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Birthday surprise

by Kjarri

Noah hopes, with some help from a friend, to give his boyfriend a birthday surprise he’ll never forget.

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“Bye, babe. See you when I get back!” Axel waved to me as he closed the door behind him, handsome face lost behind the door to the apartment, a last sparkle of his big brown eyes.

“See you in a bit,” I said, listening as his heavy footsteps retreated down the hall. Eventually out of range.

I stayed seated on the couch for a moment; waiting to be sure he wouldn’t come back. After a five minute reprieve I lifted myself from the soft cushions and made my way to Ari’s door, knocking twice.

“He’s gone,” I whispered.

The door opened. Ari stood before me, shirtless, short, muscular body strained with exertion, pumped from a workout. His breathing was heavy and he wiped at sweat running down his scruffy face. He then ran his hand down his black haired chest and abs. My dick jumped.

“You sure he won’t be upset?” Ari asked, Arabic accent twinging the words just slightly.

I laughed. “Nope, this will be the best birthday present ever. You know he’s wanted to involve you in our bedroom tricks for a while,” I smile.

Ari grimaced, crossing thick arms over his thick chest. He shifted his weight from solid tree trunk leg to leg, his big size 14 feet flexing with the strain. “You’re sure it won’t hurt?”

I licked my lips. “You’re going to love every minute of it,” I said, leaning down to the shorter man and pressing my lips into his. He uncrossed his arms and soon big hands started touching me, gliding under my t-shirt and over my lean body. My own hands traced the mounds and valleys of his chest and abs, his luscious black hair damp with sweat. Tongues breached lips and danced, tasting red wine saliva, lolling about like two men wrestling. My cock demanded release from my jeans, and apparently Ari’s wanted similar. For a second we broke apart. His cock tented the basketball shorts he wore, mine snaking along my hip. Feverishly we pulled the others pants down and stepped out of the confines. Time halted as we took each other in, me slipping my shirt off, eyes roaming over naked flesh, the process an eternity. Finally bare, time accelerated and we crashed into each other, rubbing, touching, kissing, and moaning as we shuffled our way to the bed.

“Ass up,” I commanded.

Ari dived on the bed, back arched, his bulbous, fat, hairy ass presented for me. I collapsed into the bed, my face to his hole, tongue flitting along the spongy flesh, pushing through and into his sweat lined ass. The scent bore through my mind as I devoured him, pleasant coos coming from the satisfied man. He pushed his ass further and further onto my bearded face, wiggling himself onto my tongue.

“I need it,” he said.

I smiled as I took one last drag from his fine ass, running my chest over those thick mounds of muscle. Eventually my hips lined up with his, my seven inch cock positioned in line with his hole.

“Going in.”

All at once I pushed into him, hilted on the first ram. Ari shuddered, a quacking yelp dissolving his posture. He collapsed into the bed, rubbing his body into the sheets.

I pumped twice, but the urge was strong. Ari needed to be my cock. Now.

“I want to fuck Axel with you.”

No sooner had I said it than a spark jolted through me. My toes curled, back arched, cock throbbed deep inside Ari. My mind disappeared, replaced with only sense. The sense of smell, the thick musk radiating from my pits, chest, crotch, Ari’s lighter scent overpowered by mine. The sense of taste, the warm air thick with sweat and exaltation, heavy on the tongue. The sense of sound, my deep, guttural moans and pounding of my heart, Ari’s cries of ecstasy raising his head upward, mouth configured into a perfect O. The sense of touch, my cock an iron club, pistoning deep, deeper, further and farther into Ari’s ever accommodating, thick, and quaking ass. The sense of sight as I watched my crotch fuse with his jiggling ass, and saw the transformation begin.

Ari’s gym-built legs, muscular and wide, began pulling up, inflating slowly amidst the ascent. His big, meaty feet melded with the expanding spherical shape his legs became. The skin wrinkled, loosening, taking on the texture and overwhelming scent of balls. My balls. A tug swung my balls into the gargantuan pumpkin sized cum containers and they blurred, mixed, and soon took on my lighter skin tone, the weight buckling my knees as I realized they were mine.

I bucked, or tried to, but found the weight excessive, too much. Not yet mine.

Ari was gasping, eyes fluttering, mouth still in that beautiful O.

I reached up between his shoulder blades and gave a gentle caress. “You doing all right?”

He nodded fast, but not much. His neck had already started to shorten, bringing his head in towards his broad shoulders.

Goddamn, he was gonna be a thick one.

I watched as electric fire brought nerves and sensation upon my new cock. Veins, blue and thick, rose from his dark, sundrenched flesh, shifting skin paler as they snaked their way up his shapely back. My balls churned, an audible slosh as they worked hard to convert his body into my cockmeat. My hands stroked down his sides and to his base, I shivered at the point where the sensation went from numb to mine. He was my cock from his ribs down.

“Oh fuuu…” he mumbled, jerking at the feeling of my rough hands on his cockbod. A dribble of clear liquid ran over his bottom lip, sliding down his chin. He reached back with his arms to touch himself at the base, his own cock long assimilated into mine.

“Having fun there, cock?” I said as I shifted on the bed, bringing my body down to lay fully on his. What was left of his. I pinned his arms at his sides and felt as they merged with the ever increasing cylindrical shape. My balls continued inflating on the bed, spreading my legs apart.

“Feel… good… so good,” he trembled, shivers and aches of pleasure. I leaned down, rubbing my beard against his smoothing face. Becoming softer. We both shuddered at the prickly sensation.

“You’re gonna be my cock, man.” I said, kissing the last vestiges of his mouth as the change quickened, bringing his head down into the warm embrace of my foreskin, and completing the change.

I stayed still, enjoying the experience of my mancock below me, soft and slumbering after an exhausting change. I snuggled with it, licking at the glands past my silky foreskin. I pushed my tongue into the coin-slot sized slit, sliding a few fingers in as well.

Slowly my ministrations brought Ari back into himself, and into realization.

“Oh fuck,” his voice said.

“Welcome to cockdom, dude,” I smiled.


“Shh,” I hushed, bringing my finger to the slit, though his voice was only in my mind. “Just experience first. Then talk.”

He quieted, and I sat upright. Though a fair bit shorter than I usually made my cock, his musculature translated well to girth, making me by far the widest I’ve ever been. I put my palms down, the veins calm, but energy simmering below the surface. A thrill ran through my cock.

“Not yet,” I tsked.

I leaned and reached to his nightstand and pulled out my tape measure, placed there the night before. A hiss and slight detraction as I laid the cool device atop my monolith. I whistled.

“Just about 21 inches,” I hooted, giving my cock a light slap. “Now let’s see some length.”

It ended up being three feet on the dot. Not the shortest, definitely not the longest.

“Should we see how big you get?”

My cock expanded. Rapidly. My mind rocked at the speed and efficiency to which my cock lengthened and widened. Hot blood pumped into veins, hardening flesh, throbbing and reddening as the basketball sized head pushed through my foreskin, leaky and cherry colored.

I’d never gotten an erection so fast.

“Good lord, Ari,” I muttered, shocked by the fantastic sight.

Good lord indeed.

Being a grower naturally, after transforming guys to my dick I can usually rely on some pretty great growth when they get hard. I once had a guy, 6’9”, thin as a rake but with a mammoth 10 and a half inches, go from a long and narrow four foot softie into an, albeit still quite narrow, raging seven foot pole. I considered him my best cock.

Whelp, that was then. This is now.

I don’t know what caused it, but Ari tripled in length and nearly doubled in width. Damn good thing we fucked away from the wall, or I’d have nowhere to put the beam jutting into the middle of the room, cool air surrounding the beach ball head, pre splashing onto the floor.


I looked behind me and gaped. My balls were incomprehensible. I could hardly gaze over their monumental height. There was nothing to describe their size, except maybe a loveseat.

“Oh my fuck,” I said.

Breathless giggles chimed in the halls of my mind, my cock lurched, wagging up and down, side to side. It stuck off the end of the bed a good five feet, gravity trying in vain to pull it to the earth, but the fire in my balls and cock kept it ramrod straight. I had no clue what to do with it except stare, mouth open in awe.

I’m so big, Ari said. I couldn’t respond. Normally the guy’s mind is shattered by the experience of being a gigantic cock. All pleasure, all touch, all sex. Little more than vocalizations the norm. Ari forming a complete sentence? There’s no way.

I want to stretch Ax wider than he’s ever been. Another pulse rocked through me. I gasped, searching for air. I’ve never been so much. Never cocked someone who wanted this so much.


No, my cock said. I am cock. I am man. I am massive.

My cock grew.

It was too much. There was no experience. There couldn’t be. My cock, Ari, was in control. And I let him have it.

I’ve always wanted to be big. To be the biggest, manliest thing I could be, my dick says as my body jerks through rapture. Cock bigger. So bigger. It’s why I’m always working out, pushing to be a bit bigger, hairier, muskier, manlier. Is that the wall at the tip of my cock? Emptiness, bliss. I should have realized there is nothing manlier than cock. Crash! Goodness, what could that be? I’m going to be the biggest, manliest, hairiest, muskiest cock there’s been!

Sight returned to me. Slowly the other senses too, but they were lost, far away as I beheld my massive cock.

I rested atop it, legs straddling. Balls that I couldn’t take stock of sloshed behind me. I moved my limbs atop my cock, the sensation acute and immense. I blacked out for a second, but came back sharper.

The head of my cock burst through Ari’s bedroom wall and out into the kitchen.

At least 25 feet long.

Oh fuck.

I could feel dampness at the tip, a huge puddle of pre formed in the ruined kitchen. My cock spasmed, shooting another arrow of divine fire up my spine and out through my extremities. Another bucketful of pre fell to the tile floor. There was no containing the moan.

So big.

Satiation. My cock relaxed, still hard, but not in control any more. I wiped sweat from my brows and took deep, even breaths, slowing my heartrate. Occasionally my minivan sized sack would roil, cock throb, and another “dollop” of pre would exude, slipping into the pool developing in the kitchen. Good thing we lived on the ground floor. I’d call out to Ari with no response. Just the random thoughts of big and fuck and musky from him.


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Happy birthday to me,” Axel said. Well, shouted.

He stood in the kitchen, bare feet planted in a six inch deep pool of pre. He’d already stripped, and I watched as he knelt down, closely inspecting the head of my four foot tall dick. He stuck out his tongue and delicately licked around the slit, causing my turgid cock to try and stiffen more, awakening from slumber.

Fuck, from my cock.

“Fuck,” I echoed.

“Awake now, I see,” Axel called, rising from behind my cock. He sauntered to me, dragging his big hand all along my length, patting it with each buck. I whimpered.

So big. So hard. Must fuck.

“I take it this is Ari?” he asked. I nodded, my voice unusable. He smiled. “He must really like being your cock.”


“Well, Ari, I really like you being Noah’s cock too, especially all big and engorged like this. Can’t think of a better birthday present really. Except for one thing…”

Axel trailed off and started walking back towards the head of my cock, not touching it. Frustration as his hand hovered just above the skin poured through my aching dick, willing itself bigger, wider, just for a chance to connect with that hand.

Axel stopped at the head and bent down, rubbing his chest, arms, legs, and dick all over it. His entire hard, muscular, 6 foot 5 body massaged the spongy tip of my aching dick. Mindless vocalizations escaped my mouth as I moved by body along the portion of cock it rest on. Feet probing the giant balls snug between the wall and bed.

Axel made love to the shiny red head. He positioned his cock with the slit and casually fucked it as his mouth ran courses along the glands. My cock grunted with each thrust, spitting up more pre, slicking Axel’s cock, sending it deeper down the shaft.

There are no words for the pleasure. Just the bliss of constant affection, attention, and arousal. Bombarding the mind.

Soon though Axel removed his enhanced cock, two feet long and twice as wide as it was before and winked at me. He was ready. I was ready.


My cock was very ready.

Axel collected some of my nonstop pre and used it to slick up his hands. It was far, but I saw one finger disappear, then a second, then his fist was stretching his ass. My cock pulsed, stretching longer, harder, yearning to dive into the magical ass. I bit my hand and hissed. I needed that ass.

Ass. Fuck ass.

Axel brought his other hand around and slipped into his hole, both fists helping loosen him. After a few excruciatingly long seconds he pulled his hands out, parted his cheeks, and began to back up.

In now.

My cock surged and jumped the few feet between Axel’s accepting ass and my cockhead, closing the distance in a blink and plunging into my man. I heard his yelp in surprise, then grunts as he began backing up onto my enormous cock.

I’ve seen it a few times, watching his body stretch tight to accommodate my size, but never a cock four feet in diameter. He went at it like a pro, backing up, stopping, adjusting, and going again. He was determined. My cock bucked wild.

Slowly he stretched, thin like a condom, his shoulders and upper chest relegated to sitting above my cockhead, his abs running down the 27 foot length of me, until finally his big legs bumped against my giant balls, and he was skewered to the root.



“Fuck.” Axel said, grinding his cock between the ground and the weight of mine.

I rubbed my hands over his thin body, my veins bulging beneath his fair skin. The hot blood burning through. My balls churned and I felt on the brink of orgasm. Until something slipped.

Change him.

And again I lost control.

It didn’t happen the same with Axel as it had with Ari. There was a progression with Ari. Axel just merged into my cock. One second stretched impossibly thin, the next no human anatomy beside my anatomy.

I’d never transformed two men at once.

“Whoa, am I—” Axel started. Then—


Big, manly, musky, hard, throbbing, fuck cock bigger must be bigger

I grew.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I awoke with no way to measure the beast I sat upon. My balls took up most of the bed in Ari’s room, my cock stretched clear across the entire apartment, busting through Ari’s wall, the kitchen wall, and the living room wall to rest the massive head on my and Axel’s bed, some probably 80 feet away. The smell was overpowering, like a brothel, but all from pre and my sweat. The bed was damp with pre, soaked through. No light shone through the windows. I had no way to tell the time, but it felt like hours had passed. My cock was warm, a hum of pleasure constant from root to tip. The gentle slosh of cum in my balls like waves lapping at a beach. I petted my dick and cried out as a volley of pre erupted from my slit. I knew I needed help.

“Hey Google, call Phil. Urgent priority.”

Cock bigger.

3,108 words Added Jul 2021 15k views 4.8 stars (14 votes)

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