The gene gene

by RdyRoger

When other guys’ spunk transforms you into a totally different, much hotter guy, you learn there are lots of possibilities for fun—if you’re careful.

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Part 1 When other guys’ spunk transforms you into a totally different, much hotter guy, you learn there are lots of possibilities for fun—if you’re careful. (added: 1 Oct 2011)
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Part 1

I was infected somewhere in Washington D.C. I don’t know what happened, when it happened, or why…

Since I was nobody special I suppose it was an accident, I can’t really imagine that someone would do that to me knowingly. At least I hope not…

The first incident was not so extreme as what followed later.

I’d hit the bars, and met a younger guy that was a hot dark haired blue eyed white twink boy toy… I was a good 6 inches taller than he was… and a good twenty years older. ie, I was 43 and 5’10” tall and he was 23 and 5’4” tall—or should I say short?

We hit my place after some heavy petting and french kissing.

He said he liked my big brown eyes. I liked his cute bubble butt- his slim waist, his muscled arms and tight abs,. In a usual irony in the gay world, his cock was bigger than mine, I was average sized… 6 inches hard. And I was the top. Where do these hung bottoms come from? His, well, his package was stuffed with a long man salami- he wore some black boxer briefs halfway down his thigh… his cock hanging flaccid was about the same size as my hard cock. Six inches soft, and a good 9 inches hard… he was so hung in fact he didn’t have the rock hard erections that I had, his fat cock was a bit spongy even erect… but still plenty hard to have a lot of fun with. And his balls were so big, well, I guess I was surprised. He laughed. He said he was tall in one place but not when he was standing up.

Things reached a satisfying conclusion for both of us. We both came at the same time-gasping in a mutual frenzy of orgasm. “Thanks”, said Martin as I rolled off of him. “I needed that. It’s been too long.”

“That would have had to have been by your choice” I said. Martin was cute.

We snuggled—we both liked that… and napped for 30 minutes.

When we woke up he stared at me funny.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Martin.

“Your eyes are … blue” Martin said. “I could have sworn they were brown.”

“Hah hah hah” I laughed. I thought he was teasing me. He dressed and kissed me goodbye and left. I got up to pee and staggered into the bathroom. I grabbed my cock and froze in shock. It …I was a lot bigger. Soft, but a lot bigger, I mean, as big as Martin’s had been… and I would have sworn it was growing slowly in my hand. I looked down and blinked. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and it was just as big. I mean, bigger. It was swelling bigger… quickly. And my arms… long strong big muscled arms…

I walked to the mirror and looked at a stranger in it. My.. I… My genitals were big… way bigger than Martin’s had been, although similarly proportioned… big knobby head, long thick shaft, big low hangers in the long scrotum…

but that wasn’t all. I was… My face, I looked like Martin, I mean, not like him, but LIKE him… dark long hair, blue eyes, golden brown tan.. tight abs, big shoulders and bubble butt. I looked like his brother, or well, like an IMPROVED version of Martin.

But the resemblance was unmistakable. I shrank a few inches, but was still a lot taller than Martin had been… and I was young again, in my early twenties. And my muscles grew… an exaggerated version of the physique that Martin enjoyed. My biceps and deltoids particularly grew bigger, as did my tight glutes and upper thighs. And my abs, well, they did look cobbled. About twice as thick as Martin’s I think. And I enjoyed Martin’s very trim waist.

But that wasn’t all, I was affected in another way, it was how I felt. Martin had been a hot young stud. And very sexual. I felt like that only double. It was difficult to think clearly. Within an hour of the time I had had sex with Martin I stopped changing.

Once the buzzed feeling cleared out of my head I was flooded by Martin’s enhanced libido. My nine inch soft cock swelled like a water balloon on the garden faucet and topped out at 13 inches. I was… gigantic. My balls were likewise massive. Each testicle filled one of my hands fully.

I stroked my massive cock and whimpered with pleasure at the sensation.

I came to a climax pretty quickly… but it was a climax like I’d never had. I shot about a half cup of cum when I came. I could feel my balls pumping out the hot fluid. I looked down and saw them jumping pendulously with each shot of jism…

“Oh god” I gasped and staggered into the bedroom and lay down on my back. My cock… still almost completely hard, was sprawled across my tight abs like a snake all the way up to my thick square cut pectorals.

I touched my penis and in about 10 seconds it was completely hard again. I shot another huge load across my chest. I was still ready to go so I jerked off 3 more times in the next half hour. I will never forget that first… discovery of hypersexuality… uncontrollable lust… and the ability to satiate that desire.

I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was the same. I mean, I was the same as when I fell asleep. 19” biceps, 9” soft cock… handsome hot face, shoulder length brown hair… beautiful blue eyes,.

I wasn’t going to argue with this gift… being shorter was a bit odd, but … 5’ 7” was plenty tall I figured. Then I laughed. 5-7 with 9… that grew to 13 hard.

I showered. My muscles didn’t melt away like the wicked witch of the west so that was reassuring.

What was I going to do on Monday? Still it was Saturday so… I didn’t mind. Altered states of consciousness I suppose. I pushed my parents and friends out of my mind and got dressed.

I tried on my briefs. That was a no-go. I thought of Martin with his big cock hanging in elastic boxer briefs. I was going to have to buy some of those. I wore an old pair of purple boxers that a friend had given me as a joke. They covered most of my cock if I didn’t pull them up all the way to the waist. That was when I realized what a monster I had between my legs… thinking about going out in public and having that hanging down my leg! And I had to roll up my pants cuffs. Shorter. Oh well. I pulled up the jeans and buttoned them. A bit loose about the waist but I pulled on a belt and that helped some. And they were a bit baggy so that—well, it didn’t hide my cock but at least it didn’t scream to the world look at this fucking python on my thigh. But I filled out a large muscle t shirt like I never had before. VERY nicely. I really needed an XL.

So I shoved my wallet in my pocket and went to the bar. When I got there I realized I didn’t look like the picture on my driver’s license, but the card was already in the doorman’s hand and he was so busy looking at me he didn’t more than glance at the license. I saw a bunch of hot guys looking at me in line while I was waiting to go in. Then again, the way I was feeling anything decent was extremely sexy to me.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be 23, horsehung, full of cum and muscle and so handsome you turned heads everywhere you went?

Well, it was fun. I have to say, I had the best weekend. It ended at a bath house. I was the star attraction.

Monday morning I woke up and things were different. I felt tired. I was changing … after 15 minutes I realized I was changing BACK. Blue eyes to brown… muscles deflating… cock shrinking from massive… to average. I could feel it crawling up my leg as it retracted. I did get taller again. My hair returned to it’s usually blah brown with a bit of grey shot through it.

That was … something terrible for me. I suffered depression like you wouldn’t believe for the next three days. It seemed so … petty, so vicious, so mean, to gift me like that and take it back. One weekend of pleasure. I told myself life was still worth living… and it was.

I did go out Thursday night. I hung out at the bars in weho, looking for Martin. Finally I ran into him after 10pm that night. He was happy enough to see me. I was happy to see him, when I realized he had no idea what had happened to me the previous weekend. I kissed him deep and that was very nice.

He looked at me with his blue eyes and blinked. “I thought your eyes were blue”.

“They change color depending on the light I think… ”

“well they are so beautiful!”

“Can I entice you for another get together tonight?”

“I would love to but I’m meeting friends- they should be here soon.”

“Okay… but come here for a minute…”

I dragged Martin around the back room of the bar and into the alley and then I attacked his 501’s with a vengeance.

“Oh god, we will get seen.”

“I don’t care I want your cock NOW!” I told Martin. I finally had it free and went down on it. His 6 inches soft quickly grew to 9 inches hard and then he forgot about the world for a few hot minutes. I sucked his big one all the way down my throat and did everything I could to please him.

In a few minutes he started to groan, his hands in my hair and then he unloaded down my throat. I swallowed every drop I could…ended with another deep kiss and asked Martin for his phone number. He was in town. I got his last name. I could find him again!

I sent him back into the bar to see his friends… with the promise we could meet again next week.

I made it to my car quickly and then drove home in ten fast minutes. I was watching my watch the entire way. Already, my eyes were blue when I pulled into the drive.

I ran upstairs and stripped. This was the first time I’d be able to see the whole transformation.

It was subtle until about 20 minutes in… after the sex. Then, my genitals seemed to change first. My scrotum felt mildly warm, and then my penis… which slowly swelled bigger and bigger. At 25 minutes in, I was hung as Martin. At 25 minutes in I was back up to nine inches soft and other changes were becoming apparen-darker, longer hair..t. But at 30 minutes in… my cock was 11 inches soft. I only shrank an inch this time… At 33 minutes my muscles really started to swell with growth… remember that water balloon on the garden faucet? All over my body. Might as well have a garden hose shoved up my ass… quite a bit bigger this time… My biceps… at least another inch of growth! amazing! and with the increased height I was bigger all over… deltoids got huge… I got down on the floor and did a few quick pushups… it felt good and promoted further growth in my pecs and arms. Whatever was going on was being affected by my being awake and active. I grabbed a set of dumbbells and did some overhead presses and straight arm deadlifts… each set was rewarded with further growth.

Then I had a very greedy thought… I looked at my 11” cock and stroked it into hardness and stroked it hard and fast and it swelled bigger and harder and I massaged my big nuts and blew a huge load across the mirror. I stroked some more and pulled on my nuts and twisted my nipples and blew a second large load across the mirror.

When I finally felt my head clear I saw that is was 50 minutes after my wild encounter with Martin in the alley behind the bar.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My hard cock was 15” long. Humongous. And i was bigger than the first time. The only diffferences, were that it was the second time I had changed… and I had swallowed his load… .that was definitely more intimate I guessed, taking his seed in my stomach.

Yes, we had used a condom the last time… but maybe there had been some transfer? I didn’t believe in magic, this was some genetic modification. I looked much as I had the weekend previously… bigger, taller, more hung… more sexy. Yes. I was more sexy. I wasn’t going to be able to go to work tomorrow. My voice was different so it was easy enough to leave a vm sounding hoarse and claiming a sore throat.

I jerked off for a few minutes, then I changed back into my “Martin” clothes and went out.

Back to the bar. Martin was still there. He and his friends were all looking at me. So were most of the guys in the bar. I said hi to Martin and he seemed shy. He was embarrassed to be seen with me. He saw that I was a taller, bigger, better version of him. It made me sad, really. I flirted with him but he didn’t really seem interested in me. Finally he told me that he was “seeing” someone… and I realized he was talking about ME. My other me.

That was unexpected. But we talked for a bit and he was very friendly.. once I laid off the charm.

I must admit my behavior was a bit… bad… through rest of the weekend. Thursday through Monday. The transformation lasted longer this time… well into Monday morning. I spent most of my time at the Spa. If you blow up a xxl condom like a balloon to stretch it first, then it will fit on the end of a 15” penis.

The next Thursday, things didn’t go the way I expected. I had returned to work Monday, then called Martin to get together and… he was called out of town on work. I had already arranged to have Friday off.. so…

I went to the bars on my own. I walked around… not much action there. Then I went to the bathhouse… there wasn’t really anyone there I wanted to be with that wanted to be with me. I was looking for someone special… someone who I thought might make me special.

I went home and got out the trashy mags and looked through the escorts. There was a lot of variety… but there was one guy, muscled, blonde, tall, hung, I called him and he came over. His name was Rob- he was 6’2” tall and 210 lbs. It was fun enough… didn’t cost too much… and I have to say he had a cock comparable to Martin’s. Thicker, smoother, cut, and who knew… truth in advertising at last. His head wasn’t as knobby as Martin’s, more average sized, so the bigness of his shaft made his cock come to an odd proportion… Nothing weird looking, just a long torpedo with a normal head on the end of it. If he’d been proportionally to his cock head he’d be about half the length and thickness he was. The surprise was his balls were bigger than Martin’s- I was sure of that. Well, he was 6’2” tall! We fucked around and I gave him a blow job and swallowed his load… he was a supershooter when he splashed his hot cum in my mouth it was so exciting I didn’t know what would happen! When it was over, I chased him out the door pretty quick. I think it surprised him… he wasn’t used to being the one to say time’s up!

I stripped off the shorts I’d slipped on to walk him to the door and went into the bedroom in front of the full length mirror. I turned on the lights bright and looked at the clock. It had only been about ten minutes since… I had taken Rob’s load into my mouth and swallowed it.

Nothing seemed to be happening. At 20 minutes I was convinced nothing was going to change… and then my eyes turned green. No, not incredible hulk green but beautiful sexy blond guy Rob green eyes. I felt the buzz settling into my body… fuzzy headed a bit. I sat down on the edge of the bed to catch my balance and get used to the transformation. it felt… different this time. Maybe I wasn’t USED to Rob.

When I looked up my face was a bit more heart shaped, my nose a bit longer and my features a bit stronger.. and my hair was blond. My arms and chest, even sitting down and slumping, looked bigger. My thighs… those were already bigger!

I stood up and then I stood up some more. I was TALLER.

I’d avoided looking at my crotch… you know, I’d been so happy with enhanced Martin that I thought anyone else- it might be a let down. I looked bigger already though. I picked up a handy ruler… I was already at the 8 inch long soft mark and still growing. I stood there for a full minute and watched my cock lengthen slightly over the 9” mark in those 60 seconds. My legs grew longer and I grew taller. There was an intense ache and warmth in my scrotum and my testicles grew very big. Like baseballs. Grabbing one was like holding a baseball.

I’d lost track of time. it was 30 minutes into the transformation. I was only halfway done but I was already the size of Rob.

Now I looked at the ceiling as I grew taller and wondered… how big was this going to make me? Martin was about 5’4” tall and I’d been… taller than him by 4” and 5” each time I had transformed with his.. donation. Rob was 6’2” tall.

The muscle growth really started to kick in and that made me even a bit more nervous. I was starting to look like a young Dolph Lundgren by the 40 minute mark. My cock had continued to grow until it was 11 inches long soft. But it was thicker this time around- almost as thick around as a beer can. I was over 6’5” tall and still growing taller.

I stopped increasing in height at 6’ 6 1/2” tall and 45 minutes. The last 5 minutes, all of it was exclusively my muscles growing bigger, then bigger again, then bigger yet again. and again.

It was stupendous. I admit I felt arrogant… why I might have settled for Martin… a great guy but look at what Rob was able to do to me, for me…

I tried to pull on an XL muscle T and it was too small. Rediculously so. I found the XXL to be a tight fit. My cock was thicker than with an improved Martin if not longer. And the balls.. enormous. baseballs. My testicles. Big as baseballs.

I’d purchased a red spandex shorts and I pulled them on.

Now that, that was obscene.

Look it up in the dictionary, there’ll be a pic of my enhanced junk stuffed into those red stretchy shorts!

I was thinking about Martin… wanting him. Hey I DID think he was sexy. What would he think of my giant cock nailing his ass? The thought of it made my cock go hard in my shorts. Well, it didn’t just go hard. It flexed like a bell going Bong and grew hard. That was fun to watch… the right leg hem couldn’t contain my erecting cock and my meat burst through like a battering ram and hung down 3 more inches below the hem. This hypersexuality was going to take a lot of getting used to… not that I was complaining. But the idea of my cock… and it was a massive piece of meat soft, literally SPRINGING erect in a few seconds… WOW. And the sensation was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I figure Rob must have been oversexed to start with. He was an escort… business and pleasure.

I looked in the mirror. I wondered what sort of money I could make as an escort? or should I say Xscort? Or XXLscort?

So it took a lot of jerking off to get my cock to go down… seriously, I had a dildo, a rather large dildo up my ass and my nipples were on fire and I was pounding my cock and even a bit of ball abuse felt… amazing. Nothing like when I was me.

But after the 4th ejaculation in an hour I felt… momentarily satiated.

I pulled on some jeans… yes, I had planned this time, I went to the thrift store and bought jeans and shoes and t shirts and dress shirts of each size. I wanted to be able to dress okay.

It was interesting. My normal jeans were 34/32. The ones that fit best were 32/38. Okay, they fit like a glove. A penis glove. But I was in the mood and heading out on the town.

You might be wondering what happened when I mixed fluids with someone while I was transformed. Nothing. Just stayed the same. Couldn’t do a new change until the old one wore off completely.

however… I did a bit of reading that week, about gene jumping and gene transfer. Apparently genetics could jump—literally from one organism to another if conditions were right. That must be what was happening to me. My body was latching onto the introduced DNA and assimilating it… until it wore off, went away- degraded, I guess. But somehow the tranformation did more than the original.. sort of a turbocharged version of the base DNA provided. I read hints here and there about adding copies of genes to make characteristics more extreme and such… maybe my body was doubling some of the DNA during the transformation?

So I’m not stupid. I mean, I may have done some stupid things with my giant cock leading me around town pushed by my massive muscle glutes, but I was intelligent, generally, when I wasn’t so turned on I couldn’t think.

I wanted to try a few experiments while Martin was out of town for the next 10 days.

So… I used my hot new body for a few things… one, I found myself a sugar daddy with more money than anything and he paid me $10,000 for a day with him. I’d say he got his money’s worth. Todd gave me a $10,000 bonus on top of it for promising to see him again. Billionaires!

The next night was the same thing, repeated. He was an older guy but nice enough and I was sitting on $40,000 cash on Saturday.

I took some pictures of my body with a self timer camera and added them to pics of my second “Martin” transformation.

If things kept up I wouldn’t need my job ever again.

Two, I was popular. And I wanted to try some other transformations. So, I found some HOT guys (6 hot guys- easy enough with Rob’s enhancements) and gave them blow jobs and then I “saved” the samples and put them in the freezer. I got more than one sample from most of the guys. I was able to put in a bit of an additive I found they used to freeze sperm. Medical supply stores- well it wasn’t a drug so they didn’t care about the sale of chemicals. There would be some minor damage to the sperm from the freezing but most of them would be strong little swimmers when thawed. I put them in a container with dry ice in my freezer. That would keep them very cold for a long time.

I didn’t know if it would work. I didn’t know if I would change back, I didn’t know if my ability to transform would go away. But it pretty much worked like you would expect. On Monday night the change occurred again. 5pm. By 6pm I was myself again.

That led me to my first adventurous mishap with my transformations.

At 7pm I was tired of myself already.

I had a list of the men by name and height and weight and race etc.

But I’d made a mistake. I was going to try Fred. Fred was a hot little cutie stud… 5’2” tall with a blond cowlick and a biggish cock for his size and dimples and a worked out body and the best ass in town.

But the same night I’d collected Fred’s samples I collected some others, and two of the test tubes in my pocket must have been switched before I labeled them. I just must have thought the red cap was for Fred.

But it wasn’t. The test tube with the red cap turned out to be from Milo. I thawed what I thought was Fred’s test tube by setting it on the counter for a few minutes… then when it wasn’t completely freezing I put it in my pocket to warm it up. About 7:30pm it was thawed. I drank it down in one gulp. There was a modest amount in the tube, nothing like what I’d had from Rob.

I stripped in the bedroom. I had a timer clock now. Yes I was getting very… professional about the whole thing. Or so I thought. About ten minutes in, I looked in the mirror. Nothing, eyes as brown as ever. I wondered if Fred had brown eyes? I though his were hazel. But that’s pretty close to brown anyways.

I started to feel a bit of a buzz though. Apparently it was doing something. What I wasn’t sure but I was staring at the timer with anticipation. I wondered what it would be like to be so short… like 5’4” or so with Fred’s donation.

I stood impatiently in front of the mirror. My genitals started to feel warm. I didn’t even like to look at myself anymore with my 43 year old body but I looked down at my shrunken genitals. At least that was how I perceived them after the last two weeks… average was just… tiny. I had made sure the donors were all young men in their early twenties. I was at the twenty minute mark and my cock began to grow. I didn’t expect it to grow huge, because Fred was—you know, biggish but not anything like Martin or Rob. But I got out my ruler, and my 3” cock soft was already reaching towards 4” soft by then. HOT! I did appreciate being able to show off for the guys.

I expected I would start to shrink soon. My balls started to ache and swell. I was happy to see my soft cock stretch past the 5 inch mark. That was great! I guessed with Fred I would be about 9 inches erect- maybe 10 inches if I was lucky.

That’s when I noticed that my balls were really growing big. Swelling. They ached. I rubbed them and it helped a bit but they still felt sore. My cock was approaching the 6 inch mark- couldn’t hope for much more than that. My face started to change subtly, becoming a bit rounder it seemed.

And then I looked back down and gasped. my penis- soft- was sliding across the ruler past the 9” mark and seemed to be growing faster than it ever had. I looked at the timer and it was at the 24 minute mark. Maybe this transformation was happening faster this time. But it turned out not … the transformations, near as I could measure, took just about 50 minutes. At this point I began to become a bit worried, as my penis was growing bigger… faster…. than ever. My hair was a bit shorter, darkish… not like Fred’s.

There must be something wrong with the frozen semen I thought… but the transformation continued and I was powerless to stop it. I started to panic even under the high I was feeling from the buzz in my head. What if I turned into some sort of freak? What if the frozen DNA was damaged somehow? By minute 25 my ever expanding cock was past the 10” mark on the ruler. I looked up at the mirror again and noticed more changes starting, my face looked different. My hair was really short now, just a dark buzz cut… and my eyes were dark brown. My cheekbones were higher, rounder, my nose bigger, flatter, my lips… thicker, more coarse looking. Just then I looked down at an odd sensation. It felt like my cock was starting to hang over the end of the ruler. I looked down. It was past the end of the ruler. My cock was well on its way past 12” and when I glanced at the timer I was only at the 27 minute mark. Things seemed to be accelerating too.. my arms looked longer, not shorter, and my legs also seemed to be starting to GROW! There was some curly dark hair growing in around my pubes and my legs were starting to get covered with it too. As was my lower abs as I watched, the curly hair spread up to my belly button and then proceeded up to my sternum and then started to fan across my chest.

My nipples were turning darker, and growing, wide dark aureola around the pencil eraser sized nipples that were sticking out 1/2 inch already.

I looked down again. My cock was still growing and it felt like something was strangling my balls and I realized they were trapped between my legs. I stepped wider and they bounced forward, overfilling my tight scrotum. Then the scrotal sack began to stretch and they slid down and down and down my thighs.

I knew by now that whatever happened I obviously hadn’t taken Fred’s sample.

My cock grew longer, it was difficult to measure with the ruler so I picked up the tape measure and it was growing past 13” at 29 minutes.

At about 31 minutes my flaccid penis had passed 14 inches long and then started to darken. I looked up and saw I was growing taller fast now. I was well over 6’ and still growing. I could feel my bones ache with the changes. My skin darkened, then turned black.

I looked down. My now uncut cock was jet black, I looked up into the mirror. I was a black man.

I’d taken two samples from Milo and I knew now that I must have switched the vials. Milo was black… Milo was tall… 6’9” he claimed. And Milo was a bodybuilder. And although I am not a man who believes in stereotypes, Milo was hung.

Yeah, I’d been fascinated with Milo and seduced him and given him a blowjob. His 13” long cock was like candy to me. But I knew that I might grow huge if I took his semen… freakishly huge. So I selected Fred. I thought.

So now I was becoming a jacked version of jacked Milo.

I watched my torso elongate, my shoulders widen, and I continued to grow quickly. I grew to 7’ 4” tall at the 45 minute mark, and then for the last 5 or 6 minutes I watched as my muscles grew enormous. When it was over my body was quivering with power, I was shaking with the pure energy of my newly enhanced muscles. I was powerful… and tall. Tall… I was a giant.

My feet were enormous. Hairy, wide, big long toes. I was also experiencing an extreme sexual reaction. I was hypersexed to an amazing degree. I was afraid to touch my cock, I really was. But it didn’t matter, just the feeling of my giant penis swinging was enough to make me aware that I was about to get an erection. In the mirror, I was watching as my cock grew to 19” hard and swelled with power.

I touched my penis with both hands, strong, wide, long fingered hands, but they were tiny on my giant cock. I jerked off… I couldn’t believe the sensations pulsing up and down my penis. I could feel the blood rushing with each heartbeat, up and down the length of this massive appendage, and then echoing back down from my giant glans. I stopped thinking for a while… and then I came. what do you say about that sort of event in your life? Do you compare it to your first kiss, your first orgasm, your first love? Not really. just know that I drifted, disconnected, and when I came back to the world later was still clutching my churning cock, cum blasted on the mirror 6 feet away, and cum pumping from my cock and running down over my hands.

I think it was a glimpse of paradise… for a few moments.

I had to mop the floor, then I showered. I had to duck low under the shower head. That wasn’t something the builders had planned on, that the homeowner would be taller than 7’ plus 4 inches.

I needed two towels to dry myself. it was a different feeling being a black man. I had a very deep voice… and I had enjoyed a bit of singing in the shower.

I wore a pair of sweat pants as boardshorts. Under that I wore a long pair of spandex boxer briefs, red and yellow. You know what I looked like with a 16” soft cock in that. The biggest shoes I had didn’t fit, so I had to go barefoot or wear sandles with my toes hanging over the end.

I walked about a block and then turned back. I had way too much showing, I needed to get to a clothing store or find something far more discreet… like a kilt!

Everything seemed so short… even the ground was a lot farther away than I was used to.

But when I turned around I saw a hot young man on my tail. Then I realized the “young man” was Rob… the escort I had used as a DNA source for my 3rd transformation… the first one after Martin. I guess it is a small town. I was a bit shocked but realized quickly that there was no way that he would recognize me as the 5’10” tall white guy he’d tricked a week ago… since i was now 7’4” tall and black and even my voice was different. He really was checking me out and esp his eyes were locked on my big bubble butt muscle ass…

“Hey” I said as he approached.

“hey”, Rob replied a bit surprised I think that I spoke to him… or maybe it was the deepness of my voice that made his eyebrows go up. At any rate he halted in midstride and I chatted with him for a few minutes.

“So where are you going?” I asked him.

“I was heading home…” Rob replied.

“Let’s go.” I said.

I guess being a giant makes one a bit bolder. At any rate he didn’t argue and we were quickly at his apartment, which was only a few blocks away. Like I said, it was a small town. He had a nice enough place, if a bit generic… I kissed him and shoved my tongue down his throat. He was I think unused to being the smaller man. He was 6’2” and I was 14” taller than him. It seemed he had a bit of a fetish for taller men… and for topping them. I was completely fine with that. When I was lying on my back across his bed he was… appreciative. My shirt had been left in the living room and he proceeded to pull off my stretch pants. When Rob saw the size of the bulge in my shorts he didn’t believe it.. didn’t believe it, that is, until he pulled down the shorts and hefted my engorging cock with his own two hands. He was so turned on his own erection was huge! He topped me and it was obvious he was fulfilling a major fantasy of his. he pumped me for a good long time, when he was ready to cum I asked him to shoot on my chest. He pulled out and shot a huge load across my hairy chest and and then he went down on my cock… massive as it was and I unloaded into his mouth. He is heaven. I guess they call it pig play for a reason he was so turned on he was grunting and swooning alternately … after that I asked him to wash up and get me a towel. When he went into the bathroom I grabbed my fanny pack and took 4 of the vials and filled them with the cum Rob had shot across my chest. We fucked around some more after that, and I gave him a blow job with my large mouth and huge tongue and he shot another huge load in my mouth I went into the bathroom and unloaded my mouth into another 4 vials while the water ran.

I then took the opportunity to show him what my giant cock and balls could really do… I pounded his ass, then when he couldn’t take it anymore I pulled out and shot a huge load on him… 10 huge shots on his chest and then another 12 on his face. Rob was gasping, his face was covered in my hot milky white cum. I showered with him, then took off and ran back home, where I CAREFULLY labeled my treasure trove of his cum and put in the dry ice in my freezer.

What I did discover on the Milo transformation was this… the DNA seemed to not last as long as a fresh infusion, but it did last almost 44 hours. The first time had been over two days, then 4 days with a huge load from Martin,then 4 days with a huge load from Rob the first time, and then 44 hours from the frozen Milo sperm, which also had been a half full vial. I could figure out roughly how to control these changes in intensity and duration.

I did have amazing fun with Giant Milo, as I came to think of myself, Monday and Tuesday night. I was a big hit in the baths and I have to admit that I was very prideful of the amazing size of my cock and balls and the amount I shot and and number of times I could cum… and the intensity of the orgasm. I also discovered that I had an amazing ability to kiss with my huge tongue, and I didn’t hesitate to enjoy that either with the guys I picked up—they were all races, all sizes, but all young and mostly bodybuilders or dancers. I came 14 times Monday including the encounter with Rob, then I was even more aggressive on Tuesday so that was almost 20 but I lost count. It was a wonderful day, from the first orgasm that was from an everlasting fountain the to last one that I shuddered out sweating and gasping with only about 10 shots. As to the job, I had emailed in that I had a bad virus and needed a few weeks off, and they were totally cool with that.

Wednesday afternoon the change ended, and I walked out of the bathhouse with my head buzzing and no one really noticing that the giant black man was now only 7’ tall. I walked to my car and labeled my samples and dumped them in the dry ice cooler in the trunk and then waited out the change in the car, It was an interesting experience. Soon I was only 5’10” and my skin was lightening, and then my penis shrank and shrank while my balls shriveled up again… to perfectly average. I had grown to HATE perfectly average… hypersexuality was addicting.

I was a bit, lonely, but the rush of the sex more than offset that. I wondered how I could ever have a long term relationship. It is amazing how many people wanted to instantly have a relationship with a tall blonde hung bodybuilder or a giant black man with the biggest cock on the planet. But I couldn’t offer anyone something more than a couple of nights.

When I drove home I was thinking about changing up the changes… Martin was still out of town until Monday and I wouldn’t probably be able to see him until Thursday or Friday… but I had a call on the answering machine from Todd. The billionaire. He was wanting my company. or rather, Rob’s enhanced company. And he was impatient and promising a bonus. I waited for full hour after the transformation and I was feeling “normal” and then I pulled out the vials I had from Rob and our chance encounter. I tried to remember how much I had had from Rob the first transformation… I didn’t want to underdo it as Todd was expecting spectacular… so I warmed two of the 8 vials and drank them both at 5pm. I was already naked, in the bedroom, and I hit the timer.

I sat for a few minutes, didn’t feel anything. About 15 minutes in I was of course impatient but I was the same old … me. At 17 minutes my eyes turned green. That seemed early. But I wasn’t complaining. I could feel the buzzing in my head, a bit more intense perhaps, but I was happy to feel it. Very happy indeed. I was becoming addicted to the transformations… and I planned on abandoning my old life completely. But I would need some money to do that.

At twenty minutes I noticed the warmth settling into my cock and balls… I was already slightly taller, I thought, and looked much younger and my hair was lightening..thickening into a bushy blonde haircut… Then I looked down and noticed that my cock was already pretty big. I had other plans though, I laid down on the bench press and pumped out as many reps as I could with all my weights loaded on the bar. My pecs were burning! Then I stood up and used the same weight for overhead presses. then I did bicep curls with the heaviest dumbbells I had and then tricep extensions. I next did squats, until my legs were burning, and then I did my lats… I finished with some crunches until I was gasping. I hit every major muscle group between twenty and 35 minutes.

I was covered in sweat, but I recovered quickly from the exertion and stood up. I was tall, tall as Rob and growing taller, and more muscular than Rob that was for sure. I grabbed the ruler cause something else looked bigger than I expected… my flaccid penis was 11” long. I stroked myself erect and spent ten minutes provoking the biggest erection I could and then indulged in some ball torture which sent waves of pleasure through me and caused my genitals to swell much bigger than usual. I really started to feel a deeper buzz in my head and I had to sit down before I fell down. I knew something was happening… but until 50 minutes had passed I was unable to do anything as the room was spinning.

When my head cleared I looked up and the first thing I noticed was that I was squashing the mattress under my ass and massive thighs. I was heavy. I stood up and looked into the mirror and tried to catch my bearings. I was enhanced Rob again. Or rather, I was enhanced enhanced Rob this time. I felt both heavier, denser and stronger. I did some measuring- I was 6’8” tall this time, an extra couple of inches. I was also more hung this time, with 11” soft between my legs. I laughed. Next time I’d try for 12” soft. Also, I didn’t think Todd would mind the extra inches. I picked up the phone and called him. He picked up on the first ring. Guess he was feeling the need for a tall blonde hung stud to come over and lay his baseball sized testicle across his face while he licked my fat cock.

I guess you couldn’t really blame him. I didn’t feel too bad about it as he was worth hundreds of millions. If he’d been someone who would have really missed the money, I wouldn’t have done it.

I went to get dressed and go out. Todd wanted to take me to dinner. He liked some romance and I think liked showing me off. I was happy enough to oblige as he was a great guy and not just cause he was rich.

Well, the 32-38 jeans didn’t fit. Not with my enhanced quads! Not to mention the extra couple of inches everywhere. So I went with the 33-40. Okay, I could have worn the 34-40 … but… Todd wasn’t paying for baggy clothes.

When i arrived at the restaurant Todd was waiting.

“My God you’re even more magnificent than I remember.”

I told Todd he looked great and he did… for a guy over 60… still, he was good company and he was fit and trim… and I was so hypersexed I could have sex with anything, with a little imagination. Which helped, and I did enjoy making Todd feel good.

After a lavish dinner he drove us to his.. well, mansion. the help was gone and we had the place to ourselves. Fireplace, fine wine, good conversation… and then I leaned over and kissed Todd… and proceeded to make the evening of his life with my amazing muscle flexing and his tongue covering and worshipping every inch of me… and there were a few extra inches to worship too… which he enjoyed… Todd was a champion cocksucker and he’d spent his life chasing and swallowing huge cock. I face fucked him and shot on him again and again and again until he was exhausted and satiated. Then I cuddled with him until he began to get restless and I knew our date was over. I showered quickly and when I dressed Todd shoved a wad of cash into my pocket. It was a big roll of cash, but it didn’t make as big a bulge as my soft hanging cock did in the designer jeans. Todd squeezed my bulge and my cock throbbed and swelled under his hands. “My god you’re amazing.”

“And you are amazing too…!” I whispered. “Call me… when you get hungry again. I’m in and out of town but can always, fit you in.”

It was the right thing to say. Todd wanted to be wanted.

I guess we all do. I walked down from his gate and put out my thumb. The first car that passed screeched on the brakes and gave me a lift down to the gay strip.

I had overdone the transformation I think, taking so much of Rob’s semen… but I felt great… energized and wonderful. I had a wonderful fling with a hot bodybuilder, Jim was 5’10” tall and jacked on steroids… he had those 21” guns and a decent cock, Huge pecs and lats and traps and deltoids.. and he loved 69 and so we did a lot of that. I collected quite a few samples from Jim. I told Jim I was leaving town and made sure I kissed him goodbye before 72 hours was up. However, I didn’t change on Saturday, it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that my head started to buzz. I spent Saturday at the gym… my body responded very vigorously to exercise and I developed quite a pump from a thorough workout. I swam to cool down and laid out by the pool in the afternoon and then went out dancing. It was a nice Saturday. I slept with a couple of guys that night but it wasn’t anything special. I was thinking about Martin.

Sunday I returned to myself about 3pm. I wouldn’t be able to see Martin, if he wanted to see me, until after Friday I discovered from a phone call with him when I had recovered my normal voice. He was coming into town on Sunday and he was working through the week. We made a date for Saturday. We did have a nice phone call.

I realized I had another whole week to myself. So I called my work and left a v.m. and told them I was feeling better but the doctor ordered another week of rest.

I decided to try that Fred sample that I’d mixed up with Milo. I really shouldn’t have. I can be an idiot. I warmed up the second Fred sample and waited for it to thaw. It was a full vial. I thought no big deal… Fred was 5’2” (if that and a cute little muscle stud, with a biggish cock for his size, a whole 7 incher. But I figured his exaggerated version would be super sexy and definitely wanted to try the boy-toy thing.

I swallowed the vial at 4pm. I set the timer and waited. I didn’t bother to take off my clothes, as I knew I would be shrinking down to become Fred. I spent some time answering some email while I waited for the long minutes to pass. I looked up and only 5 minutes had passed. So that was funny, so I went back to the internet and lost track of time. I looked up at 20 min in and my cock was tight in my briefs. Not unexpected. I stood up and noticed my clothes were tighter and if anything I was becoming taller. I stood up in front of the mirror and watched as my package swelled in my pants. That was hot. Then I saw that my pants were in fact getting shorter.

Damn. I had SWAPPED BOTH OF THE FRED AND MILO samples. I was turning back into Milo… with a full vial this time instead of the less than half a vial I had had before. I was worried about that. I had been… Milo was a very sexual being. What would a bigger stronger enhanced Milo be like? I was now about 30 minutes from finding out. Make that 27 minutes… I was at minute 23 on the timer and already I could feel that this was more than what I had had from Milo before. I felt a pang as i realized this was the last sample of Milo I had… but I might be able to get more.

My 34/32 pants were starting to look pretty funny. I was wearing briefs, khaki slacks and an old t shirt. The hickory farms beef log was definitely starting to fill out my briefs. And I was fascinated as my pants legs became shorter and shorter… as my legs became longer and longer, inch by inch. I was going to burst out of my clothing but I realized suddenly that wasn’t such a good idea as my briefs were starting to strangle my cock and my balls were also now much enhanced. I fumbled with the waistband and dropped my trousers and laughed at the sight of my balls and cock overstuffing the briefs… I pulled those down with a bit of a struggle and kicked them free.

I was wearing the t shirt still, so I left that on… I was fascinated. I looked over at the clock and I was at 29 minutes. My cock looked… as big as it had ever been. I grabbed the ruler, then fumbled for the tape measure and saw that I was already 15 inches soft. I kept growing bigger until my cock was over 16” soft. amazing. and my testicles were really sore this time, the skin on my scrotum was stretched tight as a drum until it started to expand and the still growing testes had some more room.

Right then my cock started to darken…. as did the rest of my skin. I noticed I seemed hairier this time too, quite a bit of hair on my ass and thick tightly curled pubes and a very hairy chest and abs. I was laughing as my cock was hanging to my knees, for a moment, until my height growth started to accelerate.. My lengthening legs acted as an elevator, as my package started to rise up above my knees as I grew taller and taller. I looked in the mirror and I had a dark 5 o’clock shadow… that hadn’t happened before… and my face, was tougher, meaner looking, bigger featured. I looked over to the timer and I was at 37 minutes… very tall, and my muscles were growing now too. I heard my muscle and bone and sinew crackling with growth. Already I was pretty darned tall and I had another 7 minutes of growth. I knew this time I’d overdone it. But there wasn’t anything I could do to control the ride. I sighed and watched as my body continued to expand. This was going to be a 4 day ride I was sure. I also looked very young this time… I knew Milo was under 30 but I looked like I was 21.

I used the tape measure and I was already at 7’3” tall… and I kept inching upward. I was now at the 41 minute mark and I was already very muscular, but already surpassed 7’4”. I grew another inch. Then another inch. Then… I kept growing… and then stopped. I know the height growth stopped because my muscle growth suddenly had an extreme reaction. The very very tightly stretched and tortured fabric of my t-shirt exploded off my torso with a rip and fluttered to the floor. I was going to be an ultra heavyweight bodybuilder. I knew it. Waves of muscle growth rippled through my body… my pecs were enormous, square cut slabs of hairy meat with gigantic cannonball deltoids on my shouders and biceps that looked like they were stuffed with hams. My thighs were … the quads… so striated, huge. And my calves were hams. giant hams.

The buzzing was so intense I was in a stupor trying to think. Finally at the 50 minute mark on the clock the buzzing subsided and the artificial high cleared away.

I took a breath. I looked at my magnificence in the mirror. I posed a double biceps and a most muscular. My cock rubbed on my hairy thigh and then swelled to 23 inches long, thick and hard as steel.

I had so much sexual energy in me I jerked off for an hour. Then I thought about having a partner. I dressed in what I could find that fit me and I grabbed my fanny pack and before I knew it I was knocking on Rob’s door. He opened the door, opened his mouth to speak and I stepped forward and put my arms around him and stuck my tongue down his throat. He didn’t fight me. I smelled of musk and male sweat and I used him roughly… fucked his muscle ass and sat on his chest and slapped his face with my meaty cock… I humiliated him and he begged me for it. I took 8 more samples that night. I don’t know why, but I did. Rob was a sex slave to my overwhelming masculinity and he called some of his escort friends over and I used them and fucked them and they sucked me off and I barely had the presence of mind to try and remember what vials were what. It was funny how easy it was to save the samples. No one expected me to do that so they weren’t looking for it. It didn’t register, maybe they thought I was sniffing poppers or something. There was a great variety of male flesh there.. including one sexy ripped skinny fellow named Nick with an 11 incher and big balls. He was a super shooter too… and I gathered a lot of his semen. After they fell into sleep I went to my car and refilled my fanny pack with vials.

I went over to Milo’s. I was so much taller than he was, so hypermasculine, that he didn’t make the connection… He was 6’9” and I was 7’7” tall. I had my way with him, basically overpowered him with my masculinity, but if there was such a thing as an irresistible force that was me that night.

I spent the next day much the same random sex partners, some paying me, some not… I’m not even sure where they all were or who they were or anything, but I knew it was important and I labeled all the vials as best as I could with numbers and scribbled notes on papers.

I spent all night jerking off… and on the last day, I stood in front of the mirror and made love to myself and finally felt the buzz descend on me. 50 minutes later I was myself… only I wasn’t quite the guy that I had been. My flab was a little less, my muscle tone a bit better. It seemed the benefit of the exercise transferred over to my normal self. I really didn’t care I could be ANYONE I wanted. It was Thursday afternoon and I took a nap… woke up in the early evening and felt an overpower desire to change.

I resisted becoming Milo I loved the change… I had plenty of Rob but would save him for Todd…

I could become Martin… who I missed, and then decided no. I wanted Martin but not to be him, not tonight. I wanted to be something new.

Then I remembered that skinny sexy hung dancer that was a friend of Rob’s. He was hot. I managed to rewrite all the notes and make extra notes based on my memory and then I grabbed TWO of the skinny sexy hung dancer boy Nick vials. They were full up. I couldn’t remember quite how tall he was, kinda average, maybe 6 feet.

So I thawed them and drank them down at 5pm on Thursday. That was that. I set the clock. Here I was, ready for another ride.

At 20 minutes I was staring into the mirror… I was stripped even though the room was a little bit chill. My brown eyes turned hazel. I was on my way. I felt a buzz descending on my brain… I was enjoying the sensation this time, the ride should be no surprises. Nick was a little party animal dance machine… and I was looking forward to a fun weekend dancing.

First thing I noticed was how smooth my skin was. Great complexion too… nice even skin tone. Then I felt the next indicator… my 3” soft cock started to grow. It was always a fun thing to discover the new equipment…. I grabbed my cock and felt it growing. Nick had been hung, very hung… that skinny white boy hung thing going on. Well, he apparently was very thick hung too, as my meat swelled and then became thicker and thicker. I laid my cock on the longer 15” ruler I had found and watched as the skin grew over my cock, Nick was uncut. My soft cock was already 5 inches long and it grew longer and longer, rolling out past the marks like a time lapse film… growing huger and longer and thicker… man, Nick must have a BIG knobby head cause was certainly getting one! Soon I was at 26 minutes and 7 inches long… 27 minutes and 8 inches long… 28 minutes and 9.5 inches long… 29 minutes and almost 11.5 inches long… 30 minutes and 12 inches long… 31 minutes and 13 inches long. I smiled. I sure knew how to pick em.

I’d been so interested in my meat that I had completely ignored my balls. They were big… beautiful, a giant double handful of supershooting cum factories. I grew taller, inching taller slowly. I didn’t expect to be super tall with Nick… I ended up at 6’3” tall, a good height for showing off my 13” soft package. My muscle growth was more pronounced, but I looked more like a ripped swimmer when it settled out… although my pecs and biceps were certainly bigger than most guys you see at the pool. And I had great thighs, and a hot cute tush… very firm and smooth and it was the best ass I’d had so far as far as sheer male beauty.

My face was wide eyed, with a cute straight nose, high round cheekbones and a beautiful sexy smile. I wanted to swoon when I saw myself in the mirror.

I went to the clubs and wore some tight 29/36 size slacks… I sure got noticed… it was a great body for dancing. I was having a great time…. I was really checking out the packages on the other guys in the club, I was definitely in a transformation where I was a bottom despite the huge sausage hanging to my knees… and when Milo entered the club I went straight for him. He sure didn’t mind going home with Nick. I sure didn’t mind either… I rode his meat and he called me his white bitch and I begged him to fuck me harder with his 13” erect fuckstick. He pounded me good and long and then I begged him to shoot on my chest. I have to say he’d worked up quite a load… while he took a pee break I collected 6 vials scraped from my chest, and when I gave him a blowjob about 30 minutes later I snuck into the bathroom on the same excuse and collected another 7. By the time I was finished with him I’d managed to fill all 20 of the tiny vials in my fanny pack.

I’d also had about the wildest ride of my life so far… excepting when I’d been the superenhanced Milo…

I met up with Milo again on Friday night and had another wild evening… he was supersexed and my hot muscle ass bubble butt turned him on bigtime. He rode me for hours. At the end of the evening on Friday I had collected all told 45 vials of Milo. And that was just what I’d been able to sneak on the sly from that supershooter…. a lot more went down the shower drain. I found out Milo went out almost every night and he told me what clubs and parties too.

Saturday I spent at the beach laying in the sun and playing volleyball. I looked great in my bulging square cut speedos and flirted with all the boys and men at the gay beach. I had some fun with a nice guy… he was so sweet, he did top me but then asked me to fuck him when he saw my erect cock so I obliged.

Another blonde young man- Stewart- asked if he could see my cock so I pulled out the waistband and he looked in.

“Damn it’s all real”

“Yes it’s a heavy burden.”

He looked at me with turqouise eyes and sighed. “I thought you might be stuffing your swimtrunks.”

“Naw I just got lucky”

“what’s your ethnic heritage?”

“I’m not sure” I told him. Then we were kissing. He had an apartment not too far away and is roommate was out so we had fun there. He fucked me. He told me he liked fucking hung bottoms. I told him I liked being a hung guy if it meant he would fuck me.

He was so sweet… average guy, beautiful body, sweet face, sweet to kiss too… I collected about 4 vials. He wasn’t anything special but that’s what made him so special… and he was soooo sweet.

Saturday late afternoon I felt the buzz coming on and I quickly kissed Stewart and told him I had to meet some people and headed out. I walked to my car, slowly so I didn’t fall or get woozy, and when I reached the car I was only 5-10 again. But I still had Nick’s giant enhanced cock in my pants, but when I pulled into my driveway 20 minutes later that was gone. The last of the buzzing faded and I went upstairs.

I really didn’t plan on it… but certain things can be addicting. I spent a few minutes upstairs, and then when the hour rolled around I found myself in front of the timer holding 2 of the Milo vials. I knew it was a major mistake but I couldn’t help myself I really craved that sort of power and uncontrollable lust. I’d only ever used 1 full vial with Milo that was the second time, but I found myself swallowing two whole vials. I hit the timer and paced the room. Then I quickly set up my video camera. I wanted to record this.

I didn’t have to wait long. This time the buzzing set in at 15 minutes- way early. What would a double dose do to me? Longer duration… or more gene doubling? I started the video recorder. I stood where I could see myself in the monitor. It was hot to see, it wasn’t the mirror image I was used to.

My genitals started to get warm and at about 17 min I noticed my cock was definitely starting to grow. I grabbed the 15” ruler and measured… already 5”. My balls were really starting to ache this time… it was the most discomfort I’d had during a transition so far, Milo’s giant nuts were quite an adaptation. For a few minutes I felt like I had the worst case of blue balls on the planet. When that started to subside a bit I looked up. I looked at the timer. 25 minutes. And I had the most amazing tube of human flesh draping down like a waterfall over my swelling testicles. I’m guessing there was more gene doubling with more genetic material. My soft cock was way over a foot in length and continuing to hang towards the floor, below my knees now. It was too much. I ’d taken too much. I felt sick, what was going to happen? at 30 min I was starting to grow a bit taller, when the white snake hanging down a foot and a half suddenly turned coal black. Then the rest of my skin started to darken somewhat. I watched my skin turn completely black at 32 min and dark curly dense black pubes were sprouting like a forest around my scrotum and fanning up my abs and across my chest.

This time my nose was broader, my lips were thicker, my eyes almost black like the eyes of a panther. I had a short dark beard on my face and my cheekbones were high and my jaw was strong and prominent.

The one good thing about being so tall was it kept my cock above my knees… barely. I sprouted taller and taller, all knees and elbows and long shanks and each minute I grew two inches and at 42 min I was 7’10” tall. Then my muscles started to grow. Or rather, they exploded with sudden growth.

It was pillsbury poppin fresh time as my muscles all blew up. I held up and stood as long as I could and then sat on the edge of the bed as the change swept over me. The bed frame creaked in protest.

When my head finally cleared I realized my chin was resting on two huge muscle pecs… that was when the desire, ultrasexuality and muscle power hit me. My cock leapt erect between my legs and shot a river of cum across the room. When that subsided I could think again.


Part 2

When my head finally cleared I realized my chin was resting on two huge muscle pecs… that was when the desire, ultrasexuality and muscle power hit me. My cock leapt erect between my legs and shot a river of cum across the room. When that subsided I could think again.

What I thought was, “I should keep some of this cum”. I stood, getting used to the height and power. I was having trouble because if I stepped too high my head would scrape the ceiling. I had to duck way under the door frames. I got a bowl and filled it with a fresh load, added the preserver and filled up as many vials as I had left in the house, went on the internet and ordered more vials and more dry ice and a super cold freezer. I paid extra for messenger delivery.

When the deliveries arrived I was jerking off in the bathroom. I had a big bowl of cum ready to freeze and I plugged in the freezer and printed some labels and froze it. I told the delivery men through the door to leave everything. They didn’t argue… I had a deep, mean voice.

I had an idea, I don’t know where it came from but it was something I’d read. Or maybe my enhanced brain was working overtime and intuiting things to try. What would happen if someone got a big enough of a sample of my enhanced cum? Would they change? It might be possible as there was something to this gene transfer theory.

And it’s also possible that a sample might trigger the same reset again… ie, if I took super enhanced Milo I might regain that transformation without a fresh DNA sample from Milo. Not that I didn’t have 43 samples saved up or so.

There was a knock on the door as I was cleaning up and getting dressed in some giant boardshorts and XXXXXL muscle t and giant flipflops I’d purchased.

I opened the door and there was Stewart. He stared at me.

“Stewart!” I blurted out. His eyes grew wide. He was almost in shock. I grabbed him and pulled him inside. Why had I called him by name?!

“it really is you isn’t it?” Stewart spoke slowly. “You’re… Nick!”

I could have denied it but I was lonely.

I nodded. Stewart looked me up and down… and licked his lips. “You’re… incredible! But… how?”

I told him the story. Stewart had followed my car home… when I was Nick… and decided to come and say hi. But Milo answered the door.

“So you think that if someone … took enough of your cum it might produce a secondary reaction?” Stewart asked.

“Yeah, or just give them a stomach full of hot cum.”

“Not a bad alternative.”

He reached down and laid his hand on my cock through the boardshorts. That was all it took.

I sprang erect and barely managed to pull down the boardshorts in time to avoid them ripping off as my giant phallus sprang erect.

Stewart went down on me… he did his best but it was kinda funny. He didn’t have near a big enough mouth for my giant penis but his tongue was very talented. When I started grunting he opened wide and started swallowing. There was a lot leaking from his mouth, but he drank everything he could and then licked up the rest.

He curled up on top of me.

I was fearful that this wouldn’t work, or that it would. I was out of control, as long as I was cumming I would accept anything regardless of danger.

But there was what you would call a strong reaction. Having enough of the enhanced cum did cause a gene transfer. It was a different kind of transfer but we found that out a few days later. I was enjoying Stewart on top of me and he was playing with one of my inch long nipples… I was hard again of course. If he kept it up I would certainly cum again in a few minutes… but something interrupted us. What that was was at about the 20 minute mark I looked down at Stewart and his beautiful blue eyes suddenly turned coal black.

Stewart went limp for a minute on top of me but he didn’t pass out. He was obviously feeling the buzzing I had experienced.

I held him tight to comfort him through the first minutes. When he was feeling a bit better he suddenly moaned and grabbed his balls.


“Feels like the worst case of blue balls ever?”

Stewart nodded. “You might have warned me!”

“I didn’t think it would really work.”

“what the….?” Stewart gasped.

I looked down. His hands had found his cock, which was starting to get bigger… already it was much bigger soft than his erect cock had been. I encouraged him to stand up and look in the mirror.

He was amazing. His transformation mirrored mine with the exception that he had a different base DNA code, so he didn’t end up as tall as I was by 4 inches or as hung by about 3 inches… but otherwise the same DNA code that was dictating my physical form was writing itself onto Stewart’s with alarming speed.

But as he stood there, watching his cock swell longer reaching down towards and then past his knees and his balls hang lower and lower in his expanding scrotum he was impressive! Finally he topped out with his massive meat swinging like a pendulum between his knees and then his cock darkened to a chocolate brown and his skin followed in the next two minutes and his height began to increase, hoisting his massive meat higher again as his legs grew longer and longer. His face was less menacing than my own, more soft and handsome, that must have been from his DNA combined with Milo… I stepped up behind him, I was almost as tall as the ceiling and he watched in the mirror as he turned into a lanky tall black man, then into an NBA basketball star, then into a 7’6” tall slender giant.

When his height growth subsided I reached around and held him in my arms and tweaked his big hard nipples. He shuddered with the sensation and his muscles started to grow. I continued to play with his chest. Stewart developed a big bushy pube forest of black tightly curled hair around his massive cock but his body hair spread up to his belly button and stopped- then finally spread up his rapidly cobbled abdominals and across his widening pectorals. As I played with his nipples it seemed to promote his pectoral growth, so I started to rub my hand up his ass and massage his hole and the inserted a finger, then two fingers, then three fingers. That seemed to promote his glutes to jut out into an amazing muscled bubble butt. I used my precum to lube his ass and then I positioned myself at his opening, and thrust my giant cock in between his ass cheeks… I stroked in and out quickly, due to the transformation Stewart quickly adapted to even my gigantic member filling his hole. It was so hot I shot immediately.

That was about 42 minutes into his transformation. I don’t know what he would have become because the flood of cum entering him in that vulnerable state changed the course of his transformation. He gasped with the rush of my load entering him… and then his skin turned from chocolate brown to coal black and his erect cock began to grow again and his testicles began to surpass the size of baseballs until they were each the size of softballs and continued to swell. I was a head taller than he was but he quickly grew to my height and then a few inches taller. Black hair exploded thicker and thicker on his thighs and forearms and pecs and calves and his beard grew in dense and black and his features grew harder, bigger, rougher, and more rugged. His muscles swelled with renewed growth and for the last 5-6 minutes of his transformation his muscles grew until they surpassed my own by 25%.

Finally the growth stopped and he staggered. I helped him to the bed and although it creaked and groaned in protest I was thankful I had a steel frame on the bed!

Stewart’s cock lay across his abs, up to his chest and grew hard and rose into the air and cum started spurting, covering his black hairy chest and bearded face with white cum.

Stewart came for several minutes and then lay gasping across and off of the bed. He was so huge. I grabbed a giant towel to wipe up the cum and then paused… I scooped up a bunch and stored it in vials in a few minutes. When I came back in he was checking himself out. Nowhere in the mirror was any sign of the sweet caucasian man who had followed me home.

“Amazing” Stewart growled in a deep voice that shook my diaphragm just being in the same room with him.

“My God” I said. “You’re a monster!”

“A muscle Monster!”

We made love in about a thousand different ways that weekend. Forgot all about Martin or work or… anything. Monday evening passed and Tuesday morning I felt a bit of a buzz entering my head. 50 minutes later I was… just me. But Stewart remained the same. I thought it would wear off of him but it didn’t. It didn’t that entire day… it became apparent that Stewart was “stuck”. Unless I could find a way to unstick him. He didn’t mind the… change, he enjoyed it, but his family, his friends… it was too much for him to give up. I guess I understood how he felt.

So I took out two of the original Stewart vials I had kept. Good thing I had kept them! Now I would try and transform into Stewart, then… transform Stewart- Milo back into Stewart. I drank down the vials as soon as they warmed up and hit the timer. How much to use had been a difficult decision. Stewart told me he was 5’7” tall. If I didn’t use enough I might not have the juice to transform Stewart. But a too much modified or enhanced Stewart meant he could never go back home.

At about 20 minutes my eyes turned blue. In a few minutes my hair turned blonde and I was younger looking. I shrank slightly. My muscles toned and my cock grew a few inches. Stewart had been hung 6”. My enhanced Stewart body was hung 8”. So far, at least, I was on track to be a close replica of Stewart. When the muscle growth hit in the last five minutes it wasn’t anything too spectacular, compared to some of the transformations, except that my body was a lot tighter and toned than Stewart’s had been and I definitely had about 15 lbs more muscle on me than he had in his original body.

The super enhanced Hypersexuality was there, but toned down, nothing like it had been when I was Milo or Rob’s relentless need for fucking.

Stewart looked at me with lust in his eyes. I guess he was turned on by his former body. I mean how often do you really get a chance to go fuck yourself? His tongue went deep down my throat and we played around for a few minutes, and then he wanted me to fuck him.. I did. I got on top of that 8 foot tall giant and fucked his incredible ass with my 8 inch cock. It was amazing and we had a good connection… after about ten minutes of serious fucking I could feel my balls churning and I said, “I’m going to cum!” And I shot him full of my seed.

It was great so we kept going… I was still hard and Milo and Stewart-Milo both liked to be topped… I fucked him for another 10 minutes and then suddenly gasped. I had no warning, but I shot again. It was really intense.

I gasped and laid down on top of the muscle monster. I loved feeling his incredible power. It was like he was a giant muscle man, the ultimate black god… amazing. I played with his nipples until he came. When he opened his eyes after that they were blue. Our plan worked, but I admit I was disappointed to see Stewart changing back.. but it was the practical decision. His muscle shrank and his skin lightened and he became shorter and shorter… I a few minutes we were almost 35 minutes along from when I had first cum in him.

“Fuck me again,” Stewart begged me. I didn’t argue. My enhanced cock was already ready again. I entered him and it felt tighter this time, he wasn’t anywhere near the giant he’d been. I fucked him and kissed him and jacked him off. That was probably the combination that did it. There was this thing about being Stewart… when he came it was suddenly and without warning. That happened a third time and I shot another load in Stewart.

Stewart began to grow then… a bit taller, sneaking up a few inches, and then especially his cock and balls grew… well I was busy bringing him to his second orgasm in the transformation and whatever you worked grew the most… so it was great jacking his cock, feeling it expand in my hands and yanking on his balls until he couldn’t hold back and he blew another load. Which just caused his balls to swell some more and his cock to thicken until it felt as big around as a soda can in my grip.

I looked over then and saw that I had about three minutes left… and I was so turned on by Stewart’s genitals getting so big that I kept my hand on his cock and stroked it to hardness again and looked him in the eye and said, “You are going to cum again like a firehouse in 60 seconds.” It was a bit hypnotic I know from the buzz of transformation… I stroked his cock and said, “This cock is going to shoot a huge load in 55 seconds!”

“This cock is going to swell and blow it’s biggest load ever in 50 seconds!”

“Your cock is so hot and you are so turned on your won’t even last another 45 seconds!!”

Stewart squirmed under me, he was a bit bigger than I but he was loving it.

I kissed him hard and long and stroked him. I looked at the clock.

“You’re going to have an intense orgasm and shoot a river of cum and your genitals are going to grow HUGE in 20 seconds!”

He looked at me. “SAY IT!”

“I’m going to shoot and grow huge!”

“You’re going to blow in 15 second you can feel it start to build.”

Stewart started bucking under me.

I jerked his meat harder.

“10… 9… oh god 8 oh fuck it’s gonna be huge! 5 4 3 2 1 !”

And Stewart writhed on the bed and a river of cum shot out of his cock. I looked at the clock. About two minutes were left. His cock swelled yet again, inching out almost two more inches and thickening even more and his testicles now were swelling to the size of—well they weren’t baseballs but they were like those rubber exercise balls you squeeze.. and then a bit bigger, and then Stewart relaxed and swooned for a moment.

We’d succeeded, Stewart was more or less recognizably Stewart- only now he was 5’10” tall and about 35 lbs more muscular than he’d been and his package which had been 6” and completely average was now 11” erect and super thick and bull balled.

I knew when Stewart had asked to look in my shorts and see my cock when I first me him as the Hung Nick he was a size queen. So I made him a gift out of his return transformation. He’d probably always be the biggest man in the locker rooms, unless I was around… or Milo!

Stewart tried on his shorts. His package was impressive. He was very happy.

As was I. He looked good. Better, a bit taller, definitely much more hung, and very muscular. He looked like a lightweight competitive bodybuilder. He put on the clothes he’d worn to my place 4 days earlier. I wish I’d had a before and after pic… esp in those clothes. His pants were too short, and the cloth bunched about his huge new package in a seductively aggressively dominant masculine way… nothing like a man with a big sack of junk hanging between two muscular thighs. He pulled on his medium sized t shirt and it was stretched so tight over his muscles there was some tearing sounds every time he moved as the threads in the seams pulled against his dense, big, hard, new muscle. I laughed and took pity on him I tossed him a ribbed XL muscle t shirt… red… and he struggled out of his medium cotton t shirt with more ripping and tearing sounds. I was laughing. His beautiful blonde hair, his hot chest with thick wide square cut pecs, his overlarge traps, his cannonball delts and his double crowned biceps…. woof! At any rate… I have to say that as sexy as I was with my enhanced version of Stewart and my 8 inch cock, Stewart was definitely two levels up from me. A large shirt fit me snugly. When Stewart pulled on that red muscle t… that was painted on him and looking like it wasn’t going to last beyond his first muscle pump.

I was so turned on I went down on Stewart and his big 11 incher. It was great fun, Stewart was definitely into having a blow job… from himself! He shot a huge load in my mouth and I saved that in 8 vials. I liked Stewart’s new look… wouldn’t mind trying it on myself.

I even suggested to Stewart that we could do one more transfer with him… or even more really, as I had two of his original DNA vials and 8 of his enhanced. And I also saved 8 more from my one step enhanced version of Stewart. I could easily make him into anyone else, then change him back to the way he was now, or one step enhanced further by using my current DNA sample, or even two steps more enhanced by using his current 2X enhanced Stewart. He was definitely intrigued. But he had a life and some things to do. We made plans that I would meet him again in 7 days, two more transformations, and then we’d spend at least 4 days together. He was a young enough man that he could pass off his height increase as a late growth spurt, and then his muscle with some XL or XXL t shirts and the story he’d been working out. Then, when he came back again, we could make him bigger again… and then he could visit his family and friends, and then one more time, we could make him grow yet again. He could theoretically grow as big as we cared to make him, if we did it a month at a time. or so.

I agreed I’d help him end up the ultimate Stewart he wanted, if he would agree to play some fun parts for me. He left with a kiss and a promise.

In the meantime I had about 3 days of being enhanced Stewart. I sunbathed, worked out at the gym, and when Todd called and left me a message I emailed him a reply… I’d be in town on Friday, if he wanted to get together. He replied that he did.

I enjoyed the time as Stewart… even managed to get together with Stewart v2.0 for Thursday night… and we had very safe sex, to avoid an unwanted transformation… condoms, and no swallowing. It worked fine. I laughed, remembering when I’d been giant Milo and had covered Rob with my cum… luckily he didn’t like to swallow! Or who knows what would have happened to him.

Or perhaps, I thought, maybe the transfer only worked secondarily for a short time after my initial transformation. Stewart had changed in the first hour after my transformation to Milo. Surely Rob must have swallowed some of my cum.. and those other guys… that must be it. Only while I was still in the initial hour or so, would the transfer work.


I told Stewart my ideas… we agreed to meet Saturday and run a test. Friday morning I woke in Stewart’s bed, and turned back into… me. I was a bit embarrassed but Stewart was very cool. I knew that I wasn’t bad looking, or out of shape, I just wasn’t.. hot… or hung… or super muscular. and I was 42 years old. We got a bit frisky but I reminded Stewart he had work.. .and I had a date with Todd. Didn’t want to risk an unplanned transfer.

So he kissed me chastely on the cheek and walked across the bedroom to get dressed. I watched him in the early morning light… that incredible ass pumping as he walked away, his meat hanging and swaying as he pulled on his very elastic briefs. His muscles stretching and bulging in the light… wow. Breathtaking.

I went in to the office and told them I needed a leave of absence. The timing was good, with the economy. They promised me that when I was ready that the job would be waiting. I didn’t really expect that I would be back. Id made half the money I made in a year with a few dates with Todd. Think what you will… but I didn’t want to waste my time when I had a much easier route to a living.

I went to the bank and arranged for a living trust for my property, with some provisions that I would always be able to access the money… and my house. Took some interesting workarounds… but I have an attorney who doesn’t ask questions too much.

and then it was about 1pm and I wanted to transform… I didn’t want Todd changing because he swallowed one of my loads.

I took two of the full to the brim vials of Rob. then… I remembered that last time… when I’d joked with myself that I was going to try for 12 inches soft next time. I found another vial of Rob, that was only about 1/4 full. I really hadn’t wasted anything… that would be silly when the vials were a few pennies each in bulk. They sat on the counter, thawing. When they weren’t super cold I stuck them in my pocket. After a few minutes warming to body temperature… I took the caps off all three, drank them down quickly, rinsed them and drank the diluted to get ever drop, and hit the timer.

Todd, if things went according to plan, would be in for a fun evening… if every time Rob showed up he was a bit taller, more buff, more hung… Todd should find that irresistible.

I started the videotape at 10 minutes. I had three cameras set up this time, one full body and one close up on my face, and another close up on my groin… it was a bit of a toss up, should I record a fully nude transfer, or wear some stretchy briefs and one of my thin med t shirts. I finally… decided for the full nude as it were.

I had a small hand mirror. I checked my eyes every few minutes… and at 16 minutes they turned incredible Rob green. I felt the buzz… a bit stronger this time. I wondered if each time I changed to the same DNA it was easier, more extreme, or the extra 1/4 vial was really that much more. There were a lot of unexplained variables.. and I was going to explore them all!

At any rate… I have to say the buzz was very welcome. In another minute, I felt the familiar warmth tingling in my 3” soft penis and completely average testicles. I felt a bit of soreness settling in my balls and even my cock… I smiled in spite of the discomfort. This was going to be … GOOD.

I looked at myself in the mirror and … my penis was swelling… growing longer and thicker. Already it was starting to resemble Rob’s average head with giant torpedo shaft of a cock… although no where near Rob’s size yet. It was 18 minutes and I picked up the ruler and held it down next to my flaccid cock… which was already hanging down 4 1/2 inches… no, make that 5 inches. I watched on the monitor… it was pretty amazing to see my cock swelling with growth and hanging. At 20 minutes my cock was 6 inches soft and thick. Bigger around than my normal cock and already as long soft as I was normally hard. I looked up and my hair was starting to turn blonde and a bit thicker. Also I was starting to show a bit more of a resemblance to Rob.

At 22 minutes I noticed that I was almost 8 inches long. That was hot but… that seemed unusual, that perhaps the transformation was speeding up. Normally I didn’t start to change until 20 minutes in… this was starting 4 minutes earlier and seemed to be progressing faster. or… was it just more? I wouldn’t know for another 28 minutes.

At 23 minutes I was already over 8 inches and well on the way to 9 inches. The buzzing in my head got… louder. My cock began to grow faster… it was past 9 inches and looked like it was changing faster. Swelling like.. I don’t know what like. The closest thing I’ve seen is time lapse photography of a cucumber growing…

At 25 minutes… I suddenly noticed that my testicles were still sore… they’d been growing. Now they were protruding from behind my cock. They were as big as Rob had ever been… and I still had about 5 minutes of cock and testicle growth left. The next thing I looked at was my cock… now hanging down past 10 inches. And seriously, thick. I mean, Rob had a normal sized head and a torpedo shaft that was oversized and he was hung a bit over 9”. My cock was his, seriously magnified. I mean, my cock head wasn’t normal sized this time. It was BIG, but the torpedo shaft was so much bigger in proportion!

And then I was at 27 minutes and well past 11”. and my testicles… huge. about 30% more massive than my last transform as Rob. Why was 1/4 vial extra doing … so much more? Was there a threshold amount over which changes became unpredictable and extreme?

At 28 minutes… my cock was hanging past 12”. Soft.

Then… my testicles… they were, so heavy… swollen they felt, but hard, like rocks hanging in my scrotum.

If I got too big, I would miss my date with Todd… not a disaster, but… would be a shame to miss out on all that cash. I was a bit shocked, I had wanted maybe 12”. And I was growing longer.. longer… longer… past 13”. And it was minute 29. Then my cock grew more and more and finally stopped at almost 14”. Not quite, then… it was exactly 14”. Holy Crap. I was 3 inches longer than I’d been on my last Rob transformation. and my balls were, well, about 50% bigger. They felt like heavy, sore, lumps in my scrotum.

I looked up. My transformation was continuing as my face morphed into Rob’s hot blond sexy surfer jockness. Then I started to grow taller and taller. I was already over 6’ tall at 33 min. By the time I 35 min had inched up another couple of inches. At 37 minutes I was 6’6” tall. I grew taller still, until I was 6’ 8” tall at 38 minutes. But the growth continued. I swelled upwards… and finally slowed, stopping as I reached the height of 6’10” tall. Then at 42 minutes the muscle growth kicked in… and I mean KICKED IN. I grew more and more muscular until I reached 50 min. when the transformation stopped. My nipples stuck out an inch. My pecs were huge muscle pilllows. My lats were particularly thick and huge. I was magnificent. My abdominals were so big they were sticking out almost like a roid gut. But it was all muscle. And my thighs, my glutes, huge muscled flexing sweaty mounds.

The buzz faded. I was huge. I looked in the mirror. I went into the wardrobe and grabbed some 34/40 slacks. I grabbed some athletic boxer briefs, waist 34… these were cut down the whole thigh to just above the knee. On me, they didn’t quite reach as far down as the model guy on the box. I pulled on an XXL muscle T and an XXL dress shirt… a 34 inch belt, the biggest socks I could find in the drawer on my huge feet, and then size 16 shoes.

I guessed it would work. Todd was a bit unusual, lived in his own dream world anyway.

We met for dinner at 7pm. We had an amazing good time. We went to the Opera. Really. La Boheme. He held my hand. We went back to his mansion and I let him worship me.

“My God you are huge!” Todd exclaimed. “How tall are you?”

“I’m 6’8” I lied to him.. “but these boots make me taller.”

“And your muscles!”

“Yeah, I’ve been doing a cycle of light roids at the gym, putting on some muscle mass.”


Todd loved hearing about my workouts… I did some pushups for him, he worshipped my biceps… licking them and sucking them. That started to provoke an erection and I looked down. Todd reached down and grabbed my cock. It was already half hard and bigger than last time I’d been with him. He looked puzzled. Uh Oh.

“I’ve been vacuum pumping” I said. His eyes grew wide.

“You like?”

He nodded vigorously.

Then he had my cock in his mouth. It was many hours since my transformation and I’d emptied my nuts a couple of times right away that afternoon. That heavy rock hard denseness I was feeling in my nuts? I was a supershooter. (and yeah I had saved samples of my current DNA in the fridge… 20 of them… cause I shot a LOT)

I filled his stomach. He fucked me and that was nice. He seemed to enjoy fucking me now I was so muscular… that was one of his fetishes I must have triggered.

Well, we had a fun evening. He even used a strap on dildo that was as big as my living one to fuck me. THAT was hot.

And at the end of the evening… he shoved another big wad of cash in my slacks, then reached down and squeezed my giant cock.

“Am I going to see you again?” I asked him.

“I don’t think so… I… I don’t want to fall in love.” Todd said. “I know what this is.”

“Hey, no worries, you don’t need to fall in love with me,” I told him. “But when you feel the need, you call me. I will come.”

He nodded.

“Promise me you’ll call?”

He nodded.

I kissed him goodnight.

I called Stewart on the way home and he met me at the house.

He REALLY liked me as triple enhanced Rob. We had some fun. I suspect he was a narcissist.. so that was hot to him as I kinda resembled him… in general type. But I towered over him, and the muscle that had seemed so impressive to me earlier in the week, well, his biceps were big, but next to mine they vanished.

“Damn,” Stewart said… feeling my 14” soft cock and twisting my nipple with his other hand, “I wish I’d been here for you when you transformed into this… this is soooooo hotttt i want to feel what a blonde guy has when he’s hung like THIS!” He shook my cock which started to get hard.

I’d already told him that the transform hadn’t worked on Todd, so… it was only immediately after that I was… contagious.

But I’d saved the samples from when I had just transformed. I told Stewart my idea and he agreed. Otherwise he’d have to wait out the weekend for me to end this transformation and then catch a ride on the next one.

I had no idea how many of the vials would be needed for his transformation, if it would work at all. We tried to figure out the amount from what we remembered. Then we decided it might take 3 vials. But Stewart insisted on 5. We had 20… so… well, it wasn’t the smartest decision maybe but remember Stewart was a size queen and I was hypersexed.

So we thawed out 5 full vials from this afternoon, and dumped them in a glass with some cool water and Stewart downed the half cup of lukewarm water with the little swimmers carrying the 3X enhanced Rob DNA.

I clicked on the timer.

Stewart lay down with me on the bed. We spent a long time kissing. He loved my big tongue down his throat… made him moan with passion as he sucked on it. And he couldn’t keep his hands off my pecs and biceps and delts.

After a while he paused. “I can feel it!” he said.

I looked at his eyes. They weren’t turquoise anymore… they were Incredible Rob green.

He wrapped his legs around me. “I want to fuck you while I change!” Stewart said.

I nodded and his 13” cock soon slipped into my waiting ass and he felt so good. As the minutes passed, he felt better and better as his cock swelled in my ass. Finally I felt full with him. I glanced over at the clock. It was 25 minutes. Stewart was really turned on and I could feel his balls wacking my ass cheeks as he fucked me.

I looked up at him as I felt myself stretched more and more. He was looking more like Rob now than Stewart! It was incredible. Stewart looked down at himself fucking me and whatever he saw made him smile and he rammed me harder. I could take it but I was feeling overly full. And still … I looked at the clock. 28 minutes. He continued to fuck me and I could feel my ass stretching and finally the clock passed the 30 minute mark.

His arms and legs grew longer and he was lankier as his height increased… from 5’10 up and up and up taller and taller.

He swing me around and stood on the floor as he was now tall enough and that was more comfortable. He was sweating and panting and smiling and fucking me and loving it.

As was I. When his muscle growth kicked in he swung my legs over his shoulders and carried my weight while he still fucked me. he grew huge. After a few minutes he looked as big as me. But he continued to grow bigger and bigger. Finally, when his growth stopped, he came… flooding my insides with his cum… For about 5 minutes he came while continuing to pound my ass.

after he came in me he laid down next to me. He was huge. His muscles were all bigger than mine and his chest was hairy… something that I’d never had with Rob. His genitals, they were freaky huge. And he was at least six inches taller than I was!

We fucked all night and into the next day. Finally we fell into an exhausted sleep. We cleaned up and showered and … finally I got a good look at Stewart in the light of day. Yeah, he was about 8 inches taller than me. And superhung- 17” soft, 24 inches hard. So hung I’d probably be the only guy he could fuck with that meat. Alone, I looked like a Superheavyweight bodybuilder’s wet dream. Standing together, I looked like his little brother. Stewart laughed and laughed when I said that.

Stewart had arranged for two weeks off, and he didn’t need to return to any version of Stewart for that time… we could go on any wild rides we wanted. As long as I didn’t mind being the little brother.

Stewart and I had fun together and we invited hot guys over to the house for some wild fucking. We went down to the pro gym and invited some guys home. There was one, he was a big heavyweight powerlifter. 6’ tall and 320 lbs! amazing.

On Monday morning I returned to myself. It was amazing standing next to Stewart.. 7 and a half feet tall!

We discussed what I should become… Stewart was really happy as enhanced Rob but I think Milo was on his mind… and we’d had some pretty interesting samples saved up. Finally it was decided that I would try to become a heavyweight pro bodybuilder that we’d encountered. Mike was a big man, 6’3” and he’d been on the sauce for years… a pro competitive bodybuilder he was also one of those guys that you couldn’t help but stare at something more than his muscles. He was hung a good 10 inches when he was hard with big balls too.

We’d had some fun with him and saved up a bunch of samples- 23 vials. Easy enough for me to do with Stewart distracting him.

Stewart told me that what he wanted was to see what my transformation looked like before he decided whether he would follow me.

I know that what was on his mind was that big meat packed in his stretchy thong. He wasn’t looking forward to losing that unless he had something worth trading for. I said as much and he laughed.

Since we were at loose ends… I hadn’t heard from Martin for a long time… I was happy to explore some extremes. We’d also discussed mixing two samples too… to see if they wouldn’t combine. But I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Stewart wanted me to try an extreme change, to see what happened. I’d never used more than 2 1/4 vials for a transform. I decided to try for double that. Stewart insisted I go for 5 vials. He said it was the only way that we’d really know what the doubling would do.

He… convinced me.

And I think I was out of control maybe I wanted to see what that would do.

I drank down the 5 thawed vials.

“okay now don’t get mad” Stewart said.

“Why should I get mad?”

“Because I gave you three of the Mike vials and a Rodrigo and a Nick.


“Well we’ll see if you morph into a mix of the available DNA.”

Now Mike was a giant bodybuilder white guy with a 10” cock and hairy chest and legs and arms… Nick you remember as the very hung 6’ tall ripped dancer with giant balls… Rodrigo was an indian bodybuilder we’d met, very handsome and smooth and about 6’ tall- that amazing dark skin and white teeth and a superthick uncut cock.

I couldn’t stay mad at Stewart… he was… persuasive. And before I knew it his cock was down my throat and he was unloading a heavy load of 3x Rob down my throat.

Like I said I was out of control.

Stewart had set the clock, and had shot that load down my throat only a few minutes after I’d swallowed the vials.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. I waited and waited. 20 minutes passed. nothing. I figured somehow things had cancelled out. Then I felt a buzzing and looked in the mirror. My eyes changed to a sparking green/blue… a mix of what might be Mike and Rob and Nick… nothing really of the brown eyes of Rodrigo.

It was 22 minutes when my 3” soft cock started to grow. umm. I mean, exploded with growth. I felt a hot burn start in my cock and in my nuts and it HURT. In a minute my cock was doubled in size and continued to hang lower and lower and thicken. Definitely Rodrigo had something going there I was superthick already and foreskin covered my cockhead already.

My nuts hurt and grew and hurt and grew and in two minutes the skin of my scrotum was tightly stretched and my balls were still growing! My scrotum started to grow huge but my balls just grew to fill all of the available space in the sac!

At 25 minutes my cock was already 10 inches long. Stewart was laughing and clapping his hands with delight.

By 28 minutes my cock was hanging as low as my knees and my testicles were so big they were like Ostrich Eggs I’d seen in a museum once. HUGE. Then the skin on my cock turned golden brown and that spread across my body quickly. That had to be Rodrigo I vaguely heard Stewart say. Then the height growth kicked in and I grew taller. I grew as tall as Nick, and continued to grow. I grew as tall as Rodrigo and continued to grow. I grew as tall as Rob and continued to grow. I grew as tall as Mike and continued to grow.. taller and taller and taller. Finally I stopped growing at 7’ tall.

Then my bones creaked and my muscles grew. I was ripped- that was Nick, but I grew HUGE… that was from Mike and Rodrigo… and handsome… from Rob and Rodrigo mixed… and dark hair filled in my pubes and up my treasure trail and across my pecs. My hair was dark and long and silky and hung almost to my shoulders… that was a mix of Nick and Rodrigo.

Then I felt the growth subsiding. I loved the sensation of muscle and sex… overwhelming. tapping two pro bodybuilders made me supervascular and cut and ripped and HUGE.

Stewart looked at my package and my muscle. It’s true he was 6 inches taller than I was but nowhere near the hypermuscularity I now sported and my package was double his size in volume.

“Oh yeah I want me some of that!” Stewart said. He stroked me erect in a few seconds and a river of precum started leaking from my cock. He worked my foreskin and stroked me. It was incredible. I felt his lips on my cock and then my giant head was behind his lips and in his mouth and I felt his huge tongue on me. He was drinking my juice and I started to cum, one spurt, then another, then a bigger spurt, then a long shot, then another long shot, then more and more. He sucked it all down. Finally he lay across the bed, exhausted. I stood over him, stretching my massive arms and muscled torso and he watched me with adoring eyes. I stroked myself and flexed and shot a huge load across his chest. He licked up a bunch of it and swallowed it down, watching me. It was so hot I shot another huge load across his chest and face. He opened his mouth and caught a bunch of it. I shot and shot on him. I couldn’t think of anything else. And then he started to change. Rob went away and combo-muscle-man arrived. His package… bigger still than mine. He was in some pain as his cock burned with that growth! He was over my 7’ in height by 3 inches at least and his muscles threatened to overwhelm his body. His chest was twice as hairy as mine and when the transformation was over he was magnificent.

We tumbled together onto the bed and had sex for the next three days. We didn’t even go out. Finally on the morning of the fourth day, I felt a buzz settle in. Stewart was sleeping. I left the bed. I was shrinking. After 30 minutes I was my 42 year old self albeit more ripped and carrying the giant genitals between my legs. Those however shrank away and after 50 minutes I was myself. More fit, but definitely just me.

I looked around. The place was trashed. I could think clearly for the first time in 4 days.

I knew that Stewart was in trouble… he’d never want to return to himself he would be trapped in this muscle forever and I’d promised him he’d return to his family. He had in fact convinced everyone he was going to be a pro bodybuilder and it was easy enough to hide his package with the right slacks or shorts… so if he came back to them a bit bigger they would have to accept him.

I took out two of the 2x enhanced Stewart vials. I waited while I watched Stewart sleeping. When about a half hour had passed, I drank down the 2X enhanced Stewart vials.

I waited, changing into Stewart. I jerked off when my eyes changed color to turquoise and kept jacking and cumming for the next 20 minutes. I ended up with 12” erect. That was pretty impressive, should keep anyone happy… but I knew Stewart. After I finished growing to be 6’ tall and muscled and hot, I jerked off and got a good sample… 4 or 5 vials worth anyway, and I mixed it in a glass of milk and woke Stewart and while he was still sleepy I handed him the glass and he drank it before he woke up all the way. He was pretty out of it, we’d been going at it for 4 days almost. I got up behind him and massaged his shoulders… god they were huge and kept him distracted until it was well into his transformation. Which was unfortunate, as his transformation began with his shrinking down to only 14” long erect with baseball sized testicles and 6’2” tall. Stewart was out of it… confused for the most part, I sucked him off and made out with him and finally he was done and the haze cleared away from his eyes.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Look..!” I said.

He stood up… MY GOD what an ass he had now you just wanted to eat him up!

He looked in the mirror. 4X enhanced Stewart looked back. Soft his cock was superthick and 10” long. He wasn’t going to be wearing any large muscle T shirts anymore… nor was he going to be wearing the pants he’d arrived in.

He looked around the room. “I guess we trashed the place?”

“Definitely” I said. Then we kissed and it was okay. I jerked off again and had another good production. Then Stewart, that sneak, took one of those vials I was going to store and drank it. He morphed again, growing another inch taller and more muscled… and even more hung. 11” soft and 15” hard. He would never be able to complain again he was bigger than Milo… by two inches!

Then we both jerked off and saved 8 vials of 3x and 5x enhanced Stewart each.

“What will your family say?” I asked him.

“I guess I don’t care. What can they say? That I can’t grow taller or go to the gym? And…they won’t see this, not directly.” Stewart said, gesturing at his much increased junk hanging and swaying in the breeze. Amazing!

We agreed to meet again in a month. He would need to lay low, slouch, and otherwise hide himself from his family and friends until they got used to his… new size. I gave him some old levi’s I’d bought at the thrift store, 32/38’s and they looked damn good on him. He certainly tore a few new rips in them pulling them over his massive thighs. And he went commando.. that sneak. WOW. And I gave him an XL t shirt I had bought off the thrift store rack. That was a joke. it didn’t fit so I handed him an XXL muscle t. Wow. That was painted on.

“No worries” Stewart said. “You need to have a break I am sure… see you next month?”



I kissed him on the cheek. “I promise.”

He looked at me “God Damn you’re a good looking man.”

I laughed.. he was looking at me.. I looked just like him, but 3 inches shorter, 20 lbs less muscular, and 3” less in the cock department. And with balls that might fit in some underwear, at least theoretically.

I was alone, with three days more of the 3x Stewart to enjoy. He was sexy and fun and at least I could THINK when I was him… unlike that muscle and cock behemoth I’d become for 3 days. I wondered what I would do next?


Part 3

Believe it or not, I coasted on the 3x Stewart. That was a good person to be. I went to the beach, I body boarded, I flirted, I worked out on the rings at the beach, I went to the movies with a nice guy I’d met and he kissed me goodnight.

“You don’t even remember me do you Stewart?” Ooops.

“Oh, I thought that might be you.” This was some guy that Stewart had known! “I try to put things that don’t work out out of my mind. Sorry. Don’t take it personally.”

What a freak this guy must be!?

I told him I was using my middle name now and he seemed to accept that.

Then he said goodnight and drove off.

Which is a good thing, as I started to feel a buzz coming on. When I got home I was myself again.

I would have to call Stewart and tell him I’d run into Matt.

but first, I wanted a new transformation… something that had been on my mind, I can be persistent.

I thought about Nick.. that had been fun, and then I thought about Fred. I still had the old sample of Fred, remember that I’d swapped with the two original Milo samples? I wanted to know what a little hot stud bottom boy would be like. He’d only been 5’2” he told me (If that… I figured he was like 5’ tall) with a biggish cock and a blond cowlick and hazel eyes. Well, he was a hottie.

i grabbed that vial, yes I had relabeled the first two Milo vials back to Fred. Then I thought about Nick. I had 6 samples of Nick left… I thought why not mix it up? Nick and Fred were both bottoms, Nick was major hung and big balled and Fred had a fat cock and was a short drink of water although muscled…. So I took out the Fred vial and the Nick vial and I thawed them out and I drank them down. I hit the timer… and waited.

hmm hoo humm… nothing. well, it was still just ten minutes in. I wondered what it would be like to be … that short. I waited for a few more minutes. 15 minutes. nothing. hoo hummm hoe… I was antsy okay? I thought about taking another vial… another Nick… that would be hot. Or another really hung guy. Or another bottom boy we’d met a few… or a bodybuilder. I looked through my notes.

Then I realized… I could take another Martin. He was hung and sexy and short… I grabbed one of the Martin vials and ran it under the warm water in the sink and it melted enough and then I swallowed the half frozen cum and felt it slide down my throat.

I ran back into the bedroom. 18 minutes. Nothing. I waited. 20 minutes. nope. 21 minutes. My eyes turned hazel at 22 minutes… a bit more blue hazel than Nick’s. and that was the start of a pretty scarey evening.

The transformation began and I stripped quickly. I had guessed that with the combination of Nick and Martin with the added in of Fred… all of them hung, Fred thickly so, Nick an 11” ramrod with giant balls, and Martin a giant 9” salami with big balls too.

Well I sure felt warmth centering in my groin… it was a bit easier warmth than taking in someone’s DNA that was enhanced, that always provoked a more extreme reaction I realized. But the warmth was intense and this time I pulled on some size 32 waist lycra shorts.. that super stretchy shiny fabric. These were yellow and red in a diagonal pattern. My absolutely average 3” soft cock looked absolutely average in the shorts. The waistband was a okay fit on me, I thought the DNA sample donors had smaller waists than I did.

I turned on the camera.

It was 23 minutes and there was some growth in the shorts, that was for sure… penis and testicles were shifting around as they started to feel the initial growth.

There was a final blaze of warmth and my package started to swell. I pulled out the waistband and looked down. Things down there were starting to swell up!

In the mirror my package swelled until it was twice the volume. The fabric started to stretch and I could see my cock start to grow, it’s outline became thicker and I could see the ridge on the crown of my glans growing bigger and wider… and it started to push forward, down in front of my balls, as it lengthened. It might have had to double back but my balls were now growing so quickly that there was a bigger circumference for my cock to stretch around! And the extra weight started to make the fabric stretch and sag as my testicles grew bigger and heavier! I remembered that Nick was a supershooter and so was Martin… this was going to be interesting! Finally I saw the clock was approaching 28 minutes and still my package was growing and sagging in the tightly stretched fabric. It looked even bigger than my first double vial transform with Nick… quite a bit bigger… maybe there was something to crossmatching DNA characteristics?

Well, at 29 minutes my package was looking pretty rediculously large… but deliciously hot! I could see each ostrich egg testicle fully outlined in the ever stretching fabric (how stretchy was this lycra anyways?!), and my cock was so big, it was so thick- okay it was a holiday beef log!- and it had a big head, with a huge flaring crown. and there was a certain promise of length… even confined in the tightly stretched fabric it looked to be at least 8 or 9 inches long. Finally I looked up at 30 minutes. My hair was short, blond, with a cute little cowlick. I started to shrink shorter and shorter, at an increasing speed… at 37 minutes I wasn’t my 5’10” anymore, I was less than 5’3” tall and still shrinking. Finally I stopped at about 5’ tall. My muscles did mound up, I was a short hot gymnast with big pecs and lats and thighs and calves, or I would be if I weren’t so altogether short and small. Except in the shorts. I pulled down my shorts and my cock and balls dropped. I was a good 10 inches soft and my balls were huge. It was awesome. I was a cute short… too short, hot little stud bottom with a giant package. I felt strong and light. I pulled on some size med boys boxer briefs. Now that was a picture! I jerked off and saved the giant load… there was plenty there!

I pulled on some 27/26 levis and turned up the cuffs with a double fold. A satin stretch muscle shirt… small, bulged nicely on my muscular torso. This was a good look. Very different. The ceiling was so … high! It was only about, heck, it wasn’t even a foot shorter than I was used to… but I guess we’re very sensitive to that. I checked out my bum in the mirror. HOT! And I have to admit, the thought of a big cock plunging into the crack between my very sexy bubble butt cheeks was definitely a BIG turn on. And my throbbing cock threatened to burst out of my jeans but I managed to control myself. I needed to find someone to … help me with my new fetish. So this is what it was like to be a total bottom!

I was heading out of the front door when I was grabbed and slammed back into the room. I would have been seriously hurt if I wasn’t so muscled. I looked up from the big hands grasping my shirt. It was Matt. Uh oh. Crazy man.

“So who are you?” I stammered.


“Fred!” I blurted out. Not really but close enough and it was the closest thing to the surface of my mind.

Matt seemed beside himself. I smelled the reek of smoked crack on him. He’d been using.

“So Fred is what Stewart left me for? You’re a SHRIMP!”

“You… you must be Matt… Stewart talks about you all the time…!’

“He does?”

“Yes he told me how much he loved you and how he was so embarrassed when he ran into you today and he couldn’t even speak!”

“He did?”

“You’re so handsome! I had no idea… no wonder Stewart tells me he’s going to leave me for you…”

I was frantic. Fortunately Matt was high as a kite. I reached out and touched him. He was … responsive. I reached down and felt him up and he moaned and I unzipped my pants and my big meat flopped out. His eyes bugged out.

He didn’t waste any time going down on my meat, and only the thought of what this would do to him gave me an erection. It’s pretty funny, really. Except that I was terrified. This was a new kind of sexuality for me. But I was so scared and frightened I knew that only engaging Matt sexually would keep him from beating me to a pulp. In a few seconds I felt the blood rushing into my cock and plunging down Matt’s throat as he gagged in surprise. But he clamped down and sucked on my cock. I think he was whimpering. He must have been … well, whatever the reason he was way out of line and I was going to teach him a lesson.

I felt my balls churning at the thought of my revenge and I quickly shot a huge load down his throat before he had a chance to reconsider our tryst.

After he was overwhelmed. He’d been jerking his meat while he sucked me off and he came, a few short spurts and then he collapsed on the floor. I was still hard and I encouraged him to keep sucking on my cock. Anything to keep him… distracted. I managed to get off another massive load in short order. It was crazy sex but I was in the presence of the worst possible sort… if I didn’t seduce him he’d rape me or … worse. Odd that should get me hard again but I blew another load down his throat.

He fell back, delirious. I waited, not moving, scarcely breathing. My cock… Jesus it stuck out a foot and a half! was dripping cum and saliva and jerking with each beat of my heart.

I glanced across to Matt. He was laying on the ground and started to cry. pathetic! I glanced at the clock on the wall, it looked like it was maybe 7 or 8 minutes since I had blown my load down his throat.

I waited… after 10 minutes he stopped sobbing and sat up.

“Why does he want you and not me? Is it just because of …. that…!?” he gestured at the only foot and a half long erect cock in the room.

“I think that he doesn’t care if I’m hung.”


“No, he likes me because we, click on a different level. He likes me because I treat him well and respect him and don’t demand anything of him that he doesn’t give willingly…

“What kind of relationship crap is that? You stand there with a giant cock and you say that he likes you because you’re NICE to him? You’re a fucking idiot!”

“Maybe I am…” Just then the clock hit fifteen minutes. Thank God. If I had to keep talking to this sad sack I would throw myself off the nearest bridge. Well you get the idea. “Would you like to have a giant cock and be huge hung?”

“What? who wouldn’t want to be huge hung?”

“That’s good to know” I said as his eyes changed to hazel.

He was confused, as the heat built up on his already addled brain. He basically passed out.

I took his keys and went outside and found his car and pulled it up into the driveway. After about 30 minutes he was huge hung, bigger even than me, and shorter too… I picked him up and carried him out to the car. I drove to the address on his license and carried him upstairs and put him to bed. Then I put his keys on the dresser and walked out. I walked down to the blvd and took a bus home. It was fun. There was a guy checking me out. He was… sexy. Tall. And he had a big bulge in his pants.

He got off the bus with me, came into the house and came upstairs with me and fucked me back to the stone age. Turns out I was a pretty aggressive bottom. After he left- I never did get his name- I showered. It was still early enough that I could hit the clubs so I dressed again and drove to the clubs. I had a fun time. A lot of guys bought me drinks. I didn’t drink much cause I only weighed about 140 lbs… if that!

But I had fun and there were some great guys there. I can’t really explain it I didn’t want to deal with what had happened, I was in denial.

Whatever happened, I knew I never wanted to see Matt again. Which meant he wasn’t going to be himself. Ever. Not that he could be. Maybe he wouldn’t be fucking crazy with the new DNA.

i ended up in a sling that night at a house party. The next morning I went home.

I realized I had to call Stewart. I got him on the second ring and after I explained who I was I told him what had happened.

He came over immediately. When he came in I had a bit of an emotional reaction, he held me in his big arms and I felt safe. He looked at me and said how cute I was.

I kissed him. It turned into a more passionate kiss. In a few minutes we were 69ing. That was a surprise for Stewart. He loved my package. I loved his package and our cocks were almost the same size. But my balls were bigger. but the best thing was when he took my ass… him stretching me wide… I couldn’t get enough. Also I discovered that my nipples were wired… when he was in me and playing with my nipples, my cock grew hugely erect, rock hard and jerking… reaching up to between my nipples. It was amazing. Fortunately Stewart was supersexed- and super turned on by my short stature and my need to have him FUCK me. He stayed with me through the day and … well, he made everything all right.

As far as Matt, we didn’t do anything. He wouldn’t know anything about what happened, or it would be a blur, and maybe having his DNA rewritten was the best thing for him. Besides, what could he actually do? What could he say? It was impossible. He wouldn’t believe anything other than he’d had a psychotic break and amnesia or psychosis.

I asked Stewart how things were going with his friends and family and work. He’d gotten a raise, his father had told him he was proud of him and his friends, well, they were a bit freaked but the close ones didn’t care. Some of them were grabbing his arm or asking him to “make a muscle”. That was hysterical. Stewart and I laughed and laughed. I really needed the release.

That night I spent in, watching porn, playing with dildoes and I saved up a bunch of my current DNA. I liked this short little stud puppy that I’d become. And the big surprise in my pants was very cool especially considering my short stature.

“You’d sure be a hit in speedos at the beach!” said Stewart. “you could do some gymnastics with your big package swinging!”

“You could do the same!” I retorted. That sparked an idea. I had the sample I’d saved with the transformation still active, and if I turned into the 5X Stewart and saved that first load… well, I arranged to get together with Stewart that weekend. He took a few days off.

I didn’t have time after the change back so I waited for Stewart. That gave me a day to go visit a few friends, it was good to see them, but I felt like I was drifting away from them. I didn’t identify with being in my 40’s I felt like I was in my 20’s. Well, I was most of the time.

That night when Stewart arrived I handed him 3 vials of the short blonde bottom I’d just been. I took two vials of 5x Stewart.

We stood and looked at each other. I was 42 years old and completely average. Stewart… well, he was 6’ 3” tall and hung 11” soft and almost 15” hard and 23 years old. And he was built like a middleweight bodybuilder. Didn’t seem to bother Stewart, the differences between us. This was going to be different esp for Stewart. He was going to be short and aggressive and all bottom.

I was going to be an even more enhanced version of Stewart now.

“Are you sure?” I asked him.

“With you?” Stewart replied, “Oh yeah, anything, anytime.” I told you he was sweet. Which was pretty amazing in a giant stud like him. that was one that that didn’t change with him- his one constant.

We drank down our cum samples and hit the timer.

“Nervous yet?” I asked him.



We fooled around a bit.. safely, I didn’t want to mix the samples… and after a few minutes my eyes turned turquoise and his turned hazel a few moments later.

I stripped, and stood in front of the mirror next to Stewart. He stripped too. God he was HOT! Amazing. Those pecs… that cock… which looked to be getting bigger… and his balls were swelling too. He would be different than I’d been as Fred-Nick… his base DNA was different. Well, it meant that his cock swelled a few more inches in length and his balls were even bigger, bigger than mine had been a few days earlier. Stewart laughed… he still had his full height and muscle…

During that same time where Stewart got slightly larger, I started to experience a 6x Stewart transformation. I had his beautiful turquoise eyes… and soon.. yes, my balls felt the familiar ache, and my penis felt like it was on fire. This was from the massive enhancement… I wondered what what happening, how many base pairs that were being massively multiplied to make my penis so much larger than Stewart’s natural endowment.

Well, my penis was going to grow from 3” soft and 6” hard to bigger than Stewart’s last size… 11” soft and 15” hard. I glanced at the timer. It was at 22 minutes. Well, that was an easy calculation .. I was going to be growing more than 8” soft in length… in 8 minutes! That was the more than an inch a minute. And it was starting. Stewart just looked at me with a cocked eyebrow.. it’s funny how the same person in different bodies, well, you did learn to read them, they were basically the same at some level. At least their mannerisms were the same. That look Stewart gave me.. he was enjoying my reaction… laughing with me, not at me.

And the growth began. The years fell away as my cock swelled. This time I was standing naked in front of Stewart… I loved his eyes on me, as I turned into the man that was himself idealized. My skin lost wrinkles, the slight sags went away, minor blemishes vanished and my body dropped all fat and at 23 minutes my flaccid cock was already almost 4 1/2 inches long. It was warm, almost hot to the touch, all that growth happening so quickly. I realized I was almost gasping, that’s how tender my cock felt, and then it pushed past the 6” mark on the ruler in my hand and continued to grow and thicken. My balls were already well on their way to challenging Stewart’s increasingly massive package, and my the flared head of my glans thickened and widened. While Stewart was transmogrifying into Fred-Nick- Martin I was undergoing the most massive expansion I’d endured. At 25 minutes my flaccid penis lay hugely sprawled across the ruler, swelling past the 8” mark and quickly approaching the 9” mark… even the metal ruler was bending, flexing down as my penis became weightier and weightier. I started to worry that I might become so thick that I would be unable to fuck Stewart… then I remembered being that short needy bottom and knew I didn’t have to worry. I smiled.

“What are you laughing at?” Stewart asked.

“You’ll find out!” I told him. I shifted my stance to accomodate the growing package between my legs. That made it Stewart’s turn to laugh again.

28 minutes and my cock was stretching across the whole length of the ruler passing the 11 inch mark.. and at 29 minutes I passed the 12 inch mark and the growth continued until I was well over 13 inches flaccid at 30 minutes.

Stewart already looked a bit shorter, not much, but a bit, and his hair was developing a stubborn looking cowlick. I started to grow, shooting upwards at an inch every few minutes. Stewart, he shrank about an inch a minute. We were both about 6 feet tall for a minute, and then I was taller and he continued to spiral down. At 37 minutes I was over 6’4” tall and the muscle growth kicked into overdrive.

Stewart, well, he continued to lose size until he was about 5’3” tall. He stayed a couple of inches taller than I’d been. And his muscles were no longer those of a bodybuilder… well, they were, but more of a gymnast bodybuilder who was only 5’3” tall. He looked terrific, the only thing out of proportion on him was the massive package between his legs. And I wasn’t going to complain about that!

Likewise, I was a bit overheated and dizzy by the time we hit the 50 minute mark. When my head cleared I took a minute to catch my breath and suddenly realized I was tall again. And my skin was flawless… and my muscles… no more XL t’s for me. XXL would maybe fit. If I didn’t take a deep breath.

And standing in front of me was the cutest blonde muscle twink you ever saw, with the biggest package you ever saw on one.

Stewart was examining himself and looking up at the high ceilings. “They look a bit higher now don’t they?” I asked him.

“Yeah, but some things remain the same.” He was examining his big scrotum and giant balls, almost obscured by his equally giant waterfall penis falling over them and hanging between his muscled thighs.

“See anything you like?” I asked him.

He looked up and when his eyes focused on my giant cock I could see it hit him like a freight train. He needed a good fucking.

I didn’t tease him anymore… that would have been rude. I was, however, glad to oblige him. We played safe for a few hours so we didn’t contaminate each other’s transfomation. Each of us saved a large sample. I made sure I saved up plenty right away so that Stewart could use it if he wanted to become this version of himself I was currently enjoying. And since I was a supershooter there wasn’t any reason not to save up a bunch. There were now several different samples i had with the ability to transform someone as they were taken right after my transformations.

He was riding on my pole, and I was using what I remembered being on the other side to make him have the best possible time. I reached and tweaked his nipples. His eyes bulged at the jolt that must have gone through his body… his penis swelled completely hard and actually raised an inch up off his cobbled abdominals… that’s how hard the sensation made him.

His penis was a masterpiece… so long it the glans was up to his pecs.

“Please,” Stewart gasped, thrashing a bit on the bed, “Don’t EVER stop!”

“Oh, don’t worry Stewart,” I told him. “I won’t” He gasped and came. Again. For the 6th time. His hot cum spewed across his pecs, ran up to his neck and then dripped down around onto the bed. WOW.

I shuddered and came again too. But I still remained rock hard and I continued to plow him and he moaned with pleasure and nodded with contentment.

Well, we fell asleep like that, he fell asleep first when he was on top of me and then me while I was waiting for him to wake up.

When I woke up, Stewart was playing with my cock. The tease.

I reached over and tweaked his nipple. That got a rise out of him… and we made love in the morning light for three hours.

Saturday night we went out dancing. I got a lot of looks, and then Stewart got even more looks. Well, he was a twink! We had some fun in the back room with some of the boys. Stewart needed a lot of attention.. and I gave a lot of attention.

Sunday we stayed in. We made love, but we stayed in and enjoyed the garden and the sun in the back yard and just being together. He was so funny… sort of serious but short and that made it a bit.. charming and I was this giant smooth bodybuilder and just a big lummox according to the way he saw it. But I saw his eyes traveling over my body again and again. He loved being with me… being him especially.

In the middle of the night on Sunday I woke up. I felt the buzzing… I rolled over and went back to sleep.


Part 4

The next morning Stewart woke me up, the little scamp. He’d made me some french toast and orange juice and milk. We sat and enjoyed each other’s company. I was hungry! When I gulped the last of the milk Stewart reached over and started the timer.

“Now don’t get mad!” he said.

I stared at him and then at the empty milk glass in my hand.


“I read up your notes and thought up a combination you might like- something different!- do you remember Jim?”

I did.. he was a jacked bodybuilder with red hair and huge pecs and biceps, about 5’10” or so.. decent cock.

“And do you remember Rob? 2x enhanced Rob? And Nick? And Martin? And Milo?”

“Yes but which one did you give me?”

“One of each. Jim, 2X Rob, Nick, Martin, and Milo- actually it was 2x Milo I think.”

I just whistled. What a crazy mix!

“What made you think up that combination?”

“Muscle… and cock.”

“ah, brilliant!”

“I thought you’d approve now hurry up and change I’m horny as sin.”

“Why wait until I change?”

Stewart kissed me then and climbed on top of me. My 6” cock was plenty to ram his tight little ass… and I kept fucking him when the buzz settled in.

“unhhh” groaned Stewart, “Oh God, your eyes are the deepest blue with gold flecks in them!”

“I’ll show you some gold flecks!” I said and pounded his insatiable ass harder. It made him smile though and I knew he was loving it cause his cock was high and hard.

Also… I was twisting his invulnverable nipples… those were wired directly to his giant piece of meat and it was almost too easy… but it made me happy I could get him to that special place so easily.

Then about 20 minutes in I felt a burning in my cock and balls. Seriously. I had to stop fucking Stewart and pull out. He was concerned as i was really feeling woozy, the dizzy buzzing filled my ears and I was really sore between my legs. I lay there wondering what was going on when I realized… of the 5 samples Stewart had slipped me, 1 had been a guy with about 8” between his legs. The other four were… all of them over… Rob was 11” at this, Nick was 11”, and .. Martin had been that wonderful 9” cock that started my changes… and Milo had been over 16” at this level… I remembered that vividly…. and all of the donors had big balls. Nick had those amazing giant balls and Rob had those baseballs and Jim was low hung and Martin’s scrotum had been a big double handful… and Milo had been at least as big at Rob.

Now you may wonder about the fact that all my samples seemed to be from hung young handsome and generally well muscled guys… if not bodybuilders. It was what I liked to think of as the Martin factor. Martin had been a fun fling but that had left me with a giant sized cock and blonde hair and a hot young muscle body… and that had opened a lot of doors…. with handsome, young, hung, muscle men among others. There were a lot of guys out there, but I just naturally gravitated to the hottest guys that I could seduce. Call it survival of the fittest or natural selection or just call me a horny greedy fuck but it was coming back on me now. Stewart didn’t know what he’d down with 5 of those in my system all at once.

I was moaning in agony and my hands were clamped down on my junk which was rapidly expanding! I couldn’t see straight.

“What’s the time?” I asked Stewart.

“25 minutes!”

Already my cock was so big my hand couldn’t close around the shaft. I put one hand at the base and another on top of that and then switched my lower hand on top and I was 3 1/2 hands width long already, something like 10 or eleven inches already. And I was in serious… it was almost agony.

“Holy shit!” Stewart said. I looked down. I saw my cock, red and angry and swollen, swelling… more and more. It hurt! But why shouldn’t it? I’d tripled the length of my cock in less than 3 minutes and it was still going… 3 inches per minute! and my junk was burning… hot, I looked down and saw my massive cockhead pointed right at my face and growing- heading upwards across my chest. In another few moments my cock was touching my chin. then it was touching my lips… then my nose and finally stopped growing when it reached the top of my head.

Note to self: mixing 5 DNA samples may cause extreme enforcement of redundant characteristics…

Stewart and I had a lot of fun that week. Stewart had a lot of fun with my giant cock. It was extreme. I couldn’t go out. I seriously couldn’t. It would have gotten me arrested. I was walking around with a hard on almost continuously for the next 3 days. I mean, it would get soft, for a half hour, and then Stewart would say something, or do something, or walk on by with his hot ass pumping or his big soft dick swinging and then it would be a hot flush and I was so turned on again and the blood would rush to my cock and precum would start to drip again from the tip of my massive penis. It was actually difficult to walk, as well. Try stuffing a couple of grapefruits and a giant beef log in your underwear and walking around. Then imagine that the were actually your cock and balls, getting constrained, rubbed, and strangled every time you turned around. Or stood up. Or sat down. Or laid down. Or just stood there. And it didn’t make it any easier as I was carrying about 250 lbs of extra muscle. I topped the scale at 425 lbs. No sooner had my genitals stopped growing than I shot taller until I was 7’ 8” tall and then my muscles blew up. Like a balloon, only dense hard muscle fibre with vascular veins defined in the bulging muscles.

I could carry Stewart around like a child in my arms. I was 2 feet 5 inches taller than Stewart. With my massive muscle I was a gorilla. Stewart would walk up to me, and hold up his arms. He would be looking up at my pecs standing there. I’d hoist him up and set him down on my erection… and he would cum explosively and I would walk around with him sitting on my meat and holding him and he would shoot cum everywhere. As did I. We mopped the floors three times a day. Good thing for linoleum and hardwood floors.

The muscle power I had was very seductive, I could lift anything and I broke more than a few household items just picking them up.

But the place stayed in more or less one piece. I did call and order a new Ultra-King Bed. It was a special order, steel frame oversized with special sheets and etc. And a plastic liner to keep the cum from pooling in the mattress. Well, I stayed in the back bedroom while the bed was delivered. Stewart put the sheets on it and then brought me out. We had to wash the sheets every morning, but I’d ordered plenty of extra sheet sets. No big deal. On the third day I was done… started to shrink. I do have to say that having those massive genitals connected to my ordinary body was pretty amazing, for the 20 minutes or so before they shrank back to normal. I really was high on that flood of testosterone or whatever hormones those giant genitals were pumping out. As a result I was pretty horny when I returned to my 42 year old self. At least I was now toned and trim.

So i fucked Stewart with my 6” cock. He did seem to enjoy it but I figured that was one of the strangest ends to one of the wildest rides I’d experienced. One thing I realized was I’d been so concentrating on hung guys there was a lot I could explore. What if I went after the biggest muscle guys that I could find? Or what if I went after short muscle guys? Or really tall men? Or really short men with tiny pricks? I loved being hung but was craving more and more sensation!

That afternoon the phone rang. It was Todd leaving a message. The billionaire. I could tell from his voice he needed me badly. Or rather, Rob.

I figured I could change, then nap, and see Todd tonight or tomorrow.

I still had a bunch of the vials that I’d been using for my transformation to the ultimate Rob I grabbed three of them… I’d been going to see Todd when I was 6’10” and 14” soft and hugely muscled. I wondered what I could do to make this even more provocative for him?

I had an idea. I put back one of the vials of Rob and then I took out a vial about 1/3 full of Mike, the giant bodybuilder with the 10” cock. I wondered if I took mostly Rob with just a bit of Mike what would happen? Would you be able to tell? So I thawed out two of Rob while Stewart watched me and the 1/3 vial of Mike.

If the transfer didn’t work I could see Todd on the Sunday after I swapped back. I tossed back the DNA.

Well I have to say that was an interesting choice. What happened was that some of Mike’s characteristics were overlaid onto Rob. It wasn’t really a mix so much. What happened was I ended up with more vascular, bigger muscle, and a way more thickly massive and vascular cock. There was a big vein running down the top of my cock and you could see where it plunged down into my meat where it would feed blood to my massive erection, right behind my oversized cock head. That was something different! Rob had a torpedo cock but adding Mike into the mix made my cock head huge!

And my nipples were really sensitive this time. This was good, as I could play with them and get off for Todd. Easy.

And I had a hairy chest, dark hair curling up and swirling around my abs and across my pecs. That was new. I had more of a power muscle ass too, it looked good. And big stones weighing down my overstretched basket. Awesome. Fun.

I dressed and met Todd. Then he undressed me. He was surprised by my chest hair.

“Don’t you like it?” I asked him. “I could shave it again!”

“No no I LOVE IT!” sighed Todd.

He started playing with my chest hair and brushed on of my nipples with his hand. That was all it took. I was uncomfortable… strangled in the briefs!

“Todd I gotta get my cock free I’m gonna hurt myself or tear my pants!!”

Todd went to his knees and pulled open my slacks and then felt my huge meat straining in the boxer briefs. “Wow!” he ran his hands up and down the fabric and got the expected result. My cock lengthened and thickened prodigiously. And my big doorknob cock head really stuck out!


“Like what you feel there Todd?” He ran his hands over and over the fabric… and I started to leak precum spotting the fabric. “I’ve been going to the gym and vacuum pumping my meat to make you happy! Do you like my big huge cock head?

Todd nodded vigorously. He really liked the view. That was the start of a two day long orgy and Todd was very generous. He even called in other escorts for me to fuck and have sex with. I saved up a few samples. He had a muscled Samoan guy and a big red headed Scots bodybuilder come by, and then the next evening this tall polish huge stud with slavic features and a slavic dick that was a big curved banana, and a short stocky asian bodybuilder with a tiny cock. He like me comparing me and especially my cock with the others. Or fucking them. Or them fucking me. We had fun.

None of them were as tall as me, or as pretty as me. Or had a cock like I was swinging. But then nobody’s perfect.

I collected samples. I did wonder, when was I ever going to have a chance to try all these as I had so many favorites already???

On the morning after the second night I went home to Stewart. He was waiting for me. I fucked him all morning. It was more fun with him than all those wild guys at the mansion. Still, when the buzz hit I didn’t complain too much. After about an hour I was back to my normal self… I was definitely ripped though, the changes must be good for me cause I did look better. Tighter skin, better muscle tone. Same cock. Same height.

Oh well, you can’t have everything.

It was Sunday and Stewart was going to have to go to work on Tuesday. He was … so sexy as the little Fred- Martin- Nick bottom boy. But I did miss my Stewart. We had time for one short transformation for me and Stewart.


Part 5

Stewart wanted to wait to be himself again, which disappointed me as I was having the idea of us both changing into Stewart and being twins, boosted to the same level. Stewart agreed to do that later… darn, as I was looking forward to walking on the beach in matching speedos!

So we decided on something a bit daring for me. I was getting used to being the big man, but Stewart wanted to see me as the short boosted asian bodybuilder that I’d told him about from Todds. So I was gonna be a short stud with maybe a 4 inch cock. And an exceptional ass. Stan the japanese bodybuilder was an insatiable bottom. Even I as the giant Rob hadn’t been able to exhaust his pneumatic ass.

So the idea was Stewart would become all top! and I knew that he would need a big cock to keep me satisfied for 2 days as Stan the bottom. I added the old reliable Nick the superhung dancer to the equation- one vial, boosted 2x from my transfer. Then I added in the giant Samoan from Todd’s party. And I threw in something new, that I wouldn’t really normally use, but seemed appropriate. Sam was this guy at the baths… a huge bellied roid gut bear with a dark hairy chest and muscle and layers of fat. He was huge too, if he were to diet down I would bet he would be a great pro bodybuilder. But anyways he was this giant hairy bear with strength emanating from him.. and he had a very thick cock, 8 inches or so, and good sized balls. So I added that in. Finally I wanted to add in some muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle.. so I selected a guy who was average in every way I’d met at the baths, with the exception that he was a roided up bodybuilder with the most oversized pecs for his size I’d ever seen. That was four vials mostly full, with Nick “The Giant Dick” dancer to carry the morph.

Stewart was ready. I gave him the thawed vials and he drank them down.

“Feels weird to be planning to be such a giant top when I’m currently an insatiable bottom!”

And as he said that I drank down the Stan DNA. I immediately regretted it. You may know by now I’m a size queen so… going down to a small dicked short guy, even if he was a stud bodybuilder, was something that I was doing for Stewart. Heck, it made me happy to do it for him.

He looked at me and smiled. “You worried?”

I’m just not used to being the small guy.

almost immediately—about 10 minutes or less, my eyes turned brown and my genitals started to shrink. My skin turned that awesome brown tan color smooth and flawless. Soon, I was only 5” long. Then I shrank to 4” long. I started to get worried. I suddenly realized that bigness might be amplified, but what about characteristics for smallness? When my cock shrank to 3” I looked up at Stewart.

“You know I’m just doing this cause I love you.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Just then Stewart groaned and grabbed his groin and started massaging his junk. That was a sign he was gonna be really big.

His eyes turned dark and he sat there, rocking back and forth, pressing on his junk to try and relieve the pain.

When I looked back down my flaccid cock was about an inch and a half long.

I was shrinking by now in more ways than in the groin. My pubes were now virtually hairless and so were my pits. I had dark nipples that were about the size of nickles but stuck out. And I was shrinking in height too. This time I was dropping like an elevator and after a few minutes I was about 5’3” which is about the size Stan was but I kept shrinking. I ended up at 4’11”. And I was wishing that 11” was in my crotch. I felt like there was nothing between my legs. A stub of a tiny dick and a set of the smallest balls I’ve ever seen.

My face though was pretty damned hot… high cheekbones, square jaw, dimpled smile, perfect nose… ears fit the skull, and the hair was cropped short on the sides and just a bit longer on top so I could comb it flat, leave it as a crewcut, or spike it with gel. I ended up later liking the spikey thing.

My hands were pretty big sized for my body and my arms were long, and I had a tiny waist and wide shoulders… proportionally, that is. My feet were size 11s which was pretty big for my height. 11 inches everywhere but where it counts!

I was about ready to run to the freezer and add in some Nick but just then my muscles started to shudder and inflate. I was quickly piling on smooth rounded muscle under my skin and my delts were getting huge and my biceps had nice peaks already. And my pecs.. they were so big they belonged on some other super heavyweight bodybuilder. Not on tiny Stan.

My ass blew up kinda huge and round and firm and smooth and you could probably bounce silver dollars off of it- and it felt a bit different too there, very sensitive, unusual, nothing like Martin Fred Nick had felt…tingly almost. My quads were going from huge to humongous and my calves were continuing to pile on so much thickness I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to wear anything but baggy jeans… and those would be TIGHT.

My lats filled out wide, esp under my broad shoulders and tapered quickly in that classic V cut to my tiny waist.

I had developed thick abs along the way but they weren’t very wide, and they tapered down and pointed to the empty space between my legs. And then I thought this must be it. I looked at the clock and I saw I had ten minutes more. And that’s when my muscles got freaky big. Despite the size of my muscles my waist remained obdurately slender and my muscles started to rub together when I moved. My giant biceps pushed against my enormous pectorals, my traps were rediculously thick, I had a thick muscled neck.. and my triceps pushed and rubbed against my lats when I moved my arms. My thighs- quads, actually rolled around each other when I walked and I think my wide hips were lucky for that even though it made my waist look tinier than ever.

I looked in double mirror I’d set up and saw that my leg biceps behind the quads actually bulged outwards, like biceps on your arms- and I was gonna have to forget about the baggy jeans. i’d be lucky if I had a stretch thong that would fit over my legs. I didn’t, as it turned out later, but I did have a thong with snaps that I could wear. So that was that… I tested my voice. At least I still had a modest tenor… nothing shrieky or shrill or overly soft.

“Well, Stewart,” I said, turning to him, “what do you think- cause you’re gonna have to live wi…” I cut off suddenly.

Stewart of course had completed his transformation at the same time. I saw his back first… he was looking in the mirror. His legs were bigger around than mine… but that was to be expected, as he was 7’ tall. They were.. craggy and bulging and had black hair curling on them. His ass… almost directly at my eye level… was like Nick’s, but muscled and giant. and hairy. His lats… okay, they were thick. and ripped. and wide. And- made his back wider by sticking out on each side flaring a foot on each side. and thick. whew! He had a patch of black hair above his ass on the small of his back, pointing down to his ass. I looked down at myself and realized I wasn’t going to be going there without a strap-on. His lats… forget what I said, they were twice as big as that. His delts were defined and huge and round and above that traps as thick as his lats fought to insert themselves into the neck. His arms were too long- even for being 7’ tall they were too long and his fingertips hung almost level with his knees. I guess that was necessary because there was no other way for him to have triceps that big. Heck the back of his densely hairy forearms looked like triceps… his triceps looked like.. my calves.

His hair was black. “Well this was unexpected” a deep voice rumbled and gave my tiny prick its first 2” erection. And Stewart turned to me and I saw several things at once, each was like a flash bulb strobing, burning the images into my head.

Firstly was the enormous meat tube that was Stewart’s penis swinging like a hammer on a heavy rope… it was so long that it was down to he knees flaccid, and it would have been lower excepting that it had to travel across to top of his enormous balls before it could start to hang downwards. From the size of his soccer balls, well, Stewart was gonna have to wear a kilt- and loop his cock on a support inside to keep it from hanging out.

and then.. there was his hairy abs, on a too-tall barrel torso, a black forest of curling hair that spread up and thinned just slightly as it trekked across his massive meat pillow pecs.. excepting they were sofa- cushion pecs… make that double thick sofa cushion pecs… and then there was the watermelon biceps. I’d heard that sort of exaggeration in talking. These were watermelon sized biceps. Stewart looked at me and smiled and did a double bicep pose. I nearly fainted. His juicy huge nipples were on the underside of of the curve of his giant pecs, sticking down. And his hair was long and flowing and doing that movie star newscaster thing all flowing locks and gorgeous. His eyes were hazel… hello Nick! and he was ruggedly handsome.. only so rugged it was scary. I think he was the only man I’ve ever seen that could hurt you with a look. Just by looking at you mad it would probably break your legs. His teeth were big and white and even and he flicked out his giant tongue and touched the underside of his chin with the tip- where it joins your neck. And when he smiled… How can a giant look like a kid on christmas morning? He can if he has Stewart’s personality in that giant body and that amazing wide wonderful smile. I could fall into that and get lost. Please let that happen to me.

And now I have to apologize because I’ve been completely inadequate in describing Stewart.

but I can tell you he held out his arms to me and I ran to him and climbed up on him and he fell- like a tree in the forest falling- back onto the bed- thank god for the steel frame, it bent but didn’t break, and I was kissing him and stroking him to erection and sucking on his giant nipples while he moaned deep in his chest with pleasure.

When he fucked me… well, his body was the body that Stan’s body had been looking for his whole life. And Stewart proceeded to prove it to me… wild crazy orgy of my riding on his giant cock, his soccer balls flying as I rode him like a bull. When he came it was like heaven. I remember begging him to never ever stop fucking me.

Oh yeah, my nipples were wired to my ass… play with them and you can shove anything up me. My cock was sensitive although tiny, and I came a bit. Nothing you would notice next to the river that was Stewart.

All this from a guy that had been a top that morning. I’d heard people sometimes did flip at some point in their lives, I guess it was true.

The best part though was laying on top of Stewart, kissing him, feeling him breathe, playing with his hair, just being so close and connected. Just being, with Stewart.

That was the end of day one like that. I think of that as day one. The day I told Stewart I loved him.


Part 6

The next week Stewart called me and I was just coming in from quitting my job. I’d had another 3 day run as Rob and Todd had called me twice and paid me well. He couldn’t keep away, and I gave him the attention he needed.. I’m glad to say he was still amazed even though I used the same “Rob” from our last date… any more enhanced and I might run out of control! It had become obvious enough that I didn’t need to work… I had $70,000 in revenue from Todd and some other men who’d paid for my company.

Stewart though was very happy to see me and excited and secretive too. He came in with a paper bag. He told me he’d run into this most amazing man… he was 7’4” tall and ripped slender strong and looked hung and studly- Armenian-Polish-African- Caucasian and Spanish. Stewart couldn’t take his eyes off the man- didn’t even know his name, he’d asked how tall he was and what his heritage was… the guy had talked a bit and then gotten embarrassed and left Stewart. Well, Stewart followed this guy into the mall and the guy went into the men’s room and Stewart had gone in to check the guy out, but the man had gone into the stall and Stewart could hear him jerking off. So Stewart hid just outside the door and as he walked in he saw this tall super sexy mixed race stud throwing a tissue into the trash can and walking out. Stewart had grabbed the tissue and there’d been some cum on it, so he quickly took it to his car, rinsed the tissue in a little water he’d had in a bottle, and added in the preservative from one of the vials I had made up in case he’d find a sample he liked… but neither of us had counted on this sort of situation. But he really wanted me to change into this guy…

I took the refrigerated bottle, there was about 4 ounces of water in it. I agreed to try, although I figured, there might not be enough to do anything at all, and it hadn’t been frozen, but refrigerated overnight… Still, it was something Stewart really wanted and I didn’t mind making him happy. I could at least try.

I drank down the few ounces, and then hit the timer. Stewart was behaving like a kid at Christmas. You have to remember Stewart was now 6’2” and wearing XXL t shirts and had an 11” soft 15” hard penis… and his ass… when he walked, his beautiful turquoise eyes… so masculine, beautiful and sexy.

At about 20 minutes my eyes changed to a pale green. Very sexy! I guessed it was going to work… and then my penis began to grow at 25 package was swelling and growing, didn’t hurt so much this time but the growth was phenomenal. No wonder Stewart liked the look of this guy, already I put Martin to shame and this was after only 3 minutes! And I was already feeling a bit randy so that was unusual. No wonder this guy had headed into the bathroom stall to jerk off, he probably did at least a couple of times each day. ummm… make that 5 times a day!

Stewart was stripping my clothes off even though the room was cold. I was wearing some black stretch boxer briefs. Or at least trying to… it sure looked like my cock was trying to escape- and my balls were trying to create their own bomb-bay doors- from the way they were trying to drop through the spandex! Soon the head of my expanding penis was hanging down at the hem of the boxers, then burst free and was hanging down to my right knee. My balls were heavy like stones, rolling around in my scrotum and they were sore… felt a bit better when I rubbed them a bit, but they were sensitive and dense and heavy and roiling with cum already begging for release. I felt like my scrotum was a pressurized container quickly reaching critical mass and about to blow! But I loved the feeling of it and I found myself biting my bottom lip in anticipation of anything sexual… the idea of someone penetrating me anus was exciting, but when I thought about penetrating Stewart a roaring filled my head and I could only think about the instant my cock spread his amazing muscled ass cheeks. Stewart had found a guy who… basically existed for fucking, whose entire sexuality was all consuming and this insistent libido was going to be very difficult to control. Not that I wanted anything but more and more of it!

Soon I was growing taller and taller… I loved this taller perspective, looking down on Stewart’s cute spikey blonde hair. At any rate soon I was standing head and shoulders above Stewart… and I was muscling up some, ripped, long muscle bellies and abdominals- and I had a very nice tush muscling up behind my package. My skin was a beautiful golden olive tone and I was charged with sexual energy.

I liked this change… I decided to call this form Randy cause that’s how it made me feel! Stewart liked the name. I jerked off right away so we could save the samples. HOT! I shot long creamy white streamers of thick hot cum! amazing! And with such force that it splatted when it smacked into the cup that I was shooting into. There was plenty for Stewart to follow me into randy-land. More than plenty, if I let Stewart take all of this he would be a monster! I thought I would have to make sure that didn’t happen, and then I thought that I should force the cup full of cum down Stewart’s throat. I was a sexual animal… in heat. The blood pounding in my head was making it difficult to think.

Stewart was as turned on as I’d ever seen him. I was happy to discover he wasn’t only into … umm, himself!

Well, then I had another discovery. Stewart wanted to be transformed too… but not as my double… he was looking to become that Fred- Nick- Martin ultimate bottom…. I guess it’s hard to resist being fucked like that when your body and mind is wired for it to give you such pleasure! However, he even wanted to overdo it this time… when I’d transformed I’d saved up a lot of the initial jo from that first time… so we’d given him 3 of the vials for the first transform. This time Stewart insisted on 5 of the vials. We had a LOT of them so it didn’t seem like a waste… and I wondered what that much would do to him… certainly he’d be more hung, more sexual, more muscled, and taller…

While I was dithering about it Stewart took five of the vials and ran them under warm water.

“Well, we could argue about it but it would be so terrible to waste this…!” And with that Stewart drank down one- two- three- four- and the fifth and last vial.

Well, about 15 minutes later his eyes changed and he started to shrink. His penis, however, thickened prodigously and his testicles blew up to amazing size. His blonde hair developed that cowlick and he got that cute Fred thing going on… but then his muscles kicked in and he really was a lot more muscled than his last transformation. He was 5’6” tall this time… I was 2 feet taller than he was and that was pretty hot. His butt stuck out like two golden brown tan hemispheres… he didn’t have a bubble butt this time rather it looked as firm as two stainless steel mixing bowls shoved under his skin! Imminently fuckable that is for sure!

And I did. He was so turned on the minute I touched his nipples that his cock sprang erect, up to the bottom of his pecs.

“Hey check this out” I told him. I took my incredibly long dick and turned it up under my legs and shoved my own cockhead in my ass. I could literally fuck myself. The image so turned on Stewart that his cock started flowing a river of precum, and then a few seconds later he blew a huge load in his own face! I kissed him long and deep and hard.

I pulled my cock up into a more normal position and jerked it quickly to a full erection. WOW. I was hung. And ripped… and my ass was so sensitive, and my muscles bulged.

Stewart grabbed the end of my cock and led me over to the bed like a horse on a leash.

“What can I help you with?” I asked him while I kissed his ears and neck…

“See anything you like” I asked him a few minutes later.

He moaned. I took pity on him and inserted my giant meat sword in between his spherical ass cheeks and he shot on his own face again. I seemed to have really good stamina… Stewart I guess knew how to pick em too… cause he was getting the fucking of his life!

About six hours later we stopped and rested. My huge soft cock was red and bloated from all the sex but already recovering and I knew in another hour I would be insatiable again!

Stewart in this guise was so kissable and so sexy. And his cock was a giant soft salami weightily splayed across his abs- rediculous on a bottom… but sure fun to 69 with!!

Well it was an amazing evening. Because it was my turn to trick Stewart. He drifted off to sleep for a few minutes… I ran to the freezer and scanned the available samples… then something jumped out at me. Mike that superheavyweight bodybuilder. But I didn’t have a sample of Mike from right after my transformation. But I did have the the Randy samples I had just made six hours earlier… that were supercharged… so I grabbed some of those and two of Mike enhanced 2x and then… there was this really hot indian bodybuilder stripper named Albert that I had gotten a sample from the wild night out as Rob. He was heavily muscled, with a thick cock and big nuts…

I ran them under warm water, mixed them in a tiny cup and sucked it up into a turkey baster. I squirted it- just a few ounces of fluid, into Stewart’s mouth. Slowly. He swallowed. Then rolled over as I climbed into bed with him and snuggled. I waited impatiently… I was so damned HORNY!

It worked, the mixed fluids mixed the DNA. About 20 minutes later I was jerking off and Stewart woke up. His eyes were brown.

“Hi Beautiful Brown eyes!”


“Feel anything yet?”

“Well, I’m… you didn’t!!!”

“I did!”


“You’ll just have to find out what happens over the next 30 minutes!”

Well, his cock and testicles changed shape but not much in size and became more exotic…. and then the skin on his cock turned brown. Waves of black hair curled up around his pubes… and in his armpits. Very Sexy! Soon the rest of the skin on his body was identical to that of the indian bodybuilder- stripper Albert. But the amazing thing was his face, dimpled, high cheekbones, black shiny hair, strong white teeth and a very.. formidable looking tongue.

And Stewart was already growing taller next to me. He didn’t reach anywhere near my height at first, but then he kept growing and growing until he was about three inches taller than me. His long brown penis hung down draped between his thighs… and it was bigger even than mine! and his thighs, which were starting to swell with growth! He was already hung and studly and tall and was massaging his coconuts- cause they were about that big and I knew what that meant with Randy the tall sex addict in the mix!

But the muscle growth from Mike the Bodybuilder and Albert started piling on… soon we didn’t share much in common. Sure, I was almost as tall as Stewart, and huge hung, but Stewart was taller, humongous hung and muscle was piling up on his form… no long slender or skinny or even ripped, he was already as muscled as Mike but at the taller proportion and ALL of Albert’s muscle was being added in on top of it. Soon he was filling the bed and more than filling my arms with massive muscle. He was so caught up in the transformation and wild sex it was 3 hours later before he bothered to get out of bed and stand in front of the mirror. HOT!

“I didn’t know they made muscles that big!” I teased him.

He flexed his biceps. He posed a most muscular… that was obscene. Gross huge muscles bulging more than normally possible… with a huge genital endowment that shamed most of my excesses!

What was I gonna do with that huge stud? and then my head started to buzz…. and I started to shrink… “Randy” was leaving me.

An hour later I was myself. And Stewart was even more huge to me now, with his massive size and strength. He was so hot… so turned on… that he started making advances to me. I tried to hold him off but he fed me his cock in his eagerness and I was lost in lust worshipping his hot body… and when his cum shot in my mouth, I drank as much as I could. Then he jerked me off while we waited for the change… my 6” cock in his massive fist… he was gentle, but impatient. And then my eyes turned as brown as Stewart’s.

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Fred’s odyssey by RdyRoger After saving the life of a magic-user on a tropical beach, skinny Fred suddenly finds his dreams of size and endowment coming true—not only for him but for his friends, too. 6 parts 25k words Added Jul 2002 35k views 4.8 stars (12 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship •M/M

That balloon by RdyRoger Using a magic balloon to blow yourself up bigger is great, but blowing up other people can be even more fun. 4 parts 10k words Added Jul 2019 Updated 24 Aug 2019 22k views 4.7 stars (7 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Straight to Gay•Hyper Muscle•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Age Progression•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy •M/M

The professor of reality by RdyRoger Max’s friend’s boss, the Professor, has been experimenting with making changes to reality, but when he tries to solve Max’s problems with his undersized equipment things get a little out of hand. 2 parts 9,489 words Added Dec 2017 16k views 4.6 stars (11 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase •M/M

Thrift shop vitamins by RdyRoger Those cheap vitamins I found at the thrift store changed my life. I can’t go back… and I’m not sure I’d want to. 5,924 words Added Nov 2013 24k views 4.5 stars (13 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Muscle•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength •M/M

The four jocks: The loft by BRK A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. 2 parts 9,337 words Added Dec 2013 17k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

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