by Now Voyager

I’ve always had a thing for hung bottoms. They’re a special kind of stupid, with their huge, useless dicks. I’ve got a hookup coming over a little later who fits that exact description, and I’m going to make him realize just how useless his big dick really is.

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I’ve always had a thing for hung bottoms. They’re stupid sexy, but with emphasis on the stupid. I like to think it’s some kind of righteous indignation on behalf of the gay community, like I’m standing up for modestly-hung tops and hungry bottoms. What’s the point of having all that dick if you aren’t going to use it? They’re walking oxymorons, pointlessly sexy with their big, useless dicks.

Anyway, as luck would have it, right at the start of quarantine—I’m talking minutes after the stay-at-home orders had gone out—I matched with this cutie on Rendr. He was totally my type: nose ring, stoner hipster vibe, and a slutty, submissive attitude. We had fun chatting over the next few months, but my favorite thing to do was make him send me photos. He was pretty decently hung, and he liked showing that off. He liked being told what to do.

By the time the city had started opening back up, I had amassed a bit of a library of photos of him. He’d gotten quite a few of me too, mind you—I like showing off my own dick, and if I say so myself, guys tend to like seeing it. Especially the sluttier bottoms. They tend to go nuts over my thick eight and a half inch pole, but that might be because I’m so good with it. Dominic had been no different. When he was good (and by good I mean “obeying orders within ten minutes”) he would get rewarded with one of my dick pics. If he sent me something especially fun—this one time, mid-April, he sent me a gif of him riding a dildo with his pointless nine-inch rod bouncing across his abs—I would reward him with a picture of my thick pecs or my beefed-up biceps, which he often asked for. It was a good time, but I’m not a patient man. I’m used to getting what I want, and the limits of quarantine were making me desperately horny.

I started googling things, following a rabbit hole toward the weirder side of the Internet. You know the one. My thing for stupidly hung bottoms had gotten me into growth porn a few years back. It was mild enough stuff, gifs of guys whose asses or pecs suddenly swell to amusing (or embarrassing) sizes, or stories of bodybuilders who accidentally swapped their protein shakes for something more powerful. So I knew what sites to start at where to get my fix. For weeks, I jerked off to my conversations with Dominic, the pictures he would send, and the gifs and stories from these sites. By the time the city finally started opening back up, I had a craving I had to satisfy. And I knew just how I wanted to do it.

Dominic was eager to meet up. He was a self-admitted slut—in fact, he more or less begged me to call him as much when we first started talking, and it didn’t take much prompting to get me excited about the idea. I texted him my instructions and told him to come prepared for a full night. “Clear your schedule for the weekend, slut,” I told him, knowing it wouldn’t matter. Things had barely started creaking back open, so nobody had any plans with anyone yet. Dominic affirmed as much, and told me he would be on his way that evening. “I’ll be good, Sir,” he typed. I grinned and typed out a response.

“I won’t, slut.”

It didn’t take him long to get to my place. I watched him walk up the sidewalk to the front door of the building, and I buzzed him in. He looked fucking cute—even cuter in person than he had in his photos. I sucked in a bit of breath and pressed my palm against my bulge. I knew Dominic would appreciate the sight—my cock was big enough that concealing it was relatively difficult once it got hard, besides, I rarely wanted to do that anyway. When I finally heard a knock at the front door, I opened it and grinned down at my new pet slut.

“Good boy.”

Dominic blushed and grinned, but when he opened his mouth to respond I raised my hand and pressed a finger against his lips. “No talking, slut. Not yet, at least.” I fished around in my pocket and pulled out a lollipop. “Suck on this to remind yourself to stay quiet,” I said, handing the candy to Dominic. “And finish the whole thing. That’s an order.”

Dominic nodded silently. I could see a shade of confusion flit across his face, but the slut knew better than to ask questions. He really was a good boy. I smiled as he unwrapped the lollipop. It was shaped like a dick, a lot like one of those stupid-looking bachelorette party favors. I had ordered it weeks ago online just for this moment. I couldn’t help but chuckle when he looked up, the dick-shaped lollipop framed by his cocksucking lips. I leaned forward and ran a finger under his jaw, tilting his face up toward mine. “You look good with a dick on your face,” I said, tracing my finger down the bridge of his nose and across the silver nose ring. He grinned around the lollipop, and I winked. “Get back to sucking. Those lips are made to be wrapped around a cock.”

I led him through my home, giving him a small tour as we walked. We had been talking for long enough at this point that he had seen a lot of my home through Snapchats and other various sexts, so it was fun to see him get to see the space in person. More fun, though, was just watching him walk through the space. He had come in a pretty skimpy set of jean shorts and a casual button-down, so I could see the curve of his ass and his ample bulge as he moved around. More than once, I swatted his ass or reached around to pinch one of his nipples through the thin fabric of his shirt. I liked doing that—each time, his nipples stayed hard and prominent in his shirt, making him giggle nervously and blush. It was cute. The shorts seemed almost dangerously short—I briefly wondered about the walk over, how slutty and sexy he must have looked walking through the city like this, but brought my attention back to the present when Dominic turned to look at me, the lollipop still protruding from his mouth.

“Nope, no exceptions,” I said, shaking my head and putting my hand on his lower back. I steered him toward my living room, running my hand down the small of his back and letting it rest on the top of his ass as we walked. “You have to finish that before you can say anything.” Dominic nodded and kept sucking furiously. He was going to get through it more quickly than I had expected! I grinned and settled into the living room couch, leaving Dominic to stand in front of me. “Stand there and strip for me,” I said. “Don’t stop sucking on the dick.”

Dominic blushed again but I could see his bulge throb in the front of his tight jean shorts. He fucking loved this, the slut. I grinned and massaged the front of my own bulge and watched as he fumbled with the buttons on the front of his shirt. One by one, they came away, revealing the bottom’s toned chest and lean stomach. “Spin for me,” I said, watching him do as I said. He spun, a little awkwardly, but that only made it hotter. “Nice ass, boy,” I said. “Slap it for me. Bend over and slap it.”

Tentatively, Dominic bent forward, but I stopped him. “Lower your shorts first, boy.” He nodded and curled his fingers around the waistline of his jean shorts. Unbuttoning the front, he slid them down over the backs of his cheeks, letting them rest just below the shelf of his ass. “That’s a good boy. Now slap it.”

I watched as my slutty toy boy blushed and awkwardly slapped his own ass. It jiggled a little, but I shook my head. “That’s not nearly enough shake. I want to see your ass bounce as much as your useless dick.” Dominic nodded and slapped his ass again, a little harder this time, but I shook my head. He didn’t understand yet. But he would.

I stood and walked over to Dominic, appreciating the way he looked, bent over with his ass in the air on display. I could see his balls just below his ass, and the base of his big cock trailed down his thighs and disappeared behind the fabric of his shorts. I could tell he craved this attention, loved the way my eyes lingered over his body. Smirking, I ran a hand over the curve of his ass and touched a finger to his hole. Dominic sucked in his breath and I felt him tense. With my other hand, I reached around and tweaked his nipple, chuckling at the moan that suddenly escaped his lips.

“You’re so receptive,” I said, pushing in further. Dominic groaned a little in response and nodded weakly.

“I like… I like taking it,” he panted, and I pushed a second finger in, twisting as the boy melted like putty in my hands.

“That much is clear,” I said. “It’s what you’re made to do.” I pushed another finger in, flexing all three. “You’re here to be used.” I slid in and out, watching the pleasure wash across Dominic’s face. “You’re a good little toy.” I shoved in again, hard, feeling my knuckles bump against his perineum. He was such a good fucktoy.

Suddenly, Dominic’s eyes widened and he removed the bare lollipop stick from his mouth in triumph. “I did it!” he said excitedly, grinning. I smiled back, amused to see my toy beaming in such a ridiculous, compromising position. “Where did you get this? It tasted good,” he said, laughing. “Uh, sir,” he added quickly after a glance from me.

“Close call, boy,” I said. I pulled back and straightened him up, sliding his short shorts down his legs until they pooled around his ankles. Dominic’s cock bobbed in front of him, throbbing and twitching as it jutted out in front of his slender form. I chuckled and tapped it hard, watching it bob and bounce wildly. “Your cock is stupid big, boy,” I said, and Dominic grinned. I could tell he liked being shamed for this. He craved it.

“Uselessly big, sir,” he agreed, when suddenly a strange look crossed his face. His eyes crossed for the briefest of moments as his eyebrows shot up in surprise, but it only lasted for a flicker of an instant before his features slid into confusion.

“Something wrong?” I asked, playing coy. “You look like you just saw a ghost.”

“N-nothing, sir,” Dominic said, and I smiled. “It’s just… I just felt… kind of weird for a second, is all.”

“Nothing,” I agreed, sliding my hands down Dominic’s back. I let them trail across the mounds of his ass before I cupped each cheek, squeezing them suddenly. Dominic moaned a little in surprise and I leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Does your ass feel… bigger… to you?”

Dominic groaned and whimpered a little, but when I reached around to his front, I could feel his cock throbbing harder than ever. “You like it, don’t you?” I whispered, squeezing his cock in one hand and his ass in the other. “You like how it feels?” When I glanced over his shoulder, I could see the curve of Dominic’s ass, bigger and rounder than it had been before.

Dominic whimpered again in response, but a flicker of a smile crossed his features before they slid back into horny need and confusion. I laughed suddenly, tapped his cock again to set it bouncing, and stepped back to admire the beginnings of my handiwork.

“You were a good boy for finishing that lollipop,” I told my slutty toy, watching him squirm a little as his ass continued to swell, barely perceptibly at first but growing faster with each passing moment. “And now you’ll get your reward. You’ve always had that ridiculous, useless big dick. You’ve always liked being put on display and treated like a sex toy. I’m just going to take things to the next level.”

“What… what are you talking about?” Dominic panted, reaching around to grab his cock. I could see a bead of precum glistening on the end of it as it betrayed his pleasure. Then, almost as if in tune with my own heartbeat, I watched the slut’s cock begin to swell. Like the growth in his ass, this started slowly, almost imperceptibly, but with each heartbeat the organ swelled a little bigger, and each time it swelled it did so a little faster.

“F-fuck,” Dominic whimpered, biting his lip as he stared down at his changing cock. I could see the color rising in his cheeks as he pawed at his pole, which had become large enough that he had to grip it with two hands. “How can this… I…” he stammered, breathing more heavily as the pleasure grew. He was rubbing his hands up and down the length of his cock now, bucking his hips. He needed something. He needed me.

I crossed the room again and put my hands on Dominic’s shoulders. He looked up into my eyes, a blend of horny need and desperation etched into his face, and he bit his lip. “Please, sir…” he said, and I nodded. As he whined and pawed at his cock, I spun the slut around and brought my hand down, pressing a thumb against his hole. He whimpered and nodded, panting in desperation. I pushed in again and cupped the base of his balls in my hand as I reached up and through his thighs. Dominic groaned and I felt the balls swelling in my hand, spilling out around my fingers as they pressed his thighs apart. I appreciated the way the slut’s inflated balls put his hole on display, making it accessible and visible, and I placed my other hand on his lower back, guiding him into position so he could flex and present his ass. The cheeks had continued to swell and he was now left with a massive ass that would jiggle and shake when slapped or fucked. He looked nearly perfect.

“That’s a good boy,” I murmured, pulling a plug out of my pocket. “You did well finishing that cursed lollipop so quickly. Now, I’m going to put something inside you. It might feel small at first, because you’re such an eager slut, but we’ll soon fix that.” Dominic whimpered and nodded furiously, his cock twitching as he panted. I could almost feel the need rolling off him, increasing my own horny lust. Fuck, I had to finish this.

The toy fit inside easily, as I had predicted. Dominic’s hungry hole took it and his balls finally seemed to slow their growth, settling in around beach ball size. His cock, too, at last seemed to stop swelling, but it was so large the swollen head rose nearly above eye level, and it was nearly as thick as his entire torso. The weight pulled Dominic to his knees, and he moaned from the floor, stroking his cock while I stood above him and pulled my phone from my pocket.

“You look good down there, slut,” I said, turning on the toy’s ‘inflate’ feature. I saw the look of surprise and pleasure cross Dominic’s face as it began to grow in his ass, but that was quickly replaced by another look, this one of horny need and perhaps some nervous apprehension. I chuckled and took a photo of him staring up at me, huge cock jutting out between his widespread legs.

“Stop fumbling at your cock,” I told him. “You’re a bottom, made to be used. That big dick is a distraction. So let’s stop you from jerking off.” I stooped again and reached around and pushed the toy up inside him. Dominic groaned and reached up, gripping my biceps in his hands.

“Y-yes sir.”

Dominic moaned suddenly and crossed his eyes as his nose began to swell and stretch. I kissed his lower jawline and laughed as he watched it grow in shock, and I began to fuck him with the toy. I appreciated the way his ass bounced now as the toy moved in and out of him, and each time I thrust it inside him, I could feel it swell a little further.

Dominic’s nose inflated in turn, and as I fucked him with one hand, I reached up and began to fondle his growing nose with the other. It looked so stupid, stretching out in front of his face, and as the tip began to change color and refine in shape, I saw another look of pleasure wash across Dominic’s face. He began to understand.

“A… a fucking cock?” he asked, and the color rose in his cheeks. I ran a thumb across the tip of his dicknose and nodded.

“A fucking cock on your fucking face,” I said, kissing him beneath the dicknose. “You look so silly and so fucking sexy. And it’s not over.”

Dominic gasped again and I tapped his cocknose, watching it bounce as he raised his hands toward me. I thrust the toy into him again and he groaned. “O-oh,” he moaned, “f-fuck me with it, please!”

“As you will,” I said, only happy to oblige. He looked so fucking hot on his knees, his ass in the air behind him as I fucked him with the continually-swelling toy. I couldn’t believe he was taking it so well—by now the toy was huge, and it was stretching him out as he bucked and moaned in desperation. I let the toy go, and Dominic sat back and began to bounce on it, his ass and balls slapping against the floor with each thrust. I wrapped my hands around his fists and squeezed, watching his face go from confusion to shock to intense pleasure. I peeled my fingers back, revealing cockheads on the ends of his arms. They flowed smoothly into forearm shafts and into his biceps.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck…” was all Dominic could manage as he bounced on the toy. I was jerking my own cock now, nearly overcome by the horny haze rolling off the slut in front of me. He was making such a fuckslut out of himself, and clearly enjoying every moment of it… with effort, I pried one hand off my cock and pulled my phone out of my pocket. Dominic looked even hotter on camera, impossibly sexy with his ridiculous, oversexualized body and his desperate moans. I hit record and propped the camera up, bringing my other hand back to my cock so I could jerk off, watching the slut I had created.

Dominic’s moans built and built as he bounced and rubbed his cocks together, and I stroked faster and faster myself, feeling the inevitable climax approach. Finally, we both reached it, and as I gasped in pleasure Dominic moaned my name, every cock exploding as he sank further onto the toy. I fell back, my own huge cock deflating in my hand, and let my mind wander. I would figure out what to do with the useless slut later.

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