Speedo transformation

by bruce

That castmate in your high school play with the hot cock, great body, and perfect ass has a secret: special Speedos. And he’s very willing to share.

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I really was one of those regular guys in high school. There was nothing special about me. I was slim, 6 foot 1, blond and blue eyes. I went to school to an international school in Texas, I came from Europe. I was bad at sports, and I did a lot arty things, mainly theatre and singing. I was doing a production of a musical called Blood Brothers. In the musical there was a guy from the Netherlands where I also came from. He was a guy would was the best of the school swimming team and he had an amazing body. He was only 18, blond, beautiful blue eyes, a very toned body and the hottest ass ever.

One day, during the tech rehearsal we were the last two changing from our costumes. He was standing in his boxers and I noticed he had a hard on. I pretended I didn’t notice anything and I looked away. When I later, looked up to him, he smiled at me.

“You like that?”


And he pushed his boner into my face, while it was still covered with his boxers.

“This,” he said…

I looked away, pretending not to care. But of course I did. I was just not prepared for this, nor had I ever thought this hot guy would do this to me.

“You like it, don’t act like you don’t.”

I had gotten a boner too and he noticed it.

We heard a door slam. We were not the only one.

“It must be Mr. Day.”

Mr. Day was our director. He was probably locking the doors.

“Come with me, I wanna do some more.”

We both changed quickly and I followed Jasper outside to his car. He was going to take me home anyways and both our parents were out of town so nobody would notice. I stepped into his car and we drove home. On the way to his house he kept his hand on my thigh, the whole time. When we arrived at his house, it was completely dark. We got out of his car and walked into the house. The moment we past the bar he grabbed me and kissed me deep in my throat. It was the best kiss I would ever get in my life. I was astonished by the kiss and could only feel him walking away. Then I heard clothes dropping and he came down in the hottest way I had ever seen him. His ass was packed in the hottest looking black Speedo I ever saw. It was a perfect fit. He smiled when he saw my astonished face.

“I have a surprise for you.”

I looked at him, but his face did not tell a single thing.

“I’m not a natural. I got my body from a Speedo. This Speedo,” he said, and he held up a black Speedo that he had had behind his back “This Speedo is the key to my success. I got it from a stranger, along with many other Speedo’s that transform the body. This Speedo made me tall and gave me a swimmer’s body. And in order to keep my body someone else has to wear once in my life time. The good thing for you is that you get a nice body too, and you will keep it forever. But there are some requirements.”

I looked at him, I was afraid for what was coming.

“You will have to wear this, two days, non stop. If you go take a shower, you have to keep it on. If you take it off, it fails.”

“Is that all I have to do?”

“No. Because you’re the second one to wear it, I will have to fuck you. It says it here.” He took out a little manual. It said, “The second wearer should not be a virgin. He has to be fucked at least 24 hours before the fuck that starts of the process. So I should fuck you today and after our three performances I’ll fuck you again and you can wear it for two days. And by the way, no one will notice the change and I will wear one at the same time, you can choose which one.”

The case was that our parents would be out of town for two weeks. Next week would be our spring break and our parents would come back at the end of that week. We both were only child so I would be staying at his place for the week. I was totally awed. I couldn’t say anything and my mouth was open due to the shock. Jasper used that opportunity to kiss me. He stroked my ass and I responded, stroking his ass that was packed in the great-feeling Lycra. I was getting hot and hard but I was still completely dressed. I felt his hands move towards my crotch and he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. He pulled them down and I was able to step out of them. Now he started to take my shirt of but we had to stop our kiss. When I had taken of my shirt He showed me a blue Speedo.

“Put this on,” he said.

“Why? Were not gonna wear them for long.”

“You sure?”

“One hundred percent.”

“Despite that, we have to get rid of this.” And with that he pulled down my boxers.

I knelled down before him. I could see his 10 incher in his Speedos. I pulled his Speedo down and I started playing with his big dick. After playing with it for a while I took the dick in my mouth. I was not used to its size and I had gag reflexes. Eventually I was able to take all of his dick into my 18 year old mouth. Jasper moaned, he really seemed to enjoy my blowjobs, and so did I.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jasper screamed out.

He shot his load in my horny mouth and I tried to take all of it. I tried to swallow everything but before it could take it all we were kissing again. The cum flowed from my mouth to his and slowly I felt his dick becoming hard again.

“Turn around,” he whispered in my ear. I had been afraid for this but I knew it had to be done. I turned around and I sat down doggy style and I heard Jasper sitting down behind me.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to do it bareback.”

He took a bottle of lube and started to lube my ass with it. He slid in one finger and then another one. It opened up fairly easily and soon I felt his dick against my virgin hole. He pushed it in slowly and I soon realized my ass had not opened up as much as I thought. I felt tears rolling down my face. Jasper heard me and slowed down.

“You all right?”

“I’m okay. Just slow down a bit more.”

He pushed his dick in, extremely slow. The pain started to turn into pleasure. And I started to feel the need for a faster tempo.

“Fuck me hard.”

This had been what Jasper wanted. He immediately started to fuck me, hard. I moaned from pleasure.

“Ah yeh, fuck me, fuck.”

After about 15 minutes I could feel his dick becoming bigger, and I knew he would come.

And indeed he did. I felt the warm, hot cum streaming into my ass. I had never felt so good in my live. And with that Jasper lifted me up and carried me upstairs. He put me down, on his bed. He took out an orange Speedo.

“I sleep wearing only a Speedo,” he said.

I smiled—I was more than happy to sleep in a Speedo.

“And if you wear one, you can get used to it.”

I put on the Speedo. I felt Jasper lying down next to me. He took me in his arms and we fell asleep together. The next morning we got dressed.

“No more sex till Sunday,” he said to me. I was disappointed, we had enough time to do some more. He apparently saw my face. “the manual says the person is only allowed to be fucked once in the week before the period starts.”

It seemed to take ages to before it was Sunday but when it finally arrived we were both ready for it. The only thing we still had to do was choose what Speedo he would wear. He showed me a box full of Speedos. We ended up choosing one that made everyone except the fact we were gay.

He undressed completely. “After I cum in your ass you have to put on the Speedo within five minutes. Most of the cum has to stay in your ass by the way. It can flow out of your ass but the Speedo has to absorb it. Don’t clean it under any circumstances. I have ten minutes to put it on. Also you cannot cum during the time, and the longer you wear the better the result. You can choose at any time to take it off. We will both take a room with adjoined bathroom to spend our time. The rooms have a computer with no internet or any form of porn. You can play games, read books, type up things for school etc. Don’t jack off, no weird stuff. There will be a big mirror and when you feel that your body feels goods and that it looks good you can take of the Speedos. Then, come to my room, I take off my Speedos and then I will have to fuck you bareback. To achieve the same result I have achieved you will have to wear it for two days. The result will double every two days. Your maximum number of days will be 7. Any questions?”

“How much time do I have to come from my room to yours?”

“Five minutes.”

“Okay, let’s go.” He climbed on top of me. My Speedo was ready to go on. And so was his. I felt his dick head against my hole. Slowly his cock went in. He fucked me hard and without any thought. It had to be done quickly. And it was quick, I was enjoying the good fuck but within no time I felt the cum flowing in my ass. I put on my Speedo and walked over to the other room. After an hour of waiting, I could already see that my muscles had grown. I waited for two days. I had felt my muscles growing, and I must have been about six feet seven by then. But I did not feel that great. I wanted more, much more. But after another day I felt the best I had ever felt in my life. I was six foot nine and had huge biceps, nice pecs and amazing abs. My legs were also a lot nicer and to my surprise, for it was something Jasper hadn’t mentioned, my dick had grown. I used to have a small six inches but now it was a solid 13 inches.

I took of the Speedo, ran to Jasper’s room, he took of his Speedo and seconds later I felt his dick against my ass and a moment later he was fucking me again. He fucked me long and hard. The best fuck he had given me so far. He fucked me in different positions for what seemed to be hours. In the end he came in my ass and the transformation was complete. I never felt this good before.

“Hey bitch,” he said, “You look amaz…” He had no chance to finish his sentence for I had smacked him in the face.

“Don’t call me bitch, you’re gonna be mine.” He looked surprised but he didn’t mind. And from that day it was true. He was my bitch.

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