The jeans

by Jefftaur

 Josh gets his hands on a pair of trick jeans and decides they’ll work better on someone half-asleep—like his buddy, Ty, who’d look really hot with extra feet.

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“Dude, Ty, wake up!” Someone is shouting in my ear.

“Mmm?” I can barely move.

“Ty, wake up! You’re gonna be late!”

“Mmmph.” I crack open my eyes. I can’t see anything. It’s the middle of the fucking night.

“Dude, Ty, hurry up.” He tears the covers off me. “Put on your jeans.”

I take the jeans and fumble with them. How do you put these things on again? It’s too fucking early for this.

“We don’t have all day!”

I finally get a handle on the jeans and start pulling them on, but they’re tangled and my feet keep getting stuck.

“Dude, seriously, hurry up.”

I still can’t see anything, but that’s better than him turning on the light and burning my eyes out. These fucking jeans will not untangle though. I pull and pull but they get stuck over and over.

“Just pull ’em on already. We’ve gotta get moving.”

“Okay, okay, just shut up, I’m trying.” These aren’t my jeans, I know it, they’re like ten sizes too small. Every inch is a struggle. Finally, finally, finally, my feet pop free, one after the other.

That didn’t feel right.

And what the hell these jeans are tight as fuck.

Josh is laughing at me.

“Josh, what the fuck?”

He flips on the light. I’m blinded and fall backwards, shielding my burning eyes. “Dude! Not funny!”

“Yes, it is!” He’s still laughing.

My vision clears and I finally see why the jeans were so fucking hard to pull on. There are three feet poking out of each leg hole. I wiggle the toes. They’re all mine.

“What the fuck?”

Josh is still standing there laughing. I suddenly realize he’s naked and four-legged. Kind of like a centaur, one pair of legs behind the other. He’s got a huge boner. Two of them actually.

“Dude, Josh.”

“Cool, huh? Trey sent me these jeans like a week ago but I only tried ’em on yesterday. They’re trick jeans.”

“Dude, help me get them off. They hurt like hell.” My calves feel like they’re gonna explode.

Josh laughs but reaches past all my feet to grab the cuffs. Thankfully they slide off easier than they went on.

“Fuck, that feels better.”

I look at all my legs. I rub the feet over each other to make sure they’re really there. They are. So are my cocks.

“Lookin’ good, dude.”

“This is fucking awesome, but, dude, Josh, do they only work at three fucking a.m.?”

He laughs again. “I thought they might work better if you were half asleep.” He grabs my hindmost feet. “I guess they did!”

With his hands massaging my new feet my three boners are making me horny as hell. I reach for the lube; I want him to fuck me with his cocks. Suddenly I remember…

“Dude, Greg just got back from the bar tonight, he’s gonna be totally hung over.”

Josh drops my feet and grabs the jeans. “You think…?”

I’m up and tripping over my own feet but heading for the door. “Let’s find out!”

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