Kyle’s himbo transformation

by Joven

Kyle goes on vacation with some friends, then starts to experience a few sudden and unexplained changes.

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Part 1 Kyle goes on vacation with some friends, then starts to experience a few sudden and unexplained changes. (added: 27 Nov 2021)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 Kyle might be confused by the recent changes to his cock, ass, and chest, but Greg is nothing but appreciative. He even suggests he wouldn’t mind Kyle getting bigger still… (added: 4 Dec 2021)
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 Kyle gets off sucking his own huge cock, but once he realizes what just happened he starts to freak out. Fortunately, Greg and Brian might have a way to help Kyle recover his calm. (added: 11 Dec 2021)
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11 Brian decides to punish Greg for his disobedience. Meanwhile, Kyle remains unconcerned about his body transformations and uncharacteristic behavior—but what happens when the yellow powder wears off? (added: 18 Dec 2021)
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14 Brian’s impulsive decision to grow his cock has some serious consequences for all three men in the cabin. (added: 25 Dec 2021)
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Part 1

Kyle got into the backseat of Brian’s car and said, “Hey guys, thanks for inviting me!”

“No problem,” Brian’s boyfriend, Greg, answered. “We’re glad you wanted to come spend spring break with us!”

Kyle had been friends with Brian and Greg for a few years, even before those two had started dating. Kyle was straight, so it was a bit weird at first when his two best friends started dating each other, but he got used to it. Now the three of them were headed up to a cabin owned by Brian’s dad. Brian’s dad was the owner of some pharmaceutical company, and totally rich, which meant Brian usually paid for everything when the three of them hung out.

Brian turned around in his seat, then handed a bottle of reddish-green liquid to Kyle and said, “Here, drink this.”

Kyle shook his head and said, “Nah, I’m not really thirsty right now.”

Brian tossed it into Kyle’s lap. “Come on,” he said, “it’s a long drive, drink up.”

With a shrug, Kyle said, “Sure, whatever” and then he guzzled down the contents of the bottle. After swallowing it, Kyle made a face and said, “That had kind of a bitter aftertaste, what was that?”

Brian and Greg looked at each other and they both smiled, then Brian said, “It was uh, an energy drink. Anyway, let’s head out!” Brian turned back around, then started driving.

About four hours of driving later they pulled up to the secluded cabin and the three boys got out the car. “We’re gonna have a great time!” Kyle said.

“We sure are,” Brian agreed, and then he gave a playful slap on Kyle’s ass.

Kyle was startled and jumped up. “Hey, cut it out! I’ve told you two before, I’m not into that gay stuff!”

Greg laughed and said, “Relax bro, Brian’s just messin’ around.”

The three of them unpacked their luggage, then Brian went into the kitchen to start dinner while Greg and Kyle watched some TV. During dinner Kyle said, “I thought these old wooden chairs would be uncomfortable to sit in, but it’s kind of comfortable, almost like I’m sitting on a cushion.”

Greg and Brian started laughing, then Kyle said, “What? Did I say something funny?”

Brian shook his head. “No, no, ignore us. So uh, how’s the soup?”

Kyle took another spoonful. “It’s kinda bitter… maybe you overcooked it and burnt something. Aren’t you going to have some?” Brian just smiled and shook his head no. Kyle shrugged and continued to eat.

After dinner Kyle went upstairs to take a shower. When Kyle took off his pants, he looked in the mirror curiously. His briefs seemed to be much tighter than usual, and when Kyle turned sideways in the mirror, he saw that his ass seemed to be, well… bigger. Kyle had always been sort of thin and not very athletic, and he never had much of an ass at all. Now though, as he reached back and touched his ample rump, his ass seemed much fuller and rounder. Kyle said to himself, “Gosh, I should probably try to watch what I eat. I didn’t realize my ass was getting bigger.”

Kyle then pulled down his briefs and was surprised all over again. His cock, which was normally three or four inches long while soft, now seemed almost as big soft as it usually was when hard. Kyle reached down and grabbed himself. “Damn, my ass isn’t the only thing that’s been growing. How did I not notice this until now?” Kyle then reached under his cock and cupped his balls, which also seemed heavier and bigger than usual. Kyle checked himself out in the mirror again, then just shrugged and got into the shower.

While showering, it seemed like his nipples were sensitive, and as Kyle soaped up his chest, he could swear that his pecs seemed swollen or something because he actually had some definition to his chest instead of being flat as a board like he was used to. Kyle again just shrugged it off and finished his shower.

That evening, while lying in bed, Kyle could hear Greg and Brian through the thin walls in the next room. It was obvious that they were having sex. Normally Kyle would have gotten up and hone into another room so he wouldn’t have to hear that because gay sex kind of weirded him out, but for some reason he instead stayed there and tried to listen closer.

Putting his ear against the wall, Kyle could hear Greg moaning lightly as he kept repeating “Yeah, fuck me! Fuck me!” and Brian grunted and said, “Oh yeah, your ass is so tight!” Kyle knew he shouldn’t be listening, and he expected his stomach to turn at the thought of two guys fucking… but instead, he was curious. Kyle found himself wondering what it would feel like to have a dick up his ass as some jock like Brian was fucking him…

Kyle then realized that while he was daydreaming he had slipped his hands into his briefs and had his rock hard cock in his hands. Suddenly aware of the things he was thinking about Kyle said, “Ewww!” and pulled his hand out of his pants, yanked the covers over his head, and rolled over, trying to block out the sounds as he worked on making himself fall asleep, doing his best to not think about anything.


Part 2

Next morning Kyle woke up to Brian shaking him and saying, “Hey Kyle, get up sleepyhead! Greg is making breakfast!”

Kyle sleepily opened his eyes. “All right, all right, I’m up!” Kyle then tossed the covers aside and stood up before remembering he wasn’t wearing anything except a pair of briefs. Kyle looked down and saw the bulge at his crotch and thought he had a morning stiffy, but when he quickly turned away to try and hide it, he saw his bulge shift around and realized he wasn’t hard at all.

Kyle reached down and touched his bulge, realizing that somehow it was his soft cock and heavy balls making such a large bulge in his briefs. From behind him, Kyle heard Brian whistle and said, “Damn boy, nice cakes!”

“Huh?” Kyle said. Then he felt Brian pat him on one of his butt-cheeks. Kyle spun back around and said, “Hey, watch it!”

Brian smirked and said, “Oh I’m watching all right. Looks like a big ass isn’t the only thing you’re packing, huh?” Kyle looked down and saw that his big bulge was back on display now that he was facing Brian again. Kyle balled his hand into a fist and was about to take a swing at Brian for saying something like that, except… he sort of liked the compliment, even though it came from another guy.

Brian seemed to be watching Kyle’s reaction calmly, almost like he was studying him. Kyle relaxed his fist and said, “I, uh, need to get dressed.” Kyle picked up his pants off the floor and pulled them up, but then struggled to get them up over his ass. Kyle pulled harder, then looked in the mirror. Seeing his reflection, Kyle saw that his ass looked huge, even bigger than last night. In fact, it was almost obscene how big his ass looked as it stretched his briefs to the absolute limit.

Remembering that Brian was still standing there watching him, Kyle barked, “Do you mind? How about some privacy, you know?”

Brian smiled and said, “Are you sure? Don’t you like showing off?”

Kyle was about to argue, but then he realized that yeah… he did kind of like being watched. He couldn’t explain it, but for some reason he didn’t mind that Brian was staring at him, so he said, “Whatever, I don’t care if you stay or go.”

Kyle then went back to struggling to pull up his pants. After shifting around some more, he finally managed to yank the pants up over his big rear end. Kyle wondered again just how exactly his ass had gotten so big, but now he realized a new problem. As he was trying to zip up his pants, the bulge at his crotch was getting in the way as well. Kyle wasn’t about to pull down his briefs and check while Brian was standing there watching, but he could swear that his cock and balls had somehow also gotten bigger, and now his bulge was creating a real problem.

With a grunt, Kyle strained and forced the zipper up, then buttoned his pants. Looking over at the mirror, Kyle thought it looked like he was going to burst out of his pants at any second. His big ass was squeezed into his pants and looked almost silly how big it was compared to the rest of his slim body. Up front it looked like Kyle had stuffed two pair of socks down his pants due to the bulge he was showing. Aware that Brian was still watching, Kyle tried to play it cool and act like nothing was wrong.

Kyle walked over and grabbed a t-shirt, then pulled it over his head. Kyle heard a loud ripping sound as he pulled down the shirt. Kyle took the shirt back off and saw that it had ripped in the chest area. Looking over in the mirror again, Kyle now focused on his upper body and saw that his pecs were bigger too, and in fact they were somehow out of proportion with the rest of his torso, like they had grown but the rest of his upper body had stayed the same. Kyle gently touched one of his big pecs, then jumped when he heard Brian speak.

Brian said, “Don’t worry about it. It’s warm today, wouldn’t you rather keep your shirt off?”

Kyle wasn’t sure that he wanted to be walking around shirtless in a house with two gay guys, but then he had a weird feeling and thought it would be kind of hot to show off, so he said, “Yeah, I think I’ll go topless today.”

Brian just smiled and nodded, then said, “Great, now let’s go down for breakfast.”

Kyle absently nodded and said, “Sure” and followed along.


Part 3

Brian walked into the kitchen followed by Kyle and they saw Greg stacking pancakes on a plate. Greg smiled when he saw Kyle and said, “Good morning! Just in time, breakfast is ready!” Brian and Kyle sat down at the table as Greg put a plate of pancakes in front of them, then he got a plate for himself. Before sitting, Greg poured a big glass of orange juice for Kyle and gave it to him.

As the three boys were eating, Greg asked, “So where’s your shirt, Kyle?”

Kyle shrugged and said, “Didn’t feel like wearing one.” Greg looked at Brian and they both smiled. When Kyle finished his pancakes he picked up his glass of orange juice and guzzled down the whole glass in one gulp, then said, “Uh, I think the juice might be sour.”

Brian said, “Huh?”

“Yeah, it had a funny aftertaste,” Kyle said.

Brian looked over at Greg and said, “Wait, did you…?” and Greg just smiled and shrugged. Brian stood up and said, “Kyle, could you uh, do the dishes for us? I need to talk to Greg for a sec,” and then Brian grabbed Greg’s arm and pulled him out the room.

Kyle said, “Sure” and then got up and started to pick up the breakfast dishes. As he was washing the dishes, he could partially hear Greg and Brian arguing from the other room, though he couldn’t make out everything being said.

“… we agreed no more…” “… you said that, but I said I wanted to increase…” “… it can’t be reversed…” and then their voices trailed off as they walked further down the hall.

Kyle wondered what the hell they were talking about as he finished up the last of the dishes. A few minutes later Kyle heard the sound of a car starting, and when he looked out of the window he saw Brian’s car driving off. Kyle walked out the kitchen and found Greg in the living room, so he asked, “Where did Brian go?”

“He went into town to run an errand,” Greg replied. “He’ll be back in like an hour or two. How about we go out in the rowboat for some early morning fishing?”

Kyle enjoyed fishing, so he eagerly agreed. “Yeah, I’ll bet I can land us a big fish for dinner tonight.”

Greg nodded, and the two of them went down to the boat launch behind the cabin with some fishing poles, took off their shoes, got in the boat and rowed out to the middle of the lake. The two boys sat quietly for a while as they waited for a fish to bite, then Kyle said, “So uh, last night, I uh, heard… it sounded like you two were uh…”

Greg grinned and said, “Fucking? Yeah, we were.”

Kyle blushed deeply and said, “Sorry! I didn’t mean to pry!”

Greg laughed and said, “Relax dude, it’s fine. We’re all bros right?”

Kyle nervously laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess.”

Greg then asked, “How about you? Have you had sex yet?”

Kyle blushed again and said, “Naw, haven’t had the chance.”

Greg giggled and said, “Really? Because from where I’m sitting it looks like you’ve got quite the anaconda down there.”

Kyle said, “Huh? Oh…” and then he looked down at his crotch and said, “Ohh!!” Kyle saw that the bulge at his crotch was huge and obvious, and he wasn’t even wearing any shirt to try and pull down to cover himself.

Without thinking, Kyle quickly stood up, and he heard a ripping sound and felt the boat start to rock. Greg said, “Woah, chill or you’ll tip the boat!”

Kyle sat back down as Greg fought to steady the boat. Once the boat stopped rocking, Greg said, “I heard something rip… was that your pants?”

Kyle stared out over the water, avoiding eye contact and said, “Nope, I didn’t hear anything.”

Greg smirked and said, “I think it was. Come on, don’t be embarrassed. Let me have a look, maybe I can patch the rip with some fishing line. If not, the tear will just get worse.”

Kyle knew exactly where the rip was because he could feel it. The seat of his pants had ripped, and Kyle knew why too. He had felt how tight his pants were, and he could feel his big ass fighting to break free for the past half hour. Somehow, his ass felt even tighter in his pants than when he had fought to put them on this morning. “Dude, let me see,” Greg said again. “I’ll sew the rip shut with this fishing line, come on.”

With a sigh, Kyle said, “Fine, but you better not laugh!” and then he very carefully and slowly stood up in the boat. When Kyle stood up, he involuntarily flexed his thick ass cheeks and heard another loud ripping sound.

Kyle sweated and Greg said, “Uh oh… that doesn’t sound good… let me see.”

Kyle slowly turned around, then said, “Well, can you fix it?”

Greg felt Kyle lightly touch the back of his ass, then pull the fabric of his pants some. Kyle then said, “Can you fix it or not?”

Greg pulled once more, then said, “Sorry man, no can do, I can’t pull the two sides of the rip back together. You’ve got too much junk in the trunk for these pants.”

Kyle turned back around and said, “Hey, shut the fuck up!”

Greg playfully threw his hands in the air in mock surrender and said, “Whoa, it’s a compliment! You’ve got the biggest, roundest bubble butt I’ve ever seen!” And then under his breath Kyle heard Greg mumble, “Brian always did have a thing for big asses…”

Kyle quickly sat back down, but in the process caused the loudest ripping sound yet. Greg said, “Dude, your pants are done, you may as well toss them overboard.” Kyle shifted around on the small seat in the boat, but he could feel that the rip had now ruined his pants and they were barely on anymore. Without thinking anymore about it, Kyle grabbed the leggings of his pants and yanked, ripping them all the way off. He then grunted and threw the ruined pants out into the lake, leaving him sitting there in the boat wearing nothing but his briefs.

Greg snickered and said, “Looks like that underwear of yours is having trouble containing everything too.” Kyle looked down, but now for some reason his pecs were blocking his view. Kyle leaned forward to see past his pecs, and saw what Greg was talking about. While sitting, one of Kyle’s balls had slipped out of his briefs. Kyle reached down and gently tried to tuck his nut back into his briefs. As Kyle was cupping his ball, he was shocked to discover his nut was much bigger than normal, and it felt like he was holding an apple in his hand.

Still embarrassed at this whole situation, Kyle just wanted to get his privates covered up again, so he ignored the fact that his bulge was enormous, and ignored that his nut that he was holding was far bigger than it should be as he tried to push it back into the overstuffed pouch of his briefs. As Kyle pushed his left nut back into his briefs, it pushed his right ball out the other side of his briefs, and it was just as big as the left one.

Greg was still chuckling, and Kyle was starting to get angry. Kyle looked up and said, “Take me back to the cabin, right now!”

Greg said, “Hold on, let me give you a hand” and he reached towards Kyle’s crotch.

Kyle grabbed Greg’s wrist, then pushed him away and said, “The fuck do you think you’re doing?” Greg just shrugged and leaned back, not saying anything, quietly watching. Kyle went back to trying to get his package covered again and this time he pulled his waistband open to get a better look at himself.

When Kyle saw inside his briefs and saw his cock he gasped. His cock looked more than twice as big as it should have been. Now that Kyle was holding the waistband of his briefs open, he felt his huge cock roll to the side and slip out the leggings as well, swinging down and making a loud ‘smack’ sound as it slapped against his thigh. At a quick guess, Kyle assumed his soft cock had to be over eight inches long, maybe more, and it was so thick!

Greg whistled appreciatively and said, “Damn that’s hot!” Kyle was so flustered and overwhelmed with embarrassment at what was going on that he turned to the side and dived overboard without another word. Greg yelled “Hey, what are you doing?!” but Kyle ignored him as he started to swim back towards the cabin shore.


Part 4

When Kyle got to shore he ran towards the cabin, not caring that his cock was still hanging out of the wet briefs and slapping against his thighs as he ran. Kyle saw Brian’s car in the driveway as he got to the cabin and when he ran inside Brian was sitting there on the couch. Without a word Kyle went upstairs to the bedroom and slammed the door shut behind him.

Now that he was alone Kyle yanked off the wet briefs and walked to stand in front of the mirror. Taking a good look in the mirror, Kyle barely recognized himself. For years Kyle had been a slender 5’10” guy with no muscle definition and a completely average sized cock. The reflection he was staring at in the mirror though looked nothing like that.

The first and most obvious change was his cock and balls. His package wasn’t just bigger… it was porn star sized. No, that doesn’t even properly describe his package, because Kyle had seen lots of straight pornos, and he had never seen a package as big as his currently was. Kyle reached down and grabbed his soft cock, which was almost to his knees, and he lifted it. At the lake he had guessed his cock was a flaccid eight inches, but now that he was really looking, he had underestimated. He didn’t have a ruler, but his cock had to be every bit of nine inches soft, and the thickness was similar to his wrist.

Next he cupped his heavy balls as they hung between his thighs. They felt like heavy oranges in his hands, and he wondered if he had underestimated his size back on the lake, or had he somehow grown even bigger in the last twenty minutes? That couldn’t be possible, right? Letting go of his package, allowing it to flop heavily down his thigh, Kyle then turned to the side slightly to get a better view of his ass.

His rear end was probably the most dramatic change. Kyle never had much of an ass at all, but now his ass was like two round pillows of flesh attached to his backside. His ass didn’t seem “fat” or anything, it was firm as hell and didn’t sag at all. In fact, it was because his ass was so firm that it seemed even more enormous because like Greg had said, it was perfectly round, like two huge, round bubbles.

The last change Kyle checked out were his pecs. His chest, like the rest of him, had always been completely unimpressive. Now, it looked like someone had taken an air pump and inflated his pecs because they were both huge and full. What made them stand out even more was that the rest of him was mostly unchanged. He still had the mostly flat abs, toned, but unimpressive arms, and not much muscle on his shoulders. It seemed like whatever changes that had happened to him were focused exclusively on his cock, balls, ass, and pecs.

Kyle was still staring at himself in the mirror wondering how this could have happened when he was started by a knocking at the bedroom door. He then heard Brian call through the door, “Hey, you okay in there?”

“I’m fine, leave me alone!” Kyle yelled back.

“I went into town today and got you something,” Brian called through the door. “It’s on the bed.” Kyle then heard Brian walking back down the hall.

Turning around, Kyle saw a shopping bag sitting on the bed from the Big & Tall store. Kyle walked over and took out the contents and saw that it was a grey stretchy pair of spandex shorts. Kyle said to himself, “Huh? Why would Brian buy me this?” Kyle then reached behind him and rubbed his huge rear end and said, “Oh yeah, he saw me struggling to fit into my pants this morning…” and then Kyle blushed.

Kyle walked back over to the mirror and stared at himself again. After a few minutes of blank staring, he sighed, still completely clueless about why he had grown so much bigger in such a strange way. Kyle looked down at the pair of spandex shorts in his hand, then he looked over at the dresser where the rest of his regular clothes were. Looking back down at his package, then turning to the side to look at his huge ass in the mirror again, Kyle sighed and realized he wasn’t going to fit into his old clothes anymore.

Not having much choice, Kyle bent over and stepped into the spandex shorts and pulled them up. Surprisingly, they stretched out enough to fit over his big ass, even though they hugged and showed every single curve. Kyle then tucked both of his fat balls into the front pouch, then pushed his long cock into the pouch as well, trying to tuck the head of his cock under his fat ballsack. Letting go of the waistband caused it to snap tight against his waist.

Looking back into the mirror, Kyle almost laughed at how absurd he looked. His ass was so big and completely on display with the tight spandex, and if he took one step into public with a huge crotch bulge like his he would probably be arrested for public indecency. Just like his ass in back, the spandex hugged and revealed every curve and outline of his fat nuts and thick cock, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Kyle was about to take the spandex back off, but then he looked in the mirror. Now that the shock of the sudden changes was finally starting to fade a bit, Kyle looked at himself. Kyle turned to the side, getting a good look at his ass in the tight pants, and though he was still sorta freaked out that his ass had grown so big, he thought it was maybe kind of… sexy?

Kyle jumped up and down a few times, causing his big rump to jiggle and shake, and Kyle smiled. Kyle then reached down and grabbed hold of his bulging package and said to himself, “I suppose it is kind of cool that my cock got bigger.” Feeling his confidence rising, Kyle gave one more quick squeeze to his package then turned and walked out of the room, curious to see what the guys were up to.


Part 5

Kyle walked down the stairs, still trying to get used to how it felt to walk with such a large ass. His butt-cheeks were so big that each step he took had them slightly rubbing against each other, though it wasn’t uncomfortable or anything. Kyle looked down at the enormous bulge at his crotch and was glad that at least the spandex kept his package mostly in place.

Kyle thought to himself again and wondered how this was happening to him. Kyle had heard of guys going through late growth spurts, but that was guys growing an inch or two taller during their twenties or something. He had never heard of anything like this! In barely a single day his ass had somehow grown obscenely large, bigger than he had ever seen on someone as thin as he was.

Then there was his cock, which had more than doubled in size since yesterday. Not to mention his balls! Kyle wasn’t dumb or anything, and he knew cocks as big as his just didn’t exist. His soft cock was bigger than most completely erect porn stars. Kyle reached down and squeezed his bulge, and yep, his cock really was that big.

His hand then raised and cupped the underside of one of his overdeveloped pecs, feeling it. His pecs were oversized like some kind of obsessive bodybuilder that had spent years working on their pecs while ignoring working on any other muscle group. Just like his ass, cock and balls, his pecs had grown so large in less than a day, which was impossible. Kyle kept telling himself this wasn’t possible, and yet how could he say that when he was walking proof that it somehow was possible.

Kyle thought to himself that he was going to have to talk to someone about what was happening to him. Who though? Brian and Greg had obviously seen his growth, but they had been acting like everything was totally normal. Had they been pretending to not notice to try and be polite or something? No, that wasn’t like either of them, they loved to tease about every single thing. Then… what? It didn’t make any sense.

Just then Kyle’s thinking was interrupted when he heard Greg say, “Dude, what are you doing just standing there?” Kyle realized he had been standing in the hallway thinking to himself, and then Greg said, “Why did you jump out the boat like that?”

Kyle wasn’t sure how to respond. He wanted to ask Greg if he had any idea what was going on with him, wondering if maybe he should ask Brian to drive him to a hospital. But Greg was just casually standing there waiting on a response about the boat, seeming as if everything else was completely normal even though the friend he had known for years was now standing in front of him with an ass the size of a bowling ball and a bulge at his crotch like he had rolled up a shirt and stuffed it inside.

“I uh, felt like a swim, that’s all,” Kyle just stammered out. Greg shrugged, then walked into the living room. Kyle quietly followed and saw that Greg had stretched out on the couch next to Brian, who was watching a gameshow on TV. Kyle took a seat on the other end of the couch, trying to ignore how unusual it felt to be sitting on his huge ass, almost like he was sitting on a pillow. Neither Brian nor Greg seemed to be paying him any attention and both were watching the TV.

After a few minutes Kyle couldn’t resist anymore. “Uh, guys… have either of you, like… noticed anything… unusual lately?” he asked.

Greg didn’t answer, and Brian just said, “Hmmm? Like what?”

“I mean, you know… about me?” Kyle replied.

Brian didn’t even turn his head from the TV and just said, “What do you mean?”

Kyle was starting to get frustrated. There was no way they hadn’t noticed him growing so much bigger, but it seemed like neither of them had a clue. Kyle stood up from the couch and started to speak, but then wondered what he should say. It was too embarrassing to mention anything about his crotch, and his heavy pecs could be blamed on a workout pump or something, so Kyle figured he would go with the most obvious change that was impossible to hide anyway and yelled, “I mean my ass! It’s bigger! I know you’ve noticed!”

Brian finally turned away from the TV to look at Kyle, then lazily said, “Sure I’ve noticed. I figure you’ve been doing glute exercises or something to try and bulk it up. Looks good on you, I wish this fucker had an ass like that.” Then Brian gave a hard slap on Greg’s small ass as he was laying across the couch.

“Hey! I told you, no!” Greg said, and then in a forceful whisper that Kyle could barely hear from across the room Greg whispered to Brian, “I told you I don’t want mine any bigger!”

“Huh? What did you say?” Kyle said.

Brian spoke up before Greg could answer. “He didn’t say anything. He’s just jealous that I like your ass more than his, that’s all.”

Kyle blushed and said, “Oh, uh…” He wasn’t sure what to say. Kyle had told Brian in the past to not make gay comments like that around him, not even as a joke, but… he thought about it for a moment more, then said, “You mean that?”

Brian nodded and said, “Of course I mean it! Boy, you’ve got cakes for days, enough to make anyone’s dick stand up and salute!” Kyle blushed again, not really sure what that meant but it was obviously a compliment.

Greg then stood up and grunted “Whatever,” and then he stomped out of the living room.

“Oh, uh, did I do something to upset him?” Kyle said.

Brian shrugged. “He’s been moody ever since we argued this morning. Don’t worry about it. Why don’t you come over and sit next to me so you can see the TV better?”

Kyle hesitated a moment, but then walked over and sat next to Brian on the couch. Brian put his arm over Kyle’s shoulder in a friendly kind of way, but Kyle ignored it and started watching the game show on TV.

When the gameshow was close to the end Brian said, “They’re about to play the bonus round, it’s the best part.” Kyle leaned forward on the couch for a better look, but then he felt Brian lower his arm down off his shoulder, then he slid it down his back. Kyle felt Brian’s hand slowly sliding lower on his back, but he kept perfectly still and stared at the TV, not moving. Kyle then felt Brian slide his strong hand underneath one of his huge ass-cheeks.

Kyle remained still as a statue, staring directly at the TV not moving. Brian then used his strong hand to grab hold of the fleshy mound of ass he was holding and started to squeeze and knead Kyle’s huge ass-cheek. Kyle still remained frozen in place, struggling with his inner thoughts. He wanted to jump up and smack Brian’s hand away, but… it felt so good as Brian was handling his ass. With each squeeze Kyle felt Brian’s hand move slightly closer to the middle of his ass.

Brian then whispered in Kyle’s ear, “Mmmm… you’ve got such a great ass… I’ll bet you wish it was even bigger, don’t you?” Hearing that made Kyle’s heart skip a beat because he couldn’t imagine his already huge ass being even bigger, but then Brian gave another gentle squeeze on his big ass and Kyle couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.

When he heard Kyle moan, Brian said, “Oh, so you like that, do you? Why don’t you come closer and sit on my lap.” Kyle’s thoughts were like a storm of confusion in his head and he kept trying to make himself get up and leave, but he was still sitting there, not resisting as Brian was very openly fondling his large ass. Kyle then surprised himself as he got up without thinking, then moved over and sat down on top of Brian’s lap while still facing the TV, trying to play it as casually as possible, like he was just taking a seat on a chair.

Kyle’s big ass was so large that it completely covered Brian’s lap, and the outer edge of Kyle’s ass was hanging over Brian’s thighs. Kyle stared directly ahead at the TV, staying still, doing his best to avoid any eye contact. He didn’t want to be sitting on a guy’s lap as they touched his ass, but… he didn’t want it to stop either.

Brian then used both hands to start massaging Kyle’s huge ass as it sat on his lap. Brian quietly said, “Oh yeah, no matter how big your ass gets, it’s always going to be this firm. Mmmm, such a big ass, but I’ll bet your virgin hole is still tight as hell, isn’t it? I’ll bet your prude ass has never even had so much as a finger up there. Mmmmmm…”

Kyle was almost paralyzed by indecision at this point. He wanted Brian to stop saying lewd comments like that about him, but every time Brian squeezed his ass it felt better and better, and he was worried if he moved or said anything, Brian might stop, and he didn’t want that. Brian continued to rub Kyle’s ass as he sat on his lap, then Brian said, “Mmmm, your big ass is such a turn-on, but imagine if it was even bigger… I think… just a little bigger…”

Kyle was hardly listening to Brian at this point, and then he felt something underneath his ass. Each of Brian’s hands were on one of Kyle’s thick cheeks, but he was feeling something else pushing against the bottom of his ass. Kyle realized he was sitting on the center of Brian’s lap, so that hard thing he felt under his ass was…. Brian had an erection! That’s what was pressing against the bottom of his ass!

With a flustered yelp, Kyle instinctually jumped off Brian’s lap. “I uh… I gotta use the bathroom!” he blurted, and then he rushed out of the living room before Brian could respond.


Part 6

Kyle ran to the only bathroom in the cabin and slammed the door behind him. Walking over to the sink, Kyle washed his hands, then said to himself, “Why didn’t I leave sooner? Brian, he was…” and then Kyle reached back and rubbed his own thick ass, already missing how it felt when Brian had been squeezing it. Kyle then shook his head, as if he could somehow shake out the thoughts of what he had been doing. He then pulled off the spandex shorts and walked over to the big shower, turned on the hot water, then got in.

Within minutes the bathroom was cloaked in steam as Kyle showered. Kyle then heard the bathroom door opening so he shouted, “Hey, I’m using the shower, wait until I’m done!” The door closed again, but Kyle couldn’t see through all the steam. He then heard some rustling inside the room, so he said, “Who’s there? I said I’m using the shower!” Kyle then saw movement through the steam, and then Greg walked forward, completely naked, and then he opened the glass shower door and walked into the big shower with Kyle.

“What the fuck dude, are you blind? Hello? This is in use!” Kyle said.

“Yeah, I see that you’re using up all the hot water!” Greg finally said. “This cabin has a tiny hot water heater, and if I wait until you’re done there won’t be any left for me! Chill out, we’ve showered together hundreds of times in the past during high school gym class.”

Kyle knew Greg had a point, all three of them had the same gym class during high school and they had seen each other naked hundreds of time, so it shouldn’t be any big deal. Except, that was before he had… grown…

Greg had already started to clean off and was currently shampooing his hair with his eyes closed. Kyle took the chance to quickly glance down at Greg’s crotch. Greg’s crotch looked almost exactly the same as it had back in high school. Greg’s cock was like almost any other guy’s cock, completely average, or maybe slightly below average. It was maybe three inches while it hung there soft, with a pair of grape sized balls hanging loosely in his sack.

Kyle then glanced down at his own crotch and almost laughed. Compared to Greg, Kyle’s own cock was more than three times bigger. His own dick was hanging down like a thick summer sausage, easily more than nine inches of soft cock that was being forced to arc over his fat balls. Kyle’s nuts were so fat that they were stretching his sack like two big round oranges.

Like everyone, Kyle had always wanted a bigger cock, but now… He had wanted an inch or two, maybe even three, but now his cock was bigger soft than he had ever hoped for while hard. He never wanted to be this big, because now his cock and nuts were freakishly large, and now he was wondering just how big was he, really? He thought about it and realized he hadn’t seen himself hard since before… before it got bigger.

Kyle jumped when suddenly Greg said, “See something you like?” and Kyle realized he had been staring directly at his own crotch.

Kyle looked away and said, “Huh uh, no, I was just thinking about something.”

“What?” Greg asked.

Trying to quickly think of a response, Kyle asked a question back. “Brian mentioned that you and him got into an argument this morning. What was that about?”


“Huh?” Kyle said.

Greg gave an impish grin and said, “We were arguing about cocks.”

Kyle just said, “Oh.”

Then Greg went on without being prompted, saying, “I told Brian that his cock wasn’t satisfying me anymore, and then I compared his cock to another guy’s cock, and he got upset.”

“I see, but isn’t Brian… uh… wait, never mind,” Kyle said.

“Isn’t Brian what? Packing? Hung? Well-endowed?”

Kyle blushed, embarrassed that Greg knew exactly what he had been about to say. Greg then said, “Yeah, I suppose he is, technically speaking. He’s like seven when he gets hard, so definitely above average, but when I pointed out I knew a guy who was packing way more he got all insecure and shit.”

Kyle shrugged and said, “I guess that makes sense for a gay guy. So who’s the other guy, the one with the bigger dick. Someone I know?”

Greg grinned from ear to ear and said, “Oh I think you may know them pretty well…”

There was a brief moment of silence, then Kyle noticed that Greg was staring directly at his crotch. Kyle looked down and saw his huge swinging dick, then he looked up and saw Greg make a small nod, and Kyle exclaimed, “Wait… you mean… you guys were arguing about me?! But Brian’s always had a bigger dick than me!”

It didn’t even register in Kyle’s mind what he was saying, because he still hadn’t gotten used to his new size, but when he glanced down at his enormous dong again, he realized how silly he sounded. Greg then said, “I just told you that Brian’s about seven inches when rock hard. So how big is that anaconda swinging between your legs anyway?”

“It’s uh… I don’t know! Really!” Kyle nervously stuttered.

Greg shrugged and said, “Didn’t measure it, huh? Oh well. I’m a pretty good judge, and if I had a guess, I’d say you look about ten inches right now.”

Kyle made a dismissive snort and said, “Pfft, dude, no one has a ten inch soft cock.”

Greg giggled. “So you say. Well, my forearm is about ten inches from wrist to elbow, so let’s check.”

Without asking permission Greg walked over, and then put his wrist against the base of Kyle’s huge cock, then he put his forearm alongside Kyle’s cock. Kyle watched, and the sight of his cock next to Greg’s forearm was amazing. His cock actually looked bigger than Greg’s arm! Greg then grabbed hold of the cockhead and pulled Kyle’s cock steady, trying to get an accurate comparison. Now that they were lined up side by side, they saw that Kyle’s cockhead went slightly past Greg’s elbow.

Greg let go and stood back up, then said, “You’re right, I guess I misjudged. You’re even bigger. Looks like you’re about ten and a half while limp. Want to measure how big it gets when hard?”

Kyle got a shocked expression on his face and said, “Quit goofing around!”

Greg shrugged. “Anyway, like I said, when I told Brian that I liked your big cock, he got upset, and we argued.”

“Well, you two shouldn’t be discussing my cock anyway!” Kyle snapped back, though secretly Kyle was sort of proud to hear that. Kyle went back to soaping his thick chest, thinking to himself. Then he worked up the nerve and nervously said to Greg, “So uh, you said you liked my um… my, you know…”

Greg smiled and nodded, and simply said, “Sure do.”

Kyled quickly glanced down at his freakishly huge cock as it hung over his giant balls, then he said, “Don’t you think it’s like… too big?”

Greg laughed. “Too big? No such thing.”

Kyle scowled and said, “Quit joking around! I’m being serious!”

With a shrug Greg said “I am being serious. Okay, sure, you’ve got a big one, and some guys, and probably most girls would say it’s too big for them. Other guys, though, really like a big cock. You should see one of the dildos I have. I think it’s even bigger than your dick.”

With a gasp Kyle said, “Really?”

Greg nodded. “Yeah, it took me a while to work my way up to being able to take something that big, but now that’s the only thing that can satisfy me. What I want is to be fucked by a real dick that big, not a dildo, but so far no one’s been big enough for me. At least, not until now…”

Kyle saw Greg staring at him with a hungry look. “Hey, don’t get any ideas, you know I’m straight! I was just making conversation!”

Kyle then got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist, barely covering his big ass. He bent over, grabbed his shorts off the floor, and left the bathroom.

When he was alone in the shower, Greg said to himself, “Maybe if your cock was even bigger, you’ll realize you need someone like me to take care of it for you…”


Part 7

Kyle went upstairs to the room he was using and then put the stretchy spandex shorts back on. Kyle then thought about going back downstairs, but after swimming across the lake, he was kind of worn out, so he walked over and plopped down onto his bed and before long drifted off to sleep for a nap.

When Kyle woke up he looked at the clock and saw that it was mid-afternoon, so he had only been asleep for a couple hours. Kyle got up and went to put on a shirt, but then he looked down at his huge pecs and said, “I’m going to have to get some new clothes soon.” Dropping the too small shirt back on top of the dresser, Kyle went downstairs still dressed in just the tight, stretchy shorts.

Kyle’s stomach rumbled, so he went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Kyle opened the cabinet, but saw that other than a nearly empty box of instant pancake mix, there wasn’t any food in the cabinet. Opening the fridge, the only thing Kyle found was a pitcher of orange juice with barely a gulp left inside. “Brian, Greg, you guys didn’t pack any food?!” Kyle yelled out. There was no reply, so Kyle walked into the living room to find them.

The living room was empty too, but Kyle saw a hand-written note on the TV tray. Kyle picked up and read out loud: “Didn’t want to wake you. Greg and I went to the grocery for a food run, be back soon.—Brian”.

Kyle’s stomach rumbled again, and then he remembered that Brian had been munching on some trail mix earlier this morning. Kyle went over to Brian’s luggage and dug around, trying to find the trail mix. Instead of finding the trail mix Kyle found a small bag with a bunch of packets of colored powders.

“Oh, this must be drink mix for those fruit punches Brian likes to drink,” Kyle said to himself. “Eh, I guess it’s better than nothing until they get back with real food.” Kyle went to the kitchen and got a glass of water, then he looked at the packets. “Red is cherry, I guess? That’s my favorite flavor.” Kyle picked up the red packet and poured about half the contents into the cup of water, then swirled it around.

Taking a long sip, Kyle continued to drink until the cup was empty. Afterwards, Kyle said, “That didn’t really taste like cherry, it wasn’t even sweet. How about orange?” Kyle got some more water out the sink, then he sprinkled just a small amount of the orange powder in the glass, then took a few sips. Kyle said “That one’s not very sweet either,” and then he poured the rest of the glass down the sink drain.

Kyle sighed. “Whatever, those guys better hurry up with the food.” Kyle walked back to the living room, leaving the stack of colored packets on the kitchen counter as he left. Kyle sat on the couch and picked up the TV remove and started flipping channels.

While channel surfing Kyle put his left hand down on top of his big crotch bulge and lightly rubbed himself through the shorts. Kyle kept going through the channels until he reached the adult channels. He stopped on a porno channel which had some big breasted girl being fucked by a guy. Kyle rubbed himself, but after a few minutes he didn’t seem very interested, which was unusual for him. He jerked off to pornos all the time, and the girl on screen was his type, with really big tits, but he just… wasn’t really turned on by her.

Kyle looked closer at the guy that was fucking her, and he laughed when he saw that the guy’s cock was about six and a half inches, barely even above average. Kyle rubbed his huge bulge and said, “Hah, that bitch probably wishes she had a cock like mine fucking her instead of that little guy.” Kyle then opened the TV guide menu and looked at what else was playing on the adult channels. Kyle browsed through the options of stuff like ‘Horny Cheerleaders part 4’ and ‘Bosom Babes’ and other currently playing pornos with just as cheesy titles.

As Kyle scrolled through the options he then got to the gay channels. He was about to go back to straight channels, but one of the titles caught his eye. Curious, Kyle went to it and selected ‘Jumbo-sized Sausages, double the size means double the fun!’ When he clicked on the title the channel came on and on screen were two guys. One of them was on his knees as he was giving a blow-job to another guy.

Kyle looked closer, and it looked like the guy on his knees had something like a seven inch cock, while the guy being sucked had maybe an eight inch cock. “So where’s the jumbo sized cocks?” Kyle said out loud. “I’m way bigger than both of those guys!” Kyle was still rubbing the bulge at his crotch, but when he looked down at himself he thought his big bulge seemed even bigger than ever. Kyle could feel his cock starting to get hard, but it wasn’t hard yet and still his bulge seemed way bigger.

Looking back at the TV Kyle could hear the guy on his knees saying, “Oh Rico, you have such a big dick, I’ve never seen one as big as yours!” and the guy on his knees went back to sucking on “Rico’s” cock. Kyle then grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down, exposing himself, then he said, “You think he has a big dick? Well this is what a big dick looks like!” Kyle’s dick and balls were resting on the sofa between his thighs, and his cock seemed bigger than the last time he saw it.

Kyle grabbed hold of his cock which was still slowly getting harder, then he shook it like a firehose and said to the TV, “You see, this is a big dick, not that little cocktail weeny you’re sucking on!” Of course, the two guys on TV just kept moaning while the kneeling guy continued to say how big the other guy’s cock was. Kyle’s own cock kept straightening out as it got firm and erect, then it started to point straight upwards as it reached full hardness.

Even though he was ultra horny now, Kyle was still worried when he saw his hard cock throbbing in front of him. His hard cock was obviously well past a foot long and now he couldn’t even wrap one hand around the shaft because it was too thick. While sitting on the couch, his hard cock was standing up past his chest, and the mushroom shaped head was right in front of his face. Kyle knew something wasn’t right because his hard cock was inhumanly huge, but he was too horny to care so he used both hands to grab hold of his hard cock as best he could and started to stroke himself.

The smaller guy on TV said, “Oh Rico, your big cock feels so good in my mouth, you’re so big!” and as Kyle kept stroking his cock, his cockhead was waving around directly in front of his face. Without really thinking about it, Kyle leaned forward and put the head of his cock into his own mouth. The feeling of his mouth on his own cock was amazing, so Kyle leaned forward more to try and suck more of his enormous shaft. As he leaned forward, he felt his thick pecs pressing against the hard shaft of his cock.

Kyle bucked his hips, causing his cock to thrust against his own pecs as he was sucking the head at the same time and using both hands to stroke the huge shaft. Kyle continued to pec fuck himself while sucking his own cock, and soon he could feel his heavy balls tighten up and he knew he was about to cum. Just before the first blast of cum shot from his cock Kyle pulled his dick out of his mouth, then shot his load into the air. Kyle’s cock continued to blast cum a few more times until his orgasm was finally finished.

With a satisfied sigh, Kyle leaned back onto the couch as his dick started to get soft again, and then he noticed that Brian and Greg were both standing in the doorway staring at him with a surprised look on their face. Exhausted from his recent orgasm, Kyle just weakly said, “Uh, hi guys…”


Part 8

Twenty minutes ago:

Brian was driving back from the grocery while talking with Greg. “If my dad finds out I was the one who took the experimental drugs from his lab he’s going to kill me!”

“How would he even know it was you?” Greg replied.

“He called me this morning in a rage, saying someone stole from his lab, asking me if I knew anything about it,” Brian answered. “I told him I had no idea, but he hired an investigator, made a police report and all! If they figure out I took them, I’ll be in so much trouble…”

Greg shrugged. “Then don’t tell him. No one saw you, and like two hundred people work there. They’ll never figure out who it really was.”

“I suppose,” Brian said. “So about Kyle… do you feel guilty about what we did? Dosing him without permission…”

“All I wanted to do was make his cock bigger, and fill out his chest some,” Greg replied. “It’s not like that would have been any problem, he could have just worn loose pants to hide a big dick. You were the one obsessed with big butts that insisted on adding the green powder too. Now Kyle’s ass is so big he’s never going to be able to hide it.”

Brian frowned. “Who do you think you’re snapping at? I guess, maybe I did get carried away when I added another dose this morning…”

“You think?” Greg said. “Did you know Kyle’s ass actually ripped his pants as it was growing while we were out on the lake?”

“Oh that had to have been hot as fuck… wish I had been there,” Brian said.

Greg smirked. “Not as hot as it was watching him try to tuck his huge cock and balls back into his underwear as they kept falling out. Did you know that Kyle’s cock is over ten inches soft now? We measured it in the shower this morning.”

With a sneer, Brian said, “You’re such a hypocrite. You try to guilt trip me for making Kyle’s ass bigger, but you were the one who put the second dose of red in this morning. Ten inches soft, so he’s what, probably fourteen or so when it gets hard? What’s Kyle supposed to do with a cock that big?”

“Fuck me with it, hopefully,” Greg answered.

Brian sighed. “I’ll never understand how you fit those huge dildos up your tiny little ass.”

Greg smiled and said, “With practice.”

The car pulled into the cabin driveway and the two boys got out and Brian picked up the bag of groceries. When they walked into the cabin, they heard from down the hall someone yell, “You see, this is a big dick, not that little cocktail weeny you’re sucking on!”

Brian and Greg looked at each other, then Brian said, “Was that… Kyle?”

“It sounded like it, yeah,” Greg said.

Brian set down the groceries, then the two of them walked towards the living room.

When they turned the corner they saw Kyle sitting naked on the couch with a monstrously sized erection. Kyle had the tip of his cock in his own mouth as he sucked himself, using his big pecs and both hands to rub against his thick shaft. Kyle was so involved in sucking himself he didn’t even notice the other boys standing in the doorway.

Brian and Greg stood there stunned for a moment as they watched, then Brian whispered, “What the fuck, look at the size of his cock! Did you give him another dose of the red stuff?!”

Greg shook his head and whispered back, “No, I swear, I didn’t!”

“Then how?!” Brian whispered. “That looks like sixteen inches of meat he’s sucking on!”

Greg pointed and said, “Look, your suitcase is open. Looks like Kyle got into your stash while we were gone.”

Brian looked over, then said, “Oh damnit…”

Just then Kyle moaned, and the boys watched as Kyle started to orgasm and shoot cum into the air. When he finished his orgasm, Kyle let go of his cock, allowing it to hang down as it started to get soft again. Kyle leaned back on the couch, finally noticing the two boys standing there, then Kyle just weakly said, “Uh, hi guys…”

Brian walked over to his suitcase and confirmed that the powders were gone. “Kyle, did you go through my stuff?!”

“Oh, yeah I drank some of your fruit punch,” Kyle said. “I think I left the rest on the kitchen counter, sorry.” Kyle then stood up, saw the mess of cum on the couch and ground and added, “Uh… sorry, I didn’t know you would be back this soon… I’ll clean up this mess.”

Kyle bent over to pick up his shorts and he started to pull them up. Now that his horny haze was starting to fade, Kyle was realizing just how much bigger his cock had grown. Now that it was limp again, his dick was hanging all the way down to his knees and it was thicker than a soda can. Kyle lifted his cock, then let it drop again, just watching the heavy log of flesh bounce against his thigh.

Kyle then roughly grabbed hold of his massive dick and tried to hurry and shove it inside the spandex shorts. The shorts were ultra-stretchy and they were able to expand out enough to hold his package, but it looked like he had a football shoved inside the shorts. Kyle patted his bulge, feeling the size of his cock again, then his face got pale and he said to Brian, “Something’s really not right. I need to get to the hospital ASAP, you need to drive me there.”

Brian raised his hands and made a waving motion and said, “Whoa, hold on, calm down, what’s wrong?”

Kyle was starting to work himself into a panic. “My body, something’s wrong, I don’t know… it’s been… I just have to get to the hospital so I can see a doctor. If you won’t drive me I’m going to call an ambulance!”

When he heard that, Brian started to panic himself, then after a few moments of thought he said, “Wait, wait, hold on, don’t do that… wait here a sec, okay? I’ll take you if that’s what you really want, but just wait a minute, okay?” Brian then ran out the room.

Greg saw Kyle just standing there dazed, so Greg followed Brian and found him in the kitchen. “Look, half the red is gone,” Brian said. “He must have taken a big dose.”

Greg walked over and saw Brian looking at the stack of colored packets on the counter, and when he saw the half-empty red packet Greg said, “Well that explains why his cock is so much bigger. Wait, what are you doing?”

Brian filled a glass with water, then he started to pour the yellow powder into the water. Greg said, “Hold up… yellow… wasn’t that the personality drug? The one that makes you more docile and submissive and vulnerable to suggestions? I thought we weren’t going to use the personality stuff?”

“Do you hear him?” Brian said. “He’s freaking out and about to go tell some hospital doctor all about this. It won’t take more than ten minutes after the doctor makes his report for my dad to find out!”

Brian emptied most of the yellow packet into the glass. “Woah, that’s too much, isn’t it?” Greg said. Brian ignored Greg, then he quickly stirred the now yellow colored water and went back into the living room.

As soon as Brian walked in Kyle said, “Let’s go or I’m calling that ambulance!”

“All right, we’re going, but here, drink this first,” Brian said. “It’s lemonade.”

“I’m not thirsty, are we going or not?” Kyle said.

With a pleading voice Brian said, “Just… here, drink it, you need to stay hydrated, I think that might be part of what’s wrong. Yeah, dehydration.”

With a grunt, Kyle yanked the glass out of Brian’s hand, then he guzzled the whole thing down in a few swallows, then said “Happy? Now let’s go.”

Brian nodded, then said, “Fine, let’s go.” Brian winked to Greg, then he walked out to his car with Kyle and they got in. As they were driving down the road, Brian kept glancing over at Kyle, but Kyle was just sitting there quietly with a concerned look on his face. After a few more minutes when Brian looked over, Kyle’s expression seemed calmer and not so anxious. “How are you feeling?” Brian asked.

Kyle shrugged and said, “Fine I guess.”

Brian let out an exhale of relief, then said, “Wouldn’t you rather go back to the cabin instead of sitting in a hospital emergency room all evening?”

Kyle complacently nodded and said, “Yeah, I’d rather that.”

Brian smiled and nodded. “Good, let’s go back to the cabin.” Then he turned the car around and started driving back.


Part 9

When Kyle and Brian got back to the cabin Brian parked the car and they went inside the house. When they walked in Greg got up and asked, “What happened?”

“Kyle has calmed down and decided he wanted to go back to the cabin, isn’t that right, Kyle?” Brian said.

Kyle felt weirdly relaxed, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, so he nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s right.”

Greg walked over and whispered something in Brian’s ear.”Kyle, you were nervous earlier,” Brian said. “What had you so upset?”

Kyle remembered being in a panic about his size earlier, but now he didn’t feel worried or nervous at all. He patted the huge bulge in his shorts. “My cock’s been getting bigger and I was concerned, but I’m not really worried anymore, it’s probably fine.”

“Why don’t you let us see so we can check that everything’s all right,” Brian said Without any hesitation Kyle did as he was told and pulled the waistband of the shorts over his bulge, then pulled it down over his big ass and let them drop to the floor. Kyle’s giant cock and heavy balls flopped free to hang down for the boys to see.

Seeing it up close, Brian exclaimed, “Fuck, that’s huge!”

“You jealous?” Greg whispered.

Brian scowled at Greg. “Shut up! Go get something to measure him.”

Greg smiled and said, “I brought along a tape measure just for this!” Then Greg went over to his suitcase and pulled out a small tape measure. Greg knelt in front of Kyle and grabbed the base of Kyle’s huge cock to hold it still and Kyle didn’t do anything to try to stop him.

Greg looked back at Brian. “Well, that yellow stuff sure does work, doesn’t it? Look, he didn’t even flinch!”

“Of course it works,” Brian said. Kyle was just standing there calmly while Greg put the tape measure alongside his huge cock.

Greg measured Kyle’s dick from base to tip and said, “Just over thirteen inches soft,” then he wrapped the tape measure around the shaft. “And about nine inches around.”

Greg looked at Kyle’s meat and bit his lip. “I want to see how big he gets when hard!” and then Greg started to suck on the head of Kyle’s giant dick.

Brian then walked forward and grabbed Greg by the shoulder and pulled him back, causing Kyle’s cock to pull out of his mouth and flop down against his thigh.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?” Greg said.

Brian said in a stern voice, “I’m the one in charge here, and I’m tired of hearing you compare Kyle’s dick to mine. In fact…” and then Brian walked in front of Kyle, looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Listen to me Kyle, this is a direct order. You aren’t allowed to get hard unless I give you permission first. I don’t care how horny you get. Do you understand me?”

Kyle simply nodded and said, “I understand.”

“Good. You’re also going to only follow orders that I give you, and not Greg,” Brian said. “You’re going to accept and enjoy any changes to your body. Other than that, you’re free to act as you normally would.”

“Why did you tell him that?!” Greg said

Brian glared at Greg, then he said to Kyle, “Hey Kyle, go up to the attic and find a shirt that fits you from my dad’s old clothes. It should be in a trunk somewhere in the attic.”

“All right” Kyle said, and then he pulled up his shorts and went upstairs.

Brian then turned to Greg. “As for you, you seem to have forgotten which of us is in charge,” he said. “It was my idea to steal the experimental drugs from my dad’s lab. I’m the one taking all the risk here. I invited you because I knew you would enjoy this too, but I’m the one calling the shots. In fact, to teach you a lesson, I’m giving you the same order as Kyle. You aren’t allowed to touch your cock until I give you permission.”

Greg quickly said, “Wait, that’s not fair! You know how horny I get all the time!”

Brian nodded. “Exactly, and now you’re going to wait until I decide before getting off again.”

Greg was going to argue more, but then he lowered his head and said, “All right.”

The two of them heard Kyle coming back down the stairs and Brian saw that Kyle had found a button up shirt and had done his best to put it on. The shirt seemed to mostly fit, but Kyle wasn’t able to get the top four buttons together due to his pecs, so the upper part of his chest was exposed due to leaving the top unbuttoned. Brian looked and saw that the spandex shorts he had bought for Kyle were still holding his newly enlarged package in place, though the bulge was even more extreme now.

Kyle made a half-hearted attempt to button one of the open buttons on the shirt, letting the other boys see why he couldn’t button it the rest of the way due to his size. “This was the best I could find, but it doesn’t really fit right.”

“It’s good enough,” Brian said. He walked up and gave a squeeze on Kyle’s big bubble butt and added, “Now then, I’m going to do what I originally wanted to do before Greg talked me out of it.”

Greg said, “You’re not going to… are you?”

Brian flashed a scowl at Greg, and Greg quickly closed his mouth, keeping quiet. Brian then said, “Kyle, come with me” and then Brian went to the kitchen. Greg followed along as well.

Brian went to the counter and filled a cup of water, then he picked up the packet of green powder and sprinkled some into the glass, then mixed it in before handing it to Kyle. Greg had a worried look on his face, but didn’t speak up. Brian said, “It’s fruit punch, now drink it.”

Without hesitation Kyle lifted the glass and drank it down. Greg let out a sigh. Brian said, “Now Kyle, come upstairs so I can show you my bedroom.” Kyle started walking and Brian walked alongside him, with one hand on Kyle’s big ass as they walked up the stairs.


Part 10

Kyle went into Brian’s bedroom with Brian following right behind him. Brian walked over to the full length mirror on the wall and said, “Kyle, why don’t you come over here and take a look in the mirror.”

Kyle nodded and said, “All right”.

Brian knew that giving Kyle such a large dose of the yellow powder was the reason he was acting the way he was. The yellow powder made the user more compliant and willing to go along with anything they’re told to do. Unlike the powders that caused physical changes, the personality type powders were only temporary and would wear off over time. With the amount that Kyle had taken, Brian figured it might be as long as a few days before it wore off, though sometimes a high metabolism would cause it to wear off faster.

For now though Kyle was doing exactly as he was told, and Brian stood behind Kyle and had Kyle face the mirror, then he said, “How do you think you look?” Kyle stared at himself in the mirror, then he tried to button his shirt again, but as before his pecs were too thick for his shirt to button all the way up. Kyle then tried to re-position his bulge so it wasn’t so obscene, but with his thick thirteen inch soft cock stuffed into his briefs fighting for space with his orange sized balls, a huge bulge was inevitable.

Kyle then turned to the side and checked out his big bubble butt. Brian could tell that Kyle’s ass was already starting to get bigger thanks to the green powder he had just given to Kyle a few minutes ago, but the growth from the latest dose wasn’t finished yet. Kyle put a hand on his ample butt-cheek and rubbed it, causing his whole thick ass to shake slightly, then he finally replied, “I think I look kinda gay, but I’m not gay, you know. I like girls.”

Brian smiled, then he thought for a moment, carefully choosing his words. “No, Kyle, you’re mistaken. You don’t like girls, at least not like that. You like guys. You’re very proud of your rear-end and you like to show off the size of your ass whenever possible. You enjoy giving pleasure to others and you like to suck cock. Most of all though, you love when I fuck your big, juicy ass. Do you understand all of that?”

Kyle was still for a moment, then he nodded and said, “Yes.”

Brian smiled, then he stood behind Kyle again, facing Kyle towards the mirror for a second time, then he said again, “How do you think you look?”

Kyle looked in the mirror, then he reached behind himself and patted himself on his big ass and said, “I look sexy,” and then Kyle took a step backwards, and started to grind his thick ass against Brian’s crotch.

Brian smiled, and he could see that the green powder was still working, and Kyle’s ass seemed slightly bigger again. Brian walked over to the bed and sat down, then he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard seven inch cock through his fly. “I agree, you look hella sexy right now,” he said. “Look how hard you’ve made me.”

Kyle walked over, each step making his huge ass bounce, then he knelt between Brian’s legs and he started to suck on Brian’s hard cock. Brian leaned forward and put both hands on Kyle’s huge ass as he was giving him a blowjob. Brian could actually feel Kyle’s ass getting thicker as the powder continued to work.

Brian could tell Kyle didn’t have any experience sucking cock, but he was doing a well enough job for his first time. Brian was getting so turned on as he watched Kyle’s ass slowly filling out even more as Kyle kept sucking cock. Brian felt like he wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. “I want you to swallow my whole load like a good little slut. Get ready for it!”

Brian then started to cum, and then as he was told Kyle swallowed it all. As he was cumming Brian heard a groan, then a moaning sound from the other side of the closed bedroom door. Once Brian’s orgasm was finished he patted the head of Kyle and said, “Good boy, that’s enough for now.” Kyle eased off and sat back, smiling. Brian saw that Kyle was sitting on his rear end, which seemed to have finished growing, and was about twenty percent bigger and rounder than it was an hour ago. Somehow, those spandex shorts were still stretching to fit over his ass and bulge, but they looked to be at their limit now.

Looking back over at the door, Brian walked towards it, then heard a hurried shuffling from the other side. Brian flung the door open, but no one was there. Looking down, Brian saw a small puddle of cum on the floor, then said to himself, “So, Greg, you were watching. Looks like you enjoyed yourself, even though I gave instructions forbidding that until I gave permission. I’m going to have to teach you a lesson, it seems…”


Part 11

Brian went back into his bedroom and saw Kyle still sitting there patiently. “Kyle, me and Greg picked up groceries earlier,” Brian said. “Why don’t you go downstairs and make us dinner tonight.”

Kyle nodded and got up and said, “All right, I’ll go get started.” As Kyle walked past Brian, he intentionally brushed his thick ass up against Brian’s thigh, then winked at Brian and continued on down the hall. Brian watched Kyle’s giant ass shake and bounce with each step as Kyle walked down the hall.

Brian then went downstairs and found Greg in the living room watching TV. Greg acted totally casual when he saw Brian and he said, “Heya.”

Brian nodded to him, then waited a moment. Greg went back to watching TV and Brian thought to himself, ‘So he thinks I didn’t catch him jerking off, or he’s trying to pretend like it never happened. Well, we’ll see about that.’ Then, out loud Brian said, “I’m going to go check on Kyle.”

In the kitchen Kyle was finishing up putting pasta into bowls for them to eat. Brian walked over and picked up one of the bowls, then he went over to the counter where the colored powder packets were still sitting there in a pile. Brian picked up the purple packet, then he sprinkled a lot into the bowl of pasta, then stirred it so the purple blended into the sauce. Brian then put the bowl back with the others and said to Kyle, “Make sure Greg gets this one,” and he pointed to the bowl he had set down. Kyle just nodded in confirmation.

Brian went back into the living room and sat on the other couch and watched TV with Greg for a few minutes. When Kyle called out dinner was all ready the two of them got up and went into the kitchen.

When Greg walked in and saw Kyle he said, “Whoa!” and then he turned to Brian and said, “Dude, his ass is so big, it’s freaky!” Greg looked back and watched as Kyle carried the food to the table. The shorts Kyle had on looked ready to tear at any moment as they fought to hold his round ass-cheeks. It was like Kyle had two enormous round bubbles stuffed into his shorts and when he saw Greg staring Kyle “dropped” a fork, then bent over to pick it up, taking a long time to slowly get it off the floor, making his big ass stand out even more as he was bent over.

Greg looked at Brian, but Brian just smiled. Greg shook his head, then went and sat down at the table. Kyle put a plate of pasta in front of Greg, then he put a plate out for himself and Brian too. The three boys ate without saying much, though Greg wondered why Brian kept glancing over at him as he ate his pasta.

When they were done Kyle started to pick up and do the dishes while Brian and Greg went back to the living room. When they sat on the couch Greg whispered to Brianm “Dude, you made his ass so big, when we go back home there’s no way we can hide that! Your dad’s going to find out for sure!” Brian saw that Greg was absently re-adjusting his crotch while talking.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Brian replied. “You seemed to enjoy it though when you watched him give me a blowjob.”

Greg blushed and said, “I don’t know what you mean!” Brian saw that Greg was still re-adjusting him crotch without really paying attention to what he was doing.

“There’s no point in denying it. I know you were jerking off while watching, even though I told you not to.”

Realizing he was caught, Greg said, “Ahhh, oh, um… well… sorry! I was just so horny, I couldn’t help it!”

“I don’t want to hear excuses,” Brian snapped back. “I gave you an order and you disobeyed me. You say you were too horny? Well, now you’re going to be horny a lot more often!”

Greg was still rubbing his crotch, and he finally looked down at himself and saw an unfamiliar bulge at his crotch. Greg looked back up and said, “What did you do?!”

Brian shrugged. “Oh not much. You didn’t seem to mind wasting your cum without my permission, so I made sure you’re always going to have lots and lots of extra in reserve for me.” Greg had a shocked look on his face as he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Brian smiled and casually leaned back on the couch and started watching TV.

Kyle came in from the kitchen and sat down next to Brian, then asked, “Where did Greg go?”

“Oh he’s probably trying to figure out a way to stop the punishment I gave him, but there’s nothing he can do about it now,” Brian said.

Kyle looked confused. “Huh?”

Brian just shrugged and said, “Don’t you worry about it.”

After a few minutes Brian got up and said, “Guess I should go check on him, it should be just about finished by now.” Brian then walked out and headed for the cabin’s bathroom. Brian walked in and saw Greg near the sink bent forward with his back to the door. When he heard the door open Greg turned around and then Brian couldn’t help but laugh.

Greg was still the stereotypical twink, thin without any muscles, no body hair, kind of short, with a small, three inch soft cock. Now though, instead of a pair of grape size balls underneath his cock, Greg had a giant pair of nuts even bigger than Kyle’s. Each of them was about as big as a cantaloupe. Greg was using both hands to hold up his huge nuts and said, “Why did you do this to me…?”

“I warned you about disobeying orders in the past, didn’t I?” Brian told him. “This wasn’t the first time you’ve been disobedient. It was time to teach you a lesson.”

Greg was still holding his nutsack and said, “But, but… this is… this is permanent! Now I’m always going to have these huge fucking balls!”

Brian nodded and said, “I know,” and then his voice got stern and he continued, “and if you disobey me again, I’m going to make them even bigger, you hear me?”

Greg’s face got pale. “I won’t, I promise!”

“Good, that’s a good boy,” Brian said. He walked closer, then reached down and rubbed one of Greg’s huge balls and added, “Feels like you’re carrying quite a load in those big nuts of yours, aren’t you?”

Greg’s little cock got rock hard right away as Brian was rubbing his balls, then he nodded and said, “Yes! I’m so horny, I need you to fuck me! Please!” Brian continued to rub Greg’s melon sized nuts and he could see Greg’s hard four and a half incher start to twitch in anticipation.

Just then Brian let go of Greg’s nutsack, causing Greg’s heavy balls to drop down with a yank, forcing a surprised yelp from Greg. “Well, too bad. You didn’t obey last time, so we’re going to try it again.”

Greg had a look of worry on his face as Brian said, “Once again, I forbid you to touch yourself other than to take a leak. You’re not allowed to cum until I’m ready. Remember what I said will happen if you disobey me again.”

Greg reached down and grabbed hold of his fat, heavy nutsack and said, “Wait, before my punishment starts, you have to let me cum first, just once. My balls, they’re so full and heavy, I have to, it won’t take long, just let me…”

Brian squinted his eyes into a glare. “Now I know you aren’t actually touching yourself already, right? I must be seeing things, because there’s no way you would be disobeying me…”

With a nervous stammer Greg said, “No, no, of course not!” and he quickly yanked his hands back, letting his heavy sack drop down again to slap against his thigh.

Brian held back a smile as he saw Greg’s little cock throbbing and pulsing red due to being so desperately horny. “All right then,” Brian said. “Now get dressed, Kyle is probably out there getting lonely without us.”

Brian saw that Greg’s cock was starting to leak pre-cum, but Greg began to get dressed anyway. Brian turned and walked out, heading back to the living room where Kyle was waiting.


Part 12

Brian walked back into the living room and saw that Kyle was watching TV, totally relaxed. Brian thought to himself that the yellow powder must still be at full strength, for now. He wasn’t entirely sure what was going to happen once it eventually started to wear off…

After taking a seat on the couch Brian saw Greg walk in, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. Greg was such a twink and always wore those tight fitting short shorts, but now those shorts were being forced to hold a pair of nuts the size of cantaloupes. Because Greg’s cock was so small compared to the size of his balls, it made his big bulge look strange, and Brian couldn’t help but laugh.

Greg frowned and said, “I’m going to have to get some new pants, I can’t wear this style anymore.”

“I don’t know, I kind of like it,” Brian said. “Maybe I should make you keep wearing something like that as part of your punishment.”

Greg gasped and said, “You wouldn’t ?!”

Brian shrugged. “I haven’t decided yet. Now come over here and sit on my lap.”

Greg walked over and sat on Brian’s lap, which was much easier for him than it had been for Kyle since Greg was such a small guy. Brian then flipped the TV to a music channel, then said, “Kyle, get up and dance for us.” Kyle stood up and walked to the center of the room, then he started to sexily sway his hips and used his hands to start rubbing his big pecs.

While Kyle was dancing, Brian reached around and used one hand to start rubbing one of Greg’s huge balls through his shorts as he was sitting on his lap. Greg moaned in pleasure, but then Brian leaned and whispered in Greg’s ear, “Remember, you better not cum until I give you permission.”

Greg groaned, then he tried to push Brian’s hand away from his balls and he said, “My nuts are so full… you have to stop, or I might not be able to hold back…”

Brian pulled his wrist out of Greg’s grasp, then he said, “Boy, your ass and everything else belongs to me. If I feel like playing with your big balls, then I’m going to play with them, no matter how full they are. It’s up to you to save your cum until I’m ready to allow you some release.” Brian then went back to gently rubbing Greg’s huge balls through his shorts.

There was a wet spot forming on Greg’s shorts and Brian knew that Greg’s little cock was leaking pre-cum like crazy. Brian whispered in Greg’s ear agai,n “Just remember what will happen if anything more than pre comes out of that tiny cock of yours.”

Greg moaned. “I’m trying to hold it in…”

Smiling, Brian called to Kyle, “Hey Kyle, start stripping while you dance for us!” Brian then whispered to Greg, “Make sure you watch the sexy show that Kyle is putting on for us. You don’t want to miss anything,” and then Brian went back to softly rubbing Greg’s swollen, full balls through his shorts. Greg watched Kyle, silently praying that he didn’t explode with an orgasm at any moment.

Kyle slowly started to unbutton his shirt while he swayed around during his dance, then he pulled it off. Next Kyle swung his big ass back and forth while slightly lowering the waistband of his shorts, exposing the base of his huge cock before pulling it back up again in a teasing way. Brian whistled at him and Kyle smiled back.

Brian then slipped his hand inside of Greg’s shorts, and he used a few fingers to feel Greg’s rock hard four and a half inch cock. Brian’s hand instantly became slick with pre-cum from Greg’s cock, and then he grabbed hold of Greg’s cock and gently rubbed it a few times. Greg moaned loudly and Brian could feel Greg’s cock start to twitch. “Don’t you dare cum!” Brian whispered again.

After a few more times teasing, Kyle then pulled his shorts off entirely, allowing his firehose of a cock to flop out and swing down between his legs. Brian whistled again and Kyle put both hands on his huge ass, then started to swing his hips. This caused all thirteen inches of his thick cock to swing wildly back and forth while Kyle’s big nutsack swung right along with it, though Kyle’s nuts weren’t as big as Greg’s now were.

Kyle then went to the wall and pressed his big ass against the wall and then slid down all the way until his cock was touching the ground, then Kyle slowly stood back up, pressing his big ass against the wall the whole way. Brian said, “Kyle, come over here!” Kyle started to slowly walk towards the couch with his long cock swinging around.

Brian then told him, “I want you to now sit on our laps while facing me.” With Brian sitting on the couch, and Greg sitting on his lap while facing forward, Kyle then climbed up and sat in front of Greg, facing him and Brian. Now Greg was sandwiched between Brian and Kyle, and Kyle’s enormous package was pressing up against Greg’s own bulge. Brian then reached and pinched the nipple on Kyle’s meaty left pec and said, “Nice pecs you have, Kyle. You like big pecs, don’t you Greg? Are Kyle’s pecs big enough for you?”

Kyle pushed his crotch forward slightly, pressing his own fat nuts into the bulge of Greg’s huge balls, while Kyle’s long cock was laying across the top of both of their bulges. Greg just moaned, and then Brian said, “Greg, why don’t you lick Kyle’s big pec.”

Greg nervously said, “I can’t… I can’t hold it much longer…”

Brian reached between the two boys then he used his strong hand to cradle the bulge of Greg’s balls, feeling their size and weight, then he said, “That’s your choice. Just remember what I said will happen if you cum. Now do what I said.” Brian could feel that Greg’s shorts were soaked with pre-cum by this point, and his little cock was still leaking more, but he hadn’t actually orgasmed yet.

Greg tentatively leaned forward and licked the smooth skin of Kyle’s muscular pec. While Greg was licking Kyle’s pec Brian reached down and started to rub Greg’s fat balls through his shorts again, which made Greg moan even louder. Brian then leaned close and whispered into Greg’s ear, “Are you going to do as I say from now on?”

Greg nearly howled as he replied, “Yes! Yes! I promise, I’ll behave!”

Brian waited a few moments, then he said, “Okay, I’ll give you another chance. You now have my permission to cum.”

The second Brian said that Greg said, “Aaaahhhhhh!” as he started to cum inside of his shorts. Brian could feel a stream of cum running down his leg as Greg sat on his lap and continued to orgasm inside his shorts.

It took almost a minute of cumming before Greg finally finished. Brian then rubbed Greg’s bulge through his wet shorts, feeling that Greg’s balls were still huge even though they had just emptied a massive load and he said, “All right, you two get off my lap. Kyle, go get some towels to clean up this mess. Greg, go take a shower, then I want both of you to get some sleep. I’ve got plans for us tomorrow…”


Part 13

When Brian woke up he saw that Greg was still sound asleep in bed next to him, so he shook Greg’s shoulder and said, “Hey, wake up!” Greg groaned, but started to wipe the sleep out his eyes as he woke up. Brian got dressed then went to the restroom to take a leak.

When Brian walked back to his own room he saw that Greg was getting dressed. Greg turned towards Brian when he heard him come in, then said, “Dude, what am I supposed to do about this?!” Greg then pointed at his crotch and the bulge his two enormous nuts were causing. Brian felt a flash of guilt about giving Greg that double dose of the purple powder. He hadn’t really thought about the long term effects of Greg having to deal with a pair of balls that size.

Thinking for a moment, Brian then said, “Get one of my shirts, they’re too big for you, so you can let it hang down and cover up your crotch. We’ll go into town and buy you a jockstrap or something to try and hold your balls.” Greg had a scowl on his face, clearly not happy with that answer, but he did as he was told.

After putting on one of Brian’s large shirts Greg was able to mostly hide the bulge his nuts made, then Brian said, “Let’s go now and get you something wear so we can get back before it’s too late.” While the two of them walked down the hall Brian stopped outside Kyle’s door, then stuck his head in and saw that Kyle was still asleep in bed. Brian yelled out “Hey Kyle, me and Greg are going into town. We’ll be back in like an hour or two.” Kyle, still half-asleep just groaned in response. Brian and Greg then went downstairs and drove off together.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kyle tried to go back to sleep after Brian had yelled about him and Greg running an errand, but now that he was awake, he couldn’t go back to bed. Kyle tossed the covers aside and saw that he had apparently gone to bed completely naked. Kyle wondered why he had done that because he always slept in his underwear, but he just shrugged it off. Kyle sat up in bed and thought to himself for a moment. He thought about how strange he had been acting for the pat day or so.

Kyle thought about last night, and how he had decided to dance naked in front of his friends… why had he done that? Before that he had… Kyle then put his hand over his mouth as he gasped when he remembered that he had actually given Brian a blowjob! Kyle thought about what he had done, the feeling of Brian’s cock inside of his mouth as he sucked…

Still thinking about it, Kyle couldn’t understand why he had done that. He wasn’t gay! But… it’s not like he was forced, right? So, why did he suck a cock? Kyle spent a long time thinking, but all he could remember was that all of a sudden for no reason he had gotten a sudden and overwhelming desire to suck Brian’s cock, and Brian allowed him to do that… but why?

While sitting there alone, Kyle wondered to himself if maybe… maybe he was gay? Kyle felt confused, because he was straight, but he thought about how much he had enjoyed sucking on Brian’s dick. The feeling of Brian’s big cock sliding in and out of his mouth…

Speaking of big cocks, Kyle glanced down between his legs as he sat on the bed. Laying between his legs, with half of his shaft hanging over the edge of the bed, Kyle looked at his own cock. Kyle remembered that last night Greg had measured him and said his flaccid cock was thirteen inches long. Kyle used both hands to pick up and lift his huge cock, still in awe at his own size, then he used one hand to cup his heavy balls. Kyle thought to himself about how impossible this was. A cock this size was impossible.

Kyle remembered reading an article about the man with the world’s largest penis, but looking at himself, Kyle knew that his own cock, while still completely soft, was even bigger than that guy’s erection. Not to mention two days ago his cock wasn’t even a quarter of this size. Kyle remembered how last night he had been very concerned about his size, but now… for some reason, he felt calm. His cock being so big didn’t really worry him anymore. Kyle thought to himself he should be worried, he should do “something” about his cock growing so large, but… yeah, he didn’t know why, but he was strangely accepting that he now had a big dick. He didn’t need to understand why.

Standing up caused Kyle’s dick to flop down to hang down between his legs, and as he stood he could feel his ass flexing. Kyle was reminded about his ass and he walked over to the mirror and inspected himself. Kyle saw that his ass looked bigger than the last time he had been in front of a mirror. In fact, his ass was beyond freakishly large now, and because it was so firm that caused it to stand out even more, making it look even bigger. Kyle reached back and rubbed one of his huge bubble-shaped ass-cheeks, wondering how his ass had grown even more than his dick.

There was a brief flash of nervousness as Kyle saw himself, and how freakishly big his ass looked, but right away that nervous feeling went away and Kyle felt… strangely calm about his ass. Same as his huge dick, Kyle shrugged and didn’t really mind that his ass was so big. Looking back down at his enormous cock hanging between his legs Kyle was curious to see how big it got when hard.

Reaching down and grabbing hold of his cock with both hands, Kyle started to stroke himself to try and get hard. Just then, Kyle had a vivid memory of what Brian had told him: “Listen to me Kyle, this is a direct order. You aren’t allowed to get hard unless I give you permission first.”

For some reason, Kyle felt an overwhelming need to obey, and he let go of his cock, letting it drop heavily to hang down again. Shrugging, Kyle decided to get dressed.

Kyle went to his suitcase and got out some underwear and pulled them up, but the moment they reached the top of his thighs the waistband hit the bottom of Kyle’s monstrous ass and no amount of stretching would get it over his juicy rump. Kyle said out loud “Oh yeah… where are those special shorts Brian bought for me…”

After a moment of searching Kyle found the grey spandex shorts under the bed, and with some work, the ultra-stretchy material somehow managed to get up and over Kyle’s massive cheeks. Kyle then pulled the front waistband out as far as he could, and with his other hand he first lifted his orange sized balls and gently placed them into the large pouch. Next he did his best to tuck his cock into the pouch too, having to press it so that it laid across the bottom of the pouch. Thankfully his cock was totally soft so it was easier to arrange into the pouch.

Kyle then looked back in the mirror, then he reached up and felt one of his large pecs. Remembering the problem he had with his shirts before, Kyle went through all of the shirts he brought with him, until he found the one he had in mind. It was an older t-shirt he had been given as a hand-me-down from his older cousin. It had always been too big for him, but he liked to wear it to sleep in sometimes.

Pulling the shirt over his head, Kyle managed to get it on. Kyle’s full chest and pecs were filling out the too-big shirt to the point that the shirt was stretched tight around his chest area, hugging every muscle of his pecs, while the rest of the shirt hung loosely around his lower torso. Kyle could see that his large silver-dollar sized nipples were poking into the shirt, making it seem like he was in some bimbo wet t-shirt contest, even though his shirt was completely dry.

At least he was now dressed, so Kyle walked out to go downstairs and wait on the guys to get back, wondering if he was going to ever get used to how it felt as his ass jiggled with every single step he took…


Part 14

After a while Kyle heard the sound of Brian’s car pulling into the driveway, then the other two boys walked back into the house. Kyle saw that Greg wasn’t wearing the usual style of shorts he always wore, and now instead had on loose fitting surfer shorts. There was a definite bulge in those shorts Greg was wearing, but it wasn’t as obvious as it was in his old style of pants.

“We’re back! Greg, why don’t you show Kyle what I bought for you,” Brian said.

Greg shook his head and said, “I don’t want to.”

Brian slapped Greg on the ass, then said, “Go on, show him.” Reluctantly, Greg pulled down his shorts, revealing what he was wearing underneath.

Greg was wearing what looked like a hybrid mix between a jockstrap and a thong. The jockstrap part was a tight fit on Greg, but up front there was a thong styled pouch that stretched to hold Greg’s huge balls. Brian said, “We got this from Big Dan down at the Adult Novelties store. He said it’s designed for guys who are into hardcore extreme pumping, but look how nicely it holds Greg’s big cum factories.”

Greg pulled his pants back up, covering himself again as he responded, “I said stop calling them that!”

Brian laughed, then turned his attention to Kyle. “What have you been up to this morning?”

Kyle shrugged. “Just waiting for you guys to get back.”

Brian nodded. “Well, we’re back. Why don’t you come over here and greet us.”

As instructed, Kyle stood up and walked over towards Brian and when he got close Brian leaned in and hugged Kyle, and in the process he reached down and put both of his hands on Kyle’s big ass and said, “Damn, every time I see your big ass it turns me on.”

Brian squeezed Kyle’s thick ass. “How does that feel?”

In Kyle’s mind, he had a flash of memory and heard Brian’s words echo in his mind again. “…You enjoy giving pleasure to others and you like to suck cock. Most of all, you love when I fuck your big, juicy ass…”

As if by instinct, Kyle responded to Brian with, “If you like my ass so much, why don’t you fuck me?”

Greg gasped and said, “What did you say?!?”

Kyle turned around and ground his huge ass against Brian’s crotch. “Are you going to fuck me or not?”

“Damn boy, I thought you’d never ask!” Brian said. Then he brought Kyle over to the couch and pushed him face down across the cushions.

Brian yanked down Kyle’s pants, exposing his enormous bubble butt, then he pulled his own pants down, freeing his rock hard cock. Brian climbed on top of Kyle, then he pushed his cock in between Kyle’s thick butt-cheeks. Brian pressed his waist, pushing his cock in.

“Come on, stick it all the way in, are you going to fuck me or not?” Kyle said.

Brian thrust again, then with a frustrated grunt he said, “I’m trying, but your ass… it’s so big! I can’t get my dick all the way in, what the fuck?!”

Hearing that, Greg broke out into laughter. “Oh wow, I can’t believe it. Your seven inch cock is actually too small for a big ass like Kyle’s! Hahaha. imagine that, you aren’t big enough to satisfy that plump ass of his, hahaha!”

Brian stood up, pulling his cock out from between Kyle’s enormous cheeks/ “Shut the fuck up Greg!” he said.

Kyle then sighed with disappointment from the couch. “So, you aren’t going to fuck me?”

Greg then laughed and blurted, “He can’t! His cock is too small!”

Brian seemed to be on the verge of blowing a gasket from rage, but then he stormed out of the room. Brian went to the kitchen and saw the colored packets still sitting there next to the sink. He stomped over, grabbed the red packet, and poured some of the powder directly into his mouth, then he leaned over the sink and drank some water from the faucet and swallowed. “Greg’s always saying he wants to be fucked by a big cock. Well, I’ll give him exactly what he fucking wants!” Brian said.

There was a slight tingling sensation at his crotch, and Brian could feel it getting more intense by the moment. Brian looked down and saw his cock twitch a bit, then it got a bit longer, then a bit thicker, then a bit longer again… Brian smiled, then walked back towards the living room as he felt the tingling sensation at his crotch continue to get more intense.

Kyle was starting to get up from off the couch, but when Brian walked back in he said, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Kyle looked back and saw Brian walking towards him while holding his hard cock in his hand. Brian’s cock was bigger and seemed to be getting larger. Brian pushed Kyle back onto the couch and said, “I’m not finished with you yet!”

Greg stared. “Brian, your dick, what did you do!?”

Brian ignored Greg, then he climbed on back of Kyle and once again he shoved his cock in between Kyle’s huge cheeks. This time Kyle could feel as Brian’s cock pushed all the way into his hole and he flinched at the unfamiliar feeling. Kyle had never felt anything in his ass before, but now that Brian was fucking him he loved how it felt as Brian’s cock pressed deeper into his hole.

“Oh Brian, fuck me, fuck me harder, it feels so good!” Kyle said.

Greg silently watched as Brian started to thrust his cock deeper into Kyle’s ass. With every thrust, Kyle though it felt like Brian’s cock was going deeper and deeper, and it felt like Brian’s cock was filling his ass more and more by the moment.

“Fuck yes! Fill my hole Brian! Fuck meeeeeee!” Kyle howled out.

Brian said, “You like that don’t you? You’re such a little slut, and you’re going to take every inch of my cock no matter how big it gets, you hear me? Every fucking inch!” Kyle just moaned in response as he felt Brian’s cock continue to somehow push deeper and fill him even more with every thrust. A few more moments later and Kyle felt like he was reaching his limit, but Brian’s cock kept filling his ass more and more.

Brian wasn’t slowing down, and now Kyle felt like Brian’s cock was too big for his ass, but it was still getting tighter and tighter inside of him. “Brian, you’re so big… too big! I can’t take any more… it’s too much!” Kyle said.

Instead of easing up, Brian just pushed harder. “I told you that your big ass is going to take every inch of my rod, now be quiet and take it!”

Kyle now felt like his ass had a telephone pole shoved inside, and Brian’s cock was still expanding and filling his ass even more. Kyle said, “I can’t, Brian, too much, too much!” but Brian just kept fucking him with his cock that was stretching Kyle’s enormous ass. Then Brian let out a primal groan and Kyle felt Brian start to orgasm.

Kyle grit his teeth and tried to endure as Brian pumped him full of cum. Once Brian was satisfied, he began to slowly pull out of Kyle. Kyle let out a relieved sigh as he felt Brian’s enormous dick finally exit his ass. Brian released his hold on Kyle, so Kyle wearily turned over and laid back on the couch, exhausted.

Brian was sitting across from him, also resting on the couch, and now Kyle could see Brian’s cock. Brian’s dick had grown so much that it was like a third leg growing out of his crotch. Brian’s dick, now flaccid, was laying over the edge of the couch and hung down past his knees, and the thickness was more than his forearm.

Greg walked over and took a look at Brian, then he said, “Dude, what the fuck did you do to yourself?”

Brian, still weak from his orgasm, leaned forward slightly, saw his cock, then collapsed backwards again. “I uh, maybe overdid it…

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Jason’s big problem by Joven Teen athlete Jason unwittingly becomes part of a shady experiment to produce progressively larger cocks and balls that generate way too much cum. His playful and curious friends get drawn in, and when his cranky brother is roped in as well, having massive equipment becomes even more difficult. 49 parts Added Oct 2013 Updated 24 Nov 2017 207k views 4.5 stars (77 votes) 115k words (#18) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Incest•Brothers •t/t•t/t/t

The box by BRK Steve gets a box of clothes from his mysterious and beautiful brother, Peter, and it turns out the clothes have an amazing effect on his already unusual body. 8 parts Added Dec 2002 Updated 7 Sep 2019 29k views 5.0 stars (13 votes) 30k words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Public Orgasm•Extra digits•Multicock•Multihead•Four Legs•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Replication•Muscle Growth•Stretchy•Getting Handsomer•Getting Taller•First Time/Virgin•Incest•Brothers•Selfcest•Witch/Warlock/Wizard •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

The new associate by Tym Greene Zhu is looking forward to his first day a new architectural firm, sure the way he grows—and makes other people grow just from being around him—will make things very interesting. 3 parts Added May 2015 Updated 12 Dec 2020 39k views 5.0 stars (2 votes) 13k words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Public Nudity•Size Increase•Tongue Growth•Father/Son•Anthro/Furry •M/M•M/M/M

Small problems by The Obsessive-Compulsive College freshman Curt has certain inadequacies he’d like to correct. (Hint: Remember the “Better Living through Chemistry” meme?) 7 parts Added Sep 2009 36k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) 9,668 words •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Increased Libido

Summer breeze by Dave Swim hunk Mike is asked to employ his recently improved body and unstoppable libido in the service of intergalactic peace. Added Jun 2012 13k views 5.0 stars (7 votes) 5,170 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Transformation•Aliens

The touch by TylerGermany Nick is dosed with nanobots that allow him to grow and shrink others with just a touch. 2 parts Added Mar 2014 Updated 13 Apr 2014 26k views 5.0 stars (3 votes) 11k words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Nanotech•Age Difference •M/M

Transform by Also Known As Containing a secret is a hard thing to do. And the bigger the secret is, the harder it is to keep. No one was finding the truth of this more than those few men in charge at the Institute for Genetic Enhancement where the way has been found to transcend ordinary masculinity. The sequel to Supermen. 35 parts Added Oct 2002 57k views 5.0 stars (11 votes) 132k words (#8) •Cock Growth•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Prehensile Cock•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Voice Deepening•Hyper Pheromones•Infectious•Flying •M/M•M/M/M

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