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by Drakkenfyre2003

That guy has a third leg, and yes, it means what you think it means. Plus it's literally a third leg.

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“Whoa, dude, no! Oh, oh, oh oh!”

“Dude, your foot is leaking pus!”

“That’s not pus; it’s cum—please… ”

“Oh, really? Let’s see…”

“Hey, not the tongue—- Ohhhhhhhooooooooooooooh!”

“Smack, smack, yep that’s cum—- man you’re wired funny. Still oozing… I guess you need a few more licks.” Then: “Well, your foot now seems to be clean.”

(Panting) “Oh, yeah, you really cleaned my clock”

“Speaking of which, can I see how the pendulum is connected?”


“Well, how are your three legs connected to your body?”

“Oh, well. Let’s duck into the changing room, and I’ll show you.”

Walking on two feet with his middle leg bent at the knee, you walk to the locker room.

“Too much stimulation,” the three-legged man explains, and inside he slowly pulls off his shirt and then teases you by edging down the sides of his three legged trunks with his thumbs. He turns to give you a view of his back side, and your eyes go wide as you see the start of two butt cracks. His thumbs tuck the back of his suit under the curve of his buttocks as he spreads his legs, and you can see his hairy nut sack between two of the legs—then you look closer and see it’s stretched around the middle leg with one nut on each side of it as he turns around you see his treasure trail disappear into a hairy thigh. You gasp and gape as you realize his cock is his third leg.

He blushes and says, “You know those internet ads that promise you they’ll grow your penis a foot—-well, they work!”

He wiggles the toes on his middle leg. You stand there staring, and then drop to a squat and gently cradle his foot in your hands tentatively, you reach out with your index finger to touch the tip of his cockhead toes, it’s all so surreal. “I played piggies with these?” you look at his grinning face and he nods you press your cheek against the sole of his foot he giggles as your light whiskers tickle his sole. The foot feels warm and alive against your cheek. You begin to slide your face back and forth against the sole of his middle foot. He leans back against a row of lockers and moans. You turn your tongue toward his foot, never allowing your face to break contact with some part of his foot. He shivers as you begin to give him a renewed tongue bath carefully probing with your tongue between each toe and under each nail his eyes are closed, and his naked body glistens with sweat.

He moans unintelligibly as you open your mouth wide and begin to swallow his toes his eyes open in surprise as he feels the warm wet flesh encircling his toes. He tries to speak but your tongue is too relentless lapping at the underside of his foot, his sole arches and his back arches and all he can do is moan in ecstasy. You are definitely going to have to find that website he mentioned you remind yourself as you begin to suck on his foot. “Whooaa! Dude, I’m going to cum!”

He kicks involuntarily lifting you off the locker room floor by your jaw as a heavy warm goo explodes from his foot into your mouth. You sit sweating on the locker room floor with heavy trails of white goo oozing out of your mouth, even though you swallowed most of it.

He extends a hand and invites you to join him in the showers.

You hang up your suit and are embarrassed by your own massive boner. He tells you not to worry, as you enjoy the shower, he lets you suds up his legs, and you notice your boner seems to be getting bigger. You are flushed, but you remember to ask where you can get some of that stuff for your penis too. He laughs and points at your crotch, you look down and are startled to see that your penis head is differentiating into five toes. “It’ll take about a week to transform you, and you really need to watch out for athlete’s foot, but soon we’ll be just a couple of three-legged guys!”

“But how?” you ask.

“My cum contains the essential ingredient! Yours will too when you’re done.”

“No fucking way!” He clutches your deformed penis and begins massaging the foot which gets hard and delivers a gooey spurt on to his chest.

“Oh, great, I’m going to need a whole new wardrobe!” you gasp with the realization that none of your pants have three legs, then you laugh and embrace your three-legged friend for a passionate kiss. Your goo presses between your abs and his dissolves under the hot stream of water as you two slow dance under the showers.

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