Getting your goat on

by Meddler Incs

That costume feels really good when you put it on, and the orgasms are mind-blowing. It might be a little ... possessed, though?

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What’s that, dude? You’re asking me how long it’s been since I’ve had this suit?’s been months since I’ve been wearing it. I can’t take it off, and I don’t want to. It feels so damn good to be this big and thick. And so fuckin’ horny...

Huh? Where did I get it from? Can’t say really. I think it was from some weird flea market shop they usually plop down in the city during the Halloween season. I distinctively remember going to one and getting a costume. This suit in fact. Looked amazingly good. Even the horns were real, I think. Looking back, I think the suit urged me to buy it. I couldn’t resist buying it. I had it in my hands damn horny...

Alright, that’s over... Damn, look at that mess...heh, like I care.

Where was I? Yah, I had the suit in my hands, and I felt this feeling of need emanate from it. Like the suit wanted me to get it. Wanted me to put it on.

Little did I know, huh?

I must have paid a few dollars for it. Cheap enough for me to consider it a steal. The cashier smirked, saying it is a good suit. Everyone who wore it loved wearing it.

And why not? Come on, bro, and get a hold of these muscles. Yeah, you like the way the fur covers the bulk. Who wouldn’t want to be me, right?

Anyway, I had it with me, and I brought it to my room. I had to see how it would look on me. Not because of the suit, nah, but because I had a party to get to that night, and I had to check it out. Yeah, the Halloween party. Why didn’t I remember it before...?

Heh, like I don’t need to remember that. I mean, look at these muscles. See how the flex under this fur. Damn. I can spend hours worshipping these... Yeah, you can get another feel. Know how a true musclefur suit is like.

So, I tossed the suit on the bed, and I stripped. I remember that specifically because it was very odd. I thought there was enough room for my clothes and shoes. But something in the back of my mind told me I needed my clothes off. So off they went.

I turned the suit over and found the zipper tag at the base of the neck. I pulled it down to the posterior, giving me a good view of the inside. I felt around the velvety interior, and I swear that my hand was being absorbed into the material.

I pulled back, and I thought I heard a growl from the suit. That didn’t make sense at all to me, y’know?

Aw fuck...gotta cum again...fuck...

Whew, that was fuckin’ awesome. They keep getting better and better...yah, it’s like I can cum quarts of this stuff. I gotta drain these balls almost all the time, bro. Fuckin’ awesome.

So yah, I thought I imagined it, y’know? I checked the suit and found nothing wrong at all. But that feeling of need shifted to something else, I could tell. Impatience, I think.

I should have walked away at that moment. I should have packed the thing into a bag and tossed it into the closet. But I didn’t. I had to see how it looked for the party. So...I put it on.

I slipped in the legs first, finding they fitted in easily. I assumed the suit was part spandex for it to fit so easily. Then I put on the rest, sliding my arms in the sleeves and the gloves, then slipping on the head.

When I looked myself in the mirror, I approved. I was this huge white goat, a big beefy goon with a thick gut. A big crop of blond hair covering my eyes, giving me a surfer look that I liked really much. But I didn’t know where all this bulk came from. I didn’t feel any kind of padding when I found it.

I then heard this deep chuckle inside my mind.

“Excellent,” a deep voice said. “Finally I got a host.”

I thought I imagined that, because I was sure the suit was not possessed or anything. I turned and saw no one. However, when I turned back to the mirror, I saw it smile.


I backed away in fright, but I heard the voice again.

“Nothing to fear, bro. I’m just your everyday fursuit.” I saw the costume smile again in the reflection. “I’m here to help ya have a good time.”

“How?” My voice was muffled in the costume’s head.

I felt myself stand. “Look at me, kid. Who wouldn’t want to be me?” It raised an arm and flexed, a football of muscle suddenly appearing under the fur. “I’ll be a hit tonight. Don’t worry.” It grinned again. “But right now, you need to take me off. Go and get ready.”

I pulled the head off. Or I thought I did. I was damp with sweat. I didn’t realize how hot it was inside one of those suits. After I took it off, I placed it on the bed. No sign of padding or anything else, just the fake fur and the real horns. The eyes were the only thing off putting. Sure they were just painted mesh screens looked like eyes, but they had a disturbingly knowing look.

As I prepared for the party, my mind kept on drifting back to the suit. On how good I looked in it. How hot I looked in it...I thought it was just me, of course. But damn, I did look good in it.

Just like the voice said, I was a hit at the party. I acted like a beer-guzzling jock when I was wearing it. I had to take it off a few times to cool off, but those times where short. I felt like my inhibitions were leaving me when I had the suit on. Like I was another person, and I was. I was not Michael, college geek, but instead I was this hardcore drinker goat jock that could talk shop with the other costumed jocks in the party. I was part of the party crowd.

I don’t remember much after that. I was so drunk that I must have crashed on the sofa. All I remember was that I woke up with this wicked hangover...while I was wearing the suit.

Hold on, dude, I gotta jerk off again. I tell you, this cock thinks for itself nowadays. Hah...

I took it off, and I got hit by this feeling of need. I had to put it back on. I fought against it, though. I took a shower and went through the day in class. All the while, my mind was fixated on the suit. I kept on thinking about how much I liked wearing it. I confess, I had a bit of a chubby on me when I was thinking about putting it on, but I put that down to hormones.

I went back to the apartment during lunch, and I saw it there, lying on my sofa, which was odd because I definitely left it on my bed. That feeling of need got stronger, and I couldn’t resist. I stripped naked before I knew it, and brought the suit to my chest.

“Yeah, ya couldn’t resist me,” I heard the voice say. “No one can resist such a perfect suit like me.” I felt something groping me, and I moaned. I needed to put it on!

When I put the head over me, I felt oddly calm. Complete. And very aroused. I mean, I was rock hard.

“Heh, ya really can’t resist me, huh?” I felt a big hand grope my erection. “Yeah, can’t resist the big goat. Fuck bro, you’re going to be a good host to play with.”

Sorry about the smoke, kid. I started smoking these stogies a couple of months ago, and I need a good hit of tobacco right now. Ya don’t mind, right? Thought not.

Anyway, next thing you know, I’m in front of the mirror again, flexing and groping the suit. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was just going along with it. It felt so good to be thick and huge.

The voice chuckled again. “Y’know, I was once like ya, bro.”


“Yah, I found the suit a few years ago.” I felt myself cupping a thick pec and giving it a good grope. “Learned it was cursed.”

“Ya see,” the voice continued, “I wanted to get big, get huge. And this suit gave me the chance, y’know? I put it on, and I was this monster.” My arms rose into a double-biceps pose. “So fuckin’ huge, bro. Couldn’t resist it.”

“Being this big came at a price, though. I couldn’t get out of the suit, but fuck, I didn’t want to! I was so huge. I mean, look at me! Just a big ol’ horny goat, wanting to keep feeling this big and huge.” The suit grinned toothily, which surprised me a lot. “That’s where ya come in, bro.”

“Huh?” I was getting lost in the feeling of this bulk.

“The price, dude.” I saw the suit shift to a side-arm pose. “I need to feed.”

“What do you mean?”

“On my hosts, dude! Ya guys with your need to get huge, just like I was. Ya help me out with that, and we’ll have a hell of a timeHe kept flexing in front of the mirror as I digested this information. “So that means...”

He smiled again. “Tell ya what, bro. Give me full control of this bod. Let me show ya what we can do, eh?”

I shrugged. “Yeah, sure, whatever.”

Worst mistake of my life.

When I did that, I was overwhelmed with lust. I felt my cock grow harder than I thought...and so did his.

I didn’t expect that part. I mean, it just started to poke out of the suit, this big thing of what appeared to be flesh. Thicker than a can of sauce and had to be about ten inches. He started groping it, and I kid you not, I felt this crashing wave of pleasure. It was amazing.

He posed in front of the mirror as he stroked, snorting and groaning. I was riding that wave of pleasure. Aw fuck, it felt good. We were moaning like a bitch in heat. And the orgasm! Abso-fucking-lutely incredible. Kept on going on and on like I was never going to stop. I remember collapsing on the floor, that’s how good it felt.

After that amazing session, I pulled off the head, and I felt this momentary shock from the suit. Like it was surprised I was able to do that. I didn’t want to take it off, but I needed to finish my classes.

“Don’t ya want to be me again, bro?” I heard the voice wheedle. “Just a few more minutes.” I saw the hand move on its own and grope the cock again. Fuck that felt good. I was tempted to slip the head back on, but I resisted. I took off the suit and tossed it in the closet.

Fuck, bro, I’m feeling I need to cum again, and I’m seeing ya slavering at my dick. I mean look at it, bro. Nice and thick. Maybe I should let ya suck me off as I’m sucking at this stogie, hm? Yeah, that’s it. Lick it, bro. Damn, ya an eager lil’ pup, aintcha?

I didn’t put the suit on a few days after that. After the third? fourth? day my mind was completely preoccupied about the suit. Tried distracting it with porn, but I found I could not jack off. My mind kept wandering to that amazing orgasm and wondered if it was to get better if I kept the suit on.

He got home that day to find me on the sofa instead of the closet. He had to put it on again. He couldn’t resist it now. The moment he slipped the head back on, I took over. Fuckin’ a, dude, it was awesome to be huge again. All muscled bulk and gut. Fuck yah.

“Yah, told ya you couldn’t resist me, bro,” I said, and he agreed. We spent the rest of the day posing in the suit. Deep in self worship as I jerked myself off. Each orgasm was better than the last. Each time he thought about taking me off, I had him focus on how huge we were and how big our dick was and before he knew it, I was jerking it. Over and over.

Nothing much to tell ya after that. He still tried to resist during the day, but I kept on getting off on my huge bod. A week or two after that, he couldn’t resist anymore. That’s when I went to town. This body needed its release, y’know? Sex toys, new wrestling singlets—that sort of thing. My libido rocketed sky-high, and I found myself looking up kinky videos of cigar and leather fetishes. I occasionally wake him up, just to let him know what I’ve been doing. Usually smoking cigars and jerking off while wearing jocks and singlets. He especially likes the nipple piercings.

Once I woke him up in a leather bar, smoking on a stogie, fucking a sweet ass, and he couldn’t help it, he took me over. Took it to a bird on flight. Damn, that was the best night we’ve had. We must have fucked all night long. Became a regular after that. They could not get enough of this stud.

Aw fuck, swallow that load, bro! Fuckin’ a, bro, ya have a gifted mouth. Whew... Fuck bro. Ya such a good boy, y’know?

Maybe if ya keep being a good boy, I’ll let ya play with this suit for a while. I’m almost done with this guy. He’s been a good host, but now he’s long gone now. Soon I’ll be looking for a new host. Someone I can help be a dumb, hulking goat jockbro.

I mean, who can resist me?

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