Friday Flashback Leaky Nips
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Friday Flashback: Leaky Nips

For this grand tour of the kingdoms of Metaerotica, I've surfaced a bunch of stories from the archives about guys whose pecs are so amazing they start leaking their own cum, muscle milk, or some other sexy substance.

Side note: So, yeah, I’ve known for a while that my tag for Nipple Cum was inaccurately inclusive of stories that really should be labeled as Nipple Milk or Lactation. I do need to separate those out at some point onto separate tags, but for now I’ve applied the temporary stopgap of renaming the tag Nipple Emissions. It’s not ideal, I know, and might conjure other, more ludicrous possibilities (orange juice? Pepto-Bismol? chocolate and vanilla soft-serve?), but until I get a chance to refine the tagging granulation in this area you can take it as read that the thick, sexy pecs in the associated stories are dripping hot cum, manly pec-milk, or something very similar.

The next update is tomorrow, 27 August. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting the site.

Posted: 26 August 2022  • 

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