Peen genie

by Ziel

Scrawny little theater nerd finds a real, live genie of the lamp! When it comes to wishing go big or go home.

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No one was more surprised than Kendal when a real live genie sprung forth from the rusted and busted old lamp he picked up at the flea market, but that was partially due to the fact that there was no one else around to see it. Kendal was in the comfort of his own dorm room when he set to work polishing the old lamp in hopes of getting it presentable for the play he and the rest of his team were putting on as part of their final project for his theater class.

The whole reason he had gone to the flea market in the first place was to find something that would be passable as a magic lamp for their production of Aladdin. Kendal never dreamed he’d find something anywhere near as authentic—in terms of both form and function! As one would expect he was in for quite a shock when mist started to billow from the tip of the lamp, and he was downright flabbergasted when the mist coalesced into the upper half of a giant, beefy, grinning man.

“I am the genie of the lamp,” the mysterious figure said.

“And I’m probably hallucinating,” Kendal muttered. If the self-professed genie had heard Kendal’s snarky response he did not let it show on his face. The genie had the same calm, knowing smirk on his face the entire time. After a moment of awkwardly fidgeting in place Kendal finally worked up the nerve to speak up.

“So… are you really real? I mean like, you’re a genie right? The wish granting demigod kinda thing?” Kendal asked nervously.

“I am no demi-god. I am but a creature bound by strict rules,” the genie replied.

“But how much of those stories are true? Like, all the stories tell of genies granting wishes. Is that a real thing you do?” Kendal asked. He was trying to remain skeptical, but the sight of a floating, beefy, blue skinned dude was kind of hard for him to write off as a simple trick of the light. That said he didn’t want to give himself false hope. There was no guarantee that this so called genie was capable of the miraculous feats told about in legends the legends of old, and there was also no guarantee that said genie was at all benevolent.

“I see you doubt me,” the genie replied. He didn’t seem at all offended though. In fact he seemed amused more than anything. The sly smirk on his handsome face seemed to be goading Kendal into asking for some sort of demonstration.

“Well, can you blame me? Genies are the stuff of fairy tales. I’ve never heard of one actually existing! And what about that lamp? I find it hard to believe that if it was the genuine article that some skeevy shopkeeper in a rundown flea market would be selling it for five dollars,” Kendal replied.

“I know of whom you speak. He did not realize what he had in his possession. To him it was yet another damaged knickknack to be sold to the highest bidder. Only the true owner of the lamp may summon the denizen,” the genie explained.

“Wait. I don’t get it. That guy wasn’t the true owner, but I am? How is that even possible? Is this some weird destiny type thing? Was I fated to find this lamp?” Kendal sputtered. His mind was racing at a million miles a minute. He had never been anything special. In fact he was about as far from special as one could get. All throughout high school he had been a short, stringy, completely forgettable dweeb whose only real feature was how little he stood out in a crowd. The thought that he could be destined for greatness excited him more than the prospect of a genie and his wishes.

“Nothing so grand,” the genie replied flatly. Kendal looked obviously crestfallen, but it didn’t last long for the genie continued his explanation. “The previous owner discarded the lamp once he had received his wishes, but discarding is not the same as relinquishing just as finding is not the same as owning. The next person found it and could find no value in it so he too discarded it. This process continued for centuries—long after the original owner had been dead and buried. In all these years you are the first to obtain the lamp honorably.”

“So it’s mine… because I paid for it?” Kendal asked skeptically.

“Correct,” the genie replied.

“But if the last guy wasn’t the original owner how could he have sold it? Wouldn’t that invalidate the clause or whatever the hell legal jargon genies use?” Kendal asked.

“That is not so. You had no way of knowing the history of the lamp. Though it was not purchased from the owner your actions were in line with the code, and since there was no current owner, ownership then fell to you regardless of the multitude of hands it has fallen into,” the genie explained.

“Oh…” Kendal replied. “I… I think I need a moment. I still can’t quite believe any of this is real.”

“Very well then. I will wait until you are ready to accept the truth. When you are ready we can discuss the matter of your wishes,” the genie explained.

“Oh… okay,” Kendal muttered. He then staggered over to his bed and plopped down on the edge of the mattress so he could take it all in. He was still having trouble soaking it all up. He was as big a skeptic as one could ever hope to find. He never once believed in magic. Even as a little kid he was the guy who constantly would call out the stage magician and reveal the sleight of hand to the others, but even he couldn’t deny what he was seeing, and the genie’s story made some sense. After a few minutes of trying to wrap his mind around it, he finally worked up the nerve to ask another question.

“So I have something I would like to ask. I realize it’s a silly question, but um… do you have a name?” Kendal asked.

For the first time the genie was taken aback. “In all my millennia you are the first one to ask such a thing,” he replied.

“Oh. Sorry. Did I say something wrong? I didn’t mean to offend you,” Kendal hurriedly sputtered.

“No. No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just been so long…” The genie replied. His words drifted off, and he was seemingly lost in thought. It took a few moments for him to finally snap out of it. When he did finally speak again his words were distant and he seemed distracted. “My name… I’m called… Could that really be my name…? It’s the only name I know… but it’s been so long… Yes. I believe that is correct. Azkaban. I am called Azkaban,” he said slowly.

Kendal slowly got up from his bed and walked over towards the towering genie. His fears and doubts were slowly starting to melt away. Somehow seeing the mystic entity so flustered made it easier to believe his words. Once Kendal had crossed the room to where the genie now hovered he held out his hand for Azkaban to shake and said, “Well then, Azkaban. My name’s Kendal. It’s nice to meet you.”

The genie was once again taken aback by Kendal’s actions, but he reached out and shook Kendal’s hand despite his confusion. “It’s good to meet you too…” He replied.

“So… How does this work anyway? I mean. You say I get wishes, but I don’t know if I want them… I mean, don’t get me wrong! The thought of being able to wish for something is exciting! It’s just like a fairy tale, but for every happy fairy tale there are just as many horror stories! It’s not that I don’t trust you, but how do I know you won’t somehow turn all my wishes into curses or something messed up like that?” Kendal rattled on nervously.

“I see what you mean… I am bound by the code to honor your wishes. I do get some leeway in how to grant them, but as for if you can trust me… I suppose there is nothing for you to do other than make a wish. You may request three wishes, and I will honor those wishes as I see fit,” Azkaban explained.

Kendal was relieved to see that the genie did not appear at all offended. In fact he seemed impressed by Kendal’s restraint and foresight, but whether or not that is what the genie was really thinking Kendal had no way of knowing. What Kendal did know was that Azkaban was right. There really was no way to guarantee this wasn’t some demonic plot or some monkey paw-esque nightmare until he took the plunge and made a wish.

Kendal mulled it over for a minute. There were so many things he could ask for. He could ask for wealth, for power. He could ask for immortality or eternal youth. He could ask for any of the cliché things that fairy tale characters asked for… but none of those were what he really wanted.

Kendal’s gaze fell upon the full length mirror that hung from the back of his bedroom door. He could see himself clearly in the glass panel; his shrimpy body; his slight stature; and even though he couldn’t see anything that would really indicate how much he was packing due to the clothes he was wearing, the lack of any discernable bulge said enough. What he really wanted more than anything was to not be so damn small. He wanted to be big. He wanted to be strong. He wanted to be hung!

Kendal thought back to mission trip he got roped into going on by his parents last year. The trip had been all right as far as church functions go, but what really stood out was the evening communal showers. Kendal had known he was interested in dudes for ages, but seeing Dylan in all his beefy, nude glory as he soaped down those huge muscles and fantastic cock had helped dispel any belief that Kendal may have had that he was anything other than totally, 100%, unabashedly gay. Kendal was a year older than the guy, but he felt like a kid next to the studly jock.

It was with the image of the school’s star quarterback in all his naked glory seared into his mind that Kendal turned to face the genie and make his demands. “I want to be bigger,” Kendal said.

“Bigger?” The genie replied skeptically.

“No. Not just bigger. Bigger. I want to be bigger. I want to be stronger. I want to be better hung. You know? Not just a slightly bigger dick. I want a lot bigger dick,” Kendal rattled off excitedly.

“I see…” The genie replied. He seemed to mull it over for a moment and then nodded. “If that is your wish then say it.”

“It is! It is what I wish! I wish to be bigger!” Kendal replied. He was excited before, but now he was positively giddy. The thought of being anyway near as hot as that beefy stud in the showers filled him with no small amount of excitement and devilish glee. He couldn’t wait to see how huge he got. Already his mind was racing. What if he got to be as big as Dylan? … what if he got to be even bigger?

“Very well. It is done. You shall now grow bigger in all the ways you specified,” the genie replied. He snapped his fingers which caused a bolt of lightning to arc from his hand and nail Kendal straight in the chest. Kendal half expected to be smote when he stood, but he was pleasantly surprised to find that he was indeed not reduced to a singe mark on the carpet. He was very much alive and in fact felt stronger and healthier than ever before.

Kendal stared down at his body. He could already feel the changes setting in. They were slight at first, but he could feel them ramping up. He felt stronger. His arms felt firmer and tighter. He could feel the soft layer of pudge on his belly melting away.

Kendal spun around to stare into the mirror across the room. He could see that he was a few inches taller than he had been mere seconds ago. He was no longer a 5’4” shrimp. He was now well on his way to being tall, and there was no telling how much bigger he would get before all was said and done.

Kendal wasn’t too focused on his height though. He could already see his muscles starting to press against his once loose t-shirt. He had gone from being pretty spindly with just a bit of a paunch around his belly to looking fit as hell. He looked like a lean, toned, swimmer ready to compete for the gold medal. His once loose shirt now stretched taut across his toned pecs and his well-defined abs. His once baggy shorts now gripped his swelling quads like a second skin. His bottom hem of his shorts once dangled down around his knees, but now only reached halfway down his thighs.

Kendal watched in awe as he grew and grew. His too-small t-shirt slowly crept up along his abs as he steadily outgrew it. His once baggy shirt soon looked like an undersized crop top. His once loose shorts soon looked like ridiculously tiny running shorts. His muscles looked phenomenal and were getting bigger by the second. His once flat, unremarkable chest now had a set of pecs that looked like large, extra firm, king sized pillows. His abs were so thick and well defined that light couldn’t even reach the depths of those fantastic trenches which were etched into his abdomen, but for all the changes his muscles and height had gone through they paled in comparison to what was going on between his legs.

Kendal gawked at the obscene bulge in his shorts. His shorts were already too small for him even without the surplus of sausage swinging between his legs, but with the added mass of a cock that was easily a foot long his pants looked ready to burst at any second. Kendal couldn’t say the exact size for sure, but the hefty piece of meat was as long as his forearm and every bit as thick as his wrist and then some!

Kendal winced in pain. His shorts were simply too small, and his cock was simply too big. Something had to give. Fortunately his pants didn’t last much longer. The front of his once loose basketball shorts split open allowing his massive cock the spill out. Kendal tried to let out a sigh of relief but at the same time gasped in shock at what he saw. The net result was that the air caught in his throat as he gawked at his immense cock. He had vastly underestimate the sheer size of it! Even in its chubbed up state the behemoth was as thick as his neck and dangled to his shins! His low hanging fruit appeared to be the size of basketballs, but given his new and improved stature, Kendal figured they were probably closer in size to schoolhouse globes.

Kendal could merely stand there and gawk at the changes that had gone on in his body. He was now huge. He was beyond huge. He was massive! His head almost reached the roof of his bedroom. His body was now so broad and brawny that his beefy, barrel chest was twice as wide as his door frame. His meaty pecs looked like mattresses. Each individual, burly bump on his deeply trenched eight pack abs was as big as a football. His biceps bulged out like basketballs. His massive quads were as thick as an oak tree, and his cock was even thicker. The head of his enormous schlong now rested solidly on the ground, and that was even after having to drop over his enormous ball sack which was filled with two low-hanging orbs that were easily the size of beanbag chairs. His pair of nuts now dangled so low that they almost scraped the floor even though he was standing as straight and tall as he could get, and Kendal had no doubt that in the next minute or two his nuts would rest solidly on the floor!

“Um… Not complaining, but just how much bigger am I going to get?” Kendal stammered. He was far larger than he had ever dared dream possible, and he was still growing. He wanted to be huge, but this huge? He didn’t know if he could go through life like this! He was a freak, but at the same time he couldn’t deny how hot as hell he had become. His hands couldn’t stop exploring every inch of his newly enhanced body. His firm, thick muscles felt fantastic, and his massive, beefy, muscle booty felt even better.

“You did not specify. You merely wished to be ‘bigger’,” Azkaban explained.

“That’s not really an answer,” Kendal murmured blissfully as he stroked his expanding muscles. By this point his cock was as long as he was tall and was well past a semi. It wouldn’t be long before it was rock hard and bigger than he was.

“Isn’t it though? You wished to be bigger, and so bigger you shall be until such a time that you wish it to stop,” the genie explained.

“I have to use another wish to stop it?” Kendal asked. He tried his best to be incredulous, but he was so blissfully enthralled by his growth that his question came out as a soft, contented murmur.

“If you ever wish to stop, yes,” the genie explained.

Kendal tried his best to formulate an argument, but he just couldn’t do it—in part because he was feeling too fantastic to really concentrate on much and in part because he knew better than the demand a do over with a super powered spirit.

“I really need to stop growing…” Kendal murmured.

“But do you wish it?” Azkaban replied.

Kendal couldn’t reply. He merely sat back against the wall and stroked his expanding muscles. His bed creaked noisily under the weight of his expanding ass. Already he had grown so huge and beefy that his booty filled up the entire bed. The extra-long twin sized mattress was more like a footrest than a futon. Kendal had to hunch down to keep from hitting his head against the ceiling. He knew he was huge. He was beyond huge. He was absolutely massive. He was far too large to get through his day to day life, but he just couldn’t care enough to want it to stop. He loved every pound of muscle he packed on. He loved every inch of cock he added. He was tempted to call the genie’s bluff and just let himself grow indefinitely. He chuckled softly as he imagined himself outgrowing the entire dorm. He could only imagine the looks on his friends’ and classmates’ faces as he beheld his mammoth form.

His daydreams took a dark turn. Instead of his friends being excited and aroused by his magnificently massive body they stared on in horror as his growing bulk outgrew the dorm and spilled out into the quad. People were running and screaming like something out of a Godzilla flick. It was then that Kendal realized how freakish he must look to others. The moment of horror was enough to shake him from his stupor, but the sudden crack of the bed snapping like a twig beneath him snapped him the rest of the way out of it.

“I need to stop!” Kendal sputtered.

“But do you wish it?” the genie asked again.

“I… I need…” Kendal murmured. He just couldn’t bring himself to say it. It was one simple word, but as much as he knew he needed to stop he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. It felt so good. Part of him wanted to keep growing. Part of him wanted to keep getting bigger and stronger and sexier.

“It will stop only if you wish it to,” the genie said calmly.

“I need it to stop… I must stop…” Kendal mumbled softly under his breath. He knew he needed to act fast. With each second he waited the bliss and euphoria grew… as did the rest of him. If he didn’t stop soon he doubted he’d be able to stop at all.

Kendal let out a disgruntled sigh and softly muttered, “I wish for it to stop…”

“Your wish is my command,” the genie replied. He once again snapped his finger, and Kendal was once again struck by a bolt of pure magical energy that erupted from the genie’s fingertips.

Kendal instinctively winced upon impact, but he felt no pain at all. In fact he felt a surge of relief wash over him. It was as if every muscle in his body had been holding its breath in anticipation, but now they had all let out a sigh of relief. The sensation was borderline orgasmic, but as he slowly came down from the euphoric high the true enormity of his situation began to dawn on him.

Even though he was seated flat on his ass on the floor of his dorm, Kendal still had to hunch over to not hit his head on the ceiling. His room was an easy ten feet floor to ceiling, and Kendal could tell that he would be almost twice that height if he actually stood up. Kendal’s broad, muscular, barrel chest was so huge that his shoulders pressed against either side of his bedroom. His pecs alone were as big as billboards. Each individual, deeply trenched, incredibly swole abdominal muscle was easily as large as a king sized pillow. His Adonis Belt alone was thick enough to for an average sized guy to cling to it like a body pillow. Kendal’s thick, muscular quads were easily as thick as redwood tree trunks, but as massive as his musculature was, it paled in comparison to his cock and balls.

Kendal’s cock stretched out in front of him and pressed against the wall on the opposite end of the room. His fully boned dick had to be every bit as long as he was tall if not even longer. Either one of his enormous nuts was every bit as big as his impossibly broad, brawny torso, and his dick itself was every bit as wide as his broad, barrel chest. To say he and his dick were massive would be an understatement. It was positively titanic.

“Whoa…” Kendal murmured in awe.

“So you like what you see?” Azkaban asked impishly.

“Well… yeah, but… I can’t be seen like this…” Kendal replied.

“So then you wish to be smaller once more?” The genie asked.

Kendal balked at the suggestion. It wasn’t just that he had learned not to be so vague with sizes. There was a part of him that genuinely didn’t want to shrink back down. He had tasted godliness, and the last thing he wanted was to be just another shrimp… but option did he have? He couldn’t actually go through his life like this, could he?

“I… I dunno… I don’t want to be small. I want to keep being big—bigger than any other guy out there. I love how I am right now, but I can’t go through life as a freak…” Kendal lamented.

“I think I understand. If that is your wish I will be glad to oblige,” the genie replied.

Kendal balked once more. He didn’t think that the genie was pulling his leg. Something about the way Azkaban replied gave Kendal the impression that the genie was being absolutely sincere, but Kendal still had no idea what his own wish was. What could he even ask for in this situation? He was stuck between a cock and a hard place.

Kendal glanced down at the genie. Azkaban seemed positively puny next to the now massive, muscular theater nerd. Kendal spent the next few moments in quiet contemplation as he tried to size up the genie and his motives. Eventually Kendal decided to go for it. The genie seemed to understand what Kendal wanted even if he himself did not.

Kendal let out a sigh and steeled his resolve. He swallowed once to clear the lump in his throat and help soothe his nerves, but he had succeeded at doing neither. “Okay,” he said nervously. “Okay. That is what I wish.”

“And it is my duty to see your wish granted!” Azkaban roared triumphantly. The enthusiasm with which the genie replied took Kendal by surprise, but the lightshow that ensues amazed him even more. The genie raised his hand up high and snapped his fingers once more. This time the resulting crack split the air which such force that Kendal thought his eardrums might implode. Lightning arced from the genie’s fingertips. Bolts of magic arced through the air and went every which way, and yet not so much as a single errant spark fell upon Kendal’s immense form.

The light show continued for what seemed like hours. Kendal had no idea what the genie could possibly be doing that would require so much magic nor was he able to ask. He was still far too baffled and dazed to formulate a question when the lights died down. Azkaban looked bushed. He teetered on the edge of exhaustion.

“It is done,” he rasped. “That was your third and final wish.”

“What did you do?” Kendal asked.

“You shall see, but for now I must take my leave. That wish sapped even my near infinite cosmic powers. I must rest now, but before I go I wish to say it was nice to have met you…” The genie mumbled softly.

With that Azkaban collapsed from exhaustion, but his body never reached the ground. His bulky form dissolved into a cloud of purple mist which then retreated back into the old, rusted lamp from whence it came. Just like that the genie was gone from Kendal’s life, but the effects of their short time together would be felt for ages to come.

Kendal slowly looked over his body. It was every bit as huge as it had been moments ago. He still filled up just about every inch of space in his now sorely undersized dorm room. Apparently the genie’s last magic trick had not affected him personally, but if it didn’t affect him then who had it affected?

Kendal wasn’t given too much time to think about it though. No sooner had he started mulling it over than the wall on the opposite side of his room shifted over as if the entire wall was one giant sliding door. Kendal looked up in shock just in time to see his best buddy step through the entrance.

Kendal would recognize his buddy Keith anywhere, but even he could hardly believe that the dude before him was his best pal. Keith’s face was unmistakable, but the rest of him was completely different! Keith had been every bit as scraggly as Kendal had been, but now he had to crouch just to walk into Kendal’s dorm. He was still shorter than Kendal by a good margin, but he had to be a good foot or two taller than the ceiling. He hadn’t just grown taller either. He had muscles stacked on top of muscles. His tiny t-shirt was wrapped so tightly across his chest that Kendal could make out the very contours of his buddy’s pecs. Not that Kendal really had to use his imagination much anyway. Keith’s shirt didn’t even stretch halfway down across his pecs. The bottom hem of his shirt stopped just above his nipples leaving those thick, puffy nubs exposed for all to see.

Keith had packed on so much muscle onto his already huge frame that his broad, barrel chest was at least double, probably triple the width of an averagely proportioned person of the same height. He was every bit as wide as a moving van, and his impressively fat cock—while only about as long as his legs—was every bit as thick as his waist, and it wasn’t even fully hard!

Kendal took a moment to soak up the image of his best bud’s burly new body. Fortunately Keith’s choice in attire made that a very easy task to do. Keith was clad in pair of tennis shoes, a tiny t-shirt which was so short and so small that it wouldn’t even really classify as a crop top, and absolutely nothing in between. Keith’s fat cock rested atop two massive nuts which filled their tight sack. His humongous, tight ball sack filled out every inch of space between his crotch and his ankles. Even though Kendal couldn’t see Keith’s quads from behind those immense nuts, Kendal had no reason to doubt they were just as big and beefy as the rest of his best bro.

“Hey! What’s the hold up? We’ve got rehearsal in twenty minutes,” Keith said casually. Kendal’s size and nudity didn’t even seem to faze him.

“Sorry. I guess I lost track of time,” Kendal replied. He was completely baffled about what was going on, but he figured his best course of action was just to play along for the time being.

“I’ll say. You haven’t even put your shoes on yet… Or did you need help with that again? I know how hard it is for you to bend over especially in this little crap hole of a dorm. Seriously dude! Put in for a transfer already! You’re the biggest dude on campus. You shouldn’t be living in one of the little dude dorms. Not when a new mega dorm just opened up across the quad!” Keith grumbled.

“Yeah. I guess I have kind of put that off too long, haven’t I…” Kendal replied awkwardly.

“Yeah. I’ll say,” Keith scoffed, but his playful act of derision halted mid eye-roll as his gaze fell upon the lamp.

“Oooh. Is this the thing? Can I see it?” He asked, but he didn’t wait for a response. He had already bent down and had picked up the rusted relic and was already rubbing some of the dinge off of it.

“Um… sure. Help yourself,” Kendal replied. He half expected Azkaban to pop out and start dispensing more wishes, but it looked like the genie wasn’t going to be making any more appearances any time soon… at least not until Kendal relinquished ownership anyway.

Kendal couldn’t help but stare at his best bro in awe. Even just the slight action of scrubbing the lamp caused Keith’s already impressive muscles to bulge even more. Seeing that immense brawn in action was like poetry in motion, but Kendal’s show was suddenly interrupted when Keith’s eyes fell upon his watch.

“Oh, shit. We’re gonna be late,” Keith grumbled. He then nodded towards the wall behind Kendal and said, “Go step outside. I’ll get you something to wear. We’ll have to hurry if we’re gonna make it.”

Kendal wasn’t sure what Keith meant, but he didn’t think it would make any sense if he asked for clarification so he merely acted like he knew what he was doing. Kendal glanced over towards where Keith had gestured, and to his surprise he saw a very distinct handle sticking out of the side of his wall. He grabbed the handle and pulled and then marveled as his wall slid aside like a side door on a van. The wall opened up directly onto the quad. The large, open, grassy park was full of hot, beefy, hung dudes. It seemed like every guy in the world was now massive, muscular, and packing more meat than a burger chain. Even the ‘smallest’ guys were well over eight feet tall, built like a Mr. Universe competitor, and looked like they had a king size pillow and a couple of basketballs stuffed into their shorts, but as Kendal stood up to his full height he realized that these guys didn’t even come up to his crotch. His cock alone dwarfed their entire bodies. Even just one of his enormous nuts was bigger and heavier than some of the guys out there.

“Here. Let me help you get these on,” Kendal heard Keith say. Kendal turned and glanced over at his pal, and saw the Keith was holding a few articles of clothing.

“Do I really need to wear those?” Kendal asked. He was feeling so huge and sexy that it seemed a shame to cover up, and it wasn’t like anyone else out there seemed to care about modesty. Outfits like Keith’s seemed commonplace, and there were quite a few guys clad in nothing more than jogging shoes.

“Whatever dude. If you want to drag your balls across the concrete I won’t stop you, but it’s 90 degrees out and we have to cross asphalt. I’m just trying to save you a couple of baked potatoes,” Keith replied playfully.

“Right. Good point,” Kendal replied. Kendal then looked down at the extra-large pair of briefs and began to realize the problems his huge size presented. How was he even supposed to put them on? He could barely bend over due to all the muscles in the way, and his enormous cock and balls made squatting down a chore and a half as well.

“So… you gonna help me out here?” Kendal asked.

“Of course,” Keith replied as he laid Kendal’s shorts out for him on the grass. Keith then playfully bowed and gestured towards the garment. “Your chariot awaits,” he said playfully.

Kendal took the jokes in stride and even managed a comically wry, “That will be all, Jeeves,” he then stepped into the leg holes of the tiny pair of briefs.

Keith wasted no time—in part because they had no time to waste, and in part because he loved this part of the day. Any chance to get up close and personal with Kendal’s enormous nuts was a wonderful experience, and this time didn’t disappoint. Keith all but mashed his face into his pal’s massive ball sack as he pulled the fabric up and over his buddy’s nuts. He could actually feel the heat emanating from his pal’s balls. Kendal’s nuts were so huge, so soft, so warm…

“Okay. Okay. You can snuggle up against my sack tonight, but weren’t you the one saying we had to hurry or we’d be late?” Kendal sassed playfully.

“Oh… Oh, yeah. Right…” Keith murmured. He quickly hopped to his feet and tried to act like he hadn’t totally just been trying to spoon his buddy’s ball sack, but he wasn’t fooling anyone. His eyes kept drifting down towards the overstuffed pouch of his best pal’s pants.

It wasn’t right to call them pants really. They barely even classified as a thong much less briefs. The front of his thong was filled so full of balls that the rest of the garment had been stretch into a series of super thin spaghetti straps. The back strap had been completely swallowed by his huge, bubbly, muscular butt cheeks making it appear—when viewed from the back at least—as though he wasn’t wearing anything at all, and the view from the front was no less lurid. The small, triangular swath of fabric didn’t even cover the front half of his ball sack. It was a miracle of modern engineering that the small bit of fabric managed to keep his nuts off the ground at all let alone kept them from shifting around too much as he walked. This of course meant there was simply no room for his colossal schlong to fit in there alongside his balls, but Kendal was just fine with that. It felt so much better to just let his enormous semi loll about in front of him. It wasn’t like anyone was complaining anyway. In fact it seemed like just about everyone stared on at Kendal’s enormous cock with gazes filled with lust, envy, and out and out reverence.

Kendal stepped into his shoes much the same way he had stepped into his briefs. Keith of course was there to help every step of the way. It only took a moment for the two of them to be ready to make their way over towards the theater building and prepare for their rehearsal. The entire way there Kendal made sure to check out the changes his wishes had wrought. Everywhere he went, everywhere he looked he saw dudes—massive dudes. Each one seemingly hotter, beefier, and better hung than the last, and yet not one of them came close to rivaling the sheer enormity of Kendal’s massive, burly bod or his colossal cock and balls. In fact very few of them came close to rivaling even Keith’s impressive proportions, and even he only came up to Kendal’s midriff.

Kendal had never intended for anything quite like this to happen when he had made his wishes. He had never dreamed of growing anywhere near this large nor had he ever intended to make others grow with him, but seeing the results of his wishes he knew he wouldn’t want it any other way. Azkaban clearly knew more about what Kendal really wanted than even Kendal himself had. It was just a shame that there had been only three wishes…

Kendal glanced over to see his buddy unabashedly checking out his package as they walked. Already ideas were formulating in his head. Already Kendal was thinking that maybe, just maybe, once the play was over and they no longer needed the lamp as a cheap prop, he could give it as a gift to his best friend and biggest fan.

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