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Satyr in the city

by Muscle Bear Daddy

A rough, unasked-for encounter into the woods leads to induction into a new life as a satyr.

3 parts 3,980 words Added May 2017 Updated 16 Mar 2019 20k views 4.9 stars (14 votes)

Part 1 A rough, unasked-for encounter into the woods leads to induction into a new life as a satyr. (added: 5 May 2017)
Part 2 Our main character leans that he more then just a satyr. (added: 19 May 2017)
Part 3 Navin discovers the joy of being the leader of a bunch of fun-loving, very horny satyrs. (added: 16 Mar 2019)
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Part 1

Sweat dripping down my brow, I step over the last fallen tree on the trail. I was reaching my usual camping site. I had to get away from my life, and these woods always helped me clear my thoughts. Work was not going right, but the last straw was the break-up from my last girlfriend. On the surface, we were great but underneath we were a wrack. Neither of us were feeling sparks anymore, and it bugged me because it had seemed so promising.

Once I at my site, I unloaded my pack and set my set the camp up. As I finished up, I walked over to a near by stream, took off my shirt, and knelt down to take a long drink. As I drank, I felt the cool of the water spread through out my body. Suddenly, I felt the cold air on my ass; followed by a lick down my ass. “FUCK!” I screamed as the person behand me ate my hole and little flares of pleasure danced up my spine. They spread my ass cheeks apart and went deeper with their tongue. Then they began to tongue fuck my asshole. Their tongue went deeper than I could have imagened it could go in my hole. The person pulled up my hips, spread my legs, and started to play with my balls, rolling them in their calloused hand.

Licking up my crack, I could feel a the prickle of a beard. Then he spoke, “I love the taste of a sweaty hole.” His hand traveled from my balls to my cock, which I realized was hard as a rock and dripping with pre. “Now to see how this feels,” he said as he rubbed the pre down my shaft. I moaned as his calloused hand work my cock, lubing my cock with my own pre. Once he had my cock coated with my own pre, he flipped me over onto the gravel shore, straddled my hips, and plunged my cock into his firm arse.

He hummed with contentment. “Feels better then I thought,” he said as he started to move himself up and down my cock. His ass felt better then any pussy I had had before as he worked his ass muscles around my cock. My cock was pulsing in time with my rapid heart in the heat of his ass. I moaned as he firmly thrust down on my cock, going balls deep, before grabbing his hips and start fucking with vigor. I barely noticed how hairy his body was—it almost felt like some type of animal. He grab my hands and pinned them above my head. “Sorry, Kid,” he said before licking my earlobe, “I am going to draw this out.” I could feel his hard large cock against my stomach as he kept my hands pinned above my head. The heat coming from it was almost to hot as it rub against my stomach. With each bounce on my cock, he cock-rubbed against my pudgy belly.

I moaned as the being milked my cock with his anal muscles. Soon I reached the point of no return and thrust up into him to breed his ass with my cum. “Yes – breed my tailhole, Kid,” he said as kept working his muscles to get every last drop and jerking off his own cock. Within moments, he was grunting and giving in to his orgasm. His cum squirted onto my face and into my mouth. I was about to spit the salty liquid out but he took his hand and covered my mouth. “Now be a good Kid and swallow.”

With no choice, I swallowed and felt a warm heat in my groin. I was hard still and in the other man’s ass, so I flipped him over. “Hey … what are you—” he started to say before he moaned as I began to fuck him again. The heat from my groin started to spread into the rest of my body. Once I was fully enveloped in the warmth, I increased my speed, fucking the guy that had attacked me. I could feel my body change; muscles twitching, growing, and getting heavier, the itch of hair sprouting in places that I had little of and never had hair on me, and even the painful changing of bones. But I was lost in the heat of his ass and the lust I had. I kept fucking him, only moving him to get deeper into him. I even noticed that he had hooves but in that moment that was nothing to me. That is how deep in lust I was. Just getting off was all that mattered. Filling this tight hole with my cum was my mission.

I don’t know how long I fucked him, but I did not care. I was almost to my peak, all I needed was to get more pleasure. I leaned down, took his large cock into my mouth, and sucked. That made him moan loudly and his whole body shake. I shot my load deep into him again and soon he was shooting his wad in my mouth. Not resisting, I swallowed every drop and then just collapsed.

I woke up, on my back again and with my legs up in the air with a fullness in my ass. I was about to say something but then a wave of pleasure washed over me and I started to pant heavily. “It seems someone is finally awake,” said the same guy that assaulted me, pounding away on my ass. I pushed back onto him and got a grunt. Smiling, I start to push back more and meet his thrust, making him grunt even louder. Then I did something I did not know I could do, I start using my ass muscle to milk his cock. “FUCK,” he yelled as he went balls deep and unloaded in my ass. I moaned as I feel the warm of his seed deep in my anal cavity. Quickly the warmth spread to the rest of my body and pulsed few times. “Now you are fully one of us,” he said pulling out of me. Whimpering at the loss, I sat up. He smiled and offered his hand. Taking it, he help me up and I notice the change of my center of gravity. Then I noticed the changes to my body.

“What the fuck,” I whispered as I moved my hands across my transformed body. Where there was small pudge, now a hard six pack. A flat pecs was now were two meaty slabs covered with a bit of fur. My legs were now covered in fur and feet were hooves. My thighs were so thick that they changed how I placed my hooves (weird that I noticed that). I even now had a bubble butt. The most changed was my balls and cock. My balls seem to grew an inch in diameter and my cock was now a monster. I could barely grip around it with one hand, and it was totally soft too. Then my hands went up bulked up arms and thickened neck to my head were they found a set of curled horns that ended just under my ears.

Then a sharp whistle made me come to my surroundings. “Damn,” the guy said to me, “the extra load you fucked out of me did some wonders.” Then he walk around me. “Usually just-changed Satyrs only get juvenile horns.” He touched them and I let out a growl. He went wide eyes and lowered his head. “Oh fuck,” he whispered as he walked back in front of me. “Let me introduce myself,” he said as he smiled and winked. “I am Brian Little-horn.”

Stepping up to him, I grab his flaccid cock and gave it a squeeze. “Little,” I said, “I do not think so.” He chuckled as his cock pulsed in my hand. I never thought I would not be repulsed at another man’s dick in my hand. Then I moved my hand and groped Brian’s balls and massaged them. He moaned lightly. “If I did not have so many questions I would fuck you again,” I said as I reached behind him and pulled him close by his ass. “Like how now I have no qualms about touching and thinking of men.” Bending down, I licked one of the ears of Brian’s. He started to breath heavy and his cock started to cub up next to mine.

“I can not give you all the answers,” he said as he tried to move away. I held him place. “But that one I can answer.” He gave in and start to feel up the body that he had changed. “You have always that desire to have men.” Brian slipped his hands down my back and grope my ass. He looked up at me. “You were just raised to think those desires were wrong and you buried them.” I smiled down at him. He blushed and turned his head. “But any other questions will be answered by boss.” I released him and raise my brow. “Time to go,” he said as he grabbed my hand and guided me into the woods.


Part 2

Brian lead me through the woods, leaving all my stuff back at the campsite. I noticed that we did not make a sound as we hiked other than a pulse of life of the woods. With each step we took, the woods seemed to part for us and soon I found we were in a village of other Satyrs ranging in size from the size of a lightweight boxer to bodybuilder. Most of them were wearing nothing but a few wore loincloth. A large amount of satyrs went on with their business as Brian and me walked through the village, but the few that noticed us began to follow us. We came into the village square and I saw an older Satyr, sitting naked on a throne. I would say he was about my size but he had scars on his shoulders and chest. His horns were large. While mine curled only to my earlobes, his curled onto themselves.

“Little-Horn,” he said in a deep voice, “I see you brought a new buckling into the mix.”

Brian nodded and said, “I found him while I was gathering berries.” Then he bowed, “Sorry, Boss, I forgot the berries.”

The Boss chuckled. “You are forgiven. You brought a fine buckling in,” he said as he got up from his throne and walked up to me. He started to feel me up and got to my horns and I growled. Eyes growing big, he smiled and said, “It seems we have a young boss here.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a rink of some sorts. Pushing me as he got there, the Boss quickly walked to the opposite side. “I love putting young boss bucklings in their place.” I watched him as he started to kick up dust behind him. “Do you know how goats fight over breeding rights?” he asked and I nodded. “Good, that’s how we fight for dominance here.”

Glancing over the Boss, I gulped and asked him, “Is this a fight for leadership?”

He cocked his head to the side and thought for a second before answering: “Normally no, but I sense something from you I want to see,” the Boss said as he got into a charging position, “So I will make it this one.” He let out a roar and looked at me. I did not know what he wanted but something in me took over and I roared as loud as he did. He smiled and charged at me. Without thinking, I charged at him and our horns collided it a hard impact which did not hurt like I would have thought it would. Growling, he smiled as he moved his head back and headbutted me hard with his horns. I am glad that he hit my horn or the force of that headbutt would have hurt. He went to headbutt me again but I quickly locked horns with him to stop him. “Looks like you have better instincts than the other boss bucklings,” he said as he pulled back and at that time I notice that both of us were semi-hard.

Licking his lips, the Boss came back at me. We locked horns again and I started to notice he was trying to push me more to his left. I started to push him to his right and he groaned. It seemed his right side was injured. The boss broke the lock and went to his side. Starting to pace, the Boss looked at me. “It seems you are stronger then you look,” he said as he took his cock in his hand and jerked it a bit.

I kept the most distance between us while he paced. “Questions,” I said, trying to keep my hand from stroking my cock. “What happens when one wins and can we grapple?”

“The winner fucks the loser,” the boss answered as he rubbed just his cock head, “And yes, we can.” Then he suddenly charged again at me. Not missing a beat my body charged at him as well and our horns rammed into each other. This time he started a grapple. Gripping each other, he tried to throw me but I held my ground. With my hands on boss’ shoulders, I pushed him back. Surprised, he let out a grunt as I pushed off with my horns. The boss charged at me once his footing was steady but I was ready and quick enough to parry to his right to push him to the ground. He tried to raise but I pinned the satyr.

I placed my cock right into his furry ass crack as I said, “Give.” He struggled but with his ass rubbing against my cock, he moaned and whimpered. I flipped him around and straddled his chest. “Suck,” I ordered as I pressed my hard cock against the Boss’ lips. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, allowing my cock entrance. Moaning, I slowly started to fuck his face. “You are going to drink this cum,” I said in a deeper voice. Gasps could be heard from the other satyrs that came to watch. I did not know why, but I continued to fuck their former leader’s mouth. My balls started to feel heavy as the older satyr sucked my cock as I claimed his mouth as my own. My hand grabbed his horns and pushed my cock balls deep before I shot down his throat. The old satyr drank all of it and moaned with contentment.

Opening his eyes as I got off his chest, the old satyr shot right up to a full sitting position. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” he exclaimed. Looking down at him, with a still hard cock, I tilted my head in confusion and offered my hand. He took it and I pulled him up off the ground. “I can not believe this,” he said as he took my hand and guided it to my horns.

My fingers traced the hard forms. They felt thicker and more tightly twisted. Someone brought a mirror to allow me to see my head. When I looked at myself, I found that my face had become more masculine. The light stubble I had this morning had become a full on beard. A gold stripe spiraled around the mass to the tip of each horn. I started to look at my body to see if there were other changes. On each of my shoulders, a ram head tattoo had appeared. My skin seemed to shimmer as my muscles moved under the tight skin.

“What does this mean?” I asked, shocked by how deep my voice was.


Part 3

While I was looking at all my newest changes in the mirror, all satyrs came and took a knee. The old Boss stood and keep his eyes lowered as he spoke. “You are what we call a Horn of Pan.” He offered his hand and I took it. The boss led me the throne and gently had me sit in it. “Sorry, I never introduced myself or allowed you to do the same.” He bowed. “I am Gautier Boss Strong-horn. May I have yours?”

“Navin,” I answered as I watched the there satyrs get a banquet ready. I was surprised when I saw meat being prepared. “Um,” I said, “I thought satyrs were like vegetarians?”

Gautier chuckled. “We are still men here,” he replied. “We still need protein and meat is the easiest source for us.” Then Gautier winked. “Other than semen.” One satyr brought a book out and handed it to the boss. “Here is a book of spells that we satyrs can use.” He handed it to me and I began to read it. The first spell was entitled ‘Lust Entanglement’ and Gautier chuckled. “Yes, that spell is the first one more bucklings are taught once they are fully in their horns. And before you ask: yes, it was most likely the spell that Brian used on you to stop you from running.”

I smiled and looked around for Brian. He was helping get the tables set up and he did look a bit anxious. He wasn’t looking our way. “Gautier,” I said, “Brian looks worried.” The boss looked over and nodded.

“Because of finding you,” he answered, trying to get the other satyr’s attention. “You are the first horn in a few centuries.” Sighing he went and grab the satyr. Brian blushed and look at me when they started to walk back. “Brian wanted to ask a question,” sighed Gautier before leaving Brian and me alone.

Brian shuffled his hooves as he looked at the ground and not at me. I grabbed his waist and pulled into my lap. “You know you have speak to ask me what you want,” I said as I started to play with the satyr’s nipples. Brian moaned squirmed in my lap. He tried to play with my cock but I took his hands and putting them in a tight grip. “Speak your mind, Brian,” I said in deep voice that seem not my own.

Brian seemed to relax and look at me with a glazed look. “Horn,” he spoke in a soft voice, “I wish to come with you if you decide to leave and start to a herd.” Brian leaned his head back onto my shoulder, he blinked and smiled. “Thanks, Horn. I would not have the courage to say that if you did not order it.”

“The name is Navin, Brian,” I said before taking the satyr’s lip and starting to kiss him. He melted into my kiss and started kiss back. Whistles and catcalls could be heard as we kiss. I just flipped them off as I broke the kiss. “And I think you will be a great member Brian, when I leave.” Looking though the book, I find a spell. “Pendent of Illusion,” I said as I read the spell. Perking up a bit, Brian read the spell with me and bounced in my lap. I rubbed his head. “Yes, we can leave the forest with this and blend with the rest of man.” Then I grabbed his neck and pulled him into another kiss, only to break it after a moment. “But first let us enjoy the celebration that is being held.”

Seeing there were a few satyrs that were not doing much, I called them over. The group were different sizes but had one thing in common—each had a set of reed pips around their necks. They all knelt and bowed their heads. “Stand up and be mirthful,” I said, again with that deep voice. They all stood and smiled at me. “Are you guys musicians?”

They all nodded but one said, “But we are not that good.” Each of them blushed after that was said and the one that spoke continued, “It not like we are not trying but it seems that each time we play, the reeds seem not to play right.”

After hearing that, I had an idea that might help them. I call over a few other satyrs and whispered into their ears. They chuckled and got on their knees and started to suck the musicians’ cocks. “Now play,” I order to see if that help or make it harder for them to play. With a few hiccups and missed notes, the musicians started to play. The music flowed over the village and everyone’s steps perk up. Some even started to hum to the tone. The musicians and their cocksuckers moved so I could enjoy the view and show what the music was doing to the village.

The music lasted until the meal was served and the musicians came up to me. “Thank you,” each of them said to me before getting a meal to eat. Brian and I were both served a large plate of meats and vegetables. I noticed a musician get up start to play while another went behind him and started to rim the musician. The music was jubilant and just added to ambiance. After a few moments, other musicians joinrf in with their own oral sex to make the music play right.

The sky grew dark and nocturnal beastd started to move about while the last of the meal was eaten and a show was started for my viewing pleasure. Feats of strength, flexibility, and dexterity were the main source of entertainment with a few comedians and musicians in between. At the end of the last act, I got up and went to the performer and pushed him onto his knee so I could face fuck his pretty mouth. This started an orgy and the brave came up to me. They worshipped my body in ways I never thought to imagine before. Grabbing the satyr’s horns that I was facefucking, I let out a loud groan and unloaded my first load into his gullet. He got off my still hard dick, smiled and said, “Thank you.”

All the satyrs either sucked or planted their ass on my cock. I was craving some cock myself and decide to go to the a hot satyr. Once to him, I pushed him to the ground, straddled his waist, aligning dick tip to my hole and started to ride his fat dick. I also grab a nearby satyr and took his shlong to the root. Both were shocked by my actions but enjoyed the pleasure I was giving them. I looked up and saw Brian behind the satyr I was blowing, smiled, and started to fuck him. This got him to shoot his load right away and I drank it all. That was when I started to go faster on the satyr’s cock I was riding. Using my ass muscles in time with my bounces, I heard him whimper and then groan as his seed flooded my ass. I hummed as this happened and unleashed my last orgasm of the night.

Laying back, I made him spoon me as I feel asleep with his cock still planted in my ass. Brian came down and laid in front of me, making sure his ass was right against my cock. Chuckling, I made sure to wrap arms around him and fell asleep.

3 parts 3,980 words Added May 2017 Updated 16 Mar 2019 20k views 4.9 stars (14 votes)

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