The tournament

By AG Silver 
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Today is tournament day. It is an annual, off-world tradition where the best military soldiers from the 14 planets meet on the Inter-Galactic SpaceStation to host games where all inter-planetary species host a friendly competition.

Me, I’m a humanoid professional wrestler who also doubles as an NS Soldier. NS stands for Navy Seal, which is where my branch of soldiers came from. I am a good soldier and a very good wrestler. I stand six three, weigh 245 pounds and, from weight lifting, I have a 50-inch chest, 20-inch arms, a 34-inch waist and thighs that are 25-inches round.

I am well built and I am strong. I am also single. I wish I wasn’t, but things never turned out. Here I am—33 years of age—and I don’t date much and I keep my head down low. Perhaps, one day, I might be of a certain rank.

But today—today—is about wrestling a species called TonFuj, or Secrets by some of the guys. I’m not sure why they’re called Secrets, but I’ll find out.

In the locker, I zip up my wrestling suit. It’s skintight, covering my legs just below my knees with a black, leather dull matte sheen. The material resembles leather and it’s meant to protect our pink skin from alien contact. The outfit is slightly militaristic. It hugs the flesh, giving prominence to 7-inch cock and sizeable balls. There’s the belt and it covers my chest and arms down to my forearms.

I stroll out to the stadium at the sound of the bell, my coach slightly behind me. My coach is an NS too, but of a slightly higher rank and older too. He’s wrestled before too.

The audience is sparse—maybe 10 people and aliens. Afterall, this is only a qualifying round. Who ever wins goes onto the next round.

I am struck by the alien. He’s my height, but his skin—is whole body—consists of a brown latex like material. His body shines and moves as if slightly moist. His features are distinctly humanoid except for this. It’s like he stepped out of a fetish magazine. And, his bulge where is cock is—massive. He looks as strong as me. I also find him fascinating to watch. I find him, his presence, magnetic.

I sit down on the bench and my coach sits next to me.

“Watch out for his hands.”

“It’s wrestling, coach.”

“Don’t let his hands touch your cock or balls.”

I turn and look at him. “Really? It’s wrestling.”

“The Secrets exude fluid out of their skin. It does stuff to us.”

“I got my suit on. Besides, this fluid—it doesn’t do anything right?”

He looked away. “Nothing that lasts… from what I’ve heard.”

First Round

The bell rings and I stand up, pull my skintight suit down low on my legs and step out into the ring. The human referee comes out with me and the Secret comes out with his referee.

The Secret looks me up and down, and I do the same to him. The Secret’s chest is large, with pan-sized pecs, well-sculpted deltoids and biceps. His back muscles flare out slightly from his sides. His cock and balls are stuffed into a one piece suit much like mine and we are so close his cock and my cock are only an inch apart. It makes me uncomfortable but the Secrets don’t know much about personal distance.

The Secret’s name is hard to prounce but it’s Salish so I call him Salish. He’s looking at me and then running his eyes over my body again and again. It’s making me uncomfortable. Then I feel it. I feel something soft but growing harder pressing against my cock. I look down and I see his cock swelling up a little and it’s filled the gap between my cock and his. I shouldn’t like it, but I would be lying if my cock didn’t push back a little.

I couldn’t help it.

When my cock lurches against my leather suit, Salish looks up at me with surprise. His eyes soften and then I see the referee from the Secrets look at me.

My referee doesn’t see this because he’s whispering in my ear, “Secrets get sexually excited when they wrestle or start fighting. Species thing. Helps them march into battle. Be careful, son. I’ve seen what they do to men.”

I nodded.

The bell rang.

We take position. The bell rings again. We pile into each other. My arm around his head, around mine, our breaths warm against each other’s necks. Our muscles strain against one another.

He’s strong, massively strong. I lose my grip. He flips to the side. Wraps his arm between my legs and plants his hand on my cock and balls and I feel what can only be a moist secretion.

I flip around and then the bell rings.

I stand up, my head a little foggy and I stumble back to my bench.

Coach pats my thigh. “Rough start.”

“He touched me.”

Coach looks at my cock and balls.

“I feel fuzzy.”

I glance up at Salish and my eyes take in his chest, his arms and his massive cock. There’s no way of hiding things in this suit. My cock begins rising steadily in my leather suit. It’s twisted up in a jock strap, but it swells out and bulges forward.

Coach sighs. “We throw in the towel.”

“No way. I can win.”

“You’ve lost. He touches you again, you’re gone.”

My cock was half hard and my balls ached even more. I looked down and I saw my balls, which were the size of small eggs, looked like large eggs.

“What does his touch do?”

“It causes a chemical reaction of sexual desire and physical redevelopment if you’re genetically gay. Straight guys can fight it and even for them it’s hard to resist, but you. I thought you were a bachelor. I didn’t know that you were gay. I would have never suggested.”

I remained silent. Yeah. Men turned me on. Women, to a much lesser extent did too, but I knew I was more gay than straight, more gay than bi, but I kept it hidden.

I swallowed. “I’ll fight.”

Coach nodded. “Look, he changes you. Now, he wants to change you even more. Salish is staring at you like you’re his next mate. Their species is interchangeable with sex.”

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