Pham, or how sex got really bizarre

by Locky

 Svein encounters 5’4” Pham on his trip to Hanoi. But before you think “good things come in small packages”, you’d better read the rest of the story.

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It was my second trip to Hanoi. It always amazed me how I stood out, simply because of my height. While in Norway, 5 feet 11 is a little below average, here I felt like I towered over most of the crowd, even if it was by two or three inches only. Not only that, but usually, when you’re pasty white like me and blond, you get quite a lot of stares. Anyway, maybe not everywhere, but where I rented it sure was the case.

I did my little tour of the area, and that’s when I met him. At first, I thought it was a woman, because his hair reached down to his waist, but then he turned, and the face in front of me was one the prettiest, androgynous male I had ever seen. Absolutely thick lips, a small, flat, upturned nose, piercing eyes… you get the picture. In comparison with me, he must have been about 5 feet 4. Not too stocky, but enough to project an overall cuteness. Anyway, here I was, with my groceries all lined up. He passed them over the scanner.

“Enjoying Hanoi so far, sir?” he blurted out in a heavily accented English.

I jumped, noticed I was lost in my admiration. I must have been absolutely red, as it was clear he noticed.

“Uh, yes! I’ve been here before, not this place, but around. I love the ambiance, it’s a great place overall.

- I’m glad you like! So you’re staying in the area?

- Yes, not too far from here, at the Moors hotel. I’m here for about a month, paid trip and all, to do some research on fauna. Paid trips are really the best.”

He beeped the last item. He smiled back, white teeth blaring out. I smiled back, waved goodbye, and headed back to my hotel. That night, I thought about him, imagined him nude, us laying in bed, his hair sprawled all over the bed and me, and his gorgeous lips on mine.

I got up early the next morning. I packed up my stuff and headed out. I hadn’t marched two steps outside when I heard a familiar voice : “Sir! Wait up…” I turned around to see yesterday’s protagonist. What was he doing here? “Hey, you’re the cashier from yesterday!” His hair was untied, I presumed because he was out of work. The view I had was really something I wasn’t used to seeing. He asked me about my work, what it consisted about. I told him he could hang out with me if he wanted, I didn’t have anything planned. I was a little wary that this could be a tourist trap ploy, but after we chatted more in the bus, I felt fine and at ease. I explained to him how I had to go out in the forest to get some samples of the ground, flowers, grains, etc. He listened as best as he could. While he read over my forest map and looked at my notes, I looked at his hands, small, nimble, with long fingers. My view slowly sidestepped to his sandals. His feet were short and squarish with small toes. They were really perfect, in my view. “Sir?” I jumped again, this was the second time in two days that he surprised me in my thoughts.

The bus arrived at the station 15 minutes later. We went out and marched for about 30 minutes into the forest. “I… I just realized I don’t even know your name? I’m Svein.

- You can call me Pham! Glad to meet you, he said with a touch of humor.”

He put his hand up for a shake and smiled. I laughed, and shook back.

I absolutely did not expect the next part. He pulled me to him, grabbed my head and pulled me down toward him. I didn’t even have time to think as his thick lips overtook my mouth. I opened mine back, more as a reflex then a willful act. Right away, I was pushed by Pham back against a tree, and his tongue entered my mouth. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and twisted mine against his. More and more tongue entered my mouth, I was surprised as it meant his was absolutely disproportionate to his mouth. I was scared to gag on it for a while, but Pham insisted with his embrace. He moaned, and I felt his hand grab my package. I tried to pull out. “Woah… wait a s…” I got cut off as he grabbed me again and pushed me on the grass.

Fuck it, I thought. I let myself be dominated by this small nimble guy. I just realized the image I had yesterday in the bed was coming to a reality, albeit somewhat differently. “Wait, wait a second!” I managed to blurt out. He pulled back and looked at me, absolutely radiant that I seemed eager to continue. I took a towel out from my bag, which I had brought in the intention of sitting on during lunch time. He helped me placing it, and just as soon as it was laid down, jumped on me again. I had never seen someone so eager. I noticed a wet spot on his white short. Pham removed his shirt. I was in front of one of the best looking upper body I had seen. His pectorals were cut and striated. Perfect abs cut to perfection. I pulled up my arms as he removed my shirt. He grabbed my head, pulled it toward his lips, and we embraced. Once again, I was invaded by his huge tongue. I, in turn, brought his head closer with my hands (or tried to, as we were about as close as we could ever get), I loved the spicy taste his mouth had. Pham rubbed his crotch against my leg, just under my shorts. I heard a wet slurp sound that surprised me. I leaned out and saw that the complete front of his shorts was wet with… I wasn’t sure what.

“What the hell?” Pham just smiled, and pulled my head down. He was really stronger than he looked. He forced it against his crotch. I kissed through it, trying to guess out the shape of his penis. I grabbed his bubble butt with my hands and felt his hair. Pham released the pressure on my head, and I slowly kissed up to his abdomen. His skin was smooth and hairless, like any Vietnamese.

“uhnn… Pham moaned, get down there, I need someone to suck me dry!” I was amused by the crude language, but it really seemed to turn him on. His shorts were unzipped in no time. Then I saw one of the biggest dick like I had never seen before. It was still in his underwear… for the most part. The only thing that held it back previously was his shorts. Pham was absolutely huge. His balls looked like they were each about 3 inches wide. Then came a nice, long shaft, about an inch and half wide, that went up, and up… and oh my god, it just seemed to unreel upward. I put it upright from his thigh and up against his navel. The shaft went past it by three inches, and then, on top of it, sat the biggest cockhead I had ever seen. I put my hand around his dick and looked at it from up top, I couldn’t even see my fingers because of the rim of his gland. It was a deep dark purple and seemed to pulsate even bigger and bigger. “Look… out… uhnn….” I saw the slit of his dick widen, and out pulsed a great amount of precum. The flow was endless, it covered his head, my hand and a good part of my forearm. That’s when my resolve flinched. I wend down right away on this gigantic mushroom. There was no way I could even put half of it in my mouth, but I wanted lick as much of it as possible. I tongued around his slit, which was still widening as hid gland reached un-fucking-believable dimensions. It must have been four or five inches wide. His precum poured out endlessly, the towel absolutely soaked underneath us. The smell of his juice was even stronger then anything else around us in the forest.

About two minutes had passed since I begun drinking from Pham’s fountain, and then he pushed me on my back. He unzipped my shorts, took my had, reasonable 6 incher in his mouth, and turned around to form a 69. He rammed his slit down on my mouth. I slurped more and more. My hands grabbed his shaft… and that’s when I noticed : although he seemed as hard as before, the circumference of his dick felt much thicker… my index and thumb were very close to be apart. I felt a pulse, more precum washed over my face (I actually held my breath as it passed over my nose and mouth), and another pulse, and another… My fingers were being pulled apart as his dick was becoming gargantuan. Pham’s huge balls were also getting bigger as they dropped on my forehead. Everything was like a blur, his administrations on my dick intensified. His slit was now as big as my mouth… and then… a pulse, and it was bigger. The monster cockhead was getting farther away, and I had to pull myself… upward? Wait a second…

Pham pulled away and seated in front of me, his legs crossed over each other, and continued to slowly jerk his penis. “Oh… my, god, what happened to you?” The cockhead reached his pectorals; we were sitting down in a big puddle of precum. Pham smiled as he saw me looking up to him. He brought his small feet on my chest… no wait. Small feet? What I remembered as being cute little size 7 feet had proportionally grown to size 15. I grabbed one, felt it’s size. Like his dick, I felt a pulse, synchronously with his precum. I looked up, and up, as Pham kept growing taller, reaching closer to 6 feet 7.

“Get ready for me, little man…”, said Pham. He slowly advanced toward me, like a wolf stalking it’s prey. Surprise and uneasiness made me pull back a little. His body was now on top of me as I layed down. Before me, resting on my tummy, was this fat, purple, iron hard cockhead. It pulsed again, growing fatter and fatter, thicker then my waist… what the hell is happening?


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