Morphed male bulge freaks

by TitMorpher

The future world of muscle cock bodybuilders becomes competitive, but top-seed Biff is especially amazed to pose off against someone who’s as hugely cocked as him without having had any augmentation down there at all.

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As the bodybuilding world fragmented into separate interest groups, muscle cock contests were an important new development beginning around the year 2050. These competitions featured bodybuilders with exceptional male endowment who displayed their full posing straps in comparison rounds on stage. In addition to on-stage competition, muscle fans got the opportunity to rub elbows with “off-season” athletes as well. Off-season athletes were bodybuilders who were not competing on that particular day but who circulated through the lobby and the audience in order to mingle with fans and other athletes. These men generally showed off their physiques in extremely tight clothing, including tight jeans as well as other gear including lycra and spandex, which enabled them to showcase gigantic bulges in close and casual proximity to their fans. Some spectators, most notably sponsors and fellow athletes, felt fully comfortable in this scene. They looked directly at the bodybuilders’ encased meat and offered frank compliments on the size and shape of their packages. Additionally, they were totally comfortable discussing enhancement techniques related to both cock and ball size, as well as what type of posing gear would be best for competition.


Other audience members refused to admit the depth of their obsession with male development, even as they struggled to get as close as possible to athletes with the biggest meat. For example, many straight bodybuilders attended these competitions (alone, or with friends and fellow gym members) and the insisted that they were looking at the bodybuilders’ overall physiques, not their male endowment. Just the same, it was evident that many of these heterosexual fans zeroed in on the meat throughout the theater, even though they never said anything to indicate their interest. Some of these “closet cases” zoomed-in with their cameras on the biggest bulges for later personal use in the privacy of their own homes. Others slipped into the men’s room hoping to get a look at muscle cocks that were fully exposed. But they were careful not to share any of this with their buddies, for fear of what their camera or their trips to the rest room might reveal about their own hidden interests or proclivities.

Vince Bergamo was a well known bodybuilder shown above. Vince was often seen circulating through the audience at shows, wearing tight football pants to display his meat to best advantage. Vince was always surrounded by fans of all ages due to the fact that his meat was so large and his basket so fully shaped. Whenever he stepped into the men’s room to relieve himself during a contest, a crowd of bodybuilders and fans suddenly appeared next to him, jockeying for a position at adjacent urinals in order to watch him unlace his tight pants and take a piss.


This kind of action at urinals was not uncommon. Many fans and even horny athletes lingered in the rest rooms for direct muscle cock observation and physical interactions at the urinals or in toilet stalls. The photo below provides an illustration. These two proud and sexed-up muscle bikers spent a lot of time in the rest rooms showing off their meat and sometimes allowing physical contact such as hand jobs or even blow jobs. Once in a while, they even flopped out their meat outside the rest rooms when they were standing in the street or other public places, usually after they had consumed too much beer.

Vince’s monster size penis responded to the attention in the rest room by extending itself into a huge boner as he stood at the urinal and stroked his meat for the muscle worshippers crowding around him. But he found it difficult to actually relieve himself in this setting. So he requested keys to a private bathroom where he could piss comfortably. And once he had his own private bathroom, he began to use it on a regular basis.

Vince’s fetish was to reveal his manhood to college age muscle studs in order to get them stimulated and excited. Driven by an obsessive interest in novice bodybuilders, Vince had recruited four or five collegiate competitors to represent him as “Team Vince” at all of the contests. These young men were all well hung, a characteristic important to Vince who scouted for size in the locker room and showers. The collegiate bodybuilders followed Vince wherever he went. But when Vince went in his private bathroom, all of them could not fit in the bathroom with Vince at the same time. So it was rumored that Vince selected one or two of them and invited them to join him in his private bathroom during the contests. Contest atttendees wondered what was actually going on behind closed doors. Maybe nothing at all. Did the young men simply admire his meat (in an innocent manner) after they unlaced him for a piss? Or did they actually reach out and feel his enormous size and evenprovide servicing? Did Vince himself kneel down and give the college students full-suction blow jobs? No one knew for sure but the imagination of these possibilities drove many of his fans crazy with projected fantasy and uncomfortable envy.

Rear-end sex was another fantasy shared by some of Vince’s envious fans. They maintained that Vince slipped into the private bathroom on a frequent basis for one simple reason: to take college cock up his ass. One nosy expeditor maintained that Vince was inside the bathroom for an excessive amount of time during every contest and that the bodybuilders joined him there. There was a particular collegiate competitor (with an enormous dick) who went into the bathroom at about the same time as Vince on multiple occasions. More to the point, this expeditor reported an instance where Vince reached for his lube in the pump room and greased his ass when he thought no one was looking. Then he rushed into the bathroom right after the hung college boy had gone in. From the expeditor’s perspective, Vince was submitting himself as a “bottom” to the college studs, most likely numerous times each day. But this was all conjecture and nobody knew for sure.


This illustration provides examples of muscle cock competitors proudly displaying their meat at Barton Jennings muscle camp on Sundays. One man is wearing heavily packed jockey shorts. The other is displaying a lycra bulge that lots of men at the camp always were begging to suck. These men are characteristic of muscle cock competitors who squeezed into various posing gear, found a spot to lounge at the pool (generally together as a group), and then carefully adjusted themselves to show their baskets in the best light. Sponsors and fans circulated among the muscle cock competitors in order to remain near the pumped meat as long as possible. VIP sponsors sometimes sat next to their favorite athletes and indulged in physical contact. The sponsors’ hands reached for the baskets, massaged and readjusted their big boys’ meat in a cautious manner that was not too obvious, and helped to keep the meat as stimulated as possible for exhibitionist display.

motorcycle cop

One of the most surprising muscle cock competitors was a stunning, handsome motorcycle cop who was proud of his meat and loved to impress other men. However, he was married with three children and had a spotless reputation as a heterosexual family man, much to the disappointment of much of the muscle cock community. Because he did not want his wife involved with the muscle cock scene, he asked two kinky cop friends who were bodybuilders to attend the contests with him. They also joined him at the muscle camp on some Sundays. He allowed his cop friends to oil up his physique at the contests but he never let them (or anybody else) touch his meat. Although it was not discussed, he knew his buddies were bisexual. He also knew they were disappointed not to be able to suck his giant cock. So he gave them freedom to scout around for their own action at the muscle camp.

The motorcycle cops were a big hit and engaged in lots of sex. Dressed in their motorcycle gear, they got serviced by numerous bodybuilders who loved to suck booted and uniformed muscle meat right out of police uniforms. But the cops’ primary fetish was to go down on muscle cock themselves (see photos below). They especially needed to suck enormous meat that was packaged inside kinky gear, while wearing their own gear and pretending they were on duty. Hungry to be treated like depraved bottoms, they allowed the biggest muscle cock studs to force them down on their knees to beg for muscle cock out of leather codpieces, tight spandex bodybuilder gear, or bulging lycra posing pouches. For example, both men loved to suck the lycra boy in baseball cap shown above.


As Sundays wore on, these uniformed public servants became more and more subservient to their muscle tops. On several occasions, they sunk down next to urinals in the rest rooms and begged desperately for muscle cock piss. Unfortunately, someone took a picture of them drinking piss in their uniforms and showed it to their friend. But he was understanding and discreet. He made sure the photos were deleted and pretended not to know what his buddies were up to. He was a very tolerant individual who believed that everyone should do their own thing. For this reason, his fellow athletes as well as friends were very devoted to him, and they respected his heterosexuality. Here are two photos which illustrate their depraved tendencies. The first one shows one of the two cops in a compromising position in his uniform, and the second features a huge muscle piss master which both cops submitted to at the urinals.


Lars Conner was a muscle cock bodybuilder whose appearance is more in line with the classical tradition. At a certain point in time, old-fashioned posing straps became popular again with the athletes. Observe how Lars displays his basket on stage in a classic bodybuilding pose. Then imagine the backstage pump-up area where dozens of athletes are pumping their meat and squeezing into tight posing straps like Lars’. With action like this going on during the contest, it was no wonder that there were often as many people wandering around backstage as there were fans in the audience.

In response to the demand for backstage access, contest promoters actually set up small private pump-up alcoves backstage where competitors could receive manual or oral stimulation from anonymous assistants whose identities were concealed. These assistants prostrated and humiliated themselves in the dark alcoves by wearing masks and crouching down like subservient whores inside the alcoves. However, their identities were whispered and many people know who they actually were. In actual fact, these alcove “specialists’ often were some of the most powerful and important men in the bodybuilding community. Many of these VIPs paid top dollar to reserve alcove space at the most elite professional contests where bodybuilders who possessed the world’s biggest meat would be available for servicing.


This competitor is one reason the VIPs paid so much money for access. This particular competitor’s meat was so large that it needed constant attention. He stopped by the alcoves right after arriving at the contest, and then returned several times during the day. In this shot, he has unzipped his jeans to provide access and availability. Imagine the VIPs excitement when each one of them was individually offered this sumptuous piece of meat for suction prior to competition. Or later in the day when a massive load shot out from this giant piece of meat. The VIPs knew that the final load would go to the lucky cocksucker who had demonstrated superior technique earlier in the day, so they worked hard to be rewarded at day’s end with this stud’s full bucket of cum.

One man who spent time in the alcoves was a former Mr. Olympia who wore a leather mask and baggy clothing to conceal his size and his identity. But unfortunately he was so well known that most of the bodybuilding community became aware of this blond legend’s “secret” habit: sucking the world’s biggest dicks (himself being the world’s most muscular man). The competitors themselves felt especially honored when being serviced by this Mr. Olympia. They took pleasure in shooting huge loads of cum in his mouth at the end of contests, all the while looking down at the square jaw, enormous blocky physique, and spiked hair on this famous Mr. Olympia—a pinnacle of success who shocked the bodybuilding community by becoming a cocksucking freak, constantly on the prowl for huge male packages of meat.

As the muscle cock movement expanded, muscle cock bodybuilders began to have a noticeable impact on mainstream bodybuilding. Huge posing trunk bulges began to appear not only at specialized muscle cock competitions, but also at the mainstream professional contests, up to and including the Mr. Olympia competition itself. Glittering, tiny posing trunks which were stuffed to maximum capacity became a regular feature at all male bodybuilding venues. Judges and fans became accustomed to this pleasing new aspect of the sport. A new fan base, made up of individuals with extreme male size fetishes, began to follow the sport on a regular basis.

The IFFB Professional Mr. Muscle Cock Contest held in 2062 stood above all other competitions. Two bodybuilders rose to instant stardom at this competition. These athletes were bleached-blond Biff Bentley and dark haired Bryan Borgess. These two men garnered first place and second place at the 2062 Muscle Cock Extravaganza. Within a matter of weeks, their massive bulges appeared side-by-side on the cover of several top bodybuilding magazines.

The excitement these two athletes generated onstage was unlike anything seen before.The final posedown lasted more than a half an hour. Once the other competitors had been eliminated, these two men remained on stage and showed off their musculature through numerous mandatory poses. But mostly they were called upon to display the enormous meat in their posing straps for adoring judges and fans. Of course, the judges asked them to pose their baskets from numerous angles. The judges also asked the men to step forward and present their baskets for up-close inspection at the judging table, right in front of the judges faces. Judges as well as spectators creamed in their pants as they leered at the bodybuilders’ meat.

Both men were superior professional bodybuilders. Bryan Borgess was tall, dark, and handsome. His physique could be considered proportionate and classical, and his face was superbly handsome. But none of this took away from the enormous size of his muscles. He was a beefy professional bodybuilder, with huge muscular development in every part of his body, including the gigantic bulge in the mid-section of his physique.

Biff was a monster of over-sized musculature whose bleached-blond looks gave him the appearance of a California surfer who had grown into an obscene action hero. There were various rumors concerning Biff. One reason for the rumors were the enormous muscle boobs which Biff possessed. Before joining the muscle cock movement, Biff had competed in Super Tit Man competitions which required an emphasis on extreme pectoral development. Some spectators considered Biff’s muscle boobs to be on the feminine side, but their was nothing feminine about the huge meat inside his trunks.

Brian and Biff came to possess their huge manhood from two different backgrounds.

Bryan was born with very unusual endowment. Even before adolescence, coaches and others marveled at the size of Bryan when he stripped in the locker room. As Bryan got older, he just got bigger and bigger where it counted. Not only did his cock have unheard of length and thickness (hanging down to his knees), but Bryan’s balls were round like a bowling ball. Even when Bryan wore loosely fitting clothing, his basket caused a stir. If he wore any sort of denim or tighter type clothing, his bulge was obscene. People tried to act like they didn’t notice but Bryan was always followed around at the supermarket or at the gym, by men just as much as by women.

Biff, on the other hand, had been born with average assets but had acquired his current development through ongoing effort and assistance. Biff became exposed to the world of augmentation and enhancement when he worked with Dr. Laurens on pectoral augmentation for Super Tit Man competitions. Biff had acquired the biggest muscle tits in bodybuilding and had been a perennial winner at the IFFB Super Tit Man competitions. Nevertheless, Biff was intrigued with the muscle cock athletes and he felt inferior to their high standard of manhood. When Biff saw musclebound competitors show up in the pump room with enormous bulges in their posing trunks, he asked around as to how they had gotten so big. He was told that a lot of them had actually been treated by Dr. Laurens. So Biff returned to Dr. Laurens and requested this new type of male enhancement.

Dr. Laurens performed some initial work on Biff, but soon it became clear that Biff’s growth goals were more extreme than what Dr. Laurens could accommodate. One way for bodybuilders to get huge packages was through silicone injections in Mexico to their cock and balls. Certain IFFB athletes whispered about Dr. Henrique Garcia in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Garcia specialized in “mega-packages”, achieving silicone expansion of giant proportions for the bodybuilders whom he assisted. Dr. Garcia used a staged approach where increasing amounts of silicone were pumped-in during a number of subsequent interventions.

For Biff, the results were dramatic. After a number of visits to Dr. Garcia, Biff was ready to make the transition to IFFB muscle cock competition. Of course, once Biff set a goal of entering a Muscle Cock contest, this decision simply made him call on Dr Gracia even more frequently. Eventually, Biff became Dr. Garcia’s most extreme experiment. And once he started competing, Biff quickly catapulted himself to the top of the Muscle Cock bodybuilding ranks with the most enormous meat that anyone had ever seen.

On the day the Biff and Bryan met during contest weigh-in and stripped down to their posing trunks, the two men immediately knew that they would both qualify for the final posedown.

“Damn,” said Bryan, glancing at Biff’s artificially built-up meat inside his silver posing trunks. ”I can see that you’re gonna give me a run for my money. Were you born with that package?” asked Bryan.

“Not exactly,” responded Biff, trying to change the subject. ”But yours looks more impressive than mine.” Bryan was wearing his red posers which created an unbelievable sensation. “What about you? You look extremely large in those red posing trunks. Were you born with yours?”

“Yes, I was born this way,” responded Bryan. ”I wear a cock ring but that’s about all I need to do to show the size that I’m showing right now.”

Biff melted with envy. After all the compulsive augmentation he had engaged in over the last few years, he was dumbstruck to meet someone who never did any augmentation at all.

But Bryan was just as curious and impressed with Biff, even if Biff’s dimensions had been acquired through artificial means.

“Damn,” he said again. ”You’ve really built that package into a monster. I’d like to see a little more of that. How about we go in the back pump room? There’s mirrors back there and nobody knows about that room. I’d like to take a look at your bulge in the mirrors.”

Soon the two bodybuilders were in front of the mirrors in the private pump room.

Bryan continued to stare at Biff’s obscenely augmented meat. “I dig those silver posers you’re wearing,” he said. “That strap really showcases your meat. Now pose it in the mirrors.

Biff showed his package in the mirrors for Bryan. ”Damn,” Bryan exclaimed. “That package sticks out a mile!” ”Here’s a question,” continued Bryan. “I am curious about the process of augmentation. When you have a lot of work done on it, does it stretch and expand as much as mine does? Let’s see how much further you can make it stick out in front of you. It’s gigantic already but the judges want to see it get bigger and bigger during the actual posedown. Will it grow on stage with all that silicone in there?”

This made Biff feel a little bit uncertain and shy, and inferior to a bodybuilder who was completely natural. He posed his basket in the mirror for Bryan but he didn’t feel like he could make it grow as much as he wanted to. He felt inferior that his package was built up artificially.

As he began to have feelings of inferiority, sudden urges began to overwhelm Biff. As a compulsive augmentation freak, deep down he felt that he needed to show respect to a bodybuilder who was a true man.

Biff dropped to his knees in order “to oil up Bryan’s legs.” Staring directly at Bryan’s posing trunks with his face practically rubbing against Bryan’s meat, he asked, “Where did you order these red posers from? “

“From Muscle Freaks, Inc.,” responded Bryan. They fit good, don’t they? The fabric blows me up like a torpedo. Since you’re down there, fluff my meat a little bit and then I’ll pose it in the mirror for us.”

First, Biff softly rubbed his hands over the fabric of Bryan’s posing strap and both Bryan and Biff moaned with pleasure. The bulge started to expand in front of both men’s eyes. Bryan flexed and posed his basket in the mirror.

“Yeah, just rub it up and down like that. Check out the size I’m showing in the mirror. That’s a taste of what the judges are gonna see in an hour or two.”

“Damn,” added Biff. ”Look how big it is. Your head is swelling up and showing right through the fabric of your red posers. And those balls! Do you swear there’s no silicone in there? Look at that foundation you’ve got underneath that cock! No wonder you look so gigantic.”

“It’s all me,” responded Bryan. ”And it deserves appreciation from other men. Now fluff my package with your mouth. Just on top of the fabric with your lips, but not too wet. Don’t slobber. I’ll be going onstage in a while.”

Biff licked all over the fabric of the red posers as the two men continued to observe Bryan posing his bulge in the mirror. Bryan’s basket got bigger and bigger and bigger in the mirror.

Finally Biff yelled out, “Pop it out from your posing trunks!” Biff was desperate to perform oral services on Bryan. The possibility of giving Bryan a blow job made Biff so hot that he needed to masturbate himself. So he grabbed his own silicone-pumped meat from inside his metallic silver trunks and started jerking.

Still keeping his own meat inside the red posers, Bryan looked down at Biff jerking his exposed meat.

“Damn! Look at your unit,” commented Bryan. “That thing doesn’t even look natural. How many times did you see Dr. Garcia?”

“Well, five or six,” lied Biff. ”The doctor was willing to keep doing more and more treatments on me because of the overall size of my muscles. He said it was alright to exceed the protocols.” In actual fact, Biff has been to see Dr. Garcia over fifteen different times.

Then Biff’s enormous testicles flopped out of his posers. Bryan gasped again. ”Damn, those are fucking huge!” screamed Bryan. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’ve got a bucket full of filler in there, don’t you?”

But Biff’s attention was on Bryan’s meat, not on his own.

“Pop that cock out like I asked you to,” reiterated Biff. “I need it real bad.”

Then Bryan carefully removed his giant penis from his posing trunks. After the enormous dick popped free, Bryan also squeezed his giant balls from behind the fabric giving Biff access to his full package of meat. With all of Bryan’s manhood now available for his lips and mouth, Biff immediately slid the enormous dick all the way into his throat. At the same time, he felt the huge balls with his hand while continuing to jerk his own artificially enhanced meat.

Bryan was a top man who allowed himself to get serviced with great pleasure. However, it was a mistake for him to get sucked off so soon before he was supposed to go on stage. Just the same, he loved this opportunity to get his cock sucked by a subservient augmentation whore.

“Yeah, service a REAL MAN’s meat!” he called out as he looked in the mirror at Biff on his knees servicing him. ”That’s one hundred percent beef with no fillers. Look at the muscle queer on his knees giving the real man a blow job! The real man never needed to go to any muscle doctors to build up his meat.”

“Yeah, my meat is mostly fake,” whined and moaned Biff. ”I need to show a real man the respect he deserves.”

Bryan just stood and enjoyed the succulent blow job that Biff was giving him. Biff was able to make Bryan’s cock feel really good. Biff took it deeper and deeper and slid it further and further into his throat.

From time to time, Biff removed the enormous head and sucked all over it and worshipped it like a subservient slave. Then he licked all over Bryan’s balls. Then he maneuvered Bryan’s cock back inside his own mouth and down his throat, and resumed oral services on the superior man.

Bryan was receiving such pleasure form the blow job that he completely forgot that he was up for competition in less than an hour. Eventually he felt that his juices were swelling inside of him.

Biff tasted some juice that might be on its way. This made him suck all the harder.

To prolong the pleasure, Biff took a break and asked Bryan to squeeze the inflated meat back inside the red posing strap. Then both men looked at the bulge in the mirror. The red posing strap was stretched to maximum capacity with pre-cum showing on the fabric.

“Damn,” said both bodybuilders at the same time. “Have you ever seen anything so extreme?”

Then Biff reached for Bryan’s cock again, placed it deep inside his mouth, and sucked on it more aggressively than he had ever done before. It didn’t take long for Bryan to lose control. In less than a minute, Bryan shot his full wad.

Biff licked his lips in contentment and stuffed his own huge meat back into his silver posers. Full of Bryan’s delicious protein, he now felt that he was now ready for competition……..

A half an hour later both men stepped onstage.

“Hey,” said Judge Nelson. ”Bryan’s come in a little bit limp on this one. What’s going on? He usually shows himself enormous at these shows. Have any of you judges been backstage fluffing him and sapping him of his strength? Isn’t that a load of cum on his posers?”

“No, but funny you should mention that. I saw him in the back room with Biff. It looks like Biff sabotaged him and sucked some of the manhood out of him. If so, that wasn’t a bad competition strategy. Biff was bulging all over the place on stage, but Bryan was not up to his usual standards.”

After accepting his second place trophy and then shaking Biff’s hand onstage, Bryan went back stage and waited for Biff.

“Well, you deserved the win this time. You were definitely bigger than me on stage.” Then he added, “Let’s go to the pump room.”

When they got to the pump room, Bryan went straight down on his knees. ”Pop that silicone monster out for me. That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. Stuff my mouth with that meat and feed me a big load of cum. I’m the muscle cock loser and I need to show my respect.”

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