A little thing

by Riu

Football star Alex heads for campus, but a normal day turns wild and awesome as he starts growing huger and huger right there on the street.

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It was at the corner of 24th and Rio Grande when Alex’s clothes began to feel tight. He had woken that morning preternaturally energized, and without so much as hitting snooze once he hopped out of bed, showered, dressed, and ate breakfast (4 eggs, toast with peanut butter, a mug of coffee, and two tall glasses of milk). On his way out the door the 210 lb football star also grabbed a protein bar for the road.

As he set off towards campus, Alex began to feel something strange. At first he couldn’t place it. Something about the way his clothes felt today; his pants seems to fit him slightly differently, his tee-shirt, always tight across the thick jock’s massive pecks, seems to tug at him in a strange way. It was as he crossed 24th street that he realized what was strange.

His clothes were getting tighter. There was no doubt in Alex’s mind. His jeans, once a very comfortable fit, now felt tight around his waist; his thick thighs, which had always filled the fabric well, now pulled it taut around them. His shirt was constrictive against his massive pectorals; he glanced down at them as he waited at the corner for the light to change. His chest bulged out fantastically, and a bit of skin showed below the shirt’s hem, just a millimeter before the waistline of his jeans covered his flesh.

The light changed.

Alex strode quickly across. He didn’t know why he was hurrying up; it wouldn’t help his predicament.

He could feel himself growing now. An inch of ankle now showed below the bottom of his jeans, and his belly button too was on display. Alex normally stood at a very respectable 6’4”, but now he was pushing 6’9” or 6’10”. His head was well above most those he passed on the street, and given the time of day and his proximity to campus, there were a lot of people on the street. And they were starting to notice him.

His growth only accelerated as he pushed past 7 feet tall. He stopped walking. People moved around him as they walked, some ignoring, but many looking up at the huge football player. His muscles were starting to strain his clothes as he realized that they too were growing in propotion to himself. His shirt, now a crop top, looked like it was painted on to his massive meaty pecs, hanging like honeydew melons from his torso. His cobblestone abs showed clearly through the tightly-clinging fabric, and the last row of the perfect 6 pack was on full display. His biceps, now outrageously thick, had the sleeves of the woefully-undersized tee stretched to the limit.

Alex stared in amazement at his own arms. Without thinking, he flexed his bicep, just a little. With a final, loud rip, the sleeve gave in as Alex’s augmented bicep contracted into a vascular display of power. Heads turned. Some even stopped to watch what the huge student was up to. The 7’6” behemoth grinned, and figured, what the fuck.

With his huge hands he grabbed the neck of his shirt and pulled. It was like ripping tissue paper; with a cacophony of tears the useless fabric was torn away.

That caught the passerbys’ attention. Now a small group stopped at gawk at the shirtless titan on the side of the road; it didn’t take them long to realize he was getting bigger.

Below, Alex formerly straight fit jeans were now super-skinny. Around his huge moose-like calves, they were merely skintight, whereas his treetrunk thighs had forced them to expand to the point that they were lightening in color.

Grin widening, Alex spread his legs, and squatted deeply. With an even louder rip his jeans split down their seat, a tear almost instantaneously forming at the cheeks and branching off, lightning bolt-esque to wrap around his thighs, the huge heads of muscle flexing so thickly that they forced denim to rend.

Like his shirt, the pants were torn off in an offensively easy fashion by Alex, leaving him in nothing but a failing pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs. He was nine feet tall now, and a huge crowd amassed several feet away from him. Others, upon seeing him, realizing that the mostly nude giant was in fact getting larger, ran the other way, or crossed the street and hurried past, still intent on going to class.

His muscles weren’t the only thing benefiting from his growth. Alex had always been decently hung, but the bulge that strained the fabric of his underwear was just insane, rivaling the size of his head and still expanding. The outline of his cock, thick and heavy, coiling like a great boa, was clearly defined, the coronal ridge even visible underneath the clinging garment. His balls were like twin grapefruits behind it.

Alex looked down at the amassed crowd. “What’re y’all staring at?” He asked, his deep baritone voice booming. He brought his right arm up and flexed, the bicep bulging out fantastically. That seemed to be a catalyst; someone screamed and suddenly the crowd surrounding him broke, many scurrying off, terrified, but others still watching as they retreated. His growth was still accelerating. He was 11 feet tall now and only getting bigger.

And then the inevitable happened. His underwear, far beyond it capacity, burst asunder. Alex’s thick, growing junk flopped out. His cock, semi-hard the events of the past several minutes popped from the wreckage of the boxer-briefs like a jack-in-the-box, then fell between the gigantic teen’s legs, bouncing off of his knees. His balls, comparable to bowling balls now, hung heavy in their sack almost as low as the chubby cock.

Alex grabbed his forearm-thick dick (that’s his forearm) with his left hand, jerking the monstrous dong as it grew even more, both towards erection and from his impossible growth spurt. Within moments, his cock was hard as a rock and extended like a rocket from his groin to even with his chin. He towered 20 feet over his classmates, the bravest of whom was 10 feet back. Alex laughed as he head cleared the top of the roof of the nearest building, and by now he was easily twice as tall as the single-story across the street. And he was still growing faster.

As he jerked his mammoth cock (two-handed, as its prodigious length allowed, and even demanded), he soared past 22, 24, 27 feet. His muscles were huge and heavy, swelling thicker and heavier with every moment. As he passed 30 feet, Alex grew taller than a large majority of the buildings in the area. He glanced around at those that still were taller: mostly big apartment complexes appealing to the student crowd.

Feeling bored of simply standing by the road, and no longer shell-shocked by the suddenness of his growth (in fact, eerily at ease with the seemingly endlessness of it), Alex sauntered off, headed towards the Catalan, the tallest building in the area. When he took his first massive step at 37 feet tall, the ground shook noticeably, and the nearest of his spectators fell on his ass. The rest fled as they realized the titan was on the move and they were in grave danger.

Alex meandered down the road, ignoring the tinies running around on the sidewalks. Cars came to a halt as they saw him walking down the road, his feet now nearly filling a lane each. He stepped over the cars in his way for now. By the time he had walked a single block he was 50 feet tall, and almost all the surrounding area was his to survey.

Ahead of him was a 6-story apartment complex. As he strode up to it, nearly kicking a Toyota pick-up, his eyes were even with the top-floor windows. He looked inside an apartment: there was a couch, a television, further in a kitchenette with a dining table. He laughed, the sound booming across the landscape and shaking the glass in front of him. It looked like a doll’s house.

He had less than a second to appreciate that view before he grew too tall to see inside anymore. In seconds the whole building was only shoulder height as Alex passed 70 feet. Behind the apartment complex, about two blocks away, Alex saw the white walls of the Catalan.

He took off again, waltzing down the street, his feet now completely filling the road as he walked. Without thinking, his feet landed partially atop a car stopped in the middle of the road. As Alex took a step, the metal of the car made an awful sound and crumpled beneath his titanic weight.

“Whoops,” He said. Oh well, he had barely felt it, and at 85 feet, he wasn’t gonna be taking the time to pick his way across the city avoiding cars. Especially since he was still planning on getting much Bigger.

So Alex strode on, now indifferent to the many cars being crushed beneath his feet. It only took mere moments for him to navigate the grid of streets to make his way to the 15-story complex. By the time he stood beside it, it hardly looked too intimidating to him as he stood 100 feet tall. The top of the building was only an arm’s length or so above his own and in mere seconds that difference would be gone.

He still held his massive erection in both hands. The cockhead, practically the size of his own head, burbled precum from its massive slit, lubricating the shaft as he continued to stroke it. As he grew, head inching (or, footing, rather) to match the building in height, he released his dick. It fell forward underneath its massive weight, til it rest at an angle against the side of the Catalan. As he got taller, th cockhead slid across the surface of the building, precum drooling down the side, coating the windows below. He grasped the thick shaft with both hands and lifted it off the side of the building, then, using his cock like a huge meat-cudgle, he smacked the building.

His monolithic cock burst through the wall like a wrecking ball. In an explosion of dust and shattered glass, a huge hole was made through floors 12-14, and huge, disastrous cracks ran all the way up too the roof. Alex drew his cock back, inspecting the damage he dealt with his dong. He was 140 feet now, and the building only barely had him beat in height; his cockhead now stood perfectly even with the rim of the roof.

Grinning wider, and with both hands grasping his dick about its middle, he once more thrust it forward. It slammed against the roof of the Catalan, with similar results. When his huge throbbing erection smashed against the building, a huge chunk of it simply crumbled beneath his cock, falling to the street below. Massive cracks spread instantly to the sides, and with structural support below jeopardized by Alex’s first strike, the cracks grew wider and spread further and in seconds a huge part of the 14th and 15th floors on the front side of the Catalan collapsed entirely.

Alex, his head now looking down at the building at 170 feet, and his cock now dripping precum onto the roof as it lay in the newly created groove in the building. He picked it up once more, and without hesitation, slammed it back down, destroying more of the building.

He did it again. basically cleaving the building in half from the 15th floor down to the 12th. Then he took his cock and smacked the building from the side. He began to mercilessly beat the shrinking building with dick, utterly decimating it.

In moments the Catalan, formerly a home to hundreds of University students, was a destroyed shell of itself, and Alex towered 250 feet over the remains. His cock, now thicker than his thigh and reaching many feet above his head, spurted a thick jet of precum. His balls, in a sack the size of his entire torso, hung low and heave between his legs, roiling with seed.

The titanic (former) football player set his sights on the skyscrapers of downtown. He rubbed his mammoth cock eagerly, eliciting another jet of pre. He had a lot of growing left to do.

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