Growth experiment

by Anarchy A

 Scrawny Edward awakens to find himself the subject of an experiment designed to help him grow a little bigger, except the procedure proves far more effective than anyone could have anticipated.

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Edward awoke, his mind blurry, to the feeling of cold metal on his naked back. Trying to raise his head to look at his surroundings, he found he was strapped down completely; arms, legs, waist and head.

“The anaesthetic seems to have worn off, Doctor.” said a deep, masculine voice from somewhere behind his head.

“Good, then we’ll begin.” replied another man’s voice. “Good evening, Edward, I’m sorry for any discomfort you may be feeling, but the restraints are for your own, and our protection.” He seemed to chuckle a little to himself as he said this. Edward tried to respond but whatever drugs they’d given him still hadn’t work off enough to speak.

“You may not remember how or why you came to be here, but rest assured when I tell you that you did agree to this, and… all that it entails…” his voice trailed off and he sounded somewhat nervous. “Now please relax, it will all be over soon.”

All of a sudden Edward felt countless gloves hands grabbing his body all over, and was once again painfully reminded that he was naked. Stinging sensations arose all over his skin and he found that needles were being inserted into every part of him that he could feel. He moaned in discomfort, still unable to speak, and out of the corner of his eye saw clear tubes twisted around each other, all leading to his body.

After a few seconds the hands left his body and a man’s face leant over his, it was the doctor who had spoken before.

“Good, now I’m sorry, but this could be painful, incredibly so.”

“Engaging, Doctor.”

The sound of a machine whirring to life filled the room and immediately Edward saw dark, red fluid flowing through the tubes. For what felt like an eternity, excruciating pain burnt through every vein in his body. But following that was a feeling of pure strength. Power itself seemed to be flowing through him. He felt a strength that he’d never felt before.

He didn’t even notice that the strap around his head snapped but he was suddenly sitting up, staring down at his body. Hundreds of tubes were stuck into the scrawny body before him, he looked decrepit and could see the bones jutting out of his limbs and chest and horrified he even saw tubes stabbed into the small cock hanging limply in front of him. But what terrified him were the veins. They stuck out visibly all over his skin and he could practically see the blood and whatever that dark red fluid was flowing through them.

After a few seconds however the atrophied body he was looking at began to change. His feet stretched away from him and his head shot towards the ceiling. The sinewy flesh before him began to bulge obscenely, his knees pushing off from the table as his calves swelled and his thighs expanded outward into diamond shapes. He vaguely registered faces and muttering around him but what was happening before him held his attention far more than whatever those people were doing. The restraints around his wrists burst open as his forearms swelled to the size of hams and his hands grew longer than his feet had been previously. His biceps grew to look like overgrown watermelons with thick cords of vein snaking over the surface and his deltoids looked like beach balls being inflated far beyond what they should have been.

Glancing at his stomach he saw the flat patch of skin erupting with what looked like bricks beneath his skin. It started with two, down at his waist with a thick visible v of muscle spreading out from them. Then there were two more just underneath his belly button which seemed to suck itself inward. Then there were six, then an entire eight-pack of luscious abdominals and then suddenly an inhuman ten pack of muscle.

His newly cut waist remained thin but above it, lats were pushing outward, further and further, his beautiful rounded shoulders being forced outwards at the same time, giving him an hourglass shape as the pure muscle tapered down to his waist. He was glad he’d seen his abs crop up out of him because the pure slabs of meat erupting out of his chest suddenly made it much harder to see down there. Each enormous pectoral felt like it could have contained his entire previous body weight and looking in awe at the enormous shelf of muscle before him Edward saw huge nipples sitting up on top of them, each must have been at least two inches across.

“Sir, there seems to be an unexpected spike in some of the patient’s levels.” said an anxious voice from behind him.

“What do you mean?” hissed the doctor as though Edward wouldn’t hear him.

“Some of the patient’s hormones seem to be 5, even 10 times as high as we predicted, specifically testosterone and… pheromones.”

“Well I’m sure his body is just taking to the serum,” stammered the doctor, “I mean it’s clearly working properly.”

Edward was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of intense arousal, and looking at his dick he saw he had a raging hard on, 4, maybe 5 inches long. But instead of stopping at hard, the dick before him began to bulge even further. The rod before him grew continuously. It reached 9 or 10 inches long and wasn’t even done, but one of Edward’s enormous hands subconsciously had reached out and grabbed it, and even with its huge size, couldn’t close around the huge girth of what seemed to be at least a foot-long cock in front of him.

With minimal effort the rest of the restraints holding him were shrugged off and the tubes, which no longer seemed to hold any serum, were pulled from the ultra masculine body as he stood. A sharp tug down below gave him the sudden realisation that he was no longer packing a tiny shrivelled nut sack, but what looked instead like 2 overgrown oranges crammed into a sack of skin that swung halfway to his knees.

An entire wall before him was covered by a mirror and Edward was struck by his own sheer beauty, with wavy, sandy-blonde hair dripping with sweat and piercing green eyes above a hard, strong jaw and chin. He flexed his new incredible body and watched as it continued to grow slightly before him, sheer power throbbing through the muscles with every heartbeat. It was at that moment that those glimmering green eyes noticed the people around him.

6 men including the doctor stood behind him, a few were holding clipboards limply by their sides, and all were wearing white lab coats. But on every face was the same look of slack-jawed awe, one man was even drooling.

After a few seconds of silent staring, in which Edward was admiring the huge swollen glutes sticking out of his behind, the doctor’s voice spoke quietly.

“T-the abnormalities in pheromones is… very strange… and the effects seem to be… evident…”

These words had some strange effect, like the tension in the room had suddenly broken. The six men all rushed towards Edward at once.

Again Edward felt hands all over his body, but this wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling any more, the hands were groping, grasping and clutching at every piece of muscle they could reach. Edward flexed and moaned in ecstasy as he felt fingers pushed against the hard flesh of his biceps. Lips and a tongue wrapped around one of his nipples and he was overwhelmed, as their new incredible size was only a tiny change in comparison to how sensitive they were.

The massive rod before him that was his cock gave an appreciative throb at the newfound sensitivity of his nipples and some of the men clearly noticed. Three hands suddenly grasped around the shaft of the uncut member and another was massaging his massive balls, to the point that he could practically feel them churning out cum at an accelerated rate.

Lips pressed against the huge head of his cock and as they parted a tongue slid out and caressed the head making his incredible, muscular body flex in pleasure. The tongue slid over the slit and a rush of precum, mixed with saliva began dripping over the hot member and onto the floor. The man sucking on the cock was clearly trying to drink in as much of the sweet, sweet pre as he could manage but it was still managing to escape in copious amounts.

Edward hadn’t noticed but somehow all of the men around him had somehow ended up naked. Most of them had beautiful, buff bodies of their own, but all paled in comparison to monster they worshipped. For what seemed like hours, but was probably closer to mere seconds Edd moaned in approval at the feeling of every muscle in his body being worshipped, until a combination of the intense erotic feelings pulsing through his cock and rock-hard nipples, combined with the lingering power crackling through his blood from the transformation caused him to reach climax.

This was no ordinary orgasm, not a quick burst of pleasure, but intense, drawn out waves of sheer sexual power. Thick, white cum streamed out of his cock like it was a fire hose, blasting down the throat of the male nurse working the head. The intense force of cum eventually forced the man’s face off the end of his cock and the cum blasting out in torrents took less than three seconds to cover him, head to toe, in dripping, gelatinous semen.

After the longest, most intense orgasm he had ever had, Edd stumbled, weak at the knees, to lean against the cold steel of the table that had recently held him down. Before him the naked men seemed to be coming back to their senses, 2 others had copped a spray from the thick cock, but neither even close to the one who had been sucking on it. Not an inch of his skin remained untouched by the cum and he must have swallowed a litre or two at least, but that was clearly not enough, as his mouth was sucked against the floor drinking from the thick pool of cum that had sprayed across most of the room.

The room stayed silent, but for the slurping of the man on the floor, and the steady drumming of the remaining cum dripping from the tip of the long, dangling member.


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