell of sweat and musk odor, the sound of iron plates clapping against others. In the middle of all that scenario he spoke to one of the trainers and found out that Kevin had quit the gym about a week ago, saying that he would look for something better for him to grow more.

“That miserable son of a bitch!” Leo decided to stay there, because he just felt he had to. He went to the equipment and decided to work out a little. After a few reps he realized he was being observed. It was Paul. That took some nerve!

It turned out, when he came over to explain, that Paul thought he was as innocent as Leo, not that it made the pain smaller.

“Look man, I didn’t know about you. Kevin said you were his cousin. I never saw you two kissing or being intimate.” Paul was right about that—Leo never liked public demonstration—not that he was ashamed of it, he just preferred intimacy instead of public displays.

“I don’t want talk about it, please.”

“Okay,” Paul said equably. “I just want to say that Kevin is a bastard, he didn’t deserve you anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he is one of those people who goes through life sucking it from others. He never really works, he just gets a guy to support him, and when he is done he dumps them.”

“Seems he found the perfect idiot,” Leo said glumly as he tried to make a biceps crunch, but he was so pissed he had some kind of cramp and would have hurt his arm if it weren’t for Paul, who grabbed the dumbbell with one hand and held Leo straight with the other.

“Hey man, calm down!” Paul said. Leo felt funny. He just needed to embrace Paul, so he passed his hands around Paul’s chest. And then he felt a rush of power going straight to his muscles. He could actually see Paul’s well-toned muscles getting smaller.

“Thanks! Thank you, Paul!” Leo said as he let the big man go of his embrace.

“Leo, are you oaky?”

“I gotta go now!” Leo went quickly downstairs and rushed home. He just felt funny and energized. When he got home, he saw Sheldar sat on his bed.

“How are you, Leo Freeman?”

“Sheldar, what are you doing here?”

“Again with the silly questions? I am here because I know you found out how to use your power.”

“You mean, I stole his strength?”


“But why I am not bigger?”

“Because you rejected the transference as soon as it began.”

“I can control it?”

“Of course, it is part of you now! Foolish man!”

“I felt funny, and I think Paul isn’t as guilty as Kevin.”

“And you believed him?”

“Well, yeah, after all the things Kevin told him…”

“That man stole all Kevin’s money and told him to disappear or he would kill him”


“That’s why Kevin disappeared. He was seduced by Paul’s muscles and then he was fooled!”

“You mean Kevin is innocent?”

“That’s up to you! You are the judge here!”

“And what does that bastard of muscle man want from me?”

“What else but money?”

“He thinks I am rich?”

“You are not poor, and he needs a lot of money to sustain his enormous body, so he lives from taking money from the ones that worship his muscles”

“That’s why you are here? You want me to suck his muscles?”

“You have a task, Leo Freeman. You can’t neglect it.”

“But how am I going to…?”

“You’ll find your way sooner than you think.” Someone knocked on the door. It was Paul! He said he was worried about Leo and he asked to come in. Leo agreed and Paul entered the room.

“You have a very nice place, by the way.”

Yeah, too bad you have a guided tour you bastard! Leo offered him some juice.

“Thanks! It is pretty hot out there! Your air conditioning is very good!”

Paul drank the juice, and Leo saw his mighty Adam’s apple swing with each swallow. Leo decided that he would try his new capability.

“Paul, you’re so big, how much do you weigh?” Paul noticed the way the talk would take and changed the look on his face.

“265 pounds! And almost 5% of bodyfat.”

“Wow! That’s amazing, how long have you trained?”

“It makes 15 years now, since I was 12 years old.”

“Wow, it sure show. You are so big and muscular, I feel so tiny around you…”

“But you like being around me don’t you?”

He bought it, Leo thought. Paul grinned and moved toward him. “Well, I am now!” he said. Paul came near him, and took off his wet shirt, revealing his wonderful body. He grabbed Leo’s hand and gently put it on his chest and rubbed it slowly.

“Can you feel how big I am?”

“Sure! And I can feel how strong you are too.”

“Babe, I want to make you feel my power.”

“You’re so big, Paul.”

“Feel my guns.” And Leo felt the power on those biceps. Leo never was into big muscles, but he was really turned on by Paul’s body, enjoying the display of power and strength.

“How did you get so big?”

“Well babe, I work out a lot. In fact my whole life is working out. I want to grow even more, but—”

“But what?”

“Well, I can’t eat on free. I spend a lot of money on supps and ‘roids, and they’re expensive.”

“And you wanted me to help you to grow more.”

“You want me to get bigger just for you, huh?”

“More than anything!” Leo actually said it, but he was leading Paul to the catch.

“I will grow into a monster just to pleasure you.” Paul kissed him hard and Leo felt his stiffness in his dick. He hungered Paul’s muscles his size and definition—he wanted to become bigger than him, to feel him tiny against him. He wanted to make him pay for seducing his lover, and mess with his life. They went to the bed, and Paul assumed his position on Leo’s ass. Leo desired that mighty dick inside him. Paul was rough and very crude, and soon he was humping on Leo’s ass, and Leo was enjoying it at all.

“Now feel my power, you runt! I want to crush you with my muscles.” Leo thought it was enough that bastard didn’t deserve that power, he would to make things even. Then it began. Almost the moment Paul came inside him, Leo felt an unstoppable rush. He came and felt the flood of Paul’s muscles into him. He felt energized as his muscles started growing. He could feel himself getting stronger, and he kept moaning, his arms were becoming two big balls around his tattoo, which was glowing a blue light. Paul’s muscles were diminishing as he came inside of Leo.

Paul opened his eyes as he felt strange, and he screamed as he saw his impressive physique becoming smaller. “What the fuck is happening?”

Leo couldn’t answer. He was in trance because of the transfer. He was growing very quickly, becoming so thick and muscular. He looked at his pecs and saw them blossoming into two huge slabs of meat. His back was enlarging and widening.

“What are you doing to me you queer?” Paul sobbed.

“Justice!” Paul despaired as Leo changed into the biggest man Paul had seen, even as he himself was losing his precious muscles. Leo was in heaven. He could feel his body growing so huge. Even Paul’s totally soft dick was becoming smaller in his anus, something Leo hadn’t even known to expect.

When it finished, Leo growled and let out a moan so long it was like the purring of a tiger. Leo looked at Paul with a strange glow in his eyes, and laughed as the “thinner” Paul tried to dress but his clothes were now too big for him.

Leo stood up and he felt the difference of his improved body, he was a little taller, but quite a lot heavier. He came closer to Paul and poked his chest. “You asked for this you bastard, now get out of here before I decide to drain more of you, you miserable runt!”

Paul disappeared from the room. Leo heard the door closing, but he didn’t bother to go check, Paul would never try something against him. He was too damn scary for that.

“Man this fucking amazing!” said Leo looking at himself in the mirror.

“Very impressive Freeman!”

“Sheldar! Did you see it?”

“Yes, you had a remarkable performance, Freeman!” Leo felt so energized and powerful he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was way bigger than Paul was, and so much wider, more veined, and more defined than Paul.

“You’re wondering why you are bigger than the man you drained aren’t you?”

“Yeah! Why is that?” Leo asked with a glint in his eyes.

“You drain the power of those men, but you are granted your own power, and that consists in amplifying the power you drain and improving it, using as you desire. You are bigger than Paul has ever been in his life.”

Leo had to take his measurements. He went to the bathroom scale. It wasn’t precise, but even so he was shocked. Normally he weighed about 170 pounds, but now he’d grown three inches in height and he weighed over 300 pounds, 35 pounds heavier than Paul. He looked as big as a house: his chest was about 60 inches, his abs were just popped out, and when he looked at his biceps, he almost choked—his guns were as big as two grapefruits.

His tattoo looked amazing around his augmented biceps. He had never noticed it was two snakes twisting around each other. He measured—28 fucking inches.

“Man I am outstanding!”

“Yes indeed Freeman”

“Well, at least I got even”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Well I am much bigger than Paul now. Isn’t it what you wanted me to do?”

“Not exactly. I was sent to guide you through your task!”

“What?” Leo was confused. “Didn’t I got even?”

“You were granted a special power. You have to become everything your ever wished”

“But I made it!”

“Not yet, Leo. You have just begun your true task! In the right time I will advise you and then you will grow in power and in strength until you become what you really deserve to be.”

“You mean I can grow more?”

“Much more than you can ever imagine! You will see.”

“Damn! Call me crazy, but I love this idea!” And Leo threw a double biceps pose and saw his tattooed snakes shining and his biceps flexing at this wild dream.

“Yes, Leo, I call you crazy, and the bigger you become the bigger you’ll want to be. This I guarantee you!”


Part 2

Leo walked gloriously out of the gym. He was really enjoying himself. Who wouldn’t? Leo became a hulking 300-pound muscleman with stats the other bodybuilders wouldn’t even dream of. And during his work out he could hear the gasps and moans each time he curled his guns or bench pressed massive weights, and the strangest thing was that Leo loved hearing such things. Even the very few guys who had a few pounds on him couldn’t compete with his proportions, and that made him the biggest guy on the gym.

Leo quit his job—after all, how he was going to explain his new physique? Sheldar told him that he would never need to worry about mundane things, everything would be arranged. In fact the very same day, Leo checked his account and almost fainted when he read the amount which was credited for him. Even his closets now had lots of clothing which could fit his new size and muscles, and his fridge was full of the best sports food he’d ever heard of.

“You don’t need to train or eat to sustain your muscles, because they are pure magic energy, but you can help them by working hard let them grow. It will only make you more powerful,” Sheldar said as he disappeared in blue smoke. So, Leo had a new life that week and he just loved it. Every time he walked to the gym or came from there he gained looks from men and women, and he felt so vigorous and strong, nothing could be better than this.

The next day when Leo was getting out of the bath with nothing but a towel in his hands.

“I see you are really enjoying yourself, Freeman!” Sheldar said floating over his head.

“Hey! Don’t I have the right to some privacy?” Leo tried to hide his engorged manhood, but Sheldar appeared in front of him holding Leo’s cock, which grew hard almost at the same time.

“Freeman, you are a part of the true power incarnated. I demand to see all of your impressive body, because I gave it to you!” Sheldar looked strange. He was somehow different. His wrinkles were a little lighter, and his figure was more full, like he wasn’t so old…

“What do you want now?” Leo said noticing his hard prick in the hand of the wizard.

Sheldar let the cock go, and Leo freaked out as he saw it becoming soft at the same moment.

“Leo, what did you feel when you’ve gained your new muscles?” Sheldar had a strange look. He walked into the living room and Leo followed.

“You know what I felt. It was like cumming, but much better. I could feel myself growing so fast it was almost like orgasming slowly and for a long time, and another mind blowing orgasm at the end, cumming the whole time, constantly cumming!” Leo was kind shocked at his own description, but especially because it was so specific. Sheldar came near him and Leo noticed for the first time the thin wizard was very tall, about four inches taller than Leo even after the transformation.

“Freeman, I need to tell you the truth! There are no such thing as the ‘higher forces’ watching over you and demanding justice. It was the way I found to lure you!”

“What? You fooled me?” Leo was pissed. He’d like to hit that son of a bitch, but something in his look made him calm. He wanted to hear all the story first.

“I am indeed a wizard. I have been living since even I don’t remember, but I wasn’t this shadow of a man you see, I was very handsome, perfect in almost every way, but at those times, I was on a quest—a search for POWER. I looked into the oldest libraries, the most dangerous places, but I finally found a way to fulfill my most intimate wish: POWER.”

“What did you find anyway?” asked Leo while he managed to dry the water which remained in his exuberant and magnificent muscles. Sheldar smiled a little, his wrinkled mouth seemed to glisten as the words came out of it.

“I’ve found an ancient artifact which contained the arcane ritual of the Supreme Blessing…” Sheldar waited for the expected question.

“What the fuck is that?”

He proceded. “This is an ancient ritual which could grant the performer absolute POWER!”

“You wanted to take over the world or something?” Leo tried to make a joke about all that things that he could never hear one week ago, and now they were his reality, a world full of magic muscles and “power” as Sheldar would describe.

“Foolish mortal, such ambition isn’t worth the sacrifice. The kind of power I wanted was different. I wanted power over men, I wanted to be adored, worshipped like a god. I wanted to be pleased by the most beautiful and the strongest men from all around the world, and yet feel superior to them, make them feel fragile near me. I wanted the muscles and the strength and the beauty to become something superior to the other men, that’s the only and true power…”

“Oh, my! You really had clear intentions…” Leo whispered as his cock tingled in his groin, such description was really detailed, it was like being touched by such force, to be impregnated with that so called Superior Blessing.

“You’d never understand. I just had that urge, it was as natural for me as breathing.” Sheldar approached the hulking figure of Leo and, grabbing him by his massive shoulders, guided him to sit on the couch.

“Did you ever achieve your intent?” Leo asked with a look which mixed fear and excitement. Sheldar smiled mischievously and restarted walking around the room.

“Yes, I certainly did, Leo Freeman! I had magically transformed myself into some kind of a superior man; taller, stronger, absolutely massive, extremely beautiful, eternal youth, awesome freakish muscles, and the biggest endowment in the world – even bigger than yours! I was granted those powers because I had accomplished that very ritual, which was written in a language forgotten for a very long time, but I managed to perform it and so I finally was given the supreme POWER over the other men! I was filled with the power of Nemorun God of the Storms, the looks of Shon’ra God of Sun, the body of Hyon God of Strength, and I was specially gifted by Ruthar male God of Pleasure. All those gifts made me the most POWERFUL being in the world…” Sheldar looked again to Leo’s cock and it rose up again, making Leo wonder about Sheldar’s former body…

“I was the most powerful being in my era, Leo Freeman. Thanks to the POWER of Nemorun, I was practically invincible. I could get to the size of the highest mountain and, but I choose a height which could make be feared and adored but yet, reachable to my acolytes. Due to the looks of Shon’ra I achieved a beauty standard so high, I actually could irradiate my beauty like the sun itself. With the Body of Hyon, I became a gargantuan muscle-freak with unlimited strength with the power to move a mountain or even more. I really never found a limit to my strength. I was more muscular than any other being, my muscles didn’t have limits. I could grow more massive at will, and I always maximized that part. I was the freakiest of the freaks, even though in that time there wasn’t many musclefreaks; but the few that existed were amazingly massive. Not compared to me, but they were humans so it is excusable. And because of the gift of Ruthar I was PLEASURE in flesh. I had orgasms which lasted hours, and I was never depleted of sperm. My cock could get the size I wanted, I had total control over it. I would only cum at will, no matter how much excitement I received. Best of all I could grant my lovers pleasure their mortal forms could never achieve. The tallest man couldn’t even reach my lower chest, the strongest couldn’t lift one tenth of the amount I used to do, and none of them wasn’t even close to my beauty, not to mention my sexual potency. I could make a man have an orgasm with just one touch, or one good view of my immense body…”

“What happened then?” Leo was absolutely hard now imagining all those things…

“For more than three hundred years, I lived like a Musclegod! I didn’t age even one single day, and my strength and muscles only increased over the years, and I had as many lovers at my feet as the stars on the sky. I was worshipped, pleased by the most gorgeous men there ever been. They fought to get my attention, and they begged me to show them a little of my infinite POWER. I’ve had emperors, princes, kings and all the men I wished, and yet I could have sex with ALL of them in a row. I could fuck for one day straight without resting—of course they had to change my partner, but it was their problem…” Leo could only let a whistle come out of his mouth, he couldn’t believe such words. It was like living his lifetime fantasy! Being worshipped and loved by the most beautiful men, which gay man would refuse such intense feelings, and with those stats…

“H-how BIG were you?” Leo asked trying to hide his raging hard on…

Sheldar smiled again and approached him. “Why don’t I show you all at once?” Then in front of Leo’s eyes a clear image appeared, and Leo had to control himself not to cum right then: He saw the HUGEST man he could ever pictured. He must be about 10 feet tall, weighing more than 2000 POUNDS, and totally naked except for one tiny leather thong which could never hide such mass of COCK! It was like watching the bigger brother of all the bodybuilders, he was so muscular, his arms were so big, they hang aside the rest of that precious body like two gargantuan columns of MUSCLE, and the rest wasn’t so far. His pecs glistened, huge and powerful, like two hemispheres of muscular planet orbiting around the muscular system of his body. The golden shade of his skin seemed pure bronze, the extremely overdeveloped abdominal muscles popping out of that flattest stomach, and those pillars in the place of his legs, so mighty muscled legs. The face shone like the sun itself! So beautiful and tender, with two big blue gems for eyes, the square lines of that virile chin, those incredible white teeth, evolved by the most impressive set of full and delicious lips, that muscular neck which could make the biggest of the bulls jealousy, and the golden silky hair flowing long and free way down his shoulders almost at the middle of his widest back! The hair had the glow of pure gold, and it seemed so soft, it was it had its own will, it was alive to make his owner even more astonishingly HOT!

Then Leo saw that gargantuan figure walk – he swore he could feel the floor trembling in his own apartment, each muscle in a perfect meaning of POWER, the entire body bounced, such mass and MUSCLE it had, but it was as beautiful as watching the sunrise, it felt so pleasing like a living poem… Leo saw the perfection in muscle sit in the largest throne, and gently he make himself comfort on that mighty seat. The MAN over men smiled, causing such commotion in Leo he thought he would cry, he lifted his might arms, making his biceps curl into the BIGGEST peak he never thought as attainable. The hand gently waved and the dance of muscle caused by such movement was almost to raw to be true, but the smile of that mouth made everything tender, no word was need, just that smile could bring empires down.

And then one muscled big man approached. He seemed like a puppy, he was so small compared to that living statue of MUSCLE, but the gentleness of that huge hand touching and covering the back of his head was everything the young fellow needed. He reached down for the tiniest thong, the only thing which covered that enormous BULGE in his crotch, then when the youngster ripped it off, the living statue just moaned and smiled again; the poor fellow lost his mind, he mouthed that PRICK so wildly, he choked, it was simply too BIG! The musclegod gently caressed him and comforted the guy on his lap, and then he looked tenderly with those overpowering eyes, and soon there were another three huge musclemen taking care of his enormous prick, all of them trying to mouth the cock alone, but none of them achieving such goal, but Musclegod didn’t complained he was satisfied, he was being blown by four men at the same time, and he wasn’t even totally hard!

As Leo watched, his own cock demanded release, and he was there jacking off to that scene, like it was the best porn movie there could ever be! That cock rose like the wildest cobra and soon it at the level of the musclegod’s eyes. The worshippers tried their best to please their god, kissing him in his chest caressing his nipples, coughing his majestic hair, and one even had the absolute pleasure to drink at the font of that absolute impressive mouth, in which he was right rewarded, being kissed back so fiercely and tender he had to spew his load right there all over the master’s miracle hugely chest. The musclebound god only smiled again and kissed his exhausted worshipper in the cheek, as a good child deserves, and nestled him over his more than mega muscled arms, enthroning the devoted subject in the pleasure of his strength. The others soon were through. Their meaning was sincere, but they couldn’t last as long as their muscle master – all of them came right there, spreading their hot jism all over their adored figure, which could only smile and moan, and soon new worshippers were eye called, trying to accomplish such hard task, and this ritual went on and on, seeming to be endless.

It was then that a young slender man approached. He was so beautiful, not even close to the master’s shadow, but yet in human standards he was extremely handsome. Ebony locks crowned the white skin of his body and the green eyes only reassured his pleasing presence. When the master saw him, he just let the cradling guy go and opened his mighty arms to him. The hot brunette man approached and quickly grabbed the huge shaft of the master’s cock and managed to shove it into his mouth, it was only there the musclegod screamed of pleasure, a loud thunder scream; but the worshipper seemed still unsatisfied. He rolled over and the master gently lifted him with just one hand and carefully sat the man at the head of the prince of all cocks. The guy didn’t seem to be in pain at all, but his face showed the effort he was being through, he managed to accept the master’s cock inside of him, little by little, then for the first time, the muscle giant standed up, impaling his subject, who by the way seemed to be in trance, the magnificent beauty then proceeded to fuck his servant, slowly but with POWER, pumping the guy as if weighed as a feather, and the brunette was in heaven, a few minutes later, cum splattered out of his cock like it was never ending, and not so much time after that the face of the MUSCLE MASTER showed the absolute beauty of an upcoming orgasm. The other slaves quickly gathered around their master, and helped the limp body of the brunette worshipper who had accepted the challenge of really pleasing their master, and then the muscle god rose up like a giant over his crowd, stroking his enormous cock with one mighty hand and flexing his other biceps, his face was so calm, and yet, so powerful. He smiled so kindly as his biceps rose like a sacred mountain to them, and with the begging of all the worshippers, who had cum for the second time, the MUSCLEMAN threw his head back and as his biceps achieved the maximum peak, he kissed it, finally freeing his so desired load. Volleys and volleys and almost golden cum flew over the heads of the worshipping crowd, each one trying to savor the taste of power it released. The golden musclegod came for more time the servants could hang and soon they were all tired if their worshipping, but not their master. He was still hard and cumming looking over his crowd of little men at his feet, his smile again shone at the room, and his eyes met the brunette, who was already back in his feet and his cock harder than ever, the master once again smiled and sat back in his throne opening his arms to his favorite worshipper, who quickly got back to his place at the cock of the master, licking the cum which fountained from the shaft, the master smiled and brushed the ebony locks in the head of the servant, gently caressing his fragile beauty once more…

The mist disappeared slowly in front of the eyes of a exhausted and finally released Leo Freeman. He had lost count of how many times he came watching that scene. It seemed he could never be out of cum—he was all covered in cum over his glistening and shiny muscles. His cock trembled in his hands trying once again to spew its load …

“Pheww! What was that?” asked Leo recovering his breath.

Sheldar looked at the floor all stained of sperm and said, “That, my dear Leo, was just an ordinary day of my musclegod days…”

You mean that was you? You? That muscle mountain with the biggest cock?”Leo tried to understand how could such change happen. “What happened to you, Sheldar?”

“I was betrayed, Leo, just like you were! One of my many lovers, the same one who knew exactly how to please me!” Sheldar walked around the room looking to Leo who was now totally hard again.

“Did he steal your powers?” Leo asked in a pitying tone, he barely noticed he was brushing Sheldar’s gray hair with his mighty hand and comforting the old figure…

“No ! He tried but he couldn’t figure how could I be so powerful.”

“So, how …?” Leo hesitated, not wanting to upset his wizard benefactor.

“The bastard managed to fool me and became each time more close to me. I was in love with him, he made me feel so special…He asked to teach him the secrets of my Magic—he said that if he couldn’t be as big as me, at least he wanted to be my apprentice. He was so captivating, and I was so enchanted by his fragility, his devotion to my muscles and myself…”

“Aren’t we always?” Leo asked trying to break the tension.

“Well, one day during our studies, I ended up telling the secret of my power, the ritual I recovered at the forgotten lands, and at the same night he sneaked into my study room and tried to steal the secret of my power the ritual to summon the POWER to you blessing your body and making you practically invincible!”

“He repeated the ritual and received the powers?”

“No, it was too complex for him. He couldn’t understand the forgotten languages, only I knew it. But I said to him only I could pass my powers to any other person. Then he proceeded his master plan, seducing me and begging to let him try to be omnipotent just for one minute.”

“And you gave in?” Leo completed

“Yes.” Sheldar floated again and with his gestures he made a strange mist rise up in the air, revealing scenes of a very remote past.

“We went back to same altar I was granted my powers and I performed the ritual all over again this time begging in the mystic language of the ritual to the Ancient Gods to transfer my gifts to my beloved one. Then a lightning bolt evolved both of us, transferring my glorious muscles, beauty and power to his already handsome figure, magnifying his beauty, his strength, making him grow right in front of me…” Leo could actually see the transformation: Sheldar losing his musclegod form, his golden hair darkening to a chestnut shade, his face becoming not ugly but human, and his impressive unbelievable muscles deflating, his impressive figure shrinking back to his old stature. Meanwhile, his lover already a very beautiful man rose from the bolt each time bigger, stronger and so damn beautiful! His dark locks grew brilliant and longer, his face was so masculine and yet so tender, his eyes got so vividly green and his muscles, his muscles were absolutely magnificent! He was completely naked, because his clothes could never hold such mass! When the process was finally over, Sheldar once again had his former body, and Leo had to say he wasn’t bad, not at all, he was very handsome too, but nothing compared to the behemoth that his lover had become.

“Are you feeling right, my love!” Sheldar asked in his normal voice – noticing the lack of power in his tone.

“YES, SHELDAR, THIS FEELS SO RIGHT, IN FACT MORE RIGHT THAN EVER!” the gargantuan man said looking to Sheldar’s inquiring face.

“Rishad!” was all Sheldar could say when he finally realized the situation. Quickly Rishad’s enormous arms grabbed him and closed his mouth!

“NO MY DEAR SHELDAR! YOU WON’T GET MY POWERS FROM ME! THEY’RE MINE FOREVER NOW!” Rishad effortlessly held Sheldar’s struggling body while he cast a spell which transformed Sheldar into the figure Leo could see now.


“You miserable traitor! I shall get my revenge!” And saying this Sheldar disappeared into the same blue smoke! Then Leo watched as the new MUSCLEGOD turned around walking with his newly acquired muscles, but with a totally different attitude…

The mist was gone and Leo noticed tears in the wizard’s eyes. Leo didn’t say a word. Though no longer godly Leo could see more in Sheldar’s figure—he saw the same beautiful young wizard who once was betrayed by his own lover, to whom he gave everything he had without thinking twice. And Leo, who now was big as a powerhouse, but not even close to the POWER of Sheldar once had, grabbed the thin figure in his arms and reached for his mouth. The smell was strong and repulsive, but Leo couldn’t care at that moment. He kissed Sheldar in the very same lips which once belonged to omnipotent musclegod.

Sheldar almost didn’t believe at first—ever since that ritual he had never been kissed before. All that time and he tasted the flavor of love once again, but he had to break the kiss. “Leo, please, I am not that being anymore, I lost my powers that night!” But the hulking mortal didn’t care. He kissed the wizard again, this time harder.

“I only see your act of true love wasted on that bastard!” Leo embraced the thin body of the old wizard, but Sheldar managed to slip through his thick arms.

“Look, I won’t allow such behavior anymore!” If what you say is true, then you’ll listen. I didn’t tell you all those things for nothing! Sheldar recomposed his figure, and Leo thought Sheldar must be traumatized.

“That night I was cursed by Rishad, he wasn’t such a mighty wizard, but he had been prepared. He used his newly given strength to stop me as he cast one of my old spells, ironically one of my favorites, to capture my body and keep it inside of this unlovely shell you see. Since this corpse isn’t really alive, my former body and my soul are trapped here forever, just like Rishad, only he is eternal because of his powers and enjoys the absolute pleasure…”

“You mean he’s still alive? How come? We would hear about a guy that big for sure!” Leo commented.

“Do you ever pay attention to anything you mortals don’t consider ‘important’? Would you ever believe in a headline about anything near the things you’ve seen?” Leo looked down. He had to admit, nothing like that would be taken serious in the “real” world.

“The point is Rishad is still alive, and he’s been enjoying the pleasure of absolute power since then. He can be anywhere, assume any form he wishes, because ‘his’ powers grant it to him. He’s been living among the mortals, adapting, watching, and like me, studying your stupid lives…”

“And where do I fit in this whole story?” Leo finally managed to ask.

“I’ve been trying to find someone to help me in my revenge, but never seemed to find someone willing to try it, until the day you came into my ‘store’ and choose the magic ink!” Sheldar’s eyes recovered the same glow form that day in the store…


“Out of all the things in that store, only that blue jar would be the way to help me. I couldn’t force you to do anything. If you did choose any other thing, you would wake up in your very bedroom and think it was just a dream. But the jar…”

“What about it?” Leo was more afraid than ever.

“That ink, the same magic ink with which I made your tattoo—” Sheldar grabbed Leo’s muscled arms and pointed the drawing around his mighty biceps. “—is the same ink I used to draw the same mark on my arm!” Sheldar looked at him seriously. “The tattoo in your powerful arm is part of the ritual of the Supreme Blessing!”

Leo froze, only the picture of such power made him cum again, spreading his hot cum all over Sheldar’s body. “You mean you did this ritual thing on me too?”

Sheldar seemed not to care being jizzed on by Leo’s unexpected orgasm. He just continued: “Not exactly! This arcane ritual is very complex and had to be performed very precisely, but the artifact where I once found the ritual is that jar you’ve chosen, the ink it contained is the material component of the ritual. Over the years I have been trapped into this corpse, I could produce large amount of the magic ink.”

“What for?” Leo seemed confused.

“This magic ink is totally linked to the arcane ritual, once you mark it in somebody all the amount is connected to the receptor of the arcane marks, your tattoo…”

“You mean I can become RISHAD?” Leo was about to cum again. How could he have any spunk after all the times he had cum in the few minutes?

Sheldar looked seriously. “As far as I am concerned, you may surpass him, become five or more times more powerful than him!”

Leo came again, hitting Sheldar right in the face with such force his spew exploded from his cock. Sheldar strangely smiled and his thin hands grabbed the jism and brought it to his thin lips and licked it… “The ritual requires much body energy to be cast. When I did it for the first time I almost died in the process, but the very energy you use to perform it is restored when you receive the blessing multiplied, and that’s the reason for the Supreme Blessing. When I gave Rishad my powers, I didn’t use ALL the energy I could, because I would make him infinitely more powerful than I was. He just said he wanted to be like me for a while, and so he was given that. The greedy fool still doesn’t know the whole story.”

“So if I gather all the energy I can and perform the same ritual, the energy – you mean MUSCLES – will be restored multiplied many times to the caster? In layman’s words, you were a normal man, not too thin, but yet not to strong, and you ended up like that colossus. If a guy with my ‘new’ muscles do the same thing…” Leo finally connected the dots.


It is not necessary to say that Leo came once more, again all over Sheldar’s figure, who didn’t seem to be upset, not at all. When Leo finally managed to get soft again, he asked, “How come I can cum so many times, without even touching myself?”

Sheldar smiled. “It is because of me, I am giving you those orgasms. Well, not exactly me, but one of the effects of the ritual we started. I used the same material components, but I made some alterations. The muscles you drained from that bastard initiated a chain reaction, so that the more muscles you gather from the mortals, the more you’ll grow and the more you’ll cum for me…”

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? I don’t want to steal muscles from innocent men!”

“Don’t be fool! You can’t harm innocents! My magic is not evil, it may be selfish but not evil. I never wanted to steal the energy from men who didn’t deserve it. Anytime you feel you can get the muscles from a man, you’ll know he is guilty…”

“And how can I trust you?” Leo said. “You fooled ever since we met, how can it be true you are not using me?”

“You can only take the chance. What do you say, are you in or out? You can bsack out now, I won’t take your new muscles. But if you accept this offer, you won’t regret it…”

Leo felt confused. How could he trust in Sheldar? But that scene he saw, even though they could be fake, it felt right helping Sheldar, besides, if he only could drain the muscles from bastards like Paul, it would be super. To get even more muscular…

“And what do you get out of this?” Leo asked, trying to figure out the whole situation…

Sheldar showed him his face. “You see that? You do not need glasses, I am looking YOUNGER!” Leo blinked and noticed he was right. “The power of the ink makes you bigger, but also gives you such energy it became part of your spunk, and since my true self is trapped into this corpse, I can only live off arcane energy, magic if you prefer. Your cum is pure energy to me, and since you became stronger I can gather this energy quicker, and I am recovering my powers. Because this curse also drains the arcane powers of the victim, to avoid counter spells…”

“You say my juice feeds you?” Leo repeated trying to make it sound more reasonable

“Not just that, it restores my old powers. Hence, I can get free of this prison and once again assume my mortal form, have my own body again. But first, you must grow more, you must drain the energy of more cruel muscular men and make yourself bigger, more muscular, so your juice will be each time more potent and capable of finally set me free of this curse.”

Leo felt he could cry. All of this was too damn good to be true. Becoming that hulking mass was everything he always dreamed of, and the mere thought of getting like Rishad made him hard. And after all, what did he have to lose? His life was changed forever, and without Sheldar to help him, he would have to start all over again.

“I’ll help you out! You just show me where my next ‘victims’ are and I’ll suck their muscles out so fast, they won’t even know what hit them.”

“It can’t be like that exactly. We must be careful. The arcane energies are very strong. You remember the first one you drained, the feeling was almost too intense for you to handle…”

“We can’t take it easy now, look at me! I am 300 fucking pounds! I am almost too big to be true to those guys outside, if I gotta drain more muscles it’s gotta be quick. Otherwise I won’t be able to get in any other gym everybody will recognize me so big I’ll get, and then even Rishad might know about me…”

“You are right, you are already too big, for mortal standards. We have to use the moment in our favor.” Sheldar coughed and said: “All right, Freeman, we’re gonna take the chance! You will be set to the next step of my plan, and GROW EVEN MORE!”

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