The clockwork dial

by RdyRoger

A man finds what looks like a beat-up old pocket watch, but when he gets it working again he finds its intricate dials and mechanisms are actually designed to make other guys incrementally—like his roommate Gabe, for example.

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I found it in a pile of junk at the swap meet. It was kind of steampunk, it was just a broken piece of what looked like an old pocket watch.

There were English numbers on the clockface, there was only one hand on the clock, and there were three or four smaller dials that no longer had hands on them. It was brass, a bit scraped and old, but looked kind of cool. I bought it for $2.

The thing was pretty gunked up, but I liked playing with old junk in the workshop. The one remaining hand on the clock face was stuck at 9, so I stuck it in my pocket and took it home. I forgot about it until that evening when I was dragging keys and wallet out of the trouser pockets. I looked at again in the light and noticed the hand was set to 5:15pm or so. Which was odd, as I remembered the hand being stuck tight at 9pm.

I tried to move the dial, but it was stuck again. I grabbed a drop of oil and put it on the journal and bearing, and in a second the hand was free to move again.

I turned the hand back to 1am, which is what the time was, and laughed. Like this watch was going to keep time! Half the parts were missing.

I was tired, so I started getting ready for bed. What happened was when I was undressing I … received the shock of my life. My junk, my stuff, my manhood, was gone! Shrunk down to only at inch long. I was terrified and scared and freaked and when I finally got myself to touch it it was completely real and felt the same as… as it had, only a lot smaller, not as sensitive either.

But how did it happen? I’d taken a pee earlier when I got home and I was fine. It had happened very quickly. This was impossible.

Then I remembered that stupid pocket watch.

I picked it up. It was set at 1 on the dial. I pushed the dial to 2. I looked down. I was bigger. I pushed the dial to 3, and I was bigger. I pushed the dial to 4, and I was bigger than normal without getting a hard on. I pushed the dial to 5. My flaccid cock swelled longer and thicker, and I realized my balls were a lot bigger too.

I looked in the mirror. 5 inches flaccid. And thick around as a can of shaving cream. I pushed the dial to 6. I felt a thrill of sexual energy hit me. I pushed the dial to 7. Then to 8. With each corresponding setting on the dial, my penis swelled bigger and bigger. I pushed the dial to 10. It was completely obscene. I was huge, my penis was a heavy flaccid tube of meat swinging in front of gigantic balls. I smiled. I put the dial carefully in a hidden dresser drawer, dressed, and went to the gym and hit the showers and the steam room and the dry sauna. Men would look at my cock and just gape, or turn away and have to hide their sudden erections under a towel. I smiled and was friendly. It made them crazy. They loved it. And I must admit from the attention I had an erection. That was amazing. So fucking huge and thick and heavy… even rock hard my massive meat jutted out and curved down in a arc from it’s own incredible weight. I had about 5 lbs of luscious erect penis when I was hard. It was amazing.

There was a size queen there- I’d seen him a bunch of times, and he’d never even noticed me. I let him suck me off in the steamroom. It was incredible. Very hot!

I went back home. This was incredible. Just incredible. But how? I wanted to know. I stopped on the way and purchased some precision screwdrivers and some solvents and cleaners and magnifying glasses.

I sat down at my desk and had to keep my knees apart so my meat could dangle towards the floor. I very carefully looked at the clockwork dial under the magnifying glass. There were very faint markings on the dial, almost completely rubbed away. I took a picture and increased the contrast on the computer and read those near invisible words. Around the main dial, which had the one remaining hand, was written in an archaic script, “endowment” Around the five smaller dial posts were listed height, strength, age, and eros. The fifth one I couldn’t read. It was completely scraped off. I looked at the back of the open mechanism, and very carefully rubbed away the visible rust with a solvent. I rotated the gears so I could clean and oil them all. They turned even smaller shafts that fed into a very tiny black box inside the heart of the movement. I appeared that all the essential parts in the casing were there. I measured the face and the posts and went to a watch repair store and purchased a variety of cases and hands that might fit. It was late in the evening when the mechanism was repaired. It fit into a large pocketwatch casing. The smaller dial hands I was able to fit onto the posts, and I was suddenly staring at a repaired mechanism. I’d just rubbed some blueing into the engraving so I could read the scales and they all moved. I held it in my hand and after a moment all of the smaller dials moved. They reset to my statistics. 5’10”, modest strength, eros was set at 40% and age was 43. I still couldn’t read the last dial. I left it alone. My endowment was still set at 10. very carefully, I pushed the tiny hands. I set my age to 23, and the years melted away from my body. I was young again and my cock was still hanging soft at 10”. I pushed up the height dial to 6’4” tall. My legs and arms… they grew longer. I was taller! Then I pushed the strength up to moderate. I felt my muscles inflate with strength. I was built like a fitness model. I pushed the dial to strong. My muscles inflated heavier and heavier and I was now built like a heavyweight bodybuilder. I looked down and then pushed the endowment dial to 12. My genitals grew until my package was twice as massive. Freaky huge hung now!

I pondered what I was doing. I reset my strength between moderate and strong. I now looked like a ripped muscled fitness stud jock. I pushed the height down an inch to 6’3” and the endowment down to 9. That was much more manageable. And I still had a 13” erect penis with that 9” flaccid package.

I looked in the mirror. I looked good. I pushed the Eros control up to 75%. I looked in the mirror. I was transformed, stunningly handsome and sexy. I couldn’t look away for a moment, then I remembered the story of narcissus and turned the dial down to 65%. That was very handsome but not so stupidly good looking that I’d be mobbed on the street.

Then I hid the dial away and went to the clubs.

I didn’t touch the dials again for a very long time. I was perfect, I thought, but time has a way of making us discontent with our lot and I was dating a very hot hairy stud top who was wildly sexual. I lusted after him so much, but one day Gabriel made this offhand comment.

“I wish I was taller”.

“5’11” isn’t exactly short!”

I got Gabriel drunk that night. When he was snoring, I took the clockwork and placed it on his hand. In a moment, the dials reset. I looked in the mirror. I hadn’t changed. Gabriel had a very nice 6” cock. He had a hard on in his sleep. I shoved the endowment setting to 7 and then I set the height to 6’ tall and pushed the strength up about 1/16 of the way. . I pushed up the eros from 47% to 48%. Then I reset his age to 32 from 34. He looked more fit and sexy, but still Gabriel. I was really turned on. It was amazing. Especially his increased fitness. No longer did he have love handles, but was trim and fit and toned.. I put away the mechanism and curled up with him to sleep.

In the morning we made love. He didn’t much notice the change right away.

“You’re looking good Gabe!”

“Thanks… I guess all you’re pushing at the gym helped!”

“How about my pushing in the bedroom?”

Gabe blushed. Which is pretty sweet, when you remember that he’s a total pig- and I mean that in the best way.

Gabe bought a few new pieces of clothing, and they fit him a bit better.

I waited a full month and then I took him out on the town again. He had a bit to drink and that always made him a heavy sleeper.

When he was asleep, I took out the clockwork dial and set it on his hand. The dials remained as they were from the month before. I pushed the endowment up to 8. As usual, Gabe had a chubby when he was sleeping. I inched him higher to 6’1” tall, and pushed the strength up another 1/16 of the way. That wasn’t much but with the previous month that was 1/8 up the dial. I pushed the eros up to 50% and I pulled back on the age dial until he was 30. He started to wake up then, and he reflexively closed his hand on the dial. Then his hand opened and the clockwork slipped onto the bedspread and I slipped it under the mattress before he was completely awake. Whew! that was a close one…

Gabe opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Who you looking at stud?”


“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, and your big hard on!”

He did in fact have a big bulge under the sheets. I slipped into bed with him. He was so sexy. I kissed him and we made love. He fucked me in the early morning light and it felt like he was a lot bigger.

When we were done, and he arose to shower, I looked at him. He looked bigger than 9”. Maybe it was my imagination. He walked into the bathroom.

I relaxed.

“Fuck!” I heard from the bathroom door as the shower was running.

After the shower, Gabe asked me, “Do you think my cock is bigger?”


“My cock feels bigger. My junk is bigger.”

“Well you’re as hot as ever, if that’s your worry.”

“No, I, never mind.”

“Oh, I don’t mind you having a big cock!” I grabbed it and he was very responsive. The eros was kicking in.

When he left for work, I noticed that his trousers were an inch or two short. I retrieved the clockwork mechanism and looked at it.

“Oh.” That explained it. When Gabe had reflexively grabbed the dial in his sleep, he’d brushed against the endowment dial and bumped it up a bit- a little more than 9 1/2”. The height dial looked a bit higher too, maybe 6’ 1 1/2” tall.

The new improved Gabe was even more fun. Younger, sexier, more energy, with a nice four pack now and some real muscle… he looked like a surfer or a volleyball stud now.

I waited, and after about 6 weeks Gabe stopped commenting on how he was taller and more fit or how his cock was bigger.

We had a great night out and I made sure to really wear him out. Then I took him home and we made love until he was exhausted.

I took out the clockwork dial and set it lightly on his hand.

I pushed his height up another inch. I pushed his endowment up to just past 10”. I set the strength setting up another 1/16 of the way. He swelled with muscle growth while I watched. I pushed his age down to 28. I set the eros to 52% Wow. that 2 % made a difference! I was about to put away the dial when I noticed the remaining dial was set at about 40%. But 40% of what? I pushed it up to 60%. Gabe looked the same for a moment, then his beard darkened and hair spread up across his pubes and legs and some on his ass and his treasure trail turned into a junior forest and he had a light sprinking of hair on his chest. WOW.

I put away the dial and curled up with Gabe in the dark.

I have to tell you that it wasn’t just the hair. Gabe became more aggressive and dominant, and was as likely now to top me as I was to top him. We wrestled for it a lot and I let him win enough to keep him happy. He developed a liking for the leather scene. Well, he sure looked good in a harness and jockstrap. I did see him eyeing my cock though. I knew he was a size queen but I realized with his increased macho feelings he must also want to be comparable to me.

After two months it was in the early spring. That made both of us very randy and one night I couldn’t wait any more. When Gabe was asleep, laying naked and sprawled out on the sheets, with his 10” chubby hanging there I was overcome with desire. I took the clockwork dial and set it in his hand. I pushed his endowment up to 11”. I had intended to stop there but he looked so hot. I pushed his age down to 26. I pushed his height up to 6’3” tall. I set the eros up to 55%, which made him look really handsome. I bit my lip and pushed the strength dial up. I went 1/16 of the way again. His abs swelled as his six pack became very defined, and his pectorals swelled bigger and wider. He now had a defined cleft between them and they were a lot thicker. He looked like a definite bodybuilder now! His shoulders were wider and his upper arms were now very big. His lats were bigger too. All that was great but what I was looking at was his long, muscled legs with his lightly hairy thighs and calves.

Gabriel looked so fucking hot. I pushed the last dial up to 65%. This caused an explosion of growth of hair across his chest and his legs. He was now very sexily hairy. He had a much thicker beard shadow on his face, too. I wanted to do more but I moved quickly to put the dial away. I held it in my hand looking at it, and it reset to my specs. I was 6’3” tall, I had a 13” erect monster cock, and I was built like like a ripped muscled fitness stud jock. Gabe was more muscular than I was and I think a hair taller than I was, too. I had a wicked idea.

I pushed the strength setting up towards the strong setting. My muscles swelled. I now was sporting a full six pack and looked like I was definitely heading into bodybuilder material. I pushed up the last dial about 10% and my pubes exploded with thick curling hair, and my treasure trail thickened into a hairy coating on my cobbled abs. I looked in the mirror. I had a good beard shadow now. It looked hot.

I looked down at Gabriel, and then I looked at the dial and I inched my cock a bit bigger, to 13 1/2 inches. This resulted in quite a bit of thickening of the shaft of my penis and also my testicles grew several sizes bigger. I felt a lot more mass tugging at my groin. I probably added a pound to my genitals! WOW.

Then I pushed the height up to 6’4” tall. I pushed my age down to 21. I put away the clockwork dial and climbed into bed with Gabe. I woke him up and fucked him hard. I mean, really hard. And he loved it. I know he felt the increased thickness of my cock, it really made him squirm.

I felt the same when he flipped me and fucked me with his now 11” member. It was thicker than mine had been at 11” in length, but he was built that way.

Gabe was completely turned on by my increase in muscle. I know he wondered but I just told him the gym workouts were paying off for both of us. Gabe also was quite youthful now with his age down to 26. It made him more playful and fun and more eager to please me. Which was just fine by me.

We had an amazing time on a gay cruise to the mediterranean and both had nice tans and a few more notches in our sexual bedposts when we came home. Gabe was worried about his changes in what he thought were his thirties but I just chatted him up with new age nonsense and he bought into it.

That was fine for a few months, but when summer hit I was ready for more. I thought about bringing someone else into the relationship but we were content with occasional orgies and three ways.

So one night, I lightly dosed Gabe’s food with a sleeping pill and when he was out I put the clockwork dial in his hand. He’d come to really enjoy the leather scene. I pushed the last dial up to 73%. His hair grew into a furry forest and darkened to black. His features looked tougher and more masculine, too. His beard shadow actually turned almost black. I pushed his Eros setting up to 60%, which was only 5% less than my setting. His beauty became heartbreaking masculinity personified.

I pushed his age down to 24. He youthened and it made him even more breathtaking. Next I pushed his height up an inch. He was now just my height, 6’4” tall. I pushed his strength setting up until he was set to my exact setting. We were very similar in build and shape now. I smiled. I now pushed his genitals into new growth by pushing him up to a full 12” erect. He was as thick as I was at that length, and his testicles were just a size or two smaller than mine.

I picked up the dial and set my strength up 1/8 of the dial… closer now to strong than moderate. I enjoyed the feeling of muscular growth swelling through my body. I was pretty muscled to start with but now I was built like a middle weight bodybuilder. I later measured my biceps at 17 1/2” and my chest at 47”. Wow. I looked at Gabe on the bed and myself in the mirror. I inched my cock another half inch and was amazed at the extra weight and volume of that added 1/2” in length. Soft, I was now 10 1/2” in length, and my balls swung pendulously with their increased weight and volume. I discovered too, that in addition to the increase in semen production I’d had with the last increase, again, this increase also doubled again my ejaculate volume. Which was insanely hot as I was shooting all over Gabriel’s black hairy chest and pubes and his long black hair and face. I also have to admit slapping his face with my semi erect club-like monster cock was very satisfying, and he begged for it every time we had sex. I literally had a club between my legs and I was happy to oblige him and my gentleman callers, as Gabe joked about them.

Gabe took to calling me his good luck charm, as he’d made such a tremendous life change in the year we’d been together.

Towards July Gabriel told me he wanted to do more training in the gym, maybe even use some steroids, not to compete but just to be a complete muscle stallion.

That night I slipped him a sleeping pill and put the dial in his hand again. I just pushed the strength setting up to strong. Gabe splayed out with an unconscious groan as the 50 lbs of extra muscle mass descended from heaven and expanded his pectorals, his lats, his insanely hot muscle butt, and his now completely stud bodybuilder legs.

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