Blessing or curse

by Ultra GMan

John has something a lot of guys would kill for a cock that gets bigger when you have certain kinds of sex. But that’s not all it’s cracked up to be—and the change isn’t always for the better.

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Part 1 John has something a lot of guys would kill for a cock that gets bigger when you have certain kinds of sex. But that’s not all it’s cracked up to be—and the change isn’t always for the better. (added: 26 Apr 2012)
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Part 1

I guess I should explain why I’m writing this. You see, there’s a lot of misconceptions going on out there about what it’s really like to have my particular… condition, I suppose. Some people in the gay community call it the “blessing.” Those of us who have it call it that sometimes, but it’s just as often referred to as the “curse.” But I don’t think that everyone else out there really gets what it’s like to have it. I figured I’d write these journals and put them out here on this blog so you can see just what it’s like to be, well, me.

Anyway, you can call me John. (What, you think I’m going to put my real name here? Where my boss could find it? Yeah, right.) I look like a pretty average guy at a glance. You know, dark hair, slightly attractive features (or so I prefer to think), five foot nine inches, a little muscular. I go to the gym and I run a lot. Partially because I love running (and other exercise as well), partially because I also love eating. And yeah, partially because when you’ve got my condition, it’s important to stay in shape. It makes things a bit easier if you’re feeling particularly… needy.

Sorry, I’m bad at introductions. Maybe I should just jump right into my life? You can certainly pick things up as we go along.

Last night was another typical Monday night for me. I’d gone running first thing in the morning for an hour and knocked out an easy six miles, then headed into the office for most of the day. Work’s normally pretty boring, just me working at the BGA (that’s Big Government Agency for all of you non-DCers), putting in my eight hours. It’s been slow in my department lately, but I’ve been there long enough that I don’t have to worry about things too much. Besides, it’s the government, right?

So after going home and having dinner, I changed and headed out to my local bar, the Green Lantern. I like it partially because it’s about the most non-pretentious gay bar in DC, and partially because I can walk there. Monday nights are karaoke nights, but I’m not there to sing. I’m there to be noticed. So I’ve got on a slightly-tight t-shirt that shows off my pecs and biceps (and I have to say, they’re looking pretty good as of late), and I fill out a pair of jeans nicely right now. All that running means my calves bulge, and that’s not the only place the denim is full these days, right?

When I get to the bar, it’s pretty quiet, but I am there a little early. “Hey Josh,” I said, sitting down on a stool. The bartender smiles at me and gives me my gin & tonic without even being asked. One of the good things about being a regular. I’ve actually worked the bar here a few times when they’ve been short-staffed; they know and trust me, and I went to bartending school the summer before my senior year of college so I could make a little extra money. Mind you, I’d help out anyway. Josh is a sweetheart and a half. He’s a tall drink of water, as my grandfather used to say. Built like he came right out of the midwest, which is exactly where he grew up. Short blond hair, dimples, a slight baby face, nice muscles (they put mine to shame), and a little twinkle in his eyes at any given moment. But it’s that slow, drawn out way of speaking that gets me every time. I’d drop my pants in an instant for Josh. I’m pretty sure he knows that, too. The fact that he hasn’t ever made a move on me? Part of his charm.

But I digress. For the next hour or two, I’m sitting at the bar, slowly sipping my first drink and watching the crowd. It fills up a bit, although most attention is on whomever’s singing. A couple of these fellows can really sing, incidentally. I’m not sure I can take hearing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” every week, but if it’s the short redhead that regularly sings it then I’ll get by somehow. Or that bearish blond who is all about Kelly Clarkson and is almost ready to be ordained as a priest. No, really. He’s trying to find a parish that is cool about him bringing his boyfriend. Gotta love the Episcopals.

It’s getting close to 10 o’clock when I first met him, though. He’s a couple of bar stools over and I can feel him glancing over at me, clearly interested. He’s in a crisp white shirt and black pants, like he came right from the office. Then again, I can also see a lanyard attached to a badge that’s tucked into his shirt pocket, so that’s not much of a leap of logic to make. He’s got big, thick rimmed glasses on, the kind they used to wear back in the ’60s, and it’s really hot on him. Sort of geeky and studly at the same time. I can imagine him on the beach wearing a pair of old school black squarecuts, those glasses, and a pipe. Hot. And I don’t even like pipes.

I lean over to Josh and ask him to give ’60s guy a drink on me, and about ten minutes later my admirer walks on over. “Thanks,” he says, a little shyly. Oh god, he’s got a deep southern accent. I’m glad I’m sitting on a barstool or my knees would have gone a little weak. “That’s mighty kind of you.”

I smile in response. “My pleasure,” I reply. “I figured I should at least buy you a drink before I make you take something off.”

’60s guy blinks for a second, and then blushes a deep shade of red. “Your dork badge,” I clarify with what I hope is a cheeky grin, and reach out and tug on his lanyard. “You forgot to take it off.”

“Oh, oh oh!” he stammers, still blushing. He yanks the badge out of his pocket and I catch a glimpse of his name—it’s Charles—before he pulls the lanyard off entirely and stuffs the whole thing into a pants pocket. “I think I’d go to bed with it on sometimes, I’m so forgetful.” Finished blushing, he puts his drink down on the bar and sits next to me.

“That’s ok,” I said. “Besides, we can talk about what comes off next whenever you want.”

Charles pauses, and then laughs.

About an hour later, we’re walking back to Charles’s place. He also lives close to the Green Lantern, which makes sense since it is a Monday night and there’s no reason to go afield. By this point I’ve made him blush four or five more times, which is fine by me. I know his blood is pumping. More importantly, for the past twenty minutes or so he’s had a rather large erection pushing hard at the front of his pants, and I finally couldn’t take the waiting game anymore. Leaning over, I started whispering in his ear that we should go somewhere a little more private—and then, to seal the deal, I gave his ear a little lick.

Honestly, at that point I could’ve asked him to have sex with me in the center of Thomas Circle and he’d probably have done it.

We walk into his condo and he flips the light on, apologizing for “the mess.” It’s not bad, really, just some newspapers and magazines on the couch and floor, a framed vintage movie poster leaning up against the wall waiting to be hung. “I’m not here to award a Good Housekeeping award,” I reply. Grabbing him by the hand, I pull him up to me and push my mouth up against his.

He’s a pretty good kisser, moving his tongue around a little too vigorously in places but I’m not going to complain. I can feel his penis straining to get out of his pants, and my own pants are also tented by now as well. Slowly I begin to move my mouth down his neck, unbuttoning his shirt as I go. He’s a pretty handsome guy; not very hairy, which means I won’t have to worry about flossing afterwards. But he’s got great pecs—then again I think I saw a tennis racket in the corner of the room—and he tastes like salt.

The next thing I know, we’re in his bedroom and he’s down to his underwear. My pants and shoes are back in the living room, and he’s tugging my shirt off as well. I just clipped my chest hair down to a shortish length, and as he runs his fingers up and down it, I’m getting a great thrill. His hands are running down my sides, now, and then his thumbs hook on my boxer briefs and pull them down in one fell swoop.

My penis proudly bobs in the air, all seven inches of it. Without saying a word he goes down on it, getting almost the entire thing into his mouth on the first try. Damn, he’s good at this. I grip his shoulders tightly and instinctively push my hips up a little bit, his fingers tickling my balls while he continues to suck my dick.

Before long he pulls off, though, and I am starting to realize that this na—ve southern boy might not be so na—ve after all. His own underwear is off now, and as he reaches for a condom to push onto his eight inch penis (trust me, I’m an expert at eyeballing penis sizes by now) I know I’m in for a good ride tonight in more ways than one. Pushing my legs up into the air, he slaps a little bit of lube on his condom, and then pushes into me, hard.

I’ll be honest here. I’ve had a lot rougher than this, so I’m ok with it. But I know that’s not what he wants me to do, to prop up on my elbows and say, “Yeah, that’s cool.” And of course, with my condition, even if I wasn’t used to it being so rough I adjust to this sort of thing pretty quickly. But instead I gasp loudly, a startled, “Oh!” for his benefit. And I can tell that’s really getting him going, and he starts ramming into me hard and fast, and I begin a series of gasps and moans. Mind you, they aren’t really faked at this point. He’s got a nice sized penis, and he really does know how to work it well. This? This is good.

About ten minutes or later, I can see it on his face that he’s starting to try and hold back but isn’t too sure how much more he can hang on. That’s actually a good thing, because I’m starting to see little sparks, so to speak. So I let out another gasp, and then let myself release. As my cum starts shooting onto my chest, Charles gives a little shudder and then starts orgasming as well, giving an extra-hard thrust with each spurt into the condom. In a minute or so he’s finally done, and the two of us are sprawled on top of his bed, panting and our limbs all tangled together.

He leans his head on my pecs (which are cum-free but only because I’d jacked off yesterday) and gives out a long sigh. “That was great,” he finally says. “God, John, you’re the best thing that’s happened to me all month.”

“It’s the second,” I drawl in response.

“Yeah, but yesterday sucked,” he replied, and then laughs.

As we continue to lay there, I can feel the warmth starting to spread in my junk. Here we go, I think. Hopefully he isn’t noticing what’s happening below the belt (if I still had a belt on). I kiss him a few times, and then ask if it’s ok to use his shower. He nods, and I scoop up enough of my clothes and scoot into the next room.

The hot water sprays down on my body, as I lather up and clean myself off as best I can. I stop for a minute and do an especially good sudsing up on my penis. Giving it a few strokes, it quickly plumps up to its full length. Sure enough, I’m now up to eight inches. But I know it’s only a matter of time until it gets even larger.


Part 2

I’m still admiring my penis when the shower curtain moved back and Charles stuck his head around the corner. “Hey John,” he said, that shy grin on his face. “Mind if I join you?”

To be fair, all the cum that I’d shot onto my chest had ended up on his too when he laid his head on my pecs earlier. I stepped back a bit and he climbed in, his penis hanging between his legs invitingly. Fortunately I don’t think he’d paid enough attention to just how big mine was earlier to figure out that I’d grown.

As the water beat down on both of us, Charles leaned in and started kissing me; slowly at first and then picking up in intensity. I could already feel my balls heating up again, and my pulse starting to race. If I’ve just grown, I’m pretty horny as my body adjusts to the increased testosterone, to say nothing of the sensitivity.

But just as soon as he started, he stepped back. “God, you’re beautiful,” he said. There’s just something about the way he stated it that made me blush a little bit, and want him even more. “I gotta be up really early though,” he said, regretfully. Giving me a peck on the cheek, he stepped back out of the shower and began to towel off.

I got the hint and finished cleaning up and then got dressed. Charles gave me his card, and before I knew it I was back outside. It wasn’t too late, I thought to myself. The Green Lantern was still open. But I knew I was going to just get myself into trouble this way. Regretfully I started heading home.

It was a nice warm evening, and I ended up unbuttoning my shirt and letting it hang open. I had a tank top underneath it, but the air was able to blow up around the shirt itself and it felt great, like a warm caress all over my shoulders and neck. I’m also having to re-learn having a little more heft to my package again. One thing to understand is that having the curse means that your penis is much more sensitive than the average guy’s. Plus, our sex drive is much higher than most people’s. The end result? Well, try walking around with a cock ring on all the time. You know how it pushes your balls forward and you’re feeling that friction with every step? That’s my life, constantly. And it just gets stronger and stronger the larger my penis gets.

Yeah, I know. Blessing or a curse, I go back and forth on what it really is.

Anyway, I’m walking down the street, and I’m starting to see some people who are heading home from the Green Lantern as well. I can’t help myself as one particularly hot guy rounds the corner, and I flash him a smile. He’s a tall drink of water, as my aunt used to say, but he’s just packed full of muscle. I can almost see his six-pack abs through his tight t-shirt as if it’s printed onto the fabric as a pattern, and his biceps are struggling to rip through the sleeves every time he flexes. If that isn’t enough, he’s got a boyish face, with rosy cheeks and a twinkle in his dark blue eyes, a perfect match for his blond hair.

He stops and stares at me for a minute. His eyes rove up and down, and for a minute I feel like they’re undressing me. But then I realize it’s more than that, he’s almost rating me. Trying to decide if I’m really worth stopping or not. Honestly, it’s a turn-off and I’m about ready to move on when he starts heading towards me, a familiar “we’re going to have sex” swagger in his step.

“Hey,” he says. “Heading my way?”

Oh god. Now I really want to bolt. But it’s the combination of the warm air, my recent growth, and Charles revving me up and I find my hand moving towards He-Man’s arm. “I sure am,” I hear myself saying. Writing all this down, trust me when I say that I’m hanging my head in shame now.

He laid a hand on my shoulder and grinned in a predatory way. “This way,” was all he said, leading me on a ten block journey before we got to his condo. We’re barely inside the door when he picks me up and literally tosses me through the air onto his bed. It’s a studio, and I try to get a look around but he’s next to me, tearing my shirt off and yanking the undershirt over my head too.

My pants are getting yanked off a second later, and I’m starting to wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew when I suddenly feel his hot breath on my ass and hear him licking his lips. And then he starts rimming me, his tongue moving in circles around the edge of my rosebud. I exhale heavily, and he takes that as an invitation to move a little further in. His tongue starts darting in and out, feeling almost like a small penis, loosening me up with warmth and sensuality.

I let out a moan in spite of myself, and his hands start running up and down my sides. Holding on, he pushes his face even further into my rear, trying to eat his way through me. And for ten minutes, that’s all he did. The more he licked, the more I squirmed and gasped. I could feel my balls getting heavier, swaying back and forth and desperate to be relieved. He-Man was more than making up any bad behavior earlier.

Finally, coming up for air, He-Man paused. “I want you so bad,” he finally said. “Your ass is so hot, you’re so good… What do you want?”

Jackpot. This was the best of all worlds, and I’ll explain why in a minute. “Both,” I finally said. “You take me first.”

He-Man needed no more encouragement. I could hear him fumbling with his pants, grabbing some lube and a condom. In record time, I could feel him repositioning himself behind me and gently pushing into me. Honestly, I was so loosened at this point that he could’ve just driven a train through if he wanted. Also, while He-Man was big almost everywhere else, his penis was decidedly average. My earlier encounter was the big man on campus so far tonight, although I knew that would be changing shortly.

I’m on my hands and knees at this point, and He-Man is grabbing my nipples and tweaking them even as he pushes back and forth inside of me. It’s pretty good, and he certainly knows what he’s doing. I’m just getting into the rhythm of it all when he leans forward and bites my shoulder. Not too hard, but still, it’s a slight surprise and I clamp down on his penis by way of reaction.

Well, that did it. He starts shooting inside of me, and he yells like a wild warrior when he did it. He-Man indeed. It’s actually a little silly, but considering what he’s doing for me right now I’m not complaining. Gasping and panting, he continues to kneel for a minute, as if he’s getting his bearings. Finally, slowly, almost regretfully, he pulls out.

“Wow,” he finally says. “That was…”

And then I’ve whirled around and jumped on top of him, pushing my mouth on top of his. I admit it, my motivation is two-fold. First off, I want to fuck him really bad now. I haven’t come yet, I’m horny as hell, and my hormones are running wild. But second, I can feel the warmth that signals growth beginning to spread, and I want to see if I can get inside of him before it hits. Probably not, but since it does take a few minutes, I’ve got a shot at it.

He-Man, meanwhile, has eagerly fallen onto his back, and he’s pushing his legs up and back, holding onto them with his hands. Damn, can he pull them back. He’s definitely no stranger to being on his back for another man. I stop for a second and look at my blond- haired adonis, totally in my thrall. It’s like I’m about to fuck a classical sculpture, it’s just so perfect. Except, of course, sculptures never had such a pleading look in their eyes.

I can suddenly feel my penis start to thicken and lengthen, and I realize that my window of opportunity is almost up. I start pushing the head of my penis in, and oh god does he feel good. Even through the condom that I hastily put on, he’s warm, really warm, and tight to boot. He-Man gives out a moan so loud I’m afraid the neighbors are going to hear. But hell, they’re not my neighbors, right? There’s almost no resistance and so I push in more and more, each new inch slipping him causing He-Man to gasp again.

I’m almost all the way in when the rest of the growth kicks in, and my penis gets a little more girthy and long inside of He-Man. His eyes go suddenly wide with surprise and pleasure, as if that extra bit of size has tipped him over the edge into pleasureland. I lean forward and start kissing him, hard, and he moans into my mouth as I shove the rest of what’s now a nine-inch penis into him.

Thrusting in and out, I can feel that my balls have finished their growth as well. Hanging heavily, they’re smacking into He-Man with each movement and the sensation sends an extra little spark of energy up my spine. I shove into him hard, harder, harder, and suddenly his whole body underneath me starts twitching wildly. I can see it in his eyes, he’s having a little mini-orgasm, and I take that as a cue to lay even harder into him. My penis is feeling so huge and heavy now, but as much as I want to cum I keep concentrating on He-Man. A couple of minutes later he has a second mini-orgasm, and then a third. It’s people like He-Man who definitely call this a blessing instead of a curse, needless to say. Those who know about us who might be scared off by the size of our penis ultimately can’t stay away because they know just how good it is when we fuck someone. I’ve heard others say that they don’t feel like they even have to try because of how good the other person will feel, but I don’t think that’s fair at all. Why give them the eight of clubs when I can whip out the ace with no skin off my back?

But finally, I can’t take it anymore, and as I starts shooting I find myself shouting too now. Clearly a side-effect from hanging out with He-Man. The two of us are gasping and yelling together, and a minute later my balls finally finish emptying themselves. I won’t lie, cuming right after growth is so good that there are people I’ve slept with that I would’ve regretted if it wasn’t for this great one-two punch of getting topped, then topping.

He-Man at this point is almost in a daze, he’s had so many orgasms tonight. I’m lying there with him for a minute or two before I realize that he’s fallen asleep. I gently shake him, but he’s out like a light. I finally grab some tissues and clean him up the best I can, before pulling a sheet over him. He-Man’s reached out and grabbed a pillow and is gently hugging it; it’s such a cute scene I almost feel ill.

Finally, I tiptoe out of the apartment and then head home.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Well, you’re probably thinking a lot of things, a combination of disdain and jealousy. But in answer to your question… no, I’m not losing an inch because I fucked He-Man. You see, that’s a huge misconception when it comes to the blessing.

The way it works is pretty simple: you gain an inch when you get fucked, you lose an inch when you fuck… but only if it’s the first time you’ve had sex with someone. After that, it doesn’t matter how many times and in what position, you’re staying just the way you are. So if I’d wanted to drop back down to seven inches, I would’ve reversed tonight’s events with He-Man.

More importantly, I’ve met a few guys who are in long-term relationships who also have the same condition. This way they don’t have to worry about eventually growing (or shrinking) into a bad position with their boyfriend. Which reminds me, I suppose, that I should also clarify that no, you cannot shrink your penis into nothing. Everyone has a minimum size that they don’t go beyond. It took a lot of trying to discover mine was three inches, because really, once you’re at four inches it’s tough to find someone who’s excited about you fucking them. There’s also supposedly a maximum size, which is a good thing if you ever got caught in a gang bang or something. Not that I know what it is for me. Honestly, beyond a certain size? I don’t want to find out. There really is too much of a good thing.

For now, though, I’m heading home with a swagger in my step and a heavy nine inch cock in my pants. Even soft it’s pushing at the fabric of my underwear and pants, and I know it’s going to be fun dressing for work tomorrow. But that’s another story.


Part 3

It’s the next morning, and it’s time to get ready for work. Right after a growth spurt (ha ha), it’s always a fairly entertaining experience. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the first time I’ve been nine inches below the belt, and I know it won’t be the last either. But after a couple weeks of being two inches smaller, it somehow feels like a new sensation as I tug on my underpants.

And yeah, tug on is definitely the right phrase to use. Some of us with the condition have what we jokingly call “added bonuses.” Beyond a certain size, other parts of our body start growing too. Almost always, it’s something that was big getting a little bigger. In my case, it’s my ass. All those years of running gave me a pretty nice butt, although I’m sure genetics helped out too. But once I start hitting nine inches, well, it starts getting even perkier and larger. All muscle, baby, all muscle. It really fills out my pants well, and I’ve even caught straight guys staring at it wistfully when it gets really large.

But yeah, it does mean the underpants get a little tighter. Plus, of course, my big dick taking up extra space too. I find myself debating my choices for a minute; it’s a pair of Calvin Klein steel low-rise trunks, and the fabric is straining a little bit. Still, I’m usually good with this size at the nine-inch mark. Once I go up again, I’ll definitely have to switch styles for some more room.

Finally, I’m dressed and off to BGA. I’m even running early, so I’ve got my gym bag with me for a quick morning workout. It’s one of the perks of the big government agency, and as an added bonus it’s distinctly less cruisy than my regular gym. That can be good, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not really in the mood for it at the moment. Or at least, not when I left my place.

By the time I’ve walked to work, my big dick’s been rubbing against my underwear and I’ve started plumping up a bit. This is definitely one of the not-so-good parts of the curse. I’m not actually that interested in having sex this morning, but my penis has other ideas. Stop it, I mutter to my junk, and head down to the locker room. Fortunately no one’s there, and I’m quickly changed and off to the rowing machine.

The gym’s deserted, just me, a woman on one of the bicycles, and across the way there’s a young (really young!) guy working out with the free weights. All upper body, of course, like so many kids fresh out of college do. He’ll figure it out eventually that turning yourself into an upside down pear is not the most attractive shape in the world. Still, for the next half hour I get into a good rhythm on the rowing machine, and it’s fairly peaceful. The woman leaves the gym before too long, and another, older man comes in and uses the treadmill for about ten minutes before turning it off and heading back to the locker room.

Meanwhile, I’ve shifted over to the stairmaster. I started using it as a cover for when a co- worker commented on how muscular my ass had gotten, but I’ve grown to love it. (So have my glutes!) I punch in my half hour workout, start working away, and am in that great sort of exercise daze when out of the corner of my eyes I notice that the young guy has stopped working out and is staring at my butt. Big time.

I try to ignore it, but he’s getting rather blatant. Just sitting on the bench, eyes fixated on the two perfect globes shifting next to each other. Envious, or wanting a taste? Honestly, it’s hard to tell sometimes. Finally, I use the mirror to stare back at him, and once he realizes that he’s been rumbled, he guiltily looks away. He half-heartedly goes back to lifting, but I can tell that his mind is elsewhere. At last, right before my half hour is up, he puts down the weights and scurries for the locker room just as a gaggle of new people head on out.

I move through my cool down, and then I’m off to the lockers as well. I’ve got time for a shower and maybe even a detour to the market a block away for a muffin before I have to start the day. Grabbing my towel, I strip down, put on my flip-flops, and am off to the showers.

Young guy is there, lathering up. Now normally, I’d have just gone to the other end and ignored him. But I’m feeling my oats this morning… and yeah, I admit it, my dick and balls were helping me make the decision. So I walk to the shower head right next to him, nod, and step into the spray.

He’s blushing, and I just smile a little bit; a mixture of, “Yeah, you should blush” and “Like it?” But I don’t say a thing, just start lathering up myself, enjoying rubbing my chest and stomach and thighs with shower gel. Then I move to my cock, and running my hands down it, I feel it swell just a tad. Not too much, just getting plumped up a bit. My balls are feeling heavy, and as I rub the lather onto them they’re warm and almost throbbing to the touch.

Forcing my hands off of my dick before things get out of control, I start rinsing my front off, and then I stop. Young guy is just staring at me, and if I had any doubt about what kind of fascination he’d felt before, it’s gone thanks to his fully erect, six-inch penis bobbing in front of him. It’s simultaneously trashy and flattering, if you know what I mean. I really try not to hook up at work (don’t shit where you eat, right?), but he is kind of cute. Or maybe it’s just my balls talking. This is definitely one of the problems of the curse, the bigger I get, the more easily talked into sex I end up getting.

He’s staring at my dick now, and he takes a step forwards, hesitantly. I’m watching the traces of lather run down his pecs, which are all pumped up from his workout, and his biceps are twitching a little dance, each muscle tensing and releasing. He looks at me with big blue eyes, then back down at my penis. As if on cue, my penis pumps itself up a little more, the blood rushing to it.

And then he’s down on his knees, taking his penis into my mouth. This is a bad idea, a really bad idea, all it’s going to take is another BGA employee walking into the showers. But his hands are tickling my balls, and they’re feeling so big and heavy and aching now, and his mouth is moving up and down the shaft, and he’s good. Really good. My penis is racing to its full nine inches, and young guy doesn’t balk for an instant, still sucking it down all the way to the hilt, then moving back up and working on the head for a minute. I’m starting to ooze pre-cum, a lot of it, and he keeps pausing to lap it right off the tip before moving back up and down the penis.

We’ve got a good rhythm going and I’m just starting to gasp a bit when I hear two guys talking to each other as they head towards the showers. Before I can say anything, young guy has disengaged entirely, standing back up and staring directly into the spray. My whole penis is aching for release, but I’m no fool. (Well, relatively speaking.) I turn the faucet heads and shift the water to entirely cold. Oh god, the shock of the cold water hurts, like a punch in the chest, but it also does the trick. My poor bewildered penis drops by two inches almost immediately, and a few seconds later it’s no longer standing up on its own. By the time the others show up, we’re both (mostly) unerect, wiping off the last of the soap and grabbing our towels.

Without saying a word, we both walk back to the locker room and change. A few other people are in there now, getting ready to work out, so the silence continues. I do have a little fun, though; propping up one leg on the bench and drying it off sloooowly. Young guy is definitely watching out of the corner of his eye, but hell, he’s also not the only one gawking.

I finish changing first and head off to the elevators and up to my floor. Time to get to work, right?

By lunchtime, though, I’ve made a mess of my underwear. The cold water effects gone, I keep flashing back into full erections, the pre-cum building up so much that at one point I head to the bathroom to try and dry it off before it soaks through to my dress pants. God damn, am I horny. On the bright side, it keeps me from leaving my desk and I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten so much done. The second it’s time for me to go, I’m out of there, my gym bag held firmly in front of my crotch. I get in the elevator on the ninth floor, and ignore the chattering people filling the space.

We head down all of two floors, and the doors slide open to let one more person on. Young guy.

Our eyes lock, and then I reach forward and press the button for the basement. The elevator empties out on the first floor, and now it’s just the two of us. Standing in silence, we head into the basement. He starts walking towards the locker room, but I grab him by the shoulder and lead him to a janitor’s closet. They’re all up on the 10th floor, starting to clean up after us messy workers, and I know they won’t be back down here for a while. Once we’re inside, he’s yanking at my belt buckle, desperate to get back to my penis. My balls feel so full of cum right now that I don’t care what he wants to do, so long as I finally get some sort of release. Within minutes he’s licking and sucking on my balls, and my dick is just tightening up more and more, waving in the air out of desperation.

But then he suddenly stands up, and starts fumbling with his own pants. In a matter of seconds they’re around his ankles, and he grabs me by the shoulders and whirls me around. Hello. He pushes up against me, and I can feel his hot breath against my neck, his penis insistently pushing in-between my butt cheeks. Part of me is saying, no, no, but eight hours of horniness makes my judgment a little suspect. So when he pushes into me, I just give out a small moan, and my balls throb in response.

(This is probably a good a point as any to mention that while I do try and use condoms, one of the definite good things about the curse is that so far as we can tell, every last one of us has an immune system that fights off all STDs. If it could be packaged and bottled, I’d offer to be a guinea pig, I promise. But generally speaking we don’t talk about it, because it’s another reason to have us all rounded up and put into labs. The condoms are a nice cover, but I don’t freak out if they aren’t used. And I promise I won’t get pregnant.)

I have to take back my earlier claim that he didn’t work out below the waist, because he’s pounding into me fast and furious like there’s no tomorrow. I guess I’m not the only one who’s been worked up since this morning. He’s biting the back of my neck now, and pushing harder and harder. Within just a few minutes, he’s shooting inside of me, and that’s all it takes to trigger my own orgasm, hot strings of cum splattering into the mop wash bin.

The growth this time is almost instanteous; a side-effect of having been denied for so long. He’s barely pulled out before I start swelling in size; my butt, my balls, my penis. His urgency gone, he turns me back around and kisses me gently. Reaching down, he touches my penis and his eyes widen a little bit. I can tell what he’s thinking, that it’s bigger than he remembered. I don’t tell him that he’s right. But I’m still really horny from the growth, and my penis is at its full ten inches.

I reach forward and push gently on his shoulders, and within seconds he’s back down on his knees, sucking and slurping on my penis for another five minutes. My penis is feeling wonderfully thick and strong, and I start bucking a bit as he brings me back to orgasm. His mouth quickly fills up with my cum, and while he tries to swallow it all, some starts leaking out of the side of his mouth. Once I’ve finally stopped shooting, he wipes the rest of his off his face with the edge of his wrist, then licks it off.

And just like that, he’s gone, slipping back out the janitor’s closet and back to the elevator. Shaking my head, I pull my underpants off and use them to wipe off my dick and butt, before stuffing them into my gym bag. They won’t fit now, after all. Taking a deep breath, I try and will my dick to stay soft long enough to make it home. I’m ready to have a quiet evening.


Part 4

So, I know what you’re all thinking. I’d said I was going to have a quiet evening, but I ended up going out and having more sex. Well, no, but not for a lack of desire. (I’d say you get half-credit, but a 50% is still a failing grade.) Here’s the thing when it comes to the curse. Growing a lot over a short period of time is actually a little dangerous, in that it can get addicting.

After all, in less than 48 hours I’d gone from seven to ten inches. And as my penis grows, it gets more sensitive, my sex drive spikes, I can feel my balls growing heavier, and that amazing rush of orgasm followed by growth… yeah, it’s really hard to stop wanting. And while it’s the immediate time after growth that your sex drive goes through the roof, it’s still really high afterwards. It’s why when Young Guy at the office gym made the moves on me, it was almost impossible to resist. Everything in my body was screaming “sex sex sex” in the way that you do if you’ve been gently stimulated for hours on end.

But yeah, I knew my body chemistry was still adjusting to all the changes it’d just ramped up through. So the rest of Tuesday night was spent at home; I cooked dinner, watched a movie, and jacked off four or five times. By the end of the night I was feeling a little more stable, but I also knew better than to think I was all clear. That’s why Wednesday was scheduled entirely around not getting laid. I got to the gym super-early and made sure nothing happened there (I ended up staying on the rowing machine an extra twenty minutes to make sure the locker room wasn’t going to be just me and the guy who had been openly checking out my ass before heading back to change), and work consisted of the nose to the grindstone, plus a few cum loads dropped into one of BGA’s toilets to make sure there were no inappropriate hardons tenting my pants. Hell, I even wore a jock strap underneath the boxers I had on, just to keep myself under control. And Wednesday night was about the most unsexy thing you can imagine; me playing Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Shut up, it’s fantastic, even if I can’t get by that last Toy Time level.

So when Thursday rolled around, I was feeling a lot better and in control. Now instead of the soundtrack in the back of my head being “sex sex sex sex sex” it was a bit more… restrained. In other words, now I merely thought about sex as often as a regular gay man, just every other second instead of every second. Which meant, happily, I was no longer under house arrest.

Originally I was going to the Green Lantern after work, but my friend Dominic had given me a call out of the blue in the afternoon and asked if I wanted to head out to a gay bed and breakfast in the mountains of West Virginia with him for a long weekend. I’ve known Dom for a few years, and he’s a pretty great guy to be around. We both like hiking and swimming, and the Bluestone Valley Guest House is somewhere we’ve visited before. I’d checked my schedule and not only could I get Monday off, but it looked like if Friday was going slow I could leave after lunch. Score, right?

So, we met for dinner at Luna Café (near his condo) and spent about two hours planning out what we’d do. Turns out Dom’s flaky friend Art had (surprise surprise!) flaked on him, and we both commiserated over people we can’t depend on. Friends of ours have often said we should date, but honestly I don’t think Dom’s the dating type. He enjoys being single too much; emotionally and sexually he just likes being able to give something to everyone, if you know what I mean. Besides, I don’t think it’s possible for Dom to meet someone without looking at their crotch, and finding a boyfriend who wouldn’t mind might be a bit of a stretch.

All of this is a long way of saying that I was walking back home by myself when I saw a familiar face heading my way. He-Man. It was obvious that he recognized me, even though he was trying to play it all nonchalant at first. A big grin had shot across his face for a split second before he dialed it back, but considering he had then started flexing his biceps in that way that guys do when they think you don’t know they are, his eagerness was pretty evident.

I smiled and nodded at him about a quarter block away, and when we got to each other we both stopped. “How’s it going?” I said, suddenly realizing that neither of us knew the other person’s name.

“Good, good!” he said. “Wow, it’s great to see you, man.” He paused for a second, pushing his hand through that cute tousled blonde hair of his. “I… I wasn’t sure if we’d run into each other… and there was… um….”

I started laughing. “But you didn’t know my name?” I said, half-jokingly, but half- serious.

He-Man blushed at that, a deep red that was a sharp contrast to his normally pale coloring.

“I’m John,” I said, extending a hand. “Nice to see you again. And you are…?”

He-Man blushed again, before taking my hand in one of his paws and shaking it vigorously. “John! Good to meet you. I’m Adam.”

Adam? Really? Who knew, he really WAS He-Man.

“So what’re you up to tonight?” I said, trying to move this along.

“Just heading home,” he said slowly. “Y’know. Not much going on tonight.” He paused, then suddenly said, “Want to change that?”

It’s funny, now that we’d had sex before, He-Man had lost so much of that swagger and confidence, turning into a blushing bride. If anything, it made him even more adorable. And after all, He-Man was officially “safe” material now…

“I never thought you’d ask,” I merely replied.

About ten minutes later, we were back in his studio, and he was practically tearing his clothing off and leaping onto the bed, spread-eagled on his back. Laughing inwardly, I instead slowly took off my shoes, bending over so he could get a good look at how fantastic my ass was looking thanks to the sex in the BGA’s basement. The little gasp did me good, and my pants and underwear (thankfully no jock today, I’d shifted into some regular trunks from the Gap) ended up a pile on the floor, followed by my shirt.

I’d climbed up onto the bed over top him, and was just about to start kissing him when I caught it out of the corner of my eye. A wrist restraint connected to the bed frame’s corner post. (It’s like a leather handcuff, for lack of a better description. No keys to worry about, and unlike metal no lasting marks.) He-Man was getting more and more interesting by the minute, I thought to myself, leaning into his eager and open mouth and slowly pushing my tongue inside.

I was in control tonight, that much was obvious to me, and would be from start to finish. He-Man didn’t seem to mind, sucking in air through his nose in a quick, excited way as I forced my way into his mouth, my tongue pushing and thrusting on top of his own. I heard a muffled moan, which just made me redouble my efforts.

After a few minutes, slowly, I began to run my hands down his arms, still kissing him as hard as I could. I don’t think he even realized I was doing it, slowly laying his arms down on the mattress away from the rest of his body, angling them towards the corners of his small bed. Holding his wrists down firmly with my own hands, I sat squarely on his crotch, and leaned back a tiny bit. “You’re all mine,” I whispered.

Honestly, it’s like I’d pressed a button marked “rocket fuel,” the response was so great. Yes, He-Man liked that a great deal. He started turning towards one corner of the bed, no doubt to tell me about the wrist restraints, but I moved one of my hands to his mouth and said, “I didn’t say you could talk.”

His eyes lit up at that, and I removed the hand so that I could pull out the restraint and hook his wrist in, then doing the same on the other side. He-Man was breathing heavy now, and I could tell half the thrill was not knowing precisely what was next. So I leaned in and kissed him some more, overwhelming his mouth as I made sure every nook and cranny was familiar territory. At the same time, my hands were now pinching his nipples, and with each pinch they got a little harder and pointier, and I could hear some almost- suppressed whimpers as his nipples got more sensitive the more I played with them.

He’d just started to get used to it, so I decided to change things up a bit, moving my mouth down his torso, with tiny bites on his nipples interspersed with long sucking hisses all over his beautiful chest. Honestly, with his torso and my penis, we could make a billion dollars selling swimsuits and underwear to gay men. Speaking of which, all ten inches of my penis were hard and heavy, feeling more than ready for what was to come. It’d started to rub precum all over his abs, and I decided that I’d tortured my poor penis enough.

Scooting off of He-Man, I grabbed one leg and pulled it up into the air, before slowly kissing and licking my way down it. He gave off another moan then (boy, he sure did make a lot of noise), but a longer, more drawn out one. By the time I got to the top of his legs and his balls, I’d remembered two things; he had really long legs, and he had this great salty-sweet taste to his body.

Pausing for a second, I headed over to his nightstand and grabbed a condom from where I’d seen them last time (better to put He-Man’s mind at ease), quickly pulling it on. It was a little tight, but honestly, when you start hitting the double-digit measurements, they’re all going to be a little tight. Heading back over, I pushed both his legs up, exposing his anus which was twitching mightily now, quivering with anticipation.

Hmmmm. Honestly, I was going to prolong this a bit, but with his straining at the restraints, I knew that’s not what he really wanted. So instead I pushed the head of my penis up against his opening, and gave a long, slow grin. He-Man started straining in response, trying to impale himself on my penis but unable to move any closer to me, his ankles up against my shoulders now.

And then, just like that, I shoved about seven inches into him. His eyes shot wide open in response. I don’t think he’d fully remembered just how big I was, but then again, I wasn’t quite this big the one time we’d had sex. “Aaaaahhhhhhh!” he cried out, a mixture of mostly pleasure and a touch of pain and surprise. I held my position for a few seconds, impressed at how quickly everything in him seemed to loosen up. Don’t get me wrong, the curse actually somehow seems to help people. I don’t get it but people who’ve said they could never take something as big as me but somehow managed didn’t seem to be trying to flatter me, and I’ve heard from other people with the curse who have reported the same thing. Still, ten inches is ten inches. It’s no pinky finger.

Anyway, He-Man wanted it bad tonight, and so did I. With a hard thrust I pushed the remaining three inches in, and my heavy balls slapped against his ass. Both of us gave a little shiver at that. My balls were practically humming and buzzing with desire, and I could feel my heavy dick just throbbing with need inside of He-Man. But I just kept pushing into him, long heavy strokes, pounding his poor prostate back into the stone age. He-Man was thrashing his head back and forth, pulling hard on the restraints, mumbling nonsense sounds of pleasure. I put my hands on his sides, partially to have something to grip but also make He-Man feel even more controlled by me.

It seemed to work pretty well; as soon as I did he clenched down on my dick so hard I thought I was going to shoot right then and there, and he started thrashing even more, those moans increasing in pitch and intensity. So, I started slamming even harder in him, imagining that somehow my dick was growing even more with every thrust. (Don’t worry. It wasn’t.) I could feel a sweat breaking out all over my body, and my need to shoot was getting stronger and stronger. He-Man was gasping quicker and quicker, and his quivering penis was a dark red, his balls pulled in so tight it was like they were permanently attached.

On the verge, I slid one hand down his side, and onto his penis and gave it several quick pulls. That did it. He-Man started cumming, a roar of ecstasy as he did so. As the cum started splattering up his chest, he bore down so tight on me that I couldn’t take it any more and I erupted inside of him. I kept thrusting with each spurt of cum, and my balls just couldn’t stop delivering.

Finally, gasping, I stopped pushing into him, feeling a little weak in the legs as I stood at the foot of the bed, his ankles still resting on me, his ass still on my penis. The time to be rough was over, and I gently, oh so gently, pulled myself out of him. As I lowered his legs to the ground, he gave off a quiet, satiated moan. He looked ready to fall asleep like he did last time, so I leaned forward and gave him a slow, gentle, but thorough kiss.

About two minutes later, I slowly pulled off his mouth and looked at him. He-Man gave me a sheepish smile, and slowly said, “Thanks for the good evening, John…” I could tell he was fighting to stay awake, so I just leaned forward a bit and gave him a kiss on the forehead, before undoing the restraints on his wrists. By the time I was done, he was out like a light. I cleaned him off the best I could with a towel from the bathroom, pulled the sheet up on top of him, and then got dressed and headed out.

After all, I still had to pack for tomorrow’s vacation.


Part 5

Everything was pretty quiet early in the morning; got ready for work, grabbed a bag and filled it with clothes for a long weekend at the Bluestone Valley Guest House, and dashed out the door to work. I'd gotten everything done in record time, and as according to plan, Dominic pulled up his car outside the BGA office just after lunch and we hit the road.

We weren't even five minutes on the road, just about at the Roosevelt Bridge and I-66, when Dom asked the question that I knew had been driving him crazy ever since we met up last night. “So John,” he slyly asked. “How much are you packin' these days?” Unlike most of my friends, Dom knows all about the blessing/curse. Honestly, at times I think that's why I hear from him as much as I do. Dom's a dedicated bottom and a massive size queen, you see. So when things get big for me, well, Dom is perpetually ready and willing to get nailed a dozen or so times.

I laughed at Dom's blatant question. “So that's why you asked me along,” I said, teasing him by evading the question. “This isn't a vacation, you just want to have sex all weekend long.”

Dom gasped in mock surprise. “You wound me! Wound me!” he gasped. “I do want to go hiking and swimming this weekend, honest. It's a good break from the rounds of sex I plan on having.” And then, before I could say anything else, he took one hand off the wheel and grabbed my crotch. Unsurprisingly, I sprang to attention, my briefs filling up quite nicely.

“Daaaaaaamn,” he said. “You've been getting ready for me, haven't you? That's more than eight inches, easily.” A big grin came over his face at that.

I sighed, amused but also a tiny bit tired by Dom's one-track mind. “It's ten,” I finally said. “So yeah. I'm more than ready for you.” And then suddenly, something Dom had said a minute earlier sunk in.

“Dammit!” I exclaimed. “We need to stop at the mall when we get out to Tysons. I forgot to pack my swimsuits.”

Which is why, about 20 minutes later, we were off the highway and pulling into the mall parking lot. I have to say, if you're going to hit Tysons Corner, do so just after lunch. All the business meals are over, as well as the lunch-hour shoppers. Add in a crappy economy these days and the place was the closest to empty I'd ever seen it. We headed down the hall at a brisk walk, although out of the corner of my eye I could see Dominic trying to check out my package as we walked. Horndog. I mean, I know I'm bad (especially once I'm packing a lot of girth) but he's out of control.

We headed into the swimwear store, and it was literally just us and the two employees, who both looked bored out of their minds. A young woman was stationed at the register, and a guy in his early 40s was re-organizing the racks. We got a single nod by way of greeting, and I headed right over to the men's suits. I pulled a pair of board shorts off the rack, but honestly, they were just backup in case nothing else fit properly. From there it was over to the stretchy trunks. There are a few brands that provide a little more room in the front, so I grabbed a couple of pairs of each. Glancing at the dressing room entrance, I saw a big “Limit 3 items” sign overhead. Rather than argue, I handed three of them to Dom and hung onto three myself. “C'mon,” I said.

Dom dutifully followed me, and back in the dressing room I took the one farthest from the entrance and stepped inside. “Hang onto the others,” I said, shutting the door behind me. The board shorts fit, of course, and from there I went to the trunks. The first pair was waaaaaay too tight. I mean, we're going to a gay guest house, I want to show off my assets, but that was too much even for me. The next pair was a little better, the bright yellow trunks really lifting up my well-developed glute muscles and showing a sexy but not pornographic package in the front. I opened the door and reached my hand out. “Give me the rest,” I ordered.

Dom's response, though, was to push his way in and shut the door behind him. He looked down at the yellow shorts I was wearing and whistled. “God damn, you look good,” he said. He dropped the other three suits to the floor, but then followed down onto his knees. And then his hands were pulling down my suit, and his mouth moving onto my penis.

Have I mentioned that Dom is not only a dedicated bottom, but a champion cocksucker? If there was a dick sucking Olympic event, Dom would be getting the gold medal for the United States. That's why I like to think that my immediate reaction was not to pull out and push Dom away, but instead to start plumping up in his mouth and giving out an involuntary gasp of pleasure. As Dom moved his mouth up and down my penis, I could feel him caressing my thighs and butt, moving all over the area.

“D… Dom,” I gasped out. “We're going to get caught.” But Dom's response was to run his tongue all over the head of my (very large) penis, and I gave out another little moan. Seriously, Dom can play me like a violin when I'm this big, and it's just too hard to keep resisting. I started letting go of my inhibitions, and Dom moved down to sucking on my balls, first one and then the other.

“EXCUSE… ah…” I guiltily looked up, and the door to the dressing room stall was open and the male employee was standing there. Whatever anger he'd had over finding two guys having sex in the back of the store, though, seemed to have been replaced by his staring at my huge penis, standing straight up while Dom sucked on my heavy balls.

There was a brief moment of silence, and then Dom came up for air. “There's more enough for both of us,” he said, and then moved back onto my balls.

To my surprise, the employee stepped into the stall and shut the door behind him. Kneeling slowly next to Dom, he hesitantly put his hands on my shaft, feeling it as if being unsure if it was real. And then, he dove onto my penis, licking and sucking the top of it as if there was no tomorrow.

I closed my eyes, the sensations of Dom and the employee just washing over me. This was certainly not what I'd expected to start my vacation. As the two continued to work me over, the employee's hands roved around to my backside, and started feeling and grasping my butt. Suddenly he was pulling off my penis and moving around behind me, staring at my incredibly perky and full ass. Dom took advantage of this moment to move back onto my penis; with Dom's amazing talents, that was just fine by me.

Meanwhile, the employee was slowly parting my cheeks and leaning in, and before I knew it he began to rim my asshole. Ohhhhh god. The employee may have been an ok (if spirited) giver of blowjobs, but rimming? He was a master. He was diving in, licking all around the outside before pushing deep inside, and I gave out another muffled moan. It was almost as good as getting fucked, to be honest, and he was hitting all the right spots with his thrusting tongue.

The combination of the employee taking me from behind and Dom being on my cock was finally too much to bear, and I exploded with no warning inside Dom's mouth. Gasping as each burst of cum pushed into Dom's mouth, it took almost 30 seconds for me finish. My legs were shaking a little bit, now, but god that felt amazing.

My two servicers slowly pulled off of me, Dom swallowing the last bits of my load. And then, as if nothing happened, the employee stood up, dusted off his pants, and walked back out the door while Dom struggled to his feet.

Dom and I stood there for a minute. And as a big grin came across Dom's goateed face, I shook my finger at him. “You are a very bad man,” I scolded. “And very lucky.”

Dom leaned down and scooped up the discarded yellow trunks. “Hurry up and try the other ones on,” he said. “I want to go for a swim when we get there.”

Twenty minutes later, we were back in the car, I had three new swimsuits (and got an employee discount, which was nice), and driving out to the Bluestone Valley Guest House. By the time we got there, it was almost 5pm. Dom said we had an 8pm dinner reservation, which meant we did indeed have time for a dip in the pool. The two owners (a sweet couple in their 50s) showed us to our room, and I sat down on the edge of the king-sized bed and pulled off my pants and shirt and yanked on the yellow trunks. Dom was doing the same, and before long we were down at the pool.

The age range at the Guest House is usually from the late-30s to late-50s, which means that more often than not I'm the youngest person there. For a change, though, there was a group of three guys in their late 20s who were sitting out getting some rays. No one was in the pool itself, though, just all catching the afternoon sun while they could. I could see everyone trying not to stare as Dom and I walked over, though. Partially because we were newcomers, of course, and partially because my new swimsuit was definitely giving them a show from both the front and the back.

I dove into the water, and Dom jumped in right behind me. For the next hour or so, we horsed around; sometimes just swimming around on our own, other times wrestling and teasing each other. There are a couple of rafts on the edge of the pool deck, and I pulled own down and floated around for a while, my bubble butt pointed up into the air. This was certainly the life.

Eventually, having had my fill of water, I climbed out and toweled myself off. You'd have thought I was putting on a show based on the amount of attention I was getting, but oh well. I spread the towel onto a chaise lounge, and laid down for a bit. It was only 6:30, after all, and the sun hadn't gone down yet. This time it was my crotch poking out for others to see, and if anything I managed to get even more attention. I did have to laugh inwardly when one guy almost walked into the pool because of his gawking. My balls were still nice and full, after all, and even soft and angled to one side it was hard to ignore the heft of my penis underneath that lycra.

After just chilling out for a while, though, I grabbed my towel and headed back up to our room to shower off before dinner. Dom was chatting to the three guys in their 20s, and I just gave him a nod before leaving. I cleaned up as best I could, changing into a new outfit, but there was still no sign of Dom. I sat down in an easy chair and flipped through a magazine, and finally at ten-till-eight Dom ran into the room.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” he said. “Lost track of time.” Dom's suit dropped to the floor and he scampered into the bathroom. Still, he was back out and drying off within five minutes, and we were at the entrance to the Guest House's gourmet restaurant only a few seconds late. We must've had the last reservation of the evening, because almost everyone else was clearly finishing off their dinners. On the bright side, it let me glance around to see what people's food looked like, and I felt confident in ordering the salmon when our cute- as-a-button waiter finally arrived.

By the time Dom and I got our salads, it was just us and one other guy in the restaurant. The other guy was a nice sight for sore eyes, too. His hair was a deep, dark reddish brown, and he looked amazingly fit; not all muscular like He-Man, but more of a swimmer's or triathlete's build. I caught myself staring a few times, and tried to focus back on what Dom was talking about—his new crushes on all three of the younger guys—and not look like a crazy obsessive.

The other guy left before Dom and I were even halfway through our dinners (my salmon was great, Dom's pasta was apparently above average but not fantastic), which made it easier to concentrate on my food, but almost meant a lack of extra entertainment. By the time we were done, I was ready to go back to the room and lie down, but instead I let Dom lead me over to the lounge and bar area. Dom headed over almost immediately to the couches where the three 20-somethings were sitting, and I glanced around for a minute before seeing an empty stool at the bar. I was halfway across the room when I realized that sitting next to the empty stool was the guy I'd been staring at during dinner. Well, clearly it was meant to be.

I sat down and ordered a cranberry-and-vodka from the bartender, then turned to my new neighbor. “Hey there,” I said. “I'm John.”

The object of my obsession smiled back, and put a hand on my shoulder. “Nice to meet you, John,” he said. “My name's Robert. Just get in?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Here for a long weekend. Yourself?” My drink arrived and I took a large—a little too large—swallow. Damn, this was a strong drink.

“Last evening here, actually,” he said. “I've been out here all week for work and thought I might as well stay somewhere nicer than the motel in town. Heading home tomorrow.”

Drat. “So what do you do?” I said, pausing to take another swallow and putting down my already empty glass.

“Telecommunications,” he said, nodding at the bartender who brought over a pair of drinks for us. “We're surveying this area to continue spreading high-speed cables. Pretty exciting.”

“I've heard worse,” I lied, drinking some more.

“You are a horrible liar,” Robert laughed, and that I started laughing too. And so, for the next hour or so, we just shot the breeze. Robert just kept drinking, and I tried to match him as well as I could. For someone who was probably in his mid-40s, I was having a hard time doing that, throwing back my cranberry-and-vodkas as best I could.

And then, suddenly, Robert stood up. “I need some fresh air,” he said. Sliding his credit card over to the bartender, he clapped me on the shoulder again. “Want to go for a walk?”

My head was spinning a little bit now, but I slid off the bar stool, ready to follow. “Sure,” I said, reaching for my wallet.

“My treat,” he said, patting my hand—and my ass. He reached over with the other hand and quickly signed the receipt, but it was at this point that I realized that he was still patting my ass. Which boded well.

We stepped towards the door, when I suddenly remembered Dom. I glanced across the room and saw Dom getting kissed on the neck by one of the young guys. Clearly Dom was doing just fine without me.

We headed out into the warm evening, and I inhaled deeply, trying to clear my head a bit. Those weren't cranberry-and-vodkas, they were clearly vodkas that had just wandered near a cranberry at one point in their life. I was more than a little drunk. “Just beautiful,” Robert said.

I looked around, with the mountains rising up around us and the stars fairly popping in the night sky thanks to the lack of city lights. Then I turned and looked at Robert. “Absolutely,” I said, and leaned in to kiss him.

Robert was more than ready, his arms encircling me and kissing me back gently but firmly. One of his hands cupped my bubble butt, the other one roaming around my back. After a few minutes, we came up for air and stared at each other. “I think you better come with me, young man,” Robert finally said. Leading me by the hand, I happily followed him back to his room, which turned out to be next door to the one I was sharing with Dom.

Closing the door behind us, Dom unbuttoned his shirt quickly, pulling it off to show an amazing chest and flat stomach. Damn, he looked good. He stepped over to me and gently pushed me onto the bed. I eagerly laid back, and unbuttoned my own shirt while Robert removed my belt and then pants.

Before I could even pull my own shirt off, Robert was yanking off my briefs and pushing my legs up into the air. And suddenly, expertly, I was getting rimmed for the second time in one day. Doing so shot my sex drive into high gear, and I gave out a long moan as Robert eagerly lapped at my ass.

I grabbed onto my knees and pulled them closer to my head, giving Robert as much access as possible. He kept working me over, alternating between rimming me and merely kissing and licking my muscular butt itself. “Goddamn I've wanted to do this all evening,” he moaned. “I've never seen an ass this amazing.” And then he'd eat me out some more, and my hard dick began to throb with anticipation.

Finally he stopped, then yanked off his own pants. “I need you right now,” he said, a glint in his eyes, and he climbed up on top of me, pressing my legs even further back. With no warning his dick was not only pushing up against my entrance, but part way inside. And damn, he was pretty big himself, easily a good eight inches and girthy to boot.

“Aaaahhhh!” I gasped, having not been fully prepared for so much inside me so fast. Robert's only response was to shove harder in, sinking the rest of his penis in and ramming it against my prostate. I felt at that moment so full and dominated and horny that I wanted it to last forever. And for about fifteen minutes, it did; Robert would slam hard into me over and over again, pushing me to the edge, then ease off for a few minutes until I regained self-control. Always he watched my face carefully, looking for signs that I was going to cum so that he'd know when to slow down. The thing was, beyond a certain point it no longer mattered. My whole body was tingling, the sensations from his slamming into my prostate spreading to every single pore. I was moaning non-stop now, and that just drove Robert even crazier.

Finally, he leaned in and pushed his mouth up onto mine, slamming his dick even harder and faster than I had experienced. It was too much, and my whole body was shaking and quivering with the amazing feelings pushing through me. I gave out a muffled groan (with Robert's mouth still over mine) and started cuming, thick ropey strands shooting onto Robert's perfect chest. Apparently me cuming was a signal for Robert to just push harder and harder and harder into me, and with each push it was as if he was just milking my prostate, and I shot again and again.

After a small eternity my penis started slowing down, and Robert pulled out slowly. Right as I started to lower my aching legs, Robert began stroking himself quickly and I realized that he hadn't cum yet himself. But then he started shooting, his own semen splattering on my face and chest. I just closed my eyes and let him wash over me, coating me in his fluids. It felt great.

When he finished, I opened my eyes to see him lie down next to me, his arms encircling my torso. “I wish all business trips could end so well,” he whispered in my ear.

I turned my head slightly and gave him a gentle kiss, then turned back and settled into his arms. I could feel my penis starting to grow another inch, but in that moment I was too worn out to care. In what felt like only a few seconds, I dropped off to sleep.


Part 6

I woke up in the morning aware of three different things.

First, a stiff, crusty feeling all over my face and chest. No doubt the end result of Robert having shot his load all over them, followed by both of us dozing off. Not exactly the most attractive of looks right now, needless to say.

Second, my penis and balls felt huge. Don’t get me wrong, they were huge. I was at eleven inches in length, to say nothing of the girth of my penis, or my over-inflated, bursting-with-cum balls. I actually had only been all the way up to eleven inches a few times before. With eleven inches, it’s as if my brain truly has shifted from my skull to the head of my penis. It’s an incredibly powerful experience, almost as if my large, throbbing penis just drags me towards other men, desperate for sex. I’d mentioned before that all of us with the condition have an upper limit, and mine turned out to be twelve inches, something I’ve only hit once. When I get there, the need is near-uncontrollable and I’m not fit to be out in public.

But anyway, all of this leads into the third thing, which was Robert kissing the side of my neck from behind, and starting to run his hands down my torso. It was light outside, it’d been at least seven hours since we crashed last night. More than enough time with my current heft to be more than charged up and ready to go. Not just ready. Needing.

I rolled over and gave him a sheepish grin. “Hey there,” I said. I could only imagine how I looked, with dried cum crusting on my face and chest, and tried to resist the urge to scrape it off.

Robert, though, either didn’t notice or was too much of a gentlemen to say anything. “Hey there yourself,” he said. He leaned a little closer and pushed his mouth up against mine. No more talk, just getting right down to business. With my sex drive now through the roof, Robert was more than ever my kind of guy.

For about five minutes all we did was make out and push up against each other. I could feel his sizable penis pushing up against mine, and as our tongues pushed into each other they both felt thick and powerful, almost like extensions of our own penises. A good kisser is worth his weight in gold, and Robert made kissing like an act of sex in its own right. As he pushed me onto my back and continued to kiss, I could feel my balls just throbbing with desire and need. Everything was still in overdrive, especially since I’d grown again just the night before. My ass was starting to twitch with need, and I was already beginning to drip a rather large amount of precum out of my dick.

Robert finally pulled off of my mouth, and started kissing down my neck and onto my chest. “God, you’re beautiful,” I heard him murmur almost to himself as he did so, trying to inhale my pecs as he continued to kiss and suck at them. My groin was starting to push up off the bed in response, the need for sex getting stronger every minute. Topping or bottoming, at this point it didn’t matter, I just needed Robert and I needed him now.

But right then he stopped, a funny look coming over his face. He looked at my chest as if for the first time, and had the urge not been so strong in me I might have laughed. Clearly he’d just ingested some stale semen, no doubt his own. He looked at me, and then I saw his eyes flick over to the bathroom door for a split second.

Before he could say a word, I’d rolled off the bed, Robert tucked in my arms as I did so. He opened up his mouth, but I was already pushing/walking him into the bathroom, one hand fumbling for the water in the shower. And then we were standing in the shower stall, Robert pressed up against the tile wall, my hard-on swollen and hot against his stomach as I kissed him hard, making sure there was no chance for his desire to slow down.

It worked, because as the hot water continued to spray all over our bodies, in a matter of minutes I was pushed up against the tile myself, face-first, while he worked his penis up into me. Not that it took much effort on his part, mind you. His dick was dripping enough pre-cum to lube up half a high school soccer team, and I was open and desperately waiting to be filled up by him.

As Robert thrust hard into me, his arms moved first around my chest, then down to my penis. One hand went over each ball, and he stroked and (gently, gently) squeezed them with each stroke. It was sending me over the edge quickly, but considering how horned up, that edge was naturally close by. Just his fingers moving over my ball sack was sending shivers up and down my spine, and I gave off a long groan with each spark of pleasure that radiated out of my desperate balls.

And then, just like that and with no warning, Robert came inside of me. His mouth had been on my shoulder just then, and he bit down hard with a muffled roar, each spurt accompanied with a hard thrust. As he started slowing down, I could feel myself closer to the edge, but somehow still not over it. Robert finally stopped thrusting, and he moved one hand slowly up my shaft, almost in awe as he stroked up and down it.

With a sudden pop, he pulled out, but before I could say anything he whirled me around and then bent down in front of me. Looking up into my eyes with an expression of both eagerness and nervousness, he opened his mouth wide and slowly pushed the head of my penis between his lips.

It was a bit of a struggle for him at first, which wasn’t surprising considering I was the size of a soda can around by now. My precum was still flowing like a stream, though, and it began to slide further and further back into Robert’s mouth. I knew the whole thing wouldn’t go in there, he just didn’t seem like that kind of super-blowjob-king, but it was more than enough to start driving me wild.

With one final squeeze of my balls, it was enough and with a strangled cry of my own I started shooting in Robert’s mouth. In just a few seconds my cum began to trickle and then flow out of the corners of Robert’s mouth; he just couldn’t swallow as fast as my balls and dick could pump it all out. If I’d ever shown any interest in women I could have sold myself when this large as a promised impregnator, there was just so much cum powering out of my body. (Funny thing, though, so far as I can tell anyone who has the blessing/curse is 100% gay. No bisexuals, no “mostly gays with a few exceptions,” nada.)

He finally pulled off, unable to take it anymore, but I just shot and shot and shot. Good, the emptier my balls could get, the better. All the while, the water from the shower poured onto us, so at least we weren’t getting messier in the process. When it was finally over, Robert shakily stood up, then leaned into my chest. As I put my arms around him, he gave out a loud sigh. “I don’t think I could keep up with you on a regular basis,” he said, “but it sure would be fun to try.”

I just smiled and gave him a kiss on the side of his head, pulling him all the way upright. “You just drive me crazier than normal,” I finally said, and that was the truth. I don’t know what it was about Robert, but he was turning my crank something special.

“C’mon,” he finally said. “It’s almost time for group breakfast.”

Spurred on, we got out of the shower and dried off, then (gripping a towel around my waist and gathering up my clothes) I scooted next door into the room Dom and I were sharing. The bed was still perfectly made, which meant that Dom’d had quite a good night of his own. (Trust me, Dom does not ever… EVER… make the bed unless forced to.) Rooting through my bag, I found a pair of heavy-duty trunks and pulled them on. There were motorcycles printed all over them, and I had to resist the urge to tug on my hefty penis and make a vrooming sound. Best not to get myself revved up again, so to speak. Once I’m this big, my penis never really goes completely unerect. It’s just so large that gravity alone helps push blood into it. Right now, I was a very big boy indeed.

Once fully dressed I stepped back outside the room, where Robert was waiting for me. He looked me up and down and whistled appreciatively. “Just as cute dressed,” he finally said. I blushed a little bit as we walked to where breakfast was to be served. Robert glanced several times at my butt, which was framed perfectly in my shorts. “God, you look even better this morning,” he finally said. I bit my tongue, not wanting to let him know that his hard fucking last night had certainly made my butt get a little more muscular as well.

We were actually the last two to arrive, with the only seats at opposite ends of the room. Much to my surprise, Dom had saved me one of those seats. He had a slightly ragged look, and was sitting with the three 20-somethings that I’d seen him kissing one of last night. The seat on the bench was a little tight, and I had maybe a finger length’s amount of space on either side. Dom was on my right and gave my shoulder a mock punch as I sat down. “There you are,” he said, as if he’d been waiting up all night worrying. “Had a good night?”

I chuckled and poured myself some orange juice. “I slept fantastic,” I said. “How’re you?”

“He sure snored loud enough,” said the guy on my left, with a little laugh. “Hey, I’m Tommy.”

“Hey Tommy,” I said, giving him a nod. “I’m John. Thanks for sparing me Dom’s lullaby.”

On the other side of Dom, the other two guys from that group groaned. “We’ll have to pay you back for that somehow,” one of them said. “Tony and Eric,” he added, the latter with him motioning his head towards the remaining guy whose mouth was full of scrambled eggs that he’d just scooped out from the large communal bowls. “We’re staying in the Night Owl.”

The Night Owl was one of the completely separate buildings on the property. Unlike the regular rooms, this was a full fledged cabin with two bedrooms, a living room, and even a kitchen. It was also a short walk away from everything else, which meant if you were going to be particularly loud you could do so without disturbing anyone else.

“Well, thanks again for giving Dom a good night,” I finally said. “Or at least I can only assume so…”

Tony chuckled at that. “Yeah, it was a fun time. And so Dom doesn’t forget, we’re cooking some lasagna tonight and you’re both invited over, because we will never eat it all on our own.”

Well hey, it sure beat getting pizza 20 miles away, so accepting was an obvious yes. Besides, all three of the guys were young and cute, and even though I’d cum just twenty minutes ago I was already thinking with my penis again. Just the thought of an evening with any of the three dark-haired boys that Dom had been hanging with was getting me a little horny.

Instead I focused on my eggs. I’d need all the strength I could get today. After breakfast, everyone headed off in different directions, and Dom promised he’d be back in a minute because he’d left his watch at the Night Owl. That gave me a chance to walk Robert back to where our rooms were, and to say a proper goodbye.

“You drive safe now,” I said. There was a sadness in Robert’s eyes, and I could almost hear him thinking about maybe an extra night wouldn’t be so bad. I leaned over and gave him a lingering kiss, my lips running along his and tasting the sweat on them. “It was great getting to meet you.”

Robert slowly nodded, then fumbled in his wallet for a minute and gave me a business card. “Give me a call if you’re ever in my neck of the woods,” he said.

“Absolutely,” I replied, and meant it. And with that, Robert went back in and minutes later was dragging his bags out to where the cars were, prepared for the drive home.

Dom finally showed back up, and quickly dragged me into our bedroom. “Oh god, it was great,” he gushed. “They’re all young and energetic and just built for fucking.” He paused. “I’m sure you understand that last part all too well.”

I ignored the comment.

“Tony and Eric are a couple, but they clearly don’t mind playing around together. Ohhh, they were good. And Tommy’s awfully good too. I wouldn’t say no to any of them.”

“I’m surprised you’re not back in their cabin right now,” I said dryly.

“Nah,” he said. “They’ve got some co-worker out in this neck of the woods they’re going to visit until later today.”

I laughed at that. “So glad to see you were dying to spend time with me!” I said, with a mock hurt tone.

Dom snorted. “You seemed to be doing just fine on your own with that older gentleman. I take it you got your own itch scratched?”

Just the mention of Robert made me grin. “Yes, yes, yes I did.” I glanced at my watch. “And now I have an itch to go hiking. C’mon, let’s get ready.”

I pulled off my shorts in favor of something a little more rugged, and Dom gave off a little wolf whistle as I stood there in my underpants. “Damn, I guess I should track down your gentleman caller and thank him,” he said. “That is gonna feel really good in me.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” I said dryly. It was a lie, of course. Now that I was this big, the idea of turning down sex seemed fairly insane. Dom would be getting more than his fair share of my huge penis today.

Before long, we were in the car and heading out to the state park. There were a lot of trails heading through the valley as well as up and down the mountains, and Dom and I each had our favorites. We finally decided on a relatively short one that went about halfway up the mountain arcing back down into a different section of the valley. Armed with sunscreen and bug spray, we parked the car and headed along the trail.

About two hours later, we were almost at the turn-around point on the trail in the far side of the valley. We were both sweating up a storm, but in a good way. My muscles had a pleasant ache about them, and Dom had a good ruddy look to his skin. The valley here was beautiful, and we were walking downstream in one of the many streams that headed into the lakes that were peppered throughout the area. I was getting ready to offer to turn around when Dom pointed up ahead. “Hey, I think I see the lake,” he said. He started to hurry forward, and I had to admit that the idea of a dip in the cool water sounded pretty good right about now.

Chasing after him, we got to the lake at almost the exact same time. It was gorgeous just then, the sun hitting it so that the surface sparkled and the water was inviting. The only sound we could hear was our own breathing, the area deserted of not only animals but people too. I turned to say something to Dom, only to see a t-shirt fly up into the air. Shedding his clothes so fast you’d have thought money (or Matt Damon) was involved, Dom was streaking into the water with a splash, up to chest deep water in a matter of seconds.

Well, sometimes Dom was absolutely right, and I pulled off my clothes as well, letting my huge dick flop all the way down instead of being supported by fabric. The sudden tug of gravity felt nice, and I could feel myself involuntarily plump up a bit. Trying to ignore it, I splashed after Dom, and damn did that water feel good.

“Nice call,” I said, finally catching up with him. “This feels really good.”

Dom cocked an eyebrow, walking up to me. “I know all about things that feel good,” he said, in that half-serious, half-joking voice he has when he’s starting to make the moves on someone. Oh boy. Before I could say anything else, his hands were on my penis, moving up and down its length. A length which was rapidly increasing despite the cold water.

“I’ve needed you to take me for the last two hours,” Dom said in a low voice, and now I could almost hear the ache in his voice. “I need that big dick in me so bad.”

Before I knew what I was doing, I was bending down a little bit and pushing my tongue into Dom’s mouth. Dom wrapped his arms around me, and then to my surprise started wrapping his legs around me as well. I stumbled a tiny bit, but pushed into slightly deeper water and let it support us both.

“Fuck me,” Dom gasped. “Oh god, please, John, fuck me.”

Well, that was all it took to really send me over the edge. My penis was in control now, and my hands were on his butt cheeks, pulling them apart and lifting him up and onto the tip of my penis. Dom is an excellent bottom in that he’s always raring to go, and even at my huge size it was almost easy to start pushing my way in.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Dom moaned, his butt clenching down on me in pleasure. I paused for a second, then pushed in with even more vigor. Dom moaned again, his insides twitching and clutching at my penis. Holding firmly onto Dom’s sides, I started moving him up and down my penis, each thrust pushing more of my eleven inches into his needy hole. Dom just gasped and moaned, going into a fever pitch as he got closer and closer to the base of my penis. And then, finally, I was entirely inside of him, and Dom was thrashing around as if he’d just hit the jackpot.

“Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god,” was all I was getting out of him as I started pushing into him with short little rapid strokes, slamming his prostate over and over again. “Oh goddddddd, oh godddddd,” he was moaning, and that just turned me on even more. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get dominated by guys, but there’s something to be said for just taking charge and topping someone else. If we weren’t in the water, I’d have pushed Dom on the sand and thrust so hard over and over that his back would’ve been digging a hole to China.

Dom suddenly gave off a particularly loud cry, and clenched down so hard on my penis that I couldn’t hold back any more and I started shooting. As I did so, I could see clouds of white forming around us, so much that Dom must have started to cum just seconds earlier. Eventually both of us ground to a halt, and we stood there, Dom still impaled on my dick.

He finally broke the silence. “Goddamn, I love hiking with you,” he laughed.


Part 7

The rest of the hike went, well, pretty well. It was another two hours back to the car, although about halfway back we stopped for another twenty minutes as we hiked a few minutes off of the path itself, and I pounded Dom’s ass good and hard when he started begging for it. Who said I’m not a giving kind of guy? I honestly hadn’t planned on any growing while I was on this trip with Dom, but it worked out very much in his favor. Because I was still in that first 48 hours after a growth sport, my sex drive was still through the roof (especially with eleven inches of hard penis begging for release) and that meant that Dom was getting all the sex he wanted. Which was, quite frankly, a lot. (I’m not sure but I’d guess that Dom also had sex with at least two of the three guys in the Night Owl. Maybe all three of them. And yet, like that rabbit from the battery commercials, Dom kept on going.)

We did finally get back to the guest house, though, and after a quick shower to get rid of all the grime and sweat from the hiking and the fucking, I pulled on my swimsuit and headed back over to the pool. My new swimsuit was already getting a little tight in both the front and the back (thanks, Robert!) but I didn’t really mind. If anything it was giving off a nice show for all others there. Most people would be leaving the next morning so it was a last glimpse that they could talk about to all their friends.

Tony and Eric from the Night Owl were both at the pool as well, although their friend Tommy wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I took a chaise lounge next to Eric and asked, and Eric just grinned in response. “He’s getting dinner ready,” he said. “Tommy would spent the whole weekend in the kitchen if we let him.”

Well, that sounded promising for dinner tonight with the boys. I stretched out on the chaise lounge and closed my eyes and caught some rays. I never actually fell asleep, so I caught quite a few murmurings of the different passerbys who thought they were quiet. Maybe it’s just years of hearing, “Oh my god, look at his penis” and “I could bounce quarters off of that ass” that helps me pick it up so easily. I did my part the best I could, regularly flipping over to provide the best view depending on what you were hoping to check out.

The longer I was there, though, the hornier I began to get. The warm sun just started pushing my libido up, and despite having no shirt on I was getting a little hot under the collar. Finally, in a desperation move to try and avoid a huge erection that popped out of my suit, I got of the chaise lounge and hopped into the water for a bit. The pool itself was surprisingly empty; most of the guys (including Dom and Tony) were sunning themselves or talking, but Eric was splashing around and amusing himself.

“Hey there,” I said, swimming over to where Eric was keeping himself afloat in the deep end. “This a private party?”

Eric grinned, and for the first time I noticed his green eyes. It was an unusual combination with jet black hair, and once you added in his dimples and the small scattering of chest hair, it made him look that much more adorable. I was so absorbed that I almost missed his response.

“Hey, Dom vouches for you, so you can’t be all bad,” he was saying. “That Dom is something else.”

I laughed and nodded, treading water effortlessly. “That he is, that he is.”

Eric paused for a minute, clearly trying to find the way to ask a question politely. “So how long have you know Dom?” he finally said, delicately.

It was clear to me where Eric was going with this, and I decided to set his mind at ease that I wasn’t some sort of jealous boyfriend. “Oh, I’ve known Dom for a few years now,” I said quickly, “when someone tried to set us up on a date and we decided we’d rather just be good friends.”

The relief on Eric’s face was clear. I found this a tiny bit funny considering that Eric and Tony were, according to Dom, a couple. So it’s not like me and Dom being a couple would have automatically spelled doom.

“He’s an unstoppable force of nature, our Dom,” I added. “Gotta just go with the flow.”

“Ohhhhh yeah,” Eric said. “All three of us could barely keep up last night. It sure was something else, but it was also a crazy day and night.”

Aha, so Dom HAD slept with all three of them. Dom’s magic hole really did have no boundaries.

“Anyway,” Eric continued, “I’m glad you’re coming over, because Tommy brought way too much food. And it’ll be nice to have a bit of contrast, too.”

I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, but just then Tommy jogged up in his bathing suit and cannonballed into the pool. Eric and I both grabbed onto the wall and spat water out of our mouths and noses, while Tommy finally surfaced. “Perfect remedy for a hot kitchen,” he grinned at us. “Anyway, dinner is ready.”

“Fantastic,” I said, swimming over to the ladder. “I’ll get showered and changed and come right over.”

Eric laughed at that. “What is this, a formal dining situation?” he said. “Just come on over, we’ll all be in our suits.”

With hindsight, perhaps a red flag moment? But my crotch, enclosed in lycra and spandex, was still doing the leading and I just went along with it. So I headed over to my chair and toweled off, giving a tiny bit of a show for the other guys at the pool by propping up first one leg and then the other on my chaise lounge and moving the towel nice and slow up and down the leg and around the crotch. As I finished, I glanced over and saw Tommy watching with a grin, drying himself off as well. I slipped on my flip- flops, and all of us strolled over to the Nite Owl.

Inside the building it reminded me of a modern log cabin. You know, the kinds with nice hardwood floors but notable beams of wood making up the walls, and all the modern amenities one would need with a brand-new kitchen and huge connected living/dining room with two couches and several arm chairs. For a bunch of guys all heading out to the Guest House, this would be the perfect place to host a party.

Tommy, meanwhile, was already plating up lasagna, green beans, and pieces of crusty bread for everyone. He was handing out plates, while Eric followed behind him with overly full glasses of red wine.

“Cheers,” I said in thanks, and Eric gave a little “it was nothing” look by way of response. Once everyone was seated on couches and armchairs (the guys hadn’t headed over to the dining room table, so I had followed suit) we dug in, and the food? Well, Tommy certainly was good in the kitchen. I plowed through the lasagna, unsurprisingly after all the hiking, swimming, and fucking I’d had earlier in the day. I do mean plowed through, too. If Tony, Dom, or I got even close to finishing what we had, Tommy or Eric would dish up more lasagna or pour more wine. And I have to admit, not changing really was a good plan because it helped create such an informal atmosphere that I felt utterly relaxed. Well, relaxed, stuffed, and a little tipsy. Nice and full on all sorts of levels.

We chatted away as we ate and drank, and at one point I glanced over at the counter and saw that between the five of us, we’d polished off an entire large tray of lasagna, and five bottles of wine. Still, this was the place to do it, right?

With the death of the lasagna (although Eric was still pouring more wine), Tommy had sat down next to me and we were chatting about this and that. Being probably a full decade younger than me, it was fun to hear him talk about all the things going on in his life. He still wasn’t sure if his job was going to be his career, and he was thinking about going back to grad school, and his love life had just been so empty as long as he could remember, and how nice it was to get away from it all if even for a bit. It reminded me a lot of where I had been ten years earlier.

As I started drinking my yet-again-full glass of wine, I leaned back, into the corner of the couch and spreading my legs wide open in a sprawl, just watching Tommy talk and smiling faintly. He was awfully cute, definitely worked out and had some great pecs, although he could use a little more leg work. And maybe some chest hair, although it was hard to tell if he was naturally smooth or if he’d just had it removed. But he was animated, his hands gesturing wildly in the air (without ever spilling a drop of his own drink), and he had a fun energy about him.

He suddenly stopped, staring at me staring at him. “What are you smiling about?” he said, in a soft, sweet tone.

I grinned, unable to lie. “You,” I simply said.

“Oh, really?” he replied, scooting up in-between my legs and then leaning in. “And why are you doing that?” he said quietly. “Is there something I should be doing?”

Before I could respond, he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then leaned back. Testing the waters?

“Well,” I said slowly, savoring the moment. “I can think of something you could definitely be doing.” The wine was really starting to go to my head, don’t get me wrong, but this was a pleasant, slow burn infatuation I was feeling. I didn’t really mind where this was going. Of course, my balls and cock definitely didn’t mind.

At that, I saw a bit of a stirring and growing in Tommy’s swimsuit. Then again, I’m sure he was seeing a hell of a lot more in mine. I put my hands on the sides of the couch, preparing to get up so we could head somewhere more private, but Tommy just leaned right into me and began to kiss me deeply. Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced over to where Tony, Eric, and Dom had been sitting. They seemed to have gotten the memo a little earlier than Tommy and me, because Eric was kissing Dom’s neck while Tony was slowly moving his hands up Dom’s right thigh.

Meanwhile, Tommy wasn’t wasting any time. (Ah, youth.) Grabbing my legs, he scooted me down across the couch until I was flat on my back, and then he climbed up on top, sitting on my rapidly growing penis and then laying on top of my chest, kissing me some more. Fearing for my swimsuit’s survival (after all, it was brand new and I quite liked it) I ran my hands down to it, pulling it off even as my cock began to push out of its confines entirely.

Tommy gave off a tiny gasp as my penis was freed, pushing hard up into his butt and balls. And then, he scooted off of me entirely, positioning himself behind me and starting to push my legs up into the air.

If I hadn’t drank so much, I like to pretend that I might have stopped things at this point. Like I said before, I’d only ever hit twelve inches once before. It’d been part of a huge group sex experience, and that’s when I’d both discovered how sex-crazed I got at that size, as well as that I just didn’t grow any larger at that point. So I might have tried to stop him. But at the same time, well, I suspect that even if alcohol hadn’t been involved I would’ve gone along with it. Tommy was adorable and young, and his attraction was making me putty in his hands. Well, that and my already amped-up sex drive.

And so, unresisting, I let him push my legs all the way up and back, preparing for what was to come. I could see him stop and fumble for a second at one of the coffee table drawers, pulling out a condom and quickly stretching it onto his penis. And then, with a look of eager excitement on his face, he started pushing into me.

I must have some sort of “just shove right in” look on my face while I’m on vacation, because just like Robert, Tommy was entering me awfully fast. At this point, though, he probably could have driven a pick up truck into my butt and I’d have just moaned a bit. Tommy didn’t have a cock that was more than average in length, but his girth was definitely more than normal. It felt good, really filling me up and making me feel especially sexual. More importantly, he had a good rhythm once he was all the way inside, thrusting over and over again with the skill of someone who did this often.

Across the room, I heard Dom suddenly bellow along with some other cries, and I realized that they had definitely been working overtime, since it sounded like the other three boys had just all orgasmed. Tommy just kept thrusting away, though, as if there was no one else there.

I closed my eyes for a second, just letting the sensations of Tommy fucking me wash all over me. It was almost like letting a machine go at me, but one where I didn’t have the controls. The monotony and regularity made me just feel like I was being used, and I have to admit I liked that a bit. Just then I felt something kiss me on the neck, and I opened my eyes again and it was Eric.

Surprised, I almost said something but then Tony leaned over the arm of the couch and planted his mouth on mine, even as Eric began to kiss my chest and Tommy kept pounding away at my ass. Oh man. This I hadn’t seen coming. And as good as Tommy was on his own, Tony and Eric were hitting all the spots that Tommy wasn’t. I started tightening up as my orgasm began to speed closer and closer, and Tommy could definitely tell something was coming and began to slam his dick into me faster and faster.

As he did so, he leaned back a little more, and suddenly I felt Dom’s mouth on my waving, throbbing dick. It was too much. I started shooting, and at that Tommy started slamming into me faster and faster, pushing the cum out of me until he started shooting as well. And all the while, Tony and Eric continued to kiss me all over.

Finally, panting, Tommy pulled out of me, shaking his head. “Damn, Dom wasn’t kidding when he said you were a sex machine,” he gasped. “That was fucking amazing.”

I might have said something sharply at Dom (later on, I looked back through my memories and felt a little set up by all of this), but at that moment I was just feeling the energy build in me, knowing that my cock was going to start growing any minute. But just then, Tony and Eric stood up and took me by the hands. Confused and dazed, I stood up and they led me into the master bedroom and onto the king-sized bed.

Even as I could feel my balls starting to fill up and swell, they sat down on either side of me. Eric started kissing me on the lips this time, while Tony began to lick and suck my shoulders and back. My hugely erect penis was at its new full length, and their timing was perfect. I needed sex more than anything else in the world. Fuck or be fucked, I didn’t care, it just had to be sex and over and over again if possible.

Tony’s hands were now reaching around from behind, stroking my penis and Eric was tweaking my nipples. It was like pushing down the gas pedal that last centimeter even as it was almost at maximum speed, but they were just getting every last ouch of excitement out of me. But at the same time, it was moving me into a different state of mind that’s kind of hard to explain.

Do you know how after you’ve gone swimming in a public pool for a long time, even after you’ve left you inhale and you can still smell the chlorine? Or you’re in a bakery and every time you breathe in you can somehow taste the fresh bread? Well, I breathed in and out and all I could smell and taste was sex. But not literally the smell of semen or sweat, something more figurative. I could just somehow breathe in the essence of sex itself, and it made me feel… well, amazing. I felt so sexually capable at that moment, like I could do anything, and that somehow I had it completely under control. My cock didn’t control me, I controlled it. I wanted to have sex and then sex and then sex, but it was like I could turn it off if I had to.

Even as I reveled in this, though, I could feel that something else was happening, that I’d been moved up and down slightly on the bed. The guys were closer, much closer now, pressed up on either side of me. In a daze, I realized that they were pushing their cocks up next to each other now, and slowly they were moving my ass up and over towards where the tips of the two penises stood next to each other.

In other words, they were about to try and double-penetrate me.

Now, this isn’t the first time someone had tried to go that route. And quite frankly, I’d always stopped them. It’d seemed like just a bit too much, somehow, even though there are times when my cock has been bigger than the two combined that were wanting to get pushed into me. But I don’t know, it just seemed like crossing a line that I wasn’t ready for.

At this moment, though, I saw it in a very different light. It wasn’t merely that I was craving a massive amount of sex (although that was certainly going on). I was feeling so incredibly sexual and powerful, right then. This was more than just a sex drive surging out of control, it was so much more. I could feel that somehow I was, well, mastering sex in a way that most people hadn’t, if that makes sense. (I’m not even sure that it does.) I was male sexuality, with all of its energy radiating through me. And god, I wanted them both to fuck me right then and there.

So I let them shift me into position, and then I started lowering myself onto their penises. The moment of penetration made me suck in my breath for a minute. Tony and Eric were longer than Tommy (probably about 7.5 inches each), although not quite as girthy. But put the two of them together and it was a huge amount of dick powering into my ass. I paused, feeling their heads pushing against my ring and slowly, slowly easing in. And then, suddenly, they both slipped all the way inside me and it went from a vague discomfort to utter bliss.

Some strange sort of groan and gasp slipped out of my lips, but if anyone heard it I’ll be surprised. Tony and Eric were both red-faced with excitement and want, and they began kissing me again; Eric pushing his tongue into my mouth, Tony kissing my neck, my shoulders, my ears, my back. And as they did so, I let them both slide all the way inside of me. I was so full just then: of cock, of desire, of energy, of cum. And somehow I felt like all the sexual power and energy was just building up like nothing I’d felt before. It was that sensation I normally had when my cock was growing, but never quite so powerful or drawn out before.

I moved myself up and down on their cocks as best I could, as our position made it hard for them to do too much thrusting. Between the three of us, though, we started getting a rhythm going, and with each little movement I could feel pleasure just spark through my entire body. It was getting more amazing with each moment, and my huge penis just kept slapping back and forth between Eric’s chest and mine, unable to stay still with the desire coursing through my body.

And then, suddenly, I started cumming like never before, and it was enough to set both of the boys off. As we came, they were caressing me as well as each other, and I could see that Tommy and Dom had stopped whatever they’d been doing to stand in the doorway, watching me even as their hands absently moved up and down each other’s bodies. I didn’t care, I felt so amazing, so powerful, so huge, and somehow… getting bigger.

A small voice in the back of my head was screaming that this wasn’t supposed to happen, I’d already hit my largest point. But apparently something had changed, and my penis and my balls were swelling and bulging. One, then two more inches stretched out my cock, and it was getting thicker still. My balls were somewhere between plums and peaches, now, and I could feel heat just radiating off of them as they began to churn up vast amounts of semen, desperate for release. And then, I lost control entirely.

The next few hours are quite honestly a blur. That sex-crazed sensation I’d had when I’d previously topped out in growth had hit, only even more powerful. I know that all three of the boys fucked me again, probably multiple times. At least twice I was topping Dom while one of them topped me. I’m pretty sure at one point Tony and Eric teamed up to lick and suck on parts of my cock and balls (too big to fit into either of their mouths) while Tommy fucked me.

It was amazing, it went on for ages, and it only stopped because one by one we all passed out in various spots around the bedroom and living room, sexually spent like no one else ever had. My cock was a monster, now, and if I’d been thinking rationally then I might have been worried that I would never be able to control it at this size.


Part 8

I woke up very early the next morning with immense pressure in my balls, a ranging hard on so large it seemed impossible, an uncontrollable need to cum, and immense regret. It was barely light outside, and had my junk not been so out of control I no doubt would have still been asleep. As it was, the four other guys were all still passed out everywhere, some of them snoring away.

I stepped over them as best as I could, but it was hard to maneuver while trying to adjust to my ludicrously large fourteen inch cock swinging in front of me, purple with the need for release. I finally got into the bathroom and closed the door quietly behind me, and then began stroking away. On the bright side, my new cock was immensely sensitive, it seemed. Giving myself a hand job had never felt so utterly amazing, and I actually had to put my mouth on my bicep at one point to keep from crying out. But within minutes I’d cum, big thick strands of semen filling up the toilet.

That momentarily taken care of, I wet a washcloth and gave myself a one-over as best as I could, wiping all the grit and debris off of myself until I almost felt human again. I was feeling rather mortified more than anything else about my behavior last night, even though I knew that I hadn’t been in control once my penis had somehow, impossibly, jumped from twelve to fourteen inches. But what was I going to do now? Who the hell would be willing to take a ride on this? How would I even fit into my pants for the drive home?

I could feel myself getting wound up and had to stop. Turning on the sink’s faucets, I grabbed hold of it on either side and stuck my head under the water for a minute. The cool water was a shock to the system, but it also helped me calm down a bit. Toweling off the water, I looked down at my penis which was already starting to plump back up to a full erection. Well, I had been asleep for a few hours.

This time I played with my penis and balls a little more, feeling its huge, massive, masculine presence in my hands. I almost hate to admit that it was pretty amazing. I felt like I could fuck the world. Or was it that I would fuck the world? My balls were enormous now, unable to fit more than one in each hand, but so swollen and bursting with cum that every little movement that caused them to shift felt like a tickle of ecstasy moving up and down my spine. When I came this time, it actually felt like a lot more getting pumped out of my balls and cock, as if the extra time and attention had really helped clear the decks. The edge of my need was dulled for now, at least.

Wearing my swimsuit in the other room simply wasn’t an option, now. Between my cock, balls, and ultra-muscular ass, the fabric would simply explode under all that pressure. Instead, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. Maybe I could find something in my room that I could wear for a bit, like a pair of basketball shorts. Tiptoeing out of the room, I was relieved that the boys were all still dead to the world. I scooped up my discarded swimsuit, got my flip-flops on, and slipped out the door.

I was about halfway back to the main building when I heard a, “Good morning!” off to my right. Surprised anyone else was up, I looked over and saw it was the two owners of the Guesthouse, standing on the porch of their own home on the property. I think I’ve mentioned them once before; they’re a super-sweet couple in their mid-50s who just always have a smile on their faces. I guess if you want to convert what was once your own property into a bed and breakfast for a bunch of gays and lesbians, you’ve got to be a pretty nice person or you’d go insane.

“You’re up early,” one of them said, the one who had just a mustache. It was hard to think straight enough to remember their names. Aaron and… Paul? Maybe? “Everything ok?”

I tried to respond with a laugh to shake them off, but something about the way he’d said it suddenly struck a nerve. What came out was a half-laugh, half-strangled-sob. It’s not a pleasant sound, if you can imagine it. But encountering other people had suddenly made the full extent of my situation sink in. I was walking down a gravel path wearing only a towel and flip-flops because my penis was so large I couldn’t wear pants any more.

The two looked at each other, and then both quickly stepped off the porch towards me, walking faster than most people could jog. “Hey, hey, hey,” the first one (Aaron?) said. “You could use some help.”

“It’s all right,” the other one said. “I think we know what’s going on.”

At that moment I wanted to laugh if I could. How on earth would they know what was going on? But before I could say anything, the first one caught up to me and leaned over to my ear. And then he whispered the Password.

I’ve said before I’m not the only one with the curse. There are really quite a few of us. And while there’s no huge secret society or anything, there is an underground network of sorts. Some secret online message boards (mostly about trading tips for pants and underwear that fit well, or how to “come out” to a new boyfriend), that sort of thing. But most importantly, anyone who’s encountered anyone else with the condition knows about the Password.

No, I’m not going to tell you the Password. Telling anyone else at all is strictly forbidden. It’s our way of identifying ourselves to one another. A sign that it’s ok, you’re in the clear, there’s nothing to hide. It’s also used as an offer to help, in case someone’s in a bad situation. Like I was in, for instance.

I closed my eyes for a second, I was so relieved. Hell, I almost wanted to cry. But instead I slowly nodded my head. I was about to start saying thank you when, well, the full implications of the Password sunk into my subconscious and my cock gave off a little jump as blood rushed to it. So much for having the edge dulled on my out-of-control sex drive, right?

They just laughed as my towel momentarily kicked out in front of me. “Come on Paul,” the first one said. “Let’s take this young man inside and see if we can get him back into a better size.”

No sooner did we get inside than they led me upstairs and into the master bedroom. Sitting me down on the edge of the bed, Aaron slowly removed my towel, murmuring that it was ok, I’d be feeling better shortly. He paused when he saw my swelling cock, then shook his head and whistled. “Those boys sure did a number on you,” he said. “We saw you in that swimsuit before and, well…”

And with that, he gently pushed me down by my shoulders onto the bed, and then dropped his pants (his shirt still on!) and climbed up on top. “I think I’ll go first,” he said with a sudden wicked grin. “I always did like a good challenge.” My penis was running up along his crack and halfway up his back. This would be a challenge indeed, right?

Well, they did both have the curse, and in this case it was more of a blessing for them. Being able to take just about any size cock pretty easily was always helpful, and among two people who had the blessing, well, sex was usually pretty amazing because there’s nothing you can’t do at that point. Getting up into a crouch, he half-stood over my huge penis. And then, with Paul guiding him down, Aaron sunk onto my penis with a loud sigh.

“Ohhhhhh,” he said. “Goddamn, that feels… wow.” Slowly shifting up and down, I could feel his insides grip me tightly, almost massaging the shaft of my penis. Holy cow, Aaron was a good bottom. In the way we were positioned, it didn’t lend itself to huge long strokes, but that didn’t matter. My penis was just having ripples of pleasure run up and down it, and my balls were already heating up and swelling like the two little cum factories in overdrive that they were.

“Damn, you look good, baby,” Paul said, leaning over and kissing Aaron from behind. Aaron smiled like the Cheshire Cat at that, and turned his head slightly to kiss him back. All the while, he kept moving up and down my penis, which was getting closer and closer to exploding. And then of course, it suddenly hit me that there really was no reason to hold back, and at that I erupted inside Aaron.

“Whoa!” he cried out as that first jet of cum blasted into his prostate, and then he started coming as well. Aaron had a pretty respectable dick, what looked to be nine inches, and it was pumping a nice puddle of cum onto my stomach. Even after he’d stopped, I kept shooting, and shooting, and shooting. It felt amazing, not only for that brief fuck we’d just had, but that I could also feel my sex drive really and truly going down somewhat. And sure enough, as we laid there for a minute, I could feel my balls shrink up a tiny bit, and my deflating dick give an extra, non-erection-induced collapse.

“Oh no you don’t,” Paul grinned. “You can’t leave Aaron and I mismatched, or I’ll never hear and feel the end of it.” Pulling off his shirt and pants, Paul revealed an incredibly hairy chest that just rippled with muscles. Clearly Paul was preparing for the recession by planning on being able to wash laundry on his abs.

Climbing onto the bed on all fours, he gave me that smile again that was both sweet and dirty. “Let me feel that big young cock inside me and fills me up with cum.”

Cheesy, yes, but apparently even a thirteen inch cock can be persuaded by cheesy. It started obligingly swelling back up, and with a wide-eyed look of surprise Aaron quickly dismounted. I got off of my back (trying to ignore the puddle of cum now trickling off of me) and moved over to Paul, whose asshole was pushed high up into the air. Without a word, I pushed my cockhead into his hole, and paused so that he could fully adjust.

Well, I don’t know why I bothered (after all, both of us had the blessing) because the only reaction to that I got was Paul shoving his ass back towards me, trying to impale himself on my 13-incher. “Don’t go all gentle on me now,” Paul barked. “Let me feel it! C’mon!”

And let him feel it, I did. Spurred on by this sudden tough side, I started slamming my huge cock into him, over and over. Holy cats, did this feel amazing. It reminded me a bit of how I’d felt when I’d hit twelve inches last night, that I was just somehow sex incarnate. I wasn’t quite in control again just yet, but I was getting there, and I secretly knew that Paul was going to take that final edge of sex-crazy out of me. So I just pumped hard into Paul, who kept giving off long drawn-out groans whenever I hit his prostate.

“Don’t! Stop!” he kept panting every time I’d slow down even for a second. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Aaron shaking his head with a wry grin. Well, now I knew what Aaron must have gotten to deal with every night. As I pushed back and forth, my balls would swing up and slap into Paul’s balls, and the two connecting felt electric, as if each jolt made them a little more potent and powerful and masculine.

And just like that, they unleashed another huge flow of cum, this one into Paul. Paul gave out a strangled cry, still shoving his ass into me to make sure I didn’t stop stroking even while shooting. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” he began shouting as he came as well.

Finally, it was over, and as I pulled out I gave off a long sigh. “Thank… thank you,” I said. My whole body suddenly started to shake, out of a strange combination of relief and exhaustion.

“Hey, hey, hey,” Aaron said, wrapping an arm around me. “C’mon, into the tub with you.” Paul slid off the bed, and the two led me now into the bathroom. Paul turned the water on, while Aaron just kept holding me. “You’ve been through a rough ride, clearly. Just relax… it’s ok… you’re safe now.” Rubbing my shoulders, he kept reassuring me that everything was just fine now.

It’s funny, I hadn’t felt like I was in any sort of trouble or danger, but the combination of having that horrible, out-of-control sex drive muted and knowing I was around two others with the curse really was a huge relief. And I felt, for lack of a better word, safe. As the water rose, I slid into the tub, and gave off another sigh. This had been a rather crazy weekend.

After a few minutes, I started telling them what had happened; slowly at first, but then increasing in energy and detail. “The worst was,” I finally said, “that sudden extra burst of growth. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did, and suddenly I’d utterly lost control.”

Aaron stood there for a minute, thinking, and then nodded. “I’ve got my theory on that,” he said. “Paul and I have been around the block a lot, and we’ve both often felt that a maximum size can sometimes… well, be a sliding scale.”

“It’s true,” Paul said. “I think how big we stop at isn’t based just on a set, pre-defined limit, but rather some sort of defense mechanism. So instead it’s how much we can really handle. You told Aaron and I that when the first guy in the cabin finished topping you, that you’d felt very much in control still, unlike the last time you were at twelve inches. Maybe you were ready to try being a little bigger? But then the other two boys pushed you too far over the brink too fast, and, well… disaster.”

I sat in the water, thinking about that for a minute. “I guess,” I finally said. “But I don’t think I’d want to ever be that large again. Hell, I don’t think I want even these twelve inches.”

Paul and Aaron glanced at each other with a grin. “That is a lot of cock,” Aaron finally said. “I actually first met Paul when he was at eleven and desperate to lose an inch. And thirty years later, well…”

“Thank you again,” I hurriedly said. “I hope this won’t cause some sort of problem.”

“Oh no!” Paul laughed. “Ten inches on each of us is fine. In fact, I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this addition later today.”

“But after you serve up breakfast,” Aaron added. “Don’t let the kitchen staff be without your expert guidance.” Looking pointedly at the clock, Aaron let that last sentence dangle in midair.

Paul nodded quickly. “Right, right, right,” he said. “I’ll take a shower downstairs and then head on over.” He leaned over and ruffled my hair. “You stay here and relax, ok? We’ll tell your friends that you’re lying down but that you’re all right.”

I wanted to argue that no, I was fine, but honestly I was exhausted. So I just nodded, and Aaron smiled and ruffled my hair as well. “When you’re done with the tub, just go lie down on the bed and take a nap,” he said. “I’ll change the sheets so you’re good to go.” And with that, the two of them scooted out of the room and dimmed the lights to a low glow.

For about half an hour, as the water in the huge tub slowly cooled, I just relaxed and exhaled deeply. All this growing and shrinking and screwing had taken far more out of me than I’d thought. Finally, though, the water was getting a little too cool. I pulled the drain in the tub and as the water slowly swirled down and away, I climbed out of the tub and grabbed one of the fresh towels that Aaron and Paul had set out for me. Drying off, I stumbled back into the bedroom, climbed under the fresh warm sheets, and fell asleep.


Part 9

When I woke up in Aaron and Paul’s bed, it took me a minute to remember everything that had happened in the past 24 hours; the huge amounts of growing, and then Aaron and Paul helping whittle me down to a reasonable size. I had to laugh at myself at that last thought, as if having a full twelve inches of cock was a “reasonable” size! As it was, my penis and balls both felt very heavy and full. I’d probably slept for a few hours, based on the light outside, and even thought I’d knocked two inches back off, I’d done enough growing this weekend that my balls and sex drive were both still supercharged.

I shook my head, trying to regain control even as my libido began to ramp up. The best thing to do, I decided, was to find Dom and bugger him silly. My swimsuit and flip-flops had been laid out for me while I was asleep (I must have been really out of it), and I tentatively tugged on my yellow suit. It was tight. Really, really tight. My balls and semi- soft cock were straining the fabric in the front, and my glute muscles in my ass weren’t helping matters either. It looked less like I had a swimsuit on, and more like I’d been attacked by a can of spray paint. I found myself rather relieved that I’d been smart enough to buy a larger size suit earlier in the weekend, because this one was barely enough to get me back to my own room.

Heading down the stairs, I heard some quiet sounds in the living room. When I got to the bottom, Aaron and Paul were there sitting on the couch. Based on the position they were in, I think they’d probably been making out but stopped for decorum’s sake. Well, they had each just grown an inch to help me out, of course they were horny.

“Daaaaaaamn,” Paul said, looking up and down at me in my swimsuit. “Still looking like sex on a stick, hold the stick.”

I laughed at Paul’s blatant tease, it was hard not to. “Thanks so much,” I said. “You really saved my ass back there in more ways than one.”

Aaron fanned a hand through the air. “Think nothing of it. It was our pleasure. VERY much a pleasure, in fact.”

“I’d forgotten what it was like to be ten inches,” Paul said, rubbing the back of his neck absently. “My hormones haven’t raged like this in years.” He smiled sweetly at Aaron, who grinned back.

“I hope I didn’t put you out,” I quickly said. “If there’s anything at all I can do, please, please just let me know.”

“Don’t worry,” Aaron said. “We’re going to have fun being a little bigger down below, after all. It’s nothing we can’t handle.” He paused for a minute. “In fact, we’re probably going to have a lot of fun right now. If you’re interested.”

I paused at that. I was awfully horny, and I was going to need to blow off some steam (and cum) if I was going to make it through the day. And Aaron and Paul were not only both attractive, but sweet guys who had helped me out a lot.

“If it helps,” Paul added, “when the other guys checked out, they were going to go hiking one last time on the way home, and Dom went with them and will get dropped off later in the evening.”

“Well,” I said, “that makes the decision much easier.” I paused for a second. “But I better take off this suit before it explodes.” Already the thought of sex with these two handsome guys was starting to make my balls tingle and I could feel the fabric beginning to strain a bit more.

They laughed, and then Aaron cocked an eyebrow at me. “So… anything you can do, just let you know?”

I thought about that for a minute and then clarified. “As long as it doesn’t involve golden showers, scat, or blood. It’s always too early in the relationship for golden showers.”

They both grinned at that, and then Paul walked over to an end table and opened up a drawer. He pulled out a sleep mask from it and walked on over. “Trust us when I say none of that will happen,” he said softly, then slipped the mask over my eyes while Aaron pulled my suit off of me.

And you know, I did trust them. After all, they could have done whatever they wanted to me earlier in the morning. So I stood there as they each took one hand, and then gently led me down a set of stairs into the basement of their home. I was walked into the center of the room, and then my hands were raised up into the air. First one wrist, then the other, were gently snapped into wrist restraints. There was a bit of movement and then I could hear them step back. I tried to lower my hands, but there was clearly something between the two cuffs that was hooked to the ceiling. They weren’t all the way straight up, so there was enough give that it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Standing there, anxious and excited, I suddenly felt a warm mouth move onto my balls, one at a time, licking and sucking them. A little shiver ran all over my body, and my balls began to throb with anticipation. I gave out a little gasp, one that turned into a bigger one as a second mouth began to eat out my ass. It felt fantastic, and slowly I began to grind my crotch in the air.

After a few minutes, though, both mouths pulled off for a second. It wasn’t much of a wait, though, before one went down on my gigantic cock, sucking a good two thirds of it down. I bucked forward a tiny bit, instinctively, but then a pair of hands landed on my shoulders and I felt the head of a large cock pushing at my asshole. I started twitching with need, and instead of pushing forward I was now leaning back into the cockhead, desperately wanting it inside of me. That big ol’ ten inch cock started sliding into me with ease, and with each new inch I gave off a groan. Whichever of the two of them was fucking me, he was doing it with such a practiced slow motion that it was perfect; it made it feel like the cock was just pushing into me for miles and miles as it kept marching on my prostate.

And then, it was all the way up to the hilt, and I felt a large pair of balls slap up against me. There was a pause, and the mouth moved off of my cock. If I wasn’t so wonderfully stuffed from behind, I might have been disappointed. But whomever was in the front was now sucking on my nipples, first the left, then the right. A crotch was grinding into mine, and the friction between our two huge cocks felt fantastic. Just then, the cock up my ass started pumping again, and I groaned in delight. And for the next few minutes, that’s what I felt; one guy fucking me slow and hard, the other licking and biting my nipples while his cock continued to rub up and stimulate my own cock and balls.

As the guys continued to work me over, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cuming, and I let out a loud groan. But in response, they both suddenly stepped away, leaving me hanging. I struggled at that, trying to push forward and then back, desperate for that extra piece of stimulation to knock me over the edge. They’d both stepped away far enough, though, and as I squirmed with my hands still chained up into the air, there was nothing I could do.

After a few minutes of nothing, as my need died down a little bit, I suddenly felt a cock pushing up against my backside again. Slowly it slid into me, and from the front, I suddenly felt someone else’s butt pushing up against my cock. Eagerly I pushed forward, and whomever was in front of me gave off a slight gasp as I quickly popped inside. The person behind me, though, quickly set the rhythm and it was a slow, steady, methodical fuck for all three of us. It was wonderful, the sensations of giving and receiving at the same time crashing up against each other, while Aaron and Paul’s warm bodies on either side of me making me feel so warm and enveloped and wanted.

The more I fucked and was fucked, though, the hornier I got. Struggling to take control, I started pushing faster and faster, my sex drive starting to spike again as I began to get ready to cum. But by way of response, both guys dismounted again, leaving me high and dry.

“Nooooooo,” I moaned. “Oh god, I need it so—”

And then, with no warning, a ball-gag popped into my mouth and was fastened from behind.

I think it actually turned me on more.

In about five minutes, I started getting fucked from behind again, while this time the other one licked and sucked my balls while giving me a hand job. It was great, and I began to shake with the need to come. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought that my balls and cock had somehow actually grown from all of this, they felt so huge and full of cum and ready to explode at any moment. These guys were showing off their years of experience, and it was fairly amazing.

It wasn’t until they’d worked me over a fourth time, then let me dangle on the edge, that one of them suddenly unhooked my arms (which had just started to get a little tired) and let me lower them. The sleep mask and ball-gag remained, though, and I was carefully lead into another room and then guided onto what felt like a bed.

Pushed onto my back, I felt my legs raised and my ass scooted to the edge of the bed. Sure enough, a second later one of them grabbed my ankles and began fucking me again, harder than before. The walk into the other room had provided a bit longer of a cooling off process, which is I suppose the only reason why I didn’t just explode on the spot. (Although at this point, I almost didn’t want to, for fear that this would end.)

The ball-gag was suddenly removed from my mouth, and when I opened it in surprise a large penis was pushed into it. Eagerly I sucked down on the huge penis in my mouth, rolling my tongue all over it, especially the head. Normally I’d have tried to tickle the balls with my hands, but they were still chained together. My mouth and ass were both getting pounded, and it was just lovely. Then, I could feel the person above me shift slightly and with that my own penis was getting sucked. After about thirty seconds of all this stimulation I started thrashing, knowing that I was going to cum.

They got the message and just like that, the guys disengaged. Lying on my back, I was panting with desperate need for release. My penis felt so swollen and large that it almost hurt, as if I’d had a cock ring on for far too long. I could feel the pre-cum just oozing down its shaft and onto my balls, which were aching and felt so swollen that I could imagine my scrotum being pulled tight around them.

Several minutes went by, and my need didn’t lessen at all. Finally, the guys carefully flipped me over so I was now on my hands and knees, and a cock re-entered my mouth. And so, for several minutes, I worked that cock as best I could, feeling so horny and needful and needed and sexual as it continued to throb in my mouth. I could hear heavy breathing from whomever’s cock I was sucking, and I had a feeling he was close to cuming.

Clearly, the guys got the same message, because another penis was suddenly shoved back up into my ass, and started pounding hard and fast. We were in the end zone now, and my pulse was racing. This was almost like last night when the guys had been both up my ass at the same time; I just felt like a sex god, being worked over and so amazingly horny and jacked up by it all.

Finally, mercifully, I came. Or should that be erupted? A volcano had nothing on me, just then. My cock just started gushing rivers of cum, and with each pump and spurt I was even more turned on. The cock in my mouth was the next to go, and it was filling up my mouth faster than I could swallow. And all the while, the other guy was pounding my ass even as I continued to shoot, until finally he too started shooting in my ass.

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, though, we all stopped shooting; first the guy in my mouth, then the guy in my ass, and finally myself. I stood there on my hands and knees, feeling fantastic, as the guys slowly dismounted. And then, after another minute or two, they unhooked the handcuffs from my wrists. I was rolled over onto my back, but then I felt the two of them start kissing my body up and down, gently, and I practically melted in response.

When the kissing slowed down, I felt them each work their way up under my arms, and then one of them gently tugged the sleep mask off of me. I blinked my eyes as sight slowly returned, with the two guys smiling adorably at me. I turned to the left and gave Paul a kiss, then to Aaron on the right and gave him one as well.

For the first time since we’d arrived, I felt well and truly sexually sated.


Part 10

It was late afternoon, and I was out by the pool. After our little romp had ended, we’d all cleaned up, and then Aaron and Paul had to get back to work on all the maintenance and such that is part of running the Guest House. But now I was mulling over something I had said to me right before I’d left.

“You should try and stay at this size for a while,” Paul had suddenly said while Aaron was in the shower.

I was a little surprised at that, and my face must have shown it.

“No, really,” he said. “I think, as strange as it sounds, your ’tolerance’ is going up. You should try and get used to a twelve inch penis, see if you can handle it. Sort of like a weight that was too much at first at the gym. You want to switch back at first, and you might have to go to the lighter one. But before you give in, you should keep trying that new weight if your trainer thinks you’re ready for it.”

Mind you, opportunities were few and far between now anyway. Most people left Sunday morning to go home, and so while a few others were at the Guest House until Monday, I hadn’t seen any of them. No doubt they, like Dom, were off hiking or such. And so I’d put on my slightly roomier bathing suit (which was now not so roomy, but at least it could hold all of my penis and ass a bit more than the yellow suit could) and laid out along side the water, relaxing.

The sun on my skin felt delicious, and while I was a little horny it wasn’t anything like the one time before I’d been at twelve inches. It had helped, certainly, that Aaron and Paul had well and truly drained my balls. Sure, they were slowly starting to fill back up but that burning, must-cum-right-now sensation was replaced with a more typical, “Sex would sure be nice right about now” instead.

In spite of how I’d been raised, I stuck my hand inside my suit for a minute and gave myself a quick tug. I was plump (well, I’d be plump regardless now) but not crazily so. Maybe this was possible after all? Closing my eyes, I put my headphones on and just zoned out for about an hour, listening to a podcast and ignoring the rest of the world.

Or at least, that was the plan. Zoning out actually turned into another nap, because when I woke up the sun had moved a lot across the sky, I didn’t remember much more than ten minutes of the podcast, and there was someone gently touching my shoulder. Blinking several times, I squinted before figuring out it was one of the few guests still around on a Sunday afternoon.

“Hey,” he said. “You’ve been out for a few hours, didn’t want you to bake.”

“Ah man, thanks a lot,” I said, a little blearily. The guy was a pale-skinned redhead, with a smattering of freckles across his face and chest, and wearing baggy board shorts. “I’m John,” I said, extending my hand.

“Hey,” he said again, before taking my hand with a surprisingly firm grip. “Owen.” He sat down in the chair next to my chaise lounge. “All here by yourself?”

“Sort of,” I said, slowly straightening up in the lounge. “I came here with a buddy of mine but he’s off hiking with some guys that he’s crushing on. Or supposedly hiking anyway.”

Owen laughed, a high pitched giggle. I had to admit that his laugh was so silly and girly that I liked him instantly at that point, perhaps because he was so un-self-conscious about it. “Rough times,” he finally said. “I won’t lie, I was kind of hoping for the same thing this weekend but the place was pretty well packed and full of couples.” As he said, “packed and full” I noticed that his eyes subconsciously flicked over to my bathing suit, which was also pretty packed and full itself. I tried to ignore that and pushed forward.

“That’s tough,” I nodded. “Where’re you from?”

“DC,” he said. “I’m a government contractor and I had a gap between one project ending and another beginning and thought I should see if I could take advantage of the free time.”

I gave off a knowing “yeah” sound, and we started chatting about work in general; me at the Big Government Agency, him at the different agencies his company has sent him to. From there the talk shifted to free time, and our shared love of the Doctor Who television program, which just goes to show that us geeks are slowly taking over the world. At one point I’d started to pull a shirt on (to keep from baking) but Owen said he’d just help put more sunscreen on me.

It was a pretty transparent ploy, but I was feeling pretty laid back and let him rub the lotion all over my back. In terms of muscle Owen was pretty scrawny (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but his hands were immensely powerful; it felt almost like a massage as he applied the lotion. I ended up just giving off a long sigh of contentment. It was a nice afternoon.

Finally, though, I was ready to get out of the heat. When I told Owen as much, he scrambled to his feet as well. “Before you head off and shower, do you want to borrow that book I was telling you about?” he said. “I’m already done with it.”

I make dumb decisions a lot, but I’m not actually stupid. This ploy was just as obvious as his last one. But I was a big boy (in more ways than one) and I had promised myself no growing or shrinking. So after a second, I replied with a simple, “Sure, that sounds great,” and we headed off to Owen’s room.

When we got there, to his credit he went right over to his shoulder bag and rooted through it for a minute, before finally fishing out a copy of the book Wetworld, then sticking a business card inside of it. “It’s pretty good,” he said, extending it towards me.

I reached for the book, and Owen’s hand shifted forward onto mine. There was a lot of desire and hope and fear on his face, and I started to wonder just how badly he’d pinned hopes on some sort of hook-up across this weekend. “I… I really hope you like it,” he said, softly, and I could catch the additional meaning. (As could my penis.)

I stepped closer to him, and he cocked his head back a tiny bit, his lips trembling. Ok. I could be an adult about this. “Just a tiny bit,” I said. And then, he leaned in and kissed me. Like his handshake, his lips were surprisingly strong, his salty tongue running across my teeth and through my mouth. My body was roaring to attention, and I found myself wrapping my arms around him. I was feeling like I had a little earlier, once more; just sexually powerful and dominant and ready to just fuck and be fucked my way across the world. I honestly couldn’t imagine being like this for too long, even as I desperately wanted to.

We stumbled over to the bed and crashed onto it; Owen was on his back and I was on top of him, and we kept kissing while our hands moved up and down each other’s torsos. At first I felt like I had to be gentle with him, but before long my inhibitions were going away and I was forcefully pulling him towards me, squeezing his body against mine as our legs intertwined.

And of course, all the while, my bathing suit was getting tighter and tighter. Owen was grabbing my ass, now, just running his hands up and down those two perfect globes, stopping occasionally to squeeze and knead those massive muscles. He could certainly feel the head of my penis rubbing against his abs now (there was no way my suit could contain my penis fully erect), and there was definitely something sizable going on inside his voluminous board shorts as well.

Trying to take control of the situation, I stopped kissing his mouth and started moving down, kissing and sucking his neck, his shoulders, his pecs, his abs. As I got lower and lower, his board shorts started tenting out, something I hadn’t even thought possible based on how much extra material there was. I slowly ran my fingers along the waistband and then carefully pulled them off.

Well now. Let’s just say that there was a reason Owen was wearing those board shorts; he had clearly decided that he needed to hide that massive penis he was swinging around down there. We were within just a few inches of each other, and Owen was really girthy too. (Slightly undersized balls, though. I guess no one can really have everything, though.) I started licking the plum-sized head of Owen’s penis and he gave off a moan so loud I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron and Paul heard it in their own private house. Owen was dripping a lot of precum too, and it was salty like Owen’s lips and tongue were, and thick like someone who hadn’t orgasmed in a long time. Slowly I started moving down the shaft, and Owen began groaning, pushing up against my mouth. After a small eternity I made it down to the base of the shaft; Owen had shaved completely bare around his penis, which was great for blow jobs. All the while, my own penis was making a growing puddle of precum on the comforter, and I started running my hands along the bottom of Owen’s thighs as I moved up and down his penis.

But then, suddenly, he started pulling out of my mouth. I was a little surprised, because Owen certainly seemed ready to cum, but that turned out to be the problem. “Can’t… so fast…” he gasped. “Just stop for a minute…”

I obligingly climbed back up, and started kissing him again. After a few minutes, though, he suddenly rolled me over onto my back and then pulled off of my mouth. He started kissing my own chest, and it felt fantastic. He was one hell of a kisser, and his mouth was putting little shockwaves all through my body. So good, in fact, that it took me a second to realize that he was pushing my thighs up into the air. Owen clearly had in mind much more than a blow job.

And oh, did I want him to fuck me. My ass was started to twitch in anticipation, and I was feeling internally empty and needy. But I couldn’t grow again, I knew what a bad thing that would be, even as I wanted it. Owen was pulling my suit off of me, and I had to act now.

“Nnnnn… nnnn… nnnno,” I finally gasped out. “I… I can’t.”

Owen looked a tiny bit hurt, and leaned forward and kissed my mouth while pushing my thighs closer to my chest. I could feel the head of his penis against my balls, and my asshole twitched again, knowing that it could be just a matter of seconds until that mammoth cock was inside of me. The urge was getting stronger and stronger, like needing to pee for hours with nowhere to stop in sight, only instead of pain it was the urge to get fucked.

“I… I…” And then I lied. “I hurt myself inside and I’m still healing,” I finally said. Owen paused at that, a look of confusion on his face. I tried to frown. “I can’t get penetrated for another week or two,” I fibbed. Taking advantage of Owen’s momentary stop, I flipped us back around so Owen was on his back. “But I can still help you out this way,” I said, and then slid my mouth back onto Owen’s penis.

Based on the groans, grunts, and gasps from the next five minutes, I’d say that Owen got over his disappointment pretty quickly. And with the amount of cum that he pumped into my mouth, I’d also say that it had most definitely been quite a while since the poor boy had last cum. Finally we laid down along side each other, catching our breath. Owen looked like he was going to pass out, and I gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. “I had a great time,” I whispered, and he smiled gently.

Of course, the reality was my cock was hating me right now, but I promised myself to take care of it back in my own room’s bathroom shortly. After promising to call him back in a few weeks, I picked up the book, pulled back on my swimsuit as best as possible, and left Owen to his well-earned nap.


Part 11

I headed back to my room; it had felt like a small eternity since I’d been there, even though it was really just a few hours. As I approached it, though, there was a strange sour smell in the air. What was going on?

As I opened the door, I quickly discovered the answer. Dom and Tommy were both lying in the fetal position on the bed, looking wretched. It was pretty clear that they’d both been throwing up earlier, although thankfully it must have all been in the toilet because I didn’t see any vomit on the floor.

“Hey John,” Dom said weakly. “Something we ate didn’t agree with us… at all…”

I winced. “I can see that,” I said. “What can I do to help?”

So for the next half hour, I got some cool washcloths for their foreheads, helped them change clothes, and tried to make them comfortable. When Dom and Tommy had started puking in mid-hike, Tony and Eric had brought them back here. Tommy was now going to catch a ride back with us, since (obviously) Tony and Eric weren’t up for a potentially puking, certainly sick guy in the back seat of their car. I totally understood the reasoning and agreed with it, but at the same time… well, would you want to sleep on the floor in a room with two people who keep puking?

After I made sure they were all right, I beat it back out of there. Nothing else to really do for the moment (and they were both dozing off) so I ended up sitting in a beach chair under an umbrella, and read the book that Owen had lent me. It turned out to be pretty good, and by the time it was over the sun was setting. Now what?

I mulled over my options for a few minutes and then, finally, headed back up to Owen’s room and gently knocked on the door. He opened it up, looking first surprised and then pleased to see me. “Hey there,” he said. “What’s up?”

“My roommate’s puking everywhere,” I said with a grimace. “Decided to escape and read a book.” I handed Wetworld back to him. “It was really good.”

He looked at me skeptically. “You already read it?” he said.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “I’m a pretty fast reader, and it was either that or pukeville.” I paused for a moment, and then dove in. “I know this might be a lot to ask, but… could I spend the night here with you?”

Owen’s face lit up at this. “Oh, definitely.” He looked a little sheepish and then said, “I thought you were just giving me back my book so you wouldn’t have to contact me later, and didn’t want to see me again.”

I opened my mouth to protest, but he held up a hand. “We all have our moments of self- doubt,” he said. “Anyway, I ordered a pizza and it should be here soon. C’mon in.”

And so, still bathing suit clad (I should have grabbed some clothes earlier) I stepped in, and about an hour later we were finishing off the pizza that had arrived and chatting about tv shows and books and magazines. It was nice, although I was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable in my balls. I still hadn’t gotten off, and my huge balls and dick were starting to ache for relief. And while I knew Owen would have fucked me in a heartbeat based on last time, I knew that growing would be disaster.

We watched a little television after that, and I positioned a pillow to try and covertly hide my overly full package from Owen. It actually went pretty well until it was time for bed. I slid under the covers as quickly as possible, but Owen promptly rolled over towards me and placed his mouth pretty firmly on mine.

Well, that was all it took to shove me back into high gear. I began devouring his mouth, running my hands up and down his lean body. His penis was pushing into mine, and god I wanted it. Or rather I wanted him. Top, bottom, it didn’t matter right now. I could feel my dick smearing pre-cum all over him, and I kept thinking the more that came out now, the less I’d have trapped inside me. One of Owen’s hands came down and wrapped itself as much as it could around my huge dick, rubbing up and over it. I groaned loudly, my dick bucking in his hand. He grinned, and stroked me some more, my hips automatically pumping in response to his actions. This went on for a few minutes, and I could feel my balls heating up and just churning up more and more semen. But I just couldn’t cum. I was feeling overly full at this point, but for some reason I couldn’t get kick started over the edge and into orgasm. And as Owen continued to stroke me, the pressure just grew worse and worse.

Finally, I couldn’t take it and did the only thing I could think of to stop him. I let my mouth start moving down Owen’s body, and in a matter of minutes he was writhing underneath me. I opened my mouth wide and let his penis slide into my mouth, running my tongue all over the head. His pre-cum was starting to flow heavily, that salty taste overwhelming my mouth. I started moving up and down his shaft, and Owen’s legs began to tremble as I could see him try to hold back his own orgasm. I ran my hands up and down the back side of his thighs, using them almost as leverage to push him in and out of my mouth. And then, suddenly, he exploded inside of me, thick globs of semen just roiling out of him and down into my stomach. If anything this time lasted longer than the previous, pumping me with so much cum that even I was impressed.

After Owen’s blasts had finally subsided, I slid off of him and licked his penis clean. Owen looked fairly dazed, but pleased. “Goddamn that was good,” he whispered. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” I said, even as my dick kept throbbing angrily between my legs. I laid in bed until Owen fell asleep, then nipped into the bathroom to try and take care of business. But no luck. My body seemed to be holding out for the real thing, and that was not good for me at all. I must have pumped my own dick for twenty minutes, stroking my balls and even briefly sticking a finger or two up my ass to try and push myself over the edge. Instead I just kept getting close and then stalling out. Finally, frustrated and horny, I went back into bed and tossed and turned for quite a while before falling asleep.

I awoke in the morning to Owen’s mouth on my neck and his penis pushing up against my butt. For the next ten minutes, Owen did his best to try and convince me that what I really wanted was him to fuck me. Which was, let’s face it, true. As the large head of his penis kept pushing up against me, it took more willpower than I thought I possessed to keep from agreeing and letting him slip inside. But finally he gave up (it helped that I gave him yet another blowjob) which left me with several thoughts. One, Owen was perhaps a little too pushy and was quite possibly bad news. Two, that was really turning me on. Three, I needed some sex incredibly bad. My balls felt huge between my legs, tugging and pulling down to the ground like they’d just been pumped full of several extra loads of cum. My penis was refusing to go completely soft, always at least half-erect and rubbing against the fabric trying to contain it.

Going to the breakfast room was out of the question, I decided. Instead I went back to my room, where Dom and Tommy were doing somewhat better, if still not back to 100%. If they’d been a little more up to speed I’d seriously considered getting Tommy to fuck me, or perhaps fucking Dom’s brains out. But instead it seemed like relief wasn’t any time coming.

So instead, the two were slumped up against one another in the back seat of Dom’s car, and I drove us back towards civilization. My penis just kept throbbing the whole time I drove, and every little bump on the interstate sent the vibrations shooting through my balls. Dom’s car was an automatic, and several times as I drove I realized that while I had one hand on the wheel, the other was on my very own stick shift. It was, well, agony.

After a small eternity, though, we were back in DC. Dom told me to just drive to my place and he’d handle the rest, and so before long I was back up in my home and frantically pulling off my clothes and looking for a stash of sex toys. There were some that were right out of the question, like the cock rings, but I got out a fairly large vibrator and before long was rocking it in and out of myself with one hand, while the other stroked vigorously at my huge cock. My cock was still its ludicrously large twelve inches in length, but—and perhaps this was my sex-crazed imagination—it felt thicker than yesterday. My balls seemed to have actually grown since then, too, and I found it difficult at times to wrap a hand around them.

But still, no relief. I pinched my nipples, licked my own biceps (which seemed to have a nice pump despite no workout for the last day or two), slammed that vibrator in hard, but with little to show for it besides a growing puddle of pre-cum all over my stomach. I found myself starting to seriously regret that I normally didn’t keep phone numbers of the guys I met. It was a safety mechanism, as to not end up meeting a guy for a second time and forgetting he’d seen me with five inches of cock instead of eleven, but now it seemed to be backfiring on me. Because one thing was becoming rapidly clear: I needed the real thing to get off right about now.

Most of the rest of the day I actually spent either at home, or at the gym around the corner. A Monday afternoon when everyone else is working seemed relatively safe, so I strapped on my tightest jock strap and baggiest shorts before going over. The pump from the weights was a poor substitute for the pump of someone’s dick, but the blood did flow out of my crotch for a bit and kept me from molesting the guy running the counter. All that sexual energy had to go somewhere, after all, and my muscles were going to make out quite well in this slight nightmare.

Dressing for work on Tuesday, though, was a joy and a half. Jockstrap, plus boxer briefs, plus a pair of suit pants that I’d been meaning to get taken in but was now glad I hadn’t. Sure, the waist was a little loose and required a belt, but the extra fabric underneath was taken up by my huge glutes, to say nothing of my cock and balls. Also in my work bag were several extra changes of underwear; based on how much pre-cum was covering my sheets when I woke up in the morning, I was starting to have a slight leakage problem.

So, every hour or two I ended up heading to the bathroom and wiping myself down as best I could. Other than that, I sat at my desk religiously, afraid someone would see my mammoth cock pushing at the front of my pants. If someone did, they never said anything. I called Dom a couple of times but got his voice mail. Not good.

That night I headed over to a couple of my favorite bars, looking for anyone I’d been with before. No luck, alas. I seriously thought about trying to find a size queen and just fucking them (the idea of growing again was horrifying) but at the same time a stubborn part of me wanted to try and really handle being this size, even as I knew I was kind of failing at the task.

I did finally get an e-mail from Dom on Wednesday, though. He said he was feeling better, but that he and Tommy were “feeling a connection” and he “didn’t want to mess things up.” Wow. Who knew all it would take was a good bout of food poisoning to make Dom want to settle down? I wished him well and asked for updates by way of response, then headed back down to the work gym and lifted weights for almost two hours to try and burn off some more sexual frustration.

It was Thursday night, right as I was starting to seriously worry, that things finally came to a head. I’d stayed late at the Big Government Agency; not only to catch up on work, but to use the gym when it was deserted. So it was right as I’d finished up my workout that I saw him. The young guy I’d hooked up with in the janitor’s closet a little while ago.

Well, he definitely recognized me. He looked startled, then immediately predatory, his eyes flicking over my body. And he clearly seemed impressed. To be honest, he should have been. All of this working out lately was giving me some serious gains in muscle, above and beyond the normal amount of growth in such a short period of time. Maybe it was all the extra testosterone coursing through my body? My ass belonged on a fitness magazine cover, and my arms and legs were all looking more rounded in just the right spots these days as well.

Anyway, we locked eyes, and I could feel my dick hardening inside my jock. Without saying a word, I marched over to him, took him by the hand, and lead him into the showers. We were the only ones there, and I yanked off my shirt while he grabbed for my shorts. Honestly? I didn’t care if someone caught us, I just needed to get off so badly all my good judgment (what little I seem to have) was out the window. And so, in a matter of minutes we were under the spray of hot water, young guy pressing up against me and running his hands all over my body.

God, I was getting bigger everywhere these days. My penis was thicker than I’d ever seen it, my biceps were firm underneath his hands, and my balls felt like extra-large oranges swaying back and forth, ripe for the picking. He sucked on them as best he could, but they were so large not even one could fit into his mouth. It felt so good, but I knew what desperately needed to happen. I turned myself around, placing my hands on the shower wall and presenting myself to him. Young guy clearly approved, eating out my ass while I writhed and groaned. If there was anyone else in the gym this late they’d have to be hearing us but I was so beyond caring.

And then, blessedly, he stuffed his cock inside of me and I was in heaven. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. This is what I was missing. My whole body started shaking out of pleasure, and instead of trying to push myself over the edge it was trying to stay away from that moment as much as I could, relishing in this moment. I probably held on for all of about three minutes before it was too much and I started shooting.

Wait, let me take that back. I started erupting. Volcanoes had nothing on my cock right then, huge ropes of cum splattering all over the wall and floor. And as young guy kept pumping into me, more and more gushed out. It took several minutes for the flow to stop; somewhere in there young guy came as well, but it was almost a footnote at that point. Relief had arrived.

Shuddering and gasping, I slowly slid off of young guy and turned back around. He looked a little dazed by the conclusion, and I just smiled gently at him. “I needed that really badly,” I whispered, before taking him in my arms and slowly and thoroughly kissing him. I could feel his body react, too; first relaxing in the sensation, then getting horned up and ready for more.

Which is why we ended up fucking again about five minutes later, and why for the first time in days I left work feeling like my pants might not explode after all.


Part 12

I hope you won’t look down at me if I admit that I still didn’t know young guy’s name, even after he fucked me again late Friday night in the office gym. Hell, I wasn’t sure what floor he even worked on. But the sex was great, and it kept my sex drive vaguely under control.

That said? I still wanted to nail (or get nailed by) every hot guy I saw. And so I decided that this weekend, something needed to be done. Fortunately, I had a feeling I’d found a payday on Craigslist. The ad went like this:

fuck my bf—m4m (Rockville) 25yr GL couple looking for a 3rd to fuck the vers 25 year old. have a big dick, send stats and be ready to send a face pic.

Guys advertising for big dicks were probably my only real ticket out of my current situation, after all. Not many people would be willing to put up with even a surprise ten inches, let alone twelve. I sent them an e-mail, although I actually low-balled my dick (I claimed it was ten and sent an appropriate picture of it at that size). A couple of hours later, they were asking if I could meet them up at a café in Rockville on Saturday afternoon, which was a good sign.

And so, that’s why on Saturday I was on the Red Line of the metro, having a military guy pretend that he wasn’t staring directly at my overly full crotch as I sat across the car from him. He looked fantastic, too; someone who more than hit the minimums for staying in shape, every inch of his uniform full of rock hard muscle. I could actually feel my asshole and dick both twitching at the thought of being with one of America’s finest.

But my stop arrived before his, and regretfully I stepped off the train. It was a quick walk to the coffee shop the couple had mentioned, and there I saw them; two men in their mid- 20s of Middle Eastern descent. They both looked beautiful, with crisp black hair and soft, gentle features.

It was Siddig who had placed the advertisement. He was a committed bottom in the bed, and in a low voice admitted that the idea of him topping was a complete turn-off. Fortunately Ali didn’t mind being the top man in bed, but he missed getting to switch it around. And so, rather than have to do something he wasn’t comfortable with, Siddig had gotten an idea for Ali’s 25th birthday.

“So… I thought… why not?” Siddig said. “We know it’s a little strange, but…”

I shook my head and grinned. “I think it’s kind of sweet,” I said. “Making sure Ali here still is getting his needs met. And I understand wanting to both give and receive; I wouldn’t ever want to only top or bottom forever either.”

Ali blushed a little bit, and I gathered that as Siddig had done all of the talking that Ali may have been the top in the bed, but not in the relationship.

“Well, good!” Siddig said brightly. He paused for a moment, and then said, “I guess I just have to be blunt. Are you ready?”

I waved over the waitress and handed her money for our lattes. “No time like the present,” I replied, and my dick plumped up a little bit in my pants as if to agree. Ali had been staring at my crotch on and off out of the side of his eyes, and I saw them widen a bit in surprise and anticipation.

We were out of there in minutes, walking down the street to their condo. As we did so, I kept staring at Ali’s ass, thinking how great it was that soon it would be mine. Then again, Siddig seemed the most excited out of the three of us; he was practically dancing along the sidewalk.

Their home was spartanly furnished, but Siddig whisked us into the bedroom. As we stood there, I suddenly felt uncharacteristically shy. Like I was some prostitute they’d picked up to share, or something. I froze for a second, and Siddig came over and put his arm gently around my shoulders, sitting me and him down onto the edge of the king-sized bed. “Thanks again,” he said, in a soft voice. “The second we saw you we’ve been looking forward to this.” He started pulling my shirt off of me, and once it was free he and Ali started running their hands up and down my arms and chest.

I hadn’t been sure, to be honest, if this was going to be a situation where I just nailed Ali while Siddig watched in the corner, or perhaps sat in the living room, but instead it looked like he was going to stick around for at least a bit. As Siddig started sucking on my nipples (my chest and pecs were looking great these days, I must admit, just strong and tight and muscular), Ali began kissing and gently biting my neck. My pants were getting ludicrously tight in response, and I was torn between wanting to undress them and let my penis free of its confines.

The decision was made for me, though, when Siddig reached over (without even looking away from my chest which he was still worshipping) and undid Ali’s belt and pants, tugging them down, while Ali started working on my own belt. Before I even realized what was going on, Siddig and Ali were down to their underwear (cute blue briefs on Siddig, and a pair of tight red boxer briefs on Ali) and I was being pushed down fully onto the bed so that they could lift my legs up enough to yank off my own pants.

Siddig drew in his breath expectantly as he saw my huge penis, barely contained by my own underwear. He looked at Ali, then at my penis, then back at Ali. I could tell he was excited for Ali, but also a little bit… sad? I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on here. Fortunately for me, though, Ali seemed to understand the look on his boyfriend’s face.

Ali started kissing and licking my ear, but as he did so he started whispering to me. “Would you also be up for topping Siddig?” he said, his breath hot on my ears. Aha. Because while it looked like Ali was no slouch in the penis department as well, Siddig’s expression it seemed was being the diabetic child in the candy store.

“Mmhmm,” I murmured in the affirmative, even as Siddig tugged off my underwear and gave out a little moan of surprise. My penis looked even a little thicker than yesterday, if that was possible, and my balls were feeling overly full of cum. Siddig glanced nervously at Ali, who nodded, and then Siddig slipped the head of my penis into his mouth.

I guess Siddig was part boa constrictor or something, because I’d have thought someone would need an unhinged jaw to suck on my python. And to be fair, there wasn’t much room for him to do that much besides suck, but I could see in his eyes the thrill of just having something that huge in his mouth. And hell, he sure did do a good job with the situation available. After a minute he had to come up for air, though, and I took that opportunity to grab Siddig and roll him onto the bed, and then straddle his stomach.

Siddig was practically drooling at the sight of my huge cock lying on top of him, and I leaned forward and pushed my tongue into his mouth for a minute or two, taking control of him. With my cock and balls throbbing on his stomach, my hand behind his head, and my dominating his mouth, he knew that for right now, he was all mine, and he loved it.

Slowly, regretfully, I dismounted and scooted back. Siddig’s knees immediately went up into the air as his legs spread, making room for me. I pushed one finger up against his asshole, which was twitching with desire, and slowly inserted it into him. He gave out a little whimper of excitement as it sunk in with ease. Yes, Siddig was definitely eager for this. As I put a second and then a third finger in, he started moaning. I don’t think he was expecting a fourth finger, though, but it was necessary. The curse may have guaranteed that my cock would make it inside of him, but it didn’t promise that it would feel good for the receiver. At least when I was out in West Virginia, the guys there had the curse as well and between the two of us everything would automatically be good. I wanted Siddig to not just take my cock, I wanted him to never forget how great this was.

After a few minutes of pushing my fingers in and out and spreading them as wide as I could, I slowly withdrew, and then with a grin touched the head of my cock up against Siddig’s opening. “Ready?” I murmured. To one side, Ali looked both excited and nervous, and before Siddig could respond, I started pushing my way in.

Siddig’s eyes rolled back up into his head, a loud groan immediately escaping him as about an inch pushed in. “Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh…” he started panting. I paused for a moment, making sure he was all right, then pushed in maybe half an inch or so more in. “Ohhhhhhh,” Siddig responded. There might not have been much length in him, but in terms of girth it was a hell of a lot of cock. Much more than Ali’s, although I had to say the more I saw of Ali’s cock the more impressed I was.

Ali, meanwhile, was now behind me. As I knelt between Siddig’s legs with his propped up ass towards me (thanks to a couple of well placed pillows from Ali), Ali was kissing my back, slowly moving down my spine. “You’re so beautiful,” I heard Ali whisper. “I just want to eat you up.”

I pushed in a bit more, bit by bit, but all Siddig was doing was making loud noises that I couldn’t tell if were pleasure or pain. I was maybe four inches in, when suddenly I felt Ali’s tongue on my asshole, and his hands spread my bubble butt wide. Siddig wasn’t the only one groaning in pleasure now; Ali was eating me out like a champ, and as great as it felt to finally top someone again, my need to get bottomed was getting cranked up as well.

Slowly I moved into Siddig, with Ali continuing to lick and suck me from behind. And all the while, Siddig just groaned. Finally, I stopped for a minute. “Do I need to go slower?” I hesitantly asked Siddig.

Siddig groaned yet again, and I paused, unsure of what to do. Ali straightened up at that point, until his mouth was next to my ear. “He needs it hard and fast,” he whispered, and then paused for a moment. I could feel him fumbling behind me for a second, and then Ali suddenly said, “Like THIS,” and in one fell swoop shoved a good eight inches of cock into my asshole.

At that point, I can say that I saw stars. It was an explosion of pleasure, and I gave out a little gasp of my own. But Ali was pushing into me, hard and fast, and the next thing I knew I was shoving more and more into Siddig, eight inches, then nine, then ten and a half.

“Ohhh yes, oh oh oh, oh yessssss, like that, ooohhhhhh!” Siddig began gasping. Ali was in control now, pumping into me in a rhythm that I had to drill into Siddig. It was almost like I was a dildo that Ali was controlling, filling and taking over Siddig like he’d probably never been before. My balls were on fire, my cock felt huge and full, and there was a strange metallic tang in my mouth. What was happening? I had suddenly lost control of the situation, and of my own body, and I felt almost disconnected from the entire experience just there. Ali had reached around to my chest now, both to steady himself and also to continue to stroke my pecs and stomach. The three of us were moving as one, and I just pounded over and over into Siddig as Ali demanded it.

It was Siddig who came first, cum shooting over his stomach and onto his chest, the first blast even reaching Siddig’s chin. As he came, he clenched down tight on me and then I was shooting too, and so was Ali. And as I came, the strange taste in my mouth got stronger. I felt slightly dizzy, and I wasn’t sure what the gift was doing. I’d thought just a few minutes ago that I would lose two inches today, and now it looked like there would be no change, but it was hard to complain about a fuck this powerful.

And then the three of us laid on the bed, gasping and panting, trying to recover. And while there was no sound save for our breathing, I was able to try and mentally center, pull myself back together. Which is why I suddenly realized that there was a growth going on, but different than what I’d ever had before. My balls were starting to expand.

It was slow, much slower than my cock ever grew (or for that matter the rate my balls would grow to match). And it felt different here; very strong and powerful, an overwhelming sense of maleness. I felt like I needed to fuck the world right now, long and hard, until these boys became pregnant by sheer force of will and amount of cum. I needed Ali, and right now.

And as my balls grew, I could feel the cum in them churning and pounding, full of hot seed that was multiplying at a vast rate. Was that why my balls were growing? I wasn’t sure, even as I somehow knew that taking Ali would stop it, shut down the strange reaction the curse had to me being the middle of a three-way sandwich.

Without a word I rolled over onto my stomach, and scooted Ali’s legs up into the air. He was still catching his breath and looked a little startled, but also eager at the same time. I slithered forward and started eating him out as close as I could to the way he had done it to me, loosening him up for what was about to come. Ali was going crazy almost instantly, and I suddenly remembered that the whole reason I was here was because he was in desperate need of some ass-play. So I started licking deeper and stronger, and Ali was whimpering in delight in a matter of seconds.

When Ali’s voice stopped, I looked up, but it turned out that Siddig had started kissing Ali deeply, a look of immense pride on Siddig’s face. Yeah, that’s right, I thought. I’m going to fuck your man, Siddig, and I can tell that you are going to love it just as much as Ali will.

I had to admit that I was ready to pound Ali as hard as he’d pounded me, and the time was now. My balls were still slowly growing, getting heavier and even more full of cum than I’d ever seen them. And so I got us into position and then, with no warning, got a good six inches of thick, enormous cock into Ali.

I could actually hear Ali cry out despite Siddig’s mouth being over Ali’s, but the look in Ali’s eyes was not one of pain. And so with another thrust I was nine inches in, even as Ali’s eyes widened in surprise, and then I really started going to town.

Ali’s entire body was shaking as I drilled into him, over and over again. Normally I’d have been content to make this last as long as possible, watching shivers of pleasure just roll all over Ali’s body with each thrust, even as Siddig moved from Ali’s mouth to his nipples, still kissing and sucking him everywhere. But my balls were begging for release, even as they puffed up even more and I could start to feel like I was going to cum over the entire world before much longer.

But still, somehow, I held on for a good five minutes, even as I turned Ali’s insides to jelly. He was just quivering and gasping, and I could feel that he was having lots of little internal orgasms with every thrust of mine. All that pent up need to be topped was finally getting released for Ali, and it was amazing to watch. But as my balls swelled even larger still, I could feel them dragging on the bedspread and I knew I had to do something before Ali and Siddig realized what was happening. They were larger than grapefruits now, just boiling with cum and… and… and I couldn’t hold back any more.

As I started shooting inside of Ali, I could see that he’d begun to ejaculate too, but honestly I didn’t care at that moment. Rush after rush of cum started filling Ali up, and slowly my balls deflated as they continued to push all that cum outside of me. As my semen started overflowing out of Ali, I pulled my cock out and kept shooting, with thick ropey strands going all over Ali’s chest and face.

And then, finally, it was over. I glanced down briefly and while my balls were still huge by any standard, they were at least reasonable enough that I would be able to get pants on again. With a loud sigh, I flopped forward on top of Ali, with a squelching noise as I landed on my cum that was now all over Ali’s body. There was a momentary pause, and then Ali started laughing gently.

“Wow,” he finally said. “Just… wow.”


Part 13

After a few minutes, Siddig slid off the bed and gave a quick smile at me and Ali. “I’m going to go get cleaned up,” he said, and then looked directly at Ali. “Remember, we’re meeting the guys at the movie theatre at 7:30, all right?”

“Will do,” Ali replied, and with that Siddig scooted out of the bedroom before I could say a word.

A little surprised, I turned to look at Ali and propped myself up on my side even as I could hear the fan and then the shower in the bathroom running. “Where is…?” I started to say.

Ali nodded. “Don’t worry,” he said. “Originally Siddig was going to leave the two of us alone the entire time, but we’d talked about it and if the opportunity presented itself he would be around for a bit before heading out. That’s all.” He paused for a second, and then grinned at me. “This is after all my birthday present.”

And with that, he crawled over and pushed me gently onto my back. “So maybe,” he said, straddling my chest, “just maybe, I could interest you in a little more?”

My dick had only gotten about half soft while we were lying there, but at that invitation it shot back up to full size again. No sir, I would not mind that one bit. Ali scooted back a bit, but I think he was a little surprised when his butt bumped the head of my dick much sooner than he’d expected. He looked over his shoulder and saw it there in all its glory and just grinned. And so we started back up again.

This time Ali was on top, slowly pushing back onto my huge dick and just pausing every few seconds to revel in the size of it inside of him. As he slid further and further down its shaft, he started reaching behind him to take hold of my (still rather large) balls, massaging each in a separate hand. I could already feel them warming up and starting to churn up more cum, and I just closed my eyes and leaned back into ecstasy. It was the most non-effort sex I’d had in a long time, just letting Ali take complete control as he inched up and down my penis while it slowly throbbed inside of him.

My orgasm this time was likewise very slow and leisurely; with no thrusting on my part, it built gradually and almost effortlessly, until with long slow surges I started pumping his ass full of cum again. I felt almost like a sex toy just then, there to hit whatever speed and volume he wanted. It wasn’t the first time I felt used, but it was the first time that I felt really good about it. I was there to give him pleasure, and that enjoyment was written all over his face.

Afterwards we headed into the shower ourselves. He scrubbed my chest down thoroughly, and if possibly it actually felt a little bigger and tighter than before. Even though I wasn’t in the shower by myself it actually gave me a minute or two to think while he moved soap suds all up and down each of my legs. It was hard not to compare the three-way and strange growth spurt in my balls that I’d had here with the three-way and sudden 14” penis from when I was in West Virginia. Were they related? And the other changes, like my packing on more and more muscle and inability to cum outside of actual sex, was that something new or just a side-effect of having a foot-long penis? It was odd.

But at that moment, Ali started rinsing me off, and as I looked at him I felt an urge for something a little stronger rise in me, and the thought process came to a halt. Instead, I slid my arms underneath Ali’s and lifted him up into the air a bit. He had one of those classic swimmer’s builds, with lean muscle and not much fat… or weight. So as his eyes widened in surprise, I grinned and started moving my cock towards his ass.

Ali obligingly wrapped his legs around my waist, and for the third time in just a few hours I started entering Ali’s well-abused asshole. It slid in effortlessly, and Ali let out a large groan as I gave a swift thrust upwards, spearing him almost entirely. After a few seconds I repositioned myself a bit; one hand on the shower wall to brace us, the other arm wrapped around Ali to hold him in place. And then, I started fucking him hard.

At first Ali gave off a little gasp with each thrust, but I couldn’t help myself and I started tonguing his mouth in rhythm with my penis, pushing into him in two places over and over again. I could feel his body shaking a bit as I picked up the pace, and the only question in my mind at this point was how long he could hold out from the assault. Ali’s muffled moans began to get louder, and I started drilling into him as hard and fast as I could in the position. And then, suddenly and without warning, Ali started clenching down hard on my dick and shooting all over my abs, and I unloaded a last (still quite large) load of cum into Ali. I could feel some of it dribbling out the edges and down my own dick and legs, and I knew Ali was more than full up by now.

Finally I let Ali slide off of my softening dick, and we had to scrub each other clean all over again, but somehow I don’t think he minded. I knew I didn’t. I was finally feeling like I really and truly had the edge off of my sexual appetite, although the fact that I had to have sex four times in an afternoon to get there was a tiny bit worrisome.

Once we were back in the bedroom, I pulled my clothes on while Ali wore a robe and watched a little wistfully. “So… um…” he finally said. “If Siddig ever says it’s ok, do you think I could see you again sometime?”

I paused for a second, thinking it through. “I’m not going to come between the two of you,” I finally told him, “so maybe a while from now. But as fun as this was, let’s not make this a regular thing. Ok?”

Ali nodded, looking both a little disappointed and relieved. “Yeah,” he said in that tone of voice that people use when they’re doing the “right thing” that they don’t want to actually do. “It just felt so good to get fucked again.”

“Birthdays come every year,” I smiled, and Ali chuckled a bit at that before I finally let myself out. The stroll back to the Red Line was fairly peaceful, and I was fully set to just go home and call it a day. But as I stepped onto an inbound train, I saw him. The super muscular military guy who’d been checking me out on the subway earlier.

He was sitting next to the window, and I saw him look startled, surprised, and then a tiny bit embarrassed as he saw me. I thought about it for a split second, admiring his short- cropped hair, those pale blue eyes, and the tiny tufts of well-trimmed chest hair peeking up through the open collar of his shirt. And then, slowly and deliberately, I walked over and sat down in the empty seat next to him.

He froze, clutching the backpack between his legs with one hand tightly. For a stop or two, we rode in silence, and slowly his posture seemed to relax. Once he seemed more at ease, even as he stared blankly forward, I decided it was the time to strike, and pressed my leg quite firmly into his.

Instead of tensing back up, to my surprise, he started pushing it back at me, then rubbing it up and down my own leg for a bit. Well now! I glanced over at him, and I could see he was staring at me in the reflection of the glass. There was a yearning in those eyes, but also a nervousness. I waited a stop or two, then leaned over and said in a low voice, “If you need to get off, I’m at the next stop.”

As he processed that, the train slid to a stop and I got up, taking a step or two towards the door before turning to look at him. There was indecision on his face, and then he suddenly grabbed his bag and hustled after me, practically on my heels. We said nothing as we exited the station, and once we got outside I turned to him and said, “My name’s John.”

Military guy looked a tiny bit nervous again, but suddenly flashed a brief, blindingly bright smile and said, “Gavin.”

I led Gavin back to my place, and it was strange; I was feeling drawn to him not quite like anyone else I’d met in a long time. I mean yes, Gavin was blisteringly hot, and I wanted to eat him up like dessert. But there was more to that, some sort of magnetic attraction that was just tugging me into orbit.

And then we were at my condo. As I closed the door behind us, Gavin looked really nervous again, and then finally spoke up, clutching that beat-up backpack like it was life support. “I… I have something I need to tell you,” he said with a slight quiver in his voice.

I nodded. “Ok,” I said. I figured he was going to say that he was positive, or maybe that he had to leave at a certain time, or that his name wasn’t really Gavin.

“I’ve never done this before,” he murmured. After a half-second pause, he clarified. “Ever. With anyone.” And then he started blushing bright red. “I’m… I’m… a virgin.”

Oh my. I was suddenly, acutely aware of the 12” monster in my pants, and began to wonder just where this would go. “All right,” I said in as reassuring a voice as I could, “that’s all right, let’s just go sit down for a minute and talk this through.”

I made a move for the couch, but Gavin just kept standing there nervously. Finally I took hold of his hand—which was quite warm—and led him over to the couch. Sitting next to him, I smiled. “So…” I said slowly, “Nothing at all? Do you know what you want to do?” I paused, trying to think of a delicate way to put it to this suddenly shy muscled man. “Do you want things in you, or…?”

He laughed a little nervously, and then smiled at me. “Nothing at all,” he said, “but I’ve been practicing a lot. I order a lot of toys on the internet and have them sent to a PO Box in Maryland. And then on weekends I go to a hotel and… um… practice with larger and larger toys.”

This was getting interesting and promising. I leaned towards his backpack and said, “May I?” He nodded eagerly and I opened it up and look a look.

Wow. Who knew military guys were carrying around backpacks full of dildos, cock rings, harnesses, and butt plugs? Best of all, he had some new, unopened boxes that he must have just picked up from the PO Box. I looked at the size of his new 10” butt plug, then grinned.

“I’ll be honest, Gavin,” I said. “I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you really bad. But I want it to not just be ok, I want it to be great for you.” I took one of his hands and put it on my crotch, letting him feel my cock through my pants. “I have a huge dick, and with a little work we can make this the best fuck of your life. So I tell you what I want to do. I want this to take all evening and over time. What do you think?”

If I’d just told him that he had won a million dollars, I don’t think Gavin would have smiled any wider than he did just then. And if I’d known the changes in my own life that having sex with Gavin would bring, well, I’d have smiled just as much.


Part 14

“Strip,” I told Gavin. He looked a little surprised, so I started unbuttoning his shirt. That got him moving, and before long he was completely naked in front of me. God damn, this man was gorgeous. A nice amount of chest hair, but kept well-trimmed. Pecs and biceps to die for, just bulging in all the right places. Six pack abs that I could probably bounce a quarter off of. And beautifully muscled thighs and calves.

His penis and balls seemed slightly above average, but not too much. I’d guess seven inches when fully erect, a state I could see it was about to head. Quickly, I reached into his bag and pulled out a leather cock ring, sliding his balls through it and then pulling the cock through as well until it was snugly around the base of his cock and balls. Gavin barely had time to blink, but I wanted to get the ring on him before he had gotten fully erect.

Next, I dug around in his bag and pulled out a leather studded harness. Well, this was a nice surprise, and something that could be fun. Turning back towards him, yep, seven proud inches standing in front of him. Gavin looked turned on and a tiny bit scared, and I gave him a reassuring smile as I pulled the harness on over his chest, snapping and tightening it in place.

“Wow,” I said, staring at him. “You are sex on a stick.” Gavin blushed, and I shook my head and then brought him over to the edge of the couch.

“Lean over,” I said, tugging on his harness to pull his chest down so that his hands were on the armrest and torso was parallel to the floor.

“I… I…” he began to say a bit nervously, but I cut him off.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’m just getting a toy ready for you. Remember, we’re going to take our time for the rest of today.”

Gavin let out a large breath, and I could see the tension in his back loosen up in response.

And then, finally, I pulled out that brand-new 10” butt plug he had ordered. Based on the other plugs that weren’t wrapped in cellophane, he’d already mastered up to 8.5”, a pretty impressive feat for a virgin who no doubt could only play around when he’d gotten off base for the weekend. He had some lube in the bag, so I greased it up with just a bit, and then with no warning started pushing it into him.

“Ahhh oh!” he cried out, and I instantly stopped.

“Sorry, sorry,” I said softly. “I forgot you’re not as used to this.” I rubbed his back a bit, even as I held the toy in place. After a minute or two, he nodded, and I began to very slowly insert it a bit further, pausing it every couple of seconds to make sure it was all right.

Around the eight inch mark, Gavin began to give off little pants and gasps, and I rubbed his back (as best I could with the harness there) some more. “Almost there,” I whispered, “almost there.” And even as he began to whimper, the last inch slid in and the thin, narrow base slid into place, held tight by his sphincter. Done.

“There we go,” I said. “Good job.”

Gavin straightened up, and I could see a strange mixture of being uncomfortable and being turned on (and perhaps a bit of pleasure?) all over him.

“We’re just going to let that stay there for a while, and get you nice and loosened up,” I said. I picked up his boxer briefs and said, “So for now, you can put some clothes back on.”

His dress pants were right out, because they were so nice and tight on his rear that even the small, relatively flat base of the plug would be obvious. Fortunately he had some jeans in his bag, and we tugged them onto him. The zipper was a little tough at first to close because of his erect penis, though. We paused for a minute, and I devilishly leaned forward and slipped it into my mouth for a minute, giving it a quick suck or two. Gavin’s eyes opened wide and he gave off a gasp, but I pulled off and tucked his thick dick back into his underwear with a wink.

The harness was going to be harder to hide, but after a few minutes I found an old, slightly big button down shirt of mine and put it on him. It hung a little loose, and we didn’t tuck it into the pants, so you couldn’t tell just what he had on underneath. Last but not least, a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses, and voila! You’d never know military man Gavin from the stud ready for action in front of me now.

I took the sunglasses off of Gavin for a minute and gently looked him in the eyes. “I just want you to have a good time tonight,” I reiterated. “So I thought we could go through the sort of evening you don’t normally have. A bit of a walk, some dinner out, and then we can come back here for…” and at this I paused for a moment, with a grin on my face, “…what will inevitably come next.”

Well, you’d have thought I’d told Gavin he’d just won a million dollars, the way his eyes lit up. It was nice to have gauged him correctly; this was one horny soldier, but for some reason I just knew he wanted more than that. And for the first time, he was going to get it.

Sunglasses back on, we headed outside and started down the street. After about half a block, I carefully slipped my hand into his. Gavin started a bit in surprise, but didn’t let go either. God, he was a big sweetheart, and oh how I wanted to just bring him right around the block and back inside and start fucking his brains out. But there was something about him, that sort of charm that he exuded that made me instead want to take it a little slow. As strange as it sounded, just for this evening, I wanted to romance him.

Well, romance him and then fuck his brains out.

But we walked for a while, heading up into a nearby park and enjoying the warm weather. Gavin was walking a little funny, but considering what he had up his ass and around his cock and balls, well, it wasn’t too much of a surprise. The plug was invisible from behind, but it was easy to see from the front that Gavin was still pretty excited. Several guys gave us a knowing glance, and some of those glances had a bit of envy in them too. Gavin seemed oblivious, chatting about a movie he’d seen recently.

We finally got to a mostly secluded spot of park, and on a whim I stopped and sat down on the grass. Gavin slowly lowered himself next to me, and when his ass touched the ground I could see a little shock go across his face as the butt plug was given a little shove by the contact with the earth. I put my arm around Gavin’s shoulders and just leaned into him. He gave out a deep sigh and leaned back, and for a minute or two I just felt his body heat radiate up against me.

“So,” I finally said. “I have to ask. Did you know you were gay when you joined the military?”

Gavin blushed a deep red at this, as if I’d just found him stealing from the cookie jar. “Yeah,” he finally said. “I grew up in Nebraska and we didn’t have any money, so this was a way for me to get out into the world and get a job at the same time. I didn’t mind joining, it felt like the right thing, but I…” He paused and then blushed again. “Well, I also kind of wanted to be around all those other guys. I figured I wouldn’t find any other gay men in a little town in Nebraska. That hasn’t worked out so well though… unless you count jerking off in the bathroom when I’m by myself.”

I chuckled at that. “I guess when you’re around a lot of hot, fit men, it can get to be too much.”

He shrugged. “It’s not even like I want to do all of the men there or anything. But it’s like anywhere else. You see someone that hits you just right and then they’re all you can think about.” He paused and looked at me, and even through his sunglasses I could feel he was staring into my eyes. “Sometimes there’s just that connection and you’re swept away in it.” He put a hand on my leg, and I thought my dick was going to burst through my pants right then and there. All that sex I’d had earlier in the day seemed to have worn off and I was raring to go right then and there.

I couldn’t help myself, and I put a hand on the side of his face, gently. I could hear his breathing get a little faster, and I leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. He froze for just a second, and then kissed me back. We kissed a second time, then a third, and then I began to gently but firmly push my tongue into his mouth even as I slid my arms around him and held him close.

I could feel him shudder—probably in delight or excitement—and I pushed further in, claiming his mouth as mine. He had a strong tongue, and he quickly figured out how to start pushing it against mine as I made love to his mouth. Slowly I leaned him backwards onto the grass as I continued to kiss him, eventually lying on top of him as he wrapped his arms around my in return. I could feel his erection, desperately pushing against my own, and I knew that if I didn’t stop we were not only not going to make it to dinner, but we would probably be heading right for an arrest for obscene acts in public. Slowly, regretfully, I pulled off of him and then grinned sheepishly at the dazed Gavin.

“You drive me crazy,” I said. “And in a good way.”

Gavin just lay there, breathing heavily and looking a little sweaty and mussed, in an adorable way. “Wow,” he finally said.

“Oh, trust me,” I said. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” I awkwardly stood up (wishing my penis would deflate just a little bit), then helped pull Gavin to his feet as well. “Let’s go get dinner before our balls explode.”

Dinner as at a little Thai restaurant near my home. It was early enough that the lunch crowd had left but dinner crowds hadn’t quite shown up yet, which was good. I let Gavin take the seat up against the wall, and as I sat across from him it was hard to not get dazzled by his sheer hotness. As we ate our dinner, I found myself kicking off my shoes and pushing a foot up his calf and then thigh. As it stroked his leg under the table, Gavin kept having little jumps and starts of surprise, and I tried not to laugh.

Once we were done, I figured we could sit for a bit; Gavin and I had drank several cocktails, and I was content to just hang out. But Gavin started looking around nervously. “Where’s the bathroom?” he finally said through gritted teeth. “I think my dick is going to fall off with this cock ring on it.”

“I’ll take you there,” I said, quickly leaving a handful of cash on the table for our waiter. “They’re kind of hard to find.”

Winding back behind the bar and past the entrance to the kitchen were the entrances to two single-occupant bathrooms. Gavin tugged on the first handle, and it swung open. He stepped inside, and I quickly slid in behind him and locked the door.

“I… Oh,” Gavin said, confused at first and then not so much as I unzipped his pants. His cock was hot and throbbing, and I could only imagine that its erection hadn’t diminished for even a second since we left the apartment.

“Come here,” I said, pulling him closer and starting to kiss him again even as my other hand gently stroked his penis. It was a dangerous game I was playing; I knew that at any moment that gun could go off in my hands. But Gavin’s horny nature was irresistible, almost like I was somehow soaking it up, as if I could feel his need washing over me in waves. And so for several minutes we made out, with my hand moving up and down his penis and balls while he pushed up against me. If he was a little more experienced, I think I might’ve just taken him on the spot.

But this needed to be right, and I said as much as I regretfully pulled off of him. I stopped and looked at his penis and then added, “And I don’t think I’ve helped your problem very much.”

Gavin let out a guffaw of laughter at that, and we eventually stuffed his penis back into his pants and got out of the restaurant as quickly as possible. What was normally a short walk home seemed like a small eternity, both of us hot under the collar, but eventually we got back to my place and in seconds were inside with the door slammed shut behind us.

“Come here, you big stud,” I snarled, grabbing his harness through the shirt and dragging him into the bedroom. Gavin eagerly stumbled after me, and from there it was a flurry of us pulling each other’s clothing off. Not the slow seduction I had in mind, but both of us were too horned up to change the speed of events.

As my pants came off, he got an even closer look at just how much I was packing through my underwear, and his eyes got as large as soup plates. Before he could worry, though, I pushed him down onto the bed on his back. “Come here, sexy,” I said, sliding between his legs and pushing his calves up onto my shoulders. God, he was hot. Right now he just looked so eager and needy that any chance of subtlety was gone.

Reaching down, I grasped the plug and gave it a little tug. Gavin gasped as the plug shifted inside him, and suddenly I realized that this couldn’t be a gentle process, not any more. I yanked it out, and his face started in shock and pleasure. “Waahhaahhh,” he gasped, shaking his head back and forth a little bit.

I grabbed my own jar of lube that I had next to my bed and put a little bit on my own dick, although I could tell he was still well-lubed from the plug. Before his body had a chance to start tightening up what the plug had been loosening, I pushed the head of my penis up against his fluttering asshole.

“Get ready, soldier,” I said.

Gavin took a deep breath in response, and with that I pushed the head of my cock inside Gavin.

Oh god, he was so warm and tight, even after being loosened up for several hours. “Ohhhhh,” Gavin said, but I could tell it was all pleasure now. His eyes were closed, and I could see his hands drifting to his chest, playing with the harness and the feel of leather against his fingers and his pecs. “Ohhhh yes,” he said. “More… more…”

Well, all right then.

I started sliding in, an inch or two at a time. I honestly wanted to just ram the whole twelve inches in, but he was still tight enough that this was taking some extra time. Right around the nine inch point, Gavin began giving out little grunts and moans with each extra bit shoved in. “Oh… oh… ah… oh… ohhhh,” he moaned, his muscles bulging and twitching uncontrollably. Right now I felt like I wasn’t just fucking a hot and built guy, it was as if I was fucking all of America and apple pie to boot. (I kind of wished that somehow he was still in his uniform at that moment.)

And then, to my surprise, the hilt of my penis slapped up against his ass. Holy hell, I was all the way in, and this young virgin was writhing on my penis like he’d been doing this for years. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” he was gasping. “Fuck me now, fuck me now, fuck me now.”

So by god, that’s just what I did. I started slamming the hell out of his ass, ramming it into him as hard and forceful as I could. Gavin’s head was thrashing back and forth even as he pinched his own nipples, and I wasn’t entirely sure at times on who was riding whom. We were a sex machine, each of us pushing onto the other as waves of pleasure crashed through the pair of us.

“Ohhh… oh…. ohhhhhhhhhh… ooooohhhhhhhhh…” Gavin started moaning even louder than before, and I knew he was at the edge. I started slamming his prostate with all of my strength, and just like that, Gavin’s cock started spitting out cum all over the place. His chest, the harness, his face, my face and chest… it just kept gushing everywhere, and then I was cumming too, pumping my hot load into his ass and filling it up.

Finally, it was over. Gavin’s eyes were closed again, and while we were both breathing heavily I could see a huge smile on his face. Slowly I pulled out, and then, leaning over him, began licking all of his cum off of him, bit by bit. Gavin sighed and melted into the experience, giving off little moans as I licked particularly sensitive spots on him. Gavin’s cum was still warm, and it made my stomach feel strangely content as I slurped it up.

After a few minutes, all that was left was his cock, which was still erect. Taking it into my mouth, I began running my tongue all over it, bathing it as I removed the cum from it. Gavin gave off some little grunts of contentment… and then began gasping like he was coming again. Surprised, I shot my gaze in the direction of his face even as I sucked his cock, and he looked surprised too, like something strange was happening to him.

And so, because his cock was still in my mouth, I was able to feel it first hand as he grew from seven to eight inches.


Part 15

Now, when I first found out about my own particular blessing/curse, I didn’t have anyone to explain it all to me. It took trial and error on my part to figure out the “rules,” so to speak, and I remember some time later wishing that I’d had someone like me around to explain it all.

With that in mind, this is a good a point as any to try and glaze over the next few minutes where I “explained” what was going on to Gavin. Because here’s the long and short of it: I didn’t do a good job at all. I was breathless and excited (but not as much as Gavin, who suddenly had an eight-inch penis where minutes earlier it was just seven), I babbled, and I really just wanted to start fucking him again. So like I said, not a good job. Honestly, it’s a bit of a blur.

Really, if you go back through my memory, one minute I’m sucking on his cock and it’s growing an inch inside my mouth. The next minute, he’s on his side, I’ve got my arm hooked under the leg that’s not against the bed, and I’m pounding his prostate like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t think either of us even noticed that for the first time since the vacation, my penis had gotten to shrink down to a slightly more manageable eleven inches. I know that Gavin’s eyes were still rolling back in his head just as well as they did before, and I was definitely still filling up his ass with a huge, thick cock.

But yeah, I had one arm hooked under his top leg, the other one went around his torso, and one of my legs was wrapped around his bottom leg. He was more or less immobilized as I thrust into him over and over again, and he made some yelping noises of pleasure. “Oh god,” he started to moan as my thrusts got harder and I could feel him starting to quiver inside. “Oh god, make me grow, oh yes, make me grow again, ohhh… ohhh… ohhh…”

(So yeah, I clearly didn’t explain the whole “no growing with repeat customers” part very well, or at least it didn’t sink in. Honestly, what he was saying didn’t sink in with me until we were done. I just wanted to fuck him for the rest of eternity at that moment, with his hotness blazing up my sights.)

My balls were pumping away, working overtime and I could feel that hot cum just bubbling up inside of me, ready for release. And with no warning, I suddenly cut loose inside of him, blasting spurt after spurt into my willing military man. That was all it took for Gavin to shoot as well, arcs of sperm launching across my bed. And then, after several minutes, shuddering, we both finally stopped. Still clutching him, I sagged down a little bit and then started kissing his neck and back.

“I don’t know what came over me there,” I murmured. Even his salty sweat tasted good. Was this guy for real?

Gavin was breathing deeply, and while he was winded I could tell he was pretty pleased as well. I finally pulled out of him, and he rolled over towards me so that I could better see the big smile on his face.

“Thank you,” he whispered, and pressed up against me. He was warm, and his penis was still pretty hard. As he wrapped his arms around me, we relaxed for a few minutes, and finally I could feel his penis stirring, no doubt about to get soft. Or not. Startled, I leaned out of his embrace a bit and stared in surprise. Somehow, impossibly, he was growing again.

In a minor panic, I glanced at my own penis but it was unchanged. I looked back at Gavin’s hungry eyes, then his penis, and then shook my head. “Wow,” I said. “You weren’t supposed to grow a second time with me.”

Gavin blinked. He’d been startled when it happened the first time, but somehow he’d impossibly adjusted to the idea during our second fuck. So to have everything changing on him again was understandably strange. “Wait… what?” he said slowly. “I… I thought you said I was going to grow every time someone topped me.”

I sighed slowly. “Every time someone new topped you,” I clarified. “Except that doesn’t appear to be the case with you.” I paused for a minute before pushing forward. “I’ve heard of one or two people online who claim that they grow or shrink every time regardless of if the person is new or not, but I always figured they were just lying.” But there was the proof, thumping away and begging to be used in-between Gavin’s legs. And after all, I’d had enough strangeness going on lately with the curse that Gavin’s position being different wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

I looked back up at Gavin’s face, and while he seemed a little puzzled and confused, I could also see a growing sexual desire coming over him again. Well, of course, it suddenly hit me. He’d gone from being a virgin to growing two inches in the space of an hour. It was a minor miracle he hadn’t just started straddling me and going to town.

So instead of talking, I slowly slid down his torso, kissing and licking his tight pecs and chest fur, biting his nipples gently before moving further down and arriving at his large and very hard cock. “Where was I earlier?” I said playfully, before taking his balls into my mouth. They were definitely a little larger than before, and I could feel them humming away inside his scrotum, no doubt preparing for another round or twelve. I let them roll around in my mouth and across my tongue, and based on the groan from Gavin it was most definitely appreciated.

After a few minutes, I started licking the shaft of his penis, slowly moving up it and decreasing the rate of ascent so that the anticipation of me arriving at the head grew and grew. As I got closer and closer, Gavin was growing increasingly antsy and anxious, his pelvis involuntarily thrusting in his desperation. I took pity on him, and took the head of the penis into my mouth and began to suck and tongue it like there was no tomorrow. Gavin shot instantly, filling my mouth with hot cum by the handful. I swallowed as fast as I could, but didn’t stop my sucking on his penis, eventually starting to let more of it into my mouth and throat. Gavin didn’t lose even a fraction of his erection, and about two minutes later a second orgasm ripped through his body. This new load was no smaller than the last, and I let it slide down to my stomach while I kept working on him, this time running my hands up and down his thighs and legs while I gave him the blowjob to end all blowjobs.

After a few minutes, Gavin was starting to buck again, but he seemed unable to get over the edge for one last orgasm. So I slid my hands up and laid one fingertip against the rosebud of his ass, and just like that Gavin shot before I could actually penetrate him. But about a minute later, I felt his penis start to droop a little bit, and I let it finally slide out of my throat and mouth.

Gavin was sprawled out across the bed, spread-eagled, looking like he’d just run a footrace and won. If it wasn’t for the big exhausted smile on his face I might’ve been worried. So instead I just lay next to him, and for about fifteen minutes we relaxed. Finally, though, I ended up being the killjoy.

“All right, get up,” I said, poking him in the side. “I need to change the sheets, or you’re going to have to sleep tonight in a puddle of cum that you shot all over them earlier.”

Gavin’s eyes lit up. “Sleep?” he said.

I sighed. “Do you really think I’m going to just kick you out? What kind of guy do you think I am?”

And so, with the sheets in the washer and a fresh pair on the bed, we crawled in under the sheets and in a matter of minutes I was out like a light.

It was only a few hours later when I woke up on my side, and felt something rubbing up and down my penis, which was stiff as a board. As I got my bearings, I realized that the rubbing sensation was also along my chest, and the whole front of me; Gavin was moving his body up and down mine, with his tight ass cheeks around the length of my cock, gripping it like a hot dog. He was making faint moans, and I realized that he was half awake and half asleep, doing what he wanted and needed but not thinking it all the way through. I wrapped my arms around him, and that seemed to rouse him into full wakefulness. He didn’t stop moving, though, and if anything it just encouraged him.

His ass was still slick from my cum earlier, mixed with sweat, and… well, I don’t know how long he had been working my dick, but I was revved up and horny too, now. Against my better judgment I started pushing myself into his ass, and even though it had been hours since I’d first loosened him up, I slid in with ease. Well, then again, he had the curse now too. Of course it was going to be easy.

This time, though, I was still tired and it was a slow, leisurely fuck. I took my time, inching in and out of his ass. Gavin was going crazy with anticipation the longer it went on, and he tried to start moving up and down my dick on his own speed but I gave his nipples a good hard pinch and he immediately started moving at my pace instead.

I didn’t let go of the nipples, though, and played with them as I thrust in and out of him. It worked even better than I’d thought, each little tweak and tiny pinch sending shivers up and down his chest and back. I started licking his neck, and he twisted his head back and bit and I slid my tongue into his mouth instead. And so, as two lovers, we fucked for almost twenty minutes, the intensity slowly growing until even I could no longer hold back and I erupted inside of him. He came seconds afterwards, and once we were done shaking from the force of it all I rolled him over and once again cleaned off his dick with my mouth, feeling it yet again grow as I did so.

“Go back to sleep,” I finally whispered, and about five minutes later I could hear his breathing deepen and I knew he’d done so, at which point I let myself doze off.

When I woke up again, it was still slightly dark out, almost dawn, and I could feel the bed shaking a bit. After a few seconds, I rolled over to look at Gavin. He was sitting up in the bed, his eyes closed, masturbating furiously. My movement must have alerted him, because his eyes flew open and he saw me looking at his actions.

“I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, “but I’m so, so horny.” He paused for a second, shaking his head. “I couldn’t fall asleep, it’s just too much.”

Seeing that big man work that huge ten-inch penis was stirring emotions up in me, and my libido as well based on the sudden heat I felt rushing down into my cock and balls. What had I been thinking earlier? The poor guy was just a big ball of emotion and hormones, or was that two big balls of hormones? I needed to pull Gavin off the brink, and now.

I scooted over to where he was sitting, and pulled his hands off of his penis. Leaning in, I started kissing him, while putting his hands on my sides. I could see in his eyes that he was frustrated because he needed to climax, but he followed my lead and began moving his hands up and down my torso.

After a few minutes, I raised my ass up a bit and grabbed his penis. It was immensely thick and hot, throbbing in my hand. Carefully I pointed it towards my ass, and then began lowering myself onto it.

Gavin’s eyes widened, and I think had my tongue not still been in his mouth he might’ve cried out in surprise. He definitely seemed to like the idea, though, based on the excited way that he began kissing me at that point. As for me, it felt wonderful to feel this mighty, strong man slowly entering me. Over the past few weeks I’d been fucked by a lot of different guys, but Gavin… Gavin was, to me, the essence of masculinity. I think that’s why I was so attracted to him the second I’d laid eyes on him. His rock solid body, those big muscles, the strong face, everything about him said, “I AM A MAN.” He was all man, and I wanted to have him, and to be him.

After about five inches had entered me, I started leaning back, pulling my legs up as I did so. Shortly we were in a new position, me on my back with my legs pulled up and just under his arms, and Gavin on top of me and still inside of me. I needed to be able to see his gorgeous body as it pumped into me, to imagine myself being as strong and muscular and masculine as he was. That’s what I needed. It was like a magnet tugging at my libido and my heart, that yearning to be transformed into that ultimate man.

Gavin was pushing further in, and I could feel his heavy balls slapping against my ass as the last inches finally entered. God, this was amazing. My own balls felt huge again, and my whole body was on fire with desire. With each thrust I imagined myself somehow inflating up like him, and it just turned me on even more.

“I… Oh god… I… aaaahhh… yes!” Gavin suddenly shouted, and I felt his hot seed begin to spray inside of me. As he did so, he kept thrusting hard into me, and suddenly with each thrust I could feel my muscles really begin to grow. Each pump, each push, and I grew a little thicker, a little denser, a little stronger. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

And by the time Gavin was done, I knew that somehow my body was as strong and tight as his, and that it was the best growth spurt from sex that I’d ever had or probably would have. Earlier in the evening I’d made Gavin mine, but in some perverse way I was a little bit his now, too. No matter who else we were with down the line, I knew that we’d always have that special bond connecting us now.

But what I know now, though, is that there were still some surprises to come for me, and that I was closer to a moment where all of my growing was leading towards.


Part 16

After what seemed like a small eternity, it was morning. I rolled over onto my side and examined the sleeping Gavin as well as myself. He was just as gorgeous as I remembered, perfectly muscled and proportioned; Gavin was all man, there was no way around it. Having a nine inch penis hanging between his legs certainly didn’t hurt matters.

But now, I found myself in an awfully similar situation. My pecs were much larger and stronger, my biceps and triceps both bulged so beautifully I wanted to just start licking them, and my ass—which had always been a nice little bubble butt—was so rounded and firm that I found one hand drifting over to feel it. From there it’d go down to my muscular thighs, which felt like tree trunks, to say nothing of my calves. Was this what it was like to be Gavin? It was a minor miracle he ever got anything done.

I went and hopped in the shower, cleaning off the dried sweat and smell of sex from myself. As I worked the bath gel all over my body, it was all I could do to keep from pulling my own eleven-incher back up into a full erection. Calm down, I kept telling myself, take it easy. As much as I wanted to top Gavin again, the last thing I needed was for him to get another inch and go sex-crazy all over again.

When I walked back into the bedroom, still toweling off, Gavin was sitting on the edge of the bed with that goofy, charming smile that kept melting my heart. “Hey there, stud,” he grinned.

“Hey there, yourself,” I replied. I ran my eyes up and down him and I could already see his dick starting to plump up a bit, ever-ready for more. Like a kid in a candy shop, I thought to myself, that I needed to teach restraint.

“So,” I continued. “With a body like that, I’ll bet you don’t miss a day at the gym.”

This was clearly not the direction Gavin thought I was going in, and he looked a little confused but then nodded.

“I tell you what,” I said. “My gym is next door. I’m going to give you my gym pass and you go work out, while I go for a run.” He opened his mouth and I raised a finger in response. “I’m not kicking you out, and I’m not saying we’re done for the weekend. But you need to learn how to control that new monster between your legs before you go back on base. Otherwise you’ll be in a new army fucking division, and I’m pretty sure the upper brass won’t go for that.”

Gavin laughed, and I could see his shoulders that had started to tense up relax again. “That sounds reasonable,” he said. “And yeah, the gym is usually how I’ve avoided temptation.”

“That temptation’s going to be a lot harder,” I said, and when Gavin laughed and tugged on his penis I couldn’t help but chuckle too. “Not that kind of harder,” I said.

Walking over to him, I sat down and put one arm around him before slowly, deeply tonguing his mouth. Gavin instantly responded, kissing back forcefully, and for a minute it was hard to focus on getting ready for a run instead of a lay. Finally I pulled away, and glanced down at our laps. Twenty-one inches of cock were throbbing away between the two of us, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the spectacle.

“We’ll take care of that when we’re done working out,” I said firmly, and with a regretful look Gavin followed me over to the closet where I found workout clothes for the both of us. Yeah, the shorts were a little tight (they weren’t used to having quite so much ass to fill them out, to say nothing of the upper chest and sleeves) but neither of us looked utterly obscene and we could survive going out in public.

Which is how, a few minutes later with plans to meet in 90 minutes, Gavin was at my gym and I was jogging over to Rock Creek Park. It was early in the morning and mostly deserted, and my newly-muscled calves and thighs were propelling me up and down the trail much faster than I was used to. I was about half an hour into the run and drinking in the cool air and beautiful scenery, when I saw a gorgeous runner heading my way. He was shorter than me—maybe 5’2” or so—but he had that classic compact runner’s body. As he drew closer, I could see his eyes fixed firmly on my crotch as it bobbed and bounced like a focal point in front of me. Even the world’s strongest jock strap can only do so much after all, and there was no missing my manhood.

We passed each other, and right then I could hear him mutter, “Oh god yes,” to himself. I don’t think he even knew he’d said it out loud, since he had his headphones on. I glanced behind me to check out his ass, which was pert and round and tantalizing, and I saw him glance over his shoulder as well and his eyes widened.

My balls started aching sympathetically, and I thought, why not? So I turned around and jogged back in his direction, catching up easily and running alongside.

“Hey there,” I said. “Nice form.”

“Oh!” the runner said, frantically pulling out an earbud. “Thanks. You’re amazing. I mean, your form.”

“Right,” I chuckled. “You look like you’re training for a long, hard work out.”

“Uh huh,” the runner said, almost stumbling off of the trail.

“Want to go somewhere and work out together?” I said, dispensing with the subtlety. I was pretty certain I knew just what he wanted. “Because that ass is just begging for it.”

“My place is just around the corner,” he said in a rush, and within another five minutes we were out of the park and he was ushering me into the elevator of his apartment building.

“My name’s Del,” he said as the elevator doors closed.

“John,” I replied, and then his hands were all over me, one centered around the front of my ever-tightening shorts, the other running up and down my back and ass. When the door opened, we stumbled out, barely glancing up and down the hall to make sure no one else was there (the coast was clear) and then hurrying to his place.

Apparently Del couldn’t even wait to get into the bedroom, because he grabbed me and dragged me to the couch, his shorts sliding off around his ankles and then getting kicked across the room. In one effortless motion, he flopped onto his back, pulled me up on top of him, and hooked his legs around my waist.

“Fuck me, oh god, please fuck me,” he gasped.

I’m normally not adverse to at least a little foreplay, but all right. Next stop, fuck city. I tugged my own shorts off as quickly as I could, but they kept getting caught on my dick that was pushing out of my jock strap. The strap went a minute later, and even as I lined up the huge head of my dick against his ass, I leaned forward and started kissing his neck and biting his ear.

“Oh yeah, oh please don’t stop, just like that,” he moaned, and I could feel his ass loosen up as I began my assault with my mouth. Taking the opportunity presented, I gave a quick shove in, and felt a good four inches slide right into his ass.

Del was quite the little power bottom, as it turned out, taking it like a pro and without even batting an eye. “Yeah, keep going,” he muttered, and obligingly I kept pushing in, waiting for even minor resistance. Which is how, just a few strokes in, I was already all the way up to the hilt, my huge, red-hot balls slapping against his ass.

As I continued to work over his ears and neck—somehow I just knew that was what really pushed his buttons—I could feel his hands grabbing at my hair and shoulders, with low, guttural groans coming from his mouth. “Again,” he would push out on occasion, or, “Oh yeah, oh yeah.” All the while, his ass clamped down on my dick so tight I could barely hold out, and after about five minutes I couldn’t take any more and started shooting gush after gush of cum deep inside his insides. I slid one hand under to help him along, and found that at some point he’d clearly already too, with splatters of semen all over both of our abs.

Finally, done, I propped myself up on my hands and looked down at Del. He grinned mischievously, and then I could feel his ass muscles start massaging my cock. I’d barely gotten soft at all (although I’d felt the shift from eleven to ten inches quietly occur), and in a matter of second was raring for more. And clearly, so was Del.

The second time was even faster, perhaps because I knew that I didn’t need to worry about Del asking me to slow down. I pounded his ass as hard as I could, and Del got even wilder underneath me until both of us came again. Then, regretfully, I slid out before he could try for a third go-round. “I’ve got to be somewhere,” I said apologetically, and he nodded.

Hopping off the couch, he was back in a couple of seconds with a towel which he used to mop the cum and sweat off of me. His mouth might have also been used as a cleaning device, and if I didn’t know that I’d have Gavin waiting for me back at my place I probably would have stayed to see just how much Del could take. I could just feel that with Del, sex was uncomplicated; he clearly loved sex, but I didn’t have to worry about jealousy or that sort of thing. And don’t get me wrong, the attraction I had to Gavin was more than physical, and I wanted to follow that further. But I’d definitely fuck Del again.

As I pulled on my shorts, I felt him slip a card into my waistband. “Call me,” he said with a wink. “It doesn’t matter how big you get, I’m always ready for something that fun.”

Huh. Did that mean that Del knew about the blessing/curse? It was hard to say. Once again, if I didn’t know that I’d have someone waiting for me, I’d have wanted to stick around and talk some more. Instead I just grinned and winked back, and then ran back home just in time to greet Gavin at the door to my building.


Part 17

Gavin looked sweaty and refreshed when I saw him at the front door. We headed in together, and as soon as the elevator doors closed I turned to him and said, “How’s it hanging?”

Gavin chuckled. “A little less urgently,” he said, although I could see some stirring in the front of his shorts. “Definitely feel like I sweated out a little control.”

“Sweated out?” I said as the door opened and we walked down the hall to my place. “Or pumped out?”

Yeah. I’m bad. And I knew that it’d just make his shorts get a little tighter. But I needed at least one more good fuck from Gavin before he went back to his base. And I knew just what would do it.

Sure enough, as soon as the door closed, he moved his arms around me and I could feel his tongue pushing into my mouth, our tight muscular bodies up against one another. There was just something about Gavin—his need, his body, his personality, his everything—that made me feel weak in the knees and this was no exception. For several minutes he tongue-fucked me, that muscle of his moving through my mouth and exploring every inch with a confidence and masculinity that drove me wild. I could feel my ass twitching with anticipation, and it took almost all of my self-control to not just drop my shorts and re-enact my sex with Del, only this time with me as the bottom.

Instead, I finally disentangled with Gavin, and brought him over to the bed. His shorts had somehow dropped off during our make-out session, and his 9” penis was unsurprisingly hard and ready to go. I gently pushed him down onto his back, hitched his legs up a bit, and started eating out his asshole.

He definitely wasn’t expecting that, and I heard him gasp a little bit as my tongue started working his way in. He was sweaty and warm down below and if anything that was driving me wild. After a minute or two, I was able to push my tongue in as far as it could reach, and he was making little whimpering noises. At one point I saw a hand drift up to his penis and I grabbed his wrist, holding it firmly down along the bed. He wasn’t finishing himself off that easily.

A minute or two more, and he was starting to thrash back and forth a bit, gasping with each thrust of my tongue. He was ready. I pulled out, and fixing him with a look that kept him from moving, slid over to the nightstand for a minute then came back over. Gently, I took the head of his penis in my mouth… and then roughly pushed half of a vibrating dildo into his ass.

The responding moan let me know that this was a good move indeed. And as I slowly bobbed up and down his big penis, and played with those swelling balls with my right hand, the left hand worked that dildo up inside of him, moving it around and turning the vibration levels up and down.

“Oh Jesus,” I heard him gasp. “Oh God, please don’t stop, oh… ohhhhh… ohhhhh yeah…” And then it just shifted back into moaning and grunts, coherence a thing of the past.

To Gavin’s credit, he held on a whole eight minutes before erupting in my mouth. I’m a little surprised he had that much control left in him. Gush after gush shot down my throat, and good god was he a heavy cummer. Not that I minded. He had enough seed to create a whole baseball team of little Gavins.

Once he stopped shaking, I turned off the dildo and placed it to one side, then pulled him back up off the bed and gently took off his shirt. Taking him by the hand, I easily led the slightly dazed, happily smiling Gavin into the bathroom. He quickly got the hint and tugged off my clothes, and after we kicked off our shoes we stepped into the shower, where I turned my back to the spray, my face up against the tile wall, and let Gavin fuck me one more time.

Because I’d deliberately drained him of his urgency, this ended up being an amazing fuck. He pushed in and out slowly and deliberately, and I’m pretty sure he knew this was the end of our weekend together. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he licked and kissed me, and his arms encircled my torso, pulling on my nipples or just rubbing up and down my newly tight six-pack abs. And it just went on and on and on, to the point that I found myself wondering if we were going to drain the entire condo building of hot water.

But then, finally, our pace started picking up and then he was shooting again, gushing into me and my own dick sympathetically splattering the title with my own semen. I could feel my own body pumping up a bit all over with muscle, as if to replicate the pump that his muscles had gotten from his workout, and I moaned with pleasure.

And then, Gavin regretfully pulling out, I turned around and we kissed each other for several more minutes, but this time it wasn’t the hot and heavy “I need to fuck” kissing, but a slow, passionate session, and it was amazing.

Finally cleaned up, we slowly dressed, and a thick silence hung in the air. Gavin was down to just 8” of cock, and his pants at least fit now, but he still had a bit more as a souvenir of our time together. He finally broke the ice with the comment, “So will I see you again?”

I smiled gently at him. “Absolutely.”

We exchanged contact information, and then regretfully, Gavin headed out.

The rest of the morning and afternoon was fairly tame; I changed the sheets, climbed back into bed, and took a long nap. Afterwards I sat in bed and tried to do some reading, but my mind just kept drifting to that last fuck, and how great it felt. And how I wanted Gavin back in my bed and fucking me again.

Yeah, I was still horny. And needy. Which is why I ended up doing something rather stupid; I got dressed in a pair of tight pants and equally tight shirt (even more so thanks to my new physique), and headed around the corner to the Green Lantern.

A Sunday afternoon at a gay bar is often quiet, and this was no exception. After all, most aren’t willing to get sloshed at 3pm. But there were a few there, and I nodded and smiled before sidling up to the bar and ordering a double whisky. I’d just finished gulping it down when I heard a voice behind me. “Well, hello there John.”

I turned around and blinked in surprise. It was Owen, the lanky red-head I’d met out in West Virginia, the one that I hadn’t let fuck me because I was already too big at the time. A lot flashed through my mind; that I hadn’t called him like I’d promised, that he had been a little sour about me not letting him fuck me (even though I’d said I medically couldn’t at the time), and that he’d had a long and thick cock.

“Owen!” I smiled. “It’s so great to see you.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” he replied, casually putting an arm around my waist and pulling me in tightly. “It is great for you to see me.”

Oh my. Where had this confidence come from?

He leaned in and gave me a strong kiss, and I could taste some gin on his breath. Aha. Liquid confidence. “How are you feeling these days?” he said. His other hand was moving down my side, and I could feel my pulse start to race.

“Pretty good,” I got out, before he interrupted me.

“I mean,” he added in a low voice, “how are you feeling about me fucking the living daylights out of you now? I think I’ve waited long enough. And damn, you feel good to me right about now.”

His cock was clearly growing inside his pants, because I could feel it pushing up against me, insistently. And never mind everything I’d gone through today already. I wanted it. I really wanted it.

I tried to take control of the situation. “I thought you’d never ask,” I said. “Maybe we could…”

He shook his head, then walked over to the manager and talked for a brief minute, then walked back over to me. “Follow me,” he said tersely, putting a hand on my shoulder and guiding me over to the back rooms.

To my surprise, he pulled a key out of his pocket and unlocked an office. “We know each other well,” he said by way of explanation, then pushed me into the room and closed the door behind me, locking the door once more.

And then I was on my back on the desk and he was on top of me, and that insistent mood that I remembered from on vacation was there all over again. He was tearing my shirt open with one hand (I saw at least one button fly off across the room, although some managed to stay on as it popped open), the other one on my shoulder as he held me down, his mouth all up and down my neck, my ears, my lips. And then he was moving down to my nipples, sucking on them and then biting on them, murmuring approval at the firmness of my pecs.

“Someone’s been working out,” I heard him mutter, and then my arms were pulled through the sleeves of my shirt and he started working on my pants, pulling them off along with my shoes in record time. After a minute I was able to unbutton his pants too, although the zipper was already partway down, and as it turned out there wasn’t anything on underneath them. His dick was looking enormously thick, and I could feel myself twitching. I was being such a little slut right now, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be fucked.

He was meanwhile rubbing my dick and balls through my underwear, and then suddenly he yanked them off too. “I’m going to fill you up,” he muttered.

Well, I’ll admit, that dick looked awfully girthy. But I knew that the curse meant that I could take it no matter how big it was, and I was ready and willing. Turns out that was a good thing, because as he climbed back on top of me, I could feel him pulling my legs up and his dick pushing at my rear. Foreplay, clearly, had already left the station.

As the first few inches slid in, my eyes widened a bit. God, he really was big, even bigger than it had initially seemed. I could feel my insides adjusting to take him, and honestly I think he looked a little disappointed that he was entering me as quickly as he was. I obligingly let out a groan or two; considering how he was hitting so many buttons inside of me, that wasn’t too hard.

Owen started rocking back and forth inside of me, and I swear I felt his dick thicken up a little more. I bit my lip, his dick almost feeling uncomfortable it was so big, but I could take it. He started pinching my nipples, but otherwise standing along the edge of desk while I was shoved back and forth along it, stray papers sliding back and forth underneath my back. Suddenly he picked up the pace, and with each slam into me I felt like my eyes were rolling into the back of my head. It was, quite frankly, amazing. Owen had treated me like a sex object before, but that was nothing compared to now. I was essentially a side of meat, and he was having his way with me.

He started hitting into me harder and harder, and then he started cumming. I could feel blast after blast starting to splash into me. I gasped loudly and began to come myself, but right as my first spurt came out his left hand cupped the head of my dick, catching all of my cum, glob by glob. Finally I finished shooting, and he carefully brought his hand up to my mouth.

“Open up,” he said. “We’re not stopping until you’re full of dick and cum.”

I must have looked startled, because he gave a sudden hard shove with his dick into me, and I swear that dick had grown half an inch in girth and I gave out a little cry, and suddenly all of my semen was being poured into my mouth and sliding down my throat.

Considering how much I’d just cum, it went in pretty quickly, and I found myself gulping it down in spite of myself. Most of it felt wrong, somehow, but a small part of me… I guess that part welcomed it, even as the rest of me didn’t like it. And then, Owen started fucking me again.

His dick was definitely thicker this time. Did he have some sort of the curse as well? I mean, his dick was growing, there was no doubt about it. (And mine, of course, had picked that inch back up that I’d lost to Del earlier today, a proud 11” once more thumping away on my abs.) I could take the extra girth, but even with the curse it was certainly getting a little more… tight inside of me. His load was shifting around inside of me as he slammed his dick back and forth, and without warning he started cumming again, multiple gushes being added to the first load. My dick obligingly came as well and, once again, Owen was catching it.

“Eat it,” he said, and I wanted to protest but there was something in his eyes that made me open my mouth and gulp it down. Something predatory, almost animalistic. And as I swallowed that second hot load, I could feel Owen getting a little thicker again.

“Yeah,” he said. “Gonna fill this little cum slut up.”

A third load joined the first two, and then a fourth and a fifth. Each time Owen got thicker still—it must have been bigger than a beer can by now—but other things were happening too. First, Owen seemed more driven, more crazy the more he fucked me. He was starting to get out of control, and while a small part of me reveled in it, I was starting to wonder just how far this was going to go. And second, with each new dose of cum in my stomach or bowels, I could feel my balls starting to grow. They were getting hotter and heavier, as if they were somehow responding to all that cum inside of me and trying to match production with what was re-entering me.

With the seventh load, I started gasping and groaning. Part of it was passion; this was an amazing amount of sex, and I couldn’t deny how much my body was responding. My balls were making me hornier and hornier too; I was starting to need these releases, which were coming faster and faster as Owen continued to plump up inside of me, even as my body adjusted to take it. But I was getting sore, and a little freaked out, and the rational side of me was desperate for this to end.

So as he shoved that seventh load down my throat, as soon as I finished swallowing I groaned, “No more… can’t take it any more.”

“All full?” Owen said, and he gave that predatory grin to me. I shivered all over, but I wasn’t sure if that was fear or desire. Maybe both?

“Good,” he said. “Then one… more… fuck.”

And as he slammed into me for an eighth round, I started gasping and shouting out in pleasure. I was being fucked by a goddamn horse, Owen was so big around, and it was truly like nothing I’d ever gone through in my life. My head thrashed back and forth, and I swear I saw stars. Finally, after a small eternity, Owen howled and started shooting the mother of all loads inside of me, and my balls started pumping out buckets of cum. All of which, once again, was forced down my throat.

My stomach was sloshing, my balls were straining, my scrotum was aching, and I didn’t know how I’d keep all that cum in my ass. But Owen finally pulled out, and I just groaned in relief as that invader finally left.

Dazed, I laid on the desk as Owen calmly pulled his clothes back on. He gave a wink at me, walked over to the door, unlocked it and strolled out, leaving it half ajar.


I carefully scooted off the desk, and shakily pulled my pants on. Except, quite frankly, there was no way I was getting them closed. My balls were enormous, ridiculously so. My underwear wasn’t going to stand a chance, but zipping up would be difficult.

Finally, after several minutes of trying and failing, I glimpsed a bartender apron on a shelf, and tied that on around my waist to hide the fact that my zipper was down because my balls were so goddamn huge. (At least I was able to snap the top of my pants shut.) I slipped into the back hallway, and the manager was there, just staring and smirking at me. Great.

I wasn’t sure if I should say anything or not, but after a minute he just nodded and said, “If you head that way you don’t need to go through the main bar,” and pointed to an employee exit.

Mumbling my thanks, I headed for the hills as fast as I could.


Part 18

Once I was back home, I pulled off my clothes as fast as I could and got back once more into the shower. I was still heavily conflicted about what had just gone down with Owen. Part of me felt like a whore, the other part of me had loved being used so much and repeatedly. Just thinking about the events made my dick stir a bit; impressive considering how many times I’d already cum today between Owen, Gavin, and Del.

Even more impressive, though, were my balls now. “Enormous” felt like it didn’t even cover their size; somewhere between large oranges and grapefruits, they stuffed my scrotum to capacity and beyond, and gravity’s heavy pull on them was constantly noticeable. As I showered, I gave them a little squeeze and they felt large and churning, and a dribble of pre-cum came out my dick in response.

Finally cleaned off, I stepped out of the shower and after toweling dry, pulled on a bathrobe and went back to my bed, lying down on top of it. I spread my legs wide open and let my balls just rest on the covers; it was a relief for them to not be tugging at the rest of my junk for a change. My dick was still faintly trickling pre-cum, though, which wasn’t a good sign. I wiped it all onto a finger, and then after a moment’s hesitation, licked it off. But sure enough, a minute later, a new droplet was starting to grow on the tip of my penis.

“I just need to milk you boys empty,” I muttered. Fumbling in my nightstand for a minute, I found the vibrating dildo I’d used on Gavin earlier in the day. Turning it on low, I slowly and carefully pushed it into my slightly-abused hole. After the huge size of Owen, this dildo was a piece of cake and before long I’d pushed it in all the way up to its flared base.

Rocking back and forth a bit on the dildo, I started stroking my huge dick with one hand, groping my balls with the other. It felt marvelous. My balls were heating up, and I could feel them mixing up a huge blast of semen. Stroking my penis, it got longer and thicker, and within minutes I could feel myself getting close to the edge… and then stalling there. Dammit.

Meanwhile, the pre-cum was flowing pretty steadily. Heck, it was flowing more than some boys had when they ejaculated. I felt like matters were getting worse, rather than better, on the pre- cum front. Looking at the size of my dick, impulsively I leaned all the way onto my back, then pulled my legs up and over as best I could. Within minutes I was positioned into most teenage boys’ dreams: my own dick dangling in front of my mouth, ready to be sucked by myself.

Slowly I tongued the slit of my own penis. That seemed to cause a minor blockage to clear, as the pre-cum shifted from a medium to heavy flow. I started lapping it up, and within a minute I’d gone all the way and shifted the entire head into my mouth. I couldn’t get much more inside of myself, but it didn’t matter. I kept stroking my balls and shaft, and started sucking and licking myself like my life depended on it.

After about ten minutes, I felt closer than ever towards orgasm, but I still couldn’t push myself over that threshold. And all the while, the cum kept running down my throat. I was definitely getting a little more limber, though, and I had about half of my dick able to pass past my lips. I kept running up and down, licking and sucking… damn, I was pretty good at giving a blow job, not that I’d ever had complaints in the past. It was getting more difficult to keep supporting my balls—they were just so heavy—and I eventually shifted to my butt back on the ground and me bent over my dick, still working it. More pre-cum than ever was bubbling out at this point, and I was getting incredibly horny and turned on by the entire experience.

Finally I had to admit defeat, though. I slowly, painfully pulled off of my dick, which was red and rock hard and glistening with saliva and semen. My balls not only didn’t look any smaller, but were quite possibly even a bit larger. They certainly felt huge and puffed up full of cum. I rocked back and forth on the dildo again, and squeezed my boys gently. They were hot to the touch, and another huge gush of pre-cum came out as I gave those little semen-factories a tug. Just seeing all that cum triggered something primal in me, and suddenly it was several minutes later and I’d been lapping at my cock all over again.

My body wasn’t just craving sex, it was craving cum, and lots of it.

Meanwhile, my body felt like it had been changing again, and not just my balls. I ran my hands over my pecs and they felt warm to the touch, almost like I was touching my testicles. I breathed in deeply and then exhaled, and I swear I felt them grow just a bit. They’d always been not bad, but now I could cup them in my hands, and it was all muscle. I ran my hands over their gentle curve and a little spark ran through them and I shuddered.

My hands instinctively went to my thighs next, and they felt thicker and denser than before. I squatted down, and power just rippled through them and into my expansive calf muscles, too. Part of me wanted to go out for a run and just power down the trail with these tree trunks. I stood and squatted again, and even as my balls got a little heavier, so did my thighs. I could stand here all day and examine my new muscles, which were much larger than from when Gavin had fucked me (and they had grown substantially then), but it felt like as much of a trap as worshipping and sucking down my own cum would be.

I went through my dresser drawers, digging out one of the roomy speedos that I’d bought when we went out to West Virginia. My cock fit in it, but my balls were getting slightly crushed in them. (The pressure was also making me ooze pre-cum at a faster rate, so this wouldn’t do for long term.) I tugged on a pair of roomy sweatpants over them, pulled on a shirt and shoes, and headed out the door.

Twenty minutes later, I was over on 14th Street at the sex club there. I’m sorry, did I say sex club? I meant “private gym that charges by the day and offers individual rooms.” Silly me.

Anyway, I must have been a sight by the time I got there. My shirt was tight in all sorts of places on me—my pecs were pushing out the top, and the edge of the sleeves around the biceps were straining—and I felt like I reeked of cum. I hoped it wasn’t really that bad but then again, I also had a lake of cum pooling in my speedos by this point, and it was just a matter of time until the wet spot started forming through the thick sweatpants.

I paid for a room and headed there quickly, catching quite a few appreciative glances by some other men who were exiting at the same time. I thought I saw one hesitate as if to head back in, but at this point I just needed to get upstairs, pull off my clothes, and clean up. And by clean up, as it turned out, it meant licking all the cum off my penis. It tasted fantastic; salty and manly and thick. I shook my head. These balls were going to be the undoing of me if I didn’t get them under control.

Cleaned up enough, I opened the door, and lounged on the couch so those passing by could see my huge cock and balls. After a few seconds, I’d already found my hands drifting down to start playing with said balls. I couldn’t help it. They were starting to ache, they were so full again, and it felt so wonderful to stroke and gently squeeze them. They seemed to appreciate it too, with more pre-cum obligingly oozing out. I kneaded them and the flow picked up, and I could feel the urge to start sucking down that pre-cum getting stronger when I realized I was being watched.

“Damn, that’s a huge cock,” the man in the doorway said. He was big and beefy, with dark hair and a beard to match his equally hairy chest and legs. He loosened the towel around his waist—the only thing he was wearing—and he had a nice sized dick too. He stepped in halfway and licked his lips. “Mind if I see if it fits my mouth?”

By way of response I widened my legs, and in the blink of an eye he was between them, licking one of my gigantic balls and trying (and failing) to get it into his mouth. My pre-cum started getting thicker in response, and I might have caught some of it on my finger and put it between my lips. Such a little cum slut. Yeah.

He’d moved onto the other ball by now, and I grunted in relief. My balls were ruling me right now, and they were loving this.

After another minute, he started moving his mouth up my thick shaft, his hands stroking and tickling my balls even as they swelled with anticipation. And then, carefully, gingerly, he opened his mouth as wide as he could and fit the head of my cock inside of it. And oh, was he good. I felt almost like a whirlpool jacuzzi was whirling around my cock in minutes, his tongue moving all over and then up and down my penis. He couldn’t fit all of its length in there, of course, but that was all right. It sure did the trick; in a matter of minute I was cumming so hard I threw my head back and shouted in relief. Cum was pouring into his mouth so fast that it was leaking out of the corners of his lips and running down his chin and neck.

When I finally stopped gushing, I could feel the my balls were a tiny bit smaller and the pressure was less, but they were still enormous. Looking up, I was a little surprised to see that there was a third person in the room, standing in the ajar doorway. And he was identical to the man whose mouth was still on my dick.

“Mind if I join in?” he said in a deep voice.

Surprised, I looked down at the guy who had just sucked me off, then at the guy in the doorway.

“Yeah, identical twins,” he said. “We really are alike in all ways.” Stepping in, he firmly closed the door behind him. “Now get that big dick over here and in me.”

Twin #1 obligingly released my dick, which was still hard and throbbing and ready for more, and Twin #2 slid into place. It felt like these twins had learned how to suck dick together, with Twin #2 going for the exact same moves that had worked so well a minute earlier. Twin #1, meanwhile, took advantage of the arrival to start kissing me; long passionate kisses with his tongue and mine wrapping around each other. I could taste my fluids in his mouth, and instinctively I licked them out of him and gulped them down. I could feel my balls pulse a little bit as my own cum re-entered my system, but at that moment I didn’t care.

Twin #2 was just as talented as his brother, and in a matter of minutes I was shooting again. The pressure in the balls dropped some more, although they didn’t feel that much smaller to be honest. Still, it was great to cum again, although I’d lost track by this point on how many times over the weekend that had happened between Ali, Siddig, Gavin, Del, Owen, and now these twins. Surely this was some sort of record.

The twins were swapping positions again, and as #2 started kissing me while #1 sucked me I could feel some more of my own cum slide back into my mouth and I thirstily swallowed it. It wasn’t until I’d shot a third time and they’d swapped yet again that it began to hit me that this was probably not a good way to get my balls to shrink if I kept swallowing my cum again and again, since that seemed to be part of the problem.

That’s why after Twin #2 successfully sucked me off a second time, before they could re- arrange themselves, I moved Twin #1 over the shoulder of the couch and started lining my dick up with his asshole.

His eyes got wide, but he then grabbed his cheeks and pulled them apart. “I’ll try anything for a dick that big,” he muttered. I took advantage of that invitation to skip foreplay entirely, and started pushing my dick head at his hole. Twin #1 was a tight guy, and there was some real resistance. The urge was still strong at my end, though, and as I reached around and rubbed his pecs, I could feel him loosening a bit. Then for a split second his sphincter fluttered, and I took full advantage and shoved in.

“Aaah!” he cried out, and I stopped for a second… but just a second. I needed this too bad for him to back out, and instead I started rocking in more and more. My balls were still in control, hot like fire and desperate to push out more cum. As I thrust into him, I could feel my balls smacking against his thighs; they were so large I wasn’t sure I could push all the way inside of him for fear of crushing them. And I needed to fuck these twins, badly. Not only because of how strong my sex drive was pushing me, but because hopefully if I lost some inches I’d lose some ball size too.

As it turned out… I did, but just a little for each twin. When the proverbial dust settled, I was back down to a 9” dick, but still hideously oversized balls, so out of proportion you couldn’t miss them. One more fuck for each of them, and I left the pair of twins curled up in each other’s arms, utterly spent, with my balls a little smaller but still not having left the realm of gigantic.

Truly exhausted myself by now, I pulled on my clothes as best I could. My sweats actually felt a little bit tighter than before. Had my thighs and calves grown some more? Pulling on my shirt, the hem caught on my nipples and pecs as I tugged it down and I felt a little lightning bolt shoot through my body. They were definitely a little meatier than before, and more spherical, but they were tight and all muscle. Even my nipples were poking out a little more than they had before.

Still, I got home without my shirt or sweats splitting entirely, which was a minor relief. That’s when I took care of two things I hadn’t planned on. First, I placed a “same day” order on Amazon for some new (larger) clothes that would be delivered tomorrow, Monday morning. Second, I called in sick to work.

Mission achieved, I stripped off my clothes and climbed back into bed. I just ran my hands all over my body, feeling all of my muscles and their new, pumped up state. They were all warm like they had just been worked at the gym for hours. My balls were pulsing in response, and I could feel another steady flow of pre-cum starting to ooze out. If I hadn’t been so tired I’d probably have started licking it off of myself, but I just couldn’t care. Instead I just stroked my cock for a while, letting all of the pre-cum flow, until I passed out.

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The four jocks: The loft by BRK A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. 2 parts Added Dec 2013 16k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) 9,337 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

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