Breaking big

by Ziel

 Tim had the bright idea to craft a special serum that would boost the size of his painfully average dick in order to show off and hopefully woo one or both of his crushes, and it worked! Oh boy, did it work, but things take a turn for the extreme when Tim’s growth reaches extremes he’d never dreamed of, and then there’s the issue of Tim’s two crushes...

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Tim decided that this was the day. Everything was in place. He had finally perfected his serum, and better yet, he knew for a fact that those two hot guys he had been trying to work up the nerve to flirt with would both be present when he decided to unveil his findings.

Tim had long been obsessed with growing his dick. He knew five inches was pretty standard. He knew that most guys would be happy with what he had, but he didn’t want to be happy—he wanted to be ecstatic! He wanted to love every inch of his massive cock, and thanks to the beaker of green goo he now held, he had the tools to do just that!

Tim had run calculations again and again. Even now as he sat on the seat of the toilet in a dingy little stall in the gym locker room, the numbers whizzed through his mind. A simple small droplet should give him a 20% boost in growth. That would account to merely an inch at his current size, but the second droplet would be another 20% and so on and so on. If his numbers were correct—and they always were—within four drops he should have the foot long dream dong he had always yearned for.

Tim was practically giddy with excitement as he thought about the prideful stride he was about to adopt as he sauntered bare-assed naked from the stall to the lockers. He couldn’t wait to see the lusty gazes in Hunter and Chris’s eyes as they stared at the foot of floppy sausage that he was soon to be sporting.

Tim unscrewed the cap and balanced the beaker on his thigh. He sucked up some goop into the eye dropper that he had brought along and then slowly squeezed the dropper so that a single, tiny dribble oozed out and splashed down onto his dick.

He felt the effects immediately. A warm, soothing tingle pulsed through his cock, and he watched in awe as his fairly average piece swelled up ever so slightly. He watched it thicken and lengthen. He smirked as he saw his balls puff up ever so slightly too. This stuff worked, and it seemed that it worked just as well as he had predicted too.

Tim was so giddy that he hastily sucked up another stopper-full of goop and prepared to dribble it onto his dick, but he was a tad too gung-ho in his endeavors. The sudden movements caused the beaker to tip. Tim hastily scrambled to stop the beaker from falling off his thigh and crashing onto the tiled floor below, and he was successful—too successful! Instead of toppling off to his side, the beaker tipped the other direction instead! The miniature vat of goop splattered all over his crotch. Each and every last drop contained within the twenty ounce container made contact with his body. The murk quickly absorbed into his skin. In a matter of seconds each and every last drop of dick boosting goop had been absorbed into his bloodstream, and that could only mean one thing…

Tim stared in shock and horror has his cock began to grow… and grow… and grow… The numbers whizzed in his mind. He had hoped to double his dick with a mere four drops. He couldn’t even fathom how much an entire container would boost his endowment. The possibility for growth was exponential. He wasn’t talking about a few inches anymore. He wasn’t even talking about a few feet!

Tim wanted to bolt from his seat and try and go find help. Maybe if he got to the science lab fast enough he could avoid too many glares in his direction and then he could focus on finding some way to reverse the changes, but there was just one problem… two problems to be specific.

Tim could hear the chatter and jeers as the track team finished up their practice. Hunter and Chris would no doubt be among the gaggle of dudes that were now roughhousing and jeering as they changed out of their sweaty clothes. If Tim left now his crushes would no doubt see him!

Tim stared down at his dick. It had already doubled in size and then some. The soft cock was almost as thick as the thighs that it nestled between. The head of his fat cock reached down towards his knees. His nuts were the size of basketballs, and his growth was showing no signs of slowing down.

Sweat ran down Tim’s brow. He needed to do something, but what could he do? Leaving right now would be social suicide, but staying in the stall was no better. Tim doubted he could stay in the stall much longer anyway. His beach ball sized nuts filled his lap and smooshed up against the partitions on either side. His waist-thick dick smashed against the doorway. His package was quickly outgrowing his cubicle!

Tim waited until the sounds of japes and jeers faded away and the sounds of fresh showers filled the locker room. Tim let out a sigh of relief. This was the window he had been looking for. He could use this moment to slip out unnoticed… but there was another problem. Tim cursed himself for not realizing it sooner. The door opened inwards! There was no way he could even open the door to get out of the stall!

Tim cursed his poor foresight. Already he could hear the cheap plywood splintering. Already he could see the bolts begin to buckle. His balls were already the size of sofas. His cock was as big around as a water heater and as long as he was tall. The stall wasn’t going to hold much longer, and at this point Tim was just fine with that. He was pinned under the weight of his own swelling package. His legs ached under the sheer weight of his titanic nuts. His cock pinned him against the back of the stall so hard that his back hurt from the toilet seat digging into him.

The plywood cracked and splintered. The bolts bent and warped. Finally the entire enclosure split open. His dick burst forth from the cubicle like a jack-in-the-box of cock and balls.

Once the dust settled and the growth stopped, Tim was finally able to marvel at the sheer extent of his enhancements. He had a cock the size of a Dodge caravan! His dick was easily eight feet long, and his balls were the size of dumpsters. Tim knew he had no way of reaching the science building unnoticed like this. He doubted he could even move, but escaping was the farthest thing from his mind at the moment. He knew it was already too late. The sound would no doubt alert the track team to his position, and Hunter and Chris were sure to see how huge he had become.

It didn’t even take a minute before the nude guys piled out of the showers to gawk at Tim’s misfortune, but to Tim’s surprise not a single one of them seemed freaked out.

“Damn. That’s enormous!” One dude gasped in awe.

“Dude… that’s huge…” Another dude murmured.

“Can… Can I touch it?” Another guys asked.

Tim was so shocked by the request that he didn’t know how to respond. He just glanced over at the guy.

Tim’s jaw dropped as soon as his gaze fell upon the guy’s damp, brown hair. The guy who wanted to touch his dick was none other than Hunter himself! Tim knew Hunter was hot as hell, but he looked even hotter while soaked! The water rolled off his tanned skin and dribbled down his thick dick. The glistening water made his toned muscles stand out even more than they normally did. His damp hair framed his handsome face even better than normal.

“Uh… sure…” Tim murmured awkwardly.

Hunter wasted no time. In fact he hadn’t even waited for Tim to reply at all. He already had a hand outstretched and was tenderly caressing the soft, spongy flesh of Tim’s titanic cock.

Tim shuddered as he felt his crush’s soft touch, but it wasn’t purely the arousal doing it. Hunter’s hand just felt so damn tiny against his dick. It was like a gnat gently tapping against the head of his ridiculously massive schlong. It just helped to reaffirm just how freakishly huge Tim’s cock had become.

Tim’s dick didn’t seem too freaked out though. Already the monstrous dong was inflating at the sensual stroking that Hunter was giving it. Tim had always been more of a grower than a shower, and that had not changed a bit even with his dick having fucktupled in size.

It felt so good that Tim couldn’t help himself. He quivered with arousal. His breaths grew shorter. His toes curled up beneath him as he writhed in ecstasy. He had been spending so much time at the lab these last few weeks that he hadn’t been keeping up with his baser desires. He hadn’t had a good wank in weeks, and his catastrophic case of blue balls had been magnified to colossal sizes thanks to his medicinal mishap.

Suddenly Hunter stopped stroking Tim’s dick. Tim was about to ask what was happening, but he didn’t have to wait too long. Mere moments later he heard Chris’s voice.

“Hey. I got all the other guys out of here. It’s just us now.” He said softly.

Tim’s eyes slowly fluttered open, and what he saw made his jaw drop. Chris was even hotter than Tim had given him credit for! The dude was every bit as lean and fit as his pal Hunter although that was no surprise seeing as they were both star runners on the track team. What really made Tim gawk was the fat slab of sausage swinging between the blond’s legs. It was easily seven inches long and as fat as a coke can, and the beast was still soft!

“I got rid of all the other guys. I think I bought us a good half hour of time alone.” Chris said as he sidled up beside Hunter and threw his arm over the other guy’s shoulder. The way he moved, the way he held the other runner—it was too soft, too sensual, too familiar. There was something else going on here. Tim was sure of it.

Suddenly it all added up. The gears that were turning so frantically in Tim’s mind ground to a halt. Tim was sure that Hunter and Chris were gay. The looks they had given him at the gym were too intense to be mere casual glances, but the one thing that Tim hadn’t even considered was that Hunter and Chris might be gay together!

“Having fun there, babe?” Chris playfully asked his boyfriend.

Tim silently seethed at his own oversight. He had been so fixated on trying to woo one or both of the studs that he hadn’t even entertained the notion that the two total babes would be already bedding together.

“You know I am.” Hunter replied just as playfully. He then nodded towards Tim’s enormous cock and added, “You should totally feel this up too. It’s amazing.”

“Oh, I fully intend to.” Chris replied saucily.

Tim was once again moaning and writhing. Both boyfriends were now all but literally throwing themselves on his cock. The put their whole bodies to work bumping and grinding and stroking and licking the enormous, puffy cockhead that was every bit as tall as they were. Even the pre-drooling slit of Tim’s cock was every bit as long as their legs.

“I told you he’d be fun to play with.” Hunter said to his lover.

“And I agreed with you. He’s just been a tough nut to crack ‘til today.” Chris replied.

“Wait… what…?” Tim murmured groggily.

“We’ve been flirting with you for weeks!” Hunter explained.

“Yeah. Every time we came close to inviting you to a three way you’d chicken out and scurry off.” Chris added.

“You mean… I coulda… and we…” Tim sputtered. His shock had completely overwritten his arousal. He was so now so flabbergasted at what he was hearing and so irritated with himself to even comprehend that he had ten feet of dick stretched out in front of him.

“Yeah, but I am so glad you waited. I like you so much better like this.” Hunter said saucily.

“You always were a size queen.” Chris replied playfully.

“That’s why I put up with your snarky ass.” Hunter fired back just as playfully.

“Although… that brings up an interesting question.” Chris mused out loud.

“Yeah… Just how did his dick get this big…?” Hunter added thoughtfully.

“Yeah. There’s no way it was this big when you got in here. So what’s the trick?” Chris asked.

“I made some… some stuff… I poured some on my dick and it got bigger…” Tim murmured awkwardly. He wasn’t sure what was more embarrassing—that he was admitting to taking steps to supersize his dick or that he had fucked it up so amazingly.

“Got any more?” Hunter asked excitedly.

“What?” Tim sputtered.

“More! As in… I don’t know. How do you define more? More is more.” Hunter replied. He didn’t necessarily seem irritable per se, but he certainly didn’t want to waste any more time than was needed. He was far too excited by the prospects of growing his cock.

It wasn’t that he needed more size really. He had a rather respectable chub. It was only an inch shorter than his lover’s thick and juicy sausage, but it looked positively skinny next to Chris’s Coke can cock.

Tim lifted a hand and weakly pointed across the room towards the far wall. “My locker… number 15. Code is 1-21-12.” Tim replied shakily.

Hunter wasted no time. He turned and hauled ass so fast across the room that Tim was sure he actually heard a “Meep Meep” and saw a dust cloud form where Hunter had been standing mere moments before. It took only a minute for Hunter to come bounding back into the room with another full beaker of gooey, green cock cream.

“So how much of this do I need?” Hunter asked.

“Well… a full beaker did this to me… so… I’d say you’d only want a drop. No more than two.” Tim explained.

“Right. Right. Gotcha.” Hunter replied flippantly as he peeled off the lid.

“No. I’m serious. It’s exponential. The more you use, the greater the effect. Be careful.” Tim explained.

That got Hunter’s attention. He actually froze halfway through what he was doing and glanced excitedly back over at Tim, but it was already too late. Hunter had already poured out a huge gob of goop.

“What? You got it all in my hair? That’s just nasty!” Chris shouted as he ran his hands through his soaked hair. He pulled his hands back and stared down at his fingers just in time to see the green goo soak into his skin.

“… wait… you didn’t…” Chris sputtered, but he didn’t need a response. He already knew the answer, and it wasn’t just because of the huge, shit-eating grin plastered across Hunter’s face. Chris could already feel the warm tingle pulsing through his cock. His dick was already swelling at an alarming rate.

Chris stared down as his thick dick as it grew and swelled to even more extreme dimensions. His cock quickly grew to the size of his fit, muscular quads. His cock was soon fatter than his neck and as long as his forearm and it was still growing! It wasn’t just his cock growing either. Chris’s nuts were swelling to absurd degrees as well. His nuts had been fairly large beforehand—either hefty orb being the size of a golf ball, but now his nuts were beyond the size of basketballs and still growing! By the time his growth finally tapered off he had nuts the size of bean bag chairs which rested solidly on the ground. His cock was almost as long as he was tall, but far, far thicker.

“Shit… You’ve really done it now…” Chris groaned as he stared down at the Colossus of Chodes which jutted out between his legs.

“I think it looks great on you.” Hunter replied.

“Yeah, but it’s thicker than even your fat ass. How are you ever going to ride a cock that’s wider than you are!?” Chris replied incredulously.

“I was actually thinking about switching things up a bit anyway.” Hunter replied playfully.

Chris was just about to ask him what he meant, but he didn’t need to. The second he saw the smug smirk on Hunter’s face and saw that Hunter was gently stirring the pot of goop with his fingertip everything made sense.

Chris stared in awe as his boyfriend’s cock grew and grew. Hunter’s standard six inches rapidly stretched on and on into a respectable seven and then a sizeable eight. Hunter already had a cock fit for pornos, but he didn’t seem satisfied just yet. He kept on stirring the pot—literally and figuratively. Hunter’s slender rod continued to grow taller and taller, higher and higher. At first the tip of his average dick barely reached the ridge of his well-defined Adonis belt, but soon it poked up to his belly button and beyond. By the time Hunter’s growth finally tapered off, the tip of his massive dong slapped against the uppermost row of his chiseled abs. His cock was every bit as thick as his forearm. By the time his growth was over his nuts had gone from the size of robin’s eggs to the size of softballs.

Chris gawked at his lover’s massive cock. “You expect me to take that!?” He asked incredulously.

Hunter shrugged dismissively. “You’ll probably need to do some stretching first, but I’m sure we can get you ready for this someday.” He explained.

“Someday.” Chris scoffed. “Someday is great, but what about today? We’re now both too big to be banging the other!”

“Heh. Only if you’re plan on taking it up the ass.” Hunter replied cryptically. Chris shot him a glance that said it all. The look on his face seemed to be asking, “What the hell are you talking about?” but Hunter was quick to clarify matters.

Hunter ran his fingertips sensually along the edges of the slit of his lover’s enormous cock. Chris felt a shiver run up his spine. Just his lover’s slight touch was enough to get his cock to twitch. The mere thought of what his boyfriend was suggesting had him trembling with anticipation, but Chris couldn’t quite shake his doubts. It wasn’t just that what Hunter was proposing was absurd. There was also the fact that Chris was sure he would enjoy every second of it.

Chris had been trying to maintain some semblance of being opposed to the wild changes Hunter had triggered in his body, but it was clear that certain parts of him were all too excited by his new measurements. His cock hadn’t softened for even a second ever since he breached the one foot mark. His fully-boned cock had been drooling pre onto the tiled floor the entire time. He couldn’t deny for a moment that he loved the way it felt, but that didn’t mean that he had to go around letting everyone know how much he loved how it looked too.

Chris absolutely loved how his massive cock looked. He had been thrilled when it started stacking on inches, and the bigger it get the hotter and sexier it got. He was actually a little sad when the growth started to taper off at a mere five feet. It was barely half as long as the enormous schlong that filled much of the locker room. Tim’s enormous cock dwarfed Chris’s entire body—massive package and all! Some part of Chris’s mind was secretly wishing that Hunter would just dump the rest of the beaker onto his cock. It didn’t matter how big he got as long as his lover was still big enough to satisfy him.

“Hehe. You can’t fool me.” Hunter chided playfully. He slid his opened hand right inside of his lover’s slit which was now leaking pre like a faucet.

Chris tried to protest, but the second he opened his mouth to say something a loud, low moan escaped his lips. He knew he was busted. There was no hope of ever denying how much he loved the whole scenario. All that was left was to sit back and enjoy it.

Chris flopped back onto the bench behind him. His body was too wracked with pleasure to remain standing. All he wanted to do was sit back and cum and cum, but he didn’t want it to end—not yet. He wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible, but Hunter was making it very hard on him. Chris could feel his boyfriend’s hand wriggling about deep inside of his cock. He could feel Hunter’s knuckles pressing against the sensitive inner lining of his enormous cock. He could Hunter’s hand shifting inside of him. He could feel Hunter playfully balling his hand into a fist and relaxing it over and over. Each fist caused his hand to press against the oversensitive flesh inside Chris’s cock from every angle, and it drove Chris absolutely wild.

Hunter was enjoying watching his boyfriend squirm. He loved the pitiful whines of pure bliss that escaped Chris’s throat every time he flexed. He loved the shudders and lurches that arced through Chris’s cock as the mammoth piece of meat threatened to blow at any second, but Hunter wasn’t ready for Chris to cum just yet. After all, Hunter still hadn’t had a chance to test out his new idea.

Hunter lined up the tip of his dick with the oozing opening of his boyfriend’s cock. Hunter’s cock was as fat as his fist, but Chris’s cock was so massive that Hunter’s was able to slide in with ease. Chris’s cock felt warm and wet around his dick. It felt great, but it wasn’t quite enough. It wasn’t nearly as tight of a fit as Hunter had hoped… but that was an easy fix.

Chris felt his lover’s nuts slap against the sensitive tip of his dick. It felt fantastic, but he had no reason to doubt that it would. Hunter’s cock was every bit as long and as thick as his forearm had been. The way the head of Hunter’s dick grazed against the inside of Chris’s cock felt fantastic. Chris was actually looking forward to feeling it even more, but Hunter didn’t seem interested in moving. He kept his cock buried to the hilt in Chris’s dick.

Chris glanced over at his boyfriend to see what the deal was. The devious glint in Hunter’s eyes said it all. Chris was just about to protest, but he knew it was already too late. He could see Hunter reaching down and gently poking the surface of the green goop with his fingertip.

Chris wanted to shout out a warning, but he wasn’t able to get anything out. His voice caught in his throat as he was wracked with indescribable pleasure. He could actually feel Hunter’s cock swelling within his dick. Every inch of Hunter’s swelling rod pressed against the sensitive inside of Chris’s dick. Every fold of Hunter’s foreskin, every vein of Hunter’s cock dug into the sensitive lining of Chris’s cock.

It felt like he was cumming. His cock was locked in the throes of orgasmic bliss, but there was no way anything could escape. The pre that was trying to bubble its way up from the base of Chris’s dick was trapped. The cum which wanted to spew forth from his nuts was even worse off.

Chris was so overwhelmed with pleasure that all he could do was sit there and moan as his boyfriend slowly slid his dick in and out of his titanic cock. Every time Hunter would pull back some of the pent up pre would ooze out. This helped ease the pressure building in his cock, but only for a brief moment. Then Hunter would slide his dick right back in and the mind-blowing bliss would return to full strength.

Chris felt so fantastic that he could barely even think. He couldn’t comprehend anything other than how great he felt. He couldn’t even think about how strange his life would be if he never found a way to reverse the growth. All he could think of was how much he wished Hunter would keep fucking his cock.

Hunter’s breaths came out as labored, ragged gasps. He had expected this to feel pretty good, but nothing had prepared him for how amazing it truly felt. Chris’s cock was wrapped around his dick like a second skin. The soft, slick flesh of Chris’s dick gripped every inch of Hunter’s cock perfectly. Hunter had never felt anything like it before. It was like a fleshjack, but Chris’s cock was far warmer and slicker. It pulsed with its own vibrancy and life. Hunter could feel his lover’s very heartbeat pulsing through his own cock.

Hunter slid his cock out. Chris’s dick gripped down on his cock every inch of the way. The sensations were maddening. It felt like Chris’s cock was sucking Hunter’s dick for all it was worth. Hunter was close to blowing his load almost instantly. As he continued to plunge his dick into his boyfriend’s enormous cock it became harder and harder for him to hold back.

Hunter was actually the first to break. He slammed his cock in once more. This time he dug in deeper than ever before. His nuts slapped audibly against the soft, spongy tissue of his boyfriend’s cock. Hunter latched onto his lover’s dick with both arms. The enormous schlong was so huge that Hunter couldn’t even wrap his arms all the way around it, but he could grip enough to steady himself as he unloaded.

Hunter shuddered and moaned as he fire shot after warm, gooey shot of spunk straight into his boyfriend’s enormous cock. Each spurt felt more intense than the last. Each rope of cum felt bigger than the one before. Each and every gush of jizz felt like an orgasm to itself. By the time Hunter’s cum shots began to taper off he was so winded and exhausted that every muscle in his body felt ready to give out on him. His arms felt like rubber. His hands trembled with fatigue. It was only through sheer force of will that he was still standing, but that didn’t last long.

It was Chris’s turn to blow, and it was sure to be much messier than when his boyfriend had cum. Chris’s colossal cock bucked and lurched. Each tremor threatened to send Hunter toppling backwards, but Hunter managed to hold on. Finally the dam broke. Chris could not hold back any more. A loud, low moan escaped his throat. His cock gave one more violent lurch. His massive nuts pulled up, and then he came.

The first blast was powerful enough to eject Hunter’s cock like a champagne cork. Hunter’s dick popped clean out of Chris’s cock. The volley of jizz crashed into Hunter’s crotch with enough force to send him toppling backwards. It was a miracle that Hunter didn’t end up landing flat on his ass. He managed to reach out and grasp the rim of Chris’s flared out cock head at the last second.

Hunter ate volley after volley of warm, sticky spunk straight to the chest. The blasts were massive. Chris’s slit was almost as long as Hunter’s torso. Each spurt was like a spray from a firehose and threatened to blow Hunter clean off of his precarious perch. It was a wonder that Hunter had managed to hold on as long as he did, but with each spurt of spunk he ate his grip failed a little more. Finally it got to be too much. Hunter took another shot to the chest. His fingers slipped, and he was sent sprawling onto the tiled floor below.

Chris managed one or two more weaker shots before his cumming tapered off altogether. These last few spurts managed to find their mark and add another layer of cum to Chris’s already jizz-soaked boyfriend.

Hunter was coated from head to toe in spooge and was left lying in a standing pool of pre and cum that was over an inch deep. He wasn’t going to be getting all the spunk out of his hair anytime soon, but that was just fine with him. He had no intention of washing it off in the near future. He wanted to just lie there and soak up the afterglow.

Chris wasn’t much better off than his boyfriend. His body glistened with sweat. His perch atop the bench kept him mostly out of the splash zone, but his colossal cock steadily drooped down into the cummy mire as it steadily deflated.

That had been the single most intense orgasm of his life, and the sheer size and scale of his cock and balls wasn’t solely to blame. Hunter’s cock-block had prevented Chris from cumming for what felt like ages. He wanted to cum so bad, but he just wasn’t able. Each second that passed felt like hours, but every moment of it was ecstasy. By the time Chris was finally able to cum his shots were more powerful than ever before. He came with such force that it felt like his brain had shorted out. His vision blurred. His hearing muted. It was as if all of his senses had gone into auxiliary power so that more of his consciousness could be fixated on how great his dick felt.

Chris was so dazed by his mind-blowing climax that it took him minutes to even be coherent enough to be aware of his surroundings. As the world slowly came into focus Chris was surprised to see Tim’s monolithic cock looking ready to blow at any second. The head of the titanic dick was leaking pre like a faucet, and the whole package was flexing in anticipation. It looked like Tim wouldn’t last much longer.

Tim had been whimpered and squirming as he stared at the two hot dudes’ dicks. The two dudes were hot enough in their own right, but watching their cocks swell to such extreme sizes was more than Tim could take. The two dudes he had been crushing on for so long were now hung beyond their wildest dreams. They were veritable sex gods. All Tim could think about was how much he wished their use their fantastic dicks on him, but then the real show began…

Tim was too amazed and too horny to be able to speak up as he watched the lewd show play out before him. Tim’s dick shuddered with delight as he watched Hunter make sweet love to Chris’s cock. Tim dick trembled with excitement as he watched Hunter slowly shove his dick straight into Chris’s cock, and then when Hunter began to fuck his boyfriend’s cock with all he had, Tim could barely keep from blowing his load right then and there.

Tim was so horny that all he wanted to do was get off, but his dick was simply too big for him to do anything with. Tim played with his ass as he sat back and watched, but it just wasn’t enough! He needed something more. It was so frustrating. He had the biggest dick the world had ever seen, and yet there was nothing he could do with it! Try as he might he couldn’t get his arms far enough around it to even attempt to stroke the behemoth.

As Tim watched Hunter’s hips rock back and forth like a well-oiled piston of a sex machine, Tim subconsciously began to mimic the motions. His own hips rocked back and forth in time with Hunter’s passionate thrusts. Soon Tim’s entire body was getting into the motion. His abs rolled and his shoulders bobbed in time as his hips rocked back and forth. He moved like he was riding a mechanical bull, but the beast between his legs was far larger than any bull the world had ever seen outside of tall tales.

Tim was so into the show that he hardly realized that his gyrations were paying off. The motion caused his massive, rock-hard cock to rock back and forth ever so slightly. The movement wasn’t much in the grand scale of things, but it was enough to cause the soft, sensitive, puffy ridge on the underside of his monolithic wang to grind against the smooth tiles of the locker room floor.

Tim had to bite his lip to stifle his own moans as he watched the two lovers’ cumming. Hunter was soon drenched from head to toe in Chris’s spunk. Tim wished that could have been him bathing in the hot dude’s seed. It wished it could have been him being plugged so full of cock that he couldn’t cum, but he was stuck as an outside observer. His inability to move had rendered him unable to join the festivities. That didn’t last much longer though.

Chris recognized the pleading look in Tim’s eyes. He knew it could only mean one thing, and Chris actually felt pretty bad for having left their new friend high and dry for so long. After all it was thanks to Tim’s strange concoction that the three of them had been able to enjoy such impossibly huge packages. It was only fair that Tim got to join in the fun.

“I think we’ve kept our gracious host waiting for too long.” Chris said as he gently prodded his still sex-addled lover.

Hunter slowly began to regain his senses. Upon seeing the pitiful gazes that Tim was sending their way, Hunter had to agree with his boyfriend. Tim not only needed to get in on the action, but he deserved the best orgasm the two of them could give him.

The two lovers were still a bit winded from their incredibly powerful climaxes, but their cocks were already stirring to life. Staring down a dick the size of a small bus had that effect on them. Tim’s enormous cock was just too sexy for them to ignore.

Chris and Hunter slowly got up and sauntered over to Tim’s titanic cock. By the time they had managed to get over to Tim’s enormous cock, the two lover’s dicks were already rock hard, but it wasn’t just the lewd view that was doing it to them. Tim’s serum seemed to have not only boosted their sizes but their stamina and recovery as well. Already their balls felt full to the brim. Already they felt like they needed to get their rocks off or go crazy.

Tim was already so hot and bothered that he could barely even think let alone speak as the two hot, obscenely hung dudes began to caress the oversensitive head of his huge cock.

“We never did thank you for what you’ve done for us, did we?” Hunter asked salaciously.

“Let us show you just how much we love what you’ve done for us.” Chris added lecherously.

Tim could do nothing but stare in hormone-addled awe as the two hottest guys he’d ever met began to gently knead the soft, spongy tissue of engorged cock head. He could feel their fingers digging into his flesh. He could feel their tongues gliding against the surface of his cock. He could feel Hunter’s cock grinding against the massive head of his giant dick.

Tim was already close to blowing before the two hot dudes began to feel him up. It took every fiber of his being not to just bust his nut right then and there. He wanted to be sure he held out long enough to make it enjoyable for all three of them, but it was so hard. God, it was so hard. Tim’s whole body shuddered. His breaths came out as ragged gasps as the two dudes serviced him, and just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, Chris stepped up his game.

“Give me some space.” Chris told his lover.

Hunter glanced at his boyfriend skeptically, but seeing the determined glint in Chris’s eyes was enough to convince him to back off. Hunter stepped back and began to stroke his huge cock with both hands as he watched what his boyfriend had in mind.

Chris stepped forward so that he was staring down the pre-drooling slit of Tim’s gargantuan schlong. The long, oozing gash was almost as long as Chris’s enormous cock, and it stood at just the right height for what Chris had in mind.

Chris slowly inched forward so that his massive cock lined up with the enormous opening of Tim’s dick. Chris’s cock was too fat to plunge into the slit like Hunter had done with him, but Chris had another idea in mind. He positioned his dick so it rested solidly in the cleft of Tim’s cock. Chris’s enormous sausage was sandwiched between the lips of Tim’s cock like a hotdog on a bun—a hotdog which oozed its own special sauce.

Chris slowly began to rock his hips back and forth causing his massive cock to grind against the oversensitive opening of Tim’s fully-boned cock. The constant flow of pre provided more than enough lubrication for Chris’s cock to glide against the spongy tissue of Tim’s cock head.

Hunter was enjoying the show. Not only did he get to check out his boyfriend’s fantastic cock in action, but he also got to watch Chris’s hot ass flex as he rocked his hips back and forth. Hunter wasn’t content to just sit back and watch though. The scene before him was far too hot to pass up.

Hunter quickly scrambled up the side of Tim’s massive cock and scurried up top. Soon Hunter was face to face with the guy who had granted him such a huge dick, and he intended to let Tim sample his own handiwork. Hunter was soon kneeling down before Tim. Hunter’s huge, rigid dick was standing straight up at attention and aimed directly at Tim’s face.

Tim didn’t miss a beat. As soon as the cock was within reach, his lips went right for it. Hunter’s dick was far too fat for Tim to ever hope to get into his mouth. The best he could do was suckle the tip of it, but even that was everything Tim had hoped it would be and more. Tim could still taste Chris’s cum on Hunter’s cock, and Hunter’s warm pre flowed past Tim’s lips and down his throat. It was so wonderful, and yet Tim couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like when he finally got the chance to taste Hunter’s cum firsthand.

The three friends were nearing the limits of their endurance. Tim had been close to blowing for what felt like ages, and the wonderful sensation of Chris grinding against his cock and the joy of servicing Hunter’s glorious knob was sending him closer and closer to blowing by the moment.

Chris couldn’t get over how great grinding against Tim’s cock felt. It was as if the slit of Tim’s cock was the exact size it needed to be for the soft, sensitive ridge along the underside of Chris’s cock to squeeze right between them.

Meanwhile Hunter was enjoying one of the most passionate blowjobs he had ever experienced. What Tim lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm. He was kissing and licking and sucking at the tip of Hunter’s fat cock like a sex-crazed fiend.

It wasn’t long before all three of them reached their limits. Hunter was actually the first to blow. He was still so exhausted from the last climax that he just didn’t have it in him to edge near as long as he had before, and Chris was in a similar boat.

Hunter dug his fingers into Tim’s hair and began to moan and shudder. His hips bucked. His cock lurched. Tim tried his hardest to keep his lips latched onto Hunter’s cock, but it was not to be. Hunter’s dick pulled loose just as cum erupted from the tip. Thick ropes arced through the air.

Tim looked upward as the spurts of jizz floated through the air. He waited expectantly for the cum to come back down and rain down upon it, and rain it did. Heavy volley of Hunter’s spunk crashed down upon him and splattered against his face, his chest, his cock. Tim was soon drenched in spooge, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He wanted to feel more. He wanted to taste more. He wanted to experience more.

Tim was grinning from ear to ear as the cum oozed down his face and dripped into his open mouth. It tasted fantastic. It was far better than pre. The mellow flavor filled his mouth as thick wads oozed past his tongue, but he wasn’t able to enjoy it for long.

The momentary break in his concentration was enough to cause the dam to burst. Tim colossal cock shuddered. His gargantuan nuts pulled up. It all happened so fast that Chris didn’t even have time to move out of the way—not that he would have done so anyway.

The jets of cum erupting from Tim’s titanic dick were powerful enough to send Chris sliding backwards. The torrent of jizz carried him along until he crashed against the bench on the other side of the room. Chris clung to the bench as thick spurts of cum continued to wash over him. He was soon drenched from head to toe, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. The warm, sticky spunk felt fantastic. He loved the way it clung to his skin like mud from a day spa bath.

The heavy volleys of spunk felt like a sensual massage against Chris’s fully boned dick, and the pleasantly warm layer of spunk clinging to his body just amplified the orgasmic sensations. His whole body felt so blissfully warm and tingly. Soon he too was cumming alongside his friends, but his volleys were hardly noticeable amidst the gooey flood of Tim’s titanic cum shot.

The three friends laid back and slowly caught their breath. They knew they would need to find some way to either manage their sizes or reverse the growth, but at the moment that was the farthest thing from their minds. They just wanted to lay back and bask in the afterglow.

Little did they know that they had just set off a chain of events that would alter the campus for years to come. Tim’s torrential climax had knocked the remaining beaker of goop off of the bench. The green gunk oozed out of the beaker and mixed and mingled with the bog of spunk that now coated the locker room floor. The chemical compound began to mix and fuse with the proteins and enzymes contained within the stagnant pool of jizz creating a larger, more potent batch of the serum… just in time for the swim team to come traipsing barefoot into the locker rooms after practice.

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