The wrong box

by Hawk

Joe wants revenge on his annoying jock roommate but things go unexpectedly wrong.

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Joe woke up. Fuck, another day to deal with, he thought.

At a small height of 5’6”, skinny, short black hair and almost no body hair to speak of, he felt terrible about his self-image. He, in fact, didn’t want to leave his bedroom and face his roommate, Derek.

Derek was that stereotypical jock: tall, strong and cocky. At 6’1” tall, tanned, sporting a military style haircut and a trimmed beard, he loved to show off, leave the house messy, and brag about the girls he fucked. Which can be quite annoying when you barely leave the house even to party.

After gathering the courage to open the door and grab some coffee, Joe found Derek shirtless making his morning whey protein shake.

“Good morning, Joey,” Derek greeted. He flexed his biceps while he chugged the thick shake.

“Hey,” Joey answered sleepily. Maybe Derek wasn’t that much of a bad guy after all.

“Come join me at the gym! You could put some pounds, little guy.”

Little guy. Join the gym. Fuck, that made Joey a little angry. It hurt a bit, deep down.

“No, thanks,” Joey answered sharply. “And keep your clothes in your room please. I keep finding them around the house.”

“Sure thing, but I know you will always pick them up for me, right?” He smiled—that damn perfectly white smile. Joey knew that he wouldn’t change. Derek left to the gym as usual. After a while, Joe finished cleaning his own room and the kitchen, leaving the bathroom for later. Derek arrived back from the gym with his earbuds on full blast. Not even caring to check if Joe was at home, he went in the bathroom and changed clothes without taking a shower, then going to his own room do… whatever straight people do.

Joe went to the bathroom to finish his cleaning and found Derek’s gym gear, still drenched with his manly scent. Joe knew it was wrong and he shouldn’t, but he grabbed Derek’s big jock and sniffed deeply, hypnotized by it with his small cock bulging. Joe couldn’t help himself and started to jerk off right there. When he was almost cumming, he heard the sound of the door creaking open and the deep voice of his mate, Derek.

“What do we have here?”

Fuck. Joey froze. He could smell the strong scent of Derek’s recent workout passing easily through his mesh shorts and filling the room.

“Why you don’t come here and taste it direct from the source? Huh?” he said, walking toward Joe and towering over him. Derek aggressively grabbed Joe’s head and rubbed it against his sweaty bulge through the fabric. He felt the thick cock, still soft, against his face, pumping bigger with each second, growing larger, easily 8 inches. Joe could not breathe nothing but Derek’s strong man-musk. His small cock was twitching in response to that huge man.

“Fuck yeah, I know you are into me, bitch. Everyone is,” he said with his deep commanding voice, looking down at him between his huge pumped pecs.

“Or do you think I am dumb enough to not know when a bitch is thirsty for a real man?” He flexed his biceps, showing his hairy pits still lightly wet with the recent workout.

“You want all of this don’t you?” he said confidently. “Then take it.” Derek pulled Joe up and pushed Joe’s face into his pits.


Joe refused at first but he couldn’t say no, it was humiliating and Derek was way too strong. He licked tasting the salty muskiness.

“Fuck, you have a good tongue, bitch.” Derek pulled him once again to show off his muscles.

“You like these alpha muscles? Of course you do, fucking fag.” As he said this, he head-locked Joey against his massive biceps, overpowering him just to show how strong he is.

“Maybe tomorrow you can get to suck my cock, boy. And you will do it whenever I want, you hear that?”

“Y-yes.” Joe said weakly.

“Yes what?”

“Yes sir.”

“That’s more like it. You can keep the jock. In fact, you better sleep with it on your face tonight.”

Joey just sat there on the bathroom floor, shocked with what just happened. He touched his cock and found that it was wet—he had cum without even touching it. Fuck, I really enjoyed that didn’t I? That’s too much.

After he left, he decided this couldn’t keep happening. He wasn’t a bitch. But what a tiny boy like him could do? Joe’s phone rang suddenly, no number and no name. Suddenly, his hand reached out without his permission and accepted the call.

“Hello, Joe Daniels. I am here to help you. Tomorrow, you will receive a box with a black card and inside that box there will be a single pill. It will make your desire real. I know what you want, I know you.” The call ended. Goosebumps rippled up Joe’s body. The creepy voice wasn’t lying—he heard its truth in the back of his mind.

Joe closed the door, locking it this time, to take a shower. He wanted to get clean from Derek’s potent musk, but at the same he wasa still desiring him. During the shower, he started thinking on what he just heard on the phone. Make his desire real. What could that mean?

He tried to wave it off while cleaning his skinny frame in the shower. After that, he quickly went to his room, anxious for the next day to discover what that pill was going to do.

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