Cursed to swell with cum

by BigManBigBelly

Max, like so many others, is powerless to resist Damien’s charm and blessed to be stretched open by his enormous meat. But his seed proves more potent than Max could have imagined… And possibly more than he can handle.

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Max felt a bead of sweat drip down the center of his back and tilted back the glass of whiskey on ice to his lips. Bodies all around, the heat inside the club was intense and he opted to strip off his shirt before pulling out a couple ice cubes to rub against his neck and chest. A few inches taller than six feet, skin bronzed and unblemished, thick muscle traversing his body in peaks and valleys thanks to an impressively low body fat percentage. Big feet and hands, a pretty face with dark hair, green eyes, thick brows and a strong jaw. Bartenders, and nearby patrons alike, craned their necks and stood with parted lips as they watched Max rub himself with ice.

Max finished the last sip of his drink and wandered on to the dance floor where several men attempted to capture his attention, grinding on him from in front and behind. Max loved the attention. He had maintained a dad bod for most of his life, even as a teenager, and he worked as a computer engineer with a master’s degree. He kept a close group of friends and was always modest and friendly. But when he stepped into the club once a week, body transformed after a long commitment to fitness this past year, he felt desired and extraordinary.

Across the floor, leaned against the bar, a man watched with a crooked smile and intense eyes. Irises a deep copper color. Hair and scruff a dark auburn. Skin pale and soft. Tall and muscled like Max, with a face just as beautiful. Max felt a strange and powerful compulsion to please him. A lust at first sight, he’d not known before. He slipped past the groupies on the dance floor and approached the man to ask his name. Instead, he managed to stutter and blush before smiling awkwardly. The man’s smile grew wider before leaning in.

“Damien’s the name,” he spoke with an approachable softness. “Why don’t you follow me, Max,” he continued, closing fingers firmly around Max’s wrist before turning and leading him away. Max followed like he was weightless and floating. He watched the strange man’s ass bounce back and forth as he sauntered. The two exited the club, walked out back and entered an SUV. Damien took hold of Max’s head by the occiput and pulled him close to plant a kiss, which grew hungry and wild.

Tongues wrestling and hands exploring each other greedily, the pair slipped between the seats to lie down in the back. Damien climbed on top while Max lie back supine and the two continued sucking lip. Max felt Damien’s bulge grow in his jeans and press against his own. He rubbed it through the fabric and it grew even more. He felt desperate to pleasure Damien. He unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down past his knees before rolling over on his stomach and grinding his ass back into Damien’s crotch. Damien smiled a toothy evil grin, grabbed Max’s boxer briefs and tore a hole open to expose a puckering and hungry sphincter.

Out of sight from Max, Damien unzipped his jeans and pulled out an uncut, half-flaccid cock nearly a foot long and girthy. He spat on Max’s hole and teased it with his cock head. As it stiffened further and grew longer, he wormed it past Max’s sphincter and stretched his rectum full. He began thrusting in and out as Max whined and moaned at a screaming volume. His enormous cock pierced further and further into Max’s guts with each thrust until he was fully inside. Max felt stretched and filled to the brim with cock half a foot wide like a python, leaking precum like a faucet and writhing in unbelievable pleasure.

Unable to hold his load any longer Max shot rope after rope against his belly pressed against the floor of the car. The squeezing sent Damien over the edge. With a low, animalistic grunt he thrust hard and deep and shot his load. The two collapsed, panting. Max leaned back to kiss Damien and was startled by the sight of him. Eyes glowing, teeth like a wolf’s and veins engorged. Max shouted, panicked and tried to crawl away. A strong hand grabbed his shoulder and when he looked back, Damien appeared as he did before. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on Max’s lips, calming him and luring him into a blissful state where he forgot what he had seen. Damien rubbed Max’s belly and smiled wide once more, promising to care for the seed he had planted.

The two clothed themselves and crawled back into the front seats. Damien put the key in and backed out of the spot before driving from the lot. Max held his belly and began slowly to think about what Damien had said about planting a seed. He began next to wonder where the two of them were going. He heard his stomach gurgle loudly and felt a pressure start build. He closed his eyes and it felt like Damien was inside him again, stretching and filling his guts with his massive cock. His eyes opening again, he peered down and caught sight of a growing paunch that stretched his tee shirt. He stared quizzically while it grew larger, round like a ball, and poked out from the bottom of the shirt. Damien looked over, smiled and rubbed Max while he drove.

“Uh oh, we’d better hurry. I obviously couldn’t control myself with you. I must have really pumped a lot in if you’re growing this fast already.”

Max didn’t have time to process the words before his belly was grumbling loader and bouncing about. He cried out in a deep moan as it swelled like a water balloon. He felt his thighs press against the legs of his shorts. His shoes grew tight on his feet. The chest of his shirt creaked and began to open at the seams while rolling up his belly, which swelled round, juicy and bigger still. His gorgeous face filled out and his limbs spilled out thick and plump. His shorts tore to pieces, then his briefs, next his shirt and finally his shoes and socks. His enormous body pressed against the dashboard and the car door beside him.

“Ah, shit,” Damien muttered, pressing down the gas and taking a sharp turn. “Gonna be a struggle to get you out of the car. Just so long as you don’t bust it open before we get there.”

Max’s mind grew sharper the more he grew. Now immobile, he struggled and cried out for explanation from Damien, who stared forward with concentration. The speeding car approached a warehouse and slowed with a screech, before turning and pulling into an adjacent garage.

Damien hopped out and whistled loudly while rushing over to the passenger door. While he wrenched it open and tugged on Max’s arm, two muscle-headed thugs in black turtle necks ran out from the warehouse and joined him by the car. One jumped in the driver’s side to push and the other helped Damien pull, all the while Max continued to swell larger. Jammed into the door frame, his size eventually fractured the aluminum frame of the car and burst out the side as an enormous round ball, falling with a loud thud onto the man in the turtle neck.

“Fuck, my car!” Damien shouted. “Hurry up, let’s get him inside before he blows.”

Max whimpered and flailed his fat arms and legs uselessly as they splayed out from his gigantic torso. The men rolled him together across the pavement and past the warehouse door. Inside, a large conveyor belt led down a shadowy space and into another room. Max was pushed onto it and a lever was pulled to turn it on.

“Thank god we got here in time,” Damien explained. “You really turned me on more than most do. I usually have time but I must have cum a few loads into you.”

Max whined in response, immobile on his back, belly still rumbling and swelling larger still as the conveyor belt carried him away. Stretch marks traversed his haunches and the sides of his new tits, his thighs and calves, his arms. He felt unbelievably enormous and the pressure felt as if it threatened to burst him. When he emerged past a plastic curtain into the next room, the air was suddenly full of groaning. Max turned his head side to side best he could and caught glimpses of other men along the sides of the walls. The conveyor belt brought him off to one side, raised him up and dumped him back onto a large bed. Several men ran over and grabbed a set of tubing from an overhead compartment. They went to work lifting his belly and squirming beneath it where they attached a tube securely around his cock. The next two tubes formed a tight suction around his newly thick and wide nipples. Just as the room faded from sight completely behind his belly, a machine turned on and the the engine’s humming preceded a strong sucking sensation on Max’s cock and nipples.

Max squirmed in pleasure, clenched his toes, grunted, strained and groaned loudly. His mind raced and he thought of Damien’s embrace and his cock filling him once more. He blew his load and his nipples unleashed a stream of milk, both sucked into the tubing and transported off to somewhere out of sight. Max felt his insides gurgle and jostle about as the pressure seemed to lessen and the fluid inside him drained. From a blueberry the size of a small room, to a half ton fatty, to a bodybuilder with a yoga ball belly and a fat ass, until finally his lean and muscled body remained, big feet splayed out as he sat leaning back against the head board fully nude.

As the swelling relinquished, Max watched Damien come into view, standing at the end of the bed, arms behind his back and watching intently. Max tried to lunge at him but he felt weak and the tubing was still clinging tightly. He looked around the room with frantic eyes and saw at least a dozen other men, all strapped up in the same fashion. Some lean and muscular and the rest at some various stage between lean and a quarter ton of weight before the machines drained them once again.

Damien approached Max and kissed him strongly, calming Max until he relaxed in the bed.

“Try to stay calm,” Damien instructed. “The men here all learn to love their new lives. Constant pleasure. That seed I planted inside of you? My seed? It’s taken root in your belly and it will continue to grow and replenish itself endlessly. You will swell with it inside of you until you pop unless we drain the fluid. Do you understand? There is no getting rid of it. I will be inside of you, using your body as host, growing and replicating, forever. Chat with the others once you’ve calmed down, if you have a mind. They’re great company. Each of them were splendid and beautiful young men when I courted them, seduced them and fucked my seed into them with this python of a cock here. There’s a TV overhead for each of you as well and the remote is on your bedside table. Feel free to watch as you please as you lay here in your sloth … and please don’t try to escape, Max. Almost everyone tries it when they see that you are not under constant supervision. But you will continue to grow. And you will not make it far past the gate before you’re too big to rescue.”

With that, Damien walked away. Max looked around and the others looked back at him.

“He’s right,” one piped up. “I’ve been here for years and it never stops. No one’s managed to get very far before they were rolled back in here. These things have to drain us several times an hour. Check yourself out, you’ve already grown a big belly again.”

Max looked down and watched his belly rumble and bloat past a beach ball. Watched his toes plump up and his soles widen. His fingers the same. His arms and legs. His pecs growing doughy and full of juice. The group chatted a bit and gave introductions as Max settled into his situation. Eventually, they all laid back to watch TV and Max followed suit. He drifted off into a deep sleep while an adult cartoon played.

Several hours passed and in the dead of night, Max heard a whisper in the distance.

“Damien is mine. I was his favorite before you.”

The sound of plastic snapping and the sudden silence of the engine caused Max to stir from his slumber. In the pitch dark, he saw a shadow of a figure run to the far side of the room before the darkness obscured their form. A bed creaked and a suction noise quietly rang out three times. Max started to speak but his attention turned the machine next to him, which had gone quiet. His body was in the middle of a cycle, probably near 400 pounds, as he struggled to turn and run his hand over the device until he found the switch. He pushed it on and the whirring resumed but the normal suction sound was replaced with a whoosh of unimpeded air flow. He reached up to his pillowy chest and ran fingers over his bare nipples. Panicked, his hand shot down, tunneled beneath his belly and found his bare cock.

Max rolled over and plopped down on his feet, stumbling under his weight, then clumsily lowered himself down to his hands and knees. Feeling himself grow heavier and slower with every second, he crawled around looking for the tubes that suctioned to him before. He found them in pieces a few meters from his bed and cried out in panic.

He called out for help and began stroking his cock, bringing himself to orgasm but barely making a dent in the swelling. His belly grew too large to reach any longer and he switched to working his nipples. Again an impossible task. The others were waking and the commotion began to alert the guards, who turned the lights on for the room. The guys all looked down and gasped at the sight. Max was growing too big to hold himself, rolling over and onto his back with limbs splayed.

The guards swarmed the room to find Max nearly twice the allotted weight before he should be milked by the machines. They ran over and attempted to strap him back in, finding the sabotaged equipment and panicking amongst themselves while trying to brainstorm. They were fresh out of replacements, more arriving in the morning, much too late to save Max. One phoned the boss while two more worked Max’s chest to manually milk him. As Damien’s voice boomed in anger from the telephone, a frightened guard leapt to his knees and made a desperate move.

Digging beneath Max’s behemoth belly, he found the young man’s cock and lodged his mouth around it. Quickly swelling, it plunged his throat as he bobbed his head and swirled his tongue until Max cried out in sweet ecstasy once more. Max began deflating slowly but the man, now trapped under his belly, was flailing his arms and legs while muffled grunts rang out. Finally, just as Max was feeling some amount of pressure being relieved, the man popped off his cock and flung across the room with a stream of cum trailing from his mouth. He groaned and gripped his stomach, which was already round like a melon, as it began to gurgle and jostle about before swelling like the rest of them. Damien’s seed had taken root in his belly too and now two men were swelling out of control.

Afraid to touch Max now, the guards backed off and watched anxiously as he grew over a ton. Bigger even than when he first arrived. Stretch marks spreading like wildfire. Limbs almost completely buried. He knew he was about to explode.

Just then, Damien burst in with fresh tubes from his car. He ran across the room, attached them and the guards helped him climb on top of Max to secure them to his tits. The machine sucked and Max cried out as milk flowed. Damien kissed him, groping flesh and whispering in his ear about how his monstrous cock had felt inside until Max orgasmed and cum flowed from beneath his belly. As he drained, his cock became accessible with some work and the third tube was attached. In time, he was drained back down to size and Damien turned to size up the guard who’d swallowed his seed.

The guard had torn through his clothes already and was working his way toward critical size, just like Max. Damien sighed.

“That was absolutely the last set until morning, friend. Besides, no more machines. Let’s at least take you to the collection room so my seed isn’t wasted.”

The conveyor belt brought over a lift that carried the guard out of the room and far down the warehouse, out of sight of the group. As big as a bus and buried in his belly, his fate was all but sealed.

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