Interview with the King of Dust

by Betonhaus

Jason Ramstaff, also known as the King of Dust, explains the strange growth effects of the extraterrestrial substance known as Dust—complete with a demonstration of exactly how he passes its effects on to others.

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The day the meteor fell, it seemed like nothing changed. Not that anyone expected otherwise, it was not a particularly big meteor—small enough that anyone who would have been tracking it, would’ve expected it to burn up in the atmosphere. In hindsight I realize that it would catch a lot more attention when people noticed that it was not burning up as expected, and that they would be sending people to investigate—people then found and captured poor unlucky me when the nanite swarm, or whatever this is, woke up from the crash and assimilated itself into the first intelligent host it found. I was unlucky. Or I really got lucky, depending on your perspective.

You see the Dust, for lack of an accurate name, gives me very fine control over my body or anyone or anything I infect with. I was able to correct my vision and my one deaf ear, then an initial revision to my body that caught the eye of the army. For in my hubris, I gave myself the body of a god.

Abs as hard as teak that invite you to run your hands over and test their firmness, exploring every crevice and bump of my sensitive skin making me bite back moans of pleasure. Those moans become audible if you were to start exploring up to my bulging pecs, ones who make any tight shirt I wear that clings to crevice, making my abs seem almost thin in comparison. Taking off that shirt gives me such pleasure when they brush against my oh so sensitive nipples that are just begging to be kissed and teased and…

Forgive me, my hormones are about out of whack.

You see, the army saw me as the solution to a cost-effective super solder project where they can have whole legions of glorious men to do there every bidding. That is within the ability of the Dust, but it’s capable of so much more—and potentially very dangerous in the hands of random people. Thus, an arrangement was made where I produce precisely programmed Dust to create the solders. However, there are two key limitations to the Dust; ones that the army had no choice but to comply with. The first was that it cannot survive outside of an organic host—and believe me they tried. The second was that I needed to keep the locked Dust from getting mixed with my internal Dust, so they cannot just pull it out of my blood—not that it would even survive the needle. I could generate a dedicated organ if I could stand the horror, but it still needs to be brought to a permeable membrane. When I first got the Dust it entered through my skin, an experience I wouldn’t give to anyone. And well, I was not planning on having children anyways, so that is two birds with one stone.

That explains my appearance.

Yes, I have the body of a god, with arms and legs that could crush you like an egg. Monstrous biceps as big as my head and every muscle on my body is also bulging. But then there is those two giant boulders that swing with every step. You saw those platoons of soldiers out there? Every single one has come to me, stripped off their clothes and put their practically scrawny little bodies in my hands. Every single one of those rippling hulks out there started as men half their size, I suppose you would call them normal for marines before the Dust changed things. They all remember the bruising from these two watermelon sized balls hitting them in the back of the knees or the middle of their back. Groaning in pain and pleasure as my monstrous rod splits them in two and completely fill them with the Dust that will turn them into what they are now.

Why is my cock so huge? Ah, there is a reason for that.

You see, our army is the only one who has Dust, because I am the only one that can give it. That means I am always at risk of being kidnapped to start other supersoldier projects. This is classified, but I have been kidnapped once—our enemy wanted to start their own program and knew I was the key. But they did not realize that our state-enforced homosexuality is for a reason, so they strapped me to a table and used all sorts of milking machines to make me cum loads and loads, not realizing that the Dust need to be immediately transferred into the new host otherwise it deactivates and dissolves into simple protein. I mean it was bliss, they tried everything they could think of to make me cum literal buckets of Dust again and again in sweet agony. They even gave up and tried having a soldier drink it, but the spunk that did not gush out of their nose ended up dissolving in the acid of their bloated stomachs, any that didn’t vomit up my massive load were writhing in agony with a bulging stomach of jizz that became useless anyways. Before I was rescued they swallowed their pride and tried to have a soldier mount me, but by then I was already packing down there; and he just could not fit me.

Hmm, by the time I was rescued I probably blew enough Dust to fill a tanker truck. All of it useless.

So anyways as part of the training for marines they must work into their training regimen stretching out their holes, so they can handle bigger and bigger dildoes until they can finally handle the size of me. Usually by then they have completely gotten over their hang-ups about anal—sometimes with a little help with a kiss from me that tweaks their brain, I am not a monster after all. As they bond, they start helping each other stretch—I know some have made a game where the first soldier to cum becomes the cum dumpster for the whole squad, who then run a train on his ass until he is leaking Our Finest onto his sheets. Some squads do choose one solder to be their designated twink, who must service their teammates whenever they feel like it. Every night the barracks are filled with the grunts and groans of these naked soldiers—this super solder training ground is basically a 24/7 gay club or bathhouse combines with a men’s only gym.

Hmm? Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding. Once the trainee soldiers have graduated and received my initiation, they get shipped off to serve and protect.

Anyways usually these strapping men will be wearing their tight camo tank tops with cargo pants and boots, but often enough they will take off the tops or strip to their ranger panties so you can see every detail on their body. Seems seeing each other’s bulging muscles gets them a little more excited so they work out and do their regimens much harder—I got to tell you there is nothing sexier then these muscled twinks—yeah to me they are still twinks—all go jogging by wearing nothing but their boots and their shorts and having their bulges jiggling with every step. Anyways once they get over the initial homophobic hangups they are very horny little fuckers, and will use every excuse to screw each other.

Hmm? Oh not at all, all of the instructors and officers join in too, sex has permeated every aspect of life here.

Oh, examples? Staff Sergeant Gullfoss, you know that buff grizzled man with the scar? Anyways he puts his men through their hoops like any other training sergeant, does his thing—fuck I do not know I am not a real soldier I just make them—but quite often he will call one of the trainees to his side who then drops to his knees and services Gullfoss while he stands there and continue yelling at the other trainees to keep them in line. Is he packing? Yeah, they may not be super soldiers but he does have a booster pack that gives him a rather sizeable dong, probably nine or ten inches long. Sergeant Hudson, on the other hand, makes one specific demand for any soldier that comes to him to requisition something, and that is to bend him over his own desk and stuff their load in his ass. Come to think about it he has likely been filled with a bathtub or two of cum ever since the program started.

Oh right, I got off track, sorry you were asking about my monster rod.

Yeah one of the methods used to keep the supersoldier program out of enemy hands is to ensure that the enemy’s solders cannot physically fit me. For a little while it was an arms race where I was a bit bigger then a banana, then a cucumber, but now we’ve reached a point where the enemy solders cannot be disciplined enough to stretch that far without them giving up and dropping out of the program, and the few that do don’t meet the mental requirements anymore. Heh, yeah that does mean that a lot of soldiers here enjoy being fisted. And after years of training their muscled hands aren’t really that small.

Oh, sorry. That stretching sound was my shorts, all this talking has gotten me excited, haha.

It’s kind of difficult to find clothing that fits me. Even though we have tailored our uniforms to fit these eight and nine foot tall supersoldier hulks, as the template specimen I am easily the biggest. The clothes do fit me if a bit snug but I do enjoy these softer fabrics. But the pants are designed for the supersoldiers, who usually average about twelve inches long and as thick as coke bottles, with balls the size of apples. Still pretty sizeable I admit, but they can still lead a life with normal people with a little practice and time. The clothes are made to fit them, whether their serpents are draped down their leg or bundled up in a lumpy ball the size of a cantaloupe. I’m significantly bigger than that, thanks to the antitheft measures.

Yeah, this is a sizeable bulge, remember I said my balls were the size of watermelons?

They’ve pretty much given up making pants that contain my bulk, and so it actually has a big cutaway in the crotch with a big heavy duty belt going over top to hold it in place. I do not know what the fabric of these undershorts are, they keep on trying to find materials that wont rip if I do not take them off in time. They almost succeeded but not yet. So yeah I look like one of those nine foot tall monster solders in uniforms holding a white cloth bag stretched to the brim out front. This does throw off my balance a little, but it’s better than having everything droop down past my knees and swinging with every step.

Oh shit… it’s getting really tight now.

Yeah, I am going to have to take this off now. See these gaps between my legs where you can see my balls? It’s at its limit. Heh my precum is starting to leak through, looks a lot like I pissed myself but I tweaked the contents so it functions as a really good lube. Just let me undo my buckle… Oh yeah I guess you couldn’t see it under the mound, it has the logo of the supersolder program on it, neat huh? The belt is looped through both my pants and shorts so that my shorts don’t pull loose through the day, but the elastic is still a bit tight because I’m excited hold on. Hah yeah I got a full bush, I got hair on every part of my body so I just shave and that’s it. This is pretty tight…

Hey, want to play a game? As I pull my shorts down guess how long am I before you can see the head.

Okay? Good. Here’s the first six inches, obviously too thick for that. Yeah I said the supersoldiers were twelve inches let’s skip to that… Nope, I’m much thicker than a pop can and there’s no head in sight. Sixteen inches? Nope, still a ways to go. Twenty four inches? Still no head. Yeah I wasn’t kidding about the size of my balls. Ah yeah you can now tell through the tenting, I’m pretty semi right now. All right, here you go, a solid thirty six inches or three feet—oh shit sorry! I did not mean for the precum to spray you when my dick sprang loose, here is a towel. Yeah it’s a brute, come over here, try to circle your hands over it. Oh go ahead, you’ve already seen it might as well. Hah, I knew you couldn’t, most of the soldiers here can barely get their fingers and thumbs to touch each other when they try. If you were to try to cup my head you wouldn’t be able to get your fingers passed it—Ahh! Ah sorry, warn me first, it’s really sensitive.

I suppose it’s time for the demonstration I promised you right? Let me call in our next trainee.

Shoot, sorry about your light umbrella thing, I must be careful when turning like this otherwise I knock things over really easy. Hey Mack, you can call Rodriguez in now! Ah welcome, you’re ready? Good. This is Private Rodriguez, he finished his training and volunteered for the demonstration. I’m told he’s at the top of his class, with high marks and a good attitude. Isn’t that right? Good, time to strip. Yeah another prime specimen for the program, oh hey you’re packing! You must be pretty popular already! Well you’ll be even more popular after. Turn around and bend over. Hm? Oh I did say my precum is lube which is why I’m applying it to my fingers. As you can see Rodriguez is fully prepared, it’s not taking much to stretch him open… let me get all my fingers and gently pull… Yep all nice and tidy back here soldier!

Heh getting all line up and—is that a moan soldier? My massive head is barely touching your ass! Alright a little pressure, let me just put my hands on your hips… Oh fuck that always feels good. Almost got the head in aaand… yeah let it out soldier you’re doing good. You good to back up on your own? Okay, I’ll put my hands on my hips and stay still. Good keep going, keep going. Two feet left, you got it, 18 inches… Oh god… One foot left… Six inches almost there! Four inches… Sure take a breather, you already got a lot of massive cock in you. Two inches, one inch, and… There you go, good soldier you did well take a breather. You can cut the grunts and groans from the transcript sure; they’ll take up a lot of lines.

Yeah, looks like you’re getting turned on just by watching aren’t you? Sure might saw well unzip your pants while you watch, you still have a lot of lube from when I sprayed you. No? Oh well.

All right, Rodriguez, are you ready? Wait hang on I want to show him something, lean back I’ll hold you. You see this massive bulge in Rodriguez’s chest? Yeah that is my cock stretching through, fuck that feel good. Yeah, go ahead and feel that big bulge of my cock stretch his chest out. Oh yeah right he can stretch this much because he has limited capability priming Dust in him. I can’t tell you more as that’s still classified information, sorry. Anyways watch this I’m going to straighten my legs. Tada! Rodriguez is not touching the ground, his weight being held entirely by my massive cock My balls are in the way so it looks like he’s sitting but they aren’t holding him up, and my arm is only being used to stabilize him. Neat, huh? I can walk around like this too!

Yeah, being this strong means I can do any position I want. Rodriguez, reach behind and put your hand around my neck and pull yourself up. I like this standing position because I can grab his thighs like this and bounce him so high! Yeah you like watching Rodriguez’s ass slide up and down my monster shaft don’t you, it’s moving all of his internal organs around don’t you know? Rodriguez you still good? Good I can see you’re enjoying it too, turn your head so I can kiss you. Back’s getting sore? Alright let me bring you to my desk, push that button over there and you can adjust the height.

Oh don’t worry see this padding on the side of the desk? It keep the noise down when my watermelon nuts pound against it, and keeps the wood from cracking.

Ah, fuck, you’re taking that cock like a champ Rodriguez! Yeah take it! Hold on I’m going to spin you in place so you’re on your back. That’s better, now I can see your face soldier! Fuck yeah, take my three foot cock! Hold on the desk moved let me drag it back a foot. Fuck, take it soldier! I’m getting ready to blow, you ready? You ready to be filled with my gallons of cum? Make sure you clench tight, so you don’t lose a drop. Oh fuck here it comes! Fuck that was good. I’m going to pull out now make sure you hold tight so you don’t leak any, we don’t want a Niagara Falls to start gushing out here ha. Rodriguez you did good, congratulations soldier, now go clean up and get to the lab.

Yeah Rodriguez does look like he’s pregnant doesn’t he? They all do at this point. What happens now is that he goes over to the lab where they get him strapped up with feeding tubes, and under the care of the nurses the Dust permeates his body and begins the changes. Over the next twenty-four hours his spine will rebuild itself, his muscles will grow, and everything with stretch to accommodate his new frame. He will be given ample protein and all the nutrients he needs to complete the change, then tomorrow he will wake up as a monstrous new supersoldier ready to serve our country. Well, first there’s a week or two where he gets acclimatized to his new physique and gets his clothing tailored—usually the new supersoldiers go through a lot of the trainees, making sure they break in their new footlong shafts.

And that’s the supersoldier program in a nutshell, though you understand there was a lot of classified information I omitted. If you check on the lab they have a time-lapse video of the change on file, but it just looks like a plant growing really fast to be honest.

No, I don’t know why the Dust came to earth. I know the odds of it being pure chance is zero, and I don’t like to think about the reasons behind deliberately bringing it to Earth, considering what it is capable of…

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