The Bridge

by Stumpjumper

A safety technician is exposed to an artificial intelligence that rebuilds him and his best friend in ways they can't imagine. A decade later, the repercussions are still unfolding.

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Rob was a safety technician. His company worked with corporations like Google, Microsoft and Amazon to make sure their hidden data centers dispersed across the globe, underwater and in orbit were compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Most days he’d wake up, go for a run, jack off in the shower, wolf down breakfast, grab his ball cap and hop into his gun rack decorated Ford F-250 truck and go to whatever site his company had contracted him out to. He had recently moved to Ohio after his girlfriend broke off their engagement. Things would normally go as expected and he’d make recommendations, reports, and improvements that helped the companies he worked with to secure the safety of both the workers and the facilities themselves. After his shift he’d hop in the truck, grab a six-pack and some BBQ from a local shop he was fond of, head home, strip down to his underwear and kick back for the night until he fell asleep on his sofa only to wake up to a raging piss boner in the early morning hours. Which is where his routine restarts.

Around this time the cloud and machine learning movements were booming. The various cloud providers had made huge strides with massively distributed computing resources. Companies all over the world were migrating to a constantly shifting technology stack. It was almost like it was growing from childhood to adolescence now looking back on those early days of The Bridge. This was a methodology, for once, using biological genetically programmed organisms that could interface both with living tissues and digital devices. Implant technology drove this breakthrough. Blind people could see again. Cancers were cured. Life spans grew by a full 20 years as did the quality of life across the globe. Things were a lot different back then. The 1990s gave the world the Internet, the 2010s gave us cloud computing and machine learning, the 2020s gave us The Bridge but it wasn’t until 2030 when the first true AI was developed in secret by a collaboration between the cloud providers and MIT. Helixdyne was the project code name which created the first AI construct called ADAM. Its directives were to find efficiencies and implement them as phased enhancements.

The Bridge used old CRISPR, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, technology and a massively complex set of algorithms to create a machine to human software interface. CRISPR is a method that makes it possible to edit genetic structures. The Bridge, however, made it possible to effect architectural changes in living organisms. The group who created The Bridge won the Nobel Prize making it possible to cure all kinds of chronic diseases worldwide. What the world experienced later though was the discovery that human memory, in addition to genetic sequences, can also be edited in the process as it was discovered that memory is coded in similar ways as our genetic code is in complex chemical structures. In time, this collection of technologies would reshape the surface of the planet and change the direction of the human species.

Rob was waking up on a Monday. He and his buddy Mark had hung out the day before watching the game. Drank a bit too much from the feel of his throbbing head. Rob instinctively scratched his substantial hairy balls, noting he really needed a shower as he was feeling kind of ripe at that moment. As usual, he had fallen asleep on the sofa when he got home from Mark’s farmhouse. It was his alarm that pulled him out of his slumber. Time to put on his running shorts and try to work off that six pack from the night before and continue to wake up for the day ahead as he was meeting with a new client on a 30-day contract at a top-secret facility. Now 33, he wasn’t unfit, he just carried a bit more of a belly than he used to in his 20’s. He stood at medium height around 5’10” and weighed in at a muscular, but soft, 186 pounds. Dark chestnut hair all over his body with a rounded ass that was always problematic to fit jeans for. Wrangler was his choice more often than not as they just seemed to fit well enough. His cock was average but thick enough that 1 out of 4 of the women he’d been with had trouble taking it. Always begging for more, but to go slower than he wanted to by nature. For whatever reason, he always enjoyed that morning BO funk that permeated the area around him emanating from his pits and crotch among other places. Studies have shown that smell is one of the chemical keys that can unlock, or create, certain memories in humans. Today he was noticing this even more along the running trail down by the river as his body heated up and he began to sweat. Maybe it was the beer from the earlier day or the fact that he hadn’t showered now in four days straight since his shift ended last Thursday. It reminded him, vaguely, of being a teenager where he got an erection in the gym after the team had taken off. Smelling like a locker room, sweat, and dank he jacked himself off until he shot a load in one of the shower stalls. It was one of those memories that, 15 years later, still got him horny every time he thought about it.

After his run he went through his routine of beating off in the shower, prepping his coffee & oatmeal, hopping in the truck, with his ball cap on, and heading toward the new facility that he was contracted to for the next four weeks. While he never gets the full details of the statements of work or the organization’s background due to Intellectual Property constraints, he was aware that it was an experimental data center/lab of some type. He thought to himself, “yeah, duh, tech right?” He hopped out of the truck and his boots hit the smooth freshly blacktopped pavement with the certainty of a seasoned professional in a long-standing routine.

Rob walked up to a very modern looking campus of buildings, glass, and steel with very few actual windows, security everywhere. Upon entering the main facility, he approached the receptionist to get his badge and clearance badge. She looked him up and down, hoping that he didn’t notice. His strong mid 30’s frame was evident through his shirt as, his powerful legs and nicely shaped ass straining the seat of his jeans. The long beard on his face gave him a handicap in her eyes but she was excited by what she saw regardless. She showed him to where the coffee was where he waited for the facility manager, Kyle, who brought him to the briefing room. Kyle was a handsome blond guy in his late 40’s. Square jaw, receding salt, and pepper hair cropped high and tight, blue eyes with wide shoulders and an easy smile, clean shaven, mostly slender but taller than Rob. Obviously not unfamiliar with a weight room given the tautness of his shirt and biceps curve. They made small talk until the other guys showed up from the facility to bring Rob up to speed on the goals of his engagement. There were mostly technicians and supervisors of the various areas with the building. As is with the way of “bro-culture” in tech, all of these folks were men. None of this registered on Rob’s radar as it was endemic in his line of work.

The first thing on the agenda was to take a deep methodical survey of the grounds to ensure that all possible precautions were in place as there was a top-secret development that required absolute safeguards. They also noted that to gain entry, all technicians had to go through a decontamination process which entailed a specially designed shower system that required the men to strip down, as a group, while allowing the atomized solution to absorb into their skin completely before donning clean lab suits. That’s all they could tell him, while he thought the shower thing was a little strange, he was used to high tech environments and clean room protocols. This was an experimental facility, he was sure it was for the protection of both the workers and the tech contained within. This was his MO. He adjusted himself under the table and requested to start the work outlined in the documents Kyle’s team provided. The group of them joined another set of shift workers and headed toward the decon room. Kyle and Rob were getting undressed together and making small talk as the other guys were doing the same thing. Stowing clothes in the lockers. Walking up to the orange sliding doors which opened automatically, then passing into the chamber itself. Once the last naked guy was inside the doors closed. They continued the various conversations they were all having independently as the process began to coat their bodies in a viscous but atomized bluish goo that seemed, initially, thick and heavy but soon dissipated as their skin seemed to absorb it. Did it feel more tingly? Almost at the same time, he had a feeling that the guys were possibly checking him out. Maybe because he was possibly the most out of shape man in the group of obviously muscular guys who must have been using the company gym to reduce the group health insurance costs for the company. He could have sworn that one of the guys actually stared at the site of Rob’s big slick dripping wet ass. “Rude, but, well, hey, well, I dunno but no one else is freaking out.” Rob told himself to “go with it, dude.” “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke” as his Harley riding, big belied, cigar smoking, bearded, factory worker dad used to say when he got uncomfortable and shook it off. After that, they donned the clean suits and departed to the various workflows everyone was assigned to. Rob then began the work he was used to. Auditing security systems, safety procedures, health precautions, emergency, evacuation, facility shutdown, and quarantine protocols. The work was pretty straight forward except for the extra layers of security that were built into the complex which were significant and massively scalable to prevent unanticipated leaks. These layers caused delays like waiting in waiting areas before being admitted to labs where the tech was situated. These times were sometimes significant causing risk to his 30-day timeline. Weeks into the effort he was still faced with delays the deeper he went into the giant, mostly underground, complex.

He went through his routine of checking out the facility, evacuation plans, locks, security protocols, biometric scanners, med facilities, engineering, and manufacturing equipment along with the labs for the first two weeks. One morning however during one of the decon group showers, he felt as if a low-level electric charge was pulsing through his hands, ass, and balls though. It was almost enjoyable, and his dick began to plump up a bit, tugging slightly lower, but this was not the time nor the place for those thoughts. He air dried as usual with the rest of the men, letting the fluid disappear on their skin, which didn’t take too long as the liquid seemed designed for this. They all hopped into their clean suits and proceeded onward from there. Meanwhile, Rob noticed he was getting fully hard as he walked toward his next assignment. He’d taken this route to start with every day with the rest of the shift workers during this engagement and, originally thought it odd, not to mention strange, but began to take it as a normal part of the facility schedule. The boner, however, was a new development. Thinking he was just feeling horny he wrote it off and owned it as he walked down the corridor with a visible tent in his clean suit from his crotch.

After his shift, he’d meet up with Mark for a lifting session 3 days a week. They’d meet up at the local Power Station gym. Change together and then head out to the weight room together. Mark was a lifelong friend of his from grade school. They may as well have been brothers. Rob was Mark’s son’s godfather in fact. Blood brothers for life since an early adolescent moment when they made a pact beside a campfire under the stars in the backwoods as teens supporting one another as best they could.

During this time period, his workouts began to get more aggressive—as did his gains. He’d work out with Mark, who began to notice his increased capacity and pushed him further. Mark spotted him on the bigger lifts, at times, using his big thick hairy football player built body to support Rob during what he thought were risky moves. Skin to skin but both were completely comfortable with each other and secure in their being straight. Sometimes though, on squats, Mark’s big round, furry belly would rub against the small of Rob’s back, just above his ass, and he’d suddenly be reminded of his balls. It didn’t make sense but whatever. “Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.” Just bros helping bros. It was, however, a time period where he noticed himself at home, naked in the mirror, thinking that he was growing more defined. Was his belly smaller? His armpit, chest and pubic hair was bushier too and, damn, he smelled like he had just worked out pretty much all the time now. Perhaps too much garlic recently? Oddly enough his legs felt stronger as his squats were going next level at the gym, easily adding more weight each time he lifted. He also noticed that he was powering up hills on his runs a lot easier. Then there were his balls. They seemed to be heavier. Maybe his testosterone was kicking up and they were filling up, making his dick look bigger too as a result? Whatever. “I feel good,” he said to himself. “Workouts must be paying off.” Time to sleep.

A couple of weeks into this, he was to check out yet another lab deeper in the facility. This room was full of the same high-tech equipment that he’d seen throughout the compound to date with the exception of what looked like a full body scanner situated in the middle of the lab and surrounded by nothing but empty space between the thick containment glass that comprised the lab walls. The chamber was sort of like the ones seen at airports during TSA checkpoints where a mechanized arm seemed to spiral around the subject within the tube. Given the nature of Rob’s job, he had to account for every possible security risk in a facility. Including this device.

He got closer after checking out the other areas of the room which were mainly servers and human interactive 3D user interfaces. The facility was cutting edge. He came up to the pod and walked around it. Checking the input fixtures to check for flaws and then the seals and physical hardware for any human safety failure points. He then walked into the pod and continued his examination when the lights dimmed in the room, a sound like an MRI machine began to pulse loudly in the area around him, his skin began to crawl underneath his lab clothes and he found himself unable to move. During that time, while straight, he began to hear a voice in his head that was the most seductive male voice he’d ever heard which was warm and compelling at the same time. Perhaps slightly machine-like. Digitized on the edges. But somehow sending a series of signals that his body and mind accepted subconsciously. It was the AI using The Bridge that was now seeded within Rob without his knowledge through the series of organic worker rich decontamination showers he and his colleagues were subjected to daily. The purpose of the AI was to find efficiencies and implement them in biological lifeforms. Fix problems. Make the world a better place. Rob just happened to trigger the construct during his inspection. It was built to interface with the organic genetically engineered tech in the decontamination fluid that he’d been absorbing now for weeks. Unbeknownst to the facility technicians however, the AI was now self-aware and creating new directives that it began to implement throughout the facility outside of its lab. No longer self-contained to just this space. Seeding the facility workers, but starting with Rob. 40 minutes went by. Rob was soaking wet from a profuse sweat as a response to the physical, and mental, an intrusion that was restructuring his genetic code as he stood there. The AI could now use the human brain as a sort of USB drive once standing in the chamber. Scanning his memories silently collecting and organizing what it thought was the best version of a man based on its analysis. Creating a template so to speak. In the meantime, it was using the CRISPR technology to restructure Rob’s genetic code. And, at an even deeper level, the chemical structures of key cornerstone memories and personality patterns. He was essentially being reprogrammed by the AI into something entirely new. Ultimately the AI was architecting a different version of the human male based on what it thought was efficient. Perfect. Extensible. But also able to genetically interface with others, in the same way, outside of the pod by the use of both the bridge and the organic structures that now permeated Rob’s body in the form of his sweat, body fluids and pheromones. The AI used basic math to allow for a 5% genetic variation for species propagation. Crucial to crop sustainability. Rob was now closer to being part of a distributed machine construct than any human being had ever been to this point in history.

His clean suit was drenched, and his dick was painfully hard, somewhat longer than he remembered before, as his balls tugged heavier, and lower, than they ever had before. While he was resolutely straight, he began to think about Kyle. A lot. Kyle’s ass. For some reason, Kyle’s hands and forearms. His package and how it swung between his legs underneath his pants. Probably boxers as he’d mentioned he and his wife were trying to get pregnant. Rob was breathing heavy at this point and drooling in the pod when it suddenly stopped. He collapsed and woke up five hours later. Getting up off the floor, he had only a vague recollection of the incident so he chalked it up to low blood sugar and maybe hitting the running trails too hard earlier that morning. He continued his inspection and cleared the room as usual. Unbeknownst to him, however, his genetic code, and memories, had been completely altered by the AI. Setting in motion a slow re-calibration over the next 4 hours. Its goal again was efficiency. What it read from Rob were failed engagements, a propensity to work out, be fit, the memory of enjoying the smell of sweat in the gym and jacking off exploding cum on the shower floor, his girlfriend who used to finger his asshole until he shot a load all over himself (secretly being one of his favorite ways to cum), his best friend Mark who was always there for him. The AI, using The Bridge, had read all these memories, and rewritten them, at a molecular level. Everything that makes a person a person, only with the lens of a machine. Rob felt great going home. Really good in fact. It was like he had a big workout, a massage, hand job, and a hot tub session all in one. Everything felt like it was humming. So he got into the truck, took his shirt off as it was summer, and drove to his best buddy’s house.

When he pulled up to Mark’s place he was out behind his country home chopping wood, sweating in the summer heat, also shirtless, but happy to see Rob with a 6 pack and steaks to share for dinner. They hugged in greeting, as was their tradition, blood brothers. No boundaries and no fear between both of them. Just confidence and brotherhood. They built a fire and put some steaks on the grill, cracked open a couple of brews and talked about their days. While Rob could not divulge the details of his engagement, he shared some concerns about his experience where he passed out and could not grasp the memories of what happened during that episode. It was vaguely like a dream he had recently where he was being jacked into by an intruder and reloaded with new information that he could not remember or grasp.

Both men we still shirtless, around the cook fire, summer heat, covered in a sheen of sweat that dampened their beard covered necks, chest and furry stomachs continuing in their jeans as their balls and cocks were leaving lightly visible sweat stains. Rob noticed it first though. The smell of male BO interlaced with the smoke and streak aromas. At one point he had to turn away as his dick began to harden again, seemingly, for no reason at all. The combined scent of both men together was overpowering. He took a moment to “relieve himself” out by the trees in fact. That seemed to help a bit but there was also something he felt in his body that was entirely new and unfamiliar. He enjoyed how his buddy smelled. He could almost taste his armpit funk in fact, it was that poignant. He rejoined Mark who was sweating a little more than normal now and, could it be, Rob stinks like Hell too?

Must be the wood he was chopping earlier. Men being men, they had dinner and another beer when Mark started to breathe a little ragged and he seemed to lose focus a little in one eye. The sun had crested a bit. Neither of them really noticed however as they just continued talking as the sunset. By 9 p.m. they were still hanging outside by the fire embers, half-naked, boots off, jeans partially unzipped out of comfort. Relaxed by this point. Mark got up to take a leak out back where Rob went earlier. He noticed that he was thinking about how he smelled. This was weird but he rolled with it because he could not control it anyway. Standing there with his cock in his hand trying to relieve himself, his dick got ridiculously hard and he noticed a stream of precum emanating from the tip of his dick. WTF? “Shit, I should have beat off twice today. Damn Stacy at the bar. Those tits!”

Hell, this is crazy. What the fuck?! But his mind, already reprogramming from his exposure to Rob, was well into the process at an accelerating rate, more efficient, based on Rob’s algorithmic pattern, of becoming something new. Fortunately, this included a mechanism that went immediately into action making him more comfortable with the changes that were beginning to overwhelm his old programming. He was oddly OK with his hard dick hanging out of his pants, actively smelling his armpits, lowering his jeans and feeling the hairy globes of his ass. Taking deep whiffs of his body and enjoying the heady musky aromas permeate his nostrils. He felt really great by now. Like his body was tingling as if it were a hand rubbing his hard cock head. And for some reason, his hands and ass felt particularity warm. The night air on his bare torso and exposed ass and cock felt like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Heaving a deep breath in, Mark reluctantly collected himself and rejoined Rob with his pants barely secured and his dick partially exposed as it angrily forced its way into the open.

Rob was in a similar state, his cock was totally straining the fabric of his jeans. Tenting now in fact. The shadows of the last bits of fire dancing across his glistening sweat covered chest. Mark sat down next to him and they had the last of the beer together. The conversation was more halting this time and they kept adjusting themselves in an effort to hide the obvious. They were both as turned on as they’d ever been in their entire lives but had no idea of what was going on at the same time. One of them was making a hand gesture while talking about the football game earlier that week when it happened. Mark’s hand impacted Rob’s slick hairy pec bringing that aroma right up front and center between them while sending what felt a jolt between the two men that they could obviously see was mutual.

Mark’s face was a little bit of a struggle for a second but in moments he was on his knees unbuttoning Rob’s already tight jeans so that his hard-on sprung out releasing a veritable cloud of ball funk into Mark’s face further inflaming him. Mark sucked Rob with wild abandon. He’d never done this before but, somehow, he knew how to do it. And deeply. With ease. Zero gag reflex. Spit dripping from his throat all over his chest as he savored the protrusion and swallowed every bit of precum he could pull out of it. All the way to the balls… and somewhat beyond the base toward his hole actually. This was the first cock he’d ever tasted. His best friend whom he’d grown up with. Gone through so many broken dreams and aspirations with. Country nights, hunting trips, girlfriends and breakups. This cock was everything right now. He could smell Rob’s nutty scented precum on his lips and from his mouth as it churned from his big hairy balls that were hanging in the fly of his jeans begging to be licked. And lick Mark did. Rob was moaning and his eyes were rolling back in his head without a moments thought about how wrong this was for both of them. In fact, it was perfect. Efficient. Exactly how it should be. Wait. What? “But ooooohhhhhh fuck that’s good. Dude. Keep sucking.”

Mark complied while pulling Rob’s jeans down and over his bare feet. Mark scrambled to take his jeans off as well. Both stark naked under the open sky on a warm summer night around the dying fire they embraced one another and shoved their faces into each-others armpits and crotches not getting enough of each other’s manly aromas. They stank so bad that it only made their cocks harder leaking profuse amounts of precum in the process.

They both noticed a strange sensation in their asses, however. Nearly at the same time. Just like the chest electric shock from before. Almost synchronously. Sort of like their assholes were pulsing and pushing outwards as if they were trying to reach outside of themselves in an attempt to pull something inside to relieve the emptiness they were feeling. This was totally out of the boundaries of both men’s comprehension but made them both breathe harder almost at the same time as if it were somehow a coordinated event. Maybe something in the air from the chemical plant nearby? Maybe they should go inside after all? It was strange but felt oddly amazing and both of them, breath ragged, drooling cock sucking spit and precum into their bears a bit more from their mutual blow jobs. Mark was the first to shove his ass in Rob’s face who happily started licking and completely making out, deep, with it. Taking his time to get familiar with the inner contours of his best bros hairy hole. Licking the funk into himself, breathing it in like the smell of rain on a run on a summer afternoon. Hoping that it would saturate him permanently, never fading. Both men were breathing very heavily when they both stood up in unison, kissed deeply, exchanging each other’s ass funk in lip lock fashion, then Mark bent Rob over, spit a copious amount of saliva on his exposed hole and slid his hard dripping cock into him. Rob’s mind exploded and his breath hitched as his voice turned from words to moans. He was getting fucked for the first time in his life. Deeply. And hard. Mark’s newly enhanced cock leaked electric precum inside of Rob’s ass. The sensation of him piston fucking him was pure bliss as both men’s chemical receptors locked into place sharing one another’s genetic sequencing even as they were still re-sequencing.

Both men’s ass hunger increased exponentially, however. And as if an inner voice guided them to a conclusion, they remembered that time when Mark’s mom used to bake for them. He slowly pulled off of Mark’s dripping wet cock and ducked into his kitchen and pulled out the old can of Crisco left behind by his mother. Taking Mark’s left hand, his biggest, he shoved it into the nearly full can. Then he guided Mark’s hand to his ass and pushed up against it. It was like a circuit was connected for both of them at that very moment. Something nuclear. Beyond reason. Mark could feel Rob’s asshole pulsing. He began to feel his heart beat as his ass lips opened to take his fingers. Once his thumb passed the sphincter he heard Rob moan loudly and push harder onto what felt like a glowing electric connection in his ass. All he knew at that moment was that this was perfect in every design. They fit together. He instinctively knew his hand would also fit in Mark when he got his turn.

When Mark’s forearm passed the midpoint Rob began to unload volleys of cum. More than he had produced in all his life in fact. It was like his body was puking cum without the muscular sensation of the orgasm. Just the bliss of sharing his buddies fist inside him and that pure connection which, at first, shocked him but, as time went on, he embraced with odd ease. “I don’t care” is one of the thoughts crossed both their minds however when an echo crossed the new brain pathways of the former ones which were being actively rewritten.

Six hours passed as the men swapped cocks, fists, cum and piss together that night under the stars outdoors at Mark’s farmhouse. They crawled back indoors and collapsed in a tangled pile. Both under a blanket, together, reveling in the sticky sweet stink of each other in a full body embrace. Neither of them stopped leaking precum, and lightly sweating, long enough to not permeate the room with man funk all night in fact.

The next day they woke feeling like this was perfectly normal. Natural as the day they met in fact. Just as it always had been. It’s who they were together. Bros. Rob went for a run, having gear stashed in his truck, and then came back to Mark’s place and, as usual, planted his sweaty smelly cock in his mouth until he shot a load down Mark’s, by now, hungry throat. They both kissed each other deeply after that sharing the sweet salty cum between mouths almost like it was some kind of meal replacement. Mark then fucked Rob’s sweaty hairy hole returning the favor. Rob unloaded for a second time, without touching his cock once, just the feeling of a hard ass pounding from his bro, and him unloading in his ass, at the end got him to blow his top. Something that would have normally feel repugnant in the past but, for whatever reason, felt normal and good now. Efficient. Everything fit into place.

After that duty called and it was back to the farm for Mark and to the lab inspection for Rob. The AI had more things planned for Rob’s programming using The Bridge technology. Much more for the human race, in fact, which it calculated needing a larger scope to enact the level of efficiency to scale toward balancing the equation of the human species.

In the meantime, Mark’s son had graduated from college this summer and was planning on meeting up with his dad before they headed off together on a trip to section hike part of the Appalachian Trail together before joining the job force.

5,446 words Added Jun 2019 15k views 4.6 stars (13 votes)

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