Laundry day

by Aphon

 A scientist on the verge of a cock growth breakthrough is a little careless and his formula ends up on the jockstrap of a hunky personal trainer, what could go wrong?

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New York City was boiling on this particular August afternoon. Xander wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead as he jotted down his final calculations. He had been working on a secret formula out of his tiny apartment for weeks now, and it was finally ready.

Xander had created a formula that (he hoped) would help men add some size below the belt. While he was never self conscious about his own size, he would be a fool not to realize the huge market potential for such a thing. A small amount of his product would add inches to any penis it was applied to.

He grabbed his sheet of calculations and ran to the kitchen where a beaker bubbled away on the stove. His less than ideal conditions would lead to a formula that was slightly impure and unstable, he knew that, but it would have to do as a proof of concept to show to a big pharmaceutical company. Once he got through that phase, he would finally get funding for a better lab!

Hands trembling with excitement, he measured out an exact amount of green fluid from a petri dish, thanks to his calculations, and dropped it into the beaker. The liquid in the beaker turned a mesmerizing emerald green and thickened slightly into a goop with the consistency of maple syrup. He didn’t plan on seeing if it tasted he same though, the effects of taking it orally were completely unknown.

After waiting for the chemical reaction to complete, Xander picked up the beaker tentatively and started walking towards the living room where he would put it in vials. He was so excited about his seemingly successful product that he forgot about the slight step between the kitchen and the living room. His shoe caught on the lip and he lurched forward suddenly, almost dropping the beaker.

Xander managed to catch himself before hitting the ground, but a decent amount of the formula had spilled all over his lab coat. It was practically dripping off of it. He cursed out loud, seeing that he only had half the beaker left.

“Well, this’ll have to do. Hopefully this is enough to prove my concept to the company.”

Sighing, he took off his soaked lab coat and put it in a plastic bag, careful not to touch it and wiping off any drops that fell to the floor. The last thing he wanted was to become a lab rat for himself.

Setting the beaker down, he grabbed the plastic bag with the lab coat and left his apartment. Lucky for him, he lived right above a laundromat. This meant cheap rent and an easy way to wash his clothes.

Xander pushed open the laundromat door, triggering the bell’s telltale ringing. It was practically empty inside with only a few people loading their laundry in the four long aisles. He made his way to one of the dozens of machines and threw the sopping wet lab coat in. He fished around in his pocket, pulling out a couple quarters and loading them into the machine’s coin slot.

“Shit!” He mumbled under his breath. He was one quarter short. He ran back up in search of the missing change.

As Xander walked out of the laundromat at his usual brisk pace, he almost collided with another man who was on his way in.

“Oops, sorry!”, They both apologized.

The man’s name was James, a 22 year old who had just moved to New York City. Currently working as a personal trainer, James had an amazingly beefy build. His love of all things sports had given him broad shoulders and bulging muscles. The only thing he hated about sports was how sweaty and dirty his clothes got. Particularly his jock straps. He had amassed quite the collection since he didnt like having to go to the laundromat all the time. It was easier to wash a bunch at one time rather than just a few every couple days. This meant he was walking into the laundromat with his laundry bag filled with, you guessed it: jockstraps.

James’ chocolate brown eyes and tan face scanned the aisles as he walked. He noticed a machine that already had quarters in it; maybe someone had accomplished their good deed of the day and given away a free wash!

James opened the machine and dumped his pile of jockstraps in there. They reeked of sweat and musk. He was glad there weren’t enough people here to smell it.

He deposited a single quarter into the machine and slammed the door. After adding his detergent, James grabbed his laundry bag and went to go run an errand at the grocery store while he waited for his laundry to finish.

A minute or two after he left, the bell affixed to the door chimed again, announcing Xander’s return. He walked down the aisle in which his machine was, but couldn’t seem to remember exactly where it had been. All the door were shut, and he definitely had left it open. He paced up and down the aisle, inspecting the contents of the machines. They were either completely empty or completely full of clothes.

After a couple minutes of searching, Xander started to think that maybe someone had thrown his lab coat away or stolen it. Either way, there was nothing he could do about it.

He had no way of knowing that a couple feet away from him, a bunch of dirty jockstraps were spinning away, soaking up the goop from his discarded lab coat...

Later that night, James was putting away his newly washed jockstraps when he noticed that they had taken on a slight green tint.

“That’s weird..” he thought to himself, “must be the detergent or something.”

He slipped one on and examined himself in the mirror. His package looked great, as usual. He was proud of his slightly above average 6 incher. His pecs looked full and swollen, his fat nipples pressed outwards by the hard earned muscle. His abs were defined yet covered by a thin veil of fat which gave James a thick yet muscular look. He snapped out of it when he heard his alarm go off. He had a client to train at the gym in 30 minutes! He hastily pulled on some gym shorts and a tank top and ran out the door.

Upon arriving at the gym, James met up with his client, a lean guy in his mid twenties looking to put on some muscle. He introduced himself as Sean. James did his best to make small talk as he walked him through today’s workout, but his mind kept wandering to his junk. He tried readjusting himself as subtly as he could but his jock felt too tight today. It was cramped and hot and itchy, he just didn’t feel right. James tried his best to not pay attention to the feeling, hoping it would go away. It was starting to make him really horny for some reason.

His client, Sean, worked on the benchpress while James spotted him, his hands ready to catch the bar if Sean couldn’t lift it. This meant James’ crotch was positioned above Sean’s head, basically in his line of sight. As James looked down at Sean’s form and called out corrections, he kept noticing his bulge stuck out farther than normal. He was starting to have trouble ignoring it, and so was Sean. He kept stealing glances at the obvious bulge.

James looked down again in shock and saw that it looked as if he had stuffed a banana into his shorts. His package curved beautifully, which only accentuated his size. By the look of it, his balls had grown as well, creating a well rounded package that was starting to strain his jock. He could feel the straps digging into his ass a little bit.

James kept up the small talk with Sean, trying to remain professional. As they moved between machines, James did his best to stand in a way that concealed his package, but it eventually became impossible. He was starting to freak out a little bit. His shorts were tenting in the front thanks to his flaccid cock, which he figured by now must be the size of a cucumber with orange sized balls attached. His fat cock was showing no signs of stopping. He could feel it lolling around in his jock, looking for a way out. His swelling package was starting to force the jock away from his body now. James thought to himself that this was getting ridiculous. He needed to leave.

“I’m sorry about this, but is there a way we can reschedule this session for another day? Free of charge of course.”

Sean nodded, but he wasn’t looking at James’ face. His eyes were locked on the huge package contained inside the trainer’s gym shorts.

James practically ran to the locker room, his package bouncing heavily with each step. It felt like a barbel was attached to his groin. He was surprised at how horny he was, all of this was turning him on like nothing else. If he let himself get lost in the moment, he knew he would chub up quick. He tried to think of other things as he made his way through the gym.

Upon entering the locker room, he was overjoyed to find it empty. The gym was an amazing facility, all the lockers were brand new, there were steam showers and even a few private saunas that lined the walls of the locker room.

Just as James grabbed his duffel bag, he turned around and bumped into none other than his client, Sean.

“Oh, sorry about that!” James tried to brush it off and push past Sean, put the man grabbed James’ thick bicep and held him back.

“I don’t want you to feel bad about what happened back there, we all get a little turned on sometimes.”

Sean’s face was inches from his now. His hand found James’s package and gently lifted it up a bit, feeling its heft. James let out a small moan, so horny he could barely think straight. He quickly closed the distance between them and locked lips with Sean, dropping his duffel bag.

They kissed wildly, slamming against the lockers. Seans hands were all over the beefy stud, feeling his muscles and his quickly siffening monster.

“Wow, you really are a big guy.” Sean said breathlessly.

James’ slid his hand down his client’s shorts and felt a thick eight incher.

They broke apart long enough to find their way to one of the private saunas, locking the door behind them.

Sean knelt in front of James and slowly peeled his jock off of him. His massive junk tumbled out, finally free. They both gasped at the gigantic foot long cock that bobbed in the air. Precum covered it like honey and dripped off in a sticky line down to the wooden floor. Two balls the size of large oranges sat in an ample ballsack. Sean could barely fit one nut in his palm it was so large. James grabbed his cock, discovering that he was unable to wrap his fingers around the meaty pole. His cock practically ached to be sucked.

“Fuck, you’re so big.” Sean whispered as he began his ministrations, licking the sensitive spot under the head and traveling down the engorged shaft. James stepped fully out of the jockstrap and threw it into the corner. He felt relieved to be finally in the nude, the hot steam kissing his skin and leaving a shiny layer on his bulging muscles. He was overjoyed by his sudden growth.

The jockstrap landed crumpled in the corner on top of the hot rocks that turned the water into steam for the sauna. While Sean pumped James’ horse cock, the serum caked into the jock started to dissolve into the water, slowly filling the cabin with vaporized growth juice...

James threw his head back and moaned as Sean’s lips made contact with his pubes. His full 12 inches were now sliding past Sean’s lips again and again. James put his hand on Sean’s shoulder and squeezed as he tried not to cum. He was close now. With his eyes closed in rapture, James felt Sean’s shoulder, which had some nice definition on it. In fact, it felt like a decent amount of meat under his squeezing hand.

James’ eyes flickered open to observe Sean. He was shocked to see that while Sean had been kneeling eye level with his cock before, he had to bend his head down to reach James’ cock now. Sean’s pecs were meaty and jiggled slightly as he devoured James’ member. James couldn’t believe what he was seeing; it was all too much. He shouted suddenly, exploding into Sean’s mouth. The kneeling man did his best to swallow it all, cheeks bulging, but some spilled out and ran down his chin. James’ eyes followed the drop of cum downwards as it fell on the wide expanse of Sean’s chest, which was now covered in a swirl of luscious chest hair that hadn’t been there before. The hair descended from his still swelling pecs down to his rock hard cock, which seemed to be growing thicker and longer before James’ very eyes. It was already the same size as his own member and still throbbing larger with each second. Sean’s balls were truly massive. His sack rested atop his hairy, thickening thighs, gurgling with cum.

James’ eyes turned toward his own endowment and body, looking to see if the same was happening to him. He was relatively hairless save for a slight happy trail but his pecs had ballooned in size, hanging off his chest heavily and pushing his thick nipples taught against the muscle. Sean reached up and cupped a pec, it more than filled his hand. James’ nipple sent sparks through him as Sean played with it.

“Get on the floor. I need to fuck you.” Sean growled.

James lay on his back and tucked his legs up, his tight hole open to Sean. He squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the gargantuan cock push into him. It advanced relentlessly, forcing his walls to expand. Sean’s cock felt like it was on fire, its thickness making James feel more full than ever befofe. Once he reached the hilt, Sean pulled out and slammed back in, starting a steady rhythm. James’ eyes rolled back as he felt the massive tool ramming his prostate. With each thrust, he felt it push deeper still and fill him up even more. The fat cock was getting thicker and longer still.

Sean grunted and fired into James, filling him with what felt like lava. He came for nearly a minute, emptying his softball sized balls into James’ ass.

“Ohhh fuck!”

Sean pulled out of James, both of them still panting. Cum gushed out of his gaping hole and spilled onto the wooden floor. What appeared through the steam was a cock that defied logic. Sean’s cock was now a soft, floppy 15 inch tool, still as thick as a bottle of gatorade. Remnants of his cum load still dripped slowly out of the pool-ball sized cockhead. Sean was shredded with muscle now, eclipsing even James for size. He had to be at least 6’2 and looked like a gym rat. Every muscle was thick and well defined, pumped up after the intense fucking.

“Well, I’m glad I picked you as my trainer, I seem to have put on muscle a little quicker than I thought. And other things..”

They both laughed, picking up their clothes and getting dressed again. James’ shirt was visibly very tight across his huge pecs. He had struggled to get it over the thick slabs of brawn. His 9 1/2 inch soft cock was able to squeeze into his jock after some careful rearranging. Sean was a whole other story though; none of his clothes fit his much taller frame much less his very developed muscles. Putting his briefs on, he found that his 12 inch softie and softball sized balls distended the fabric so much it was see through. His package was unbelievable. Anyone seeing him like this would think he had stuffed a pool noodle in there.

James noticed that his jock’s green tint had for some reason disappeared. It was back to plain old white now. That was curious, he thought.

Neither of them quite sure of what had just happened, they exchanged numbers and headed off their separate ways, planning to meet up the next day.

A heavy knock at his apartment door woke James up. It was 10 am, morning light trickled through the blinds into the gloomy bedroom.

“Shoot!” He had forgotten to set his alarm so that he would be ready in time for when Sean arrived. He stumbled out of bed, his limp cock slapping his thigh. James paused for a second, still not used to his much enlarged appendage. He rummaged through his drawer and found a jockstrap which he quickly put on. It felt really tight now, he made a mental note to buy new ones.

James opened the door, giving Sean a full view of his pumped pecs and thick abs. Sean’s eyes quickly traveled down to his trainer’s jockstrap, which looked deliciously full and showed the outline of a prodigious package. James’s display was nothing compared to Sean’s however. His loose sweatpants hinted at a cock that snaked down his leg halfway, pressed against his bulging thigh. A long sleeve shirt hugged his new muscles.

“Sorry, is this a bad time?” Sean stammered.

“No! Not at all. I didn’t have time to put on clothes yet is all. Come on in.” James led the way into his apartment, pulling the blinds up on his way to the kitchen.

Sean looked around, taking in the messy but homey room. He could barely hear the thrum of washing machines from the laundromat down below. It was kind of relaxing, he thought.

James popped his head around the corner. “Coffee?”

Sean agreed and gladly took a piping hot cup from the scantily clad man. They both sat on the couch, which creaked under their mass.

“So what the hell happened yesterday?” Sean said, glancing down at his impressive body.

“And how do we do it again!” James chimed in. They both chuckled.

James shrugged. “Well I’m not really sure,” he said seriously. “I’d like to say I’m a good personal trainer but I’m not this good. I just can’t come up with an explanation.”

James started to feel really hot all of a sudden. He tried to ignore it and keep talking, but a feeling of discomfort was washing over him. Beads of sweat started forming on his exposed skin, glistening in the light.

“Is everything okay?” Sean looked intently at James.

“I think something might be happening...” James gasped. His whole body felt like it was on fire.

They both watched in awe as his muscles suddenly started swelling in size. His thighs started to look like striated tree trunks, forcing his legs apart. His chest surged forwards as his cleavage deepened. Sean watched James’s body grow taller as well, his back sliding against the couch and his legs pushing further out. His ass swelled with muscle, the two thick globes of brawn pushing him away from the couch.

James moaned. This felt too good. He started running his hands across the growing muscles. Sean scooted closer to him on the couch, his eyes glued to the man’s body. He started groping the thickening muscles too, his hand traveling from James’s brawny pecs to his heavy arms to his big thighs, too overwhelmed to focus on one area. Sean took a fat nipple in his mouth, sucking on the huge slab of hanging muscle. He was rewarded with a new volley of moans from James. He could feel the pecs still steadily swelling against his mouth, almost like they were water balloons attached to a hose on full blast.

Suddenly a loud snap cracked through the air. Sean broke away from James’s body and they both looked down to the source of the noise. Jutting out from James’s crotch was a throbbing, rock-hard, 24-inch cock. It slapped against his sternum, drooling pre right underneath his huge pecs. The jockstrap was in tatters, splayed out in every direction away from his crotch. His nuts hung heavily in his sack atop his swollen thighs, easily the size of grapefruits now. James threw his head back and moaned upon seeing how his body had transformed. Pre gushed out of his two-foot cock and cascaded across and down his chest. His pecs and abs were slippery within seconds. Sean wasted no time, grabbing the immense, slick pole and jacking James off.

It was a sight to see, James panting, his massive chest glistening with sweat and pre, heaving up and down as he breathed heavily. The smaller man next to him was feverishly working his hands across the shaft, which was as thick as a Smartwater bottle. Veins crisscrossed its surface and ran up to a purple head the size of a clenched fist.

Sean’s 18-incher suddenly erupted without him laying a hand on it, spattering James’s chest with his load and moaning out in ecstasy. James took one look down at his own bulging muscles and immense cock, covered in cum and sweat, and the dam broke. He was rocked by the most powerful orgasm he’d ever had. His two foot monster spat out thick ropes of cum for nearly two minutes onto the couch and all over Sean. They both sat there, covered in cum, basking in the afterglow and catching their breath.

“I think I know what’s happening to us.” James finally said quietly.

“What do you mean?”

Sean sat up on the couch and watched as James made his way to the dresser on the other side of the room. His soft 19-inch cock came down to his knees now, swinging heavy and thick. Sean had previously been the bigger man after his sauna transformation but now James had more than caught up; he was easily 6’4 and almost 300 pounds. His muscles were huge but proportional to his height so they weren’t freaky.

James knelt in front of the drawers and rummaged through each one, picking out his jockstraps and throwing them to the floor.

“Somehow I think something got on these and they’re making us grow,” he said. “Maybe the heat of the sauna made it affect you too, I’m not sure. But whenever I wear one I grow, and it seems to be accelerating each time.”

He turned around, looking at Sean.

“I’m a little conflicted. I think I should throw these out, because I’m already huge. But then again, how often does anyone get this opportunity?”

Sean’s eyes glinted with the possibility of what James just said. He got off the couch and walked up to the huge man. He was so close to his thick pecs he could feel the heat and power radiating from them. Sean slid his hands down to James’s hips and pulled him closer, pressing their naked bodies together.

Sean whispered in James’s ear, “Lets find where this mystery stuff came from and maybe see what happens.”

James’s cock throbbed with the beat of his heart, rising quickly until it pressed against Sean’s taint. The smaller man was practically straddling James’s member.

Before they got carried away again, Sean stepped back.

“What do you say we wash up and figure this out? Otherwise we’ll just spend all day fucking. Not that I would be complaining,”he added.

With a wink, he turned and showed himself to the shower, leaving the door open for James.

They talked all afternoon, trying to retrace James’s steps to figure out what had happened. Eventually, it seemed they kept coming back to the laundromat and the strange green coloring on the jockstraps. They walked down to the laundromat to inspect the machine but got nothing out of it except strange looks from the old ladies washing their clothes who were surprised to see two musclebound giants walking around.

Right before James and Sean were about to leave, the bell chimed on the door, announcing the arrival of a man in a lab coat. He walked purposefully to a machine and loaded it up with some rags, not even noticing the two men. Neither of them thought anything of it until Sean caught sight of a particular stain on the man’s lab coat.

“Hey...” Sean leaned over and whispered in James’s ear, “Isn’t that the same kinda green stain you had on your jock?”

James’s eyes locked onto the stain and nodded, smiling. Yes, it most definitely was.

They followed the man all the way up to his apartment, always staying just out of sight. They watched from the end of the hallway as he entered his apartment, which happened to be exactly above James’s place.

Now that they knew where he lived, they went back to James’s place and hatched a plan.

Tonight was the night. It had been about two weeks since James and Sean had found their mystery scientist and by now they were itching to grow again. It turns out that the green stuff makes you hornier and hornier each time you’re dosed, so while Sean’s single dose had skyrocketed his libido, James’s four doses had truly turned him into a sex machine. His tool was nearly always chubbed, dripping a strand of pre from the apple sized head. His grapefruit sized balls always ached for release, churning with cum.

They had been carefully learning the man’s schedule though; if the trends kept up he would leave his apartment on this very night and not come home until late the next morning, which gave the two hunks more than enough time to find their way inside and take just a little bit of the green stuff. They would take just enough to grow but not enough for him to notice. At least that was the plan.

When James’s digital clock struck 11 p.m., they took the elevator up one floor and arrived at the apartment in question.

Sean set his black duffel bag on the ground and got out his lock pick, making quick work of the cheap door. They both breathed a sight of relief as the door opened. James glanced down the hallway making sure the coast was clear before herding Sean into the apartment and shutting the door behind them.

What greeted them made their jaws drop. They were surrounded by shelves and racks on every wall, filled up completely with hundreds of different beakers of every color. Everywhere they turned they saw more containers strewn about, filled with colored liquid.

“Holy hell. Looks like our guy’s been busy...”

James picked up the container closest to him and examined it. There appeared to be no descriptive labels on any of them, just random numbers. “I wonder what this one does.” He smirked at Sean. His cock was already starting to get hard.

Sean walked over by the window and picked up a blue beaker. James’s member was throbbing in his pants now as he walked over, grabbing the bottle.

“Let’s give some of these a whirl then. We’ve got all night to play.” And with that, James poured a spoonful of the blue liquid into his palm and smeared it on his exposed arm. Sean’s eyes went wide, waiting for a change.

James started itching himself. It was slow at first, just a couple lazy itches as he stared down at his body, but then they picked up the pace. Within a minute he was scratching himself vigorously. He ripped off his shirt, exposing his huge chest. Hair was sprouting everywhere at an alarming rate. His broad chest was soon carpeted in thin dark hairs that swirled around his nipples. They heard it crackle as it bunched up in the crevice between his thick pecs before spreading like wildfire in a line down his brick like abs where it disappeared into his pants. The hair faded outwards across his stomach. Lifting his arms, James saw that dark hair had sprouted on his knuckles and forearms. On his tan skin, it looked amazing and gave him an even manlier look. Looking in the living room mirror, his face had become slightly more chiseled, his eyes hard set and a rich brown color. He shucked his pants and calvins to reveal a crotch that was just as large as before but much hairier. The root of his monster was entangled in a mass of thick dark hair.

Sean was still practically drooling from what just happened when he picked up another beaker, this one a dark red. James looked on eagerly, standing there with his two-foot cock drooling pre. Sean brought the beaker up to his mouth and took a swig. The liquid was thick and goopy, he almost coughed as it went down.

Almost immediately, Sean’s sweatpants started to fill up in the crotch area. He excitedly ripped them off, leaving him naked in the dim apartment. He found it was easier to wear no underwear now that he had a nearly 15-inch-long soft cock.

When his junk flopped out, it was easy to find the location of the growth. Sean’s balls, which were already the size of softballs, were growing larger, filling with cum and slowly dropping lower in their sack.

“Ohhhh yesss,” Sean moaned.

James knelt before him and cupped his swelling balls, each orb easily overflowed his palm. The kneeling man put his face under Sean’s balls, licking the line down the center and causing him to shiver with pleasure. Sean’s chubbed 15 incher sat atop the two masses growing from his crotch. The growth finally started slowing just when his gigantic nuts, now the size of soccer balls, inched past his knees. He walked back and forth, feeling the heft that pulled at his groin like an anchor. It felt sexy to be so big and heavy. He could almost hear the cum pumping into them.

James’s cock was now even harder than before, if that was even possible. He pressed his rod against his stomach, enjoying the immense thickness and how huge it felt in his hand. The bulbous head rested on his furry pecs, matting the hair with its constant juice.

Looking around, James saw a beaker with a swirling purple liquid in it. He picked it up and walked back to where Sean was standing, his member swinging back and forth with each step.

“Wanna be the guinea pig for this one?” He asked Sean with a raised eyebrow. Sean could do nothing but nod, horny as hell and captivated by James’s beauty. The next thing he knew, James was rubbing a handful of the stuff across Sean’s chest, caressing the curve of his pecs and the deep ridges of his abs. Before he was even finished, Sean started to feel his nipples tingle. Looking down at them across the expanse of his chest, he saw the areola begin to spread outwards. His nipples were getting bigger! James tugged and sucked on them like a madman, driving Sean crazy. Within a minute, the transformation was complete. Resting on Sean’s hairy pecs were a pair of fat nipples like baby bottle tops.

“My turn now,” grunted Sean with a devilish smile. He picked up two random beakers and guided James over to the bedroom. They walked heavily down the hall, Sean’s gigantic balls swinging like a pendulum and James’s monster bouncing straight in front of him. James lay on the bed, which creaked with his weight. Sean straddled him, his huge balls slightly behind him so he could avoid sitting on them. His cock was smooshed up alongside James’s monster.

“You ready for this baby?” Sean asked James, who nodded eagerly in response. Sean started with the magenta beaker, drizzling the goo sensually across James’s chest.

“Open wide!” Sean picked up the other gray beaker and poured a glob of goo into James’s open mouth. Sean sat back on his haunches and they both waited for a change...

James let out a deep groan, suddenly becoming so horny he could barely think. A warm, fuzzy fog of pleasure seemed to wrap itself around his whole body. He felt his cock stiffen beneath Sean like an iron rod in response. His pecs, already thick and dusted with swirling hair, began to plump up with each breath, steadily blocking more of his view downwards. Sean watched as the hunk’s meaty tits filled slowly with brawn. James writhed around under him, overcome by his astronomical libido and swelling chest. Much to the surprise of both men, the nipples atop these growing masses started slowly dribbling a milky white liquid, which ran down James’ muscles and matted his luscious body hair. Sean began to slowly massage the milk across James’ huge chest, caressing in between the deep cleavage and across the defined edges. The pecs still refused to quit their advance, growing into two pillowy mounds coated in shiny juice.

Sean bent forwards and started sucking on the nipples. James threw his head back as he felt the pressure of the milk within his pecs growing. They kept creeping up in size, becoming tighter and tighter as they produced more milk. Sean couldn’t suck it down fast enough; milk was all over his face and dribbling down his chin. He grabbed a cup from the nightstand and brought it to a nipple. By the time the glass was half full, James’ growth had all but stopped. He peered over the pecs, just barely able to see his hairy groin over his heavy muscle tits. Excess milk fell in droplets off the overhang of his pecs and onto his washboard abs as he sat up in bed. His nipples had stopped dripping and the pressure in his pecs had somewhat subsided.

“What is this stuff?” James said as he dipped a finger in the cup and licked it off. It tasted light and sweet, very reminiscent of coconut water.

Sean burped, patting his stomach which had distended into a sizable beer gut from all the milk he guzzled down. “I think I need to sit and let this digest for a bit,” he said, rolling over on the bed so he was laying on his back next to James. The milk audibly sloshed around as he moved. He grabbed the TV remote and turned on Netflix.

“Let’s relax for a bit but we have to leave soon, okay?”

James nodded in agreement, completely exhausted. As a show played on the TV, Sean kept shifting on the bed subconsciously, itching his package and moving his thick legs. When the credits rolled, James finally looked down and gasped. “Sean! Your balls…”

Sean looked down to see what all the fuss was about. Sure enough, there was reason for alarm. His balls had been soccer ball sized before he drank James’ milk, but now they had grown into yoga ball territory and were hanging off the bed and touching the floor. He jiggled his hairy gut and heard milk still sloshing around. Whatever this potent milk was doing to him, it hadn’t yet run its course.

Sean’s rock hard 18-inch monster looked dwarfed perched atop his massive cum factories. It began to look even smaller when the giant orbs refused to stop growing. They swelled onward unrelentingly as James caressed them lustfully. They bumped into a small table causing a vase to fall. It smashed into a million pieces on the floor. Precum dripped out of Sean’s thick rod and onto his now beanbag sized nuts below. James grabbed Sean’s beer-can thick shaft and started pumping it. Neither of them noticed, but this seemed to greatly accelerate Sean’s growth. Before he even finished, his nuts were the size of dumpsters and starting to crowd the room.

“James!” Sean gasped. “We have to stop, I won’t be able to leave this place!”

James reluctantly stopped and seemed to snap out of his haze, looking around. Sean’s balls were absolutely huge, easily 5 feet across. As he stopped pumping Sean’s cock they seemed to stop their growth but it was already too late. There was no possible way that Sean could fit through the doorway with his new equipment. Even one of Sean’s balls would have trouble fitting through the door, let alone both. He was splayed out on the edge of the bed with his titanic balls squeezed between him and the wall.

James got up, his massively muscled form crossing the room purposefully. He grabbed one of Sean’s balls, wrapping both his arms around it as if it was a boulder. It might just as well have been one, he was only able to slide it a couple of inches toward the door. He kept at it, his bulging muscles slick with precum and sweat. His meaty pecs were pushed together while he flexed, creating a juicy amount of cleavage that captured Sean’s gaze.

Because James was panting and grunting trying to move Sean’s overgrown junk, neither of the men could hear the keys jingling outside the apartment door. They had lost track of time…

Xander walked into his apartment and set his bag down. He paused when he heard a sudden thump coming from down the hall. Shutting the front door slowly, he crept towards the source of the noise. His bedroom…

As soon as he got close, he could see a large shadow underneath the door. It looked like something massive was lurking right behind. He prepared himself for an intruder or a thief as he turned the doorknob slowly. The door swung open halfway until it thumped against something large and fleshy. Xander’s eyes tracked upwards and he found himself staring at two studs, deliciously pumped with muscle and covered in a sheen of sweat. They looked at him like deer in headlights. No one spoke a word as Xander looked at them, taken aback by their gargantuan cocks bobbing in the air and the pair of balls attached to one of two men. But to the surprise of these overgrown gymrats, Xander’s look of shock slowly turned into a smile. A smile of opportunity.

“Well, it seems like my products have finally found their way to the first human subjects.”

James and Sean glanced at each other, not sure what to say.

Xander continued, the gears in his head turning as he spoke, “I’m glad to see my work has finally paid off into actual results.” He stepped forward and cupped James’ meaty pec, tracing his finger around his nipple. He crouched down before Sean’s huge nuts and whistled.

“Wow! This is more than I imagined was possible with the batches I have now.”

Sean spoke first. “We’re so sorry, sir, when we get out of here we’ll never tell anyone about this, believe me.”

Xander stood up and chuckled, resting his hand on Sean’s thick shoulder and squeezing affectionately. “Well, I hate to tell you this, but getting out won’t be free. You’ve got some work to do for me first.”

“Do you think we’re going to be your slaves? We made a mistake coming here but you need to let us leave.” James’s face was a conflicted painting of anger and fear.

“Think of it more as… advertising work.” Xander’s words hung in the air as he went back to grab his bag. He dug around and pulled out two syringes. The two studs, or ‘dumb and dumber’ as Xander had nicknamed them, flinched when they saw what he was holding.

“Relax, this will stabilize both of your transformations and should be able to let you walk out of the room.” He raised his eyebrows at Sean. Not really having a choice, they offered up their arms one at a time and took the shot.

Within seconds, they began to feel woozy and the room started to blend together into a mess of colors. Xander helped them lay back on the bed. Time seemed to pass very slowly. The men came back to consciousness at random times, just long enough to catch a blurry glimpse of Xander walking around the room, diligently collecting different beakers and machinery. As they faded back out, both of them felt incredibly comfortable and settled into a feeling of heaviness.

A garbage truck banging down the street below woke James up from his slumber. Sunlight streamed in through the blinds as he sat up on the bed and shook Sean awake.

“Shit, it’s day already! How long were we out?” Sean looked up at James, who put a whispered a firm “Shh!”. They listened. Footsteps were coming down the hall toward them. Suddenly the door opened and Xander appeared.

“Great to see you studs up and looking well. Just to keep you updated on your situation, I have implanted you with a transmitter behind your balls-” Both men were horrified and quickly pushed their junk aside. Sure enough, behind their balls was a small lump alongside a tiny scar.

“Jesus Christ, this is crazy,” James gasped.

Xander picked up where he left off. “These give me control over the growth, or lack thereof, in your body. I can now control it at my will, so don’t even think about running away or fucking me over. I need you both to be my walking brochures for this new product and distribute it…clandestinely… around the city. However you do it, I don’t care, but you need to make sure all these doses make their way into a lucky few men of NYC. Once you dose enough of them, they’ll pay anything to get more. I’m sure you can figure out the business model from there.”

“So you want us to just drug random strangers?” Sean asked inquisitively.

“Precisely. And I think judging by how much fun you both have had with your growth, you’ll be happy to share the feeling.” Xander walked over and grabbed Sean’s thick cock, examining his work. “I’ve set you both up with 7-inch flaccid cocks, just impressive enough to make you attractive to those who really want to grow, but not large enough to get in the way of things. As you can see your balls are also reduced but still quite impressive.”

The two men glanced down at their tennis ball sized cum factories. Impressive indeed. They also noticed that they were completely free of body hair and were only about the size of beginning bodybuilders. They looked like regular college jocks. Xander continued; “If you work well together and keep pushing the product, I will reward you in ways you can only dream. If not, I can just as easily take away what I have given.”

After explaining everything to them, Xander kicked Sean and James out of his apartment with backpacks full of the product. He would be ‘closely watching them’ during this trial period. Both of the men returned to James’ apartment, still in the same apartment building they had been trapped in earlier. It was going to be an interesting week…

That very night after a fitful daytime nap, James and Sean put on their nicest two-tight clothes and hit the East Village, looking for the trendiest gay clubs where they could spread some product. Each of them carried a variety of different colored gel capsules Xander had created that would dissolve the product quickly into an unsuspecting patron’s drink.

Walking down the street, they followed the pounding electronic music they heard into a hole-in-the-wall bar. It was dimply lit but there was an attractive, young crowd sprawled out on couches in private booths, at the bar, or on the dance floor. A soft red light bathed the room. They agreed to divide and conquer. It was time to get to work.

Sean walked through the bar, feeling how tight his clothes were with every step. His pecs pushed against his shirt just enough to strain a button or two, only enough to make him want more. His thighs felt thick and powerful in his pants as he moved. God he wished they were bigger. Snapping out of his daze, Sean approached a man at the bar. He was young, probably 24 or 25 and looked like he hit the gym at least a couple days a week. His dress shirt was rolled halfway up his forearms and unbuttoned just enough to show the beginnings of some muscle tits.

“So, are you waiting for someone, or can I buy you a drink?” Sean slid onto the bar stool next to the man. They chatted for a bit about everything from working out to New York nightlife before Sean found an in to slide him a capsule. The dude had turned towards the dance floor, “I love this song!” he said. Sean quickly pulled out a pill without looking and plopped it into his drink. He prayed it would dissolve quickly. He watch it fizz and sink for an instant before it completely vanished.

“You wanna go dance?” The man turned back to Sean. “Sure! Let’s finish our drinks first though.” He said with a sly smile and a wink. The man was clearly into him and eating this shit up. They gulped down the drinks and headed out to dance, the man leading Sean into the crowd by the hand.

They grinded on each other in the the middle of a lively crowd to the droning beat of the music. It wasn’t long before Sean noticed the man’s shirt straining a button or two. He kept dancing with him, his eyes riveted on the shirt. It started to look like it was about to pop.

Sean’s hand wandered upwards in a moment of pure lust and cupped the man’s meaty pec. The man turned and kissed him passionately. The rest of the night was a whirlwind. Sean’s slipped his business card in his wallet and let the man go, free to enjoy his enhanced chest with the other patrons.

James had gotten three calls back about the product from men he had dosed the night before. They all offered hundreds of dollars for another taste. To say the least, Xander was incredibly pleased with James. While Sean had gotten distracted with his first guy (who hadn’t even called him about the product), James had really brought some clientelle.

When the boys returned to Xander’s place later that night, he told them to sit down in the living room. They adjusted their packages slightly as they sat down; it had really become a necessary habit ever since they had bigger packages.

Xander sat in front of them and pulled out his phone, tapping a few buttons. Setting it down, he looked at them. “So obviously I want this to be beneficial for all of us, not just me. But I can’t have people working for me who aren’t focused on the job. James did an amazing job. Sean not so much.” As Xander spoke, James started fidgeting with his shirt. Sean looked at how tight his clothes were and realized what was happening. James was being rewarded.

For James, Xander’s words melted into a distant muffled tone as his body swelled and he was overcome by euphoria. He felt his arms thicken and swell out along with his thighs which threatened to touch each other. His clothes began to audibly rip. When they split at his crotch, everyone was in for quite the treat. His package was enormous. His thick cock and bull balls were stretching his sports briefs to their limit. Not to mention his ass, which was causing quite a bit of stress on the other side since it had grown.

When it was finally all over, James looked at least two times bigger as before…all over. His clothes were in tatters, his thighs bulging behind the strips of ruined fabric. His cock had flopped out of his briefs and was hanging more than halfway down his thigh soft. It was as thick as a beer can and at least 10 inches long.

Sean cursed himself for not trying harder at the club. He told himself that tomorrow, it would be different. This was his chance to really get big.

That very night, Sean and James went to separate clubs in the same neighborhood, trying to branch out and cover new ground. As Sean walked down the sidewalk he felt his cock shifting and bouncing with every step. He reminded himself that if he did well tonight, he could make it even bigger. As big as James… or bigger. He felt profoundly masculine already as he ventured into the club. His eyes scanned the room, darting between at least a hundred sweaty people dancing. The crowd was early thirties and very attractive, Sean remarked.

Just as he was about to head onto the dance floor to find his next “client”, he spotted someone perfect. A man standing off to the side, alone. He was decently attractive, with a good jawline and nice eyes. That’s when Sean had an epiphany, what if they chose clients who weren’t already attractive? Wouldn’t the ideal client be someone who has never stood out? This guy had a thin swimmer’s build and was looking out at the crowd somewhat nervously. This was someone who had a lot to gain, and Sean knew he was perfect.

As Sean walked towards this guy, he felt him looking at him… looking at the bulge his soft 7 inches was making. He struck up a conversation with the man called Gus. Turns out he was a broker on Wall Street (jackpot) who had recently been broken up with (jackpot again). It didn’t take long for Sean to buy him a drink. He ordered two Jack and Cokes. He needed a darker drink for what he had planned. As he grabbed both drinks and turned towards Gus, he dropped the pills hidden in his fist into one of the drinks. He hadn’t counted how many he was giving him, but Sean knew it was a large dose. His plan was to get this guy addicted quickly by giving him a crazy dose of growth. Plus, it would be hot to see this guy get big. If this guy turned out to be a loyal, deep-pocketed client, Xander would be over the moon.

The drink finished fizzing right before it got passed into Gus’s hands. They talked for a long time while they worked on their drinks. When both their drinks were about half full, Sean noticed his target shifting awkwardly from time to time. He didn’t seem to be doing it consciously, so he still had no idea what was happening. Sean suspected he could only feel a subtle tightening of his clothes. But what happened over the next couple seconds was not subtle. Gus’s bulge had been underwhelming before, but now his pants looked like they were holding back a softball. Sean’s eyes flicked downwards towards the movement at the same time as Gus did. Looking back up, their eyes met. Gus looked confused and embarrassed. To put him at ease, Sean smiled back and reached forward to cup the package, which looked like it was swelling slowly.

Gus pulled away quickly. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom,” he said. He flashed Sean a nervous smile and made his way to the bathroom through the crowd. Sean gave it a couple seconds before following him.

The bathroom was down a long dark corridor and was practically deserted except for a few people making out on one side. Pushing past them, Sean found the bathroom and looked for Gus. He spotted his feet underneath one of the stalls on the far side. Getting up, he grabbed a broom and quietly put it in the door handle that way no one could open the door and disturb them. Xander had told them to let the clients be after dosing them, but there was no rule against having a little fun with them. That growing bulge on Gus had really gotten Sean riled up.

Gus could hear someone else in the bathroom with him. Somehow he knew it was Sean, the guy he was just talking to. The same guy who must have spiked his drink. He looked down at himself and wondered what the hell was going on. He had struggled to pull his once perfectly fitting pants down and now was standing in the stall with nothing but his briefs. They were strained by a heavy, impossibly thick sausage accompanied by nuts that were each the size of a tennis ball. His waistband was pulled down due to the sheer weight of his schlong, exposing his neatly trimmed pubes. He put a hand over his mouth to stop himself from gasping. He could hear Sean walking around out there.

“You all right, Gus?” Sean said. “Just checking in on you seeing if you need any help.”

Gus froze, trying not to make any noise… as if that could make the problem go away. But as quiet as he tried to be, the sound of his underwear popping and straining could still be heard. He looked back down and realized his briefs were useless. Basically see through at this point, the pouch was covered in rips and tears. He pulled them down with a great deal of effort. When his cock tumbled out, the sheer weight of such a package set him off balance. He tripped forwards into the bathroom door, crashing into it and pushing it open violently. He tumbled out into the main bathroom, spread eagle. He propped himself up and looked up at Sean. But Sean wasn’t looking at his face. He followed Sean’s gaze down his completely naked body and watched as his cock, suddenly freed from its cage, began to bone up and grow. A wave of hornyness hit Gus as he realized his dick was as thick as a beer can and almost a foot long. It slapped onto his hipbone and splattered pre on the bathroom floor. A strand of the stuff was leaking out of his enlarged cockhead.

“What is the stuff you gave me?!” he said plaintively. “Oh my god. I can’t believe this…”

Sean knelt down and placed his hand on the throbbing cock. “Something I can get you more of,” he responded. “As much as you want… for a price.”

With every word, the fat log continued to surge longer and fatter. It was so fat that Sean could no longer get a hand around it. Gus parted his thighs slightly as his balls responded to the growth. They sloshed with cum, nearing the size of large avocados. Gus could only stare slack-jawed as his leaking cock reached the bottom of his nipples. He was so turned on he couldn’t think. With one last burst of growth, his cock jumped up to his sternum, growing impressively thicker at the same time. He threw his head back as his mammoth cock jumped around while Sean stroked it. Finally, the dam broke. Gus’s apple-sized cum factories seized up and launched his spunk through his throbbing dick. It splattered all over his face, hair and the floor. He tried to shield his face but there was so much of it. By the time he was spent, he must have cum a full pint of seed. His soft cock lay across his abs, having deflated now to (only) beer-can thick and back down to a foot long. Gus was naked on the floor of a club, covered in cum and attached to the biggest cock either man had ever seen.

“Give me more,” Gus heard himself say.

Sean looked pleased. Although something in his eyes hunted that even he thought maybe he overdid it…

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