by Dylan Utah

 Gym rat Dane has an encounter with an alien symbiote, complicating not only his own life but his friends’ as well.

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Editor's Note

This story was originally posted in 2011 to Deviant Art as "It Was a Dark Night" by InflatedMuscle.


Dane O’Connor worked at the Night and Day Gym. He had started there in college for beer money and a free membership but had just stayed on after graduation with the job market what it was these days. The owner who also put in a full shift as a cop had come to rely heavily on Dane. To the meaty lifter it sometimes felt like he ran the place. Dane put in a twelve hour shift from six in the evening till six am. The hours were long but the work wasn’t hard. The evening crowd thinned out about nine-thirty. Then till bout two there would be a few stragglers show up: college boys who made a habit out of not seeing the morning light and some serious bodybuilders who preferred to work out in the off hours when the place was empty.

Dane had his routine. During the busy hours he manned the desk and juice bar out front. As the crowd thinned out he would go over the books and balance the day’s deposit. Later he got his own workout in and cleaned the place before he turned the gym over to Mike, the muscled owner at six a.m. when he got in from his night shift on the police department. Dane still had plenty of down time to give his laptop a good workout and to eat his muscle building meals very couple of hours.

Dane lived to work out and had a meaty body to show for it. That’s how most people described the 5’11” 240 pounder…’meaty’. Dane’s build leaned toward that of a powerlifter though many told him he needed to rip down and do a show. He had even started to diet and amp up the cardio a few times with that in mind but the blond thick armed man would soon lose interest and go back to his normal routine: heavy weight with low reps. As a result the man sported a muscled thick limbed build that identified him as a lifter. His muscles were covered with a thick layer of skin and his belly had a bit of a pout to it though the strong man would flex in front of a mirror and his thick abs would dimple the surface of his gut. That was all Dane needed to do to feel he was ‘in shape’. If his abs receded a bit too much when he preformed his nightly test he would alter his meal plan and adjust his routine until they showed back up. All in all Dane was happy with his life.

The cold night had passed like normal. Dane sat at the desk working on the books compiling a list of late membership dues when a bodybuilder named Bruce came strutting in. Dane reached into a box under the desk and pulled out a black hoodie and laid it on the counter above. “You left your jacket last week,” he said without looking up.

There was no mistaking Bruce for a bodybuilder and a freaky one at that. The man was covered with bloated muscles under thin skin riddled with fat veins. The man was easily over 280 with an offseason weight that passed the 300 mark though the guy tended to look contest ready year round. His over blown muscles impacted everything about his life even the way he moved. The man wore a long sleeved UA shirt that made it look as if he’d painted his torso sky blue. You could easily see the tank top he wore underneath dimpling the fabric. His massive legs were draped in oversized white track pants as he waddled up to the desk. “Nice bro, I was wondering what happened to it. Fuck I looked for it tonight for a good twenty minutes. It’s freezing out there.” As if to show the need for warmer clothes, the wind rattled around the building shaking the front doors and forcing them open a few inches as dry leaves swirled in the air. The whirl wind continued down the front of the building pelting the wall with leaves and rattling windows.

“Yeah, I think summer is gone for good,” Dane said.

The big man said, “Hey did you boys get the seat on that shoulder press adjusted yet?”

“Yep, I took care of it last night after you left.” Just then the door to a storage room began to rattle as another gust of cold fall wind hit the building.

“Nice, I hate to bitch man but somebody could have gotten hurt if that thing pitched off to the side at the wrong moment.”

“No problem,” Dane said as he got up and opened the shivering door and peaked into to see an open window set high in the wall of the large storage closet. He looked back at the muscled stud leaning on the counter. “So you going to do the fall classic this year?”

The big man hemmed and hawed. “Not sure, it wouldn’t take much to get ready but I want to bring my back up some more before I hit the stage. I might though.” The man absent mindedly stiffened his back and shoved his wide shoulders back as he spoke as if his imagined deficiency was suddenly more obvious.

Dane chuckled as he slipped into the cold store room and shut the window making sure it was locked tight as the wind was sealed out. Bruce always had an excuse not to step on stage even though he had one of the best builds around and lived like he was walking on stage tomorrow. Folks at the Day and Night like to bust his ass over his perfectionism. “I hear ya,” Dane said as he returned to the desk. “You don’t want to rush things. Besides you hold off a couple more years and you will make a kick assed impression on the Master class.” The meaty manager grinned.

Bruce laughed as he patted his hands on the counter. “Ahh you’re a comedian, Dane. Don’t let anybody tell you different.” The man laughed as he sauntered off toward the weight room. “Yeah I think I’ll hit the stage at 50. That’s a good plan.” The laughing stud shoved a finger in the air back at Dane as he pushed the glass door open to the weight room.

Dane went back to work with a laugh to the sounds of heavy metal music booming from the weight room as Bruce started lifting. Dane had finished the past due list and shifted into the deposit when he jumped as something crashed to the floor in the storage room behind him. He turned and looked at the door for a moment. He figured it was the time of the year for mice to move in. All the protein mixes used at the bar and sold in bulk were stored in the room. He made a note to set out traps before he left. As he turned his attention back to counting money another louder crash came from the room; along with the sound of metal shelving rattling around. Dane got up and moved slowly to the door. No way was that kind of racket made by a mouse … maybe a rat or something. He picked up a curl bar that was leaned in the corner by the back bar. The man reasoned, it might be a cat or raccoon who slipped in when the window blew open.

Dane slowly opened the door and peaked in. He held the twenty-five pound bar in one hand like a spear at his shoulder. He didn’t see anything. He opened the door a few inches more. Nothing was out of the ordinary. The washer and dryer were behind the door. There were shelves full of supplements and big plastic containers of protein. Old workout equipment and mats in one corner, cleaning supplies and buckets near a large sink in another. Mike had clothes he rarely put on hanging from pegs around the room …the room looked normal. Dane turned on the light. Some movement from the supplement shelves caught his eye. “Ahh fucking tight assed Mikey!” The manager walked up to see purple slime drip down from an upper shelf toward the floor. The owner was always pinching pennies and shopping at bulk discount suppliers. He must have gotten some huge jug of hand soap that was now dripping down the framing of the shelving. “Son of a bitch!” Dane let the heavy bar drop to his side as he stepped up and looked at the mess. The open jug must have been huge as there was a pile of purple gelatinous goo on the floor. It looked like four or five gallons of the stuff. ‘I should leave this for the boss man to clean up’, the thick man thought. As he stood looking at the mess drip down the corner of the shelf the man thought of the wasted money. ‘So much for your great bargain.’

Dane noticed something odd … the soap wasn’t leaving a residue as it dipped down the shelving. It was almost as if it was slime that was sliding down the shelf leg leaving the shelving completely clean as it shifted. There were over turned protein jugs and pill bottles spilling into the mess. Dane set the bottles up right and screwed the lids tight. One jug of mega mass gainer had broken open and the white powder stood out in a pile on top of the goo. Dane picked up the broken jug as the mix spilt over the shelf before dropping it to the floor by the other mess. ‘I’ll just add this to my to do list’, the man thought. He let the chrome bar in his hand press into the shimmery mound. The bar easily slid in a good four or five inches before he stopped it. The slime seemed to suck onto the bar with a slurp. ‘What is this shit?’ Dane thought as he pulled back on the bar. It took some effort to pull the bar out of the goo and the muscles of his 19” arm tensed. He noticed the goo clinging to the bar as he pulled back. It almost looked like a tendril as the mound slurped as it held on to the bar. Dane pulled harder and the bar pulled free of the slime with a loud slurp. The trail of goo dropped to the mass below and for a few seconds held its cock like shape on the surface before it melted slowly into the pile. Dane looked at the bar in his hand. The end of the chrome bar that had been covered in the slime shone twice as bright as the rest of the bar. Dane wasn’t sure what the stuff was as he hadn’t found the bucket it must have came from but had figured it was an industrial strength cleaner as he ran his hand over the smooth shiny bar. The boss no doubt planned for him to clean down the whole place with it giving everything a brand new look. The man wondered if he would need a hazmet suit to wear to clean up the mess as he went back to his book work closing the door behind him.

In the dark, the protein powder slowly melted into the surface of the mound as did several spilled capsules of amino acids and the like. The mound bubbled a bit. Then a cock like tendril shot out into the broken open mega builder pile and container. Like a snake it bulged and relaxed as the protein mix was sucked down the tendril into the mass of the goo. Another tendril shot up the leg of the shelving unit until it came to the shelf full of mega mass gainer. It snaked through smaller jugs until it came to the five gallon jugs on the back wall that were used at the bar. The dick like tube sucked onto the side of the nearest bucket attaching itself as the heavy container slid slowly forward. Then suddenly a crack appeared in the bucket as the tendril shot forward into the powder and began sucking it in. The bucket slowly slid to the front of the shelf and fell silently into the growing blob of goo on the floor below as a third tendril snaked up the shelf and latched on to another five gallon bucket.

Dane finished his deposit and book work before he joined the sweaty bodybuilder in the weight room. The two lifted separately though would join another for a spot when needed. Dane’s spent less time lifting as he concentrated on a few heavy sets with no more than five reps. A good twenty-five or thirty minutes later he was beat and heading out while Bruce was barely half way through his routine.

Dane had his work routine down pat and could make fast work of his cleaning chores. He ran the broom over the wood floors in the two aerobics room, swept and wiped down the cardio room, cleaned the woman’s locker room and then the men’s and washed the glass front entry doors in no time. He came out removing his rubber gloves as he went through his mental check list of his cleaning chore. All completed he grabbed a couple of full trash bags and ran them out to the dumpster out back. It was really cold out with a heavy frost on the ground. Dane was chilled in his sweat dampened shorts and t as he jogged back inside. The man grabbed his ipod and headed for his favorite part of the night a good 15 minutes in the sauna and then showers.

The man stripped down and put a towel around his waist as he pulled the heavy wooden door to the sauna open when his mind suddenly flashed to one more task: the spilt cleaning goo. “Fuck!” the man cried. He didn’t want to mess with it but Dane was too responsible of a guy to pretend he hadn’t seen it. He went back and stepped into his cotton boxers and grabbed his some sweat pants he wore around the office but paused. That soap was going to splash all over him and he didn’t want to spend the rest of his shift in soap splattered clothes, he decided if he cleaned it up in his boxers he could shower any mess off afterward. He wouldn’t run around in his underwear normally but the meathead Bruce wouldn’t mind and there was little chance of anyone else showing up so late.

Dane went to the lobby and grabbed a big trash can and lined it with two trash bags to hold the goo. He grabbed a shovel from the back door used to clear the walk. As he prepared to start the chore, Bruce came out to get a drink from the fountain. The man was dressed now in a baggy tank top and shorts. He was covered in sweat. He stepped up to the counter as he asked for a bottle of water.

Dane pulled one from the cooler.

Bruce looked down to notice the bull only wore boxers and that his fly was bulging open just as Dane felt cold air on his ample package. He ran a hand over his shorts as the bodybuilder chuckled and said, “Dude what the fuck you doing in your underwear? Nobody needs to see that.”

Dane’s cheeks reddened as he said, “Oh man I got a huge mess to clean up and thought I’d just clean up in the showers later. Look at this shit!” Dane reached back and opened the door without looking in as he watched the muscle man lean over the counter for a look.

Bruce looked into to see a huge mound of purple goo on the floor. It looked like it could fill the trunk of a car…or a bathtub. “What is that soap?”

“Yeah some cleaner. Hell I don’t know.”

“What the hell is Mikey doing with that much cleaner? It’d take five years to use that much stuff.”

“But I can assure you it probably only cost as much as a two years supply.” Dane grinned. “You know what they say about dumb cops. I can hear what he has to say when he sees his bargain filling this trash can.”

The muscled freak popped his back as he turned and strutted toward the weight room. “Fuck no way that trash can hold all that. “ The big man laughed as he waddled off on legs so big they shifted over one another with each step. “If you need some help…don’t call me.” The man laughed hard at Dane’s predicament.

“Please Bruce, won’t ya help- a brother out. Come on strip down to your bikini briefs and give me a hand, big guy.”

The big man just laughed as he strutted into the gym.

Dane was shocked to see why the meathead had thought the can was too small for the mess. The mound had grown… a lot. There must have been twenty of more gallons of the shit in the purple shimmering pile. Where the hell was it coming from? It had to be several five gallon buckets worth now. No way had it come from one container. The man looked through the room and shelves for more of the stuff but came up empty handed. It wasn’t dripping from the ceiling, Dane had no idea where it came from.

There was no way to salvage the stuff. The room contained the washer and dryer that they used to wash the towels for the locker rooms. The room was rarely cleaned and the cement floor was covered with lint and dust. Mike would shit when he saw the dumpster half full of his great money saver. There was no way around it.

Dane shoved his small shovel into the mess and lifted. The jello like substance just slid off the shovel as he lifted it and slurped back into the mound. “Well fuck,” Dane mumbled realizing this was not going to be any quick clean up. His sauna break faded from his plan. He shoved the shovel in along the damp cement trying to get a bigger scoop but again it slid off when he got the shovel about a foot off the floor. Not only that it was heavy.

Dane raised the shovel and took aim at the mass, figuring he would have to cut it off the pile in globs and then scoop it up. The edge of the shovel slid into the mound with a hiss and a gurgle. Dane pulled back on it to take another cut but it wouldn’t move. He grabbed it with both hands but the shovel held tight. “What the fuck?”

The man’s muscles flexed as he pulled hard but it wouldn’t move. He looked down at the shovel buried a good two foot into the gel wondering what to do now. Unnoticed by Dane, a dick like tendril slither from its surface and wrapped around the handle of the shovel.

Dane grabbed the handle and pulled with a moan as if he was lifting the heaviest weight but the shovel barely moved. Not only that as he weakened from the effort, the handle shifted out of his hands as if someone pulled it forward and then shot back and rapped Dane hard in the forehead.

Dane jumped back and fell on his ass as he winced from the pain. He sat on the damp floor stunned for a moment. Suddenly he noticed something warm on his foot and looked down to see that his right foot had slipped into the shallow edge of the puddle. He raised his foot and strings of slime trailed to the mound. “Oh great” the man grumbled as the man rubbed his foot on the cement floor expecting the cleaner to peel off like rubber cement. It was stuck to his skin like thick epoxy. The meaty man was just about to reach down and rub on it with his hands when suddenly his foot was sucked into the mound. Dane actually slid several inches across the floor. The man laughed. He didn’t know why but it struck him as funny having his foot stuck in this shit like a man sized fly trap. He could imagine what Mike would say when he walked in to find him held by the foor in a few hours…wearing only underwear no less.

‘Well fuck that’, Dane thought. He rolled over making sure to keep his free foot away from the mass. He started to crawl away reaching for an ancient plate stand that had several hundred pounds of rusty old plates on it. As he got a good grip and started to pull, something that scared him shitless happened. The shovel came flying out of the goo and landed a foot or two away from the strong man. Its rusty scoop was bright and shiny as the day it was made.

Dane rolled back and looked at the mound trying to wrap his head around the fact that it had somehow spit the shovel out as if it had a mind of its own. He felt the warm slime sliding up his lower leg now. He looked down and saw that a huge tube of slim had circled his thick leg and was sliding up it. His foot and ankle was completely encased and his fat calves soon would be. It felt warm and wet. The thing reminded him of a buddy’s dick from school days. Benny had never been circumcised and had a long roll of foreskin covering his dick head which was a thing of fascination to his altered pals in gym class. The way the thinner layers of the tendril slurped up his leg reminded Dane of Benny’s foreskin as if his leg was being swallowed by a big slime cock.

Dane was panicked now as he rolled back and grabbed the plate tree and pulled. Rather than sliding out of the slime the tree scraped along the floor toward him with the clatter of metal plates. Dane’s sore muscles flexed and bulged as he struggled but the tree began to rock and then plates began to fall and clatter to the floor. One 45 pounder hit his forearm painfully as Dane lost his grip and the tree fell over sideways with a loud crash.

The crash made him remember Bruce. As he struggled, Dane’s other leg weakened and he felt his toes dip into the warm goo. He tried to pull it back but with a slurp he felt it drawn in until it was locked next to his other as the slime reached his thighs.

“Help me. Bruce help me!” Dane yelled as the crash that he was sure would bring the strong man running seemed like hours ago.

Dane realized the slime wasn’t climbing him but that he was being sucked into it. His belly scrapped roughly along the cement floor as he struggled. “For god sake, help me Bruce…help me,” the man bellowed.

The bodybuilder was busy ending his workout with curls to failure as his 23 inch arms screamed in pain and felt as inflated as car tires. The man dropped his dumbbells to the padded floor as he leaned back into the high back bench catching his breath. The stud thought he heard something. He reached over and turned down the music a bit. He thought it was a bang or something. He didn’t hear anything. He reached for the control with one hand and a dumbbell with the other but stopped when he thought he heard Dane yell. Bruce turned the radio off.

Bruce could hear Dane yelling, “Help me…for god’s sake help me Bruce.”

The big man laughed hard at the thought that crazy fucker was still yelling for him to help clean that soap up even as he worked. Bruce laughed. Dane really was a comedian. He was living up to his reputation tonight as he was called Clarky around the gym after the comedian Dane Clark. Bruce rolled his head back on his bull neck and yelled, “I ain’t helping you…you lazy fuck. Get back to work!” He cranked the music up twice as loud till the base made the windows rattle. The man grabbed his weights and started cranking out reps blowing up his massive arms.

By the time Dane heard the radio turned up, his crotch was slipping into the mound with wet slurp. The slime was up around his muscled waist. It felt like a snake was swallowing him with a flex of its muscles pulling him in deeper and deeper. The parts of him that were sunk into the goo felt warm and wet. It was as if his muscles were being massaged and rubbed. He felt his underwear first become soaked and then pulled from his body. Then his ample cock and balls felt shrink wrapped by the massaging goo. Despite his sheer panic the man felt his cock swell as he struggled. He was soon swallowed in to his meaty pecs and wide back. Dane screamed for help over and over. A tendril shot out and caught his right wrist and pulled his muscled arm to his side and another caught his left. First one arm was sucked in and then next soon pinned to his side in the eight inch layer of good that incased him. He felt the slim slipping up behind his head raising it off the floor, them over his shoulders as his upper body disappeared into the slime.

“I’m going to die” Dane thought as his movements were restricted. He still struggled against the heavy gel. He felt the goo coming up around his head and neck. The man was breathing hard as he knew he was seconds from having his face covered before suffocation began.

He felt oddly calm as he waited…calm and aroused. The slime was still massaging his dick. It felt like he had an enormous erection. The man couldn’t help but buck his hips slightly. The slime had slipped up between his meaty ass cheeks and into his glory hole and now worked him from the inside. Dane fears of immediate suffocation were replaced with the certainty that he was going to blow a load. The man groaned and grunted as he was milked of his seed as never before. Soon he was racked with the most glorious eruption of his life. He felt light headed and he shot again and again. It felt like he shot for hours.

Finally he was aware that it was over. He was held tight in the warm wet goo that still rubbed his aching muscles. He’d never felt calmer in his life. He could see the dusty shelves around him and smell the lint and dryer tinted room as he looked up at the cavernous ceiling. Dane no longer feared suffocation as the swallowing by the slime pile had stopped just short of his ears. The thick gel surrounded his head like a mummy style sleeping bag but came no further. Dane felt so calm and sleepy. He could barely keep his eyes opened. Just as he slipped off to sleep he heard a pounding on the door as if it was miles away and the laughing voice of Bruce yell, “Have fun cleaning up that shit, slave boy. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

Dane woke up slowly. He was lying on the cold floor of the store room. The man felt groggy. His head hurt. He raised a hand up and rubbed his forehead. A good sized goose egg was rising from his head. Touching it only made it hurt worse.

The man rolled over and slowly got to his feet looking around. What was he doing in the store room? He looked around dazed. He felt heavy and slow moving like he was walking through wet sand. The man tried to remember what had happened. He clearly remembered working on the books and Bruce the huge bodybuilder coming in but little else. The man fingered the lump on his head as he began to wonder if he had fallen and knocked himself out or maybe something heavy had hit him from the shelves. He staggered toward the door and stubbed a toe on some of the scattered rusty weight plates. He hopped across the room catching himself against the door. His foot hurt as his big toe throbbed. Dane looked at the mess of the scattered plates and over turned tree stand. Was this the source of his headache? He stood the plate tree up and started hanging the old plates up but soon abandoned the task as leaning over made his head throb.

“Shit,” the man moaned. He opened the door to the brighter lit lobby. The lights hurt his eyes. Dane limped out to the counter. There was Bruce’s hoodie. He looked into the weight room for the hulk but the room was silent and empty…well except for the man’s white track pants draped over the door handle. Not only had the meathead walked out without his coat he had left more clothes. ‘The fucking idiot needed a babysitter’, Dane thought as he stumbled to the back bar and pulled out a drawer. He grabbed an aspirin bottle and shook a couple into his hand. He threw them into his mouth and turned on the tap at the sink and sucked water from the faucet.

The man wiped water from his chin as he leaned back with his eyes closed. The man absentmindedly reached down to scratch his balls as he tried to relax. Dane’s eyes shot open as he bumped his limp dick and low hangers. He was naked. Dane’s mind screamed, “Where’re my clothes?”

The man reached back and grabbed Bruce’s hoody and held it over his cock and balls as his heart raced. He was still squinting into the bright lights as his head throbbed. Mike would can his ass if he got caught in the lobby naked. How the fuck could he explain being naked? Anybody could be here or walk in at any moment. What time was it? About five the early morning crowd starts coming in. He glanced up at the big clock on the wall. It was almost four. Where had time gone… his last clear memory had been around 1:00 a.m.?

The muscled man turned in circles for a few seconds as he tried to make sense of the situation. He then made a dash for the locker room. He hit the wall at the end of the bar with his shoulder bouncing into the far wall. The man felt awkward and out of shape as he jogged down the long hall. He was out of breath when he found the privacy of the men’s locker room. The man tried to calm down. He walked to the sinks in the bathroom area thinking he would splash some water on his face. He still pressed the sweatshirt over his genitals. Dane looked down as he walked trying to make sense of the last few moments and why he felt so huge and slow moving. As he walked he looked down at his legs. He wasn’t naked. His legs were covered with tight purple fabric…like spandex or latex. He paused and looked down. So were his feet and his arms and hands. The man looked up in a large mirror guys used for posing. Dane was covered from the back side of his head to his feet in purple rubber or something. He slowly pulled the coat away to see his fat cock and balls had also taken on the odd purple coating. Dane stared dumbly at his reflection. What had happened to him?

Not only did it look like he had been dipped in a vat of purple goo, the man’s muscles had swollen up. No wonder he felt clumsy and awkward. Dane looked jacked …well ripped.... he’d always been jacked. He looked more like a bodybuilder all of a sudden as if his thick muscles had swelled bigger. His shoulders were broader and his delts rounder. His arms had to be 22” or more. His abs were flat and ripped. He turned and was amazed at how tiny his waist looked and how thick his upper body now was. Dane just couldn’t believe what he saw in the mirror. He turned looking for a zipper on the suit but there was nothing. The man was sealed inside of it.

Dane leaned toward the mirror and looked at the thick roll that came under his chin and around the back of his head just under his ears. It was like a thick turtle neck gone wild as if it might cover his head at any moment. It even coated several inches of hair on the back of his head. He pinched it. It dimpled in and expanded when he let go like a solid gel. He pulled on it hoping to stretch it out and pull it away from the skin but it barely moved. Dane felt his panic rise as he tried to pull the substance from his body but made no head way. He rubbed his hands over his bloated chest and abs trying to pinch some slack in the stuff hoping to peal it off his body but his hands were coated to. If he could make one little hole in it, the stuff would surely peel off. Dane was breathing hard. There was no slack anywhere. The man was terrified. How did this happen? Who did this to him?

Then suddenly the purple suit seemed to come alive. Somehow it felt as if it was contracting slightly... or pulsating. It felt good. Like a massage. Somehow it calmed Dane and took the fear from his mind. The man staggered back and sat down on a bench and leaned back against a wall of lockers. He had to make sense of this. It made no sense but he suddenly felt completely calm.

Then in a series of flashes not so much from memory but like a rapid fire video playing before his eyes the events of earlier in the evening shot through his mind. It wasn’t as if he was reliving what he saw but watching it happen from somewhere outside his body. The spilled soap, the workout, the attempted clean up, Dane’s panic as he was sucked into the mound. It all came back to the man as did his fear.

He looked at his crazy reflection in the mirror. This couldn’t be happening. He got sucked into a blob of goo and now wore the slime as a form hugging suit. It was like a bad B movie. His new purple skin wasn’t tacky or slimy. It was as if the muscled man had been dipped in a vat of some sort of gel. The material was somewhat transparent. The man’s nipples stood out easily on his muscled chest. He could faintly see his freckles through the purple skin. Hell even the tattoo on his shoulder could be seen through the purple film. Dane reached up and twisted his thick nips. His nipples had always been sensitive but nothing like now as the pulsating slime suit rubbed them into a state of frenzy. Dane would love when his girlfriends would flick his nips with their tongues or suck on them. The man sat back with his thick thighs spread open. The suit felt as if it was filled with some lube as it massaged his aching muscles as if the inner layers were a warm slime. The man had been blessed with a thick cock and nice egg sized low hangers. His package felt heavy as it sagged between meaty thighs. As the man rolled his nips between his fingers, his cock began to rise. There was dull ache in his nuts as if it had been days since he’d cum. Dane became aware of slick feeling in his ass as he became aroused. This was a new sensation as the meaty guy might proudly say, ‘there was nothing funny about me’. The more aroused he became the more sensitive his ass was. It was almost as if there was a huge finger up his ass working his insides as he sat there. Dane closed his eyes and tried to clear his head as he felt the odd purple skin somehow work him up to a lather.

Dane opened his eyes and looked at his reflection. He looked amazing…all bloated muscle and that huge cock standing at attention. It was enormous. Dane had always been generously endowed but his woody just kept growing. He reached down and grabbed it. The monster even felt heavy in his hands. The stud could easily hit eight or nine inches rock hard but this thing was nearing twelve inches with no signs of let up. Dane held it in one hand and slid his purple paw up and down but his jacking added nothing to what the odd suit was already doing to him. The closest thing to he could compare it to was a blow job…that is if your cock sucker had the deepest throat and sucked like a Hoover.

Dane was breathing hard and grunting as he was worked to the edge. His cock was flopping in the air thick and rigid. It was closing down on fourteen inches and as fat as a forearm. The man couldn’t help but look at his muscles as he held on to the side of the bench as the odd skin fucked him. Dane had never looked better; all primed muscle straining the skin and defying reason. The man felt as if the sight was feeding his arousal somehow. His cock was getting crazy big now and was thumping against leg just beyond his knee. Dane had never seen or imagined anything like it before. It was like an erection fed by and air compressor. The man reached down and grabbed it from time to time and could feel it slowly but steadily growing all the time.

Dane pulled his eyes from the mirror and looked at the ceiling as he tried to clear his head. Mike had had posters of the greats of bodybuilding framed and hung around the locker rooms high up above lockers. They all were there: Arnold, Zane, Priest, Culter, Coleman, and Ruhl all the greats and near great; freaks and monsters. Mike had even had some outrageous morphs hung up as there was no such thing as too much muscle in the cop’s view. Dane had never paid them much mind as the only guy’s muscle he ever cared much for was his own. Now as he neared what had to be the biggest orgasm of his life, the man couldn’t take his eyes off them. All that massive muscle… the room was filled with beasts of mass. The man’s mind was filled with images of men working their over blown muscles hard. Guys from the gym and jocks who had been teammates growing up plagued him. The fact that the firmly straight man was near coming with his mind filled with other muscled men was unsettling.

Dane grunted as he was worked closer to the edge. He panted ‘oh god’ from time to time as the full body jacking session grew. His fat cock was twitching as if going through electroshock treatments and his nuts that looked like goose eggs now had tucked up close to his body and still the man didn’t pop. Just when the man thought he couldn’t take much more his dick began to convulse. Then it shot a glob of hot juice. The purple skin hugging his monster cock swelled slightly. Then volley after volley exploded covering his cock and then is abdomen under the purple skin. Dane watched as suddenly his gel coating seemed to foam and then absorb his sperm as if the suit was feeding on it. Dane was going into overload as his cock shot over and over as if he had gallons of juice to clear from his nuts. Visions of muscled greats and friends fill his mind in some mind warping flashes.

The next thing Dane knew he was lying on his back on the bench staring into the blinding white of the ceiling. The man was thirsty seriously thirsty…as if he hadn’t drank for days. He staggered to his feet. Still hugely muscled, Dane noticed his package had returned to somewhat normal proportions…well normal if you considered his 59” chest and his 22” biceps normal. Dane was bigger all over now; even though he looked even more ripped than before. His muscles stood our sharply and his wasp waist looked even smaller. Even though packed with muscle Dane wondered if his belly would tape out at 28” even. He staggered to the row of sinks and filled his hand with water and sucked it into his mouth. The man then thought of the showers. Maybe he could wash this crazy film off. Dane went to a small utility closet and tapped the code into the lock. He reached in and grabbed a couple of stiff bristled brushes from a bucket.

The man turned on a couple shower heads in the empty room and pointed them his way. Dane began to rub the brushes over his chest. He’d get rid of this crazy coating. The man scrubbed and then pulled the brushes away hoping to see the purple coating dripping away. The effort had made no progress. He took a drink from the shower head before scrubbing harder. The man worked and worked first his chest then his thighs, hoping to make a dent in the goo coating him. Had the strong man been going at his skin with the course brushes he would have been a bloody mess. After several minutes of work, the panicked man had to admit that the brushes had no effect on his new purple skin. Dane threw the brushes into the far wall and slammed the meaty part of his hands into the tiled wall. He stood for several moments letting the warm water rain down on him with his head down. Dane didn’t know what to do.

He turned the water to cold. The change had no effect on him as the coating kept him nicely warm at all times. One thing he could do was satisfy his thirst. The man began drink in the water from the spout with his head back catching the drops of water in his mouth. Then suddenly he felt a movement in his ‘skin’. Dane looked down to see a tendril rise from his chest and swallow one of the shower heads; then another tendril rose out of his chest and swallowed the other head. The purple skin began to swell.

Dane looked down in astonishment as it looked as if he was suddenly bulking up. The water wasn’t blowing him up like a human water balloon but it was almost as if his body was gaining weight. The water was filling the gel like coating as Dane tapped the purple skin and felt the water splash inside. ‘Maybe I can pop the suit with water?’ The man thought with the first feeling of hope since this started.

Dane reached up and turned both cold water controls wide open. The water inflation ramped up dramatically. The skin was rapidly bulking up: legs, arms, chest, and shoulders swelling bigger and thicker by the second. Just as Dane realized that the purple skin showed no strains at all from the filling, the man became aware of another sensation. His body was trembling. Then he realized it was filling up. Dane’s muscled body was absorbing the water like a sponge. The man could feel his weight rise. Dane turned the water down but was unable to shut it off completely though the flow was drastically reduced. It was as if the fat tendrils were sucking water from the plumbing system.

Dane grabbed the tendrils and squeezed them in his strong hands. It had no effect on them. He grabbed first one and then the other in his strong hands trying to strangle them. They felt like snakes. He could feel the things swallowing the water. He pulled and backed away but they held tight. Dan’s thirst subsided. Then suddenly the tendrils opened up and released the shower heads. As the astonished man watched the snakes sunk back down into his purple coating with a slurp. The man stood dazed in the cold shower.

He turned off the water and stood dripping for a moment. Dane was huge now; still wildly muscled but bloated like some freakish powerlifter. He looked he had gained 100 pounds since the start of the night. He was just big everywhere. Dane felt a loud rumble in his belly as he was suddenly hit with a strong hunger. “I got to get out of here,” the man mumbled.

Dane went to his locker where the door hung open and his clothes littered the bench just as he had left it when he had gone to clean up the spill in his underwear. He was drying himself on several towels as best he could. The man looked at the clothes he had worn as he realized there was no way he was going to fit into the larges and extra larges that he normally wore. Dane dropped the clothes as he wondered what to do. He remembered Bruce’s abandoned gear. The big man wore massive sizes as he like everything wildly oversized.

Dane waddled across the room and grabbed the bodybuilder’s hoodie. He slid the black jacket up his right arm, thankful that it fit. While oversized on Bruce the coat fit Dane with some to spare. There was a wild design on the right chest with skulls and vines. He pulled it on and pulled up the hood as he was going to have to make a wild dash to the lobby for the man’s track pants. Dane grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist. It didn’t come close to reaching but at least draped over his privates if he ran into someone. His belly was rumbling steadily now.

Dane looked out of the locker room into the main hall. He slowly made his way to the lobby, pausing to peak into rooms and around corners less someone would be working out. The place was empty. The man waddled to the front door and killed the exterior lights and locked the door. He thought he would put up a closed sign and just leave once he got dressed…well after he got something to eat. The man was starving as his constantly rumbling belly reminded him.

The man grabbed Bruce’s track pants and slid his legs into them. The fabric glided easily over his gel coating. The white pants fit well and the blue tripe up the outside legs dipped and rose over his bloated muscles. Dane had to eat…now. He went to this cooler behind the desk knowing it would be filled with chicken and rice combos he lived on. It was empty. The hungry man tossed it aside and the box hit a large window into Mike’s office and luckily bounced off. The man heard a voice in his head that wasn’t his own. It was deep and said, “Feed me…feed me, over and over. Sometimes it said, “Me hungry” but always in a low grumbling simple tone. It had started out quietly but with each passing moment grew louder.

Dane went to the snack bar and started throwing ingredients into a blender for the largest protein shake imaginable. Just as he turned on the mixer, another tendril shot out of his chest through the open hoodie and sunk into a large container of weight gainer. It was sucking the dry mix into Dane like a vacuum cleaner. Dane was dazed by what he saw happening when another tendril shoot out of his chest into a neighboring bucket. The voice in his head was silenced though now he heard gulping and a sort of humming sound. The man stood before a large well of mixes of various flavors and brands. Almost as fast a third appeared and attached itself to the water faucet at the sink. The suit was tuning Dane into a human blender. He felt a whirl in his stomach. Dane staggered back against the back bar as the long limbs worked on their own sucking in massive amounts. He felt his hunger subside as his muscled gut ball swelled bigger and bigger. It pushed through the unzipped coat as it ballooned. Dane could taste chocolate then banana as the arms went from container to container sucking them dry. By the time the arms had retracted back into his chest, Dane was stuffed as if he had been bong fed a wading pool sized shake.

Dane pulled the hood up over his head. The man knew he had to get out of there before someone came in. There was no way he could explain why he had tendrils erupting form his chest or was coated in some strange purple gel skin. The man grabbed his truck keys from the desk as he looked around for anything else he needed. The voice in his head started in again deep but low. Dane couldn’t make it out at first as he looked around hoping the sound was from outside. “Must lift weights…must work muscles…must build big muscles… The simple statements grew loader by the second. Dane felt his arms and legs twitch.

Instead of heading for the door the big man waddled into the weight room. The place was a mess. Despite the signs reminding trainers to put the weights back in the racks the room was filled with loaded bars and weight stacks. Bruce was the worst of all. Dane went immediately to the huge dumbbells. The small stand held the heaviest poundage’s starting at 125’s and going up to 250’s. Dane started curling the 200s as if they were 20 pounders. His arms ballooned in the cotton sweatshirt. After a few reps the weight felt like nothing. He grabbed heavier only to feel the same effect. The man picked up the entire rack of dumbbells and curled them slowly. The weights raddled but each rep the weight felt lighter. Soon the man was curling the weights rapidly until his arms felt ready to pop. He then tossed the rack aside with a huge crash even as Dane’s conscious mind was appalled. He needed to clean that up. All the while the loud voice bellowed in his head, “Lift weights…grow stronger…grow bigger.”

Dane had no control over his body now as he went from stand to stand cranking out reps of amazing weighs as his strength and size ballooned. He always dropped the weights in a pile when done like an overactive child whose attentions were quickly drawn away. Dane’s arms swelled and his chest. Bruce’s coat was held open by his huge purple tinted chest and gut ball even as his shoulders and arms strained the material.

Dane’s muscles weren’t the only thing ballooning. His cock was back at it again and the man felt horny as hell. His dripping dick was half hard and oozing precum. Dane’s fist sized head kept slipping out his waistband as if trying to get to fresh air. After shoving it back in after several sets, the man reached in the pants and lifted the massive bulge out as he shoved the waistband underneath his privates and worked out with his dripping dick and churning balls exposed.

Dane walked up to the squat rack that had a bar with 700 pounds on the pegs. The man knew it wasn’t adequate. Led by some invisible force he lowered the bar to shoulder high support rods that spanned the support beams on each side. Then he slipped another set of rods in the next higher set of holes. The man then loaded the bar with as many big plates as it would hold. It sagged under the weight. Dane then bent under the bar and lifted the entire squat stand and began squat it. The massive weight grew lighter and lighter. He stepped up on a tall box for more room to move. His legs screamed as did his mind. The muscles rose to the surface until the nylon track pants fit like spandex. His whole body was growing as his muscles thickened and became pressurized by the wild workout. The man set it down and rested before hitting set after set.

Dane would have left puddles of precum from his thick shaft everywhere he paused if it wasn’t for the suit eating the spew. It was steadily leaking from his horse cock like a leaky faucet. The man did shrugs with the frame and got under it for shoulder presses. Dane lifted until the voice in his head fell silent. Then he put the stand down and gave it a shove, tipping it over and crashing it into a bank of mirrors. Then and only then did Dane shoot his load and just as before the purple suit began to foam and fizz over his privates as it devoured his jizz.

Dane was exhausted. He had to get out of there before somebody showed up. How could he explain what had happened to him? Mike would shit when he saw the trashed weight room. Worse yet whenever Dane thought of his muscled boss or any of the other muscled guys who worked out regularly his cock stiffened and he felt a spin in his gut like when he was twelve and his older sister’s hot friends from the cheering squad would hang around the house. No Dane had to get out of there away from everybody till he figured out what had happened to him and how to fix it.

Dane looked at his reflection in the mirror. He was heavily muscled now. His body was covered with hard bloated muscle. His gut had shrunk down as his swelling muscles sucked up the fuel. He looked like a 320-pound freak. He had lost the wild water bloat. Dane pulled the pants up over his cock and balls only making the bulge look slightly less obscene. He zipped up Bruce’s hoodie but the zipper baulked over his huge pecs. Even with the hood up, the purple suit was easily visible. He needed something else to cover it up. There was no way he would make it to his truck without bumping into someone. He was surprised they weren’t beating the doors down now.

Dane crossed the lobby and slipped into the storage room where this nightmare began. Mike was a big guy and made an intimidating cop. The dark haired man stood over 6’5” tall and was close to 300 pounds of thick muscle. Dane knew he got all his clothes at the big and tall shop and would have something to hide in. The choice was obvious: the big man’s parka he only wore on the coldest days. Dane grabbed it for the hook and slipped into the black coat. It was huge and thick. The nylon slid easily over his bloated muscles and hung down nearly to his knees. The thick high collar rose up behind his hooded head. The coat both masked the goo suit and his wild gains. Dane waddled out of the room to see two sets of headlights from the parking lot shining into the lobby. Dane’s cock stiffened as he got of whiff of his muscled boss from the coat he wore. He could hear the lock being opened and the deep voice which meant only one thing: Mike was there, no doubt called by the early morning crew who couldn’t get in. Dane opened the freezer by the snack bar and retrieved a gel filled ice pack and shoved it down the front of his pants as he kept his back to the door. The cold tamed his wild cock and the coat hid the even bigger bulge. Dane slipped into Mike’s office and waited for the shit storm.

Big Mike Mathers opened the door as his deep voice assured his customers that he would see what was up but asked them to stay in the lobby for now. Dane leaned in the corner of the office with his back to the door waiting as he heard his boss’s heavy footsteps crossing the floor. “Dane, you here?” The cop stopped and turned the still whirring blender off. He looked at the shake in the container.

“I’m in here,” Dane answered. He sat down on the sofa. He was trembling. He tried to relax. He tapped a foot on the floor.

Mike stepped into the office. He was in full cop regalia. He wore one of those badge and patch covered nylon duty coats that ended at his tight waist and highlighted how broad his shoulders were. His meaty legs were stuffed into dark mulit-pocketed pants and his utility belt was loaded with gun, night stick and tools of his trade. The man marched in with the smell and feel of cold air. He pulled his tight leather gloves from his big mits. “What’s going on? Why is everything locked up? You got the early birds having a shit fit. They thought somebody robbed you or something.”

“I’m not feeling well,” Dane replied. Even his voice no longer sounded like his own.

“Too sick to stay open but well enough to hang around?” Mike tried to make sense of what was going on.

“I was just leaving.” Dane had trouble finding words. “I was going to leave you a note.” Since the moment Mike had walked in, it was like all Dane wanted to do was touch him. Dane wouldn’t even look up at him. He was staring at his military boots with his pants tucked in and his thick calves. “I fell and hit my head.” Mike even smelled good to Dane; all leather and cologne and… He tried to clear his mind of all that.

“You all right?” Mike’s tone softened a bit.

“Yeah, I just need to get home and lie down.”

Mike said, “Let me look at it first. You sure you don’t need a doctor?”

Dane shook his head. “Nah, I’m all right. Nothing that a nap won’t fix.”

Mike reached down and grabbed his arm. “Stand up and show me where you hit your head.”

“It was in the laundry room by the washer. I passed out…I think.”

“Not where in the building. I want to see your head.” Mike was sounding annoyed and slipping into his cop mode. “You say you passed out? You’re going to the hospital, pal.” The strong cop pulled him to his feet.

“Oh…no…really I’m fine.” Dane had closed up the coat around his neck to hide his body. He reached up and slid his hair and the hood back a bit to show his goose egg on his forehead. “See, just a bump is all.” He had pulled the long sleeves of the parka down over his hands and clenched them in a ball so Mike couldn’t see his purple hands.

Mike stood with his hands on the shorter man’s shoulders as he looked at the bump. “Yeah, you got a mountain rising there. You cold? I can feel you trembling.” He ran his hands over the baggy shoulders of the coat.

“Yeah, I’m freezing. It’s cold out. So is everybody here with you being such tight ass about the heat.” He chuckled a bit. Dane tried to sit back down but the big man held him up by the shoulders as he studied his face. The purple suit was somehow cooling him down as if part of its function was to keep his body at an optimum temperature. So even under the thick parka Dane felt a coolness on his skin… that is everywhere but over his package. The suit had warmed up there and the cold gel pack seemed to be thawing out. Dane worried that the ice pack might slip out of the leg of his pants.

“Yeah, yeah it’s my fault you’re suited up for an arctic expedition. “ Mike unzipped his duty coat and reached back for a small flash light. He held it up with it off as he stood on top of Dane. “When did you fall?”

“I don’t remember.” Dane tried to step back. He had never noticed how good looking the cop was. He had bright blue eyes and a strong jaw and nose. Mike’s teeth were perfect; white tiny little tiles…such a manly face with heavy stubble after his all night shift. Dane wondered how he could have worked with the guy for so many years and not looked at him before…I mean really looked at him. Mike should have been a model. He was so masculine. They stood so close the cop’s breath was over Dane’s face when he exhaled.

Mike pulled him forward and turned on the light shining it in one eye and then the other as the cop checked his pupils. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

“Just like normal, you have fifteen sausage -like fingers on your right hand and one fat fucker on the left you use for cleaning out orifices. Will you back off Dad I’m fine? It ‘s just a bump.” He put his hands up on Mike’s thick chest and pushed him away. He could feel Mike’s stiff bullet proof vest under his clothes as he laughed. Dane ran his hands out over his broad shoulders as he squeezed his arms in the dimple where his biceps start and shook him. Mike was fucking huge. His arms were closing in on 23,” Dane speculated.

Mike laughed as he sat on the desk and brought one leg up on the chair. “Look there is nothing wrong with playing it safe. I got the squad car out front and can run you down to the emergency room. Your vision blurry?”

“Dude I’m fine! Just a little head ache is all.” Dane chuckled as he decided the best thing to do was to change the subject. “I left a list of delinquents with the deposit. You got to do something about Rick Brown; the bastard is four months behind. I mean he is working out for free for Pete’s sake. I’ll take care of it for ya. I know he is an old pal from high school football and all… but the loud fucker is just taking advantage of you.”

“No, I’ll take care of it. It’s fine.” Mike took off his coat and belt after he laid his gun on the desk. “I’m not going back to the station.” He opened a closet and pulled out some workout clothes. He unzipped the sides of his boots and pulled them off. “Did you pay the bills?” Mike suddenly remembered the handful of customers he left in the lobby, he slid open a window and called out, “Everything is fine. Clarkie’s just under the weather. Napping instead of working.” The cop waved the grinning crew on as they headed to the locker room and beyond. Mike unbuttoned his shirt as he closed the window. He dropped the blinds over the big window.

Dane was enjoying watching the man strip out of his uniform though this was a normal routine every morning over the past five years. They always had a meeting of sorts as the big man got ready for his shift at the gym. Today it had a completely different effect on Dane. “I made out the checks but you got to sign them and put them in the mail. There is more than enough money in the account to cover them.”

Mike was stripped down to his underwear and vest. He walked over and poured a mug of coffee from the pot on the file cabinet. “You want one?”

Dane was amazed at how fucking jacked the man was. Sure they had worked together for five years and even lifted together often but it was almost like Dane was seeing him for the first time. His chest and lats swelled out the arm holes on the vest making his back look even wider. The cop had big arms and the biggest forearms that Dane had ever seen. Hell his briefs sported a big bulge that fit in size with all his bulging muscle. Dane wondered what his cock looked like hard. It had to be huge.

“You want one?” the man repeated shaking the pot.

“Nah I’m fine.” Dane looked around as he thought he heard a voice faint and far off. He looked over to the window toward the lobby. The early crowd had trailed off to the locker rooms. Dane thought the voice said “I want to fuck.” He said, “The furnace crew will be in today to service the units. Maybe they can show you how to bump up the thermostat if you ask them real nice?”

The cop chuckled. “Yep, got it on the calendar… and the water filter boys will be in on Thursday.” Mike had stepped into some baggy nylon shorts. He looked at his desk top as he pulled open the Velcro straps on his vest and pulled it off. Mike’s upper body was perfect: broad shoulders, thick chest that tapered down to a narrow waist. His muscles on his belly fit like tight armor under his skin. It was no wonder Mike was the fall back guy on the force called in whenever a tough hand was needed. His height and muscle mass made him intimidating in a pinch. The man stood running a callused hand over his belly as his stubby body hair made a ruff noise as he looked down at his calendar on the desk.

Dane reached over and picked up the vest from the desk and tossed it over his shoulders. It was huge and heavy. He tapped its stiff surface. “How do you stand to wear this all the time?”

Mike glanced over as he sipped the hot coffee. “Ahh you get used to it, I guess. It can be hot in the summer but beats the alternative.” The big man reached over and adjusted the straps, cinching them in on Dane until the thing fit as tight as hell. The parka billowed out of the openings. Mike gave him a playful punch in the chest as he picked up his coffee mug with a smirk. “Let me get my revolver, I need some target practice.”

Dane felt his cock stir and he thought he heard the voice say, “Fuck me. I need fucked.” He ripped open the vest and shoved it over his head pausing as he got a strong smell of Mike from the lining. Dane wanted to lick the sweat stained lining of the vest. He had to get out of there but he hated to leave his stud of a boss. The quiet voice was now saying, “Fuck him. I need his cock. I want to fuck him.” Dane thought he was losing his mind.

Mike popped his neck as he refilled his mug. The scar he got on duty stood out plainly on his left side and caught Dane’s attention taking his mind off his predicament. It stood out faintly white against his dark skin.

Dane reached out and pinched his thin skin near the scar. “How did you get this again?” Some meth-head?”

Mike glanced down at the scar on his oblique’s. “No, the meth-head’s crack ho wife.” He smirked. “We’d been called out on a domestic abuse case. This big fucker was all drugged up and freaking out. He’d beat the shit out of his wife and a neighbor who tried to stop him. Course it all played out in the yard while the whole trailer court watched. It took three guys my size or bigger to take him down. So me and the other guys had him on the ground and were cuffing him. He’s fighting and crying like a baby... totally roided out puss. He might have been six foot tall but he easily was 340 or more with all these water filled looking muscles,”

Mike shook his head and chuckled. “I mean he looked as bloated as you do in that parka but he was shirtless. Next thing I know, I heard one of the neighbors yell, “Stop that!” I figure here they come, the whole herd of onlookers to this poor misguided Hulk Hogan wannabe’s aid. I look back and the guy is pointing at me. Just then I felt something poking my side and I laughed cause I think his 80 pound wife is punching me. That’s when I look back and see his scanky broad has this knife and is poking me... you know stabbing me. I didn’t feel it at first except the pokes, you know. a stick. I look down and she is trying to stab through the vest and just bouncing off. I grab her by the face and push her back with one hand while I still keep a hold of her old man. I guess the vest shifted and she shoved it in to the hilt. I still was high on adrenaline or something, we finish cuffing the husband. I jump up and notice blood dripping down my arm and my ass felt wet. Course the knife is just sticking out my side. Turns out she stabbed me twice in my left triceps and another time in my ass. All I remember then was my legs go weak and I hit the ground. I guess my partner punted her like a football when she jumped on me screaming about hurting her husband.”

Mike twisted his big arm and flexed his triceps. He traced the faint scars on his muscled arm with a finger. “Mostly I remember waking up in the emergency room, with all this packing around the knife sticking out of me. I was like that for a couple hours. They don’t just pull it out you know, they let the surgeons do it. The surgeon was surprised she got it through the muscles and was sure my development helped save me. They said if it had gone a bit deeper I’d have bled out at the scene. Fun times.” He took a sip of his hot coffee.

Dane reached out for the big man’s hand and shook it. “I’m glad you didn’t. I’ve enjoyed working with ya. That’s some crazy shit.” The man held on to the cop’s hand for a moment too long and then chuckled as he pulled him closer and threw his arms around him and hugged the big man.

Mike chuckled as he patted Dane on the back. “Thanks.” He patted his arms and then pushed him back by the shoulders as he laughed. “I couldn’t get shit done around here without you. You’re like my right arm. Now if we can keep ya from cracking that thick skull open.” He sort of held Dane at arm’s length and studied his face.

Dane felt the scrutiny and recoiled a bit. He had to get control of himself. Mike was driving him wild like a trip to a tittie bar. He was thankful for the long coat as it covered up his half hard cock that was straining against the waistband of his pants despite the ice pack. Dane turned away and tried to calm down. He could hardly keep his hands off the stud and the awkward hug had only made it worse. The cop had felt huge as he’d rubbed his hands around him. Fuck his chest was so big there was no way Dane could reach all the way around. Dane saw his truck keys on the couch next to where he had sat. He picked them up. “I’d better hit the road.” Despite the comment, he sat down and played with the keys even though his hands were still hidden in the sleeves of the oversized coat. The voice in his head seemed more insistent. “Take him now. Fuck his ass.”

Mike had sat down in his creaking desk chair but still watched the man. “You sure you are all right?’

“Yeah, why?” Dane gave his head a little shake as if he could force the strange voice out of his ear.

“I don’t know you just seem a bit off, is all.” Mike raised one leg up and rested it on his other leg as he pulled on a sneaker.

Dane was studying his muscled legs; huge thighs and thick shins. Dane liked a guy with thick legs though today was the first time he’d ever thought about it. Then Dane noticed something else. He could see up Mike’s shorts as he worked his foot into the shoe and slowly tightened the laces. Mike’s cock head was sticking out of the leg of his underwear as was one nice sized nut. Dane looked away but couldn’t resist. Oh Mike had a beautiful prick. It was huge and uncut, like Benny from junior high. The thing was bigger …bigger than Dane’s …well normally. Dane was feeling flustered. He was breathing harder and he was sure his cock was dripping. Then a strange thought hit him. Was Mike giving him a pep show intentionally? There was no way. Mike had a wife and two kids at home and Dane was reasonably sure he had screwed around with a couple of the hot female regulars at the gym. Mike was such a straight arrow that he would never admit to it and despite Dane’s easy humor and friendship, he would never ask his boss for confirmation. Though telling his boss about his recent scores or a new hot piece to join the gym was just part of their morning meetings.

Mike reached down and adjusted himself as he switched legs and pretty soon Dane had an even better view as he put on his other shoe. The guy was hung. His piss slit was visible as the tip of his cock peaked out of his foreskin. Dane wanted to suck on it even though he had never given a guy head in his entire life but his mouth watered. The tortured man was even more convinced Mike was playing with him. He had chosen those flimsy shorts on purpose. He had heard of seemingly normal guys swinging both ways. There had been rumors of a couple guys on his college football team and one of his frat brothers. Maybe Mike was like that? The thought made his belly spin.

Dane cleared his voice. “I’d better head out…unless you need me for anything?”

Mike finished with his shoes shook his head and said, “No, not that I can think of. Go home and take it easy.” He turned and started signing checks and putting them in the stamped envelopes, Dane had addressed.

Dane stood up on weak legs. “I could hang around if you’d like?”

“Nah, that’s okay.” Mike turned and looked at the man for a moment. He held his hand out and Dane thought this is IT! The moment of truth. He almost reached out and took his beefy hand in his. “Give me your keys,” the cop said.


“Give me your keys!” The cop reached out and grabbed his wrist and easily plucked the key ring from his coated hand. “I’m calling a cab for you. Look I can’t force you to go to the hospital but there is no way you’re getting behind the wheel and kill somebody else. You’re mooning around here like you’re drunk or something.”

“No I’m not. I’m fi…” Dane raised his hands in the air. “Fine, call a cab, if it makes you happy.”

Dane watched the man speak into the phone as he made arrangements. Mike sat with his wide back to the man. The voice in Dane’s head was growing more insistent. “Take him now. Fuck his ass. Bend him over the desk and fuck him.” Dane waddled back and forth not knowing what to do. He had this urge…this crazy attraction for his boss…while it made no sense…the feelings were so strong. Dane put his hands on Mike’s shoulders. They were so damn thick as the man hung up the phone. “Man Mikey you’re getting huge.”

The cop glanced back over his shoulder. “I guess…I don’t know…maybe. The cab will be here in fifteen minutes. Why don’t you sit down and relax.”

“I’m okay, sitting makes me nervous.” Dane still had his hands on his boss’s thick shoulders; he slid them out to his delts. “Man I am serious you are getting huge. What you weighing these days.”

“The same as always I guess…300…305 or so.” Mike tried to turn his attention back to his bills but kept stealing glances at Dane as he hung over him.

Dane slipped around to his side and squeezed his upper arm. “This fucker’s got to be over 24 inches around, I swear.”

Mike shrugged his shoulder. “I don’t know.” He reached up and put his hand on Dane’s chest and pushed him back gently as he chuckled. “Seriously have a seat and relax.”

Dane grinned as he took a step back. He looked down and rubbed his finger gingerly over the knot on his forehead. The voice was yelling at him to “Fuck Mike now!” Dane didn’t know what to do. He felt so tense. He turned and started pacing back and forth beside the desk. Dane was afraid of losing control… like he did in the weight room. He looked up and blurted out, “Can I ask you something?”

Mike glanced up with a smirk. “You ain’t going to ask for a kiss are ya?”

“No…no hell no.” Dane paced. He paused behind the big man’s desk chair. He leaned over him savoring the smell of his idol. “It’s just that…” Dane leaned in close to his ear and talked quietly. “Have you …ever fooled around with anybody…I mean besides Sandy?”

Mike rose up and turned around. “What do mean… is this about Tess …are you asking if Tess and I…”

“No … no, I mean I know about Tess … I mean she told me about you…two. I don’t care about Tess…we’ve all done her.” Dane noticed the big man’s eyes shift as if he was getting pissed. Dane knew he should shut up. This wasn’t going well but he had to get this out. Despite the voice in his head Dane couldn’t just take the big guy. He had to convince him somehow that they should fool around. Dane knew that the cop wanted to. He was giving him so many signs. Dane leaned in close as if what he had to say was so secret, it could barely be uttered out loud. “Have you ever fooled around with a guy …you know?”

The cop’s head jerked a bit and he looked Dane in the eye but he was silent.

Dane grinned. “I wouldn’t blame you if you had. I mean some guys do. I knew a guy in college…”

Mike put a hand on his chest. “You’re joking right?” He laughed and abruptly stopped. Mike got up on his feet and pushed Dane back a bit. “Come on this is one of your funny bits right? Hit me with the punch line or the bitch slap or whatever you call it.”

Dane didn’t understand what the big guy was talking about. He wanted to tell him about the two perfectly normal guys from his football team who would fuck the hell out of one another after practice and spend the weekends with their girlfriends.

Mike grabbed a hooded sweatshirt from his closet and pulled it over his head. Once covered up he came to Dane and grabbed him by the arm with the other hand on his chest. “Come on, you’re going to sit down.” He forced the man down on the sofa. “You aren’t yourself. So just relax.”

“No, I’m serious, bro. I…”

Mike interrupted and held a thick finger in front of Dane and talked as if he was talking to a simple minded child. “We are not having that conversation. I…we are going to forget this ever came up. You are my right arm around here and I depend on you. I almost sold this place before you came along because I couldn’t keep up with two jobs and my family. Fuck I’ve toyed with making you a full partner…you run this place. I know that…I’ve never kidded myself about that.” The man rose up as he looked down and half turned away. “We are just going to forget about this conversation. You hear me! You aren’t yourself. I remember Rick got a concussion back in high school at practice one day. He turned to this big kid named Kyle and called him ‘Mom’. For a good two hours he talked to Kyle nonstop like he was his Mom. That’s all this is…you hit your head and you aren’t yourself.”

Dane had to make him understand. It was the only way. The voice in his head was demanding now…yelling for him to fuck the guy. He had to convince Mike…it was the only way. Dane started to get up as he said, “I just wa…”

Mike put his hands on his shoulders and pushed him firmly down onto the sofa and held him there. “No you are going to sit there and not say a word till your cab gets here and we never had this conversation. If you get up again I’m going to hand cuff you to that chair.”

Dane finally gave up. He just turned his hands up in surrender as he looked up at the guy.

Mike sat down at the desk and turned back to the bills as they waited.

Dane laid one foot over and sat there shaking it. He was so nervous sitting there it was making him crazy. Mike was making him crazy…the smell of him so close. He knew he wanted it. Dane couldn’t understand why he was being like this. Then suddenly Dane’s stomach growled loudly.

The cop glanced over.

Within a minute Dane’s stomach was growling nonstop like a blender.

Mike started to chuckle. He’d never heard anyone’s gut rumble like that. He shoved the finished bills in a stack and looked at the man.

“I’m hungry.”

Mike snorted. “Oh yeah, I’d never guess.”

“Can I have a shake?”

Mike remembered the blender. “Sure.” He went to the lobby and returned with the huge blender bowl and a large glass. “Have at it, big guy. Who were you making all this for anyway?”

Dane didn’t know what he was talking about. He just shrugged his shoulders.

“The blender was running full blast when I got here.” He looked at the clueless hulk. “That is enough for two or three people?”

“I don’t know… I didn’t make it.” Dane’s belly was rumbling so bad the sofa practically skidded across the floor. Between the hunger and the lust for Mike’s sweet ass, Dane didn’t know what was going on. Dane set the glass down on the sofa and drank from the bowl. He drank the shake down as if it was water…six ounces of water. He just raised the pitcher and sucked it down in seconds. The man belched loudly as he lowered the pitcher. “Can I have more.”

Just then a horn honked out back. The astonished gym owner grabbed Dane’s arm. “Your ride is here. Maybe you should wait till you get home and eat a real meal. It will do you good.” Mike guided Dane to the store room and the back door where the cab waited.

Dane’s gut was still rumbling loud enough for both to hear. He felt dazed.

Mike would reach out and pull the guy in as he guided him along as Dane seemed as if he might wonder off.

As they bumped through the snack bar area Dane snatched a banana from the counter. He soon had it pealed and shoved in his mouth whole. Dane looked over his shoulder at the cop as he worked the length of the fruit in and out of his mouth a few times. He pulled it out with a grin. “Can you do that big guy?” Dane shoved it in again working it in and out.

Mike looked around to see if anyone was near watching this. Then he tapped Dane’s elbow forcing the banana deeper into his mouth.

Dane bit the thing off whole as he gagged a bit. He then had his cheeks stuffed with fruit as he chewed and swallowed several times. He reached back for another but the meaty boss had him by the collar now and was pushing him through the door to the store room.

‘Mike I’m starving man. Let me get something to eat and then I’ll go home.”

“Bro, you seriously need some rest and the cab is waiting.” As if on cue the horn blared again.”

Dane eyed the shelving system full of protein mixes and supplements. His stomach rumbled. Dane felt some movement under the thick coat. His tendrils were no doubt trying to get to some food. “I need some Max Gainer 500.”

“What?” Mike said as he glanced at the door to the back lot.

“I’m out of protein at home. Can I have one of those jugs? I’ll pay for it later.”

“Sure.” Mike grabbed one of the two pound cans and shoved it under his arm as he put his hand on the Dane’s back and gently pushed him toward the door.

“No, I need one of these.” He reached up and pulled one of the five gallon buckets off the upper shelf. The ones used at the bar.

“Seriously, you need one of those?” Mike watched in awe. He was having serious doubts that sending Dane home was the best thing to do but he had more and more customers coming in and no one to watch the place; besides getting Dane into an ambulance as off kilter as he now was would probably turn into a wild wrestling match.

“I need two. You wouldn’t believe how fast I go through this shit.” Dane could feel the appendages shifting under the huge coat and feared they would erupt through the down fabric at any moment in a wild feeding frenzy. Dane was afraid to let Mike see what a freak he had become.

Mike decided it was best not to argue with him. He would get the buckets back after Dane was back to normal and they would have a laugh over how fucking crazy he was acting. The big guy couldn’t wait to bust his balls over how he almost was coming on to him. He grabbed one of the buckets and opened the back door. Mike waved to the cab driver as he leaned back and put a thick hand on the back of Dane’s neck and guided him through the door. The cop slid open the big door on the minivan and sat the bucket inside. As Dane put his in the front seat, the cop went around to the driver. Mike scribbled Dane’s address on a slip of paper. When the driver rolled down the window Mike saw a familiar face. “Jay, what are you doing driving a cab?”

The young man grinned. “I own it. I got a handful. Your call came in too early for my crew so I came out.” The sky was still mostly dark out with streaks of color on the horizon. Heavy clouds of fog escaped when they talked. Despite the cold the cab driver had on a sleeveless shirt and wind pants. He looked like he had just rolled out of bed. His thick chest filled the cotton and his muscled arms marked him as a lifter.

Mike patted his shoulder. “Good to see ya.” He dropped his voice to almost a whisper. “I got a special job for ya. You take him home but don’t just drop him off. Make sure he gets in the house and settled.” Mike gave him a wad of bills. “This ought to cover it…and here is an extra twenty for your trouble.”

Jay looked over as Dane started to climb in beside him. His eyes widened as he saw the size of the guy.

He turned back to Mike and mumbled, “Why is he drunk?”

“Nah he hit his head. Won’t go the hospital. Make sure you just take him home. Don’t let him talk you into anywhere else. He is a bit goofy right now.”

“Sure…sure, no problem. Damn you grow them big out here. Look at you Mike. You’re still blowing up I see.” Jay reached out and squeezed the cop’s arm.

“Yep..yep…what’s happened to ya? I don’t see you here lifting anymore?”

“Yeah, I got some weights in the garage and hit it when I can. Not making many gains these days but not slipping backward either.” He turned his 19” arms proudly as he spoke. “I do some landscaping on the side and with the cab service, I keep pretty busy. Got a couple kids and a wife now too.” The man weighed about 190 with a thick upper body and handsome face.

“I hear ya but you’re looking good bro.” As Dane shut the door Mike reached through and tapped his down padded shoulder. “Jay here is going to get you home. He will take care of you, he’s a good guy. You call me when you get home and I’m going to be calling you every hour or so just to make sure you are okay. If you get feeling worse you call me or an ambulance; don’t be fucking around.”

Dane looked at the two men beside him with heavy eyelids. Jay was good looking. Dane couldn’t take his eyes off him as he leaned into the door near his boss grinning at him. He smelled good too…nice jock body. The guy sort of dripped sex appeal.

Mike tugged at his coat. “You listening to me?”

“Ya...yeah…I’m going to call you every ten minutes so you won’t worry, that won’t bother my sleep at all.” Dane grinned at the guy. “I’m sorry about the mess.”

“Nothing to be sorry about. Looks like you got most of your work done.” Mike handed Jay another ten and mumbled, “After you drop him off would you mind swinging back by and letting me know how it goes. I don’t feel right about this.”

“Sure no problem.” Jay started the engine as Mike tapped his shoulder with a fist and backed away. He leaned down and pointed at Dane. “Call me asshole.”

Dane yelled, “asshole,” as they all laughed. The sleepy looking hulk grinned as they backed out of the parking spot by Dane’s pickup.

Mike turned and walked back toward the building. He didn’t feel right about this at all. Dane was single and lived alone. He wished the guy had a live in girl or somebody to take the responsibility off him. He could call Tess to see if she would check in on the big guy but that was a door better left closed. The sun was making gains and lightening up the back lot. Mike snatched up some trash near the door. He looked over and noticed some small purple blobs under the high window. They started low and went all the way up to the sill. He’d never seen anything like it…some kind of mold or something. He reached out to poke one of the small blobs but changed his mind. He wondered if they were some freaky slug’s trail. Mike’s gut rumbled. He was hungry too.

The big man walked into the bar to make a shake. He looked down into the well. Every container was empty… completely empty as if they had been rinsed out and returned to the well. Dane must have done a hell of a business last night. No wonder there was plenty of money in the bank. The deposit had to be huge. Mike plucked out the five empty buckets and went to supply for replacements. The shelf was empty except for one banana flavor. What the hell? How did they let the supply get so low? It seemed like a shipment just came. Super Dane was slipping. As Mike grabbed a couple smaller containers of chocolate and the big bucket of banana, he noticed three empty buckets in the corner. They were sort of crumpled and completely clean. The big man didn’t know what to make of it.

He returned to the bar and dropped the containers and started to go back for more. There was a little crowd standing at the weight room door talking. He could see one guy through the window curling. A beefy guy named Jim looked up. “There he is. Mike what the hell is going on around here?”

“What do you mean?” Mike waddled toward the group. One of the parts of the job was listening to everybody’s opinion of how you should be running the place. Funny how so many people were experts on gym management.

“Was there an earthquake in here last night?”

“Not that I know of. Why?” The group parted. Mike stepped through the door in shock. One of the squat frames was tipped over into the wall, shattering the mirrors into shards; several of the weight stands were in a pile; a leg press was on its side and several benches looked as if they had been tossed across the room. Mike stood with his hands on his hips surveying the damage. Could there have been an earthquake and Dane got hurt? The police station would have had calls. The tough cop stood with his mouth open in the middle of the weight room as one guy went ahead with his workout as if nothing had happened, picking his way through the damage and glass for a usable piece of equipment. “Holy fuck,” was all the beefy cop could say.

Jay was a talker. He talked nonstop as they drove along. He talked about his businesses, his employees, and his past. The happy guy liked to talk and Dane liked the happy guy. The young guy had whiskers on his chin but a clean upper lip. Dane wanted to reach over and rub his thumb through it. Dane had reached under his coat and slipped his cock out of his pants. The waist band of Bruce’s pants was cutting it in two. It was hidden under the massive coat. When he did the man’s hand bumped a tendril that had slipped down and attached itself to the bucket between his legs. Soon it was sucking the powder into him satisfying his hunger. Dane leaned forward with his arms on his thighs to hide all this from the gabby driver.

Dane interrupted. “I’m thirsty. Pull in here so I can get a gallon of water.”

Jay hesitated. “I don’t know.”

Dane wanted to bellow at the guy and his hand shot out involuntarily but he managed to rub his hand over his thick chest and shoulder. “Please bro, I’m dry as the desert here,” he croaked.

Jay knew he had enough money to buy a couple of steak dinners and still had enough left over for a tip. He pulled into the quick mart and started to get out. “I’ll get it for ya so stay here… I’m going to lock the doors too. So don’t bale in me.” The man grinned at the hulk leaning toward the dash.

“Get me two gallons…please.”

Dane saw the man watching him the whole time through the store windows as he checked out but soon returned with two cold jugs. Dane drained the first jug in seconds and started on the second as the guy pulled into traffic.

“Man, I guess you were thirsty.”

“Yeah, dying man.”

“Damn, it must take a lot to fill you big guys up…hulks like you and Mikey.” Jay reached over and felt Dane’s fat bicep through his coat as he drove. “Damn this fucker is huge. Like a fucking volleyball!” How much you weigh?”

Dane lowered the jug as he belched. He looked over at Jay with a grin. “300 or 305 I guess,” he quoted his beefy boss. Jay was almost as good looking as Mike. Damn close, he assessed the man. Jay had left his hand on his arm and was sliding it over his delt. The smell of the driver was getting to Dane… it was better than candy. “You like guys with big muscles?”

Jay chuckled a bit and shifted his eyes over toward Dane. “Yeah I guess. There was a time I lived in the gym and was going full bore at it. I’d have given my left nut to look like you and Mike. Not that would have helped the cause.” Jay grinned. “I was in good shape. I got up to 230 or so. I felt huge… and looked okay, I guess. Nothing like you guys though.”

Dane pulled the empty jug from his lips and wiped his mouth on Mike’s coat as he shoved the jug to the floor. “You look pretty good to me. Your arms are pumped and your chest.” Dane reached out and ran his hand over his arm and pec. “That bug you?” His cock was throbbing.

The man turned onto a main street. “Nah it’s cool.” He grinned over at Dane. “I’m okay, I guess. I’m a lot smaller but I still get all the action I want.” He pulled the tail of his shirt up and bit it between his teeth as he ran a hand over his ripped abs. The man was cut. He talked with his shirt in his mouth as he drove slunk down in the seat. “The bitches love my abs.”

Dane slid his coat covered hand over the driver’s long flat belly. “I can see why.”

“That feels good…the coat I mean …on my skin.” Jay sat up a bit as he merged into traffic headed toward the bypass. He left the shirt in his mouth as he checked the mirrors and then leaned back as he drove in the heavy traffic of the four lanes.

Dane could see his fat cock under his thin skinned pants. It looked hard and long. Dane was feeling lucky. “You ever fool around with a guy?”

Jay chuckled a bit. “Sometimes if the guy is right. No limped wrist hairdressers but regular guys, I guess…. I love sex and take it where I can get it.” The stud gave Dane a thick lipped smirk.

Dane shoved his quilted hand into the guy’s pants and ran the slick material over his half hard cock. He could feel it getting harder. “You think I’m the right kind of guy for you?”

“I’m sure of it” the man slid up in the seat. “But you better back off… you’re making it damn hard to drive.”

Dane bumped the empty bucket between his feet. He was feeling very lucky as the stud turned the van into his neighborhood.

Dane’s black lab started whimpering and barking in the next room. The big man woke up slowly. The day had been a rough one for Boomer the dog. The dog wouldn’t come near Dane even now. He would growl and raise his hackles as he looked at the big man. When Dane called to him and talked to him, the dog would whimper and take timid steps toward the man before turning and hiding under the kitchen table. The dog was just flusterfucked over what had happened to his best friend.

Boomer was scratching at the bedroom door and barking his head off now as Dane heard the crunch of gravel outside. The big man felt the hulk under him stir as he got to his feet. “Shut up dog,” Dane yelled. Dane could see a car moving slowly down the road outside. It was crawling along just short of the long lane to the old farm house on the edge of town. It was dark out but Dane knew who it was immediately. As the car slowly turned into the drive and passed under the pole light his suspicions were confirmed. It was a police car.

“Get up. You got to get out of here.” He rubbed his foot against the hulk’s side as he laid on the mattresses on the floor that passed for the bachelor’s bed.

The sleeping man was muscled and thick. He groaned, “I’m so sore. You bout killed me.”

Dane put his foot on the man’s muscled side and shoved him hard. “Get the fuck up!”

Jay rolled over and slid off the mattress. “All right...all right I’m up.” The man bore little resemblance to the thin waisted stud that had driven Dane home that morning. His body was packed with bloated muscle … at least 250 pounds of it. He also was covered with a purple skin.

“You have to leave now. Somebody’s coming.”

Jay looked at the headlights creeping down the lane. “Okay…okay…” he tried to clear his head. “I got nothing to wear.” Jay groaned as he got to his feet. He plucked at the shirt and pants he had worn that morning now woefully too small to fit.

Dane went to a dresser and pulled a whole armful of jock threads that were too small for him now. “Here keep them but get your ass out the back door now.” He pushed the man into the hall as Jay was stepping into some track pants with a shirt balled up around his neck. He was shedding the extra clothes in his wake as Dane hustled him toward the back door. “But…but… I don’t want to go. I want to stay with you.”

“You have to.” Dane about filled the narrow hallway as he hustled the guy out.

Jay put a hand on his massive pec. “Dude I have nowhere to go. Look at me how can I explain this to my wife and kids. Look at me! I blew up all over.” The man rubbed his hands over his bloated pecs as if trying to scratch the purple gel off. “And this! I…I can’t go home. Besides I want to stay with you.” He grabbed Dane’s soft 13” cock. “Let’s just leave the lights off and pretend no one is here. Then we can fuck some more after they leave or I’ll just hide out till they leave. I swear I won’t make a sound. I’ll go upstairs.”

The smell of the handsome cab driver was already horning Dane up as if he hadn’t been screwing the man almost on an hourly basis since morning. Dane shoved the door open and pushed Jay through it. “Get the fuck out of here…and don’t let him see you.”

“But I don’t know how to get this stuff off my skin!”

Dane wasn’t there to answer. Jay got up off his ass and leaned his back to the wall as he pulled on his shoes.

Dane turned back to the hall. He didn’t know what to do. His heart pounded in his chest. Mike’s here! The thought made his massive cock stir. He looked down to see a red pair of spandex pants on the floor amongst the other clothes Jay had dropped. They were huge and had been a gag gift from some of his frat brothers back when he started packing on some real size. There was a shirt that matched them somewhere. Dane scooped them up thinking they were probably the only thing in the house that would fit him now.

Mike turned the squad car into the drive at Dane’s house. Dane had left one hurried message on Mike’s phone right after he got home but the beefy gym owner hadn’t heard anything since. His star employee had not answered the phone after that. Mike decided he needed to check things out before his shift started. If nothing else Mike wanted to know what had happened to his weight room. He’d spent the day with insurance adjusters and contractors looking to make repairs. Things were at a standstill until they found the cause; be it vandalism or robbery or some freak natural disaster. The only thing the cop had found missing was a wild amount of protein.

Mike was surprised to see Jay’s van in the drive. He had figured the smooth talker had just bailed with his money rather than checking in with a report. Jay had always been a flake who spent more time chasing pussy than making a living. Mike turned off the squad car. He turned to look for Dane’s squirrelly dog as the last thing he needed was a dog bite. There was no sign of the dog but out of the corner of his eye he caught the shadow of a big man running around the end of the taxi van. Before the muscled cop could get his broad shoulders out of the police car, the van was barreling down the lane with a trail of dust in its wake. Mike suspected the big man was Dane as the figure was certainly bigger than Jay. The business owner felt a spin to his gut as the only reason he could imagine for Dane to ditch him was that he was somehow the cause of the damage at the gym. The cop watched the van disappear with a sick feeling. Well Dane had been a hell of an employee for a good five years. Mike’s job had taught him not to expect much from human nature. He wasn’t the first employee to disappoint him but still he didn’t see this coming. It was probably drugs. Drugs fucked up a lot of good people.

The big man turned and looked at the house. He was debating whether it was worth the effort to leave Dane a note on the door when he saw a large shadow pass through the living room. Maybe he was here after all. Mike stepped up on the porch and knocked on the door. Nobody answered. Mike knocked louder. “Dane, its Mike. Let me in; we got to talk.”

Mike heard something move inside. He shifted and looked through the long narrow window that framed the old door. He could see Boomer in the hall whimpering as he looked at the door and then turn and look at the kitchen door: a sure sign that the dog was waiting for his master to come. Bomber barked several times. The cop noticed some movement in the hall. There was a distinct shadow of a man falling across the hall floor. Dane or somebody was standing just inside the kitchen door. The old floorboards creaked when he shifted his weight. It had to be Dane.

“Dane just let me in. I want to check on ya…and I got to find out what happened last night…Dane?” The cop turned the doorknob. It wasn’t locked. “I’m coming in buddy.” The cop stepped into the dark hall. To the right was the small living room. Further down the hall was the kitchen. An open stair ran to the second floor. The left side was the bedroom and a small bathroom. At the end of the hall was a door to the back porch. Mike’s cop training was so embedded by now that he wasn’t even aware of it anymore as he assessed the situation. Typical bachelor pad. He could see the unmade mattress and dresser with open drawers through the bedroom door’. The room was lit faintly by a table lamp on an overturned milk crate. Clothes littered the floor and trailed down the hall way.

There was the sound of movement in the kitchen: floor boards creaking… a thud. Boomer skidded down the wood floored hall and hid behind Mike’s thick leg and whimpered as he looked toward the kitchen. “Hey buddy, how’s Boomer?” The cop reached down and petted the trembling dog. The dog turned and scratched at the door with a whimper. “You need to go outside, boy?” Mike opened the door and the dog slipped out as soon as the door moved a few inches. The dog started barking once he hit that safety of the porch.

Mike stepped into the tiny living room. It was a disaster. There was little enough furniture to start with. Mike had laughed and joked with Dane on the day he and a couple college buddies had moved him into the old house that with extra effort they could have put all his belongings in one truck. Dane hadn’t added much to the collection over the years, The room was half empty ; a couple of plastic lawn chairs, an old sofa that must have been found on a curb and Dane’s one splurge: a wall mounted big screen TV.

The room looked like a wild party had just been busted up by the cop’s. The sofa was standing on one end in the corner; the chairs were lying on their sides. The one lit table lamp illuminating the place was lying on the floor with cheap shade dented in. To top it off there were food containers everywhere, empty milk and water jugs. Grocery bags were scattered about mixed in with chicken bones, whole roasters and pieces. It was like a month of meals scattered about but it seemed fresh. There were no stale smells. There were his five gallon buckets of gainer mix lying on their sides just inside the room. Mike bent over and grabbed them, thinking he would take them back to bridge his deficit until the new shipment arrived. They were both empty and the buckets split open. The buckets were completely clean. The frugal cop was swept with anger at the thought that Dane had wasted the supplements. It would have taken two football teams to go through that much in a day. But the way the room looked, that might have been a possibility.

“Damn bro, you need a housekeeper.” Mike took a step further into the room as he assessed the damage. This made no sense. Mike had come home to host a wild party? His foot snagged on something soft in the faint light. The cop reached down and picked up his down coat that Dane had been wearing when he last saw him. The right shoulder was ripped open. ‘What the fuck’, the man thought as he tossed the bulky coat in his hands. The left seam under the arm was gapping open, feathers were spilling out of the deflating nylon. The coat had been an expensive purchase for the cold blooded man. It had been special ordered so that the shoulders were oversized to fit his muscled build when he shoveled walks and hiked in the hills. He’d wanted one warm coat that didn’t fit like spandex, now it was trashed. Mike began to wonder if Mike had been in a fight. It might explain the room. He shifted the coat in his hands looking for blood. There was none. The white pants Dane had worn home were tangled up in a sleeve. They too were ripped apart. Mike held them up and something else…they reeked and seemed to be covered with spew…a lot of spew. He dropped them and wiped his hand on his leg.

“Dane get out here now and talk to me. I know you are in the kitchen. I don’t have time to play games.”

Dane had stood leaning against the wall of the kitchen. He was scared. His hormones had been in over drive ever since the hot cop had set foot on the place. The voices in his head were worked up to a screaming frenzy as was his bull cock. He was fighting every urge to run into the living room and taking his friend and using him like a cheap sex toy. Dane was afraid for Mike. This had gotten completely out of control. Dane had to get the cop out of here for his own good.

Dane cleared his throat. “Hey Mike, I’m okay, just a little sore still. I’ll call you in the morning but everything’s okay. I’m sorry you wasted a trip out here. I should have called.”

Mike started for the door to the kitchen.

Dane yelled, “Don’t come in here. I…I just got out of the shower and don’t have clothes on.”

The big cop stopped… well it wasn’t like he had never seen the guy naked after five years of working at the gym and training together. They were like brothers or had been. Dane had never been shy around him but after the odd questions of the morning Mike wasn’t pushing anything. Mike could tell by the tone of his voice the man was upset.

“Okay…” Mike paused. “Dane I got to talk to you man. Then I’ll go. What’s going on here? I’m not leaving without an explanation. I’m worried about ya.”

Dane tapped his head against the wall. He didn’t know what to say…how could he explain what had happened to him…was happening to him. “I…I…just don’t feel well. I need more time. I’ll be okay. I swear I’ll call you in the morning when I feel better. Don’t worry about me, I’m okay.”

“Dude, I’m not leaving ya. What happened to the weight room last night?”

Dane didn’t know what he meant. His mind was a jumble. He knew he had gotten sucked into a pile of slime and that his world had gone crazy ever since but the details were fuzzy. “I…I… don’t know,” he said meekly.

Mike grunted. “The room is trashed…like 7k in damages and you don’t remember? What the fuck man! This makes no sense. Are you in some kind of trouble? Is somebody after you?”

Dane was tapping his head harder and harder into the wall. He could feel the plaster soften. “I’m in deep shit…you don’t even know. I am so fucked.” Dane broke when he said the words to his surprise. He had never cried even when his Dad died. The big man broke down for a second and blew snot and tears all over his face. He caught his face in his hands forcing himself to regain some composure. The day spent with Jay had been unreal … a nightmare even on some levels but Mike’s presence was too real. Dane was exhausted. He felt a low rumble in his throat as the voices in his head took hold of his voice. A low and faint, “I’m going fuck you,” escaped from somewhere inside him. Dane turned to the wall with his hands squeezing his mouth. This was getting worse.

Mike could hear the emotion in his friend’s voice. “Bud I’m coming in there. I don’t care if you are naked…it’s not like I haven’t seen it before. Fuck it man, who cares?”

“No, don’t come in here! Get the fuck out of here,” Dane bellowed.

“Okay…okay. Dane stay calm. I’ll stay here. What can I do for ya? I want to help you bud?”

“You can’t help me, Mikey. Don’t you see it’s too late, man? I’m in too deep now. Everything changing and I can’t stop it… I can’t fight it anymore. You need to stay away so you don’t end up like me. I tried to hide it at first but I can’t anymore. It’s bad, Mikey…it’s real bad.”

Mike rocked his head back and looked at the ceiling. His worst fears had been confirmed: it was drugs. Dane had all but admitted it. Fuck! The man spoke calmly to his friend. “Bro don’t waste your time worrying about me. Nothing going to hurt me and I can get you help.”

“No man, it’s too late for me. Maybe you can help Jay. He’s not as bad off as me. Maybe there is time for him, you know. I mean he’s got a wife and kids. Help him Mikey. It’s too late for me…I know that now. The urges are too strong.”

So that’s what Jay had been doing here all day. Mike wasn’t surprised about Jay. He had been juicing pretty hard at one time and had always been one of those ‘do anything to get by’ type of guys. “I can get help for both of ya, bro. It’s not too late trust me. I seen guys a lot worse off than you and they come out of it, believe me.”

Dane’s troubled mind was struggling. “You have? They come out normal?”

Mike gasped. “Oh hell yes. All the time. “ Mike chuckled. “I can get you help and they’ll turn you back into that pussy chasing asshole we all love.”

Dane had slipped down to a seated position but was still tapping his head on the wall. His cock was rock hard and arching away from his wildly muscled body under the red sheer pants. Mike’s voice and presence was feeding it by the second. Dane chuckled a bit. It was the first he’d laughed in days. “Dude you are just saying that. I’m too far gone. I know that.”

“Look stop saying that. You can beat this if you want to. You want to don’t ya?”

“Hell yes I do…fuck man. I just want to feel normal. I want to sleep. You really see this all the time? You’re not just saying that?”

“Every day, it’s mostly all I do. Nobody really talks about it. People don’t want to hear about it. It’s everywhere. It’s an epidemic around here. Even out here in B.F.E. … has been for years. Most everything we deal with is because of it. It’s everywhere and taking over but I can get you help if you want it buddy. Believe me.”

“Yes …yes I want help, Mikey.”

“Hold on.” Mike looked at his watch. He was late for his shift. “I’ll be right back.” The big man walked outside to the porch. He turned the radio on that was attached to his coat and called in. He coded in. “Look I got a personal problem and need someone to cover my shift.”

“Sure Mike what should I tell the boss. He’ll want details.”

“I’m trying an intervention for an addict. He’s family…. I just can’t come right now.”

“I’ll pass it along, Mike. Good Luck.”

“I’ll work a double tomorrow.”

“Damn straight you will,” the voice chuckled.

Mike turned back toward the house but stopped. He heard Dane talking to someone. The other voice was low and angry and somewhat foreign sounding. Whoever it was was ranting. Mike paused and looked through the window but there was no change…no shadows moving around. Had the guy slipped in the back door or maybe had been there all along and was why Dane hadn’t wanted him to come in the kitchen? Mike slowly opened the door and slipped in. He heard the voice saying something about “gonna fuck the cop boy up”; then Dane’s exhausted voice say, “No, you can’t, not Mike.”

The cop listened as he slowly moved across the room. The deep voice said, “It’s got to be done. His ass is mine.” The cop had a clearer picture now. Somebody was after Dane. The gym damage and the head injury must have been a result. What had Dane gotten into… drug dealing? No wonder Dane had refused to go to the hospital; he didn’t want his secret to come out. The cop was seeing things more clearly now… Dane’s despair about being in too deep ... it all made sense.

Mike was across the room before he had come to the conclusion. He should have gone back outside and called for backup. Yet he had just been outside and there were no other cars there but his own. There was no movement in the kitchen except the thump, thump, thump, that he had assumed was Dane tapping a foot on the floor. He sensed the threatening man was alone. Mike had the element of surprise on his side and wasn’t afraid of going one on one with any man.

There was the sound of movement in the kitchen; floorboards creaking and furniture sliding. Mike shifted slightly and looked through the crack made by the open door and jamb. Mike was dazed by what he saw. It was the biggest muscled bastard alive. His back was to Mike but the guy was massive; far bigger than Mike even if somewhat shorter. The freak had to weigh over 400 pounds! Mike had never seen anyone as muscled and thick as the guy hunched over facing the wall. He looked deformed by all his massive muscle as if his upper back had swelled up until it hunched him forward. The freak’s arms curved in as his swollen muscles pressed together. His shoulders looked four foot wide and his blistered arms were easily over 30 inches around. The guy wore odd skin tight clothes; red tights of some sort and a purple spandex turtleneck as if his massive muscles didn’t make him stand out enough.

Mike shifted his eyes trying to find Dane. Like the rest of the house, the kitchen was a disaster. The table and chairs were over turned. The counters were covered with the remains of some massive binge. Mike assumed that his friend must have been lying on the floor behind the table. It on its side as the hulk seemed to be looking down in that area. The freak trembled as he chuckled and said, “I’m going to fuck your cop friend’s ass and make him one of us all while you watch, you sniveling piece of shit.”

Mike heard Dane reply in a panicked tone, “Please, not Mikey. He doesn’t deserve this. I’ll find you somebody else…anybody. I know lots of built guys. Just leave Mikey alone. Please. He’s got a wife and two kids. Don’t do it…they need him.” Dane sounded completely terrified.

Mike regretted not calling for back up sooner but now feared he would lose his advantage of surprise if he did so. He heard whimpering from the wraparound porch and turned to see Boomer watching him through the window. The dog barked. Great, no way he could sneak out to the sound of a barking dog. Mike reached back and slowly pulled out his gun. Mike didn’t care how big the bastard was no amount of muscle could stop a bullet. He would radio in once he had the big guy held at gun point. Besides by the looks of the place and the sound of Dane’s voice, the hulk had all ready beaten his friend to a pulp. Hesitation might end up with Dane dead.

Mike stepped into the room. “Police Officer! Put your hands behind your head and get down on your knees. Don’t make any sudden moves. Dane, you all right?”

The big man slowly raised his jacked arms in the air till they were bent at right angles. There was no way he had the flexibility to put his hands behind his head.

Mike asked, “Dane, who is this guy?”

The hulk slowly started to turn. He was like a huge ship turning in the water.

Mike barked, “Get on your knees, now!”

The low voice, “We’re all friends here, officer.”

“I said get on your knees now!”

The man looked just as freaky from the front side. He was coming around to about three quarters turned. His pecs were just massive and everywhere his skin was blistered with plump muscles. Mike had never ever seen anyone so thickly muscled. His shoulders were like basketballs. Arms packed with cut slabs of beef. The man’s chest rose and dropped as if the slow movement was making him breathless. Mike shoved his shoulder and bellowed “on your knees now, asshole.”

The man’s head was tilted down and he looked at him with one eye.

Mike jumped back with the gun in both hands. “Don’t even think about it. On your knees.”

The freak had a fucking erection. His dick was as massive as the rest of him. His cock stuck out of the top of his tights by four inches at least. His lemon sized balls were there to be plainly seen shrink-wrapped in red spandex. The man was a hulk. Mike had never seen anyone built like the guy short of muscle morphs on the net.

As shocking as the man was, Mike was unprepared for what happened next. The man peaked at him with one arched eye and his head down as he turned. The freak raised his head and Mike saw his buddy, Dane’s face. “Don’t you know me, Mikey?” The deep voice asked.

Mike stepped back and relaxed his arms. “What the fuck dude? Is that some fucked up Halloween costume? That rubber dick would get you lots of attention at a gay bar.”

The man’s eyes were bright and smiling but Dane looked as his pal oddly. His chin quivered and he said, “Shoot me, Mikey. Shoot me …make it stop!”

Mike lowered his gun. “What the fuck is going on? That’s not funny.”

As Mike watched Dane’s large Adam’s apple bounced and the deep voice seemed to come from his chest though his mouth remained closed. “Just been eating, lifting and growing bro.”

Mike stepped back. “What the fuck Dane. Now you’re a ventriloquist?” Mike didn’t know what to make off this. Dane seemed like he had lost his mind. Where had he come up with the crazy muscle suit? It looked so real as the man slowly moved as if his own muscled body had been inflated to jumbo size.

Dane’s lips trembled. “That’s not me Mikey. I can’t make it stop. I’m not strong enough.”

Mike chuckled trying to lighten the moment. “You look mighty strong to me blimp boy. Why don’t you deflate and take that thing off and we will sit down and talk?” As odd as this all was Mike still felt threatened somehow.

“I…I can’t take it off. I tried everything…and it won’t come off. Mikey just shoot me, I’m begging you. I want to die.”

“Stop saying that! I’m not shooting anybody. Why are you doing this? I mean what’s going on? I don’t get it.”

The man gave a motionless chuckle. His throat twitched. “I got to eat, lift and fuck. That’s all. You want to lift with me …or maybe I should eat you …or we could fuck?” The odd voice cut off words sharply and sounded sort of like a grunt when he spoke. There was a deep laugh.

“And stop with the ventriloquist act. You’re creeping me out.” Mike had dealt with a lot of drugged up morons over the years but nothing like this.

“It’s not me. He’s taking me over and I can’t stop it. He wants to fuck you!”

Mike stepped back, not that again. “Look Dane, what the fuck man. Don’t start with that shit again. I’m not into experimenting and walks on the wild side. If you are that’s fine …just don’t tell me about it… and leave me out of it.”

“I’m trying to stop it man but I can’t.” Dane was tortured ever since Mike had stepped in the room all that big muscle packed into the tight cop gear. His scent… and rugged good looks….it was all too much for the weary man. His heightened sex drive and senses were driving him crazy. He could even smell the cum churning in Mike’s balls. The hulk had dropped his arms though they were spread out with the palms facing Mike.

Mike watched in shock as Dane’s cock swelled up even more. The part rising out of his pants was purple as if it had been painted. Just then the spandex over his bulge began to shred like panty hose and the waist band popped open. “Dude, you better turn that suit off. You inflate that rubber dick any more it’s going to pop.”

His monster cock had arched away from his body and pointed at Mike. It was at least twenty inches long and as fat around as the average man’s arm. “Don’t you see Mikey…it’s not a suit it’s me! I got sucked into this slime pile at the gym and and…I woke up coated in this purple gel. Now it’s taking me over …making me do things I don’t want to do… and I can’t stop it.”

Mike just stared at the man. “Bro, you should write comic books or something. That is some crazy shit.” The cop couldn’t make sense of what was happening before him even though Dane had blurted the truth.

Dane rolled his head back and bellowed to the ceiling like a bull. He glared at Mike before turning to the counter and slamming his beefy hands on its surface. The wild man grabbed the edge of the countertop and pulled against it as he yelled, “Fuck!” Dane’s massive arms swelled and muscles bulged as he strained. Then a huge chunk of the counter top broke free in his hands to the sounds of splintering wood. It was about three foot long on the finished side and tapered off to a jagged edge on the other. Dane threw the piece aside and the thing flew across the room and pierced the plaster wall. When the dust settled the thing was embedded into the wall by a couple feet. Dan’s head spun back toward Mike as the deep voice seemed to come from his throat. “See cop man…this ain’t no inflatable suit.” The thing laughed as he turned to face Mike.

Dane’s chin quivered. “Run, Mikey, he’s coming for you! Run!”

Mike stood planted in place. In a flash the hulk swung at him and the cop’s gun flew across the room and crashed through a window.

“Gonna shoot me now, cop man?” the deep voice taunted.

“Run, Mikey, run… and don’t stop!”

Mike wasn’t running anywhere. The man stepped back and lunged into the air bringing his feet around. He hit the hulk square in the chest but barely backed him up a foot. The few times he had used the move before, it had knocked his opponent ass over appetite. Mike hit the ground and was on his feet in a flash.

The hulk chuckled deep and gravely as he stood before the man. “Fight, little man. I’m still going to fuck that ass of yours.”

All the while Dane yelled, “Run Mikey. You can’t fight him! Run!”

Mike backed into the living room as he reached back. There was a thunderous boom, boom, boom, as the hulk followed him at a jog. The monster came around the door frame hitting it with his left shoulder. The wood splintered and plaster cracked away from the impact area. As the hulk came into the room with a deep chuckle that showed he was enjoying the chase, Mike shot his tazers at him. The pins stuck into his chest as Mike hit the control on full power. The thing clicked loudly as the freak stopped and looked down. It had no effect on him. A grin appeared on his face. Dane or whoever he now was reached up and grabbed the wires and jerked the points from his pecs and the control from Mike’s hands. He tossed them aside splintering the device against the wall as he continued to come for Mike. “Just run Mike, run!” Dane yelled.

Mike turned and leaped for the wide door way to the hall. The man decided to take Dan’s advice. If he could get to the door he could surely out run the hulk. Mike reached up to call for back up when his feet were pulled out from under him. He hit the floor hard and was pulled back into the room. Mike turned over and planted a couple hard kicks into his chest but it had the effect of stomping a mattress. He rose up and threw a fist at his face but then it was Dane’s face. Mike pulled back a bit. The blows had not effect.

Mike felt hands all over him pushing him down and then a heavy weight dropped on him. He tried to squirm and crawl away but he was pressed down by heavy muscle. It was hard to breathe. One arm was free and he tried to pull himself away. He grabbed the cast iron leg of the heat radiator and pulled but it was of little use. Mike felt fumbling near his belt and in a flash his free arm was handcuffed to the heater. Mike knew that Dane had a complete knowledge of his belt as he was always playing with his gear. He heard the snap over the compartment where his extra cuffs were hidden. In a flash his other arm was pulled up and locked to the heat register, spreading his arms wide as he lay face down. He still struggled with all his strength but in a flash his ankles were bound together with plastic slip ties. Mike was all but helpless.

Mike didn’t give up the fight yet. When he could he would roll over so he could see the guy kneeling over him and kick at him with his legs. “Get away from me, asshole.”

The freak would chuckle and deflect his kicks with a huge arm. Finally the man punched him in the side, Mike was sure he felt some ribs break. Then his knee came down in Mike’s back. His belt was stripped away and tossed aside with a crash. His pant legs were ripped open and pulled off like a stripper’s. His coat and shirt was ripped off till only the sleeves hung around his wrists. With the rip of Velcro his vest was gone and then his underwear. The muscled stud was naked before his captor.

Mike rolled over on one side and barked, “You won’t get away with this fucker. You better plan on killing me cause if you don’t, I will hunt you down and put a bullet through your head.” Mike didn’t know who it was he was dealing with but there was no way it was Dane. From time to time the freak’s features would soften and the lips would move as Dane’s voice came out weakened and broken, “I sorry, Mikey. I tried to stop him. I really did.”

The hulk laughed at Mike as he knelt over him. “You won’t have to hunt me down once I’m done with that sweet ass. You’ll be my right hand man, begging for my cock.”

Mike was horrified. He never in a million years could have imagined anything like this. But then how could Dane have packed on two hundred pounds of muscle in a day. This wasn’t real. It had to be a fucking nightmare. As Mike looked at the freak with real fear, something emerged from ‘Dane’s’ chest…like a snake. Its tip looked like a head of a dick; then another from the left side of his chest. A third appeared from his taint between his legs. These snakes drifted through the air toward Mike as the hulk laughed.

Mike pulled himself into a tight muscled ball as he hugged the radiator. “Keep away from me. Don’t touch me, fucker.” Mike wasn’t afraid of much in this world and had seen many things he considered bad but this was altogether different and terrifying. Mike said to himself over and over, “This isn’t happening….this isn’t happening…”

The tendril from the man’s taint snaked around his ankles and pulled his legs out. One slipped around his thick neck a couple times and squeezed. It became harder to breathe but Mike still cursed the beast. “Get away from me fucker!” He grunted as his body was stretched out until he laid face down again on the cold floor. The third tendril slipped between his hairy ass cheeks and zeroed in on his puckered ass. Mike tensed up and raised his head and shoulders back. His thick muscles swelled as he bellowed, “Nooo!” The dick like tendril slipped into his tight ass and began working in and out slipping in deeper and deeper. It felt as if it was swelling bigger as it worked inside him. Mike clenched his ass trying to force it out but it had no effect but to flex the soft slick tendril. As the man bellowed the end of the snake around his neck slipped into his mouth and down his throat. Mike was silenced as he felt the thing grow within his mouth. He tried to bite through it…to hurt the thing but it was completely pliable. The thing kept swelling until Mike’s mouth was filled and unable to close.

Mike rolled up on one hip as the tendrils worked him pulsating and swelling. He moaned and cursed over the mouth gag. Mike was horrified as his own 9” cock began to grow as if he was enjoying this. Mike had always been well endowed and garnered the name ‘the snake’ in high school that had nothing to do with his slippery ways on the football field. As the tendril from the laughing freak massaged his prostate, Mike’s cock came to full attention reaching nearly a foot long and rock hard. Mike was horrified about the loss of control over his own body. As he writhed on the floor another tendril shot out of Dane’s muscled belly and sucked onto Mike’s cock. The cop screamed into the gag as the thing began swallowing his manhood. Inch by inch, Mike’s dick was suck deeper into the soft moist shaft until it was completely surrounded. Mike cock grew harder than ever before as the muscles lining the tendril began to pulse, suck, and massage his cock.

Mike rolled on his side as the things worked him from every angle. The shaft in his ass felt huge but was still growing slowly stretching him out for what he knew was coming. Mike just wanted it to stop. For the first time in his life the big man felt completely helpless. He didn’t know how long he rolled there being worked. The man knew he had shot several loads into the shaft on his cock. As soon as he had cum, his cock would grow harder as if he was somehow being milked.

The next thing Mike knew he felt something on his pecs. He glanced down to see another tendril had shot out of Dane’s belly and had split into two heads before they sucked onto his sensitive nipples. Mike had always had thick tender nipples much to the amusement of his wife, Sandy. His lovely wife knew the way to the muscled man’s heart was to lick and twist his thick nubs as they made love even if the fact of their tenderness embarrassed the macho man. She had often teased that they were damn near as big as hers and often chastised the man that he should figure out a way to put them to work so he could help nurse these babies he kept popping out of her. Mike didn’t want to think of Sandy now as he was being used as a sex toy by the over muscled freak. How would he ever explain this to his sweet wife?

Mike was going to lose his mind if this didn’t stop. It felt like head been coming for hours… kept on the edge of release as if no matter how many times his cock erupted he never got that relaxing calm that followed. He rolled on the floor; his big muscles were pumped and tense as he chewed on the tendril in his mouth. Mike felt the giant shaft slipping in his ass suddenly shrink and recoil as ‘Dane’ dropped over on all fours. With a slurp, he felt the tendril slip out of him leaving his ass feeling huge and cavernous. Instantly Dane’s huge cock slipped in to replace it. With loud slurps and slapping sounds the hulk began to fuck him. Mike curved back as he felt the man’s weight grow on him. The freak reached up and fondled his muscled pecs and squeezed the tubes sucking his nipples increasing the sensation tenfold. The hulk leaned down and nibbled on his ear as he mumbled, “You’re mine now, cop man.”

Mike was horrified on so many levels the least of which was that he was shooting yet another load as the freak fucked him. Mike shouldn’t have been enjoying this! Yet when the freak whispered in his ear what he had planned for him now as his sex toy; on some level Mike’s heart raced as he craved the action even as his conscious mind screamed. The feel of Dane’s whiskers rubbing against his skin sickened him.

The freak grunted and snorted as he began to shoot his seed into the beefy cop. It felt like each spurt of his cock injected an eight ounce shot of spew into him. The freak shot again and again. Mike felt the warm spew fill him as his body sucked it in deeper and deeper. The new Dane was insatiable. He shot with seemingly no end. Mike felt his muscled belly fill and began to pout. Still the man shot as he growled in Mike’s ear while pounding his ass even now. This went on for a good twenty minutes or more. By the time the hulk’s thrusts slowed, Mike’s muscled gut was blown up like a massive roid gut. He could even taste the spew in his mouth. Mike ached all over as the monster Dane’s weight dropped on him.

Mike tried to shift as the big man snored in his ear. He was trapped even as he felt the tendrils began to shrink and pulled back. “Get off me you prick,” Mike grunted as he felt sleep trying to overtake him. He couldn’t sleep! He had to get away.

Mike suddenly felt a foaming in his ass despite the fact, ‘Dane’s’ massive cock still plugged him up. He could feel something warm and smooth bubbling out of his ass. Mike did a push up with the massive weight of the man on his back. He looked down to see a purple slime foaming between the two men and dripping from his ass. It shot up between his legs over his huge cock and balls. It didn’t drip to the floor but flowed over the two muscled men clinging to their skin. He dropped to the floor as the goo shifted down their legs and up their torsos. The stuff was encasing them together!

Mike forced the weight up again as he grunted, “Dane get off me! Dane wake up! Dane!” Mike’s arms swelled from the effort as he tried to shift and roll the freak off his back.

Mike felt a warm breath near his ear and Dane’s groggy voice. “It’s too late Mikey, you’re like me now. It’s too late, bro. We’re screwed.”

Mike’s arms gave way to the weight as he dropped to the floor. The slime had completely covered their lower bodies and was rapidly rising up their muscled torsos sealing the men into what looked like a brilliant purple sleeping bag. It was shiny and gel like… no, a cocoon. Mike pulled his chained wrists trying to somehow break free as like Dane before, the man feared the goo would cover his face and suffocate him.

Mike thought of his wife and kids as the warm goo crept up around his broad shoulders. What would become of them when he was gone? Death had always been a possibility with his line of work but the man had never imagined anything like this.

Mike realized that the encasement had stopped just under his chin. His head bumped Dane’s when he tried to move. Even his arms were covered with six inches of the glowing slime. He was so tired he could hardly hold his head up. As hard as he struggled, his head slowly lowered until it rested on his goo coated arm. The stuff was soft and gel like not sticky as he expected. Dane’s sleeping head pressed in next to his. The exhausted cop fell asleep under his massive friend no longer able to fight the physical exhaustion. Mike’s last conscious thought was what would somebody think when they found the two dead business partners glued together in this massive cocoon?

Two Months Later

The three college buddies had driven a good hour to find the gym and now had been driving around town for at least two more looking for it. The football studs wore their letterman coats and were packed in together in the narrow pickup. Snow was piled everywhere, making it hard to see around corners, and was packed into the road surface. The three bounced along to the sound of strained leather sleeves, leaning into one another’s broad shoulders as they drove along.

Trey grumbled, “We’ve been bouncing around this town for hours; just pull over and ask for directions.”

The man wedged in the middle between the two broad-shouldered studs ached from riding with his shoulders hunched in to make more room. Paul seconded the idea. “Yeah pull over so I can get out and stretch. Trey we’re trading places, I feel like a sardine. We should have brought your SUV. This piece of shit truck was made for midgets.”

The driver, Craig chimed in. “Stop your fucking bitching about my truck. You could have driven your car but you didn’t want to get it dirty and there was no way Trey was burning through the gas. So shut the fuck up. This S10 is a classic.”

“A classic piece of shit,” Paul mumbled.

Trey rolled down the window as he turned and slapped Craig’s arm. “Pull over here I’m asking the guy with the snow blower. He looks like he would know where a gym is.”

Craig pulled over to the curb and shut the truck off. Paul pushed into Trey as he said, “Get out, I’m cramping up.”

“Hold on,” the big guy said as he pounded the side of the truck.

The beefy man looked up and turned off the machine. He walked over to the three hulks packed into the mint 4x4. He pulled off his gloves and flexed his meaty hands. “What can I do for ya?’

“We’re trying to find the Night and Day Gym. Can you help us?”

The man’s eyes flashed. “Why are you looking for that place?”

Trey grinned. “We’ve heard great things about the giants coming out of there. We’re looking to pack on some size for next season.”

The man looked at the three thick men stuffed into the cab, as if dazed that they hoped to be bigger. The guy reached up and unzipped his parka, revealing the swell of muscled pecs under his t-shirt. He popped his thick neck. He looked up at the snow beginning to fall. “You want my advice, I’d turn that truck around and head back to wherever you came. That college…Mid Uni is it? Probably has a state of the art weight room for you. Play it safe and do your growing there.”

Craig leaned over and grinned at the guy. “We don’t just want to grow…we want to balloon. We want to be the biggest fucking bastards to step on the field next fall.”

The man sighed and mumbled, “Well Night and Day should do that.”

The friends chuckled and looked at one another. Trey leaned out. “What do you have against the place?”

“Me, I don’t … not really. I lifted there for years. I loved it there. It was a great place… all new equipment and top of the line in every way. The owner Mike was a friend… a good friend. We grew up together and played football back in the day. Something crazy happened there last fall. Nobody really knows what exactly but most of the locals abandoned the place. It went to crap literally overnight. I even joined the Y for Pete’s sake…it’s a dinky little amateur gym but at least it is safe.”

Paul leaned over. “Safe...well what happened… like a murder or something? Is it even open?”

“Look I don’t know what happened and I don’t know if it’s open or not. There is a bunch of fucking freaks hanging out there and the place is a shit hole. That’s all I know.”

The muscled jocks looked at one another. It sounded like their kind of place. “So where is it?”

“Well you had to have passed it coming in on Route 10. It is the pole building…looks overgrown. There is a trashed pickup out front. The sides are all caved in and a shit load of tractor tires. The lighted sign is broke where someone threw something through it but you can make out some of the letters.”

Paul turned to the driver. “I told you that was the place two frigging hours ago!”

Craig started the truck as he called thanks.

The thick man in the heavy parka grabbed Trey’s arm. “Hold on boys. Now I’m dead serious. Stay away from that place. I don’t know what goes on there whether its drugs or what but there are a bunch of good men who have gone to hell out there. Losers too but a good many of them were solid guys; Mikey, Dane, Bruce, Josh … fuck don’t get me started. These guys were solid up standing kind of guys, vets and hard workers… family men and to the last one of them; they quit good jobs and abandoned their families and for what? To blow up their muscles like balloons and live like a bunch of pigs in a commune. Take my word for it, stay away from the place. Whatever is going on out there isn’t right. They ought to bulldoze the dump in and run them out of town, if you ask me.”

The boys thanked the man and drove on in silence for a while. Trey leaned over finally and said, “What a fucking crack pot!”

The others laughed and Paul chimed in. “Yeah probably one of those anti-roid holy rollers. I get sick of hearing all those idiots who have no clue what they are talking about spouting off. Most of them never touched a weight in their life. You just got to be sane about it.”

“That guy looked like he knew his way around a weight room though. That parka made him look inflated,” Craig countered.

“Well, I’m ready to start. I’m ready to take it to the next level. That’s all I’m saying,” Trey added to the agreement of the others.

Before long they pulled into the parking lot of the place. It was just as the man described. No wonder they hadn’t given it a second look. The place looked run down. Purple streams of something climbed the walls below the windows like some odd fungus.

“Look at that,” Trey said as he pointed to a smashed full-sized pickup truck. Every inch of its surface was crumpled like tin foil. “Look at the snow around it. It looks like they roll that thing back and forth across the parking lot. Holy fuck!”

Paul grinned. “You think one guy does that… by himself?” He elbowed Trey in the ribs. “You thought you were a stud just lifting the back of my car off the ground that time.”

Trey mumbled, “No way one guy does that.”

Craig added, “I bet that guy can. Shit dude he’s a monster.”

A panel truck was backed up near the doors. Several men were busy unloading five gallon buckets from the delivery truck and stacking them onto pallets. There was one pallet covered with cans stacked five high ready for the fork lift to take it inside. Two more pallets were being filled as the driver was marking off the load on a check list. Both men filling the pallets were big men but one was enormous. He wore a quilted snowmobile suit tucked into combat boots. The man wore a lifting belt cinched in tight around his tiny waist. His muscles filled the suit like spandex. The channels dipped and rose over bloated mounds of muscle; the zipper balked half way up his swollen chest and made a wide V over his hooded sweatshirt. He wore the hood up over his head. The man was a freak. His upper body was wide as hell and even thicker. He had a wicked figure eight type build, as the belt accentuated his wasp waist but his meaty ass and massive legs just ballooned out. The tall boots made his ankles look too small for such mass, while the leather was stretched out and deformed by his huge calves. Nobody in the truck had seen anything like this guy.

Craig mumbled, “His fucking thighs are wider than my chest! Look how they swell out beyond his hips.”

“How much you think that big dude weighs?”

Trey mumbled, “Fuck, I weigh 220 and he is twice my size. I mean his arms look like they’re over 30” around. I bet he is over 400… I mean holy shit boys... a 400 pound muscle freak! I’m sitting here looking at it but I don’t believe it.”

The pals watched in awe as the men worked. The smaller man was well-muscled by any standard and was at least 240, but next to the hulk he looked malnourished. Craig said, “Maybe they stuff his suit with balloons and make him unload the truck, like a prank or to make townspeople rant about the freaks out here. He looks like he can barely move. Look how his thighs slide over the top of one another when he walks. Drew back home would do crazy shit like that, just for shits and giggles. Remember when he stuffed that inflated beach ball under that UA shirt and waddled around all day like he had a massive roid gut? Stupid bastard even went to his classes like that.”

Paul smirked. “Yeah, till Trey body slammed him and popped his ball.”

Trey looked over. “Well Drew is a dumbass but there is only one way to find out about this clown.” The friends exploded out of the truck and walked up to the men in awe. Even the small guy looked huge as they got a closer look. He wore thick cotton sweats and a hoodie that were blistered by his swollen muscles. He walked stiffly with his shoulders back and his chest puffed out. His meaty ass looked shoved out a bit as he strutted swaybacked like somebody had shoved a corncob up his ass. The bull moved as if his muscles were swelling bigger by the minute and he was unaccustomed to such wild mass. The truck driver looked at the approaching men and raised his eyebrows a couple times as if to say, ‘you believe this shit?’

The air was cold and damp, Craig pulled up the hood on the sweatshirt he wore under his coat as he stepped up to the smaller of the two men. “Is this the Day and Night Gym?”

The man seemed shy and bothered by the question. It was as if their attention made him uncomfortable. He looked up at the hulk working with him before he answered, “Yeah.” He continued working. The man looked to be about the same age as the football jocks but had a build far beyond his years and the studs facing him.

“Who do we talk to about joining up?”

The man looked at the hulk who was signing the clipboard the driver held and making sure the truck was empty. The smaller man was lifting the buckets up two in each hand and sliding them onto the next row of the stack as if they were empty. “I guess that would be Dane or Mikey.”

“They around?”

“Yeah somewhere.”

The big fucker barked, “Step aside,” as two huge men came out of the open doors with two Olympic bars in their hands. They threaded the bars through the loaded pallet, squatted down and lifted the pallet between them, and with astounding speed carried it into the building.

The driver turned and slid past Trey on his way to the cab. “They must do a hell of a business out here to go through that much protein powder,” Trey said.

The driver looked up. “I drop off three loads like this a week. Hell it used to be five or six jugs a month. They’re our best customers, but God only knows what they do with this stuff.” Trey looked around. The parking lot only had eight cars in it excluding the trashed truck, and four of those were parked near the road with ‘for sale’ signs in the windows. As the driver jumped into the cab he said, “I hope you boys are wearing your cups. This is a strange bunch.” With a chuckle he drove off. Trey wondered what he meant by that. He’d hate to get his nuts punched by either of the bulls working on the pallets.

After two more muscled teams carried off the full pallets, the big man turned to the college jocks and said in the deepest voice they’d ever heard, “Somebody looking for Mike?”

“Yeah, you him?”

“No, I’m Bruce but the big man is here somewhere. Maybe I can help you?” The man’s English was stilted and rough sounding when he talked. When he breathed in he made a clicking sound.

Craig whispered to Paul, “These Eastern Europeans are freaks.”

Trey stepped up. “We were looking to do some serious growing and heard this is the place. They say Sean Smith who plays for Brown about doubled his size here this year.”

“Ahh Sean is one of our success stories. He’s a monster. He blew up overnight it seemed. He should be here somewhere. I’ll introduce you.”

Paul stepped up as the group walked slowly to the door. “Dude you’re massive. What’s it like to be so huge?”

The freak chuckled a bit. “It is mighty nice…mighty nice. My size gets respect. I like that.” He held his arm out toward Paul. “You want to feel it? I can tell you do. Go ahead give it a squeeze. I don’t mind.”

Paul smirked at his friends and ran his hands over his nylon coated pythons. The guy’s arm was massive and solid muscle. It felt heavy. Paul looked at his pals and shook his head. “This bastard is the real deal! Feel this.” He slapped the friendly man’s basketball sized shoulder.

The freak flexed his arm and the seams on his sleeves threatened to give out. His bicep swelled up like a balloon. The others reached over and felt the man’s outrageous muscles. The man stopped and held his arms out stiffly, smiling proudly as the jocks crowded in around him. He made his fat pecs dance. They were amazed.

After a brief muscle show, the man turned and started his slow waddle to the doors. His suit made loud swishing sounds as his nylon coated legs shifted over one another with each step. “You boys come on inside and I will take you to Mike so he can check you out. He has to interview you before you join the club. But I suspect you will be perfect candidates for the place.”

The group walked up the three steps to the metal doors. Bruce paused and turned to the buddies. “Now let me warn you, we’re a motley crew at the N&D. I hope you aren’t the sensitive types. You’re bound to hear or see anything inside these walls. Most of it is horseshit but remember we are all bound by one thing: the pursuit of muscle…outrageous muscle. If that appeals to you, then I’d say welcome home boys!”

The boys chuckled as the hulk threw open the double doors and held his jacked arms back for the friends. The place was packed. The lobby was full of pallets of protein. Some big men worked on unloading them into a back room, while others milled around. There wasn’t a skinny or normal-looking guy among them. The men covered a range of big muscle to enormous hulks. The boys had never guessed there would be so many people in here with the near empty parking lot. There was the loud banging of weights from various rooms. One thing was quickly apparent: there were no women to be seen. The place smelled of sweat and something else that didn’t come right to mind.

The place was a beehive of activity. Blenders whirred as hulks served and others sat at a counter sucking down fishbowl-sized glasses of shakes. The boys didn’t know where to look. There must have been fifty or more muscled men wandering around in just the lobby and neighboring weight rooms that could be seen through large windows. Loud music blared.

Trey looked over at his two astonished pals and raised his eyebrows. Just then they heard a deep voice rumble. “Ahh fresh meat!”

Bruce shoved the freak who’d said it back into the room he had stepped out of as the hulk laughed. Bruce turned to the boys. “Can you give me a hand? He pulled the zipper on his suit to his waist as Craig and Paul helped the freak extract his massive shoulders and jacked arms from the tight suit. His hoodie wasn’t any less stuffed with muscle. The freak left the top of the suit draped from his wasp waist as he started the tour.

Trey looked around. The guy who’d given them directions was right. The place was shabby. Several of the windows were cracked. The floor could have used a good cleaning. Some of the tiles were broken in places. The walls were covered with graffiti and scribbled messages that must have been intended to be inspirational. Some said, “Don’t give up hope” and “Salvation is at hand.” Trey wondered if they were a bunch of muscle-bound Jesus freaks. “Eat, Fuck, Grow” was another common one. Some of the markings were unreadable: dashes and slashes as if written in a foreign language. There was a large scrawl above the hallway, “The menace will not survive!” Trey wondered what the menace was... normal musculature? He and his pals had been the studs of every group they’d joined since time and puberty had graced them with muscled athletic builds, but Trey felt like a geeky outsider here. The running back was proud of the 220 pounds of muscle that he had been nurturing and building on his 6-foot frame since he was thirteen. Time had rewarded him with a broad-shouldered frame and jacked 18” arms that he claimed were 19”. Here he wouldn’t have even passed as average. The three jocks were easily the smallest men in the room.

Near the snack bar, a group of men crowded around and cheered on one bull sitting with his head back as another stud on a ladder poured a pitcher full of protein shake into a beer bong over the guy. A fat hose was shoved down the guy’s throat. Not such an odd activity considering the wild atmosphere, but the pitcher he used was huge. It easily held two or three gallons of the stuff and he was pouring it all into the guy as he sat sucking on the hose and patting his huge muscled gut. Once the bull had sucked in the entire amount, the hose was pulled from his lips and the stud let go with a wall-rumbling belch. As the freak proudly waddled away cradling a huge roid gut in his hands, the bull with the pitcher handed back the empty, a beefy assistant replacing it with a full one, and yelled, “Who’s next? Who’s ready for the next protein bong? Come one come all. Don’t be shy.”

Trey gave Paul a shove forward with a laugh and his pal stumbled into the backside of one of the huge onlookers. A cry of “here you go” went out as the attention turned to the football jock. Someone grabbed his arm and held it high over his head as he was pulled into the mob of muscled freaks like a small child. Paul was without a doubt one of the smallest guys in the room. The bong master let out a cry, “We got us a newby, boys. You got to start somewhere stud. You think you can handle a ‘Big Dan’s Protein Overload’?

The attention of the crowd turned to the football studs as the hulks seemed to press in around the trio. Paul was red faced and laughing as he held his hands up and shook his head ‘no’. He reached back and grabbed Trey’s leather-coated arm and pulled him forward. “Here’s your man, fill this asshole up.” Paul slapped the taller stud’s chest as he offered him up. The crowd laughed and cheered. The jocks were hemmed in on all sides as the bulls pushed them forward. Guys reached out and patted their arms and chests. Hands were slipped under their coats and rubbed up their bellies and pecs as they were pushed along. One huge bastard flipped the gold metals on Paul’s coat in the shape of footballs and yelled, “Danny boy, we got us real live football stars here!” The crowd cheered. “Football studs! You hear that boys?” Danny yelled out to the room. Dan held his bong high as he welcomed the boys to take a seat. The laughing red-faced pair begged off as the crowd cheered them on. The call went up “New meat…new meat “over and over as the crowd got excited. More pushed in from the weight room, checking out the commotion.

Bruce shoved in next to the pair as they began to wonder if they were going to be forced to bong the shakes. “Don’t worry boys; they are just having some fun. Giving you the old N&D welcome, right boys?” There was a bit of a collective moan as the bull pulled them away. Trey jumped, sure one of the hulks had cupped a hand over his privates as they were pushed through the crowd, but when he looked back no one was even looking his way. He wanted to get a look at the pervert.

The group got near a door to one of the weight rooms as Bruce stopped them. “Here you go boys. I want you to meet someone.” Bruce yelled, “Hey Sean come over here. I got some fans who want to meet you.”

A big blond kid stepped away from a squat rack. He waddled over with a thick towel around his beefy neck. The guy was huge and covered with thick muscles. He wore an old tattered-looking pair of football pants. The gold spandex hugged his meaty thighs and ass and had a few popped seams. His upper body was coated in a long-sleeved white UA shirt and his hands were hidden under tight leather gloves. The freak was red faced and sweating as he walked up out of breath. Bruce made introductions as Sean gave their hands a squeeze. “These boys are thinking of joining the club and said your gains had drawn them in.”

“Sweet,” the big guy grunted.

Paul said, “Dude what you weighing now?”

“Close to 300, I guess,” the big stud mumbled in a low voice.

Paul said, “I remember you in high school when you played for Mercer County. Bro you were a stud but nothing like this! You blew up.”

The big man grinned. “A bit…a bit.”

“Look at those fucking arms!” Trey said as he squeezed the huge mass.

Sean grinned as he flexed his arm. His bicep bloomed to the amazement of his onlookers.

“How big is that bastard?” Craig asked as he slid a palm over the hard muscle.

“About 23 maybe 24 inches,” the stud said proudly. “Come on give it a real squeeze! You boys are patting like it’s a balloon that might pop!” The buddies laughed as they crowded around and squeezed his arms with both hands.

“How long you been lifting here?”

The stud looked at Bruce before he answered. “Not so long. The changes came so fast… time really flew. I just sort of blew up with the right kind of training.” The big hulk broke into a grin. He threw his arms out over the shoulders of the trio and pulled them in to a huddle. “Boys the best thing I ever did was join the N and D. I’m a new man. That’s all I can tell you. I got scouts looking at me to go pro next year after I graduate. I mean it is a sure thing! I bet you boys would like the opportunity to play some pro ball wouldn’t ya?”

The trio nodded and grinned at one another as the hulk suggested they were up to his level of playing.

“Well to my way of thinking you got no choice but to join the team here at N and D. These boys will do you right and pump you up like freaks in no time.” Sean grinned as he gave Paul a playful punch in his chest.

The trio was sold by the brief sales pitch as the stud backed off. “I got to get back to my squats but seriously don’t hesitate to join. You got any questions or anything; I’m usually here unless I’m at practice or a game. Look me up; I’d love to lift with ya.” The bull stood with his arms resting over Trey’s shoulder as the group huddled around him. He gave Trey a look as he let his arm slid down to his ass. He slapped his big hand over Trey’s bubbled butt as he grinned at the jock. “I’d especially like to train with you. You’re just my type.” The man laughed as Trey jumped a bit and acted embarrassed as the others laughed at his joking. Trey blushed as it felt like the stud had run a thick finger between his ass cheeks. He couldn’t get over how touchy the guys were around here. There was a bullying aspect to it that threw the stud, as the role of the bully had generally been his role in life. The boys called out thanks to the football star as he waddled off to another set of heavy squats.

Bruce pulled the group along and told them to wait there as he checked Mike’s office. A long-haired hulk with thirty-inch arms sat looking at them as he got his tattoos worked on. The guy was almost covered. The background was purple as if his skin had been dyed, but he was covered almost everywhere with swirling patterns as if his whole torso were a canvas. He stared at the meaty jocks as they stared back. Trey realized that he wasn’t being tattooed but that the almost equally muscled artist was drawing on him with markers. The man was outrageously muscled, huge and swollen. The freak looked at the boys and suddenly flicked his tongue out at them like a snake. It was forked. Trey turned to his pals and opened his eyes wide. Bruce had been right about a motley crew.

The boys wandered down the hall a ways to check out a source of loud racket, bangs and thuds. They were astounded at what they saw as they looked into the windows of a large weight room. The room must have once been a cardio room as its corners and center had jumbled stacks of treadmills, stationary bikes, and stairs steppers that nearly reached the ceiling. The tangled mess of equipment looked like sculptures as if the big machines had been tossed aside like crumpled trash. In their place were improvised weight lifting equipment of all sorts; truck axles with fat tires; and platforms with holes in the centers and bars attached where the lifter could deadlift the whole platform filled with heavy muscled freaks and chunks of I-beams. There were squat frames built of I-beams with axles and cement-filled tires in place of Olympic bars and plates. One corner of the room was filled with boulders that bulls were tossing back and forth like medicine balls and stacking on pillars; huge rocks that weighed several hundred pounds. The wood floor boards in the area were splintered and crumbled where freaks tossed the massive rocks down when done with their sets. The room was filled with muscle monsters throwing around crazy amounts of weight. The football studs watched the action with open mouths, not knowing where to look next as the room was filled with muscle-bound freaks. The boys liked what they saw. It was like a crazy shrine to muscle building where anything was done in the pursuit of more muscle. This was a completely new take on what a gym should be.

As they watched, Trey whispered to his buddies, “You notice everybody talks like Arnold around here. What’s up with that shit?”

The others chuckled quietly. Paul added, “What is that smell?”

“Sweat?” Craig questioned.

“No, not that the other smell?”

Craig shrugged his shoulders as he was busy checking out the next new bull to waddle by. “Some cleaner I guess.”

Bruce returned to report no sign of the owner. He led the friends through the mob toward the hallway asking from time to time if anyone had seen Mike or Dane. Most just shrugged their thick shoulders or pointed off in another direction.

As they slid past a pallet of buckets and men unloading it, the smaller guy from outside stepped up to Paul and shoved his thick chest into the jock. Paul moved to pass him but the man stepped sideways to block him. The man then spoke rapidly but quietly with his face close to Paul’s ear. “Leave while you can. You don’t want to stay here. You aren’t safe. Get out of here. Trust me. Just leave.” The guy was one of the few in the place who spoke with a normal voice not the ultra-deep sounds that were echoing around the building. The man stood for a beat with his nose near Paul’s neck. Paul stepped back with a jerk of the head as it seemed that the freak had sucked in air as if he smelled the jock. Paul swore he felt the man’s strong nose rub up against his neck.

Suddenly a deep-voiced hulk in black stepped up behind the worker and slid a blistered arm around the man’s neck. “Stephen that isn’t nice. We’re going to have to teach you some manners. Don’t listen to him; he’s always jealous of the new boys. Everybody is hulking out faster than this slacker. He’s afraid he’s reached his genetic potential. It makes him pissy. Let’s go lift Stephen. If we pack another fifty pounds on you maybe you’ll stop being such a bitch.” The chuckling man led the young man off as he rubbed his muscled chest while Stephen stared back at the boys and mouthed, “Get out of here.” The man had a wild in his eyes… almost like fear.

The friends looked at one another and Craig said, “What the fuck was that?”

“Who knows, maybe the roids are getting to him,” Paul mumbled. “He must not have the stamina for them.” The friends chose to ignore what had happened as they pointed out one massively muscled freak after another. None of them had ever seen men so wildly muscled. Trey mumbled, “Horseshit, remember what the big man said. The guy was probably just fuckin with ya.”

Bruce stood at a door down the hall and looked in. “Here they are boys. I want you to meet Dane and Mike.”

The three jocks followed the man into the room. There were three hulks with their backs to them as they wrote and drew on a large dry erase board. Bruce said loudly,” I have some new trainers for you. These boys have been telling me how bad they want to blow up and impress everybody on the football field.”

The men turned. The bulls were freaks, even bigger than Bruce. The boys had heard that the owner was a cop. The tall one was dressed in a nylon cop coat that had the sleeves ripped off. He was huge. He wore a purple spandex shirt and black gloves. The freak’s arms were the biggest they’d ever seen, easily over 35” around. His torso was packed into the shiny tight coat. His thick legs strained his pants. The man stood several inches taller than anyone in the room and was just massive. Bruce made introductions. He pointed out the cop as Mike, the huge blond as Dane, and the third man as Jay. These three were the biggest of all.

“So you want to get big?” Mike asked in a low deep voice that had the same foreign sound as Bruce’s. His chest was so wide and thick; it looked like he had put on that coat-vest and blown up in it. His pecs made a thick shelf over his belly, which even through the thick material showed creases where his thick abs were. There were a few popped seams under his arms where his wide lats were trying to rip out of the tight material. On closer look his black pants looked to be made of rubber and had a yellow stripe down the outside of each enormous leg. It was hard to describe as the freak’s legs looked fat as hell, but they were made up of solid over blown muscles. Mike wore his thick duty belt cinched in around his tight waist. The jocks shared one thought: there had never ever been anyone as wildly muscled as this bull.

The friends assured Mike of their goals. The big man asked them to take off their coats to show him their foundations. The jocks happily complied and Trey went one step further. He pulled off his shirt and shoved his track pants to the floor. His buddies looked at one another and then stripped down to their underwear too. The trio was sure of one thing: by the size of the hulks around there, Mike didn’t just accept anybody to join. They had to be the best of the best. The friends weren’t taking any chances. None of them wanted to be left out. Trey was the most experienced of the three in presenting himself, having competed in a few bodybuilding shows. He flexed his big muscles for the men as his pals awkwardly tried to mimic him.

Mike and the big men seemed to like what they saw as they quizzed the men on their goals and hopes. They circled them, checking out their builds.

Then Mike turned to Bruce. “They look like perfect candidates to me. Get them started. Give them the dip.”

Bruce smiled as he turned to the trio. “Well boys this is the start of your wildest dreams.”

Craig stopped him. “But what about dues and membership fees? How long do we have to sign up for…a that long enough to swell up like some of the guys around here?”

“There are no fees or dues here at the N and D. We are a community of like-minded men with one goal in mind: to gain as much muscle as humanly possible and to spread what we know to others. Our knowledge is free and your payment will be to one day bring in more recruits to our way of life. Anything you wish to donate in the meantime is appreciated but not a requirement for membership.”

The boys were happy to hear that and swore they could bring all kinds of guys to join, maybe the whole football team if their results were as they hoped. Bruce led the happy trio out of the room.

Paul leaned over and whispered to Craig, “This place smells like a cum rag around here.”

Craig chuckled as he mumbled, “I’m not surprised. Did you get a load of Mike’s bulge...I mean it looks like he has a football in his pants.”

Paul glanced back and checked out another guy’s package for the first time in his life.

Craig was right, Mike had a huge bulge straining his pants; but he wasn’t the only one. To a man the three freaks sported packages that rivaled their massive muscles. The bulls grinned and nodded as they saw the stud stealing a glance as he disappeared around the door frame.

Jay said in a deep foreign voice as they watched them go. “I love the smell of fresh meat in the morning.”

The men returned to the task at hand. All had lost their former voices, though they still echoed through their heads just as the deep voices of the hulks who took them over had echoed through theirs early on. The men had quickly learned that they had one way to communicate with one another: by the written word. The parasites that had taken over their bodies were clueless to the meanings of their scribbling even though within hours of inhabiting their bodies they had mastered their language. The walls of the place were now covered with encouragement to one another of the day of triumph over their captors.

The men furiously scribbled on the board under a crude picture of a huge stick man and an air tank and a hose. Dane wrote ‘it won’t work’ over and over as the others argued that they had to try something. Finally Dane threw his arms in the air. He pulled his tight shirt off and slid his pants down his massive legs. His cock was stiff and full.

Jay smirked as he reached over and started stroking his pole.

Dane’s throat trembled as the deep voice crowed, “Yeah stroke my joystick,” with a deep chuckle as the man turned to the huge cab driver and pulled his pants down.

As Dane bent the handsome man over and slipped his cock in his ass, Mike walked to a large air tank they once used to inflate fitness balls. He returned with the hose capped with a thin needle. Mike pinched a bit of the purple skin over Dane’s muscled ass and shoved the needle in. The man then reached over and opened the valve on the air tank to full blast. Dane’s ass ballooned…that is, the purple coating swelled away from his flesh.

Mike scribbled on the wall. “It’s working!” in bold letters.

The two men glanced over as they pawed one another. Once Dane’s arms started to inflate, Jay stepped away from the hulk as Dane’s dick slid out with a slurp. Dane’s huge arms rose at his sides. His Adam’s apple bobbed. “What is going on? I’m blowing up. Stop this now! Stop this immediately.”

The men watched as Dane’s gel suit swelled bigger and bigger as if his muscles were rapidly expanding, but on closer look it was apparent that it was only the purple skin that was inflating, pulling away from Dane’s real body.

The voice pleaded with the men for help. “Stop this! I command you!” The oddly deep voice was changing. With each passing second it was getting higher like a helium voice. “Stop this at once. I am getting too big. Stop!”

Dane watched his skin inflate bigger and bigger. The parasite tried to turn and pull the needle out, but his bloated arms refused to bend. He was getting bigger and bigger. His arms were spread wide as the bulges swelled up. The skeptical man inside began to hope that any second now the gel coated parasite would explode freeing him from this nightmare. Dane looked like a muscled blimp as he blew up. His cock now rose at an arch, a good three feet long and as fat as a third leg. His nuts looked like coconuts.

The parasite’s voice now whaled at a high pitch. “Help me! Stop this I’m going to explode. Somebody help me!”

Dane’s skin was huge. It trembled as the hiss still filled the air. The expanding slowed down as if it was reaching its limits. The purple coating trembled as the pressure grew. Dane expected freedom in seconds as he became aware of a new sensation…a swelling of his legs. The man turned his head as he tried to yell to his friends to stop this. His toes and feet seemed to be bulking up. The real Dane was aware of a growing sense of pressure as if the muscles in his legs were blowing up…then suddenly he felt a huge whomp rock him. Dane’s muscles expanded in mass until his muscled flesh filled the suit. Dane was enormous! The plan had not only failed but failed miserably.

Mike jerked the needle out of the man and turned the tank off with a heavy heart. He had been sure it would work.

Dane watched in a mirror as his handsome features swelled and his cheeks blew up. He was immobilized. Then his feet began to slip across the floor as he slowly rose in the air. Mike tried to grab the human blimp but fumbled with a foot until the swollen man rose out of reach. Dane felt a rumble in his throat as the high pitched voice laughed and said, “Oh little man don’t you know your fate is sealed. You are mine.” The voice laughed as Dane’s back side bumped against the high ceiling.

Mike’s and Jay’s true identities seemed to retreat as if their parasite masters were suddenly woken up. Mike’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “What happened to the joker? He is swelled up like an airship.” They watched him float above somewhat amused.

Dane’s helium voice said, “Boys, get me down…boys…”

Mike and Jay ignored him. The over powering hunger and lust began to build. Mike looked at Jay just as he pulled his pants back on. “I need some recreation.” He reached down and popped a few snaps open on the codpiece that held his massive junk as Jay started shoving his pants down over his wildly muscled ass.

Just then there was a knock at the door. The men stopped what they were doing as Jay opened the door. It was a bull of a man dressed in black. “I was sent to tell you the breeder has about reached capacity.” The big man waddled into the room; his fat muscles strained his thin uniform. He glanced up at Dane as he passed under the floating blimp without comment.

Mike was snapping up his pants. “Has he started his transformation?”

“No, they say twelve hours…twenty-four at the most.”

The massive ex-cop pulled a key ring from his belt and unlocked a door in the corner. The door separated the room from its exact twin next door. The large wood-floored rooms with mirrored walls had once been used for aerobics classes. The men entered the room. There were several black-clothed guards about the room; two at the door to the hall. There was a line of muscled men snaking around the room. All the attention was focused on one man…one enormous man. The freak even made Mike look small. The man was just over six feet tall and so was muscled he could barely move. He leaned his hips against a table as he stood with a fat hose in his mouth and sucked muscle-building fuel from a huge bag suspended overhead. The freak sported just over 700 pounds of outlandish muscle. As he fed, the muscle monster stood swaybacked with his muscled ass sticking out as a sweaty bull worked it over.

In his old life the man was named Buck and had been a college football star before returning home to take over his father’s garage. The mechanic had kept up his training as a pastime until he sported a jacked 245 pounds of muscle. Now he was so big, the thirty-two year old’s head looked small and isolated on his wildly swollen torso. His thighs were so big they looked almost round, and were flushed with deep muscle cuts. His huge arms were held away from his body by a wide back. They curved in toward his chest as the ballooned muscles fought for space under his skin. The hulk pulled the feeding hose from his mouth, reached back and caught the sweaty bull behind him, and tossed him onto the padded table. He started sucking his cock as he waved a hand over his shoulder for someone to replace him at his back door. Buck’s huge cock hung down in front of him dripping cum into a huge puddle on the floor. The whole room reeked of sex. The bull on the table’s whole body tensed up as his back arched.

The muscled freak on the table was in the first stages of what would be a good twenty minute orgasm. The breeder glanced up with a grin as he deep-throated his cock before grabbing the feeder hose and shoving it into the man’s mouth. The bull’s eyes opened wide as the fuel was pumped down his throat. The next stud in line happily darted into position and began working the ass of the breeder. The trio bucked in rhythm, the tabled man’s muscled gut swelling slowly as he was filled with the muscled building mix geared for the breeder. Fifteen minutes later, the bull rolled the spent stud, who now sported a beach ball-sized roid gut, off the table and replaced him with another. Two guards had to pull the spent stud to his feet and carry him away. In this way the breeder was constantly being fed muscle fuel and cum from both ends as his life now had one purpose: to grow and carry on the seed of the colony of freaks.

Eight or so bulls waited for a turn at the massive man. Some stood alone but a few were accompanied by a muscled guard in black. One of those was Stephen, the man who’d tried to warn the football jocks to leave. Stephen was still with the handsome freak in a black spandex bodysuit. The smaller of the two had his hands tied behind his back. The guard held Stephen at his side with a meaty arm around his thick neck. Stephen was talking. “I don’t want to do this. I’m not gay. Please…” Despite his words, the man’s cock was tenting his pants, full and hard.

His guard, as if to accentuate the point, reached down and pulled the man’s pants down until the waistband rested under his meaty package. Stephen’s endowment was huge as were those of the others in line; only the biggest bones could satisfy the breeder now. “I’d say your cock has different ideas, Stevie.” The chuckling guard played with his manhood as they waited.

“Please just let me go. I swear I’ll just disappear. I won’t tell anybody about this place and what you do here…please.” Even as he pleaded the man couldn’t control his body, which had other ideas. As Stephen spoke he rubbed his face into the muscled guard’s chest and belly; sometimes even slipping his face into the deep muscled cave of the man’s damp arm pit. The smell of the guard’s spew churning in his nuts was driving Stephen wild. He could smell the beefy guard above all others.

The laughing guard reached up and grabbed his chin whiskers and pulled his head out of his pit saying, “I can’t wait till your feeder takes over that sweet voice once and for all, so you will shut the hell up.” He pulled Stephen ahead as he got closer to his turn at the breeder.

Mike and the others watched all this from the sideline. Mike asked, “So the breeder has sampled everyone in the colony?”

“Yes, except the three new guys, but by morning they will be dying to get at him.”

“Good…good,” Mike’s parasite said. “The breeder looks ready to blob morph. He can’t get much bigger. Once he morphs down he has been assigned to an army base about thirty miles away. Given another month our forces will be too many to resist. The commander estimates our invasion force will be a million strong by then. These humans won’t know what hit them, once our cells unite and the full effect of the invasion hits. Then the fun will start! “

The guard glanced over somewhat nervously and asked, “Do you have the breeder’s replacement in mind yet?”

“Yeah, I think Sean the football stud will do nicely. I had hopes that his playing pro football as our ambassador to the world would serve us well … bring us in thousands of recruits.” The cop freak glanced over at Stephen. “…but his taking of that water boy or cheerleader or whatever he was, has been a disappointment. I thought Sean could control himself better away from the colony but I was wrong… weak humans,” the freak grunted. “We can put his genes to better use.” Mike glanced over at the guard. “The tall jock in the new group…Trey I think it was…might do well as our ambassador. I sense something in him… something tougher.”

The huge cop turned and smacked Jay’s muscled gut ball. “I say we get in on some of this action while we have a chance.” The two Alpha studs shoved their way to the head of the line as they worked free of their clothes.

Meanwhile, the three jocks were in the locker room with Bruce. They had stripped down and stood naked next to a series of tanks filled with purple slime. The trio stood with meaty hands cupped over their privates. The tanks were tall and had glass panels on the side. Trey held his hand up to the glass feeling its warmth. “You say you dip us into this stuff to start the process?”

Bruce replied, “Yes that is the start. It will coat and be absorbed by your skin. The gel will give you a massive appetite as well as an insatiable drive to work your muscles and grow.”

“You really do this without steroids?”

“Yes the process is completely natural; just clean fuel, hard work, and natural injections of testosterone boosters. It is actually quite a revolutionary process.”

Craig elbowed the bigger Trey aside. “Stop worrying big guy I’ll go first.” The stud slipped the harness over his head and under his arms.

Bruce worked the control on the hoist that lifted him up over the tank and lowered him inside. “Oh this feels good,” the man said as his feet disappeared into the goo. Soon he was neck deep and Paul was slipping into his harness. Trey stepped up and took it from the man. “I’m next.”

In no time the three jocks were chin deep into the slime. The men agreed that if felt amazing … so relaxing. Craig looked out at his pals. “Guys do you notice something funny?”

“Like what?”

“It feels like sex to me. Oh, god!”

Trey and Paul both laughed hard at the comment but then Trey stopped laughing and said, “Oh.”

Soon Paul was moaning as it felt as if someone was sucking his cock and as if something smooth had slipped up his ass. The boys were suspended in the goo as they moaned and cooed. Then Bruce told them that the excess material would drain away and to sit down on the bench as soon as they could. The floor of the tanks opened up under a grid and the level of the tanks rapidly fell. The men felt heavy and tired as they were left coated in what looked like mummy style sleeping bags of the goo. The three sat down on the benches and leaned back against the tank wall as they struggled to stay awake.

As the men drifted off to sleep, Bruce assure them that they would soon awake too the wildest adventure of their lives.


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