Camping out

by Walt Tucker

A giant is attracted to sexy camper Jamie enough to grab him from his tent and bring him home for sex—and also to meet his other human pet, Brandon.

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I had a dream last night that I was camping in the woods. A big giant man came walking by and reached into my tent, grabbing me. I was kicking and screaming all the way. “Stop squirming little man. I have got big plans for you,” he said with a sly smile.

He finally stopped and sat down. He tore off my clothes and started to touch my now naked body. My body stared to responded to his touch. “Well, I see you are enjoying this so far,” he said, pointing to my cock, which was hard as a rock. He then brought me up to his mouth and started to lick my body. “Your body tastes so good. But I would like to try your sausage meat.” With that he stuck my cock in his mouth. I started to moan with pleasure. He sucked for a few minutes, until I was about to cum and took it out. “Now I can’t have you cumming yet, until I have some fun, but first lets see if you are up to the task.”

He opened his pants and dropped me in. It suddenly went dark, as he did his pants up again. I grabbed onto something hard to keep my balance. I found out it was his cock. I could feel his pre-cum coming out. As he got up, I struggled to hold onto his cock. He then squeezed the front of his pants. “I hope you are enjoying my sausage because I like the feel of you there,” he said giving it another squeeze.

He started to walk, which seemed for hours. It was hard to hold onto his cock , but I managed to. I started to enjoy the feel of his giant member and public hairs against my body, as he walked, so I started to massage it. He gave a gentle squeeze, so I knew he was enjoying it. I stuck my hand into his piss slit and tasted his pre-cum, which tasted sweet.

When he finally did stopped. Still standing he undid his pants and fished me out. I looked up, I was sitting in the palm of his hand. I looked around and finally got a good look at my capture. He looked to be about thirty, average build, he wasn’t hairy and wasn’t smooth either, but he had nice brown nipples and was hung like a horse. His place looked to be like a small cabin with a fireplace off to the side, and homemade furniture. With two other doors off to the side. “I have been watching you ever since you came up here camping and I wanted you to play with,” he said licking his lips.

He started to rub my naked body again, as he was doing this he spoke to me, “I like the feel of you on my cock, I am glad that I choose you, but first let me have some more of your sausage,” he said putting my cock into his mouth. The suction of his mouth made my cock get even harder. I started to moan like crazy. After about ten minutes, I came like a volcano in his mouth.

He then took my cock out of his mouth. “Your cock tasted so good and your cum was so sweet and delicious. Now let’s see if you’re ready to meet a new friend,” he said, rubbing my tiny naked body. I was getting aroused again, as he gently rubbed my naked body.

I suddenly heard a loud crackling sound, I was lifted down to his waistline to see his other hand pulling out a huge hard cock that looked like it was tall as the CN tower. He lowered me to the head of his cock, pre-cum was leaking out. The tip looked like a giant banana. “Lick my monster!” he ordered. I nervously stuck my tongue along the piss slit. It tasted salty, and sweet at the same time. “That’s it! Stick your tongue in my piss slit. Your tongue feels so good there. Lick it baby, ah lick it baby!” he moaned loudly.

After it seemed like an eternity, he finally pulls me away from his cock, and gently set me down on the kitchen table. I watched as he striped his massive clothes off. His chest was moderately hairy and well developed with big brown juicy nipples. Then there was his cock and hairy balls which looked juicy enough to suck.

He then walked over to the kitchen table and sat his cock on the table next to my body. “Jump on my cock, and hold on !” He ordered me. I reluctantly jumped onto his monster cock and held on for dear life as he backed away from the table. His cock swayed up and down as he walked across the room to a door way beside the fireplace. It felt like I was on a roller coaster as he walked into the room.

He sat down on bed with red and brown sheets. He grabbed me from his hard cock and sat me down on one of his pillows. He moved closer to me and opened his night stand drawer and brought out what looked like a small covered cage and placed it on the bed.

He pulled the cover off and a red haired naked man was sitting in the middle of the cage. “This is Brendan my pet man, you will like him,” the giant said to me. Then the Giant turned to Brendan and said, “Brendan, this is Jamie. You will make him feel right at home, won’t you?” as the giant sat me down next to the cage.

Brendan came close to the bars of the cage and motioned I to come closer. I started to walk over to him. He grabbed my handand placed it on his cock. It felt warm and hard. I started to pump it. It was growing in my hand as I pumped it. At the same time he had grabbed my now hard cock. It felt great the way he pumped my cock, he seemed to hit the right places. He then took his hand off my cock, and started to rub his hands all over the front of my body, paying a particular interest to my chest and nipples. I was in heaven as he did this.

All of a sudden he took my hand away from his cock and knelt down and took my cock into his warm mouth. As he suck I could feel a strange sensation on back. It felt like a big stick was stroking my back paying a lot of attention to my ass. I was about to turn around to see what was going on , but I couldn’t move. It felt like I was somehow glued to the floor. As Brendan kept on sucking me, I kept trying to pull away, but I just couldn’t. The strange sensation soon subsided as Brendan stopped sucking me.

The Giant grabbed me again and lifted me up to his face. “I see you like the way Brendan sucks a cock. He has made you hard again, I just couldn’t help myself in feeling your ass as he sucked you.” He said stroking my chest gently. I was getting aroused by his stroking. All of a sudden he stopped stroking me and opened the cage door and brought out Brendan in his other hand and smiled.

He then sat Brendan down on the night stand, then grabbed a bowl of liquid and set it next to him. The giant then stroked Brendan’s body, paying attention to his chest and cock. He then set me next to Brendan. He instantly grabbed my cock and gently played with it, stroking every inch of it. It felt wonderful as he did this. He took his hands off my cock and guided me down to my knees. “Suck my hard cock, Jamie!” he ordered.

I took his beautiful member into my mouth. It felt smooth and tasted sweet. I sucked him gently for a few minutes, as I played with his hanging balls. Brendan moaned with pleasure, as he ran his hands through my dark hair. “That’s it, take my hard cock, suck it baby!” he moaned again. I ran my tongue along the tip of his member. I looked up at his face , he seemed to be loving the way I sucked his cock, he had a big smile on his face.

After about five to ten minutes he took his cock out of my mouth and guided me up to my feet. He kissed me hard on the lips sticking his tongue down my throat. He turned me around suddenly and sticks his cock up my ass. I was in pain as he entered me, but after my I got used to him in me , it seemed to disappear. He fucked me vigorously for about five minutes or more. All of a sudden he came in my ass.

After we rested for a minute, Brendan then lead me by the hand to the bowl of liquid. He kissed me long and hard, sticking his tongue deep in my mouth. The giant then grabbed both of us in his hand, and placed us in the bowl of white liquid. The liquid was cold and sticky. Brendan ran his hands over my body, feeling every part. He sat down in the liquid ,pulling me down with him. I looked at him for a minute and asked, “Why are we in here?” Brendan looked at me and smiled, then said, “This liquid will make you one with us, so you become my lover and his pet. Now come over here and sit,” pointing to his lap.

I sat down onto his lap, but once again he guided his cock up my butt. He gently massaged my body as inserted his cock deeper into my butt. It felt as good as before. He kept gently sliding his harden member in and out of my ass.

All of a sudden his cock felt different, it felt bigger than before. I tried to move off of his cock, but he held me down. I suddenly noticed the giants hand coming down and picking up with us in it.

The giant brought the bowl up to his mouth and drank the liquid in it, but somehow me and Brandon stayed in the centre of the bowl. He smiled and said, “You’re mine now, I have tasted your man sweat, Jamie. Now let’s see if you can become a good lover to him.”

All of a sudden Brandon came in my ass again, but he still didn’t pull out of my butt. The giant set the bowl down again on the night stand. He then grabbed both Brandon and me out of the bowl and placed in the cage and shut the door. That is when he took his cock out of my ass.

Brandon pulled me close to his body and kissed me deeply. He then led to his bed and had me lay down. “Rest. You are my lover now, I have planted my seed in you,” Brandon said laying next to me and stroking my body gently. I soon fell asleep in his arms. That is when I woke up.

It wasn’t a dream that I had. I was the pet of a giant now, but where was Brandon? I looked through the cage door and saw him still naked and as tall as the giant now.

He smiled and said, “Ready for some fun, lover?” as his now giant cock came close to the cage door.

The giant came over to him and gave him a big kiss. I watched as Brandon began to shrink to my size and we had sex again on the giant’s hairy chest. This is my new life now and I am enjoying it so far.

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Company guys” by FanTCMan.


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