Cursed compression top

by Rurik

 A cursed compression top will transform its wearer beyond his wildest dreams.

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Mike started to eagerly tear the strong paper the old man from the bizarre shop had used to wrap it and, in a few seconds, there it was, the compression top that he wanted. He didn’t even really know why he wanted it so badly but, as soon as he had laid his eyes on it, he decided he had to buy it, to wear it, to possess it, which was really surprising because Mike had never been impulsive in his decisions, quite the opposite in fact, he himself recognised that he was always too cautious and prudent for his own good and enjoyment. But there was something in that steel blue garment; he just couldn’t get it out of his mind.

And so, he decided to try on the compression top immediately. Mike took his t-shirt off revealing his young torso. He was far from being muscular but had been going to the gym for a little more than a year and one could already notice quite a transformation. Even his confidence and self-esteem had experienced a real change. He used to be extremely shy and introverted but now, even though he could not be considered extroverted, he was clearly more self-confident. Just a year ago, wearing a compression top would have never crossed his mind, and now, he was about to try out one that would change his life forever.

The texture of the fabric was really strange. It looked like some sort of mixture of spandex and something else but the feeling was very silky and fluid. Mike had never touched anything like it and wanted to feel it stretching across his body. At the beginning, the garment seemed to be too small. He was really struggling to put his arms through the sleeves and then his head through the hole. Little by little, he had to unroll the fabric down his torso in a way that totally reminded him of how one puts on a condom.

He finally finished and started examining how the top fitted him. It was undoubtedly snugger than anything he had previously worn. The blue fabric clung so tightly to him that it really seemed like his own skin. However, he didn’t feel the pressure and tightness he was expecting; instead, it really felt as if he was wearing nothing at all.

He examined his reflection in a mirror. The white logo of the top was clearly visible on the centre of his pecs, but Mike noticed that the shape of his nipples was also clearly visible through the tight blue fabric. He somehow began to feel turned on by the compression top. If it were not possible, he would swear, it had made his muscles bigger. He looked and looked again while he began to flex. Weren’t his arms wider? And he didn’t have such well-developed pecs before! Maybe he simply hadn’t checked out his latest gains.

Mike decided to keep the top on. He felt really powerful and even cocky just by wearing it, and he spent the rest of the evening with it on. He even decided to sleet with it. He undressed and went to bed wearing only the compression garment and boxer briefs. It was during the night when the full extent of the curse cast upon the top began to show its effects.

Firstly, the top began to attach itself to the boxer briefs Mike was wearing. It began to merge with them. The blue fabric absorbed the spandex as it advanced down Mike’s package and bottom. Soon, the guy was only wearing one piece of clothing. However, the blue fabric that also coated Mike’s package now had become so tight that his cock and balls were visible almost as he wasn’t wearing anything.

Mike began to have strange dreams while the compression fabric also clung tightly to his arse and even began to enter it. His cock began to grow while the compression fabric seemed to grow with it, fitting like a blue condom. At the same time that his erection reached its maximum, his balls began to grow too. They began to inflate and acquire the shape of two perfect spheres. But the compression garment was doing something more than just augmenting their size, it was transforming them, reshaping them, modifying them so that they would produce the hormones required for the upcoming transformation of Mike’s entire body and a new semen that would serve the garment’s purpose. Finally, the logo of the piece of clothing also appeared on the surface of Mike’s testicles as if it were to show who owned them now.

The next morning, while he was waking up, Mike began to groggily caress his chest with his hand. It felt surprisingly good, but the texture was odd. His skin felt silky and smooth, almost liquid. He then remembered that he was still wearing his new compression top and was again amazed by how comfortable it felt.

He was slowly getting up from his bed when he suddenly noticed what the compression garment had done to him during the night. He was no longer wearing a compression top but what now looked more like a compression singlet; that couldn’t even be called compression anymore because it was so perfectly glued to his body that it really looked like his own skin, his whole package was now perfectly visible, almost as if he was wearing nothing.

As soon as he began to check out his penis and balls, Mike began to feel excited. There was something about how the blue fabric was totally glued to his skin that was turning him on. His genitals were bigger! How was that possible? he wondered while fondling them. He somehow knew that he should feel nervous or worried about all this because this blue thing really seemed irremovable but its logo on his balls looked so nice. He felt incredibly powerful and increasingly aroused.
Mike began stroking his cock. He had no doubt now, it had grown, obviously an effect of this new and wonderful compression material that coated him so tightly. However, after a few minutes he realised that jacking off was somehow not as stimulating as before. He didn’t know what to do because he still felt incredibly aroused and full of energy so he jumped into the first idea that came to his mind: going to the gym. He put on some shorts to hide his now too exposed package and run to his usual gym.

His workout session was even more incredible than he had expected. He lifted much more weight than ever before and, by the end, he felt the muscles of his entire body extremely pumped. His essentially shy character had always precluded him from showing off, but now he began flexing in front of the mirror with a cocky attitude. He couldn’t believe how muscular he had become and how great his body looked with this skin-tight material. His pecs were so big now! He felt them so pumped! Mike began caressing the silky fabric that had glued to them so tightly, his hands wandered over his nipples. They were so sensitive, their shape and outline on the blue surface were so perfect that he became incredibly turned on again. A little bit of his old shyness came back to Mike when he realised that his growing cock was becoming too obvious despite wearing shorts so he decided to go to the locker room.

The room was totally empty except for one guy, a man so muscular that could really be considered a bodybuilder, way bigger than Mike. Immediately, our protagonist became even more turned on. He started admiring the perfectly sculpted body of the stranger that was folding some cloths and putting them inside his bag. He was wearing a white compression top that outlined his massive muscles so well that Mike could barely contain himself. He began to notice somehow that the stranger fancied him and this came as a revelation to Mike. He didn’t understand how, but he clearly sensed than the stranger would find him terribly attractive as well.

Mike didn’t waste a second. He basically threw himself to the bodybuilder and locked the startled guy in a passionate kiss. The stranger didn’t know how to react while Mike began to rub his impressive chest and abs. The bodybuilder just let himself go and started enjoying the moment. This kid really knew how to turn him on. Before he could think about where this was leading, Mike had already lowered the stranger’s shorts and underwear revealing a massive erection. He teared off his own shorts revealing his blue-coated genitals and threw himself on top of the bodybuilder, thus making him sit on the bench behind him. Mike hugged him and raised his legs positioning his arse right above the stranger’s cock. He then proceeded to lower his bottom while the massive man opened his mouth and began to moan. Mike’s arse, perfectly coated by the compression material, opened and engulfed the massive erection that invaded it flawlessly. No lube was needed. It was apparent that the blue fabric had transformed it so it could take and perfectly adapt to even the biggest cocks.

While Mike began moving up and down on the moaning bodybuilder’s erected cock, his own cock and balls were rubbing against the stranger’s abs still coated in the white compression top. He began to increase the pace while he felt his transformed cum churning inside his blue testicles with the logo on then. Mike’s arse was squeezing the cock it had swallowed with suction motions that the bodybuilder had never felt before. His climax was rapidly approaching.

Both Mike and the stranger came at the same time but Mike’s cock began to release a thick current of blue cum that landed on the bodybuilder’s chest. Our protagonist immediately noticed that the blue cum that was still being ejaculated by him began to expand over the entire pecs of the bigger man and began to change colour, it began to turn the same white of the compression top he was wearing. The stranger was too mentally occupied recovering from his incredible orgasm to notice that the now white semen was not only expanding through his entire torso and arms but also fussing with the fabric of his compression top.

Mike stood up and took a few steps back while he realised what he had just done. He had created another one like him! Whatever his compression material had done to him was infectious! It was spreading before his own eyes. He felt his own good judgement come back to him again and began to think about all the implications of his situation. This thing had transformed his own semen! How was that possible? He began to fell scared. Was he still human?! How was possible that he had accepted and done nothing about all these changes?! He had just fucked a total stranger! He had never even conceived doing something like that. Not only that, he had spread this thing! Mike panicked and fled the gym as fast as he could.

Once he was at home, he began to try to remove the cursed compression material from his body. He tried to grab it but he only managed to pinch his own skin several times. He was desperately trying to find a place where he could grasp it but the fabric was truly glued to his skin everywhere, and, while he was doing that in vain, his arousal came back and his mind began to be taken over by an unstoppable desire of having sex again. This time, however, Mike was determined to resist, he would not allow this thing to control him so easily, it would not destroy his life and enslave him, or so he thought, but the compression material had not finished transforming him yet, in fact, his final and greatest transformation was about to happen. The compression fabric had fed on the cum shot up Mike’s arse by the bodybuilder he had just ridden and now it was ready to really bond with the young human and develop all the potential of his body.

Johnny examined the parcel he had just received. His friend Mike had never sent him anything before and he couldn’t even thing of any reason why he was sending him now what he presumed a present. It was neither his birthday nor any other meaningful day, and why would he not give it to him in person? They were definitely not living very far away from each other.

He opened it and discovered that it was some sort of very well folded clothing. The fabric was incredibly smooth and silky. That didn’t make any sense. He took it out of the parcel and discovered that it was one of those compression leggings that he had seen on adverts of sport clothing. But Johnny was the least sporty person one could meet, he was skinny and had never played any sport, he didn’t even like watching matches. Why would anybody give him such a thing as a present? There wasn’t any card in the parcel either; the only clue he had was the fact that his friend was clearly the sender. Maybe he had sent it to the wrong person?

Johnny couldn’t help feeling annoyed somehow. Since his friend Mike started to go to the gym, he had changed in a way Johnny found personally unpleasant. Mike was beginning to be too overconfident. His increasingly frequent references to his growing muscles could be quite irritating sometimes. Johnny, subconsciously envious of his friend’s progress, would deem them ridiculously insignificant; he wasn’t that big, he was just being ridiculous, and now this? Mike knew Johnny would look ridiculous with these leggings on. Was he laughing at him? That was too unlikely; his friend had changed a little bit but not enough to do that. At some level, Johnny was aware of his own personal tendency to exaggerate the things he didn’t like about his friend. Mike was still the essentially introverted and caring guy he had always appreciated.

However, this thing was there, in his hands, and he still didn’t know what to make of it. He had to acknowledge that the fabric was unlike anything he had touched before, incredibly soft and it seemed to cling to the skin of his hand. Maybe he could give it a try, he would never go out wearing anything like this but he was alone at home so, who would care?

And so Johnny striped off. He assumed that one should not wear anything under such a tight piece of clothing so he got totally naked and began to introduce his right leg through the smooth material, then his other leg and he pulled up. The feeling was unbelievable. The leggings were extremely tight, the fabric appeared to stick to his skin everywhere. Finally, he raised it over his butt and package and allowed the waist band snap into place.

He immediately noticed that the compression material seemed to be glued to his skin even between his glutes, and his package was so perfectly visible through it that he looked almost as if he were wearing nothing. He was definitely not going anywhere with this thing on. But then he saw himself on the mirror. He looked hot! Johnny suddenly felt terribly excited, he looked like one of those muscular hunks of the ads, only with barely any muscular mass… Were his legs bigger? No, that could simply not be.

Johnny felt very aroused while he caressed his buttocks and his cock began to grow. The compression material expanded with his growing member but remained glued to his skin. Before he could really thing about what he was doing, he was jacking off through the compression material.

He couldn’t believe how good the friction of his glans with the stretchy material was making him feel. It was beyond anything he had experienced before, it was more than sex. He somehow felt as if this piece of clothing were connected to his brain, he could feel some sort of imperative command compelling him to focus on pleasuring himself and forgetting anything else.

And so, Johnny’s moans increased while the compression material began to transform his body and mind. The muscles of his entire body began to grow, his legs exploded with impressively thick quads, his arse, so perfectly covered by the skin-tight compression material, inflated and became stunningly rounded, an incredibly defined eight-pack and pecs appeared on his torso while his back widened and swelled with muscles, his growing shoulders jutted out and his arms expanded, massive boulder-like biceps and triceps appeared on them while he continued to jack off. Even his face began to change and became more masculine and aggressive. He had surrender to the arousal entirely. Finally, his package grew until it reached huge proportions. His balls became perfect cum-producing machines and his throbbing cock became longer and thicker than anything Johnny had ever seen.

Then, Johnny came in the suit. He almost backed out due to the intensity of the orgasm experienced. The fabric rapidly absorbed all his cum and became stronger. It needed more.

Johnny momentarily recovered his original self while still stunned by his recent orgasm and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. What had happened to his body? This was impossible. It must be some kind of dream. However, deep down, and perhaps even unbeknownst to him, he really wanted this to be true, he wanted to be a pure beast. Flabbergasted, he started to examine his muscles. He was so massive everywhere! He rubbed his huge pecs and began to feel increasingly aroused again and then he suddenly noticed the size of his compression-clad cock. That was insane! And what was this really bizarre material that had adhered so tightly to his skin that one could see even the bulging veins that were feeding his once again throbbing member?

It was clear to Johnny that he needed answers and the only way to find them was asking Mike. And so he tried to put on one of his old t-shirts only to end up tearing it due to his enormous size. It didn’t matter. Why should he hide this absolutely unbeatable body? It was simply perfect, no, beyond perfection.

Mike had to see it. This would sure show him who was bigger everywhere.

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