The lotus position

by Joey

Who would ever throw a yoga party anyway?

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I was late for Derek's party, so the guys were way ahead of me when I got there. It was pretty quiet, so I knew they were way into it. It was supposed to be a yoga party, with everyone trying to do the lotus position, but it was more advanced than I'd ever seen; they seemed to have hit a natural harmonic or something.

Most of them were in the lotus position, eyes closed, soles facing upwards in their laps as they sat there cross-legged.

The thing that seemed more advanced was that they had four soles facing up in their laps, like they'd gone way farther into the meditation thing than anyone ever had.

Derek seemed to realize I was there, and smiled up at me, his hands resting comfortably on his four soles. "Hi," he said, lifting his hand off the two soles it had been resting on and giving it to me in greeting. "Um, pardon all the feet; we've been meditating."

I gave his hand a squeeze and looked over at Jon and Mace, who smiled up at me beatifically from their lotus positions. Jon was gently feeling the four of his feet, his hands tracing the arches of his four soles; Mace was likewise looking very peaceful, his four feet relaxed and comfortable.

Guys were comfortably spread out in the room, on pillows, on the couches, or just on the bare floor, totally in the zone, totally into their meditation, comfortably cross-legged in the lotus position, comfortably four-footed.

"Come over here," said Dane to me, inviting me to sit on the floor, leaning back against his four folded legs as he sat on them on the couch behind me. I did, and he unfolded his four legs and let them dangle over my shoulders, his four feet reaching gently down to my lap.

They were so nice to hold and squeeze, all four of them so beautiful.

"Whoops, a couple more," he smiled, and he delivered another pair of feet to my lap, his extra legs relaxing on the others that were draped over me.

We smiled at each other, and he gave me a gentle squeeze with his six legs. The other guys smiled at us. You could tell they were boned at the sight of us by the way they shifted on their four legs.

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