Wishes do come true

by Terry

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I had bought the trinket at a flea market the previous weekend. It was in a old ratty looking box, with the words “Wishes Do Come True” on the front. Inside was a small ruby like bauble. I paid .50 for it at the flea market. One of those silly impulse purchases.

I had gotten home from work and was waiting for my boyfriend, Dan, to get home. Dan and I have been together 8 years now. I met him online, exchanged emails and phone messages. Got together and both VERY much liking what we saw. Dan's a big guy….6—3, 260lbs. Used to play college football. Very bulky, muscular size. A nice hairy chest. Dan is 37. I'm 47. The age difference doesn't bother either of us.

I was laying in bed, naked. I was ready to be frisky after a long, boring day at work.

I heard the key in the front lock, heard the door open and close. Pretty soon, Dan walked in the bedroom.

“Hey, darling”, Dan said to me with a big smile. “Looks like SOMEONE is in the mood”. He noticed that I was getting hard just looking at him. After 8 years, Dan still excites me like no other man.

Dan stripped to a tiny pair of black bikinis, showing his nice big muscled thighs and big package. Just a beautiful, beautiful man.

“Hon, I'm going to take a leak first. I'll be right back”.

I watched Dan walk away….that big, sexy ass of his. Man, oh, man.

While waiting for him, I picked up the trinket I bought at the flea market. Just idly holding it in my hand. And starting to have this fantasy I occasionally have about Dan. I'm into macro stuff. I get aroused fantasizing about giants. Men turning into giants. I told Dan about this—nervously, thinking he might be freaked out about it. He kind of laughed about it, but didn't understand why I would have these fantasies. I explained it to him as best as I could. He's been cool about it since.

That was on my mind now. You see, I've imagined Dan becoming a giant. It's so fucking arousing….Dan as 100 ft tall, towering over me. Smiling down at me as he picks me up in his hand and getting me sexually aroused just by his size alone. I've NEVER told him about that particular desire.

I'm thinking these thoughts as I hear the toilet flush and Dan walked into the room. As he walks towards the bed, still holding the trinket in my hand, I mutter to myself, “I wish you were 100ft tall”

Just as Dan gets ready to climb into bed, he stops, hesitates with the most puzzled look. “What the hell?”. The strangest look on his face.

He stands right at the foot of the bed. And then….Dan seems to—swell in size. His black bikinis seem to get smaller and smaller. No—Dan is getting bigger. His bikinis stretch to the breaking point and rip off his body. He's—damn—about 7 feet tall now. And getting bigger. His head is up against the ceiling now. I hear the ceiling splinter as Dan crashes through the top of it. His body completely fills the bedroom. I run past his expanding form out of the bedroom and out of the house.

Dan has completely broken free of the house. He's about 30” tall—and still growing in size.

I look up at him. He sees me standing down there with an alarmed look on his face. He's terrified—or seems to be….at what's happening to him.

Larger he grows in size. His feet take up more and more space. The house is a shambles now. People from the nearby houses run out of their homes, some screaming. There's just a sense of amazement and disbelief. This can't be happening.

Dan is now 50” tall. The growth is accelerating. 75…. 80…. Finally, his growth seems to stop. He's….my God. He's 100” tall. Oblivious to the excited talk and gasps of surprise from my neighbors, I'm standing in between Dan's massive feet. I'm so fucking tiny compared to him. He fills the sky or seems to. I look up, straining to look up at him. And….I have this incredible hard-on. I've never been more excited in my life. My hands are trembling—I'm shaking—just out of sexual desire. My hot boyfriend, Dan, is now a giant.

The box that the cheap trinket came in was right….”Wishes Do Come True”.

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