Mask up!

by brazboy

There are so many people with so many different customs in this world that when you are looking for a new flatmate it’s important to assess how compatible you are.

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When Pedro said he had the perfect guy in mind to join our shared house, I never imagined he was thinking with his dick, and not with his brain. All I wanted was someone who could help wash the dishes, clean the bathroom when it was his turn, and pay the bills on time—and, if possible, someone who could hold an engaging conversation and who rooted for Palmeiras. What he had in mind, however, was something quite different, as I discover on that fateful Saturday afternoon when I open the front door after hearing the bell ring twice.

“I’ll be right there, just a second!” I scream from my seat in the living room, before jumping up and running towards the door. I grab my T-shirt and pulled it down, covering my nice but compact muscles, which I had produced from being an amateur swimmer—a sport I am quite good at due to my substantial height.

I open the door, allowing the light of the sun in, blinding me momentarily. As the sun shines outside, the leaves shaking on the trees and the flowers blooming, my eyes quickly adjust to the clarity outside revealing the shape of our prospective comrade right in front of me. He smiles down towards my face, as he waits almost totally naked and at amazing two-and-a-half meters tall. Looking downwards, I notice he wears but three pieces of clothing: a mask on his face, a thin strip of fabric around his torso close to his pecs which only cover his plump nipples, and a tight fabric “bowl” wrapped around his cockhead, from which two long fabric lines hung, even longer than his hard, roughly forty-centimeter-long cock—the shaft and balls totally exposed to the elements.

“Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Carlos, Pedro told me to come here to see the house and arrange the details before signing the contract,” he says, extending his hand forwards towards me as he gazes down at my face. I am also wearing a mask, but behind it my jaw drops. I gasp and nodded, as I feel my own cock wake up under my shorts, rubbing against my skin as my tight underwear compresses it, trying to expand.

“Oh, yeah, he did? I mean, yeah, he told me about you, I was expecting, well, expecting your visit, yes… I am Fernando, by the way,” I start saying, scrambling a response from my disorganized thoughts. My eyes rush between his massive pecs which have a long and deep tight valley between them, to his ample and powerful arms, and some droplets of sweat sunning down his wide, strong neck, to then finish in the root of his rock-hard penis, which is completely exposed, as is his purple shaft. “Had Pedro… already met you, personally?” I ask, swallowing dry, wondering if Pedro ia truly fully aware of the situation he is putting us in.

Carlos nods. “Of course, we are teammates in the jiu-jitsu club, although naturally we fight in different categories. He usually watches my practices so we are often hanging out after it,” he says and smiles, which I can only notice through his eyes as his mouth is covered. His cock also jumps, slapping his thick and well-defined abs, making me look up to his massive cockhead, as I instinctively reach forward, towards the fat stick… before thankfully directing my hand towards him, offering him a handshake, which he reciprocates.

I laugh a little as my mind processes what Carlos has said—of course that asshole friend of mine doesn’t miss a single practice of this monster hunk standing in front of me, the bastard! “I would not be surprised if Pedro asked to partake in those activities himself, just to try and tackle this dude’s third leg,” I think to myself, as the image of my handsome surfer friend struggling against two of Carlos’s muscular legs and trying to push his fat cock away floods my mind.

“So? Should we go in?” asks Carlos, a little embarrassed as I remain silent for a while standing in front of him. I laugh and apologize.

“Of course, sure, come in then, I’ll show you around,” I finally say, as I move inside our living room, giving our guest ample space to enter. He slightly bends his head down and his torso to the side, allowing his gigantic torso to pass through and then he enters our home, his cock slapping his abs as he moves and his balls slapping his massive legs, making a characteristic noise.

“This is our living room, humble but well equipped. We have this TV and a few game consoles which you are welcome to use if you want to,” I say as I point to the games near the TV screen. “I… just don’t know if our couch can, you know, support a dude your size,” I add, a little bit embarrassed. He looks around, humming approvingly as he notices the high ceiling, before turning towards me.

“Don’t worry about that, I have a pouf I usually use when I am in the living room in the place I currently live. Otherwise, I’d take all the room in the sofa and that’d be a bit unfair to everyone else,” he says and laughs, as his hand goes to his pecs. “Although some guys do end up finding it more comfortable to sit with me rather than in the sofa, at times,” he comments and I laugh.

“I’m sure they do,” I say awkwardly, a bit annoyed at how much his presence was bothering me. All I could look at was his throbbing manhood as he walked around, careful not to bump against our furniture. My cock is tangled in my underwear and starting to bother me too, so I adjust it as he turns around, and it is now turned up poking out of my shorts only hidden by my shirt. At this point, my rod so sensitive and hard that it’s crazy, considering I didn’t really touch it—just Carlos’s presence alone has done that, even though I know I could only look at him.

Carlos turns back to me after I speak, as if assessing my reaction. He glances around me, as I feel him looking me up and down, judging my body. “Pretty nice room you have here, great lighting,” he says, and I get a bit embarrassed as I notice he is glancing at the large glass sliding door which stands behind me and headed to the garden. I nod as I walk to the middle of the room.

“Yeah, it’s pretty big for a house at this price and this close to university, although for a guy like you it might not feel quite as ample…” I say, and suddenly get embarrassed that I mentioned his phenomenal size again. Obviously, his muscles and cock have come to dominate my mind, but I shouldn’t really make it this obvious! I clear my throat and point to a door leading to another room. “Anyway, do you want to see the kitchen now? We can then check what would be your room,” I ask and he nods, looking away. I move past him, but as I get pretty close to his gigantic muscular frame, I end up rubbing against his pecs. I see his skin tremble a little, and I immediately take a step back.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to do that,” I apologize, as I get to the kitchen door.

“No problem, I am used to people bumping against me, kind of hard to avoid, really…” he responds almost monotonically, and then nods. “But sure, let’s see the kitchen,” he adds.

As I open the door to the kitchen, I notice I’m sweating a little due to my nervousness. Despite being glad that I had my mask on while feeling embarrassed, I decide to take it off and put it on the kitchen counter as I stand in front of the kitchen door, ahead of him. I then stop, thinking it’d be better if he entered first, due to the way the kitchen was organized, and so I take a step back and turn around to face him once more.

“Come this way, I think it’s better you go first,” I suggest, and then as he sees my unmasked face his eyes open wide, and he immediately blushes, as his cock throbs again now releasing abundant pre which oozes under the fabric containing his immense mushroom cockhead, down his shaft, wetting his balls. I gasp as I notice that, but I immediately bite my lips so I don’t say anything.

“Oh, yeah, sure! Let’s…let’s go see it! I’ll go first…” he says, a bit flustered, as I raise an eyebrow. I am the one faced with an almost naked giant of a jock and he is the one stuttering? What kind of nonsense is this? I lick my lips as I see his cock bob up and down, and his pre flowing down his shaft drooling down his immense low-hanging balls and then dripping on our cold floor. As he walks towards me, it gets impossible for me not to lick my lips, after which his cock throbs again. Meanwhile, my own member hardens further under my clothes, creating a slight bulge in my T-shirt, as I lower my hand to adjust it again, keeping my shirt over it.

I clear my throat. “Yeah, come this way,” I say as I point him further into the house to our nice spacious kitchen. I keep one arm out to keep the kitchen’s door wide open for him and stand on the side as he turns around to pass through the smaller door with his massive pectorals. As he does so, his cock slaps the door frame, and he moans a little, before lowering his right hand to grab his own shaft, and pull it back up towards his abs to enter the next room more comfortably. His pecs are squeezed by the door, which scratches his muscles as he moves.

As I stand there, I watch all of that from up close, very much aware that the tip of his cock is around the same level as my eyes, just under his thick chest.

“You fine there?” I ask as he enters sideways, his chest having a hard time fitting through the door.

“Yeah, sure,” he says apparently a little nervous, and then he sighs. “It’s nothing I haven’t dealt with before, dude,” he explains and continues moving. More or less halfway through, though, he gets stuck as the door’s frame gets lodged between his two massive pecs. He moans a little and then curses.

I see him struggle in this position, his hand letting go of his cock to try and pull his chest backwards a little, but that means contracting and flexing some muscles which don’t allow him to continue passing through the door, as it makes his pecs jut forward. Similarly, moving his hips didn’t help and just meant his ass ended up rubbing on the other side of the doorframe too, as did his balls when he lowered his legs to try and move up and down to free himself. Seeing that, I can only really look at his muscular ass also rubbing on my lucky fucking door—I never envied an inanimate object quite as much.

“Sure, you don’t need some help, mate?” I ask, trying to sound uninterested. He sighs and lets his arms fall to his side.

“If you don’t mind, can you please squeeze my pecs so I can pass through this door? I’ll exhale and then I’m sure I can go through; this is an average-sized door, right? Pedro told me all doors here are larger than usual except the one to the kitchen,” he asks, apologetically, while fireworks explode in my head—and my cock gets to its full solid state in my crotch.

“Yes, it’s a normal door,” I say slowly and softly as I approach his body, and raise my hands to touch his gigantic chest. “So should I just squeeze your muscles? That’s it?” I ask, and he nods. He breathes in and I have both of my hands in one of his pecs, which I start squeezing and compressing and pushing, as his muscles tremble. He forces his massive size against the frame of the door, trying to turn in an angle, as if revolving around the door frame’s side, as I squeeze his muscles. Soon our efforts pay off, and the wall is dislodged from his pec-valley and he manages to pass the doorway and inhales deep with relief.

“I was scared there for a second!” he comments, laughing as he is on the other side, his cock bobbing up and down as his body trembles in relieved amusement, dripping cold sweat. His manhood slaps his body and, due to his height, our kitchen balcony, like a gigantic male salami asserting its presence. “I didn’t realize I was still growing, at least not up here,” he says as his right hand goes to his massive pecs, cups one of them and squeezes it. “Thanks for the help, by the way, dude,” he adds, smiling at me. I stare at his hands, head and cock resting above our sink, as his balls are compressed between his massive legs and our counter. I nod, trying to sound natural.

“No problem, Carlos. I guess you’ll just have to avoid the kitchen, or use the back door, if you do move in, then,” I comment and laugh. I bite my lips seeing his barely covered member has pre run down its shaft, some of the abundant juice now landing in our sink, and he immediately stares at me, as if a little bothered by my comment.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a slacker. I can do my duties as anyone, that includes cooking and cleaning and washing the dishes. I can enter the kitchen all right,” he promises me quickly, but while staring at my face. I feel uncomfortable as I notice his fixation on my features, but I do notice that it’d be really hypocritical of me to judge, so I just smile and his cock bobs up and down a little, swaying around as his pre flies on our things.

“I’m just teasing you,” I say entering the kitchen easily after he had so much trouble with it.

“Yeah, sure you are,” he responds softly, turning around, apparently thinking I won’t hear it.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“So, this is our kitchen. As you can see it has all the appliances, which you’ll be allowed to use. We just ask you to keep everything clean, although we aren´t super strict or anything, just use common sense, you know,” I finish explaining as he looks around the kitchen. I open all cabinets and show him where we keep pots and plates and knives and food, as Carlos nods in front of me. As I finish, I look back at him and notice his hand had now moved to his cock, and had instinctively started to squeeze his shaft, and just slowly rock up and down its enormous length, as if the giant jock were stroking his cock right in front of me—except… it couldn’t be, could it?

I cough, cleaning my throat, as my own hard member was now uncomfortably hard—I silently wish I had the same presence of mind that Carlos had and could nonchalantly attend to my hardon too.

“What do you think?” I ask. Carlos looks at me again, seemingly coming back to his senses, and looks shocked and embarrassed as he sees my lips move and notices where his hand is. He pulls his hand back to the side of his massive muscular torso and lets his cock slap his abs and the underside of his pecs. As his shaft rubs on his abs, his skin gets wet in glistening pre.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to… I mean, it’s a great kitchen,” he says and starts walking around. His body hardly fits in our space, but he is careful enough not to bump on anything, except his bare ass rubs on a drawer as he turns around, and his arms rub against the fridge door. “A bit small for me but I can handle it, if you can,” he says and laughs a little awkwardly, before his massive muscular arms move and end up bumping against a pot, which falls on the ground.

“Fuck,” he says turning completely red and looking utterly embarrassed.

I slowly look up to his face, my eyes travelling around his moving muscles, cock and balls, and so I hardly notice his apologetic look before he starts lowering his upper body and moving it sideways, so his arm could be stretched and his hand could reach the pot he had made fall. As he does that, he turns his ass my way, and his legs spread out, revealing one hitherto hidden fourth piece of clothing—a buttplug which had an ample base hidden by his massive buns. The piece completely covered his clearly penetrated hole, and thus I could only see his smooth sun-kissed ass and its crack. As he then stood up again, he put the pot on the table just to find me completely red, my mouth wide open, as he himself turned red.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to let your pot fall, I guarantee you I’m usually better at moving in tight spaces,” he says, not knowing where to look, his eyes returning to my face over and over. “It’s just that… I’m a bit distracted,” he says and I nod as I look away from his massive pecs and cock, balls and wet abs, to his handsome masked face and honey-colored eyes. I nod, trying to get just how amazing his physical shape is away from my mind.

“No worries, I’m pretty distracted myself these days… let’s go see your room, but we better go through the garden,” I say and he nods, as I avoid having to go back the way we came from and thus squeezing his massive body through the kitchen door again—although a certain thought does cross my mind according to which we now had plentiful human-made lube to make sure he easily slides his way through the relatively tight space.

I shake my head, trying to get over the image of me collecting his pre and rubbing it on his massive chest, as he opens the back door to the garden and easily crosses through it. I go after him and then point him to the sliding door to the living room.

“That way,” I instruct.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We go through the back door and leave the house, before crossing our garden back to the living room. As we do that, I glance at Carlos’s amazing body shining under the afternoon sun, as his muscles and members change beautifully with his every movement. I literally feel every small curve of his body deserves to be painted and recorded forever, as it is just an amazingly beautiful sight. The typical slapping sound his cock makes as he walks keeps pace with his steps, forcing my eyes to always glance towards his abs; meanwhile his ass sways as he tries to walk with his massive legs along a path which was made having regular-sized people in mind.

“Hmmm, I don’t know how to say this… but your…you know, your cock keeps making this noise as it slaps your abs. It can be a little distracting,” I blurt and immediately bite my lips. Carlos blushes once again, now even redder under the sun, and his hands move downwards to the same height of his belly. He then starts moving them around as if trying to grab something.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, dude! I was trying to be informal and forgot about tying my rod before I rang the bell, I’ll make sure to do it now don’t worry. I don’t usually keep my cock untied, but I hope you are fine with my people’s traditional costume,” he says as finally his massive hands find the thin strips of fabric hanging from his cockhead cover. “I know it’s a little bit weird for you guys, but it is really uncomfortable for me to be wearing shirts and pants all the time, you know? It’s just much more comfortable to just cover the important parts,” he says, as he opens the thin strips of fabric around his thin muscular waist, forcing his cock to bob up slapping his abs and resting against them even as pre oozes down the fat hard member.

Carlos then ties the two strings around his body, forcing his cock to stay in that upright position, and then he pulls it, as it barely moves away from his skin, making sure it is safely tied up in place, before turning back to me. “There, done. Better now, right?” he says, as he moves his legs in such a way that his ass shakes and his balls change positions left and right, exhibiting how his tied-up member doesn’t move much at all anymore.

I watch silently as his cock throbs tied in place against his muscles, like a strangled snake trying to flee, but end up nodding.

“Yeah, sure, I don’t mind it at all,” I say unconvinced but not unimpressed, as I open the sliding door to the living room. I then stop for a second and think about what he had says. “But what do you mean by ‘hiding the important parts’? As far as I see, you are not hiding much at all,” I ask, slowly, and enter back to the living room ahead of Carlos.

Carlos stops for a second, his hand moves up and points to his mask.

“Here,” he says, and then points to his nipples, “here,” and then to his fat schlong’s tied-up cockhead, “here,” and finally his hands end grabbing his glutes and squeezing them, “and there. You know, the erogenous parts of the body, the soft reddish skins, the ‘vergonhas’.”

I stand glaring at him for a second, realizing he has just pointed out the four small parts of his massive sexy body that he had decided not to expose to the world, and that it was not a coincidence that he had them covered up. “I’m sorry, what: ‘vergonhas’? I…I don’t really know what you mean by that,” I respond, and he suddenly turns red and his hand move to his face. He covers his eyes in embarrassment, as his cock throbs.

“No, really?! I thought you knew, actually, sorry but…damn, what a fucking embarrassment! I thought you had taken off your mask to show me your lips, like, to, you know… flirting… I didn’t realize… I mean, I should have known, I shouldn’t have assumed… it was just a coincidence,” he starts mumbling apologetically as his pre still rains down from his balls onto the ground bellow him, due to his abundant production, getting his abs also fully covered.

“Oh, fuck, sorry!” I say wide-eyed and then suddenly cover my lips with my hand, embarrassed. “I had no idea, I, fuck! It must have seemed weird to you, like, I mean, I probably came out as a horny asshole! Damn, dude, I’ll go get my mask, just a second…” I start and then almost run to pick up my mask in the kitchen, but he shakes his head and moves his hand to prevent me doing so by grabbing my arm—and what a strong grip! His hand encircles my own muscular biceps and squeezes my muscles, making me feel small, but surprisingly my cock shakes violently in my pants, and I feel my pre oozing up my cock and surfacing in my slit, wetting my abs near my navel. He moves his arm down getting me to move down my hand as well, revealing my full face again.

“No, no problem. I was in the wrong, you know, I shouldn’t have assumed. ‘When in Rome’, you know? Please, let yourself be comfortable, it’s the least I can say when you are willing to welcome me here dressed up like this. It’s just that, since Pedro knows, I guess I kind of assumed you knew too, but lips don’t bother me at all! I have become 100% used to them since moving here, no matter how thick they are and all, it’s just lips,” he says, trying to defuse the situation, and laughs awkwardly as his hand lets go of my arm.

I sigh, letting a disguised moan come out, pondering whether I should actually make a move on him. Quickly I decide not to, and turn around getting out of his way so he can follow me back inside.

“Don’t worry, dude. As long as you are fine, I’m fine,” I say and wait for him to follow me into the living room, so I can take him to his future resting place.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I open the door to Carlos’s room and enter first, opening the window in the back and allowing in sunlight and fresh air, as he struggles a little to get through the extra-wide door, but managing to do so without bumping against the wall. He looks around, checking the large ample space, the television set installed on the wall, and the big wooden closet.

“It’s not huge but this is what we have. I trust you’ll be bringing your own bed, right? We only have this mattress here we use for guests which is quite old, and I don’t think it would survive your weight very well,” I say kicking the thing that was on the floor. Carlos looked down towards it.

“No bed, they can’t hold me, but yeah, I’ll bring my own mattress. These things collapse if they aren’t purpose-made for a guy like me,” he says as he moves to open the closet. “This one I can use, right?” he asks, and I raise an eyebrow wondering what sort of use this mostly naked giant would have for a closet. The closet is big enough that he can lower his torso and then project it inside the large space, making his prominent hips and ass jut back in plain sight, right in front of me. I felt an urge to slap his powerful buns, but I contained myself.

“Of course, it comes with the room,” I say, having a hard time looking away from his hard ass exposed so prominently like that. I cough and look for the remote control to turn on the TV. “This one will also stay here for you to use, if you decide to avoid the living room,” I inform him, and he turns back to me and nods his hot masculine head, his chin rubbing on his own overgrown pecs as he does so.

“Well, this is a pretty good room,” says Carlos as he looks around, and then he puts his hands on the wall, and slowly bends his knees so his gigantic mass of muscles lowers until he supports his ass on the mattress down below. He then proceeds to lower his whole body on the mattress, which generates a loud noise from the piece of furniture, but his massive body does end up arrayed there below me. As such, I can finally see his whole body exposed in front of my eyes—his angry cock trembles, unable to move as it is tied up, and his hands reach to the floor to raise his back so he could pull himself further back, supporting his shoulders against the wall as he looks at me. His cock slides against his pec.

“The room is more than big enough for me to rest here, too,” he says, as his body occupies half of it, but with his feet still well away from the front wall.

“I’m glad you like it,” I say, swallowing dry, as I try not to get too close to his enormous body. His nipples are clearly hard under the thin strip of fabric around his torso, as much as his cock is, and I didn’t want to be overly tempted. I didn’t know whether I could resist that sort of temptation.

“I really like the house here, and I was really looking forward to sharing boarding with Pedro,” starts Carlos, eyeing me directly, from down up. “But I don’t want to make you uncomfortable,” he says, making me frown and then take a step back.

“What, wait, me? Make me uncomfortable?” I ask, shocked at his words as he looks at me with a straight face.

“I don’t blame you, seriously. I just… I mean, I can interpret your body language. You are clearly not comfortable near me, near my body. I don’t want to impose myself on your home when you are clearly too nice to tell me that, but I still can’t live here,” he starts, and I bring my hands to my hair, running my fingers through my curls.

“No! I mean, what makes you think that, I… I am not uncomfortable around you, dude, just getting used to it. It’s a lot to get used to,” I say and laugh, nervously. He raises an eyebrow, suspicious of my words.

“As I say, you are a nice guy, but clearly you won’t get to terms with sharing a house with a dude like me. Again, I don’t blame you at all, I also would have a hard time sharing a house with someone like you…” he says and laughs. I shake my head, completely confused.

“Well, you are making an assumption there,” I say quickly, a little annoyed that he had read me while also shifting to me the responsibility for his final decision about living here. “I am comfortable sharing a house with you, and I don’t mind at all that you come live with us. In fact, I’d love it if you did, as I’m interested in different cultures, and bodies, and…” I start but he quickly interrupts me with a devious smile.

“Prove it,” he says. I don’t know how to respond. “I mean it, prove to me you are comfortable with my presence, otherwise I think this won’t work. Of course, I’ll also show you I’m fine adapting myself to how you and Pedro live,” he adds.

I shake my hands, surprised. “And how the fuck do I do that?!” I ask, confused, as one of his massive hands moves to his crotch, and starts fondling his gigantic balls.

“Hmmm, why don’t you touch me? That’d show how we are unfazed by each other, and that you aren’t bothered by my size,” he says, softly closing one eye.

“How does that even…? What a stupid logic…” I say unconvinced, and he moans as his other hand moves to his pecs, fondling his giant muscle.

“It will make you realize whether or not you’ll be fine dealing with me once I do move in…” he says slowly, and I am not convinced but I do want to touch him so bad, and the opportunity he was giving me is just too good to waste. My mind throws logic and all the rest away.

“Where?” I ask, kneeling next to him. The volume of his pecs as he lays on the mattress are almost as tall as me kneeling. He glances at me, and takes his hand from his pecs, moving it to his face. He pulls away his mask.

“I’ll let you choose,” he says, and as I hear those words my brain short-circuits. I raise my hands and they rest on his gigantic left pec. I then push them under his male-thin-nipple-hider, and pull it up, revealing the goods. Damn, it is large, and round, and it looks soft and rigid at once. “That’s a good choice,” says Carlos moaning, one hand fondling his balls and the other going down and pulling away his cockhead-sleeve, ripping it as he yanks it violently.

“I’ll touch it now,” I say and he hums, as I lower my head on his beautiful immense pecs, my tongue slowly sticking out. I lick his nipple, swirling my tongue around it. Carlos’s whole body trembles with our first contact.

“Damn, you really are fine with touching me,” he says moaning, as my lips kiss his massive nipple, kissing it and then nibbling on the smooth thing. He gasps as his cock throbs hard slapping his abs. “Maybe that’s enough, hmmm, you are definitely okay with me!” he starts saying as his voices gets incoherent, as his hand strokes his cock with my lips around his plump nipple, my hands squeezing his pecs.

“No, it’s not enough for me,” I say, suddenly incapable of parting ways with his majestic body. I pull off my shirt and throw it aside, and then kick down and kick my shorts off. I grab my cock, slap it on his nipple, oozing my own pre on his pecs.

“Hmmm, can you please touch my glans,” he asks moaning, and I turn down to his gigantic manhood which his hand is stroking hard. My hand touches his and he stops, letting go of his penis which falls on his abs oozing abundant pre. “Yes, touch it, please,” he moans. I smile and sit on his abs, raising his gigantic cock with by arms, hugging it, as I lick his cockhead. He growls with my touches, especially as I let go of his cock, letting it rest on his abs, before I rub my much smaller manhood on his superhuman glans.

“Should I continue to touch you?” I ask, as my cock slides against the underside of his glans, my 24 centimeters looking tiny next to his body. My hands rub up and down the underside of his shaft, and my ass rests against his pecs, which his hands were both pleasing.

“Oh my God, for all that’s sacred, please, fuck my slit,” he says, and I smile, lowering my torso on his gigantic member so I embraced it, and then sliding my fat rod inside his immense slit, and hugging his cock upside down as I start moving my hips back and forth. He moans and his whole body trembles as I fuck his cock. He produces so much pre which oozes around our manhoods that he was drenching us and the mattress on his juices. As I moved my hips back and forth his breathing became short, as he pinches his nipples with one hand and the other was now cupping my whole ass, squeezing my buns, one of his fingers teasing my hole.

“I hope you’ll be our new flatmate now,” I say between thrusts, gasps and moans, as I move my arms hugging and stroking his cock downwards. As I fuck his member with mine, my hands wrap around his balls, looking for his own ass.

“Ohhh, yeah, hmmm, I was hoping for this,” he says a bit incoherently while moaning, his hand leaving my ass to collect some of his pre before resting in my buns again, his warm long finger pressed against my hole as I raise my ass with every thrust into his cock. My own hands travel around his scrotum, reaching the last artificial thing against his body. I find the back end of his buttplug, and let my fingers run around it, making the thing move inside his body. Carlos gasps, as he feels the movement, and his finger pushes harder against my hole, as I move my hips back and forth, making sure to spread my legs wide as I did so. His finger pops inside me and I gasp, burying my face on his shaft and biting and kissing it.

“Fuck, I want you to fuck me, not only my slit, all my holes… I can’t believe, so long without a cock inside my slit,” mumbles Carlos as he drools of pleasure, his ass full and his cockslit being stimulated from the inside, while my balls slap his glans and the rest of my body jacked off his cock.

“Agreed,” I say, as feeling the walls of my guts being spread out by Carlos’s ambitious finger dancing inside me, making my 24-centimeter rod respond by hardening and throbbing inside Carlos’s monster cock. I moaned feeling that my body was burning in delight, as my hands managed to get a grip on Carlos’s butt plug, and slowly pull it out.

“Ahhwnnn, fuck, I’m going to cum dude, you are going to make me cum. Better get away or you’ll….such a mess,” warns the larger man as his cock throbs so hard as to lift my whole body. I wrap my legs around his glans, fucking it so quickly in shot motions that my cock barely leaves Carlos’s cock’s wet warm oozing hole. I am also close to cumming from his finger exploring my ass and our fucking, as well as the pleasure of jacking the biggest cock I had ever seen with my whole body, working out truly all of my muscles at once.

“No way, giant, just give me all you can!” I say, as my arms wrap around his shaft for better safety. He pulls his hand from my ass, making me moan as his finger pops out of me, and I suddenly feel cold down there. He then moves his hand upwards, closing it around my hips, holding me alongside his gigantic cock and stroking the two of us together, which makes my cock slide out of his slit and now rub up and down his glans.

“Ah, ah, hmmm, so close. Your little muscles sliding against my cock are so nice…don’t cum yet… I want to taste your cum, want to taste it,” he mumbles as his cock throbs one final time and his balls contract, until his member explodes in a white tsunami which sends his overwhelming cum against his pecs, hitting and splashing the wall, as well as some ending outside through the open window. Many ropes of his abundant cum are shot as he continues to hold me against his cock under his hand’s tight grip, as my own member is close to bursting.

As his orgasm subsides, he moans softly and his hand lets go of his cock, which falls wetly on his abs, oozing leftover cum in gushes. His hand is still wrapped around my torso, and he moves my whole body letting my hard cock and legs bob around, taking me to rest against the upper side of his pecs, only making sure I sat straddling his handsome face.

“Wait, what now…?” I ask confused as I am suddenly moved, before finding my torso hugging his sticky and warm muscles, and then I feel my balls fall in his wet mouth, as he sucks on them, his tongue reaching my skin. He then lets them rest on this face, and two of his fingers pinch my cock down, forcing it towards his lips. He sucks on my rod with his beautiful red thick lips, as I buried myself on his massive pecs not to shout of sheer pleasure. I bite his muscle, as I strove to get some footing on the tortured mattress so I could easily move my hips to start fucking his face, to his loud enjoyment. He moaned as I then spread my arms to reach his nipples, which I started rubbing and pinching, as his hands went to his long and fat buttplug, which he pulled out of his ass just to shove it back up again, after having lifted one leg.

“Hgahhh, I want your cum,” he says possessed, his sound muffled by my cock entering and leaving his mouth. I moan incoherently as I kiss his wet pecs, licking his own cum from his delicious muscles, as I fuck his face, feeling his velvety tongue swirl around on the underside of my cock. He gags on my member, drooling so much as his body trembles in delight. His eyes roll as he is face-fucked by my 24-centimeter rod, and I am truly impressed something this size could have such impact on someone as big as him. His own cock throbs and hardened, and his hand addresses his ass.

“Hmm, I couldn’t avoid it if I tried, fucking giant,” I say, biting his muscular pecs, and he moans as my cock throbs inside his throat, and then my balls on his forehead contracted as he feels my cum gushing inside his system. Carlos is moaning constantly now, and I continue thrusting my cock up and down his mouth and throat as I ejaculated, using his massive muscles as support.

“Hey, you guys are there…?” shouts a sudden voice from the living room. And I immediately freeze in place—my cock buried in Carlos’s face, my ass spread up as my legs were parted around his face, and my arms hugging his muscular pecs pinching his nipples. Carlos, his lips wrapped around my cock, his eyes covered by my humble balls, and one of his massive legs lifted as he fucked himself with his toy, is more unaffected as he continued sucking on my cock.

“Fuck, gotta get out and clean my…!” I say trying to stand up, but Carlos simply closes his lips tight around my cock, and that plus the wetness and slimey-ness of everything covered by his cum made me fall back down on his muscle and my cock push all the way inside him again. His cock hardens, sliding against the left wall with a thud, as he groans incoherently around my rod pushing his butt plug all the way back inside him.

“Fuck, fuck!” I say as I glare at the door, knowing it’s Pedro and he is about to see me fully naked fucking the prospective new flatmate of ours that he called in for a visit. Embarrassed, I bury my face in Carlos’s burly pecs, and then hear the slow but loud footsteps as Pedro gets to us. He glances into the room, wide-eyed, and laughs heartily, shaking his long dirty-blond hair.

“I see you approve of each other,” says an amused Pedro, as he takes a few steps towards the mountain of muscles that is Carlos and the poor orgasmic confused stud which is I. He turns to Carlos, and raises his hand towards the giant man’s cock, which he pats right on the head, rubbing it. “I told you not to worry about it, dude, I know all my friends well enough,” he says and then turns to my face. “Better than they know themselves, even,” he smirks at me.

“Asshole,” I shout at him, burning red of embarrassment, pulling my cock away from Carlos’s face as I crawl over his muscular pecs. My rod then bobs up and down, sliding in the cleavage the gigantic stud had between his muscle tits, which my balls end up slapping.

“Whatever you say, dude,” says Pedro, and then he turns to Carlos. “Talking of which, do you need some help down there, dude?” he asks, and Carlos’s mouth grins in a smile, even as it is completely covered in cum and spit.

“Sure, if Fernando doesn’t mind,” he says, and I mumble.

“Fuck you two, conspirators, plotters!” I respond, still embarrassed and red like a tomato, moving my hips so my cock pushes in and out of Carlos’s massive pecs, my balls slapping the round wall of chest muscles.

“I’ll take that as a no,” says Pedro as he takes off his clothes, revealing a handsome muscular body and a fully hard 26-centimeter cock. He rubs Carlos’s inner thighs, lifting his gigantic muscular legs with Carlos’s help, to more easily access his exposed butt. As he pulls away the plug to see a pink perfect circle, Pedro rubs his manhood in the hungry hole and hugs the muscular giant legs next to him. “I told you I’d get you a place that fulfilled all your needs and excelled your expectations, Carlos,” commented my mischievous housemate as he pushed his cock inside Carlos, who moans as his insides are filled by warm, throbbing human meat.

“Yes, this is really good. Much better than my previous place,” he responded, moaning. I humpfd, still humping his muscular pecs and a bit annoyed about being left out. “I hope this can be our dress code from now on,” he adds, between moans and hums.

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