By Double-U 
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It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon. Don’t you just love it when everything goes right? Aced my calculus exam, finished my marketing project—ahead of schedule, and I don’t have work this weekend. Love it when college gives me a breather, even if it’s only for a few days.

So, just got out of my last class when I hear, “Yo, Tom, wait up!” Instinctively, I spin around, wondering who it could be. The voice sounds familiar, but I can’t place it. I shield my eyes from the bright sun overhead to get a better look at the figure in the distance. As he gets closer, I see Dan jogging over, with his oversized gym bag hanging over his broad shoulders.

Now Dan… well, he’s kind of… well, totally different than me on almost all aspects of our lives. Except for our shared hobbies of cinema and football. He plays football, but I just watch it on tv.

We met last semester in History 121 and we’ve been casual friends ever since. Not best friends, but we try to plan our schedules together so we can grab some grub or even take the same general education classes.

It’s definitely a plus that he’s a total alpha male. He’s double my weight—he talks occasionally about his frequent trips to the gym, but I try not to seem too interested. What I wouldn’t do for just a quick jerk off session with him… but he is clearly not gay, so I don’t want to ruin anything.

As he gets closer, his large, athletic frame almost towers over my smaller, less significant self. He doesn’t even seem out of breath, even if he is lugging around his hefty gym bag (that looks like it’s jam packed full of who-knows-what and will rip any second).

His tee-shirt stretches out to cover his massive chest and shoulders. I can practically see the outline of his 6-pack. His torso is in the shape of a perfect V—just like any hunk. His arms are thick and powerful—veins budge in all of the right places. There is no way I could even imagine what his dick looked like—his gym shorts are just too baggy. But his legs are long and sporty—his calves and thighs are the perfect shape and density to hold up everything upstairs.

And the best part for last. His gorgeous face. Perfect cheekbones, jaw line and symmetry. Not to mention he always sports an ultra-short beard and tends to it frequently. You could get lost in his blue eyes, which if you ask me, are bluer than the sky. Focus long enough and you could see stars.

The campus bell tower wakes me from my day dream.

“Hey Dan, what’s up?” I say, after starring at his beefy chest for one second too long. Either he doesn’t seem to notice or doesn’t care. I have never seen him without a shirt before and I would totally pay some serious cash to get a front row seat to his show…

He puts his gym bag down on the sidewalk. “Wanted to ask you something. My football league needs another player for tonight’s game—just a filler really—Drew’s out sick. And it isn’t for the formal college league, it’s the casual tournaments. If we don’t get at least one more player, our team gets disqualified.”

I can see where this is going. He wants me to fill in? Is he serious?

I shake my head. “Look, Dan, I’m flattered, really, but I don’t have what you’re looking for. I suck at sports, I only watch it on tv. You would be better off getting someone else ‘cause I’ll just be dead weight.” I say. Disappointed, he looks off into the distance and I can see his mind racing. He must be really desperate to be asking me.

A nice autumn breeze blows through my jacket. We both stand there in silence for what seems like weeks. It’s pretty awkward.

Dan breaks the silence with a long breath.

“Look, I’ve exhausted my list of possible players. You’re the last person I know that is staying here over the holiday weekend and that is also not already playing in this tournament.” Dan and I are currently locking eyes, his stare is strong and focused. He’s truly desperate. But you can’t just obtain skill within a few hours—especially enough skill to stand a chance on an intermediate football team.

Dan takes a quick breath, and glances around us to see if anyone is in ear shot of our conversation. We’re on the outskirts of campus, away from the hustle and bustle of the student center. No one else is here. He takes a step closer; I get an occasional whiff of his deodorant. In a hushed voice, he says, “What if I had something that made it easier to play. Something that I could give you. How about then? Would you fill in? Just this once?” He says every word gently, as if they had power.

I don’t see what he could be talking about… and he could tell I have my doubts.

“What? Like drugs?” I ask.

“No, not at all. You’re thinking in the wrong direction.” He waves his hands. Then he quickly adds, “Let me show you and you can make your decision then. Please, Tom? You won’t regret this. I promise.”

After seeing him this desperate, how could I say no? He hugs me and gives me a quick smile; he’s so happy. I feel his pecs press against my chest—so hot. That is the first time I touched him—other than a hand shake. He is truly a muscle monster. In our short contact, I can also feel his heart beat—steady and strong—just like his arms. Note to self: Don’t end up on the wrong side of those arms.

After picking up his gym bag, he leads me to one of the auxiliary locker rooms at the gymnasium where he says “it” is. Whatever that could be. I have my skepticism, but might as well hear him out.

We enter the locker room, which is small—it only has about 20 full sized lockers, a few benches, and showers in the back. He looks excited to show me whatever it is. He unlocks one of the lockers, revealing numerous articles of workout gear, padding, and gym clothes. But there’s a thing that is not like the others. Is that “it?”

My eyes focus on the one thing out of place. Dan reaches for this mystery object, pulling it out of the locker. This room must be sound proof—it is dead quiet in here. He turns around to show me…

A suit. A body suit. Tan. It hangs on a silver coat hanger—about my height. It looks almost real with lifelike pores, dimensions, skin, the real deal. And it’s butt naked—penis and everything. And this suit is packing some serious muscle. Dan holds out his hand and gestures around the suit as if he is a game show model showing off a prize.

I mean, this is cool and all, but how will this make things better? Or even easier?

I shake my head and shrug my shoulders. “So?”

Dan looks offended. “You mean you never heard of these things?” After I shake my head again, he continues. “Well, this is a third generation Skele-suit Sport.” He waves his hand around again, but I’m still not impressed. “I would give you the science, but I forgot. It will give you experience in whatever sport it is programmed for. In this case, it’s for football.”

How will this plastic suit help in any way?

“Okay, stop right there. Before you say no, why don’t you just try it on. You don’t even have to play tonight if you still don’t want you. But if you do play, you can keep the suit as a gift. I don’t have any use for it anymore. It’s just a spare that I have lying around. But just give the suit a try. Please? You’re always saying how college is the time to try out new things. Why not try out this new tech?”

Damn. He got me. He used me against me. I sigh. I have to give in. “Fine. I’ll try out the Skele-whatever, but no promises.” I stick out my hand and wave him over.

“Great!” Dan says, relieved. Dan holds up his fingers. “But there is a small—tiny really—tiny catch.” A catch? What now? I raise my eyebrows. He continues. “You can’t wear this over clothes. Not even underwear…”

“Okay, that’s not that bad…” But Dan cuts me off.

“That wasn’t the catch. I was saying, you can’t wear this over clothes, and don’t freak out, you need someone else to help you put it on.”

I’m sorry, what?! I’m not ready to get naked in front of my hot jock crush, let alone one of my casual friends that I have only really known for a year.

“You know, I can’t do this. You’re going to have to find someone else.” I back toward the main door.

Dan lets his shoulders fall. “Come on, man. You can’t back out now. I see all my teammates naked when we get ready for each match. It’s not that big of a deal. Don’t be so closed minded. Don’t you always say that—‘don’t be so closed minded?’”

Oh my god. He got me again. I have to stop being so moralistic. And I have to learn to shut my mouth.

“Here, I’ll lock the door, so we can have some privacy. And no one else will be here—everyone who uses this locker room has gone home for the holiday.”

I take a deep breath. What am I getting myself into? I nod my head.

Dan goes to lock the door, leaving the suit on the coat rack in the locker. I take it off the rack—it must be like upwards of 50 pounds! This is crazy. How is this going to help? He returns and takes the suit from my hands. “Well? It’s now or never,” Dan says.

Dan fools with the suit, taking it off the hanger. He looks focused on prepping it.

I begin stripping. This is so embarrassing. First my shirt… Maybe I shouldn’t do this. Then my shoes and socks… Wait. This is stupid. Then my pants… Here we go. College is the time to do stupid shit. It’s now or never. I take off my boxers…

Now I am standing in the locker room naked. Well, it is a locker room. I just hope I don’t get a boner… that would be … you know, I’m not going to think about it.

The main opening of the suit is in the back. I step awkwardly into the bulky suit as Dan holds it up for me. It’s strange—the outside feels like human skin while the inside is a cloth-like smooth material. It’s hard getting each toe to fit right, but Dan helps by stretching the material.

I hope this suit doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic. As Dan pulls the suit up around my waist, he tells me that my cock has to go into the pouch of the suit’s cock. And I gotta tell you, the penis on the suit is huge.

Dan’s help really comes into play when I have to somehow fit my arms into the small sleeves of the suit. The biceps and triceps are quite large—as large as Dan’s I would say.

After my shoulders are aligned, Dan closes the back, and turns me around.

It feels nothing special, if anything, awkward. Anyone with common sense will know that these muscles are fake—what does this accomplish?

“How does that feel? Is everything aligned?” He asks me, taking a final glance.

“Yeah, I guess, but I don’t know what…” I say, but he holds up his finger to silence me.

“Hang in there, one more thing.” he says. “Now, you might feel some side effects because it is your first time, but it’ll only last for a couple of seconds.” He spins me back around. What?! He puts his hands on my back, and twists, as if he is sealing it closed.

“Side…?” I start to say, but I couldn’t get the words out. I feel a quick intense pressure, as if the suit is constricting around me… And just like that, I wake up, with Dan around me. Did I just black out? I look at Dan, who seems oddly calm.

“How ya doing, big guy?” he says, looking me up and down. I am down on one of the benches, in Dan’s arms, still in the locker room.

I bring my hand up to my pounding head and take a breath. “What happened?” I say groggily.

“Just take it easy. The first time is always the hardest. Here, sit up.” Dan says, helping me up. After a few more breaths, it’s easier to focus. Nothing seems to have changed. I’m still butt naked in the locker room with Dan.

And then it all comes back to me like a flood. I couldn’t get the words out fast enough, “Dudeiwaswearingthesuitwhathappened??” I fly to my feet, looking at my now unfamiliar body.

It no longer feels like I am wearing the suit. It’s as if somehow, the suit is my new skin? I feel my arms—newly buff arms.

My chest protrudes out, far enough to practically block the view to my ultra-sturdy legs. And my cock—it is totally different—larger, wider… I bring my defined arms up in front of my face to get a closer look. Its forearms… my forearms are beautifully sculpted, not to mention the biceps and triceps. I couldn’t resist bringing my arms around my body for a tight hug, just to feel my density. Now that is muscle on muscle action.

When I release my arms, and let them fall to my sides, they fall away from my body—that is something that never happened before. My lats must be huge… does that mean my chest is a V? Gotta find a full mirror later to check out my back.

I totally forget that Dan is quietly watching my discovery and exploration. I slowly move my hand down to feel my new penis, but then Dan clears his throat, snapping me back to reality.

“It’s called the Skele-suit for a reason.” Dan says.

“This must be worth a fortune!” I say, still flexing my newly buff body, feeling its new weight and size.

“Something like that. But that isn’t even the best part,” he says. I am still focused on my new bowling ball-like shoulders to notice that he grabbed a football out of the locker. “Watch. Go along!” As he says it, he throws the ball, not too powerfully (we are still in the locker room). I snap into focus and catch the ball, with perfect coordination—something I don’t have. Or rather, something I didn’t have.

I can’t believe this is real. “Dan, this is… truly incredible! And you said I could keep this?”

Dan throws me a pair of large boxers. My old pair will clearly not make the cut. I slide them on. Dan holds up his finger. “Only after you fill in for Drew tonight.”

“Deal.” It’s the easiest deal I have ever made.

Dan lets me borrow some clothes and we go outside to practice and let me get used to my new body. It is almost like an out-of-body experience. I am as big as Dan now and I can feel my muscles move as I run to catch the ball.

I practically ran miles back and forth, but I not once got out of breath—well, maybe a little, but nothing close to what I would been doing. And I’m not so bad at playing football now—gotta love the muscle memory of this thing. Who knows how much this thing costs—I know Dan’s family is rich, but they must really be loaded. And I get to keep it?

After practicing for an hour or two, we are both exhausted. On our way back to the locker room, we both decide to wash up, grab a bite to eat, and then get ready for the tournament.

Now back at the locker room, I begin to gather my things so I can go back to my apartment.

“So, Tom, you want to just shower here and then go walk to the student center together? I have enough soap and clean clothes for both of us.” Dan grabs a container of body wash out of his locker.

I guess that would save me some time. Why not? I accept his offer. Plus, I don’t think I have large enough clothes for this thick chest back in my room.

We both undress and head over to the open shower room. I have never personally used the showers in a locker room or even shower with someone else. This will be a first. My new semi-hard cock whacks my iron thighs as I walk on over to the showers. I force myself not to take a peek at Dan’s penis. The temptation is strong.

I take a shower head that is next to Dan. It only makes sense after all; we are sharing soap. Steam slowly fills the room as hot water pours over my sweaty body, or should I say our sweaty bodies. We both lather our bodies with soap, washing away the dirt.

“You missed a spot on your back.” Dan says. After I struggle to reach, me says, “Let me get it for you!” Is he making a move? Nah. Course not.

Dan brings a hand full of soap on his hand and starts to message my shoulders and back. It feels damn good and I let out a moan. Never in my dreams would I think this would happen to me. His hands travel down to my cut waist, and he turns me around. It’s in this second that I realize that my penis pretty hard. But as I look down at my raging boner, I see Dan’s cock. His is as hard as a flag pole. I look back up, into his sky blue eyes, and for a few moments, we both stand perfectly still. Warm water still raining down on us. His expression is soft.

He begins to lean in, ever so slowly. I do the same. My mind races, thinking of possible reasons, explanations, anything, for this to be really happening. Maybe I got knocked out earlier today and this is all some fantasy? Who cares.

As our mouths collide, my mind falls silent. Soaking up all of the unique sensations of my first kiss—at least with a guy. I bring my hands around his monstrous biceps and feel their strength. Dan wraps around my back and pulls me in closer, our massive chests clash. Feeling his dense pecs on mine is ecstasy. Our make out session gets more intense, as our lips yearn for more.

Both of our cocks approve, leaking precum onto the tile floor. Our lips break apart, letting our bodies catch a breath. We lock eyes again.

“You have no idea how long I wanted to do that.” Dan says, barely audible over the running water.

“No fucking way. Me too…” His eyes are still soft and playful. Dan shuts off the water and throws me a towel.

“I still can’t believe how life like this suit is.” I say rubbing the towel all over my square pecs and cobblestone abs. “How long of a period can I wear it?”

“Ehh, I’d say like a few days max. After wearing the suit for any longer, your skin—your REAL skin, gets pruney, like how your hands get after a while in the pool. Only lasts for a few hours, but it’s kinda weird.” Dan lends me a tee and some shorts. “Let’s grab some grub before the game.”

We begin our trek to the student center for some food before the game.

Walking around in this suit is so weird. It is different when I am running around playing football. Walking around just feels… good. I can feel all of my muscles working together. And there is the psychological aspect too.

As we walk past a group of college girls, they all give us quick stares. I can tell what they are glancing at. And it is my junk. That is totally a new experience for me.

Occasionally I trip over my feet. I’m still not quite used to them. Dan lets out a chuckle every time I stumble. And I punch him in the shoulder. I can’t help but notice he practically fills over every time.

We pass by one of Dan’s friends, who is on the team and he comes over. “Ah, so you’re Tom—our savior!” We slap hands. He introduces himself as Matthew. “You seem like a good sub for Drew.”

“Yeah. Sure is!” Dan says, slapping me on the back. It leaves a sting for a few minutes.

“Good thing, too. We could use another gym rat on the team. As if we don’t have enough already,” Matt says with a laugh. “See you tonight, bros.” He waves and carries on. The idea of having a locker room full of naked jocks sends a bolt of excitement to my cock.

When we finally reach the student center, we decide to go for something light—just some cold cut wraps. Nothing special.

“Now that we got some energy in our buff systems, what do ya say we have some… fun?” Dan winks at me.

I catch on quick and raise my eye brows. Dan gets up and waves me to follow. We exit the café and walk through the main lobby of the student center. It is pretty quiet—I guess everyone went home for the weekend. I follow Dan around the corner, away from the exit. Where are we going? Aren’t we going to his apartment or something?

Dan reaches a maintenance door at end of a service hallway and glances over his shoulder. I’m right behind him. He jiggles the handle, and the door opens.

It is nothing special. Just a large closet for storage. But there is an oversized couch in here—must be left over from the lobby remodel last year.

“What are we doing here?” I ask, but Dan doesn’t reply. I follow him inside and he closes and locks the door. I hope an employee doesn’t find us in here.

The lights flicker on, revealing Dan and I standing each other. I go to open my mouth, but he puts his finger over my lips to shut me up. He pulls my shirt off my chest and I do the same with his. The lighting in this closet highlights our powerful chests.

We both stare into each other’s eyes. I can feel my dick growing in my already tight shorts. I can only imagine his is doing the same. I make the first move. I go and ever so slowly move my hand to his cock. I feel his eyes following my hand as it makes its way down to his zipper. And yes, his cock is as hard as mine.

Once his shorts and boxers fall to the floor, his cock is revealed once again. I shove Dan into the couch where he sits. This time, my hands can not stay away. I grab it with my whole hand, surprised at how wide it is—I guess the suit’s penis is this wide too, but I never realized. Of course, Dan’s penis puts my real dick to shame.

I start with a squeeze; which Dan approves of due to his quiet moan. I start by pumping slow—precum already leaking out the top. Up and down. Up and down. Slowly getting faster.

I take the time to appreciate the perfect symmetry and size of his balls. Beautiful—like two bird’s eggs on each side of a thick branch. Dan closes his eyes and throws back his head. Dan gets really into it, whispering phrases, barely audible. “Fuck yes.” “Fuck.” “Ugh, oh.”

His hips begin to bounce up and down, signaling it is almost time. And just as it starts, Dan moans—practically loud enough for the whole building to hear.

Dan’s eyes shoot open. Cum erupts up, getting all over the couch—ah well, pretty sure they were gonna throw it away anyway. Dan’s eyes roll back into his head as bliss engulfs him. I continue pumping, stimulating his dick. My cock also begins to drip precum. Fuck. Dan is so turned on… it’s making me turned on. I mean—I am giving Dan a blow job—I guess I can take that off my bucket list. As I let go, his cock still jolts out cum. He is still panting but I can see his mind come down from the high.

“Fuck, Tom. Out of all the ways this could have gone, I never would’ve thought you would go down that route.”

“I just really wanted to handle your junk, is all.” I give him a wink. Dan grabs my chest and pulls me onto the couch too.

It seems like we were only making out for a few seconds when Dan’s phone goes off as a reminder to get ready for the game. It must have been making out for longer than it seemed.

“Round two at my apartment—and don’t worry. I’ll make sure to fuck you so hard, you’ll buy a plane ticket to euphoria.” I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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