Derek’s rebirth

by muscl4life

An elixir from the dawn of time is turning Derek into the ultimate muscle daddy, which he demonstrates by wearing out three young admirers. Taking on a personal trainer as his acolyte, Derek prepares himself for an even more impressive Phase Two of his transformation.

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Part 1 An elixir from the dawn of time is turning Derek into the ultimate muscle daddy, which he demonstrates by wearing out three young admirers. Taking on a personal trainer as his acolyte, Derek prepares himself for an even more impressive Phase Two of his transformation. (added: 17 Nov 2018)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

The bartender carried three tall glasses with luxurious drinks on his plate, which he carefully handled to each one of the three guys.

“These are a courtesy from that handsome gentleman over there…Enjoy!” The enthusiasm on his comment indicated that he had been largely tipped to play the inebriating cupid.

“You must have some serious daddy issues!” Dylan bitterly commented right after the bartender left, noticing that his friend Kieran had already spotted the older muscular guy among hundreds of hot men in that crowded room.

“My therapist said there’s nothing wrong with me just because I like mature men…” Kieran slowly reached for the red straw on his blue colored cocktail, took a long sip of the sweet mixture and flashed a shameless smile to the hot muscular man who had sent them the drinks.

“Your therapist is 59 years old, and you fucked him too!” As usual, Matt’s comment had such a precise timing that both Kieran and Dylan almost spilled their beverages through their noses.

They were still laughing very hard when Kieran’s current target walked towards their table.

“Shit… I think this guy’s a porn star… I’m sure I’ve seen movies with him!” Dylan commented in a low tone.

“Well, if everything goes right, we’ll be shooting his next great movie tonight!”

“Hey, how do you know he’s not coming here after Dylan or me?” Matt

played the offended part, but he knew that the dude would be coming after his gorgeous 5’9” 170 pounds muscular dark haired, alabaster skinned, thick lipped, blue eyed, muscle daddy obsessed roommate.

“Hello boys, I take you are enjoying the night out, aren’t you?” His voice was deep, manly, soothing and still carried a slight accent, which only made the 6 feet tall, perfectly tanned, impressively muscular middle-aged man seem even more impressive.

“We certainly are, but the night’s still young and can always get better… Why don’t you join us?” Kieran replied with a languid tone.

“My name is Derek,” he said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The mature patron had salt and pepper buzz cut hair and a goatee, freakishly broad shoulders, hard bulging pectoral muscles pressing his nipples through the fabric, powerful biceps sexily squeezed inside the tight sleeves of his shirt, not to mention the thickly veined forearms, the immensely huge thighs and the obscene bulge on his crotch.

“Hello there, Derek. I’m Kieran, and the pleasure is mutual.” The daddy-lover shook Derek’s hand firmly, because he knew these type of guys liked that sort of thing.

“Hi, I’m Matt, thanks for the drinks.” The tall, cinnamon-skinned Indian man with dark hair lifted his glass and greeted the strong gentleman, who could be a bit shorter but certainly was at least 50 pounds heavier.

“Yeah, they’re really awesome. My name is Dylan, by the way.” The short blond twink chuckled as he shook hands with the huge muscle guy. “Oh my, you’re so massive!” Dylan couldn’t help but staring at the impressive size of the guy.

“Thanks for the compliment, Dylan. I have worked quite hard to get this shape.” Derek smiled, and the guys quickly noticed that he flexed the huge pectoral muscles just to give them a quick tease, which made the audience even more impressed.

“My friend Dylan guarantees you’re a porn star, and I should take his word for that—after all, he’s got a huge collection of dirty movies.” Matt couldn’t lose the opportunity to make one of his roommates totally embarrassed; the blond twink quickly blushed when Kieran and Derek laughed out loud.

“Well, believe me, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this compliment, but I don’t fuck for money of any kind. I only do it for fun,” Derek added, shooting Matt a devastatingly hot glare that made the three guys to reach for their drinks and take a long sip to disguise their obvious interest.

“Look, Matt! Isn’t that your friend Peter dancing over there? I think he’s alone now—why don’t you go talk to him?” Kieran acted like he had seen someone in dance floor, but his friends knew it was their cue to leave Kieran alone with such sexy specimen of the muscle daddy tribe.

Matt sighed discretely and pretended he recognized the imaginary guy, and Dylan took the opportunity to say that his favorite music was playing, so they both thanked the muscular guy for their beverages and went to the dance floor.

“Oh, well, I guess it’s just you and me now, Derek.” Kieran was dressed in dark wash denim pants and a red fitted muscle T-shirt that only enhanced his toned physique and flawless skin color. The 20-year-old took another sip of the drink while the confident man gently reached for his hand.

“You shouldn’t have dispatched them like that. The four of us were having a great time, weren’t we?” Derek smirked as he sat right next to the handsome young guy.

“We were, but if three’s a crowd what to say about four?” The brown locks of Kieran’s hair fell over his pretty big eyes, and he just smiled innocently back at Derek.

“I’d say four is a great start, but you were right, the night’s still young…” His huge manly hand cupped Kieran’s soft, warm and soft one.

In just 45 minutes, Derek and Kieran had their small introductory talk, went dancing when the trendiest hard hitting songs played, made out on their way to the parking lot where Derek opened the doors to his brand new Porsche for Kieran. Another 20 minutes later, Kieran would be already naked inside Derek’s amazing loft at the hippest part of the town, getting ready for a night he would certainly never forget.

“Wow…I guess my friend was right when he told me you were a porn star!” Kieran commented as he gently rolled the rubber on such immensely thick member.

Although Derek’s body was obscenely tight inside his clothes, he looked even hotter naked. The thick muscles had the same salt and pepper fuzzy cover, which only enhanced his uncanny masculinity. His rugged chest and abdominal muscles flexed as he chuckled from the comment.

“I told you I’ve never actually been paid to fuck… but let’s find out together if I have any star quality.” The hot muscular man kissed Kieran’s juicy young lips and gently rolled over his tight little body.

Kieran’s young beauty combined with his energetic sex drive and bottom hungry was the perfect match for Derek’s vigorous strength, his amazing stamina and top expertise.

Their sex was a poetry of youth and strength, the smoothness of Kieran’s young alabaster tight muscles contrasted with Derek’s tanned hard, rugged, enormous hairy physique, he felt like a warm steel wall covered in velvet. Where Kieran was soft, tender, and sexually submissive, Derek had been hard, tough and overwhelmingly authoritarian.

The young man was certainly pushed beyond his limits. He was fucked hard and continuously, he felt the immense cock of his uber-manly top getting harder and thicker inside him, his bulbous tight muscular butt was being pounded like never before. At the same time, Kieran didn’t want anything else; his whole body shook with pleasure and excitement.

Derek also felt such tremendous energy surging through him. He never got tired of fucking that tight little butt—no matter how hard he pounded it, it just bounced back, and it was producing such hot sounds he threw his head back and continued to fuck his pretty boy. He soon filled the condom with his copious orgasm, which hurled his partner over the edge.

Derek groaned as he unplugged his tool from the young guy’s ass. If he had any strength left in him, Kieran would tell Derek he was the greatest porn star of all times, but the little guy was panting and laughing.

“That… was…”

“Who said we were done?” Derek interrupted Kieran’s compliment and simply hoisted the boy’s legs on his thick shoulders, while he quickly rolled another condom over his immense and still hard manly veined cock.

“Wow, you’re already hard agaaaaaaaaain!” Poor Kieran felt the enormous prick going back inside his anus, which already felt sore for the latest fuck.

“Oh, yeah, babe, I’m harder than ever, open up for daddy!” Derek spread Kieran’s legs as he pounded that ass once again.

Derek’s stamina was unmatchable; he fucked Kieran for an even longer period before he filled another condom. And another one after that, and yet another one after that one, and he fucked Kieran again, and again and yet again!

The hard muscle daddy was smiling from ear to ear. He had fucked that beautiful young man six times. Six amazing times! And number seven was going just as smoothly as the previous times… well, at least on his side, because poor Kieran was just destroyed.

“Shit, don’t you ever get soft? Oh please… it’s too much, I can barely breathe!” the pretty boy begged Derek, but the daddy just gently caressed him, kissing his lips and licking his cheeks.

“You want to make your daddy happy don’t you, boy? You said I was a porn star, remember? Well, maybe in reality some guys actually can fuck for such long times. Now just enjoy and let me do my job!” Derek replied as he got back with his epic pounding movements on Kieran’s butt.

The pretty boy screamed louder and louder because his body was indeed in pain, but it also burnt in pleasure. The more Derek destroyed him, the better and harder his orgasms felt. At some point it was like an everlasting delicious agony, which resulted in another amazing blissful orgasm.

“That feels good, huh?” Derek asked while keeping his hard cock inside Kieran’s worn out butt.

Kieran just nodded, he was sweating profusely, his skin was reddish, and his breathing was actually very hard.

“C-can we just… stop… please?” He begged once again and this time, Derek just felt sorry for the little guy. He unplugged his still hard tool and gently embraced the exhausted boy in his hairy arms.

“Don’t worry, pal. Daddy won’t fuck you again. I’m still hard, but you clearly can’t keep up right?”

Kieran nodded in shock. How could he still be hard? The worst part for the pretty boy was that his own sore cock was aching to get hard again, it just couldn’t because he was completely dry and overwhelmed.

Derek gently jerked his beast cock while he watched Kieran falling asleep. It didn’t take long until the boy was KO’d, and after his eighth orgasm of the night, the humongous daddy slowly got of the bed and went to the bathroom, noticing his immense boner.

“Well, I still have enough room for dessert…” Derek chuckled as he looked at his amazing reflection. He went through Kieran’s clothes and picked the boy’s cell phone quickly finding the numbers of Dylan and Matt.

It didn’t take long until the 6’2” tall swimmer’s physique Indian Matt and the 5’7” 145 pounds blond Dylan arrived at Derek’s place where the immensely muscular host received them with his arms wide open and steel hard cock.

“Where’s Kieran? Did you just wear him out?” Matt asked in a mocking tone, but Derek just nodded.

“He’s upstairs. The poor little guy needed a break after having me fucking his pretty ass seven times in a row… so why don’t you guys try to top his record?”

The young guys exchanged looks—they knew Kieran was probably the horniest bottom in the world, so that guy must be a real sex dynamo. But before they could answer, the immense muscle daddy had already started kissing Dylan, while his huge hand grabbed Matt’s hard bulge and unfastened his belt.

While Kieran slept heavily upstairs, the muscle daddy took care of his horny roommates on the living room, and made sure they never felt underappreciated. While Matt was versatile and loved to be sucked by the impressive mature hot man, he could never keep up with Derek’s uncanny pace so he soon was also being bottomed by that bestial cock. Dylan, meanwhile, truly tried to be the best bottom he could, and given the circumstances he did a great job, but he too was just no match by the skills, the strength and the stamina of the marvelous male that he was.

Derek fucked each boy another eight times before they begged him to stop. Afterwards, he carried them to his enormous king-sized bed and gently placed the three friends side by side, watching in silence, while his cock still leaked enormous amounts of precum, which forced Derek to jerk off vigorously while he watched his young pretty sex partners.

After fucking the three young men for nearly four hours in and jerking off at least another five times before he finally decided to be sexually satisfied for the time being, Derek just stood up and to the bathroom to take a well-deserved shower.

The glorious muscle daddy came out of the shower and posed in front of his mirror. “6 feet tall and 267 pounds of hard shredded muscle—that’s not bad for a 63-year-old man!”

The amazing top just flexed his muscles, enjoying the view of his physique saluted by his engorged cock. He went up on the scale and it read 278 pounds instead, which was odd since he meticulously got his measurements every day.

It probably was his mind playing tricks on him, but just in case, Derek left the bathroom and went to his basement, only dressed in one tiny black silk robe. The lights turned on automatically, and Derek hopped on top of a precise scale to check his measurements again.

“278 pounds and a half… that’s quite a large gain for one day, and I didn’t start on Phase 2 yet!”

Derek considered the scenario with a mischievous grin. His chest measured out 56 inches around, while his glorious biceps were 24 unbelievable inches around, not to mention that thighs that reached 29 inches, and his calves a full 20 inches. His waist was just under 30 inches, which made him look unbelievably wide-shouldered.

After realizing he had indeed grown much bigger all over, the fantastic muscle daddy just slapped his forehead, remembering one detail that could explain that unplanned growth. “But of course, I have been avoiding intercourse for such a long time that the testosterone and adrenaline discharges on my blood because of the upcoming sexual activity must have triggered the residual growth inductors on my organism,” he mused aloud. “That would also explain why I could sustain such an amazing erection while still climaxing time after time.” The hugely muscular man chuckled as he carefully looked for the precious contents of the vault on his lab.

Dr. Derek Maelstrom was not a frivolous man; he had perfected his serum for nearly 13 years before he’d managed to create a version that was completely safe for human usage. Still, the idea of creating something that the rest of the world believed to be just a legend was intoxicatingly delicious.

The massive scientist carefully picked up a syringe and took a sample of his own blood, placed it under the electronic microscope along with some special agents and watched the reaction.

“Well, that’s most impressive for sure…” Derek took some notes and proceeded to work on them for quite some time before he realized he hadn’t slept in nearly 72 hours, and he didn’t feel tired at all. He actually felt refreshed, and his cock, although finally softer, was already begging for more action.

“I don’t think I’ll be in need of much sleep time from here on out,” he muttered. “I should rearrange my daily schedule…” Maelstrom chuckled as he casually placed more data into his computer simulations and let the machine run the tests while he focused on more important subjects.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kieran woke up with the smell of bacon. He opened his eyes right when the enormous Derek brought the tray for his breakfast.

“Good morning sleepy head…” The enormous muscle daddy said as he sat at the table on the enormous bedroom and began eating an enormous plate filled with scrambled eggs, bacon slices and grilled chicken breasts.

Kieran tried to smile, but his whole body ached. “I am not very hungry…”

“What about your friends? Shouldn’t we wake them up to eat?” Derek casually pointed to Kieran’s side while he poured a glass of juice for him. It was only then that Kieran noticed his friends next to him totally naked. Looking over his heavily sleeping friends, Kieran just chuckled.

“So, I guess the party went on after I crashed huh?”

Derek nodded proudly. “I told you that four was a good start,” he grinned. “I actually wanted the three of you, but your friends were really kind to let me have you first, so I called them over to show them my appreciation. Just like you, those boys couldn’t keep up with me.”

Kieran gulped. “Yeah, apparently so… but they seem to be sleeping really heavily, so maybe we shouldn’t disturb them.”

Derek just shrugged. “Well, that’s okay, the food won’t be wasted.” Derek gently tapped his muscular 6-pack stomach and chuckled, while he casually picked the morning paper and read over the news.

The pretty young guy felt a bit disoriented. Usually, he would be the one who lasted longer in the sack, he was a hungry bottom and his muscle daddies loved that he was always begging for more, but after that night, Kieran knew he wasn’t match for Derek.

“You were… amazing. I mean, you totally had me destroyed me and I… loved it… sir.” Kieran moaned as he gathered strength to stand up and hug the immense hairy wall of muscle.

Derek smiled and kissed the forehead of his pretty exhausted boy before he savored the juicy thick lips with a masculine grip that made his bottom boy moan under his breath. He brought Kieran into his lap, making him sit right on his hardening monster cock

“That means a lot to me, Kieran,” Doctor Derek said as he hugged the sore body of his bottom.

“Wow… do you ever get soft, sir?”

“That’s a good question, boy, why don’t we find out together?” Derek asked with a mean grin, and Kieran surely gulped down.

“C-could we wake them up?” Kieran said looking at his friends, but Derek just chuckled.

“I thought you didn’t want to disturb them…”

Kieran shook his head “I… think we’ll have better chances finally satisfy you if we go together.”

“I hardly think that will be true, but sure, I will have lots of fun trying.”


Part 2

Kieran, Matt and Dylan soon realized that Derek’s incredible sex drive and unmatchable stamina would prove too much even to their combined efforts.

The huge muscle daddy continuously fucked the hot young men as they took different positions between pleasing his monstrous sized dick with their tight butts and hungry mouths.

Dr. Maelstrom was particularly pleased with such arrangement because his cock was always being pleased, not to mention that he could feel how much bigger his body became, the combined bulk of the three lads was no match for his own amazing physique.

The boys also savored each single moment, planting their lustful kisses all over the rugged surfaces of Derek’s hairy muscles, cupping huge mounds of hard muscle with their eager hands, gasping at the mere sight or touch of the gargantuan formations of muscle while Derek casually flexed for them.

But despite their combined efforts, those lads were brought into exhaustion by the incredible Dr. Maelstrom. At some point they were just laid on the bed while Derek fucked a little man until he produced another humongous load of fresh semen inside them.

Then, Derek would simply discard the used condom and place the exhausted little man in his bed, have one of the other boys roll a fresh rubber into his ever-hard member and continued fucking a young man all over again.

Derek was indeed impressed with his stamina, he fucked each one of those boys at least twelve times, and he still felt totally hard and ready for much more rounds.

His cock was never soft and every time he came, he knew there was even more cum than the previous time. The boys were so awed by this, they simply moaned and had dry orgasms with such display of epic virility.

After the three boys were once again begging to stop fucking them, Derek decided that the trio deserved a break, so he sent them home with promises that they would meet again soon.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dr. Maelstrom returned to his home lab after for important updates, he had proved that not even three horny young men were able to quench his incredible sex drive, not to mention that he still experienced residual growth from Phase One.

Upon taking another round of measurements, Derek couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Damn, I’m still growing from the first dose of the Elixir!” He threw his head back, the figures of his new measurements were even better than his most optimistic results: he was now 287 pounds of hard muscle at over 6 feet tall.

His chest tapped 57 inches and his biceps were also one inch thicker than before at 25. His thighs read 30 inches—now as wide as his waist, with 6 solid knots of impressive muscle that built into a wall when he flexed the surreal abs of his.

The glorious size of his immense phallus had also increased one whole inch, and he now passed the legendary 11 inches mark. The evolution he had experienced in his physique was simply magnificent, and everything thanks to a forgotten book Derek had uncovered many years ago in the ruins of a castle at the outskirts of Budapest.

Derek recorded the revolutionary experience in his ongoing video log. “This is the 23rd day of my rebirth,” he said. “I have proved that it not only has bestowed my overall health, thus reverting all aging signs such as those of andropause, it keeps increasing my muscular mass and proportions—not to mention my continuous penile and testicular augmentation, resulting in the exponential enhancement of my libido and sexual stamina. In fact, I should say that I might be sexually supercharged since my body is capable of performing hours of sexual intercourse with subsequent orgasms during one same impressively long and sensuously rewarding erection.”

Through ages, many have believed that the Elixir was created by the Early Masters of the Ancient World. Legends reported about the making process of one mighty formula, which was supposedly the same substance that gave Absolute Power to Zeus, the Mightiest of the Gods of Olympus, so this miraculous Elixir was believed to bring immortality to those who drink it.

Although many of his peers would have called him lunatic for believing in such “fairy tale nonsense”, Derek was a serious scientist who has dedicated many years of his life studying the records of the missions that Hitler has given to his fanatic acolytes, to search half the world after mythological treasures, especially those which granted superior power over the rest of mankind.

That was how he had located the precious ruins in the middle of Hungarian forests, a place locals believed to be haunted or cursed, that once belonged to Konstantin Romanescu, a man that many believed to be a sorcerer but who actually was the last of the Alchemists.

Although in possession of such precious secrets, Konstantin was not able to decipher the powerful yet hermetically coded formulae, and the consistently frustrated failures eventually made him insane. In the end, Romanescu killed himself by drinking one failed batch of Elixir because he desperately believed it would make him immortal.

In fact, after he uncovered the precious records, despite his brilliant brain and the resources of his wealth, Dr. Maelstrom still needed over 12 years to finally succeed on recreating the legendary Elixir.

Instead of the golden ambrosia mush or some sickly bubbling mixture, the Elixir turned out to be just a transparent, inodorous, tasteless liquid like fresh water—a sign that Derek knew to be promising, since Alchemy’s greatest fascination was that it promised to change mundane substances into unearthed vessels for unlimited power, so if drinking normal water was necessary for life, Elixir would be the special water that would grant immortality.

Contrary to clichéd stereotypes, Dr. Maelstrom was not a little sick man, he has been a very promising athlete back in his high school days and even in college he had great results in the track and field team, but his passion for Sciences soon won the battle over his heart.

At the age of 63 years old, Derek’s shape still kept most of the vigor of his decathlete days at 6 feet tall and 170 pounds of toned muscles that he achieved with serious dedication, exercise routine and carefully planned diet he has taken throughout his entire life. Still, the signs of time were undeniable, although they were actually very kind and gave Dr. Maelstrom quite regal, noble aspect on his manly, handsome looks.

Regardless his phenomenal peak condition, Derek also could sense his virility fading out, and he felt his body slowly being defeated by the inevitable fate—at least until he took his precious Elixir 23 days ago, the exact day of his Rebirth.

Looking at his glorious reflection while he checked over his notes, Derek knew that he had not only gained one eighth of an inch in height, 120 pounds of hard muscle and nearly 4 inches on his cock, he had achieved unparalleled records for human kind—and that was just from Phase One.

The immense Dr. Maelstrom retrieved another vial of the unimportant seeming liquid and excitedly drank its contents to set Phase Two in motion.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The impressive sight of his own manly physique made Derek even more excited, he could see his cock growing harder and thicker, longer and heavier, his balls were hanging lower now. The monumental muscle daddy just chuckled as he continued to record his video log.

“As you can see,” he told the video camera, “the transformation is actually very pleasing, my patience and dedication has been widely rewarded by such great results. My muscular fibers are thickening underneath my skin, along with the strengthening of my bone tissues, which is also responsible for the slight reported height augmentation. The increase density of muscular fibers also allow… strength magnification, which is has yet to be… properly measured.” Derek was speaking slowly; since his growing physique caused such intense feelings that it was hard to focus, even for someone like Dr. Maelstrom.

The scientist moaned, enjoying his rugged muscles rubbing against each other, the thick masses of manly brawn rolled as he moved the powerful limbs, casually striking a mind-blowing massive pose for his video.

“Phase Two is going very well so far, and because I still had the feedback growth from the previous stage, I can only assume that further sub-developments will take place, especially now that my organism has undergone such improvements. I have not only regained the same data from my twenties, I have actually surpassed them by far, which means I’m healthier and more prepared for the Elixir’s effects. The rejuvenation aspect that will extent my life period also improves the quality of my performance… According to my calculations, I will grow better as the process continues.”

Although Derek’s figure already started at incredible stats for Phase Two, his transformation soon eclipsed the impact of his starting point—he was getting so much hairier, more muscular and manlier that it was hard to find words for his development.

“Oh… it seems that my muscles are so thick and solid, they are able to keep the same peak conditioning aspect although my physique doesn’t need to be deprived of fat to allow such appearance. In layman’s terms I am ‘shredded’, but still the volume and overall thickness of my muscular mass would indicate that I am in the ‘offseason’ stage, which happens to be the best of both worlds.” Derek grinned as he noticed the enormous size of his hairy pectoral muscles, and the tremendous length of his engorging nipples.

Meanwhile, the humongous muscle daddy just felt his cock growing even longer and thicker. The thick veins running all around the manly shaft pumped more blood into the engorging manhood, which only got more sensitive and deliciously hard.

Derek hit a most muscular pose. The fibers of his uncanny muscles exploded in size and definition, creating a shockwave of manly power that spread all over his immensely developed physique. The pleasure created by his flexed muscles resonated with his own sexual arousing, creating an explosion of strength and power that resulted of even further muscular development associated with his copious orgasm.

The video registered images of Doctor Derek’s cock fountaining like a geyser, his cum hit the camera, the ceiling and the walls, and yet the volleys of thick manly cum continued to splash the surroundings.

The scientist’s body seemed to be bulging and bubbling in all directions as his muscle growth reached even greater heights. He took deep breaths and moaned in pleasure as his cock continued to sprinkle hot cum all over the place.

Finally, after five minutes of intense transformation, the humongous glorious mass of Doctor Maelstrom’s uncanny body seemed to remember that he was being recorded, so he turned the gargantuan size of his muscles back to the camera, which actually filled the entire view with a rugged wall of muscle, hair and cum.

“I apologize for such inappropriate behavior,” he told the unknown audience of the video log. “It seems that my body is growing faster and more intensely than I have anticipated, but you may consider this a bonus. As you can see, I have grown significantly bigger than my already impressive previous stats, but let’s find out for the sake of science.”

Dr. Maelstrom was now 6’1” tall and he weighed 418 pounds of hard monstrous muscle. His chest read 66 inches around and those monumental biceps stood at 28 inches, with 32 inches thighs and 23 inches calves. His glorious cock throbbed at the legendary mark of 15 inches long, a personal achievement that he clearly rejoiced in.

“As you may have noticed, by a simple comparison between my stats before and after the beginning of Phase Two, I have grown 140 pounds heavier most of which is hard muscle mass. This is a very promising start, since I’m still going to add a new element to this Phase, which is weight training.”

Derek chuckled, he was drenched in his own cum, the board was all splattered with his emissions but he just ignored it for the time being.

“The previous stage did not involve physical activities because I wanted to check any possible growth purely by the effects of the Elixir, but since I have learned that I can still get residual muscular augmentation from Phase One I decided to include the element of physical training, to investigate the results of weight training on my physique, not to mention the measurement of my current strength levels.”

Dr. Maelstrom smiled when he turned the camera off, because his brilliant mind already developed a very convenient approach for his next goals.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chad Johnson is a respectable personal trainer that was famous for preparing actors for those roles which required muscular physiques such as superheroes and supernatural beings, but he also had a strong modeling background since he was a dazzling hot 6’2” tall, 225-pound gorgeous African-American man of hard toned muscles, high cheekbones, and almond shaped eyes. He also used shoulder length dreadlocks that made him one of the hottest men in the industry.

Back in the days that he wasn’t the personal trainer of the stars, Chad worked for Dr. Derek Maelstrom, and he always admired the dedication and seriousness of the man who could keep in such great shape for his age. It was because of Dr. Derek that the 25-year-old trainer developed a special routine for the elder men not only to stay in shape but still pursue increase of strength, muscular development and overall improvement of physical capacities.

Needless to say, when Chad was contacted once again by Dr. Derek, he was more than happy to find the closest date available for their appointment. The hot personal trainer drove his bike to Maelstrom’s address, rang the intercom and the door opened wide to reveal an immense host dressed in nothing but spandex shorts.

“Shit! Dr. Derek? That’s… holy crap, you’re fucking immense!” Poor Johnson nearly jumped inside his pants.

“Good afternoon, Chad.” The deep manly voice of Dr. Derek sounded even more powerful now that he was such a muscle powerhouse.

“H-How… how…” the trainer/model gasped, halted in the doorway by his amazement, so the gentle muscle daddy gently lad him inside.

“Don’t worry, I can guarantee you I’m perfectly health. I called you here because I need your help with some details. Let’s discuss this inside, shall we?” The politeness of the immense guy only made his presence more intimidating, but in a very pleasant way. He was so freaking wide that the door couldn’t capture the complete width of his immense physique. The goatee was so perfectly trimmed that his lips seemed sculpted by Michelangelo.

Chad followed the doctor and sat on the couch in front of the humongous new Dr. Maelstrom while he explained the motive of his call.

“Well, as you can see, I have improved my body beyond anything your traditional weight training programs can achieve, but I still intend to investigate the effects of weight training on my marvelous new physique. So I decided to consult with you, as after all you’re the expert in this area.” The monumental hairy muscles of Dr. Derek flexed and bulged as he simply moved his arms around.

“Erm… I don’t know if you can develop even further… I mean, you’re freaking massive! H-How much do you…”

“I am currently near 438 pounds, give or take a few, but my exact measurements were already emailed for you, don’t worry. I also can test for substance abuse if you feel it’s necessary, although I can guarantee once again my development methods do not involve steroids of any kind.”

Johnson nodded immediately. “Oh, that’s okay; you don’t need to test for me, Dr. Derek. I just wonder how exactly my services would be helpful to you, sir.”

Derek smiled. “Well, I actually could do it all by myself, it’s not that I lack the intelligence nor the resources to do so, it’s just because… I wanted to have someone that truly understood the mechanics of strength and muscular development to be at my side and gawk over my impressive results, and you have always been very dear to me.”

Chad blushed deeply, he only had straight sex experiences before he met Dr. Derek but the man was not just an example of health and dedication, he also had such an interesting life, so accomplished, so simple, and yet so sensually provocative.

They ended up having an affair, and although Chad never been submissive before, he surely didn’t mind sucking on Derek’s cock or having his tight muscular butt rode by that impressive toned daddy.

The mere remembrances of Dr. Derek’s cock inside himself made Chad groan, he didn’t care he was bottoming for a much smaller man, as long as that man was Derek, but now… the scientist was so immensely larger, so much more masculine and powerful…

“Damn… Dr. Derek, I have a steady girlfriend, we really shouldn’t…” Chad was silenced when Derek flexed his ginormous muscular arm right in front of his face.

“I need to investigate how strong those muscles are, my little man. I want you to help me, I want you to worship those muscles, with your help I’ll be sure to develop even further, because I will be growing much bigger, but you can still walk away from my offer and return to your regular life.” Derek retrieved his immense arm and just relaxed at the couch, taking most of the available space.

“I don’t know what to say…” Chad felt dizzy. In truth he was not committed to anyone but his vanity. He was a sex symbol all over the nation; men aspired to be like him, while some of them wanted to be fucked by him as well as most of women. He was the image of youthful masculine success that could help others to become better.

However, right there he saw one man that didn’t care for such bogus idea.

He knew Chad better than most of people, he had fucked him, he had conquered his butt, and he wanted it once again. To make things worse, that man was better than him in every aspect—he was more muscular, stronger, he had experience, he had intelligence, he had money, he somehow acquired the biggest cock Chad had ever seen packed inside those tight spandex shorts.

Derek smiled. “Perhaps you’d prefer that I tell you what to do right, little man?”

Chad quickly nodded and Derek just smirked in contentment. “You will drop your current clients and affairs to work with me, my pretty little man. You will be regally paid of course, but the best part is that you will join me in this adventure as my personal assistant.”

“Yes, Doctor Maelstrom.” Chad felt the same excitement rush all over his body, once again he was obliging to Derek’s orders, and this time it was a bigger, better, more handsome than ever Derek.

“Good, so let’s begin today, at once.” Derek stood up and lead his assistant back to another room where he had assembled a very impressive home gym, with state-of-the-art equipment and lots of free weights to be added.

“So, we both know that primary muscle growth happens through biological development, the hormones orchestrate the assimilation of nutrients to build bigger muscular structures as we grow older, especially during puberty. Secondary muscular development happens through physical exertion, the hurting of the muscular tissue encourages the fibers to heal the area, further augmenting the volume, density and strength of the previous muscle…”

Chad nodded quietly and Derek continued.

“Good, so what you need to know is that I have managed to overcome such limitations, my body now has a perpetual primary growth system, but I want to investigate the effects of weight training over my overall improvement. So, if I am correct the muscle will need to be stressed at a certain point in order to reach the conditions for secondary growth, depending on the subject’s own personal conditions right?”

“You know more about it than anyone, sir.” Chad was always impressed with Derek’s impressive mind.

“Thanks. What really intrigues me is that the stronger the subject, the harder it would be to make him develop muscle through weight training. At least in theory…that being sad, I ask you how strong one man can be.”

Chad scratched his head. “Well it is actually hard to establish a precise limit sir, there are some really gifted beings, but overall we have been able to create accurate strength measurements and standards…I have a pretty extensive databank if you’re interested.

“I’ve seen those charts, Chad. That’s the main reason I have called you here. I need you to help me finding suitable weights for me, because as you can see… there are some practical issues to be worked when you are stronger than any human ever studied.” Derek simply lifted one bar with an incredible number of plates added to it, there was no more free space left to add another plate.

“Holy crap… h-how much…” Chad asked in a mix of excitement and shock.

“Depends…how much do you weigh now?” Derek asked casually.

“237…” Chad answered with a grin, and Derek just gave him a wink to invite the hot muscular trainer to sit on that bar, which Johnson quickly obliged.

“That would make 1,437 pounds then, including the bar of course. My problem is that…” Derek lifted the bar like it was a little coin; he performed each rep so fast that he just couldn’t feel anything.

“I have been working out for almost three days and only have added about 20 pounds of muscle, which is by far impressive for normal standards, but I have serious reasons to expect a much more significant augmentation of my muscle tissue and overall strength.”

Chad was feeling so excited, he simply shook his head in amazement. “Wow, we have to think in a whole new system for your body. I mean, you can’t put more mass if your muscles are not challenged… I just wonder what would be challenging to you… maybe lifting cars?”

Derek smiled. “I like that thought.”


Part 3

“What? No sir, I was just thinking, I didn’t mean to…” Chad couldn’t complete that sentence. He followed Derek to his garage and soon the massive daddy looked at his brand-new Porsche with hungry eyes.

“Heh, that’s quite interesting, don’t you think Chad?” Derek asked.

“You are totally amazing, sir! Are you really going to lift it?” Chad replied with a big smile.

“That’s not the question to be made, my little man. I will lift that toothpick, it’s just that sport cars are not challenging enough, I mean they are designed to be fast and potent, so they don’t carry much mass…”

“Oh, that is true, maybe you will have to lift an SUV!” Johnson suggested knowing that Derek would be easily encouraged to attempt such amazing feat of strength.

“Well, I do have one of these back on my main house, this is only a “bachelor pad” …I think this loft is not currently the best location for my purposes…”

Derek stood up and supported the Porsche with his two arms, then he simply lifted the vehicle from the ground and laughed as he managed to pull the vehicle with such ease that it bounced on his hands.

“Whoa…that thing is even lighter than I anticipated; I have to be more careful!” Derek chuckled as he noticed Chad reached for his own hard bulge.

“Did I tell you were allowed to please yourself, little man?”

Chad just stopped and shook his head. “I’m sorry sir, it won’t happen again.”

Derek smiled. “On a second thought, you should touch yourself; go on… I’ll give you the encouragement.”

Dr. Maelstrom supported the car over his head and then he just removed one arm and flexed for his amazed little man. Chad moaned as he reached for his cock and jerked it.

“Oh. Dr. Derek you’re the manliest man of them all, so powerful, so massive, oh please daddy…” The modern-day alchemist knew he should keep tossing that car around, giving the little man new poses for him to worship his awesome body from afar, but at the same time Derek felt a sudden craving for more intimate contact.

Derek placed the car back on the ground and laid on his immense back, his tree trunk sized legs easily lifted it from the ground once again, this time the powerhouse doctor looked at Chad and ordered.

“Get on top of my chest and fuck my mouth with this delicious ebony pole, my little man.”

Chad had a natural knack for role playing, so he just acted on cue, faking that he feared for his own safety.

“But sir, if you by any chance drop the car would smash us both…”

“Do you really think I’d let anything happen to you little man? Trust daddy and come here…” Derek also enjoyed the role of the protector. He just flexed the inhuman huge hairy pectorals of his and bounced them heavily.

Chad needed no further encouragement, he simply obliged Derek’s orders and laid on top of the hairy mountains of his chest, sticking the beautiful 10 inches piece of chocolate cock between Derek’s humongous cleavage and finally reaching the skilled mouth of the muscle daddy.

Dr. Maelstrom lifted the Porsche with his legs while Chad Johnson fucked his mouth with increasing tempo. The immense muscle daddy moaned as he allowed the younger man to be more proactive, more engaged into the worshipping of his gargantuan muscles.

“Oh shit… Dr. Derek, you’re so strong, so fucking manly!”

Meanwhile, the gargantuan cock of Derek rose to its full length, throbbing right behind Chad’s back, and the young man just felt he was reaching the point of no return.

Chad’s hands tried to twist those super huge manly nipples of his daddy but they proved to be so engorged that they were simply not giving to the strong grip of Chad. Meanwhile, the ebony hunk just looked over his head and saw the Porsche going up and down while his cock went further down Derek’s throat.

“Fuck sir, I’m gonna cum…let me pull out, please…” Chad begged, realizing he hadn’t a condom on him, but Derek didn’t care for protection anymore, he knew he was immortal, his Elixir made him a superior being, so he wanted to experiment with Johnson’s seed.

Derek’s hands pushed Chad’s butt further down the muscle daddy’s throat and the personal assistant had no other choice, he came fiercely down Derek’s mouth and screamed out of pleasure.

The results of the intake of Chad’s cum were immediate. Derek’s physique entered a new growth cycle, getting more massive and thicker while the poor little guy just screamed as his cock was being sucked with such force that he feared he would never survive that experience.

Eventually, when Chad was totally dry, and Derek still grew more muscular, the monstrous daddy released his little man from the pleasing torture. The young guy just collapsed over Derek’s expanding chest and the man hugged him tightly.

“I guess we found out a more practical venue for more growth, huh?” Derek slowly kissed his ebony lover as they both enjoyed the augmentation on his body. Chad just spread his hands all over the hairy rugged surfaces of the growing muscles with uttering dedication.

“Oh, daddy… you’re growing, you’re actually growing bigger. Damn, it’s so hot, so amazing!” He repeated as Derek’s own feelings flooded his mind. He could feel his body developing, his biceps engorging and his thighs augmenting; his chest inflated with new layers of muscle, his body shook in anticipation of another flush of muscle growth.

Derek groaned as he gently carried the dry muscle hunk back to the laboratory. The phenomenal physique seemed to be growing thicker and denser as he moved, and the narrowness of the hallways made his massive shoulders push the drywalls as he moved towards the laboratory.

“Shit, daddy, you’re so fucking wide and thick…you have the size of a powerlifter with the definition of the most amazing bodybuilders!” Chad hugged Derek’s immensely thick neck as they approached the lab.

The hairy fortress of muscle just kissed his little man’s lips and tasted lust in his juicy lips.

“Damn, you are one hot muscle junkie, huh little man?” Derek teased his impressive young man as he sat him on the table.

Chad looked at the enormous man as Derek relaxed his muscles, they were so much thicker and denser now, but somehow they also felt nimbler and so much stronger.

The humongous daddy threw his head back, feeling the enlargement of his neck and the humongous width of his deltoids, combined of the sheer new size of his boulderous mighty shoulders.

The mighty alchemist and his hungry little man soon realized that Derek had grown considerably bigger just by drinking Chad’s cum.

“Are those real numbers?” the hunky personal trainer said as he gagged at the new stats of his gorgeous monster muscle daddy.

“Why doubt them, when you have the living proof right in front of you?” Derek teased the lustful little man, hitting a side chest pose, holding his enormous arm right in front of the guy’s arm. “Can’t you believe I’m now 6’2” tall and weigh 508 pounds of hard manly muscle? Do you doubt my arms are freaking 32 inches around, my chest is now 71” wide and my thighs read 40 inches with a 30 inches waist? Just because my arms are thicker than my waist and my shoulders stand now over twice wider? Not to mention that while you have a 6-pack stomach, I have those marvelous immense knots of thick manly powerful abdominal muscle?”

Johnson just nodded his head all along those incredible stats.

“I don’t doubt you, sir… I would never doubt you. You’re as tall as I am now, but damn, you’re well over twice my weight all in muscle, hard, manly, hairy, massive, powerful muscle!” The personal trainer was indeed very serious; he wanted Derek to realize it as well.

The monumental daddy then just showed his eager little man the enormous size of his new immensely grown cock which reached nearly 18 inches long, and probably nearing 10 inches around.

“I know it, little man.” Derek lifted the naked Chad and the young man took a deep breath as he was being slowly penetrated by the super huge cock.

“Oh damn… oh fuck sir it’s so enormous… oh and its head is soooo

wide… oh… shouldn’t… we use… oooh fuck… some lube?”

Derek chuckled. “No need to, little man. You’re making daddy so hot that his cock is leaking lots of pre… I’m… oh yeah, I’m getting inside you… you want that to last… long… don’t you?”

“Yes… oh fuck yeah… so awesome sir!” Chad moaned as he felt the immense cock going up his tight muscle butt.

Chad only bottomed for Derek, he knew that tight ebony muscle butt belonged to the gargantuan muscle daddy who just impaled him all the way to the middle of his immense cock, which was much bigger than the average man.

“Here’s some hard muscle for you little man…” Derek brought his hands behind his neck and hit a most muscular pose that made his entire body flex, the fibers contracted so much thicker and powerful, the muscles flared in rush of blood and strength, sending a wave of hardness throughout Derek’s physique.

But it didn’t end there. The cock also grew harder and thicker, and Chad went further down the cock as it pressed his sphincter, demanding more space for its glorious length.

“Arghhhh… oh please daddy!” Chad screamed out of pleasure and Derek continued flexing and fucking his body with nothing but the impressive strength of his muscles and cock. Chad’s muscular legs embraced his thin waist and he hugged those humongous muscles, he just loved that intense contact.

“Damn… I’m so close to cumming inside of you, pretty little man… you think you can handle it?” Derek teased as he prepared to shoot.

“Y…wait… oh… please… don’t shoot just yet… oh shit… can you put me back on the table?”

If he was a normal man, Derek would certainly lose his focus and probably go soft after such weird request, but since he was a Reborn man, he just stopped and checked on his precious muscle lad.

“Is something wrong? Am I hurting you too much?” He asked with a grave tone while he managed to unplug his immense throbbing cock which leaked an impressive amount of precum.

Chad didn’t understand the connection but he knew that his cum had caused Derek’s growth, so he just looked at the immense prick of his monstrous daddy and since the cock was growing longer as well, he concluded that his naughty idea could be possible.

“There’s nothing wrong, daddy, it’s just this crazy idea I had… I mean you grew from just drinking my cum… what would happen if…” Chad signaled for the huge daddy to lean forward and he whispered his idea on Derek’s ears. The monumental muscle daddy nodded with a grin.

“That’s why I knew you would be much helpful, my little Muscle Prince…”

Derek chuckled as he laid on the floor of the laboratory, his humongous mounds of muscle and the steel hard cock standing tall as a powerful obelisk to manhood.

“Let’s try this idea of yours.” Derek commanded and Johnson acted on cue, he went behind the doctor’s legs, gently pushing his daddy’s monstrous thighs as Dr. Maelstrom lifted his immense muscle butt from the ground. Chad knew it was Derek who lifted most of the impressive weight, he just helped as best as he could, but he couldn’t help gasping at the phenomenal size of such enormous man.

Meanwhile, Derek’s enormous cock grew closer to his own eager mouth, the scientist loved Chad’s suggestion, especially because his cock grew even longer and thicker, which facilitated the execution of such delicious plan.

The most impressive part was the realization of Derek’s flexibility. Albeit his thickness, the monster daddy proved to be indeed very flexible and graceful. With a few gentle pushes of Chad, Derek’s shaft was indeed inside his mouth, feeling the sensual harshness of his own tongue for the first time.

Chad admired the perfection of Derek’s hairy muscle butt when he noticed the rhythmical flexing of such huge bubble ass, his cock was hard already, but he still waited for any command, it was then he realized Derek couldn’t speak because of his cock pressed down his throat, his butt was talking for him.

Johnson chuckled as he positioned himself, he was so proud to be a good fucking toy for the glorious daddy.

“Oh shit… it’s so tight, you’re too strong daddy, please open up, I am not strong enough… oh damn… it feels like fucking a marble statue!” Chad moaned as he managed to insert his own huge cock inside Derek’s manly hairy ass.

Dr. Maelstrom was in Cloud 9, his mouth sucking on his own massive dick, while his little man worked his monumental ass. The combination of such intense experiences soon flooded into another fantastic orgasm, whose load went down Dr. Derek’s own throat.

Chad felt when Derek was about to cum, his body flexed so hard that it squeezed the cock of his handsome lad so abruptly that Chad came right there under the uncanny pressure that milked his cock dry so very fast.

The combination of Derek’s and Chad’s emissions inside Derek’s body produced a very powerful result.

The growth wasn’t so smooth as it has been previously. The body of Dr. Maelstrom grew in spasms of violent and graphic muscle growth. His right arm grew so immensely larger and longer that he screamed out in pleasure, although his cock still inserted on his throat.

Then his left arm joined the impressive growth, followed by the humongous chest, the glorious neck, the gargantuan midsection, the inhuman legs, the powerful thighs, the ginormous butt, and Derek’s titanic sized cock shoot once again, which produced a feedback growth all over.

Derek continued to grow while Chad was stuck inside his butt, the pretty muscular lad screamed as he felt his cock getting harder and shooting again. He just couldn’t fight it, it was all Derek’s doing and the victorious feeling of fucking the most massive man ever.

Meanwhile, Derek’s mind was flooded with imagery that brought him into a state beyond orgasm. He could feel the power he was given, he laughed in his mind’s eye at how silly and humble he had been so far. The power he could have, the joy he would give!

“Are you comfortable there, little man?” the thunderous voice woke Chad at once.

“Sir? What happened? Where am I?”

“Right now you’re on my back, your tiny hard pecker inside my butt. It felt nice milking your cock for more cum so I guess you passed out. Sorry about that. Care to unplug, so daddy can stand up?” Derek’s voice was so much deeper now, Chad looked down and gasped, but he still managed to unplug his cock from such impervious muscle butt.

Dr. Maelstrom chuckled as he stood up, towering over his Chad by at least six inches now. “Heh, how’s it going shorty?”

Chad could not answer, he was looking at the most marvelous man in the world. A humongous muscle man that was above 5 feet wide, with epic sized shoulders, monstrous hairy pectorals and the most incredible abdominal wall of 10 whole huge knots, not to mention his gargantuan thick legs and the monumental 2 feet long cock, which was still hard.

They have measured Dr. Derek and the results were just mind blowing. The scientist had grown to 6’9” tall and weighed impressive 870 pounds of freakishly super strong hairy veined muscle.

“Fuck daddy…your arms are 45 inches around! That’s just too powerful.”

“Well they have to be too powerful, they’re not human anymore are they?” Derek teased his little man as he managed to flex even harder for his one-man audience.

“Your chest is now 102” around, not to mention the 60” thighs and the well… monster cock is nearing 2 whole feet long!”

Derek wasn’t just growing taller and much more muscular, his body was also developing some unique characters. Starting by the size of his hands and feet, which were so large and wide, the hairy, calloused, masculine shape of those hands and fingers and the impressive width of those humongous feet impressed, it was almost an indication that Dr. Derek still could grow much bigger.

The scientist’s muscles were just huge, thick and rugged like chiseled rock. In fact, they took a different overall shape than the anatomic charts Chad knew so well. They were actually better, harder and much more efficient with such incredible definition and volume that the personal trainer knew he was the epitome of muscularity.

His biceps were so huge and striated, they parted into two thick bellies of huge muscle, and when the massive daddy flexed them, the veins actually crossed the rugged surface of those twin peaks, creating the effect of a third head crowning the glorious manly muscle.

Those thighs were so adorably thick they rubbed against each other, the overall result was a sensual waddle in which Dr. Derek moved the uncanny mounds of his nearly 900-pound frame.

The glorious hairy chest now stood so thick and powerful, with huge fat nipples the size of real thumbs, hanging low and yet it was noticeable that they were erect. The hairy coverage of such monstrous chest made it look like the manliest of the bears.

The heroic, square jaw now inspired authority and demanded respect, it was such a broad powerful manly expression that Dr. Maelstrom resembled the classic Colossus, a towering giant of strength with a serene expression, ready to strike at the slightest sign of trouble.

His cock was indeed nearing the two feet mark, but it wasn’t just the freakish size, it was a very wide and thick cock, with a giant uncut head, and lots of thick veins crossing the rugged surface in truncated patterns, the throbbing rhythm was hypnotic, demanding. Those orange sized balls hung low on his humongous sac, he certainly had the manliest of all cocks. They both heard his 10-pack stomach growling out loud.

“All this growth is making me very hungry and my muscles need protein. Be a good little man and fix me something will you? I want grilled chicken breasts, roast tuna steaks and medium rare roast beef. Make lots of whole wheat pasta and potatoes as well, and green salad.”

“Of course sir, I’ll be right back.” Chad didn’t blink before he went straight into the kitchen to fix his daddy’s supper.

Meanwhile, Dr. Maelstrom continued to analyze the latest results of his transformation, he took samples of his cum splattered all over the place and examined them carefully.

“It seems like the Elixir evolves inside me as well, it is getting more powerful, changing my DNA structure at incredible pace, I’m becoming the next evolutionary step of…well I can’t actually say mankind anymore. I’m no homo sapiens sapiens anymore, perhaps the homo sapiens sapiens fortius!” Dr. Derek smiled at the little pun and continued with his calculations.

By the scientist’s hunger became unbearable, Chad had already finished the delicious feast of protein and carbs that the humongous daddy ordered. The personal trainer sat the table for his monster daddy and watched in awe as he emerged in all his powerful glory, the width and impressive thickness of his muscles only emphasized his superiority.

“That smells wonderful, Chad little man!” Derek noticed his weight should be a problem, so he decided to sit on the floor and placed his enormous plate on top of his chest. “Heh, that’s actually handy isn’t it?”

Chad was speechless, he wasn’t even hungry, and he just wanted to bask in the pleasure of watching his daddy savoring his cooking.

“Fuck, you’re one talented little man aren’t you Chad?” Derek said as he leaked the juices of his fingers and picked yet another piece of chicken.

The little man blushed. “I only aim to please sir…”

Derek chuckled. “Oh, I know that really well.”

Chad knew he shouldn’t be asking much, but his curiosity was killing him.

“Sir, how is it possible that you grow from drinking cum?”

Dr. Maelstrom suddenly looked serious.

“That’s not of your concern little man. You just need to help, but you’ll be safer without such information.”

“Please, daddy… I didn’t mean to be intrusive… I just… want to know, it was so impressive to see you growing like that from my cum, and even bigger when you drank from your own super cock as well.”

Derek chuckled. “Yeah that’s about right, my own cum only increased the effects of my treatment and made it exponentially stronger. I’ll have to consider the data when I move forward to next Phase.”

Chad gasped. “Next phase?”

Derek chuckled. “Oh yeah… don’t worry about that, I’m not done growing, and I clearly don’t think I’ll be done growing for a long time…now be a sweet little man and go make me some food? Now, you should go back at your place and pack. We’ll leave tomorrow for a bigger place.”

Chad just nodded. “I don’t think I’ll need to go back to my place, dad…I want to stay with you, besides…I only need your size and strength…clothes are not mandatory in your house are they?”

Derek laughed. “You’re turning into a very hungry bottom aren’t you Chad?”

“I am…it’s because of your humongous size, your voice, even your smell makes me so horny and… I don’t know…”

“Submissive?” Derek suggested, and Chad just nodded.

The immense Doctor bobbed his head as he cleaned his mouth. “Well, it looks like I’ve finished with it all, how rude of me not leaving a single piece for my little man…”

Chad smiled. “That’s okay sir…I’ve nibbled some while I was cooking…”

Derek actually felt that it was rude of his part to be so greedy but his hunger was proportional to his new massive size. Yet, he knew that little man deserved something more than his crumbles, he was such a dedicated little muscle fellow, he was his worshipper after all.

The first jet hit Chad right in the eye. “Ouch… what was… that?”

A second volley of warm thick milk followed right after. Dr. Derek instinctively held his nipples tight, stopping the pressure flow.

“I guess I want you to have your meal after all…Come closer my hungry muscle little man.” Derek grinned as he noticed how amazed Chad was at the mere idea of being fed by the monstrous muscle daddy. The muscular black man just sucked on the humongous nipple and drank the thick manly liquid that flowed so intensely.

Chad loved its taste, its smell, but especially the sensual way in which it was being served. The hungry muscle little man massaged the huge hard mounds of chest while Derek moaned out loud, feeling his own immense pleasure.

Johnson never felt so energetic, so refreshed and horny like that. He just sucked on the powerful milk and Derek suddenly noticed that his little man was changing as well. He watched calmly while the suckling muscle little man changed into a bigger, perfected version of himself.

Derek massaged his muscle little man, feeling his muscles expanding, his body changing, unfolding, developing; his brilliant mind already realized what was causing his growth, but it still didn’t take any of the pleasure of watching such powerful transformation.

Chad could indeed feel his muscles growing bigger, harder, thicker and denser, but he couldn’t stop sucking on his daddy’s massive nipples. By the time the milk stopped flowing, Chad had blown three loads on his daddy’s chest. He felt so impressively stronger.

“I’m bigger daddy! I grew from your milk!” The glorious man just chuckled as he looked at his daddy and burped, cleaning the last drops of milk from his thick juicy lips.

Derek nodded. “Yeah, you are right little man. You’ve probably put at least 40 pounds of hard muscle by drinking my milk. You’re certainly looking much better now though…”

Chad noticed the mean grin on Derek’s face and the daddy pointed to the mirror in the wall. Johnson looked at the man in the reflection and almost fainted. He was more muscular, his skin never looked so flawless and his muscles never felt so thick and ripped before, but the best part was that his own face had changed.

His exotic manly facial features were still there, covered by his precious ebony skin, but they were dramatically different from a few moments ago. Now they stood exactly like…

“My milk is changing your inferior DNA, my little man. Giving you some of the traits that belong to my glorious organism, in result your own physique is adapting to become more similar to my own patterns.”

“Does it mean that…”

Derek nodded his head. “You’re now genetically my son. Your face is just like mine, if I had the honor of bedding the beautiful woman that your mother certainly was.” Derek moaned.

Now at 265 pounds of hard muscle, Chad was just at the verge of his tears, he just hugged his monstrous creator.

“Will you call me Junior, sir?” he joked in a sensual tone.

Derek laughed. “I’ll call you anything you want, little man. As long as you give daddy a kiss.”

The scene was so powerful, so intensely hot. A muscle monster and his son kissing, entangled into a manly embrace of muscle, sweat, hair and cum.

“Oh yeah, Phase 3 will be really interesting!” Derek considered as he carried his little man upstairs for a bath and check if his enhanced DNA would indeed make him last longer at his sexual predator father.

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The new associate by Tym Greene Zhu is looking forward to his first day a new architectural firm, sure the way he grows—and makes other people grow just from being around him—will make things very interesting. 3 parts 13k words Added May 2015 Updated 12 Dec 2020 40k views 5.0 stars (2 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Public Nudity•Size Increase•Tongue Growth•Father/Son•Anthro/Furry •M/M•M/M/M

The salt: the lab assistant by RdyRoger Helping out at the lab where a scientist is developing very effective body enhancement formulas can expose you to temptations too tough to resist. 9,042 words Added Jun 2010 18k views 5.0 stars (7 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Other Mental Changes•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Voice Deepening•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•Nonconsensual change •M/M

Simon says by BRK My goofy, fun-loving shop owner loves staging these ridiculous competitions with us, but this latest one is definitely the craziest. 2 parts 7,732 words Added May 2013 Updated 30 Jun 2017 23k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Extra digits•Multi-abs•Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Suggestion

Small problems by The Obsessive-Compulsive College freshman Curt has certain inadequacies he’d like to correct. (Hint: Remember the “Better Living through Chemistry” meme?) 7 parts 9,668 words Added Sep 2009 37k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Increased Libido

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