Hot night air

by Josh Barrett

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In summertime, the streets of Hong Kong can become overwhelming. Kylan plucked awkwardly at the damp fabric of his shirt as he made his way down a bustling street. He wouldn’t have minded the heat if it wasn’t accompanied by such awful humidity. It was the type of air that stuck to your skin and seemed to amplify the street side scents and sounds.

In his late 20s, Kylan had become an unlikely resident of the megatropolis. He had been born in Vancouver, Canada. His hazel hair, green eyes and light skin betrayed his foreigner status in his adopted city. But he blended in the best he could, a lifelong talent for learning and memory had allowed him to learn the language and take up the lifestyle of the far east in only a few years. It had also earned him a small fortune as a fiction writer.

He had struck it lucky when his second published book (he doesn’t talk about the first) became an international bestseller. Unfortunately, he had no one to share his success with. Both parents had succumbed to cancer at unripe ages and he was an only child. Due to his reclusive nature after graduating with an arts degree, his friends from college were distant acquaintances. He had tried little to find a significant other, and so it was not surprising that he did not have one to share his success with. Surrounded by no one, it was not hard to make the decision to move to a new country and start afresh. He had chosen Hong Kong because of a fondness for the food. He knew it wasn’t much of a reason, but that didn’t bother him. After over 5 years living there, he had not regretted his decision.

Kylan was not a conspicuous man. He had a fit, but average build, and at 5’10 he was only a little taller than most people in the city. His face would be wholly forgettable had it not been for his eyes. Bright and green, they were a radical change from the usual almond brown that dominated in most of the native population. He did not consider himself as being overly attractive, but neither was he ugly. His success in finding dates in the city proved this fact to him.

His dating life had been mostly uneventful since arriving in the city, despite his tastes gravitating towards men over women, a fact that he was not quick to share with many people. He didn’t hide the fact that he was gay, but he found that the city was more hospitable if he didn’t go around advertising it either. He enjoyed frequenting the various English pubs that still peppered the Kowloon side of the bay. There were always at least a few interested and attractive men that could be found chatting and drinking in those sometimes smoke-filled underground places.

His biggest misfortune was the he could never keep a man around for long before getting bored of him. That was, until James came along. An American studying abroad, James had been perfect. Kylan had spotted him at a bar one lonely night. Wide, muscular back hunched over a pint. Kylan wasn’t normally the one to approach guys, but he had taken a chance with James.

He sat down beside the bigger man and ordered himself a whiskey with ginger. He didn’t usually go for mixed drinks, but it was a spur of the moment decision. His heart pounded as he tried to come up with ways to start a conversation. Damnit! ‘It used to be easier!’ he thought. He took a sideways glance at his target, drinking in his details close up.

Kylan’s biggest weakness had always been a lean and muscular body. He was willing to overlook a lot of things if it meant he got to sleep with a rock hard man. And sure enough, James was all muscle. Kylan felt something in his pants twitch as he eyed a veined bicep pushing open sleeves, with thick vascular forearms attached. The man’s chest propped his shirt over what looked like a lean and athletic torso. Kylan traced with his eyes, a vein that ascended a thick neck up to a square stubbled jaw and dimpled chin. It was at this point that Kylan realized the other man had caught him staring.

The awkwardness was quickly relieved when the barman came back and delivered Kylan’s drink. Kylan paid and tipped before beginning to shuffle off his perch on the barstool and away from the awkward moment with the other man when he felt a warm and heavy pressure on his shoulder. Kylan looked up to see the other man looking down at him, half amused smirk on his face. ‘Great,’ Kylan thought. He prepared to come up with some excuse for his gawking when the man said, “hi, I’m James.”

Stopped by Jame’s seeminly friendly gesture, Kylan relented a little and moved back into his seat. “Kylan,” he said. “Niced to meet you.”

James only nodded, as if to return the sentiment. Kylan watched the muscles in his body tense with every movement. He felt himself getting slightly aroused again as he thought back to the hand on his shoulder. As if reading his mind, James withdrew his hand, but he shuffled his bulk a little closer to Kylan.

Kylan could smell James’ cologne, it was a sharp masculine scent that made him even more aroused. James simple asked, “so what brings you to Hong Kong?” Kylan began telling his story, getting more at ease with the big man by his side. James slow shuffled closer and closer until eventually his thick arms grazing Kylan with every hand gesture. Kylan took this as a sign that the other man was testing the waters, so he did too. As they talked, Kylan took every opportunity to touch James. Innocently enough at first, a clap on the back and an accidental touch on the hand.

Eventually the two got onto the topic of James’ developed physique. Kylan remarked that he had always wanted to get into going to the gym, but he’d never been able to stick with it. James said that his body had come from years of manual labor in construction. He had no reason for it, but somehow, Kylan instantly thought the other man was lying. This thought was quickly replaced when James smirked and asked if Kylan wanted to feel his muscles. Kylan grinned a little, of course he did. He tentatively squeezed the ball of muscle that was James’ bicep, joking some compliment as he did so. James only looked at him with a new intensity in his eyes that Kylan had not noticed before.

James suddenly motioned to the door. “What do you say,” he said thoughtfully. “To going back to my hotel and having a beer or two? I can give you a few tips for the gym if you want.”

Kylan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Had he actually gotten lucky so easily? He agreed of course and was soon walking besides James on the busy streets. The heat instantly caused Kylan to break out into a sweat, he glanced over and noticed that the same had happened to James. A dark sweat mark was beginning to form between the man’s shoulder blades.

Both relieved for the air conditioning, James and Kylan crossed the quiet hotel lobby and went straight into the elevator without a word. They emerged on the 32nd floor. James swiped his key card into a door and then they were alone. James flicked on the stereo and strode over to his mini fridge, he tossed a beer to kylan and popped the lid off his own.

“Great view!” Kylan exclaimed as he stood looking out at the shining city. He could just see the reflection of James taking his shoes off in the window.

“It is,” James agreed, looking at Kylan and the window. “Damn it’s hot out there though! I have to change my shirt everytime I want to leave the hotel.” Kylan’s breath caught as James pulled the sweat drenched shirt over his well shaped head. He turned to see Jame’s body in plain site. Every muscle seemed to bulge out his skin. The bicep vein that he had been admiring before snaked up into thick pecs that hung over a perfectly formed six pac. Best of all, it was all covered in a thin but noticeable layer of dark hair. Kylan could only stare as he felt pressure mounting in his pants.

James looked up to see Kylan’s vapid expression and growing package. He motioned down at his naked torso, “do you like it?” Kylan ignored the forwardness of the question and simply nodded. In a few steps James stood next to Kylan. A beat later and they were locked in a kiss. Kylan let his hands explore every inch of James’ thick body before descending down to his pants. Slowly he traced the outline of James’ pakage, he could feel his already hard cock straining against the fabric of the pants.

Deftly, Kylan unfastened the pants to reveal a monster cock, thick and veiny. It dropped from James’ pants, hanging expectantly for Kylan. Kylan dropped down on one knee and placed his warm mough over the throbbing appendage. He felt the swell of every vein against his tongue as he moved his lips up and down the muscle man’s shaft.

James’ groans grew loader and loader until Kylan could tell he was almost at the point of no return. James placed his hand on Kylan’s shoulder. “Is this what you want?” He said, smiling deviously. “More than anything,” Kylan replied. In a second the man’s cock swelled in Kylan’s mouth before releasing a torrent of warm cum. Kylan drank it all, feeling its warmth dropping into him like a comet.

James ran his heavy hand through Kylan’s hair, moaning pleasantly. “Your turn,” the muscular man whispered to him. Kylan’s dick throbbed at the words, but suddenly, he found himself feeling immensely tired. “Whew,” he said, “all that sucking made me exhausted.”

“I bet,” James replied. “Here, why don’t you get some rest in my bed?” Kylan didn’t see any point in arguing. Without even taking off his clothes, he lay into the bed. He smelt the musky scenf of James cologne waft over him as he leant over Kylan to pull the sheets over him.

Kylan awoke to cold sunlight streaming into his room. He groaned. ‘What the fuck?’ he thought. ‘Such a vivid dream.’ He managed to open his eyes and look out at the city. Suddenly full of confusion he sat up in the bed. He wasn’t in his room at home. He looked at the hotel walls, a smile creeping back as the night’s events unfolded again for him to relive. So it wasn’t a dream? He must have been really drunk to pass out like that. He looked around for James but the man was nowhere in sight.

Yawning, he propped himself out of bed and hauled himself on to his feet. “Woah,” he blurted, as he was suddenly racked with imbalance. He extended an arm out towards the wall to steady himself. He rubbed a stubbled jaw and sauntered his way to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror, his mediocre body looked back. He thought back to James and shrugged, ‘guess I never got those gym tips,’ he thought.

Kylan squinted in the bright sunlight of the morning as he exited the hotel. At least it hadn’t gotten overly hot yet. He wound his way through the old streets of the city, passing street carts and grimy faced kids. A women tried to sell him her jade jewellery for his ‘girlfriend back home.’ Kylan just ignored her.

Back in his dark and cool apartment, Kylan sank into his computer chair. The screen came to life with a jiggle of the mouse and he started typing. Whenever he worked on his novels, he lost all track of time. Minutes turned into hours, the words flowed out of his fingertips.

The sun had just set when Kylan suddenly noticed an odd feeling. His heartbeat sped up until he felt dizzy and short of breath. He felt a strange tingling all over his body. He looked down at his hands, posed over his keyboard. His breath caught. Slowly but surely, he could see fine hairs growing. The hair came in brown and thick over his arms. And then he felt an even odder sensation begin.

His skin felt tight as he watched his forearms swell. Thick veins began to protrude as the muscles beneath grew. “What the fuck?” he breathed, as he watched his suddenly hairy arms grow. An uncomfortable tightness brought his attention to his upper arms where hard biceps were pushing the material of his shirt apart. He stumbled out of his chair, almost falling over with a newfound feeling of strength and bulkiness.

He looked down at himself in shock and arousal. His pecs had begun growing as well, he could feel his shirt straining with every beat of his heart. Awkwardly, he tore it off and looked down at his changing torso. Only minutes ago he had been smooth as could be, with only a small trail of hair leading down to his groin. Now he had a generous layer of hair matting his chest and extending down to his abs.

‘Abs?’ he thought wonderously. He had never had abs before in his life. But now thick ridges of solid muscle pushed themselves from under his ribcage. He gasped for air as he felt his back widen and thicken. The added bulk gave an odd sensation of imbalance.

Kylan needed to see himself better. He stepped into the bathroom. He could only gawk as he saw his reflection in the mirror. He was becoming unrecognizable! A short beard had appeared on his face, he pulled at it, not believing that a beard could grow in only a matter of minutes.

Every muscle in his body looked tensed as they swelled in size. He watched a thick vein snake up his biceps as the muscle continued to grow. His triceps grew too, making his arms appear thick and pumped like an amateur bodybuilder’s in only seconds. His eyes fell down to his chest, where two thick and hairy mounds of muscle were separated by a deepening crevice. The skin around his growing pecs began to ripple with the strain of the new bulk.

Pain enveloped Kylan’s legs as his quads reached the limit of his pants. He quickly tore them off to reveal thick and deeply striated legs. He noticed that even his feet were growing. His socks were suddenly much too small. He heard a small rip as his growing feet extended out of them. They were veiny and lean looking, like the feet of a professional bodybuilder or athlete. He couldn’t help noticing a generous dusting of dark hair on them. His calves had also become much hairier, the muscle pushed them out until they were incredibly thick, wide and powerful.

Kylan’s tepid gaze followed his new legs up to his now straining briefs. He gulped. His package seemed to have increased in size as well. His hard and throbbing cock poked out of one leg hole in his briefs. Just from the bulge Kylan estimated that it had grown at least twice as thick. He couldn’t help himself, he pulled the stretched briefs off, letting his massive dick drop in front of him. Like the rest of his body, the skin seemed to be stretched tight, showing thick veins underneath. A small pool of precum filled the tip. He spread this around his shaft and began slowly working the muscle cock like he had owned it all his life.

Kylan watched his body expanding and rippling as his muscles swelled to greater sizes. His upper body now resembled a competitive bodybuilders. Though he thought his dark hair and thick muscles looked better than any bodybuilder he’d ever seen.

He thought back to James. The previous night he would have never dreamed of having a body that remotely resembled the muscular man from the bar. Now, Kylan was clearly much bigger than his mysterious fuckbuddy. And he was still growing.

Kylan could feel a swelling in his cock as he watched the bearded muscle man in the mirror jerking off. A pressure grew at its tip and then traveled through the shaft into his body. He felt waves of pleasure wash over him as he shot a thick torrent of cum over his furry abs. He doubled over in pleasure, gasping to catch his breath after the best orgasm of his young life. He smiled at his reflection in the mirror, he had become a sexy muscle beast! He looked better than anything he could ever even picture in his mind.

He continued to smile as he stepped into the shower to wash himself off. The warm water felt amazing on his gigantic body. He began lathering himself up. He instantly became rock hard again when he felt his solid muscles slippery under his soapy hands. The feeling of suddenly being so huge was too much for him, Kylan shot a second load. The intensity of it sent him doubling back against the wall.

He turned off the water and cooly regarded his reflection as he stepped out of the shower. His short but thick chest hair clung to his taut skin and accentuated his new grown muscles. He flexed a bicep for himself. He touched the thick knot of muscle confirming that it was real.

Kylan couldn’t hide his new body from the world any longer. He hurriedly lumbered out of his bathroom and into his bedroom, when a problem suddenly struck him. What the hell was he going to wear? The problem became instantly obvious when he tried to pull his briefs back on. The material squeezed his meaty things and was wholly unable to conceal the new girth and length of his dick. Kylan searched around for something else, finally settling on a pair of elastic gym shorts. They would do the trick, though they were still too small.

Knowing that it wouldn’t fit, Kylan couldn’t resist trying on one of his regular medium t-shirts. He just managed to squeeze into the biggest looking one he could find. The sleeves were uncomfortably tight around his vascular biceps, but the he found the pressure around his hulking pecs oddly enjoyable. He felt the fabric pulled almost to the breaking point by his wide back and thick chest. He noticed that the shirt only lightly hugged the outline of his lean torso. He had all the size of a lean bodybuilder, but without the roid gut or ruined skin. The overall look was, he decided, fantastic.

He knew he wouldn’t be able to fit into any of his shoes, but luckily he had bought a pair of knockoff flip flops a few summers ago that were way too big for him. Or at least, they used to be. Kylan barely fit them now! He went back into the bathroom to see how his impromptu outfit had turned out. The shirt was laughably tight, but in a way that Kylan found irrefutably sexy. Especially with the thick hairy forearms descending down from his overgrown biceps. He flexed as hard as he could, feeling relieved as he heard and felt the tearing of cotton fibres and loosening of his shirt sleeves.

He looked down to see the two veiny tree trunks that were his legs neatly filling up his gym shorts before giving way to his ridiculously muscled and hairy calves and feet. Kylan’s vision shifted back to his gym shorts, he sighed. As he was assessing his appearance in the mirror, his cock had grown hard again. The outline was now obscene in his shorts.

“Oh well,” he said out loud. He flexed at himself and winked. He was going out on the town. In the hot night air, his outfit wouldn’t look particularly out of place. He smiled at his reflection. His new life was just about to begin.

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