Saturday Flashback Football Studs

Saturday Flashback: Football Studs

Like a lot of Americans, one of the things I associate with Thanksgiving is football. The weather around late November seems like the perfect time to play or to watch: crisp, cool air, with wool hats and thick, colorful sweatshirts in the stands and, if you’re playing, that gratifying feeling of getting warm from exerting yourself on the field. Watching on TV with family after all of the talking and eating is done is pretty great, too. Especially as doing so comes with getting to watch those football-jock butts and those well-shaped legs as they pelt down the field, and those tantalizingly gym-built arms that come into view when a quarterback puts everything into a throw or a receiver reaches out for an impossible catch. And then there’s the locker-room interviews, and all the steamy showering and toweling off your imagination can conjure up.

In commemoration of all that, this week’s off-week archive binge is about hot football studs, most of whom are being made even hotter by whatever meta-transformation is going on in their lives. Hope you like. And yes, I love watching soccer hotties too, and there will definitely be a flashback coming that’s wrapped all around those very fit boys in the snug shorts and tight jerseys.

Next update: 8 December. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

Posted: 23 November 2018  • 

This week’s flashback:

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