The life changing discovery

by MuscleAndBulge

Stew is a short and scrawny teenager. But after he discovers a magical artifact, his life becomes bigger and better.

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Stew was a typical teenage guy. He had just started college, but he was off for the summer. He studied at a local school, so he lived with his parents. Stew had only made a few friends in high school, but he was trying to get out of his shell more now that he was in college. He had made a few friends in his program, and he had even gone on a few dates with some guys he’d met online. Stew was trying to be more outgoing, since he had been more introverted in high school and wanted to push the limits of his comfort zone.

The sun was setting on a Saturday evening at the beach. Stew’s family liked to drive there and spend the day whenever they could. It was a bit of a family tradition.

Stew didn’t want to go swimming after they had finished eating, so he unpacked his metal detector and set out looking for random things around the beach. After spending over an hour searching with nothing more than some broken jewelry and some pocket change to show for his effort, he decided to expand his search.

He headed over some rocks away from the main part of the public beach. He figured he’d try some place that hadn’t been picked over by dozens of other metal detector enthusiasts.

He got to another stretch of shore, but this one was much rockier and filled with seaweed. This must be why no one bothered with this stretch of beach. He started his sweeping pattern and set to work.

After a few minutes, he got another hit. Pulling out his trusty spade, he set to work digging it up. He heard the telltale “ting” of metal on metal, letting him know he had found his target. He carefully excavated it and found what appeared to be some sort of metal lamp with ornate design covering the sides. He stashed it away in his backpack to take a closer look at it later. The sun had almost set now, and he was sure the rest of his family was getting ready to leave. He packed up his gear and made his way back to the parking lot.

Later that night, after they got home and unpacked everything from the car, Stew brought his stuff to the basement. Stew was the youngest of his brothers, and the only one that still lived with his parents. So, he had most of the basement to himself, and he set it up like a rec room. There was a couch, a TV, some chairs, and a desk to do homework in the corner.

When he set down his backpack, he heard the clank of the things he had found at the beach and it reminded him of the strange lamp he found. He took it out of his backpack and sat at his desk to take a better look. It had some corrosion from being in the wet sand for who knows how long. Stew took out a rag and started to scrub some of the dirt away and get a better look at the designs on the side.

Starting on one side, he worked his way around until he was back where he started. He squinted to take a better look and brought it closer to his face, when suddenly, it began to vibrate. Startled by this, he let go of it and it clattered onto the desk. It started to glow and rattle more violently. A plume of smoke started to come out of the opening, and the rattling seemed to slow down. The smoke started to become denser and take shape. A muscled torso of a man started to form before him, and stew noticed how buff and toned he was. It reminded of the men’s fitness magazines he had hidden away when he was too young to have his own computer. The man finally came into view, with teal skin and pointed ears pierced with several earrings.

Stew and scooted back several feet during the events and was now staring at the strange new guest in his basement hideout with his mouth agape.

“Hello” said the floating figure. “My name is Awah’Toh. I am the genie who lives in this lamp. I am here to grant you three wishes”

“Holy shit” was all Stew could manage to come up with.

The genie tilted his head curiously and said, “why would you bless feces?”

This snapped Stew out of his awestruck lack of words. “Genies are real?” he said.

The genie looked down and himself, then to the lamp, and then back to Stew and said “Clearly.” It appears a genie can be sarcastic.

“So… you can actually grant me three wishes?”

“Yes. However, there are limits on my magic. I cannot bring back the dead. I cannot control other people. And I cannot grant immortality. Besides this, I can give you anything you desire.”

“So kinda like in Aladdin?”

“Who?” said the genie, puzzled.

“Never mind,” Stew said, as his mind started to race with possibilities of what he could ask for. His mind went over the events of the days and started thinking of the beach. He thought about why he didn’t want to join his family when they went swimming. Stew was a rather small for his age. He hadn’t gotten a huge growth spurt in high school like a lot of his classmates had and seemed to have peaked at 5’6”. And he had little to show in the muscle department. His cock was nothing impressive, maxing out at 4” hard. He hated taking his shirt off because it would show off how thin and small he was. That’s why it had been a few years since he had gone swimming at the beach. Being in the water with nothing but his swim trunks showed off everything he didn’t like about his figure.

As though a light bulb went off in his head, he made eye contact with the genie and asked, “This isn’t one of those monkey paw situations where these wishes turn out to be curses or something, right?”

“I’m not familiar with this, but I can assure you, I wish you no ill will.”

“All right then. I wish I could make my body bigger” he said decisively.

“Very well,” the genie nodded slowly, then pointed his fingers at Stew. There was no light and no sparks. Nothing but some fingers pointed.

“Did it work?” asked Stew skeptically.

“Why not give it a try? Think of the changes you want and see what happens.”

After finished his hand motion, the genie crossed his arms over his chest. As he did so, his muscles flexed and showed off their size. This gave Stew all the inspiration he needed. He concentrated on these muscles and thought of how he wanted the same thing.

His body felt strange. It wasn’t unpleasant, perhaps even good. As thought a thousand tiny hands were massaging his skin at once. He looked down at himself and saw the changes unfold. His chest started to expand under his loose-fitting shirt. His arms were getting thicker too, making his sleeves tight. His shirt was now too tight for him. Moving his arms made the shirt bunch and stretch in ways Stew was not familiar with. His jeans were also becoming snug around his legs as he filled them out more and more.

The changes slowed to a stop. Stew started to touch his arms and chest to make sure they were real, and sure enough they were very real. He looked at the genie and smiled. “This is amazing!”

“I’m glad you enjoy my handiwork,” he said with another slow nod.

Stew’s mind was going wild now as thoughts started jumping around inside his head. “How big can I get?” he asked with an excited tone.

“You never wished for a maximum size, so there isn’t one,” Awah’Toh said matter-of-factly.

This brought on another wave of excitement for Stew. He looked over at his computer and remembered the pictures of morphed muscle men he had seen online. He thought about one of his favourite photos and held the image in his head. But before he did anything else, he ran over to the old full-length mirror that had been stored in the corner of the room after some renovations. Stew was now ready and thought about how he wanted to look like that morphed man with the exaggerated features.

He watched in the mirror as his muscles once again started to expand. His shirt got tighter and tighter until the seams started to rip, and his new flesh started to spill out of the tears. He got caught up in the moment and flexed to see how it looked in the mirror. Just then, his shirt reached its limit and fell off in tatters, revealing Stew’s now bulging and growing torso. His muscles continued to expand, his shoulders getting wider and his pecs growing outwards until Stew’s chin bumped into them as he tried to look down. His abs formed a tight eight-pack of fist sized bulbs that each cast their own shadow. His biceps were the size of bowling balls and his triceps looked twice as big as a normal bodybuilder’s would be.

After scoping out the changes that happened above his waist, Stew realized that his jeans looked like leggings and the seams were held together by threads. Shortly after he realized how strained they were, he bent over to examine the damage. This caused his muscles to flex. Almost like rip-off pants, they fell away from his legs, leaving him standing there in nothing but his underwear.

“Wow” was all Stew could say. He turned around, inspecting his new proportions in the mirror. He would flex and turn and flex and turn, amazed by the results. He loved how he looked now. The feeling of his new strength felt amazing.

But after a few minutes of looking at himself in the mirror for a few minutes, something started to bother stew. He looked at his junk. It was covered by his briefs. He had worn a special spandex pair for his trip to the beach, just in case he decided to go swimming. His cock had felt small before, but with his new swollen muscles grown to huge proportions, it looked comically small under the blue stretchy fabric.

“Is something wrong? Are you not satisfied with your wish?” piped up the genie.

Stew felt sheepish all of a sudden. “Does… Does it work on uhh… ” his voice trailed off, embarrassed by what he wanted to ask. It was comical how this gargantuan wall of muscle was fidgeting with the waistband on the only piece of clothing he wore. “Can it work on my cock?” he finally blurted out.

“You wished to make your body bigger. Your cock, as you call it, is part of your body, is it not?”

Stew’s heart began to race with the new ideas coming to mind.

This time Stew simply thought about how he wanted a bigger dick. He didn’t think of anything for inspiration. Just simply: bigger.

Then, on command just like his previous changes, his underwear began to fill. The change was slow at first. His dick started to show through the fabric, outlining the growing member. It slowly grew to fill the pouch, then it began to push beyond the boundaries of what was normal. It stuck out further and further in front of him, growing to the size of a cantaloupe. Stew could finally see the bulge over his pecs. This was substantial, because of how huge his pecs were now.

Looking in the mirror again, Stew surveyed his new addition. He touched the bulge with his whole hand. His bulge jiggled somewhat, then a shock of pleasure coursed through his cock. This surprised Stew. It was as though the sensitivity of his cock had grown along with the size. He rubbed the front of the pouch, feeling it stretch as he pushed it from side to side, enjoying the sensations that went along with the motions.

Stew was beyond excited now. He couldn’t believe that this person he saw in the reflection was actually him. He loved every crevice and curve his body now had. And yet, there was something still missing. He was not yet satisfied.

He thought about how he wanted an even bigger cock. If it were as easy as thinking about it, why not? He closed his eyes and thought to himself “a bigger cock.” Stew opened his eyes with adrenaline coursing through his veins. He witnessed the pouch growing even bigger. It was as though someone was inflating the pouch on his underwear with an air pump. It was now as big as one of the yoga balls he remembered from gym class. He was surprised that his underwear had lasted this long. Then he thought “bigger” and a smiled split across his face.

Again, his bulge grew bigger. Bigger than the bean bag chair that sat in front of the TV. Then, just what he was looking forward to, the front of his underwear split with a loud rip. His cock spilled out from the fabric. His huge phallus flopped out onto the ground, sending shivers up and down Stew’s spine.

And yet he could only think of “bigger”. And so, his cock grew. It started to spread further away from him, into the middle of the room. All the while it was getting thicker. It was now taller than the desk that the lamp still sat on. And it continued to grow. It now bumped into the coffee table, pushing it aside as it took up more and more space in the basement.

The changes slowed to a stop. Stew looked at how he had changed himself. His cock must now be at least 8 feet long and wider than a door. He bent over to try and touch as much of it as he could. It felt amazing thanks to its augmented sensitivity. Stew had another thought: how long was is really?

He had a tape measure in one of the drawers in his desk. There was only one problem. His cock was now so huge that his feet barely touched the ground. Only the tips of his toes could brush the floor beneath him, and given how huge and heavy he now was, this wasn’t going to be enough to move.

He laid forward and lounged on the expanse of flesh that was his cock and set to work trying to figure out how he could move around. But the shifting of his weight made his cock grind into the floor, and it grew bigger as it got harder. And now his feet hovered a foot over the ground.

He looked over to the mirror again and noticed he had grown incredibly wide and thick with muscle, but he was still only 5’6”. Then he had an idea.

He thought about being taller. He thought about how much he had wanted a growth spurt like the other guys in his high school who were now well over 6’ tall. He wanted to be tall enough to touch the ceiling. Hell, even taller than that.

Then the changes started. He could feel his limbs start to lengthen. His feet found the ground again and he was able to stand. He could feel his muscles start to find more space on his frame and become less crowded. He was finally able to touch the ceiling above him, and then a few moments later he could do the same with a bent elbow. And he figured that was enough… for now.

Now, to retrieve the tape measure. Stew tried to take a step towards the desk but found that he could still barely move. His cock was so heavy, that even with his enhanced muscles, he couldn’t muster enough strength to move it. This didn’t bother him, because he knew exactly what to do.

He thought to himself, “Bigger muscles. Strong enough to walk around,” and then the sensation started again. His thighs expanded and grew, his calves were approaching the size basketballs. His legs continued to grow, new feelings of immense strength surprised Stew. He looked around to his backside and saw that his ass was now a huge rounded mass, the likes of which Stew had never seen before. The changes slowed to a stop. His legs were now enormous, the size of huge tree trunks. He was now able lift himself off the floor. Or, as much as his cock would allow. It was so long that the majority was still laying on the ground. He was able to drag it around and move, so he made his way to the desk. But he noticed something in the mirror that caught his attention. His last growth had grown his legs, but the rest of him was unchanged. It looked strange having enormous legs but a small torso, or at least small compared to his lower half. Stew thought that this looked ridiculous and set to work fixing it.

His chest expanded again and grew outwards, sticking out further than ever. His pecs were bigger than over-stuffed pillows, and still growing. His shoulders became wider, dwarfing his head in terms of size. His traps climbed up and his neck started to disappear. His lats were widening, and his arms were forced out from his sides. His torso had an exaggerated V taper that looked cartoonish. His upper body held up by massive abs that rivaled softballs for size. His biceps were probably the most overdeveloped, as they were now the size of huge watermelons.

Stew flexed, but the mirror was so small compared to him now that all he could see was his chin and anything in line with his abs. Everything else was wider than the mirror. He shrugged and continued his was way to the desk.

He retrieved the tape measure from his desk and started lining it up next to his cock on the floor and pushed the end to line up with the tip. He read the number on the side: eight and a half feet. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed to himself, his grin still plastered on his face. His heart racing, he was still not satisfied. Not yet. He grinned and thought “Bigger”.

On command, his cock expanded again. Bigger and bigger it grew. This time faster than ever before. In a few seconds it had reached the far wall. It got thicker and was pushing the furniture to the sides. It bumped against the far wall and Stew began to be scooted further away. That’s when he noticed something else. He was being lifted into the air. Once again, his cock was so thick that his feet had left the ground. His head was getting closer to the ceiling. But he didn’t care. He just wanted to be bigger.

Stew’s balls were now so big that they would have been taller than he was this morning. Then he felt the wall behind him hit his balls. He smiled even wider. His cock was now so big that it reached from wall to wall in the basement. And the basement was not a small room. His cock in front of him must have been almost 15 feet, and his balls were nearing 6 feet in diameter. Stew was surprised by how much he loved all this growth. He absolutely loved being huge. And still, he wanted more.

His cock now had no more room to grow forwards, so it started to bend. It curved, filling up whatever free space it could find. His balls behind him also pushed him forward as they grew.

His head then hit the ceiling. He hunched over, rubbing his head. He normally would have been angry for hurting himself, but this was completely different. He smiled at the thought that his cock was taking up most of room in the basement. He put his hands on the ceiling and then continued his growth until his upper back made contact with the ceiling. He then stopped the growth. He had his hands and his back against the ceiling like some kind of erotic statue of Atlas. He admired his changes from atop his perch.

That’s when he heard a knock on the door at the top of the stairs. “What are you doing down there?” It was his mother, coming to check on what all the noise of moving furniture crashing around.

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