First day on the job

by Cockatrice

Getting a delivery from Inani-Mates is always a treat. But what is even more fun is playing with it…

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I was sitting on the couch, reading a book, when it rang.

I was confused at first, but quickly remembered what it could be. My special delivery must have arrived.

I made my way to the door and opened it to reveal a man with a somewhat nervous look on his face standing in front of me. I knew that face. After all, I had picked it.

The body language meanwhile didn’t match. Feet planted shoulder-wide apart, with a large notepad firmly tucked to his chest.

“Good morning, sir.” He started. “We’re from Inani-Mates and we—”

He trailed off as I opened the door wide to let him in. “Come on in.”

The body wasted no time walking to the counter of the kitchen corner, allowing the head only to thank me in passing.

Watching new deliveries was always fun. The body and head were never in sync. Either the body was the more experienced of the two or it was the head. Either way, one of the two was always fumbling, trying to keep up with the other.

After closing the door I followed the man to the counter where he had already begun filling out the forms for the delivery.

“You’re Mr Dean, right?” The head felt a bit lost. I assumed he tried to stick to his learned procedure, while the body was in a rush.

“You—you need to sign here.” The head looked at the form in front of me, but the body had already handed me a pen and pointed to the line where my signature was missing.

I signed and let the body collect the papers, leaving me only with my own copy.

“Thank you sir—” The head was interrupted when the body put a hand to either side of the head and pulled upwards. The head came off, the expression as if he had second thoughts.

The body placed the head on the counter and grabbed the papers. I knew from past deliveries that the head was supposed to say the standard ‘Delivery successful’ phrase, but somehow this one didn’t, his eyes darting around as if lost.

After the body had left through the door, I leaned on the counter. “You new?”

The head looked up at me. “First day on the job, yes.” His ears flushed. How cute.

I looked through the paper, with the details. “Nathan, right? How old are you?”


“Your body also working at Inani-Mates?”

“No, sir,” he began. “My body is currently studying. I’m just earning some extra money.”

“Ah I see. Do you plan to reunite afterwards?”

He suddenly looked at me as if he never considered another possibility. “Yes, yes of course.”

I couldn’t suppress a laugh but I tried to keep it warm. “Heh, well, you did get the cranio-seminal modification.” I peered over the paper in my hand at him. “Most people who undergo these mods tend to, well, prefer staying just a head.”

“I just did it for the extra money.” He suddenly sounded unsure of his own decisions.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you question your choices.” I cocked my head in thought. “Though I do wonder how that’s going to work when you reunite. Mmh.”

There was no answer from him.

“So,” I continued. “Wanna attach right away?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And please, can you drop the ‘sir’? I’m Mike.”

“Okay, sorry Mike.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I picked Nathan up and carried him over to the couch and sat down. I put his head in my lap so he could look up at me. “I remember when I got my first head. God, I was such a nervous wreck. He had to guide me through everything. You’re doing a great job.”

“How many heads did you have?”

I thought for a split second. “Five?”

“You don’t want a permanent one?”

“I do! But all of them had other plans once the contract ran out.” I smirked down at him. “Why, you interested?”

I felt each of his ears turn into a furnace in my hands. “No, I’m just—I was curious.”

“Hah, well, you have six months to make up your mind.” I winked. “Anyway, are you ready?”

“Yes, s—… Mike.”

I placed him on the coffee table, facing me, before I pulled down my pants and underwear enough to show the smooth spot on my crotch where normally a dick and balls would be.

I saw him gulp. “Do you still have it?”

“My dick?” I figured it was a genuine question. Many still kept theirs in a shoe box somewhere. Some alternated between dick and head.

“Nah,” I continued. “Traded it away years ago in order to make room, you know. Sold mine to Inani-Mates, actually. Maybe you’ve seen it around?” I winked.

“You sold it?”

“Well, I guess I didn’t sell it. I rented it out to them so they could rent it out to people. The usual. I still get my share from each successful ‘lease’ though.”

“Can you still feel it?” Nathan was adorably curious.

“No, I had the transmission of feelings cut. I figured it’d be weird having the sensations of both a crotchhead and a dick.” I grabbed him and sat back down. “It’d be awkward fucking while out doing errands anyway.”

He didn’t reply but he looked down for a second and back up. I guess it slowly dawned on him that my crotch would be his home for the next six months and I wouldn’t take him off.

“I hope you’re not having any second thoughts.” I smirked, but hoped I came across as genuine enough. I didn’t want a crotchhead who wasn’t having fun.

“No, it’s fine.” He gulped again. “That’s what I signed up for, right?”

“Right.” I turned him around and positioned him above my crotch.

I held him there for a second. I never had a head on their first day before and wanted to savour every moment. The bonding was always the best part.

Despite not seeing his face I could tell his eyes were flitting back and forth as I lowered his neck stump down onto my crotch.

There was a muted gasp coming from him when we connected. Others have told me that the jolt of electricity is different when connecting to a crotch than to another neck stump. The nerves had to rearrange to a greater degree as a crotch was never meant to connect to a head.

Speaking of which, his cranio-seminal modification should now activate as well. Since the technology handled consciousness non-physically to allow headless bodies to move about as if they were still whole, the brain, as an organ, effectively lost its purpose for those who underwent these procedures.

It wasn’t long until companies like Inani-Mates experimented with putting all that space to good use. One of the recent, and actually quite popular, methods was to turn the braincase into a giant testicle plus prostate. This way a crotchhead could produce mouthfuls after mouthfuls of cum.

The semen factory in Nathan’s head was dormant until now. It was specifically designed to only activate when he connected to a crotch.

And now he had.

“How’s it feeling?” I rubbed his ears.

“It’s… exciting.”

“Yeah. What about your head? Feel anything in there?”

“Mmmhh.” He clearly enjoyed my massage. And so did I. Afterall, I could feel him now too. And he was as sensitive as a cock, a modification they added to all crotchheads.

“It’s—” He stopped, then finally continued, “It’s as if something is getting to work in my head. Small contractions, but not uncomfortable.”

I put a thumb to the back of his head, right where the neck leads into the skull. I knew that’s where his prostate was located.

“Any sloshing in there?” I gently rubbed the spot.

“No sloshing, but—” His breaths got deeper. “It’s like stuff is being pumped around.”

“Is it distracting?” I was obviously trying to get him—and myself—aroused, but I was also genuinely curious.

“No, it’s very distant.” He continued through the occasional moan. “I have to concentrate to feel it, kinda like a heartbeat.”

I continued rubbing up and down the top of his nape while my other hand went down to his jaws and chin. “Why did you decide to become a crotchhead?”

“It was easy money. Crotchheads are the best paid one for heads.”

“So it was all about money? You weren’t at least a bit curious?”

I could tell he was entering the zone of pure bliss. “Maybe a little.”

“And do you like it?”

“Yeah.” He moaned.

“What would you like me to do?”

“To continue rubbing me.”

I began massaging his jaws and chin in a circular motion. It felt like rubbing my glans. “That’s all?”


“What if I invited someone over? To kiss you?”

“Hng” was all he could manage as I increased the pressure on the back of his neck.

“Would you like that?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

“You two would kiss, lips locked and tongues intertwined. His hands would hold the side of your head as his stubble would tickle your sensitive chin, his smell driving you crazy.”

I put my thumb on his lips and let him suck on it. “But you’re hungry for more aren’t you? You want more than just make out.”

“He would break away from the kiss and stand up, undoing his pants.” I continued. “He’d give his own cock a gentle rub to prepare it for the next part.”

I leaned over a little to see that Nathan had closed his eyes. He was completely lost in the fantasy.

“He would then shove his cock into your mouth. Slowly at first, only the tip.” I moved my thumb inside Nathan’s mouth and I felt his tongue wrapping around it. “But inch by inch it would go deeper.”

It was difficult shoving more of the thumb in while still keeping the rest of my hand on his chin. but somehow I managed. “You’d suck on it, inviting it deeper into your throat.”

Nathan’s breaths got heavier and fell in rhythm with me stroking his prostate. I knew he was close.

“His cock would grow even larger and hotter in your mouth. It would reach the back of your throat, leaving a salty taste behind.”

I could tell Nathan was on the very edge as I felt myself slowly bucking my own hips.

“And then,” I leaned down and whispered in Nathan’s ears. “Then he comes.”

And as if I had uttered a magic spell, Nathan -and by extension me- reached climax. I felt a warm liquid running over my hands and the sounds of Nathan moaning as he ejaculated through his mouth.

I gave us a moment to recover, before I spoke up again. “So, how was the first time as a crotchhead?”

Nathan was breathing heavily. “Amazing.”

“Well, let’s clean this up.” Since I couldn’t pull my pants all the way up again, I decided to step out of them entirely. I’d have to change into my special crotchhead pants and underwear. But first I fetched some towels to clean up.

I felt Nathan’s head swinging back and forth on my crotch as I was walking around. He was clearly spent, but tried his best to stay upright.

When I was done cleaning up, I sat back on the couch and gently went through his hair. I knew his cranio-seminal modification would allow him to go almost immediately again.

“Did you mean the part with inviting a friend over?” Nathan asked.

“Of course. One of my friends has a bit of a thing for crotchheads, but he’s too shy to get one himself.” I moved one hand to his left ear and massaged it a little. “Or maybe he just prefers making out with them.”

There was no reply from Nathan, but I could tell he enjoyed my caressing as he leaned his head a little towards the left.

“But he’s not in town today, so we’re all by ourselves for now.”


“So what do you say, wanna go again?”

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