A few new changes

by Sean Innicioni

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Lucas smiled at me from across the room. At least, I thought he was smiling at me. Oh no, had I been staring again? He smiled quickly but awkwardly. I had been staring, hadn’t I? Damn it! I had my secrets that I kept to myself, but if they were obvious what good would that do?!

“Mr. Innicioni, if you are not going to pay attention, then I suggest you leave at once!” Mrs. Ferman snapped, bringing me back to reality. I felt my face turn red and quickly returned to taking notes as the class laughed at me, although Lucas seemed to barely chuckle. Did he feel sorry for me? No, why would he care about me? Why would anyone care?

Once the bell rang, everyone ran out of the room as I finished packing up my notebooks and folders. Being the fattest kid in class was always difficult, especially now that I was a senior in high school and needed to get to my next class within 2 minutes. Mrs. Ferman looked up from her desk as I made my way from the room, practically waddling like a penguin on my fat legs.

“Sean, may I speak to you a moment?” Before I could protest she held up a hand and shook her head. “I’ll call Mr. Tactis and tell him you’ll be late for your next class. Now, a word please?”

I looked at Mrs. Ferman and sighed with a roll of my eyes, but then I noticed her expression was much kinder than I had ever seen it before. I put down my books and sat down across from the old woman.

“Sean, you’re one of my best students, but I know you can do better. You’re unhappy, and everyone can tell. I think, and pardon the lack of tact, it’s because you are so obese. Now, I happen to have an old friend who can work wonders on the body, and I think you should pay him a visit. You wouldn’t be the first person unsatisfied with your body that she’s helped, and you most certainly wouldn’t be the last.”

“You mean a doctor or trainer or something, don’t you?”

“You might say that,” the teacher replied with a sly grin. “Take this card and go see her after school. If she decides to help you, which I’m sure she will, you might be pleasantly surprised. Now, off to your next class.”

The shop was in an old building on Main St. It was small and looked dirty inside, and the outside seemed like it hadn’t been cleaned in over 50 years. As I approached the door holding my backpack, it burst open and a tiny bell jingled as Lucas walked out holding a glass bottle containing a red liquid too light to be blood.

“Oh, hi, Sean,” he said awkwardly as he looked up. He quickly tucked the bottle into his pocket. “What are you doing here?”

“I was told to come here for some … medicine,” I lied casually. He didn’t seem to catch on. Actually, he seemed nervous and embarrassed to be found here. After an awkward silence I returned his question.

“Oh, I’m just picking up some cologne for my brother,” Lucas replied nervously. He was lying, and he wasn’t very good at it, but I smiled anyway. His muscles were all tight, making the veins in his arms bulge, and I tried my hardest to keep from staring at those thick veins on those nice long arms, sculpted like a comic book hero’s arms. “Well, see you around school,” he added as his face began to turn red.

I looked at him funny as he ran off, pulling the glass bottle from his pocket. Once he had rounded the corner, I shrugged and walked into the shop. The very first thing that came to mind was Tia Dalma’s shack from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. So of course, I found it as no surprise when I found an old woman who looked like Madame Zeroni from Holes sitting behind a large wooden desk with a jar full of bones on it.

“You are the Sean boy, yes?” the woman croaked. “Your teacher told me about you. She wasn’t kidding; you are fat. Not just fat, you’re damn! fat. Gabriel Iglesias would use you as a cheap joke. So, you have come here seeking to be less fat, yes?”

I was very much taken aback by the woman’s comments and questions. I knew I was fat, but as a general rule, people used more tact when talking about it. Shooting the woman an angry glare I answered, “I’m here because Mrs. Ferman said you could help me.”

“Ah, Hilda Ferman!” the mysterious woman cackled joyfully. “She would send you here! Yes, yes, I help, I help. So, you do not wish to be so fat anymore?” I shook my head. “Then take this box. Inside is a delicious treat. Marvelous taste, better than chocolate! Take this treat, and tonight at midnight, eat it. Eat it all. Don’t worry about calories or carbs, just eat it, and you’ll never have to watch your food again.”

“That’s all?” The box felt suspiciously heavy in my hand, but when I opened it there was only what looked like a chocolate-dipped rice krispies treat inside. “That’s nonsense!”

“Nonsense no, powerful yes! And not free either. Usually I charge more, but because Hilda sent you, twenty dollars. Cash. You pay?”

“For a rice treat? Forget it!” Throwing the box at the woman, I turned to stomp out the door, but her next sentence stopped me in my tracks.

“If you do not pay and take this, then you will wind up alone and miserable, even after you find love and marry a nice girl. Take this, and happiness will be yours for the rest of your life, and you will find your true love.”

This woman was insane. She had a manic gleam in her eye but for whatever reason, I pulled out my wallet and handed her a twenty-dollar bill. “This better work,” I mumbled to myself as I snatched the box and quickly left the store.

Three minutes to midnight, and I was ready to devour that little snack thing the woman had sold me. I couldn’t believe that I’d actually paid $20.00 for it, and that I was going to listen to her. I don’t even believe in magic. Two minutes left. I started to pace around the room, my heavy footfalls shaking the house. However, if it worked I would never have to worry about watching what I eat ever again. That suggested it would make me skinny or something, or maybe I’d just never gain weight again. Yeah, that’d be great, getting stuck at 349lbs but still being able to eat like a pig. One minute left.

Finally I heard the clock downstairs begin to chime, and so I instantly shoved the strange treat into my mouth and began chewing. It tasted like a Twix bar, and slid down my throat with ease. After I finished eating I looked around to see what was supposed to happen, but I saw nothing. Feeling betrayed, I slumped onto my bed and rubbed my stomach. The strange food had done nothing, and I was still fat. With an angry huff I pulled the covers up to my neck and fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning feeling very annoyed. That woman had lied to me, and I’d wasted mu spending money for the week on her stupid chocolate bar! But I had to get ready for school, and so with an angry grunt I threw the sheets off and sat up. Wait, something was different. My body felt lighter, and my clothes seemed to be far too big for me.

Looking down I almost screamed in joy. My shirt had remained the same size, but my chest no longer curved from hundreds of pounds of fat. It was flat, and the XXXL shirt I wore draped over my chest like a blanket. I instantly jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror with frightening speed. When I saw my reflection, I almost fainted. .The moment I stopped, my pants—now far too large for someone with a waist as small as mine—fell to the floor with my underwear, leaving me naked in front of the mirror

Rather than seeing my usual rotund reflection, I saw a model. I tore off my shirt and smiled. It was almost too amazing to believe. Each and every muscle was well defined and hard as I ran my hands all over my new body. My legs were long and slender, my now washboard abs were a wonderful six pack, and my pecs looked as if I had been working out every day to earn them. Upon fully seeing myself, I thought I could go and instantly get a job as an Abercrombie and Fitch model.

The oddity of looking down a flat chest to see muscles were hours before there had been only rolls of fat was lost on me, and I smiled from ear to ear. I looked back in the mirror and admired the changes in my face and neck. My Adam’s apple was now clearly defined, and my jaw was angled and full, rather than the round blubber I had seen every day of my life. My cheeks were now defined, and it seemed like I had finally lost the baby fat that my poor eating habits had kept on. Most impressive of all was my hair. Before, it curled up at my neck and I hated it. The extra fat made it seem like there was less and had actually caused a part of my scalp to appear to be a natural part because the fat had pushed the follicles under my skin aside. But now it was beautiful. My hair fell flat on my broad shoulders and no longer curled. My thick neck now seemed to compliment my hair, and I nearly cried with joy.

“Sean! Sean are you ready for school?” my mother’s voice called from downstairs.

“In a minute!” I shouted down. My voice seemed slightly deeper now, but I didn’t really care. As I stopped admiring myself I realized that I was in trouble. All of my clothes were size XXXL, but now I was a M, possibly a L due to my muscles. I froze and ran to my closet. None of my clothes would fit me anymore, but then I saw something, something that didn’t belong. It was a school uniform, identical to my others except the proper size. Without hesitating I pulled it on and ran out of my room. School would be interesting today.

All day my teachers and schoolmates complimented me on how much better I looked. They didn’t seem to register that I had gone from Edna Turnblad from Hairspray to Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. When I finally got to Mrs. Ferman’s class, she smiled at me knowingly but said nothing. I smiled back and class continued as normal, but then I noticed something out of my eye. I turned my head and then it was my turn to smile at Lucas, whom I was pleasantly surprised to find staring at me.

After class, I made to leave, but he came over to my desk, his long slender arm resting inches from my hand. “Sean, I uh noticed you’ve lost a bit of weight there.” He winked at me and handed me the bottle I had seen him with yesterday. “Try using this to go along with it.”

“What is it?” I asked suspiciously. Lucas was acting completely different now, and I was confused. Did he perhaps—? No, I was certain he didn’t. But the possibility remained, and so without thinking I blurted, “Care to tell me over my house tonight?”

An embarrassed smile flashed across his face, but he nodded. “See you around six?”

I nodded and took the bottle from him. “I can’t wait.”

That night, we both stood in my room. Lucas had told me that it worked best if I didn’t wear anything, and so we both stood naked looking at the bottle.

“So what does it do?” I asked, looking into his handsome face. Standing naked before him, I should have felt self-conscious, but instead I felt comfortable, as if it were right. He gave me a sly smile.

“Try it and see. I promise you’ll like it.” His voice faltered and he turned his head away from me. “At least, I hope you will.”

I looked at him strangely, trying to figure out what he meant. The bottle was half empty now, but I was curious. What was Lucas talking about? Deciding my only option was to find out for myself, I took the bottle and gulped down its contents.

Lucas looked at me and began to smile. Was something supposed to happen? Suddenly I fell to my knees and clutched my sides; they were burning! My legs burned too, and as I knelt there Lucas continued to smile. “It hurts the first time, but it’s worth it,” he promised me.

I tried to look up at him but I had to close my eyes. The burning was spreading and I couldn’t take it. Suddenly my sides and legs felt like they were splitting apart and I double over. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t breathe. Then the pain was gone, as if it had never been there in the first place. I stood up, and found that I felt a little woozy.

“Isn’t it great?”

I had no idea what he was talking about. I looked at Lucas as if he were insane before I realized that I felt something against my arms. I looked down and laughed with joy. Below my arms was a second pair, the shoulders protruding from my sides where my armpits had been before. I turned and saw that my ass was now jutting out too as a second pair of legs stood behind my first pair. I bent over and looked between my legs to see that everything had been duplicated down there, and my smile grew wider.

“This is amazing!” I said as I flexed my new arms. It was so odd to feel shoulders under my armpits, and to start feeling two hands rubbing my legs as the others rubbed my chest. Lucas smiled at me expectantly but I walked over to my desk, forgetting about him momentarily. Walking wasn’t difficult, but it felt amazing having four feet on the carpeted floor as my thighs rubbed against each other. Without thinking, I grabbed two notebooks and two pens then began writing all sorts of nonsense on the pages. I found that if I didn’t think about what I was doing, multitasking with two arms was incredibly easy.

“So you like it?” Lucas asked. I turned around and gasped; he was standing there with four arms and four legs as well.

I nodded and felt blood rushing to my crotches. “I like it a lot, and I think it looks good on you.”

In an instant we were hugging each other; two arms wrapped around our shoulders while the other two wrapped around our waists. I wanted to kiss him, and so I did. It was amazing, kissing him as our tongues played with each other. I had never even jacked off before, but right now I wanted nothing more than to do so, just for him.

“You know,” he whispered in my ear as our lips parted, “we could try out our new organs if you’d like.”

“I’ve never even masturbated before,” I confessed.

“After this, I think you’ll start.” With that, we both made our way to my bed, both hard as rocks and ready. I knew then that I would be with him forever, and that this was the best decision of my entire life.

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