A close encounter

by King Dave

 Evan is not alone in his apartment. Something that wants to study him. Is that all that it wants?

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Evan wiped the egg off his face with the back of his wrist. He was home alone enjoying a lazy Saturday, and though he’d been up for a few hours, he’d so far been happily wasting the day away with a YouTube marathon. It wasn’t until 1 pm that he had finally convinced himself to climb out of bed and eat something. So, he’d pulled on some pajama pants and ambled to the kitchen to scramble some eggs and slide them onto a bagel. Evan was now seated at the kitchen table, bagel in hand, happily continuing his recommended video binge.

On a normal Saturday, Evan would have already been to the gym by now. Though he’d spent most of his life not lifting so much as a 10-pound bag of potatoes, Evan had recently been convinced to start working out by Thien, his woefully hot and woefully straight roommate. Thien loved a good project, and he had taken it upon himself to remake Evan into a gym buddy for himself.

Evan played along gamely. He was eager to transform himself into something that might resemble the muscular adonis he lived with. So far though, while he felt stronger, any visible gains had been discouragingly slow coming. Sure he had gained some definition, and he was filling his size XS t-shirts a bit more than he had before, but Evan was in no danger of needing to go a size up.

Thien, the consummate optimist, was encouraging, and his MCU-Hero body provided Evan with plenty of inspiration. Lately, Thien had taken to wandering around their apartment in nothing but his athletic boxer briefs and a backwards cap, filling several of Evan’s waking hours (and several more of his non-waking hours) with unobstructed views of his enviable physique. Evan tried not to be too obvious with his drooling but it was hard when Thien was exactly his type: confident, casually handsome, and built like a horse. Fortunately, Thien seemed to be oblivious, blinded by his own heterosexuality. Or perhaps he liked the attention and enjoyed showing off the results of his dedication to the gym. But Thien was in D.C. for the week leaving Evan alone in their apartment. And Evan wanted a cheat day.

As Evan scrolled through the gallery of clickbait thumbnails, something beyond his computer screen caught his eye. He looked up to see his empty, brightly lit kitchen, looking nondescript and standard-issue as always. Still, he couldn’t shake the feeling that there had been something there, something blue and shiny moving silently past the fridge.

Evan gently closed his laptop and put down his bagel. Quietly, he rose to his feet, his senses heightened, aware of the cool air on his bare shoulders. Evan carefully scanned the kitchen, holding still and listening for any hint of motion. Nothing appeared out of place, the room was silent save for the low hum of the fridge. Evan was about to conclude that his eyes were punishing him for staring at a screen all morning, when he saw it again. Something shiny and blue by the door frame. Again it was gone in a flash, but this time Evan glimpsed it long enough to be certain it wasn’t his imagination. He was also certain that the thing, whatever it was, was big, about the size of a small adult.

Evan took a step away from where he’d seen the thing and took a mental inventory of his defences. Furniture was an option. The heavy cast-iron on the stove wasn’t too far out of reach. Suddenly, he felt a pinch inside his left ear. Evan yelped and spun around to see the thing standing motionless next to the kitchen table.

The thing had four legs, each a thin segmented black tube, arranged in a square like the legs of a chair. Its body was centred over the four legs and appeared to be encased in a series of overlapping iridescent blue plates like a suit of armour. It had no head or other limbs that Evan could see, but there were occasional gaps and slits in the thing’s armour that hinted at eyes looking out from within.

Before Evan could reach for the cast-iron, the thing jumped straight up. It hung in midair for a second before its appearance began to rapidly change. In one blink it was a flat blue rectangle hanging in the air. In another it was a grey sphere with two furry limbs. A third blink and it was a husky puppy, standing in the middle of Evan’s kitchen, tail wagging happily at him. Then it spoke.

“Greeting. You have been selected as a study participant. This interaction is being recorded to ensure ethical contact protocol is followed and may be used for training purposes. Do you agree to participate?”

Evan froze, too stunned to make a sound. The voice sounded computerized, like an early version of Microsoft Sam, but it was clearly coming from the mouth of the husky puppy.

“Prospective study participant is agitated,” the husky puppy continued. “Appearance has been selected to minimize distress to the participant. Humans are known to cohabitate with and speak to canines. The participant has affinity to the canine subgroup known as husky. Juvenile forms are least threatening. The hypothesis that appearance as a juvenile husky would result in least distress to the prospective study participant is unconfirmed.”

The thing’s speech patterns were robotic to match its voice, though the tone was rapidly improving. The last sentence was less like a robot trying to sound like a person, and more like a person putting on a robot voice. Perplexed, Evan decided to respond.

“Um, hello?” Evan ventured.

“Hello,” the dog replied in what now sounded like the voice of a radio news anchor. “Please explain the source of your distress so that I may alleviate it.”

Evan blinked, unsure how to convey why being spoken to by a giant shape shifting bug in one’s kitchen might be cause for distress. “Uh… I don’t know what’s going on? Who or what are you? And what did you do to my ear?”

“I am a scientist, what you would call an extraterrestrial. I am here to study the behaviour of terrestrial life, specifically humans. My arrival without your prior information was unavoidable. A device was implanted in your ear for data collection and to enable communication. This is the only invasive element of the protocol and is also unavoidable. The data monitor informs me that you remain agitated despite receiving the information requested, and that my visual appearance continues to cause distress. Please explain.”

Evan sat down heavily in his chair. He didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger and was more shaken than scared at this point. He looked down at the husky puppy and tried to think how he could explain his current state beyond ‘what the fuck’. It was a very cute dog and he did love huskies. But everything about the situation was at best disconcerting, not least of which was the incongruity of the news anchor’s voice coming out of a dog’s mouth. The thing was focusing on its canine appearance, best to start there.

“Okay, uh. Well to start, humans do like to talk to dogs sometimes, but, uh, the dogs can’t, like, talk back, so this is pretty freaky. Also just because some humans live with dogs doesn’t mean I’m used to seeing one in my apartment. It’s just me and Thien that live here.”


In an instant the puppy had shifted four feet into the air. Then, just as quickly, it was replaced with a flat, iridescent blue rectangle, then a mottled pink, brown, and black tube. Another instant and the tube was gone. In its place was Thien, naked.

Evan, who had only just regained his powers of speech, was stunned speechless anew. This shape shifting trick was mind bending in its own right, but Evan was not prepared to see a naked Thien in front of him. Or at least a facsimile of him, and what appeared to be a perfect one at that. Despite the circumstances, Evan couldn’t help but slip into some habitual ogling as he appraised the accuracy of the double. Thien’s handsome, casually confident face was unmistakable atop Thien’s thick neck and wide, sculpted shoulders. Evan would recognize Thien’s beautifully rounded hairless pecs and muscular arms anywhere, his big hands hanging loosely by big thighs Evan knew well. What he couldn’t account for was the accuracy of the cock and balls hanging between them, framed by a tidy patch of black hair.

“You are still agitated despite me changing my appearance as directed. Please explain.” The voice coming from Thien’s mouth was changing fluidly, beginning as the news anchor’s and ending in Thien’s friendly baritone.

“No, no this is good, this is… better,” Evan stammered.

“Though you remain agitated, this appearance causes pleasure.” It was now a dead ringer for Thien’s voice.

You really have no idea, Evan thought. This thing, whatever it was, didn’t seem to know much about people despite knowing about his thing for huskies and the exact size and shape of Thien’s penis.

“Now that I am of a pleasing appearance,” Not-Thien continued, “Do you agree to participate in the study?”

Do I agree to participate, Evan thought. Surely, this alien seemed to have the ability to do whatever it wanted to him whether he liked it or not. But if he was being asked to participate willingly, he needed more information.

“What does the study entail?” Evan asked.

“The study is a landmark investigation into the behavioural patterns of humans. Prior studies have been purely observational with no contact between observers and specimens. This study marks the first approval by the Ethics Review Board of direct contact and communication with terrestrial life forms. A random sample of human participants have been selected in various terrestrial locations chosen for human diversity. Study protocol permits verbal communication with participants, data collection and transmission via the implanted device, and physical contact as directed and affirmatively permitted by the participant. There may be no contact or modification to participants without explicit and uncoerced permission. Participants may revoke permissions at any time. All interactions are recorded to ensure that the ethics protocol is followed.”

Evan considered this. If the alien in Thien’s body was telling the truth, then the ball seemed to be firmly in his court. If it was lying, then it didn’t matter what he said. Either way, he got to spend some time with a naked Thien.

“Okay,” he said. “I’m in.”

The alien with Thien’s body stood motionless in the middle of the kitchen. His face was expressionless, unblinking. If this alien was going to put Evan at ease, it wouldn’t be enough to replicate Thien’s body even in all its beauty. There would need to be some humanizing details.

“Before we, uh, get started,” Evan began, “it would help me get comfortable if you… relaxed a little? At least have a seat at the table.”

“I shall perform the affect of the human known as Thien,” came the immediate response. His posture shifted. It was almost imperceptible but eminently more natural. He cracked a crooked smile and ran a casual hand through his hair before taking a seat at the kitchen table, leaning on his forearms in a way that made his biceps bulge pleasantly.

“Your distress at my appearance has diminished significantly and your pleasure has increased.” Thien’s voice was calm and smooth. “Are you ready to proceed?”

Evan had to admit the impression was uncanny. The word choice may be a bit odd, but the cadence of his voice was Thien’s to a T. It really did feel almost like a normal conversation with his distractingly hot friend. Almost.

“One thing is missing, hold on.”

Evan stood up and backed away from the table in the direction of the front door, taking care not to let Thien out of his sight. He picked up a dark red cap from a hook on the wall and brought it over to the kitchen table.

“Here,” he said, gently placing the cap on Thien’s head in its trademark backwards position. Thien smiled up at him, and he realized he’d never done this with the real Thien. It felt unexpectedly intimate.

Evan sat down at the table and appraised his work. Now this was Thien, hanging out with him in their apartment on a lazy Saturday. Evan had to consciously remind himself that it wasn’t.

“Okay, now I’m ready.”

“Cool,” Thien grinned. “Like I said, the purpose of our study is to investigate human behaviour. My focus is on reproduction. Before studying terrestrial life, all lifeforms we had encountered including ourselves reproduce what you would call asexually. We have questions about so-called sexual reproduction. For example, much of the way humans engage in reproductive activity is guaranteed not to result in viable offspring. Our leading hypothesis is that humans misunderstand their own reproductive systems.”

“Oh… huh.” Evan replied. He wasn’t sure what he had expected but it wasn’t to be told he and his entire species had failed sex ed. “So I don’t know about every human, but in general we do know how it works. The males produce the sperm and the females produce the eggs which get inseminated and implanted, all that… Do you want me to go on?”

“If you know that human reproduction requires a male to inseminate a female, then why do you primarily attempt to inseminate your own hand, or occasionally another male?”

Evan barked out a laugh. He’d feel insulted by the description if the framing wasn’t so absurd.

“Okay, there’s a misunderstanding here,” Evan said, “that’s not me trying to make a baby. That’s just sex.”

“Sex is for reproduction,” Thien said flatly.

“It can be,” Evan replied, “but it can be for other things too. People mostly have sex for its own sake because sex just feels good. So it can be for pleasure, for comfort, or even just a distraction or a way to relax. It can also be a way of sharing intimacy.”

Thien pondered this new information.

“In other words,” Thien said tentatively, “you engage in sex acts, knowing they will not result in reproduction, because sex acts serve additional unrelated purposes.”

“Sure, yeah” Evan replied.

Thien smiled brightly. It was Thien’s smile but with an additional innocence that made it even more charming.

“This is a major insight.” He said. “However, it raises new questions. It does not answer the question of how humans choose sexual partners. Your choices do not suggest social intimacy is the primary goal or outcome.”

Evan grimaced. It was true he’d had a bad string of one night stands that didn’t turn into anything, with plenty of space between them. They’d all been nice to look at though, a tier above what he would have thought he’d be able to pull in.

“I guess I go for guys I think are hot.” Evan said. Blunt, but true.

“Explain the meaning of ‘hot’,” Thien said.

Evan had to suppress a laugh. The hottest guy he knew, sitting across from him, naked but for the red ball cap on his head like something out of Evan’s fantasies, wanted to know what it meant to be hot.

“To be hot is like, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s not always rational, it just is. It’s like, something about the way that they look is attractive to other people. But, like, it’s a specific kind of attraction. The way they look can make you think about sex, make you want to have sex with them.”

“And what does a hot person look like?”

“Well,” Evan smiled sheepishly, “it depends what you’re into. Different people are attracted to different things. I guess most people are attracted to people who look youthful but fully grown, people who look fit or healthy, they say symmetry and proportions are important too. There’s probably something there about “looking” like a good reproductive partner, but honestly who knows. And it varies. I’m into guys that look like you, or I mean like Thien. Guys who work out, big guys with big muscles but who keep it tight, a cute face…”

Evan trailed off. Talking about Thien’s hotness right in front of him like this was getting him hard. Where was this all going?

Thien’s voice cut through his thoughts.

“By inference, I understand that the pleasure you experience from me appearing as Thien is not only from familiarity and friendship as hypothesized, but because this appearance is, as you say, hot. It is the pleasurable agitation of anticipated sex.”

“Yeah,” Evan agreed. “You could say that.”

“I’d like to conduct a brief experiment,” Thien said. “To confirm this new understanding of hotness, I’ll modify my own appearance and record your response to compare against the hypothesized effect. I will not contact or modify you in any way. Do I have your permission to proceed?”

“Please,” Evan replied eagerly, “go right ahead.”

Thien stood up abruptly and moved to the middle of the room, squarely facing Evan. At first, nothing seemed to happen. He just stood there, gently breathing, his deep brown eyes and casual smile not betraying any hint of what was next. Then, a series of spinning white discs appeared on his body, blinking in and out of existence. When the last one had disappeared, the changes began.

It started with his face. Any lines on his forehead or between his brows melted away to nothingness. The skin around his eyes became firmer and brighter. Spots or blemishes on his body vanished leaving his skin smooth and even. He didn’t look younger exactly, but more full of youthful energy, like he always got plenty of sleep and stayed properly hydrated.

The next change was to his facial hair. Evan had never known Thien to be able to grow a beard, but there was one now growing in thick and even. It stopped just past the threshold from stubble to beard, lending a distinct rugged masculinity to Thien’s formerly boyish face. Evan noticed that his eyebrows had thickened to match, and did his jaw look sharper too? He couldn’t quite put his finger on it but there was something different about his bone structure that said this is a Man.

Evan cast his eyes down Thien’s body eager to see what else had changed and found a light dusting of soft black hair spreading gently across his chest, forearms, and thighs. That was when he noticed it.

While it had been exciting to see Thien’s dick for the first time, or at least a life-size replica, the article itself was resoundingly average. Now it was anything but, having nearly doubled in size to be bigger soft than Evan was hard. How big would it be if it hardened up? Evan wondered if it would be too big to fit in his mouth. He desperately wanted to find out.

Before Evan could get too fixated, the next set of changes began. It seemed to affect Thien’s whole body at once, inflating him like a water balloon in places while pulling him tighter in others. His thighs, chest, arms and shoulders, already plenty thick, swelled with dense, heavy muscle, approaching the limits of what could reasonably fit on his frame without looking unnatural. His waist didn’t get any narrower but simply tightened to reveal a set of lower abdominals that weren’t quite visible before. He looked like a magazine cover, photoshopped to perfection and standing at attention mere feet away.

Evan looked him up and down, and then back up again. He wanted to look at every part of him at once, to reach out and feel the warm, smooth skin that wrapped each perfectly crafted muscle. Better yet, he wanted to be picked up and shoved against the wall of the kitchen, to feel that body pressed against his bare chest, to feel his hot breath, his tight grip. Instead, Evan sat on his hands, and tried to make his eyes stay focused on that achingly handsome face without drifting down.

“Interesting,” Thien’s voice but not said. It resonated through his larger, denser body, holding Evan in its warmth.

“Hmm?” Evan forced his tongue to cooperate. “What’s interesting?”

“The hypothesized effects were observed,” Thien said, “but with an additional unexpected result. Your monitoring device is registering hunger.”

Evan didn’t immediately process what Thien had said, he was too busy tracing the contours of Thien’s body, wishing he could be doing it with his tongue instead of his eyes. Hunger, sure to an alien it might seem that way, but that wasn’t quite how it felt. Then, Evan thought of something.

“That monitoring device, it transmits how I’m feeling right?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” Thien said neutrally.

“So can you feel what I’m feeling?” Evan asked.

“Not currently, per ethics protocol, that would be an invasion of your privacy,” Thien explained. “At present the transmitted signals are processed for observation and interpretation rather than being directly experienced.”

“But you could if I gave you permission?” Evan was intrigued.

“Yes.” Thien’s interest seemed piqued as well.

“All right then,” Evan said. “I hereby freely give you permission to directly experience how your appearance makes me feel.”

Thien smiled. Then he gasped sharply, his eyes growing suddenly wide, his swollen chest heaving as he took in ragged breaths. He staggered and reached forward to steady himself against the kitchen table with one hand, his other hand twitching at his side. He fixed his eyes on Evan, staring at him with a deep intensity. Evan returned the gaze, absorbing the mix of shock and his own desperate arousal on Thien’s face, and tried to fathom what this was like for the Alien in Thien’s body.

Evan caught a glimpse of something shifting between Thien’s legs. He was about to look down when he was cut off.

“I have to go,” Thien said, his voice short and breathy.

Then, suddenly he was replaced by a pale brown cloud, then a shiny blue shard, and then nothing.

There was no flash of a blue scale, no sound of scratching feet against the tiled floor, only a suddenly empty kitchen. Thien’s dark red ball cap rested quietly on the floor, the sole evidence that the kitchen had contained an alien presence impersonating Evan’s roommate only moments ago. Evan’s mind swirled with questions, but of one thing he was certain: he was painfully, desperately hard.

Evan picked up the unused napkin from the table, returned to his room and lay down on his bed. He draped the napkin across his bare chest, slipped a hand under his waistband, and closed his eyes. He conjured the image of Thien sitting naked at the table with him, then standing up to display his transformation. The changes to his hair patterns had been hot as hell to watch, but it was really the way his body had morphed that sent Evan reeling. He recalled a favourite fantasy of Thien pressing him against a wall and kissing down his neck, and pictured him growing as he did it, allowing Evan to palm his chest as it expanded with dense muscle against his hand. He added the new facial hair to the fantasy, imagining the feeling of Thien’s coarse but soft beard brushing against his cheek.

The thought of Thien’s face against his reminded Evan of the last thing he saw before the alien had vanished. It was Thien’s new, upgraded face wearing a look of astonishment mixed with a powerful, pleading desire. That moment where Evan saw his own desires suddenly take hold of that beautiful face and nearly knock over that incredible body had been one of the most erotic things he’d ever experienced.

Evan came, shuddering as he painted the napkin that rested on his chest. Once the orgasm subsided and Evan had folded up the evidence, he decided to use the post-nut clarity to consider his next move. There was only one real option: Evan wouldn’t tell anyone about what he’d experienced. First of all, he figured word getting out about his hardon for Thien would only be messy. He knew Thien well enough to know he wouldn’t respond with homophobia; still, he also knew his feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated and didn’t want to introduce any unnecessary awkwardness into their living arrangement. Second, and perhaps more importantly, there was simply no way anyone would believe his story. People would at best laugh at him, or at worst send him to some psychiatric hospital. No, this was an experience best kept secret. The best thing for Evan to do was to continue with his life as normally as possible and, if the memory occurred to him, to remind himself that it may have been extremely hot but it was an alien and definitely not his straight friend Thien.

The next day, Evan hit the gym first thing in the morning. He felt guilty for taking the cheat day on Saturday, and was glad to have something to take his mind off of the alien visitation from the previous day. His plan to proceed with his life as if nothing had happened immediately proved easier in theory than in practice. Evan’s imagination seemed entirely uninterested in this plan, ensuring instead that his mind was filled with recollections and inventions from the encounter. He met with friends for dinner and pictured the blue bug-like alien at the table with them. He’d shake that vision out of his head only for the bug to be replaced by Thien, naked but for his ball cap. Later at the gay bar, his imagination reconstructed the men around him the way the alien had done to itself. He’d see a guy with a cute face and blond hair, and imagine his hair getting slowly thicker and a blond beard growing in to match, his pale blue eyes becoming icy as his round jaw became square and rugged. Evan would turn away to see a big man with dark skin and darker hair peeking out of his shirt. Unbidden, his mind would create an image of the man inflating with muscle, his arms filling and straining his floral patterned sleeves while his already v-shaped torso flared dramatically, popping the buttons that contained his increasingly glorious chest.

Sleep was no respite from these visions. In his dreams Evan was back in his kitchen, shirtless and shuddering as he watched the alien in Thien’s body transform. He could see all of him, his heavy chest, his stone-carved ass, his thickly muscled thighs, all visible at once as he grew. He was across the room and yet Evan could feel his hands all over his body. More than anything, Evan’s dreams were haunted by the vision of the alien’s face, consumed by the shock of feeling Evan’s own arousal, unable to process the sensation but desperate to feed it.

It was perhaps no surprise then that Evan returned home from the gym chubbed from imagining his roommate and workout buddy growing with each lift. What was surprising though was entering his room to put away his gym bag and finding an all too real 5-foot tall creature with iridescent blue scales and spindly black legs standing at the foot of his bed. It addressed him as soon as he entered the room.

“Hello Evan,” it said. “I am now ready to resume the scientific investigation with your participation.”

The alien spoke with the generically familiar voice of a radio news anchor. It did not move while it spoke or in the silence that followed. There were no sudden jumps into the air followed by shifts in reality to appear as an earthly form, human or otherwise. It simply stood there, seemingly watching Evan despite having no visible eyes.

“You may be wondering why I have not altered my appearance or behaviour for your comfort as I did during our previous engagement,” the alien continued. “The ethics protocol governing the investigation has been updated to account for the nascent theory of human sexual attraction. As such, I am not permitted to request that any human subjects make decisions while in a state of sexual arousal as this may constitute coercion. Due to the limits of human sexual attraction being ill defined, this prohibits any change in my appearance during decision-making portions of the investigation.”

Evan took a moment to absorb this information. Again, the emphasis on ethics protocols was reassuring, but he was still unsettled by the reappearance of the alien in his home. His dick, already trained to associate the big blue bug with increasingly perfect embodiments of hotness, was beginning to push against its confines, but his brain was unnerved by the continued implication that the alien was part of some organization conducting human testing on a mass scale.

“Who creates the ethics protocol?” Evan asked.

“I am not at liberty to provide this information,” the alien replied.

“Okay, then can you tell me where you came from? Or how many of you there are? Or how long you’ve been studying humans?”

“I am not at liberty to provide this information,” it said again. “I can only say that we are not from this planet you call Earth.”

“Fine,” Evan said, growing frustrated. “Can you at least tell me who you are?”

“I am a scientist,” it said.

“Yes so you’ve said, but who are you? Like, what’s your name?”

“We do not share the human concept of names. The way that I am addressed by others cannot be translated into human language. You may invent a name for me if you wish, it has no relevance to me or to the investigation.”

Evan frowned at the alien occupying his bedroom. It had no face he could see yet he had the uncanny sense that it was frowning back at him, as frustrated by the line of questioning as Evan was by the answers. It really did look like an overgrown bug of some kind with its segmented black legs and shiny blue scales. The scales were so much like a beetle’s in their lustre and colour that he half expected the scales on its back to open and unveil a set of gossamer wings. Perhaps the beetle connection could be inspiration for a name.

“I’ll call you Paul,” Evan said.

The alien did not respond.

“So, Paul,” Evan said, consciously reinforcing his name choice, “can you tell me about your theory of human sexual attraction?”

“Yes,” Paul replied. “The insights from our previous session have been corroborated and expanded upon by the larger sample. It is now theorized that most adolescent and adult humans experience powerful sexual attraction to other humans or humanoid representations that meet criteria for sexual attractiveness. This attraction may result in mating pairs reproducing but is frequently directed in ways that are entirely disconnected from reproduction. Criteria for attractiveness are highly variable and may include influence from social hierarchies, but are primarily sensory with particular focus on culturally agreed upon markers of health, power, and suitability of organs for use during sex. The experience of sexual attraction is powerful enough to override other more rational motivations. As such, the theory suggests that a significant portion of human behaviours and decisions that were previously unexplained are either in the pursuit of becoming sexually attractive or in signaling availability to attractive others.”

“Oh,” said Evan. “I mean, yeah, that’s pretty much it. I didn’t start going to the gym because I was worried about my health.”

“Indeed,” said Paul.

“Okay then,” Evan continued, “so if you’ve got your new theory, why are you back? What do you still need me for?”

Paul’s response was immediate. “The theory is limited in scope to the experience of attraction. Sex itself has been observed and described, but key to our understanding of the power of attraction was experiencing the attraction felt by a human subject. This direct experience of sex is a current gap in our investigative progress that we believe will unlock significant further insight.”

Evan needed a second to interpret what he was hearing. “So,” he ventured, “if you want to experience how I feel when I have sex the way you experienced how it feels for me to look at a hot guy, what that means is you want to have sex with me for science?”

“Correct,” said Paul.

Evan realized he was still clutching his gym bag. He set it down inside the doorframe and took a seat atop it, supporting his head in his hands. With his palms over his eyes, Evan’s brain took its cue to imagine Paul shape shifting from giant bug to new visions of masculine perfection. His dick stirred again in his shorts, readying itself for the opportunity being presented. Evan’s rational brain reminded him that the alien seemed to have the ability to do whatever it wanted but was waiting for permission, so it stood to reason that he was well protected by this ethics protocol. Still, was he really about to have sex with an alien?

“Okay,” Evan said, standing up to address Paul. “I’ll do it under the following conditions. First there will be no exchange of bodily materials. I don’t want you making clones of me out of my cum or planting your babies in me. Second you’ll shapeshift into a human and make any modifications I require. Once I approve of your form, no more changes without my request. Finally, once we get started, you’ll do as I do. Hopefully this means you’ll be able to connect the sensations to the right actions, but also it prevents you from going rogue or pulling anything weird. And most importantly, it means that if I stop you have to stop too.”

“The conditions are agreeable,” Paul replied.

“Good.” Evan said. This was going faster than he had anticipated. “Okay, then I guess we’re good to go.”

No sooner had Evan spoken than Paul was replaced by a shiny blue smudge hanging in the air. A moment later and it was a matte brown X-shape about a foot taller than Evan. Another instant and the shape was replaced by a naked man.

The man looked familiar but entirely new. He had smooth, dark caramel skin and shining green eyes. His thick, curly hair was an inky black that glinted a deep brown where it caught the light. It was cropped tight on the sides where it connected to a cleanly trimmed dark beard that framed an angular jaw and soft, inviting lips. The curls on the man’s head were mirrored across his dense, expansive chest which would have been out of proportion if not for his equally impressive arms and legs, each limb thick and solid and sculpted to aesthetic perfection. Evan followed the lines of his legs up to his cock. It was uncut, hanging softly between his meaty thighs, big but not unwieldy. Paul seemed to have understood that this body wasn’t just for looking, it needed to be practical too. Still, this body was a thing of beauty, and Evan felt his own body gearing up for the ride whether his brain was ready or not.

“Do you have any requests for modifications before we begin?” Paul spoke and it was Thien’s voice, only with a warmer, deeper resonance.

“Uh…,” Evan considered the body before him. It was pushing every button he knew he had and then some, but he didn’t want to let go of this chance to morph him however he liked. “Can your hands be a bit bigger? Also bigger, higher ass, oh bigger pecs and wider shoulders… and lets have your nipples be a bit bigger too.”

Paul did not speak. Instead, there was a familiar flash of white discs across his body followed by a gentle widening of his palms and lengthening of his fingers. His chest heaved forward as it swelled with increased mass, his shoulders widening to accommodate the bigger pecs. His brown nipples widened and grew shiny. Evan could only see Paul’s front from where he stood, but his posture shifted slightly suggesting more power and weight had been added at the rear.

“Okay,” Evan breathed, “yeah, that’s good.”

“Good,” Paul said quietly. “Then it’s time for me to start direct experience sharing. From there I’ll follow your lead.”

A moment passed with no action, then Paul’s mouth opened into a gasp as he staggered with the force of desire now coursing through him. However, unlike last time, he quickly regained composure and stood at relative ease. Paul’s improved control over his arousal was only betrayed by the breaths that filled his enormous chest, and his rapidly growing erection.

“Ready when you are,” Paul smirked.

“Hold on, I gotta catch up.” Evan swiftly pulled his shirt off and dropped his pants. Even with his post gym pump he was absolutely dwarfed by Paul’s new form. “Okay,” he said, “Let’s start simple.”

Evan reached for his own cock with his right hand and watched Paul do the same. Slowly, he began stroking up from the base and teasing the head with his thumb. Paul’s shining green eyes widened, eliciting a knowing smirk from Evan. He reached lower to roll his balls in his fingers before resuming attention on his shaft. He watched Paul mirroring his motions, revelling in the sharp intakes of breath that accompanied each new sensation.

Evan took a step closer to Paul, who did the same. They were now only inches apart. Evan looked up, past Paul’s rangy chest and firm jaw to his eyes, wide with wonder and anticipation. Wordlessly, Evan relinquished his grip on himself and reached forward to grasp Paul’s thick, rock-hard cock. Evan immediately felt Paul’s big, warm hands on his own, perfectly reproducing each stroke, squeeze, and tease.

“Oh.” Paul’s mouth, Thien’s voice.

Evan smiled. “We’re just getting started.”

With his free hand, Evan reached behind Paul’s neck and pulled him in, feeling the gentle pressure of Paul’s hand behind his own neck. They parted each other’s lips, each tasting the other’s warm breath for the first time. As they kissed and stroked, they roamed each other’s bodies with their free hands. Paul’s ass was high and mighty as requested, and his shoulders were unlike any Evan had ever felt. Before long, Evan felt himself getting close, with Paul shuddering in his hands.

Evan pulled away from Paul and relinquished his grip. “Okay,” he said. “For this next bit we’ll take turns. I’ll go first and you’ll follow after. Now, sit down on the bed and lie back.”

Paul did as instructed, displaying his remarkable torso to the ceiling fan. Evan knelt at his feet and kissed his way up Paul’s thighs. He reached Paul’s cock and licked slowly from shaft to tip before swallowing him in his open throat. Evan gently stroked himself with one hand as he sucked, using his other to squeeze Paul’s enormous thigh, to traverse his abs and palm his chest, grazing his large flat nipple gently at first before tweaking it more forcefully. Then, after a few minutes, he relented, rising to his feet. “Your turn,” he commanded.

Evan traded places with Paul, lying back across his bed, and closed his eyes. He soon began to feel his exact routine being performed on him with precision, first soft lips pressing against his inner thighs, then a slow lick up before being enveloped by a warm throat. He heard Paul moan against him as he received the transmitted sensations. Evan gripped his sheets tightly as Paul’s big hands began to work his body, moving gradually from thigh to chest as he had. Paul began moaning again as he tweaked Evan’s nipple, alerting him to the fact that they were both very close again.

Evan tapped Paul on the shoulder. “Pull off,” he said. “No fluid exchange, remember?”

Paul pulled off and sat on his heels, chest heaving as he awaited further instructions.

“What do we do now? I can’t… I don’t… we need to…” Paul stammered between gasps.

“It’s okay,” Evan said. “Release is coming soon, this is called being close. We’ll finish each other off just not with our mouths. Now get up here and kneel over me.”

Paul climbed onto the bed and kneeled with his legs on either side of Evan’s. Evan reached behind Paul’s head, sinking his fingers into Paul’s thick curls, and pulled him down so their foreheads touched.

“Now,” he breathed, “just copy what I do.”

Evan traced his way down Paul’s body, feeling Paul’s light touch against his own chest, moving down until they reached each other’s cocks. He watched Paul’s face as they stroked each other to climax, Paul shaking in his grip, his eyes screwing shut as he bit down on his lip. Slowly, Evan felt Paul relax in his hands before sitting back on his heels to regain his composure.

Evan looked down at his chest. He was a total mess, streaks of white goo intermixed with a strange black fluid that reflected in rainbows like oil sitting on top of a rain puddle. Then, all at once, the black fluid faded out of existence leaving no trace behind. Evan sat up on his forearms and looked down at himself in puzzlement.

“Thank you,” Paul said, still employing Thien’s voice. “This has been most informative. Goodbye.”

Evan felt the weight on his lap disappear. Paul was a brown cloud, a blue smudge, and he was gone.


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