Crotchhead town

by Cockatrice

When the only affordable roomshare he can find is in Crotchhead Town, Chris finds he’s more intrigued than he expected.

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I tried keeping my eyes on the screen of my phone, but it was really, really difficult.

Opposite of me sat a guy who got in two stops ago. The bus had just entered crotchhead town and although I have seen more crotchheads both in the past on the bus, it was either fleeting or from a distance, or both.

But now there was a guy with his head poking out from his crotch sitting right in front of me, less than an arm’s length away. I never thought much about crotchheads before, but now I had to force myself to look at my phone rather than staring at the guy.

The way his cheeks were pressing against his own thighs and how there was nothing between his shoulders but smooth skin was intriguing me on a level I did not fully understand yet. And it didn’t help that he was rather hot as well. I tried to take in as much of the guy as possible from the corner of my eyes, subtly of course.

But it seems I wasn’t subtle enough as eventually his eyes shot up from his own phone to meet mine. He didn’t look particularly pleased of me staring at him. Maybe he had a rough day. Maybe he thought I was judging him. Or maybe he just didn’t like being stared at like he was some sort of freak.

I tried to make it obvious that I was not staring at him, holding my phone a little bit away and even turning my upper body casually so as to not look into his general direction.

It didn’t matter anyway as he left a couple stops later. I couldn’t help but look after him as he exited the bus.

It turned out crotchhead town is a little bit weirder when walking through it than going by bus and not just because of the crotchheads. I noticed after a couple minutes that there were only very few cars driving around the district; most of them were buses, taxis and some cars that appeared to be Uber rides. It made sense, of course. After all, how would crotchheads even drive a car? I did see quite a few crotchheaded cyclists though. Most, however, seemed to prefer public transport.

I finally found the address I was looking for. I double checked the name on the bell with the name from the mail and rang. Some seconds later I heard the buzzing sound opening the door for me.

I made my way to the floor mentioned in the e-mail and looked for the name on the labels, before ringing the apartment door.

Seconds later, the door opened and I see a crotchhead looking up at me.

“You’re Chris?” he asked.


“You’re not a crotchhead?” He seemed rather confused.

“Uh no,” I said. “Is that a problem?”

“Mmh, come on in.” He waved me inside. “I’m Simon. We talked via e-mail.” We were technically about the same size, but since his head was not attached to his shoulders, Simon looked much shorter than me and I felt like I was visiting a dwarf’s house, especially since the furniture was built for crotchhead eye level.

He led me into the living room where another crotchheaded guy was sitting on a couch, holding a phone between his legs so he could see the screen.

“This is Chris, the applicant for the room,” Simon introduced me.

The guy on the couch looked up from his phone. “You’re not a crotchhead?”

“Yeah,” I said, rather confused why this would be an issue. I looked over to Simon but he was checking something on his phone, holding it all the way down to his crotch.

“Take a seat,” Simon told me without looking up.

When Simon and I had sat down, the guy on the couch began shouting down the hall.

“Blake!” He waited two seconds. “Blake!”

“Yes?” the voice of another man answered from the other side of the apartment.

“The dude is here! For the room.”

“I’m coming.”

The guy on the couch put his phone away and looked at me. “I’m Max by the way.”

“Chris.” I nodded back.

I heard footsteps and in the doorframe another guy with his head growing from his crotch appeared. He gave me a puzzled look. “You’re not a crotchhead!”

“I get that a lot,” I quipped.

Blake looked over to Simon, who shrugged his headless shoulders. “I just checked. I forgot to mention it’s for crotchheads only.”

So this was what it was about. I felt my stomach plummet. I couldn’t find another affordable apartment that wasn’t a hole. If I couldn’t get this room, I would have to stay in some probably mold-infested or poorly insulated flat for the next several years or until I found something better.

“Well, I know it sucks for you.” Blake hadn’t moved away from the doorframe. “But we have a rule to only allow crotchheads.”

“Why?” I brought out.

“Because it’s much harder for crotchheads to find a flat,” Blake explained. “You have a lot more choice than someone who gets refused by half the potential roommates.”

“I don’t feel like I have more choice,” I retorted. “It’s extremely difficult to find anything in the city.”

“And now imagine that being twice as difficult for crotchheads.”

I supposed he had a point, but it wasn’t like it made my situation any better.

As if sensing my desperation, Simon piped up. “Do you have other flats left to apply to?”

I looked down. “No. None. This is the only affordable one left within one hour’s commute to the university.”

I saw the guys exchanging glances.

“I don’t think it’s fair refusing him,” Simon argued. “It wasn’t his fault we forgot to add that to the ad.”

“Yeah, but it also isn’t fair to the crotchhead who may not find any flat, because we let in a fly,” Blake countered.

I did not understand what Blake meant by fly, but I didn’t feel like that was a priority right now.

“I just don’t think it’s right.” Simon defended his opinion.

“And I don’t think allowing him is right.” Blake folded his arms above his head. “I vote no.”

“Maybe,” Max mused out loud. “There is a compromise.”

“Like what?” Blake mocked. “Turn him into a crotchhead?”

Max simply looked at Blake, waiting for the penny to drop in his head. All three heads turned towards me. Nobody said a thing for several seconds.

“Would you be okay with that?” Simon finally broke the silence.

“Umm, I mean—” I stammered. “Isn’t that, like, permanent?”

“Sure is.” Blake’s hands went through his hair as he finally walked over to take a seat. “But so worth it.”

“It’s actually pretty neat.” Max explained. “And we have good infrastructure for crotchheads here, as expected.”

“But what if I want to move back?” I pointed out.

“That’s always a possibility.” Max answered. “It’s not like crotchheads only exist here.”

“It’s just slightly more inconvenient,” Simon added.

Max looked at Simon. “Isn’t that part of the charm, though?”

“Uhm, I don’t know about this,” I continued. “Is it the only way to get into the flat?”

Simon looked like he wanted to say something, but Blake cut him off. “Yeah.”

Simon rolled his eyes. “Blake, don’t be such a dick.”

“I’m not being a dick!” Blake defended himself. “This is our rule.”

“We should make an exception for him.”


“Because he needs a place to live.”

“Cool,” Blake scoffed. “Are we gonna make an exception for the crotchhead who will message us tomorrow about the room, too?”

“No, because the ad will be taken down,” Max pointed out.

Simon looked at Blake. “What are the odds of that though?”

“I dunno!” Blake gestured wildly. “It doesn’t matter. It’s a matter of principle.”

Simon reached down to pinch the bridge of his nose. “Oh my god, it’s not a matter of principle. It’s a matter of here and now.”

I zoned out of the conversation, their bickering becoming background noise as I was mulling over the question. I thought back to the guy on the bus, how his cheeks caressed his thighs, the way his head bobbed back and forth as he moved to the doors. The more I thought about it, the less I became afraid of having my head relocated. It would have to take some getting used to for sure, but I would literally have three roommates to ease me into the whole stuff.

“Okay, I’ll do it,” I disrupted their argument.

There was another silence. Second thoughts crept down my spine as the others turned to look at me, but it was too late now.

Simon raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”


They looked at each other.

“So…” Simon gave his roommates a questioning glance.

“We should probably get to know Chris better,” Max replied. “Before committing to a final decision. Make sure he’s a good match.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Blake grinned over at me. “You hungry?”

We made our way to a local restaurant, their favourite, Blake said. It was apparently a bit of everything, not themed on one particular cuisine, but still relatively good quality at an acceptable price.

On the way we didn’t really talk about topics touching the roommate situation, just how our days were and other smalltalk. I figured they wanted to keep the actual getting to know me for lunch.

When we arrived, I first thought it was some chic hipster place, all the tables were relatively low and the seatings were equally low ottomans. The reason for this furniture setup became apparent when Max and Blake sat down. We were in crotchhead town. Of course the restaurants were furnished to accommodate crotchheads.

Before I could commit a faux pas, my hopefully soon-to-be-roommates told me to wait a second. Only moments later one of the waiters appeared, also a crotchhead of course, bringing a pillow and moving the ottoman to the side. I was made to understand that non-crotchheads would have to kneel on the pillow, which was shaped a bit like an irregular mound for better comfort. It reminded me of a child’s car booster seat.

Once we had sat down and ordered our food, the questions began. We started with them asking me questions about my hobbies and interests, what I do in my free time and why I needed to move. When I told them I was going to study at the nearby university, Simon pointed out that due to the proximity to crotchhead town about 10% of the students there would be crotchheads too and even some of the professors.

After that it was my time to ask questions, although many were already somewhat answered in the formless talk before. Nevertheless it was my chance to get them to know better. Simon and Max were studying too, while Blake had a job in crotchhead town. They often did things together, like inviting friends over for a board game night or going out to the local bars, but there was still enough room to do things alone. It was just the perfect blend between boring and exciting for me.

“So,” Simon placed his used napkin on his empty plate. “Any other questions?”

By that point I had found out all I wanted to for the time being. Some of the things would develop naturally over time anyway. However, there was one thing that was still on my mind.

I turned to Blake. “Before I agreed to the crotchhead thing, you said you’d let in a fly if you agreed to me moving in. What did you mean by that?”

“Fly?” Blake grinned. “That’s our word for non-crotchheads.”

I tried to figure out for a second how that was supposed to make sense. “Why?”

“Because when you stand in front of a fly,” Blake explained. “That’s all you see of him.”

I had to chuckle. That’s not what I expected.

“Well,” Simon began. “Unless you have more questions, shall we vote?” He looked over to the other two who nodded.

“I think you’ll fit in nicely.” Simon looked to me. “You got a vote from my side.”

“And from me,” Max added.

“I also vote yes,” Blake agreed. “Under the condition, that you—”

“Yes.” Simon rolled his eyes. “We know.” He turned to me again. “When do you wanna move in?”

“Umm, as soon as possible?”

Simon raised both eyebrows. “You got your stuff with you?”

“Yeah.” I began. “I’m staying in a hostel while I am looking for a room.”

“Ah, perfect.”

“That means we can do it today!” Blake threw his arms up in excitement.

“Do you wanna do it today?” Simon asked. “Or do you wanna sleep a night over it?”

“No, let’s get it out of the way,” I said, mostly so I wouldn’t have a chance to change my mind tomorrow.

“All right, let’s go!” Blake wanted to get up, but changed his mind at the last second. “After we have paid…”

Blake was so kind to pay for my food. I told him it wasn’t needed, but he insisted.

However, before we could go to the clinic, the others told me into going shopping first. As a crotchhead many of my current clothes wouldn’t fit me anymore. There were even special shirts for crotchheads, which struck me as a little cash-grabby at first, but it made sense. Regular shirts would produce ugly folds when hitting the neck below the navel, but these shirts were cut in such a way that they stopped before. Most designs were slim fits, which tended to look better with the cropped bottom. Nevertheless, I got some loose ones as well for comfort.

There were also jackets for crotchheads as well, but I decided to keep mine for now. I never zipped them up except in winter anyway. It was mostly just the essentials after all. After the procedure I’d have to go and buy some clothes while trying them on. I was technically buying them blind at this point.

Once we were done and I had bags with enough clothes to wear, we made our way back to the flat to put away my stuff and sign the contracts and all that.

Afterwards I packed one set of clothes and we made our way to the clinic. Blake’s behaviour had completely changed. He came across as cold before, but now he was almost more excited than me by the whole thing. I started to warm up to him after the first impression.

“This is it?” I asked in bewilderment. The clinic did not look like a clinic at all. More like a tattoo shop: Small and with personality.

As we made our way in, I felt my nervousness come back. The inside of the shop was warm and inviting. There was a low reception with a crotchhead behind it. Near the entrance was a small seating area and a shelf with books and magazines while in a larger room behind the reception were more seatings and some shelves with various items. From what I could see it was mostly goods related to crotchheads. A substantial part of them appeared to be bedroom playstuff. Several doors lead away from the wall to the right.

“Hey there, I’m Jay.” The shopkeeper looked up at me. “What can I do for you?”

Before I could reply, Blake spurted out, “He wants to become a crotchhead!” I heard Simon sigh next to me.

Jay looked at me with a smile on his face. “Are you sure?”

I tried not to signal my nervousness. “Yeah.”

“Okay, do you want some info material first, or do you want to undergo the treatment?”

I gestured to the others. “I got filled in already. I’m good to go.”

Jay glanced behind me. “You guys told him everything?”

“Told him everything and clothed him, yes,” Simon winked.

“All right.” Jay turned to me again. “You wanna do it now?”


“Well, then.” He stepped from behind the counter and led me to one of the doors. “Follow me.”

As I entered the door I saw the other three sit down in the large room.

Jay gestured over to a small bench. “You can put your bag over there. That’s your clothes I assume?”


“All right. Sit down here.” He patted something that looked like a doctor’s examination table while he sat down on a stool.

He pulled out a clipboard and wrote several things down. “I will need your ID.”

“Okay.” He began as he was filling in my details. “I know your friends already briefed you and all, but I need to go through all this anyway for legal reasons.”

He continued filling me in on most things I already knew and asking me some questions on my current health status. Once he was done he gave me back my ID.

“All right,” he said. “When you’re ready, you can remove your clothes and we can begin.”

As I was stripping, he put away the form he filled out.

“Okay, now lie down.”

Once I was in the horizontal position, he pulled down some sort of machinery, which looked like two bent metal guides with a suspiciously head-sized basket hanging between them.

“Okay so, this is where the magic happens.” Jay was adjusting the construction as he explained. “This basket here is where your head goes in. It will move down the body during the transformation, guided by the metal frame.” After putting the basket around my head and neck, he handed me a small pen-like object with a small button on the top. “This is the emergency button. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, just press it. The transformation should never hurt, so if there’s a prick or pain, something must be wrong.” He saw my concerned face. “Don’t worry. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and the only two times someone pressed the button was when they changed their mind midway through.”

He rolled away on his stool to a nearby console, but turned around halfway through with a smile on his face. “I don’t recommend you change your mind. Since this is permanent, your head would be basically stuck on your belly forever.”

He finally turned to the console. “All right, one last chance. Ready?”

“Yeah,” I managed to get out through my excitement.

Immediately the basket moved. It felt rather abrupt, but I didn’t feel anything, until I realized my head was moving forward. I looked down my chest as it drew closer, but couldn’t see where my neck connected with my skin. Above me I could see the construction move along the two metal guides. Now I realized that they were roughly shaped like a body outline with a slight upwards curve where the chest and belly would be.

By now my head had fully passed my chest. I felt my neck move along my body, but it wasn’t like anything I could describe with words. I could feel that my neck was connected to my chest, but not in any special way. It was just like how one felt the hand was connected to the arm without actually feeling the wrist. It was a bit like spatial awareness.

At the periphery of my vision I could see Jay monitoring the progress on the console. It was so surreal: I was lying there, my body getting reshaped into a new configuration and the only other person in the room wasn’t even watching. Of course he had seen it a thousand times, but for me it was the strangest situation I had ever found myself in.

As my head was moving over my belly, I saw my crotch coming closer. The sight of my dick and the thought of it being absorbed into my head made me horny for some reason and sure enough, I saw my best piece stiffening. The contraption wasn’t exactly moving fast, but it was still surprising to see my dick become fully erect, before my head had reached my crotch.

As it was drawing nearer, I figured I could use this once in a lifetime chance and get a taste of my own dick, preparing for the right moment when it would brush my chin.

Three. Two. One…

I didn’t get the chance as the absorption happened more quickly than I anticipated, already starting when the base of my neck reached the base of my dick. A shame.

However, there was a new feeling as I felt my dick getting absorbed. I literally felt it wandering up my throat and expanding or dissolving. I knew it would pervade my entire head, become one with it and I could feel it too. My entire head now felt like my genitals, balls included. In the moment I did not even realize the machinery had stopped until I heard Jay coming closer.

He opened the head cage and pushed the machinery up. “How ya feeling?”

“Good.” I tried to sit up, which took two tries as I was not used to my new perspective.

“Well, if you need to acclimatize, you can do that.” He held his arm down to glance at his watch. “I think 15 minutes should be good.” He gestured to a low-hanging shelf near a mirror. “Tissues are over there.” He added with a wink and left the room.

Alone by myself, I got up to check myself out in the full length mirror. As I was seeing myself, the realization hit me like a bus. I was now a crotchhead. I really did it.

I took my head in both of my hands and felt where my neck connected to my crotch. Fuck, why was this so hot all of a sudden? Feeling around my head felt like stroking my dick as well and I couldn’t resist roaming my hands all over my head as I kept checking myself out in the mirror.

I decided to give in and just masturbate here and now. I had no idea how to jerk off my own head, so I was learning as I went. Still, I managed to get harder and harder, feeling the pleasure rise behind my face. I started bucking my hips as well until there was a sensation of something traveling up my throat. Moments later I threw up a mouthful of cum, which startled me more than it should have. After all, I knew this would happen, but still I was caught off guard.

I wiped my mouth with the back of one hand and grabbed some tissues to clean up. Afterwards I put on some clothes from my bag. Next to the door was a bin labeled ‘old clothes’ which was where I dumped the clothes I wouldn’t need anymore, after emptying the pockets.

After I stepped through the door, I saw the others jump up from the couches and come over.

“You look great!” Blake exclaimed, before shifting to a smirk. “Had some fun?”

I could do nothing but blush.

“All right, let’s go.” Simon led the way.

“Hell yeah.” Blake pumped his fist. “Let’s celebrate!”

I was reading something on my phone when another guy entered the bus and sat down opposite to me. I was on my way back to the flat after spending the weekend at home.

At first I didn’t notice, but eventually I felt being watched. I stopped looking at my phone and watched the guy from the corner of my eyes.

Yeah, he was definitely looking at me, trying to be subtle. I tried to figure out what kind of looks they were: Judgemental or curious. They were short peeks rather than long stares, so it seemed like he was the curious kind.

I abruptly looked up and smiled, trying not to make him feel bad about his staring. Immediately he withdrew his eyes with an involuntary smile and blushed.

Yep, I’ve been there before.

Welcome to crotchhead town.

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