The beast

by NoGoodAlias

After a lonely night of drinking, Aaron decides to look for a hookup on a throw-away dating site. But when he finds more than he could have imagined, his night turns from an empty slog to a tremendous experience.

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It had been 11:40 when I stumbled upon him. The night had been long and lonely, and I had found myself slow-burning it away with cheap booze. But I couldn’t deny it anymore. I was horny. Really horny. And so with a few quick swipes, I had configured myself a burner account on some gay hookup site. I sat on the couch and scrolled, mindlessly rubbing the bulge that swelled in my sweats.

I took a few quick faceless pictures, each one looking worse than the one before. The sickly lighting of my apartment had my pale skin appearing sallow, and no matter how many times I tried it, the baggy sweatshirt I wore only worsened the appearance of my thin frame. It seemed like the more I tried, the worse it got, so I skipped the rest of the profile creation and got back to scrolling with a sigh.

My thumb ran up the screen as my eyes scanned the users near me. None were unsightly by any means, but I certainly couldn’t find anyone eye-catching in my self-important stupor. At least not until he appeared.

It was odd, seeing a mountain of a man like him hidden beneath the waves of a hookup app. His profile picture barely caught the expanse of his huge, overblown body. The pic was cut off from the nose up, only bringing more attention to his massive beard and his diamond-cut jaw. He had thin yet juicy lips, and his enormous neck led my eyes to his hairy chest, dug deep into the massive crack between his huge pecs. They seemed fat and heavy like tits, and they stretched the thin shirt that tried its best to contain them.

It was then that my dick immediately became hard. I did a double-take at first, dumbfounded that an adonis like him wouldn’t have been one of the most sought after on the app by other twinks looking for a fantasy fuck. Before I could even think, I began to text him, finishing the sentence with a neutral emoji that I instantly regretted once it was sent.

“Hey, stud. You looking for some fun?”

My eyes were glued to the screen while I waited for a response. It wasn’t long after when I got it.

“Fuck it, sure. U think u can handle it?”

I stared at the response for a bit, trying to decipher any hidden meanings. While He definitely was beyond hot, I wasn’t sure if his words came from a very self-aware or very prick personality. I worded my response and sent it, dick throbbing.

“Handle what?”

Then boom.

It was like a cannonball to the chest, and to this day I have yet to recover. Well-lit and suggestively tilted came the greatest dick pic I had ever seen. It sent a shiver down my spine and made my cock feel like a steel beam. Framed in grey sweatpants that must have been under unbelievable strain, a massive organ sat against his muscled leg. It slithered down, down, until its full size was cut off by the frame near the knee. Fat and swollen and godly, this dick looked as if the very sweats would burst from its size, the fact made even more apparent by the fraying threads that stretched around his melon-sized balls. It was beyond possible, and yet I knew right then and there that I needed to see that in person. The alcohol in my system had long forgotten the possibilities of catfishes and stuffed pants, and at that point, my address had already been sent.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was 45 minutes later and I was staring myself in the mirror, cleaning up before he got there. I looked up and down my average frame, eyeing the humble muscle definition. I brushed back my messy hair and took a razor at my itchy beard, trimming it down to a respectable fuzz. I took a deep breath and rubbed the bulge in my jeans, a thick 7 inches of meat that no doubt was dwarfed by the giant who would soon grace my door. A few minutes later I heard a knock on my door, and with a deep breath, I prepared myself for what was to come.

When I opened the door, the mountain that greeted me took my breath away. Standing at least 6’5 and wafting a deep, manly musk stood the man I had texted not even an hour ago. His body was huge and overblown, covered in muscles and hair. His head was shadowed due to his sheer height, and my doorframe couldn’t get his entire body. But below the shadows of his eyes was the same handsome figure from the app, the great dark beard of thick hair trailing down to his massive mantits. They were huge and heavy, with pert nipples peaking through the thin grey shirt that tried vainly to give him any sense of modesty. And oh, that poor shirt. It stretched to its limits past his huge pecs that sprouted a bush of hair from the cleavage and pulled with all its might around his massive delts. Bulging out from the small sleeves were massive arms that much like the rest of him were complemented by a tantalizing layer of fat. His forearms were hairy and his hands were huge, knuckles just as fuzzy. Below his pecs was a muscled gut, the bottom of which was so large that it stretched the shirt up just below the belly button.

His thighs were like tree trunks and his massive ass could be seen from the front, just as trapped in failing clothes as his upper body was. And guiding my eyes was his happy trail of coarse fur, taking me to the real MVP. His dick was more massive and fatter than I had thought. It snaked down his sweats, bulging inches outwards towards me. It was complimented by his melon balls, heavy and suspended by whatever godsend underwear he could have gotten. He was a dense mass of pure masculinity, and I could barely get a word out.

“Is this Aaron’s place?” That was all he asked, and it felt like the entire apartment shook under his deep baritone.

“I-I-Yes! Yes, it is… You must be Dan?” I gulped.

His huge neck flexed and moved in a way that could be assumed to be a nod, and one of his hands gripped the side of the frame. There was a crack at his strength, and he suddenly flinched back, as if unsure of his own might.

“May I come in?” he asked in the same deep, sultry voice. At this point, my dick was standing full attention, and speechless, all I could do was step back, inviting him in. He ducked under the frame, his dark hair still scraping the top. Once he made his way inside, he looked down at me, his face no longer shadowed. His body was so intimidating, so alpha, yet when I looked into his verdant eyes, I saw a softness like no other. He seemed to be as anxious as me.

I stood a step forward, and despite my better judgment, I placed a hand against his gut. I don’t know what came over me at that moment, but past the anxiousness and awe that had consumed me was the low hum of alcohol and the great demand from my dick. My hand lingered there, and for a moment Dan didn’t move. I could feel the hair underneath the shirt, and slowly, my hand began to explore upwards. It rode over the massive hill that was his left pec and rested at his lower jaw, as strong as I could have imagined it. My eyes bore into his as did mine, and suddenly all bets were off.

With the force of a gentle earthquake, he brought his lips to mine, crouching his hulking frame. We kissed, and I could taste salt and ruby on his tongue. It was heaven, and I did my best to keep up as we kissed until our breaths were stolen. My hands felt up his sides and grasped longingly at his body. I traced a path from his love handles to his butt, so big that I couldn’t wrap my hands around it. With a great lift, I found myself literally swept off my feet as he carried me over to my couch, our lips still locked. It was unlike any encounter I have had before as if we both were hypnotized by an unbreakable sexual force.

He first laid himself down on my couch cushions, and I could hear them creak under his weight. It was so erotic that he moved like a giant compared to all around him. He placed me down on one of his huge thighs and spread his wide legs, and I could instantly see why. Like a gargantuan machine, his cock began to whir to life, swelling and inflating in the small confines of his sweats. It had to be at least 12 inches, and it wasn’t even fully hard. I moved a hand onto his growing dick and rubbed it slightly, and heard a low moan as Dan’s head went back and his overweight penis grew even faster. The sweats stretched to their limits as his monster continued to grow, and with one hand on his cock and the other caressing his face, I kissed him again.

I attempted to stroke his member, but it was too big to get a hand around, and getting bigger still. Still, my palm rubbed against as much as it could hold, and I could feel Dan moan again as his lips stayed locked with mine. After a moment, there was an audible rip, and it didn’t take long for me to find out why. Like a mutant in its cage, his cockhead tore at his sweats, his fat tip poking out a good few inches out. His head was slick and swollen, pumping out globs of precum whenever I elicited another moan from the man. It dribbled down and stained his sweats, his monster making more precum in the span of 5 minutes than I could have ever dreamed to make in a week.

I placed my hand on the exposed cockhead, softly at first, and could feel it lurch. His dick was humongous, well beyond 15 inches at this point, slightly curved, and beyond obese. My hands quickly became drenched in his pre, and he moaned again, breaking our kiss to catch his breath. He chuckled as he looked into my eyes, placing one of his huge hands on the elastic waist of his sweats. He groaned for a moment as he forced his muscled hands to push, and with an audible snap, his sweats popped open, leaving his entire member free.

The musk that came from his pubes was heavenly, and his fat balls sat heavily on my couch, taught and hairy. He guided me off his thigh as he sat back further on my poor couch, which did its best to hold against his size. With his legs spread and brought up, his dick and balls sat open and free. He didn’t even need to ask before I moved over, got on my knees, and went to work.

His huge member stood over me like a looming building, throbbing and fat. I first went to work on his balls, rubbing my hands along those furry melons and trying my best to hold one of the heavy things. Even with both hands, I could barely lift one up, but Dan didn’t seem to mind, only moaning deeply as I tugged at the tight skin and licked them. They tasted like a gym, sweaty and manly. I could feel his coarse hair against my tongue, running my hands through his pubes as I licked and nuzzled his nuts. His hand gripped the edge of my couch dangerously, and with the other he lifted his huge balls up himself, revealing his hairy taint and teasing me with his huge ass, so big that his hole was still hidden even when spread.

When my mouth found its way to his taint, his dick bucked, and another huge glob of pre spilled onto my back. It didn’t matter much to me, and I simply took my shirt off before getting back to work. When my eyes found Dan’s, the mountainous man’s face was one of embarrassment, but I couldn’t help but smile. To think a massive beast like him could crumble so easily to my touch made me harder than ever. I placed a hand on the head of his ick until my hand was drenched, and I licked his pre, the salty flavor somehow even more masculine than his musk. With my hand still wet, I slowly sunk it between the crack of his hairy ass cheeks, spelunking for his hole. It wasn’t too hard to find despite the depth, and I knew when I had gotten there by the way Dan grabbed the base of his dick in preparation.

My lubed-up fingers found his hole, which was tight and supple. I worked a finger into it, and he whimpered, the muscle man melting like butter in my hands. I did not expect the night would start like this, considering his domineering mannerisms, but I sure as hell didn’t mind. I went a bit deeper, free hand on my own hard dick as I explored. I placed my tongue on his cock and licked as I fingered him, body at work to try and pleasure a man as big as him. I knew there was no way his massive cock would ever dream to fit inside my ass, so I had to be a bit more crafty with my ways of getting him off.

A few minutes passed this before he moved positions, his movements slow and methodical like a moving continent. We moved from the couch and he guided me to my own room, and I followed, so entranced it felt like I had never been there before. Once there, he began to climb onto my queen, the boards creaking as his huge body pressed into it. It was almost cartoonish in nature, watching his massive alpha arch himself into doggy style, huge ass up and hyper cock pressed against his stomach, reaching to his lips. His balls spilled out like beanbags on my bed.

I quickly finished undressing, 7 inches of cock prepared for what was to come. I placed my hands on his fat ass, using all my strength to part those meaty cheeks like Noah parting the red sea. That musk hit me again as I glimpsed his exposed hole, and I quickly got into position before inserting myself into him. The sounds Dan made were more akin to a growl than a moan, my bed shaking and my heart skipping a beat. He bent down deeper, straddling his own cock, and dug his hands into my bed. The first few strokes felt like heaven, and I went slow as he slowly learned to take me. He was tight and warm, but welcoming, his pussy quivering but ready. I began to pick up pace as I rubbed a hand along his hairy cheeks, giving them a good slap before going faster.

Dan moaned and groaned like a titan, and it felt as if my walls were shaking as I slammed my dick deeper into this giant. My bed creaked and struggled, but I didn’t care, too far gone in the splendor of sex to worry if I’d even have a bed when this was over. I went faster, and he kept up until eventually, I blew my load deep inside him. Spurt after spurt found its way into his tight pussy, and he sighed lustfully as I filled him up. When I was done, I pulled out, still a bit drippy, and found that Dan has drenched my bed in precum. But that was just it. Only pre. It seemed like he still had yet to reach his limit.

He crawled off my bed slowly, leaving a massive indent that I knew would never go away. His huge cock was spilling precum like a faucet, but he still had yet to blow his load. His tight balls hung low and by the way, he placed his hand against my back, I knew that he still had plans for me. I was worried, of course, but despite his massive size, I didn’t feel fear. He guided me to a wall and picked me up, and I immediately understood what he had in mind. Gently, he placed me on top of his length, And I straddled it like a pole. My dick rubbed up against his own, dwarfed by its size, and he groaned from behind. I turned my head as he began to rub his massive nipples, his huge muscle tits heavy and sweaty. I began to physically rub myself up and down his massive cock, masturbating him with my entire fucking body. It felt unlike anything I had experienced before, and I moaned along with him as we ground against each other.

We went for what seemed like eons, until finally, Dan grunted, his cock lurching and his balls tightening. He was about to blow. And my god did he. It was like a torrent, massive spurts of hot white cum gushing from his fat cock head. He roared as spurt after spurt spilled out, covering the wall and spilling into growing puddles along the ground. It fell down upon me and I felt his warm milk against my skin. The sight was too much for me as well, And I found myself busting another load alongside him. By the time he was done, half of the room was now drenched in his man milk and along with himself and me. When we both regained our senses, he gave me a sheepish smile before guiding me off his huge cock. It was slowly deflating, but for the moment it still stood tall. I smiled back at him, reaching up to kiss him once more.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few weeks had gone by since my encounter with Dan. I had long cleaned my apartment of his cum, but the couch still creaked dangerously and my bed never truly got rid of that dent. But I didn’t mind. It reminded me of him as if he was still here as if I could still smell him. I had tried to get in contact with him again, but his profile had been deleted quickly after our first encounter. So I found myself alone again, on a boring night, scrolling once more. And that’s when I had gotten the DM.

“Hey. You busy?”

I checked the account and my heart skipped a beat as quickly as my dick hardened. It was from him. The Beast.

3,235 words Added Sep 2022 8,595 views 4.8 stars (19 votes)

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