Site Update 8 August 2020
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Site Update: 8 August 2020

Hey, folks. Thanks for sticking with me while I had to do other stuff last month. The new stuff is back! And as usual, not quite to plan. I had intended to write two or three different stories of ordinary length for this week’s update to welcome myself back. But I started writing the first one, and it just got bigger, and bigger, and… way, way bigger. So: say hello to “The Arsenal of Secrets”, the ten-part, twenty-five-thousand word epic that’s my contribution to this week’s site update. And, craziest of all, I finished it. I know, right? Actually not impossible for me, it turns out. I really, really had fun writing it, and I hope you have fun reading it, too.

And as if that weren’t enough, the whole update is epic as well. That’s a total of 78 new chapters down there, across 26 stories. That is definitely the most monolithic update ever. This is not just an update, this is a hyper update. And with any luck, there’s something there for each and every one of you to enjoy.

Please make sure to comment and upvote the stories you like, so we writers hear about what works for you. The next update is 22 August, and will definitely be more normal. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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This week’s new stuff: