The brothers

by FanTCMan

Cory Callahan and his three sibs participate in a secret program, resulting in more muscles, body hair, cock size, and horniness.

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Part 1 Cory Callahan and his three sibs participate in a secret program, resulting in more muscles, body hair, cock size, and horniness. (added: 1 Mar 2003)
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Part 1

Driving home from the research center, Cory fought the feelings that he was going down an irrevocable path to something really strange and almost frightening and taking his brothers along with him. He felt guilty not even asking the younger two if they minded being part of the experiment. But since he'd had to take on the responsibility of taking care of them all, after their parents were killed in a car accident, he'd had to do what he'd had to do. At 23, the money he earned as a personal trainer and part-time model was hardly able to put food on the table and buy clothes. Even taking money to strip at private parties barely helped. The few times he'd gone even farther, giving sexual favors to a couple of wealthy women, had just made enough money to buy the guys some new clothes. he never thought his brains were his main asset. He'd grown up trading on his looks and his body. But when those guys approached him, he didn't think he could ever take that road.

Then they told him they would pay him enough to provide whatever he and his brothers needed if he would participate in their experiment having to do with genetic restructuring. Whatever that meant. He was told it would involve physical changes, but not told much else, except that he would be among an elite group of men undergoing the experiment, and because he was in the position to bring in his younger brothers, he could add greatly to the program, and would be compensated accordingly. Putting younger guys, especially guys just entering puberty, was a top priority. They wouldn't even have to come stay on the “campus” right away, although they would probably get to where they would want to, and they would then be totally provided for. They wrote him a check for ten thousand to get him started and said there would be another when he returned the following week, and they would discuss his brothers then. In the meantime, for the check, he merely had to take a shot that would let him experience, to a degree, what this was to be like. It would be the starter, and if he didn't like what it did, he could say no, and after signing a confidentiality agreement, that would be that.

He hadn't thought much beyond that, except the part about involving his brothers. There were four of them, the Callahan boys, Cory the oldest at 23, then Jace, amost 18, Jackie, almost 16, and the kid, adorable Toby, just 13. They were a great looking bunch, close as any brothers could be, and Cory worried about getting them into something they weren't prepared to deal with. It was his trip, not theirs, his responsibility to find the means to support them. He hated the secrecy thing, but those guys had seemed really serious about this, and Cory knew you didn't fuck with government guys. So he didn't say anything to them.

By the next day, he found himself energized in a way that felt really great. His workouts went fantastically well, his clients seemed more motivated than ever by his attitude and energy, and they asked him if he'd fallen in love, or was taking something to make him so up and alive and looking so good. He heard that often, but now it seemed he was hearing it more, and looking in the mirrors that were all over the gym, he did think, for whatever reason, he was looking pretty fucking great.

By the end of the day, he was also feeling horny as hell, but not like he wanted to go find a girl and get laid. It had to do more with his own body. He wanted to get naked in front of a mirror and get off on himself. That was something he often did in the mornings when he woke with a morning boner, but this was different, stronger.

A couple more days passed, and the feelings grew stronger every day. But the second day he noticed, he was sure, that it wasn't just his feelings that were changing. He found he needed to up the weight on every body part, and he felt something deep inside, like an itch that needed scratching that he couldn't quite get to, but it wasn't an itch, and it wasn't scratching he needed. There was this feeling deep inside his muscles that felt like only heavy lifting, a serious pump, would get to. But even that didn't do it. He realized it had to be whatever they'd given him, and he made himself adjust to the feeling. What it did was make him super-aware of every muscle on his body.

It was the fifth day that he noticed that he looked different. He saw it as soon as he woke up. Walking to the bathroom, his lats felt thicker under his arms and his legs rubbed together more firmly. He stared at his reflection and boned so hard it surprised him, but he felt amazing. His pecs were bigger. He looked amazing. He flexed. He held a single bi, his cock jutting up like a rocket ready to launch from his black bush, and with his other hand, he felt the flexed bi, his pecs, even his abs were more cut, thicker. Jesus. He was just about to grab his cock, which was also looking very fucking hot to him, when Jace walked into the bathroom. The doors were never locked. The guys weren't at all shy around each other, but this was not something they shared, those moments of self-gratification that only Toby was just discovering. The three older guys had jacked off together a couple times, but didn't all guys do that?

“Whoa, Cory,” Jace said. “Sorry, man.”

Jace was wearing a towel around his waist. Nothing else. Cory dropped the pose, but just smiled at him.

“That's cool,” Cory said. “Guess I just woke up horned as shit.”

“Dude, you been pumping heavy, or what?”

“What do you mean?” Cory felt a rush of excitement that Jace might see what he'd just discovered.

“You're bigger, bro. You're cut up as shit.”

“Yeah? You think so? That's what I thought. I think it's this shit that some government guys gave me … remember when I went to that medical place?”

“Yeah? What kind of shit? I want some, dude.”

“I don't know what it is, but they want to use me to test it. It pays really great money. They want you guys, too, but I told them I wasn't sure I should get you into it.”

“Fuck you, man. Just keep it to yourself. When did you take it? And you already look that much more buff? You know I'd do anything to get buff like you, man. So would Jackie. I guess Toby's a little young. Dude, that boner is huge, man. I'll get out of here so you can do it.”

“No, wait,” Cory said, grabbing Jace by his arm. “Okay, I know this is weird, but do you think my dick looks bigger?”

Jace blushed. “I don't know, bro. It's not like I see you boned a lot. It just looks huge. I don't think of you as having that big a dick.”

“Yeah,” Cory agreed. He didn't think of himself as having that big a dick, either. “Wow.” He just looked down at his hard-on, standing there, Jace looking uncomfortable, and Cory kind of liking his brother looking at him that way, commenting on his muscles and his dick. It was strange. He felt like he shouldn't be feeling this way, but he did.

He still had Jace by the arm. “You mean it? Would you want to do it too? Don't say anything to Jackie or Toby yet. I have to talk to them when I go back, but they really want all you guys to do it, and the pay would be incredible.

“Fuck yeah I mean it. Are you kidding?”

“Cool. Cool. It feels really great, you know. I feel really good, like hot, real turned on, real into my body and all.”

“Oh, like that's something new, Mr. Aren't-I-Gorgeous Gymrat.”

“Oh, ha ha. No, this is a whole different thing, I can't explain. You don't have to leave. Go ahead, take your shower. I just gotta stay here and check this out. If you don't care, I sure don't.”

Jace was clearly uncomfortable, torn between his options, but his towel betrayed a rising interest or curiosity he'd just as soon not have exposed, but which, since it was making itself apparent, he was relieved of trying to hide.

“Okay, man,” he said, and hung his towel on the hook, revealing the partial boner.

As Jace stood by the shower door, waiting for the water to warm, Cory turned back to the mirror and struck a double bi. His biceps seemed to pop with veins he hadn't had before and peaked so big and hard. He felt his pecs. They were definitely thicker, wider, and felt dense and hard. His cock began to drool precum. And all the time, Jace watched, careful not to stare, to be oh, so casual, Mr. Too-Cool-for-School senior varsity weight lifter, but his dick lengthened and firmed a bit more before he stepped into the steaming shower.

Cory stroked himself to orgasm and shot the biggest load of his life into the sink. He let out some healthy moaning, but he didn't care. This was too hot. As he wiped out the sink, he saw the silhouette of Jace jacking in the shower and heard the “ah, ah, aahhh” of orgasm.

More than a few people commented on how Cory was looking bigger all that day, and he felt a high he couldn't get over. He kept thinking about that morning, his conversation with Jace, and it excited the shit out of him that Jace wanted to do it, too. It also excited him thinking about Jace jacking off with him right there, and his doing it with Jace right there. He couldn't wait to get back to the center, but he still felt conflicted about getting all three of his brothers into the program, especially little Toby.

The next day, the changes that had been relatively subtle, though enough for others to notice, were more obvious, and he was even more turned on by it. The night before, Jackie and Toby had said something, too, and he wondered if Jace had said anything to them. This morning he thought as he flexed that he kind of hoped Jace had. It would make it easier. When Jace appeared in the bathroom again, this time more apparently on purpose, Cory just stood there and flexed for his brother and showed him how fast this stuff was putting on muscle.

“You gotta let us do it, too, man,” Jace said. “I swear your dick is bigger, too. Shit.”

Now Jace just looked down as the towel began to rise, not even trying to hide that it excited the shit out of him.

“Yeah,” Cory said. “I know it. It feels bigger. I'll talk to them tomorrow.”

The two guys jacked off, like the day before, separately but together, and Cory found himself wishing that they could just do it together. That would be so hot. He was in love with his body, but he also couldn't help but think what a good looking stud Jason had turned into. For a 17 year old guy, he had a great body from the weight lifting he'd been doing since he was Jackie's age, and he knew it. Jackie had started lifting, too—brotherly competition—and for a 15 year old, was already starting to get some nice cuts. Was it possible that he was feeling turned on by his own brothers? The thought flashed quickly through his mind, and he tried to force himself to dismiss it, but when he heard Jace ejaculate in the shower, it sent a thrill through him, and his own orgasm rocked him as he exploded, just as Jace, covered with soap, cum on his hand, opened the shower door, grinning, to see him cum all over the sink and the mirror.

“Duuuude …” was all Jace said, but his expression showed pure hero worship.

The men at the center were glad to hear that Cory would bring all three of his brothers in, and so they gave him his shot, and sent him home with a check for forty thousand dollars, ten for each, and three prepared syringes for the guys. As he drove home, he worried himself with the guilt, but he kept thinking about Jace, and he knew Jackie would be cool with it, would probably love it. He did wonder how it would affect Toby. The kid had barely started growing a few pubes, had shaved his upper lip once or twice—not that he really had to, but there was enough darkish peach fuzz to let him do it. His voice had just begun to crack and change. But even as he drove, the shot they'd given him began to work, and he felt the guilt slip away, thinking about the money, but, more than that, about how he felt, getting more muscular, his dick growing bigger. Even his balls seemed to be bigger. And he thought about Jace, jacking off in the shower, how much he was going to love the way this felt. And Jackie. They were going to be so turned on. They would be so hot. He realized, as he pulled up to the house, that he was so hard his dick hurt. He felt like that stuff was making him bone so hard that it was forcing his cock to stretch its own limits. Fucking hot. It was being forced to grow. He couldn't wait to see that happen to Jace and Jackie. And what would it do to Toby? He felt his muscles against the material of his clothes. God, he was so turned on as he gathered up the bag with the syringes and saw Jace and Jackie and Toby looking out the window, waiting for him.


Part 2

“Hey, Jace,” Robby, a buddy in the weightlifting club whispered between sets. “My dad says he saw your brother at the medical center the other day.”

“Yeah?” Jace answered, leaning back on the incline bench. “So?”

“So, my dad said he talked to him. He said Cory's doing that program my dad's doing, man. He said all you guys are. Is that true, man? Is he? Are you?”

“What program?” Jace lifted the bar off the stand, pushed a couple presses, and set it back on the stand. “Hey, dude, would you put a couple more tens on for me? This feels so light.”

“Light? Dude, you're liftin' two-forty already.” Robby slid the plates onto the ends of the bar. “I don't know. Whatever that is they're doing at the center. I know my dad was starting it when he saw Cory. He says Coach Stan is in on it too.”

“No shit? Coach Stanopoulos?” Jace barely broke a sweat lifting the two hundred sixty pounds for sixteen reps.

“That's what he said. So you do know. What is it, dude? Come on, man, give it up.”

“Yeah, okay,” Jace pulled Robby aside. “Cory went over a week ago, and they said they wanted him to get all of us in, too, so this weekend he started us, too.”

“What do you mean, started you? What'd he do, man? My dad said they just gave him a shot. What's it supposed to do?”

“I don't know, man. I don't think Cory knows. All I know is it's making him change, making him get more muscular. And … well, other stuff.”

“Come on, man. My dad said they told him they want him to get me into it, too. Scared the shit outta me, 'til he said you guys were doing it. So, like, what other stuff.”

“Scared? Shit, man. I practically begged Cory.” He leaned closer so only Robby could hear him. “It makes your dick grow, man. And your balls and all. It makes your dick get bigger, man. Buff and hung, dude. Don't be scared, if he wants you to, bro. Do it.”

“So you got a shot?”

“Yeah, they gave Cory the stuff to give us. I guess it's going to be one a week for like six weeks.”

“So you did it like three days ago? You feel anything?”

“Just real good, bro. Real good. Maybe stronger, I think. Come on, let's lift. Let's build some muscle, dude.” He flexed a biceps. Jace had built up some good arms, measured 17.5 going into his senior year. Now the muscle popped hard and full, dense.

They didn't talk about it any more. The coach stuck close. Maybe he'd heard his name. He seemed to give extra attention to Jace, pushing him for extra reps, loading on the weight, having Robby spot for him and teasing Robby about letting his buddy Jace outmuscle him.

In the showers, after their workout, Jace felt so pumped. He hadn't told Robby the whole truth. He hadn't seen much change yet, but he sure did feel whatever that stuff was working on him. He felt it deep inside, and it felt more than “really good.” It felt hot, sexy somehow, made him feel like a total jock stud. He knew he looked fucking great as he sauntered to the showers, soaped himself up slow, feeling his hard, tight, muscular body. He loved the fact that he was only seventeen and had the body of a real built muscle teen, like some of those models. He noticed the guys looking at him, soaping himself like he was getting off on himself. Well, fuck 'em. He was. The thought flashed through his head when he soaped up his groin that soon his dick would start to look big, that they'd all see him grow. But he figured if Robby knew, soon word would get around. He wondered how many other guys' dads, or brothers, were doing it, too. Or other teachers? How weird, and how cool would it be if all these guys started getting real muscular and hung, too. He realized he was starting to feel turned on, not just by those thoughts, but by being watched as he felt how hot his body was, knowing the guys were looking at him, that maybe they knew what Robby knew, and he felt his dick start to react, get plump and a little stiff as it flopped when he soaped up his pubes and all around his balls.

“Hey Jace,” one of the guys, Phil Henderson, teased, “why don't you just jack it in front of everyone, dude. Jeez!”

“Fuck you,” he shouted back, and stopped the soaping, lest he completely bone up, rinsing himself, but letting the guys look just the same. He took his time toweling off and dressing, thinking about how soon he would start to have a dick that would make all these guys so jealous, trying not to think about it so he wouldn't get totally hard, but thinking about it anyway, and realizing he couldn't wait till he couldn't hide it, like Cory already couldn't. He also found himself watching the guys watching him, all the muscle jocks into lifting weights and building up their muscles to look hot. How cool would it be if they felt like he did, wanting to be looked at, admired, more than they already did? They could all just …

At home, the brothers acted as normal as they could, considering that something was happening that was really hard not to talk about. Cory was fixing dinner while the three younger guys did their homework. Jace was finding it hard to concentrate. He felt a little more up, almost wired, every day, and as he sat trying to do geometry, he kept flexing his arm, feeling his biceps, feeling his pecs through his t-shirt. He watched Jackie reading with one hand under his book, in his lap, and he knew his brother was feeling his dick, probably getting a boner for no reason at all. He knew, because it kept happening to him. He looked at Cory in the kitchen, tearing lettuce for a salad, looking so amazing after just a week and a half. The button fly on his Levis was rounded now where it had hung flat and loose before, rounded over the meat stuffed in Cory's briefs. Cory didn't just look like a muscular jock anymore. He had begun to look thick, more like a bodybuilder. His arms rested against the thickness of his lats, out from his sides, the way a bodybuilder's arms do, and when he walked across the room, his legs had that same kind of look. Not extreme, but definitely more of a bodybuilder look, bulkier, and yet cut and defined as ever. Not an ounce of fat. The Levis didn't hang loose, anymore, either. Cory's butt and legs filled them tight, even though the waistband gapped several inches from the hard, cobbled surface of his stomach. The beater didn't even come down to the waistband because the muscle was taking up more of the material, making it shorter. And, he saw some dark hairs growing in a line from just above Cory's belly button down into his Levis. That was new. Cory had always been smooth, just his thick pit hair and pubes. Not even much hair on his legs, and barely any on his arms. Jace looked at Cory's arms. Wow. He hadn't even noticed until now, but the lower part of his forearms had short, dark hairs growing flat across the tops and down toward his wrists. He turned back to the work on the paper in front of him, but then he had to check his brother out again. What if he changed as much as Cory that fast? His cock was so hard in his pants he felt it almost burning, straining against the limits of his clothes, even of its own skin. For a moment, he wondered if he was ready for this, but his doubt quickly drowned in the flood of feelings that swept over him at the thought of being transformed into what Cory looked like now, and something beyond that he couldn't even imagine. He thought about the shower, earlier, how it would be if he looked like Cory. He thought about Cory in the bathroom, so into his muscles and jacking that big cock. He must already have ten inches. Oh, god. And now he was growing hair. And why was that so hot? He'd never thought twice about a guy's hair, but seeing that on Cory was exciting him in some strange, strong way. Holy shit. He felt his cock suddenly go electric on him, and before he could do anything about it, he shot a load in his pants.

He got up, turned his back on the other guys as fast as he could, and hurried to his room to change. He didn't know what he'd say about changing, but he didn't care, either. He'd stripped off his pants and briefs, using his briefs to wipe the smeared cum off himself. It was all in his pubes, and as he wiped himself down, trying to get his pubes cleaned off, it seemed to him that he was dealing with more pubic hair, that his bush was thicker, or denser, or just more of it, or something. That turned him on too, just like seeing that hair on Cory had, and he didn't understand the feeling, but he liked it. It was sexy and hot. He was getting clean briefs out of the drawer, his cock still so hard it was almost standing up against his belly, when the door opened. Cory was standing there, smiling at him.

“Hey Jace, buddy, you just cream your jeans, man?” He laughed.

What could he say? Busted. And there he was, a pair of briefs in his hand, wearing a t-shirt and a startled expression, his boner jerking uncontrollably against his abs right in front of Cory. But instead of embarrassed, he realized, he felt relieved, almost happy, that he was caught like this. What could he do? He couldn't hide it, now, and there was something just too cool about that.

“It's okay, bro. I know. Happened to me, too. You just gotta learn when it's time to get up and go jack it before it blows on its own.”

He walked over as he was speaking and clapped a hand on Jace's shoulder.

“It's not just your body that changes on this stuff. It does things to your head, too. Makes you horny in a whole different way. Real intense, too.”

Jace just stood there, now that Cory had come in and had already seen his boner. He couldn't believe he'd just shot a huge load and was still so horny that all he could focus on was his hard-on. That and how muscular Cory was getting, how muscular and hot. God, he was looking hot.

“Yeah, I think I know what you mean.”

“I know you do. I saw how you were looking at me out there.”

“I was just noticing how much muscle that stuff is putting on you.”

“Yeah, I know. It really is. You like how it looks, though, don't you?”

“Well, yeah. It looks hot.”

“Bet you're thinking about how it's gonna feel, aren't you? I know, man. I see guys at the center, just, like, a week ahead of me, and they are so much more muscular, I mean, really getting to look huge, and I wonder the same thing. It totally turns me on, man. I know that sounds queer, but it's just so hot, somehow, seeing them gettin huge like that, thinkin' about it.”

“Yeah? Really?” Jace thought how cool it was that Cory was telling him this. “How do they look, man? Their dicks huge, too?”

“Yeah. Their dicks are huge, too. Some of 'em getting really huge. They look totally fukin' hot, bro. Why, you like that idea, Jace? Getting all hulked out and getting a huge dick? Is that what you were looking at me like that?”

Jace hesitated just a second before answering, “Yeah. Hey, Cory. Is it true you ran into Robby's dad at that medical center? Is it true he's doing it, too? And Coach Stan?”

“Did Sandy say something?”


“Mills. Sandy Mills. Robby's dad.”

“Oh, Mr. Mills. Yeah. He told Robby about it. They want Robby to do it, too.”

“Jeez, they're gonna have every guy in town doing it. Yeah, I saw him, and yeah he's doing it, and the coach, too. Lots of guys are, from what I can tell. I think they 're trying to get as many people as possible. I still don't know much, but I heard that it's some kind of population control thing. They have a version for women, too, but I don't know what it does. There's a couple babes at the office that have gotten so hot, their bodies are amazing, fuckin' beautiful.”

“Wow, really? Shit. I bet you want to stick your big dick in 'em, huh? The way it makes you so horny.”

“Uh, well, uh, not really. It's weird. I'd rather just go look at myself and jack off my big dick. Or … well, nothing.”


“Nothing. So, does your dick feel like it's so hard it hurts? Like it's trying to push through its own skin?”

“Yeah. That's exactly how it feels? You get that, too?”

“Oh, yeah. Stronger now than what you must be feeling. Dude, that's the stuff making your cock grow.”

“Fuck. It's like outta control, man.”

Jace looked down at his cock, hard as marble, but hot with pounding blood, and now, oozing with precum again. It was like his body and brain were just off on their own ride, but he was happy to go along.



“Can I ask you something?”

“Anything, bro. Anything.”

Jace looked at the bulge behind the fly of Cory's Levis. He could tell it was bigger, that Cory's cock was getting hard from this conversation.

“How big is your cock, now, man? I bet it's like ten inches.”

Cory smiled at Jace, and the smile had a sexuality about it, a knowing, that Jace picked up on, and that made his own cock jerk and smack against his rock hard belly.

“Well, actually, bro, I measured it this morning. It might even be bigger now, but this morning it was eleven inches hard, and almost eight inches around.”

“No way.”

“Way. You want to measure it now, bro?”

“Fuck man. Let me see it, okay? would that be cool? You really want me to measure it?”

“Yeah. We'll measure yours, too.”

“But what if Jackie comes in. Or Toby.”

“Jace. Dude. Do you care?”

“Well … If you don't.”

“I think maybe we should just get this all out in the open. No point trying to hide what's happening, you think? Come on.” And Cory turned and went back to the other room, his package straining his Levis. Jace pulled on his briefs, just his briefs, his boner still pointing straight up, obvious as hell, and he followed his big brother.


Part 3

“Where's Toby?” Cory asked Jackie, who was sitting at the table alone when he and Jace walked back into the room. He'd put down the book he'd been studying and was leafing through one of the many bodybuilding magazines that Cory had started buying and bringing home during the past week.

“He went to the bathroom.” Jackie looked up like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. “You know, these guys are pretty cool.”

“Listen,” Cory said quietly, “while Toby's not here, I don't know how this stuff is going to affect him, but we should remember he's just a kid.”

Too late, and not quiet enough.

“I'm not a baby, you know,” Toby said, zipping his pants.

“No, you aren't,” Cory answered, “but you are still a kid, and this stuff they're giving us is starting to do some strange stuff. I just don't want to do anything we shouldn't, you know?”

“We won't,” Jace said, acutely aware that he was standing there in his briefs with a boner so hard it looked like a small log, that a spot of precum was spreading where the head of it was lodged just under the elastic, pushing up the low-rise waistband to a peak, like a white mountain pointing to his navel.

“Oh, like standing around with a huge boner is okay, I guess,” Jackie teased.

“I think it's gonna have to be,” Cory said, indicating that his Levis were strained at the crotch to the point of pulling the buttons apart like a too-small shirt on a fat man's belly. “In fact, let's have a little meeting. We're all in on this thing, whatever it is, and pretty soon, it looks like it's gonna be real obvious. I'm a week ahead of you guys, but already I'm changing so fast I can't believe it, and it's more and more right out there for the world to see. So, here's the deal, guys. We Callahans have always been like the musketeers, right? All for one, one for all?”

The others all nodded in agreement.

“So instead of acting like nothing is going on, we should just do this thing, right?”

“Right.” Jackie jumped to answer, then added, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, did you guys notice that Jace just blew a load in his pants just now?”

Toby giggled. Jackie shifted in his seat, like he was suddenly trying to hold back the same thing.

“Well, if this stuff is going to be making us do that, and making us get all turned on to getting real muscular, which it does seem to be doing,” he nodded at the magazine still in Jackie's hands, “then I don't know why we should hide it. It's happening anyway, so we might as well go with it—like we have a choice—but I mean we might as well enjoy it, you know?”

Toby just stood and listened, but he also started to get a boner.

“Okay, cool,” Jackie said, “but what do you mean?”

“Well, for one thing, Jace was just asking about how big my dick has grown, and I told him this morning it was already eleven inches long and almost eight around. It was only not quite seven when I started this. So we were going to measure it, and measure his, just to see. I mean, every guy knows how big his bone is. Right?”

“Yeah,” Jace said. I'm just six and a half. How about you, Jackie?”

“Six. But I'm still growing.”

Cory laughed. “I'll say. So, anybody mind if I get naked? I'm getting to where I hate wearing clothes. I hate not being able to look at my muscles and all. You guys, too. I think we should just start hangin' naked. Let's be able to see ourselves, man.”

And with that, Cory undid his Levis. before, he could have just let them fall, but how he had to bend over and pull them down over the thick muscle of his thighs. His briefs came down with the jeans, and he stepped out of them and pulled the wifebeater over his head. His cock snapped to attention, pointing almost straight up from the dark heavy bush that spread over his groin. He struck a double biceps pose.

“Check it out, guys. I'm starting to almost look like the guys in those magazines.”

“Shit, Cory. You are getting huge, dude.” Jackie was excited. He put the magazine down and pushed the chair back, leaning back so the tented crotch of his jeans was visible to all of them. “That looks so cool. I totally want to get muscles, man.”

“I think that's the program, bro. Jace, get the tape. Let's see how big, man.”

Jace went to a drawer and got their tape measure and brought it over to hand it to Cory.

“No, man,” Cory said, “You do it.”

“Really? You want me to?”

“What, are you afraid to touch my cock, bro? We're brothers.”

“No, I'm not afraid, it's just …”

“What? afraid you'll be queer? Come on, man, who cares? It's that stuff, makes you want to look at other guys, touch other guys, I know, man.”

“I know, too, Cory,” Jackie stood up, now, his jeans sticking out sharply where his erection had slid to the center and was pushing for escape. “I've been feeling like that all week, in P E and everywhere, but I don't even care. I think it's cool. I think being a gay muscle guy with other gay muscle guys would be the bomb, man. I'll do it.”

“I had a feeling about you, little bro. But I want Jace to do it. Go ahead, though, man. Get naked. Let's see that jock bod before it's a total muscle bod. Jace?”

“Okay, man.”

“Wait,” Jackie said as he dropped the last of his clothes on the floor. “You get naked too, Jace.”

And like the kid he was, Jackie tugged at Jace's briefs, pulling down the elastic enough to make his stiff cock spring free and slap his belly, leaving a string of precum hanging between his abdomen and the head of his cock like the first thread of a spider's silk.

“Bro, you are getting bigger, too, man, already. Come on, let's see.”

So they measured. Jace measured Cory, hesitant at first until he actually had Cory's meat in his hands to steady it. Cory's was eleven and a half and a full eight around, and Cory grinned at gaining half an inch since morning. Jace let Cory measure his, and he was already seven and three-quarters, and Jackie measured his own at seven and a half. They were all so proud, and proud to be standing around, the bros, naked, and hard. So proud of themselves that they had paid no attention to Toby. Each of them was proud to let the little guy see them, but hesitant to pull him into it. He was just a thirteen year old kid. But when they looked, he had taken off his clothes, too, and was standing with his little cock in his hand.

“Isn't anyone going to measure me?” he said.

They all looked at each other, waiting for the right answer to come from somewhere. Finally it was Cory who stepped up.

“Sure, little dude. So,” he winked at the other two older brothers, “do you know how big yours is when you have a boner?”

“Yeah. It's almost five inches,” he said proudly.

“Well, let's see now,” Cory got down on one knee, and, handling it the way a doctor would, he ran the tape along its side. It was very, very stiff, he noticed. “Nope. It's almost five and a half, little dude. What you think about that? You're gonna catch up with Jackie, little dude.”

“Wow,” Toby said. His grin was the width of his face.

“You know what else? I think you already got a little more hair there. Yeah, definitely. You guys see that?”

They both said they did, and, in fact, Toby did have a darker wreath at the base of his penis.

Cory lifted one of Toby's arms. “See, there, too. You're growing up fast, now, little dude.”

“Cool.” Toby was almost giddy at the thought and the attention to it.

“Tell you what, guys,” Cory went back to the others. “You know what's really cool? This stuff makes me so horned up I can make myself cum by just thinking about it, about getting big and all, getting just all totally sexual.” He stopped. “I probably shouldn't talk about that right now. Toby, why don't you go watch some TV?”

“Aww, come on, Cory. I know about sex and stuff. I know about feeling horny, too, like when you feel like you gotta rub your dick and make that stuff come out or it'll just come out anyway.”

The three brothers laughed so hard they didn't realize, for a minute, how much they had embarrassed Toby by laughing, but he laughed along with them, anyway.

“That's right, little dude. But why don't you go watch some TV anyway? You can hang with us when you get just a little more grown up, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, disappointed, and went into the den.

“He might be more grown up pretty fast,” Jackie said. Being the next youngest, Jackie usually took up Toby's causes in family matters.

“Probably right,” Cory said. “Anyway, you guys feeling as horned as I am?”

“Man, I'm so horned I'm gonna blow,” Jackie said. “At least Jace just got off.”

“Doesn't matter,” Jace said, “I'm still just as horny. It's like this stuff makes you totally horned up all the time, even if you did just cum.”

“Dude,” Cory said, looking at his own stiff cock, using his groin muscles to make it bounce and slap against his belly, “you have no idea. Okay, what is really hot? What makes you so turned on you can hardly stand it? Jace, you first.”

“Thinking about getting a huge dick. Big fuckin' balls.”

“Yeah, fuck. What about you, Jackie?”

“Oh, man. I told you. Getting big muscles. I so want big muscles.”

“Yeah. Make you hot, man? Big muscles?”


“Big, huge, thick fuckin' muscles, man. Me too,” Jace said, flexing an arm.

“Yeah. Fuck. Just talk about it, both of you. But don't touch your dicks. You can touch your bodies or anything, flex, show off your muscle, but don't touch your dick.”

The three of them stood facing each other in a small circle in the kitchen as they continued, and they began feeling their chests, their abs, flexing, at first a little hesitant and shy, but the turn-on of it all slowly took over as they talked out loud.

“Yeah. Getting big, man.”

“Fuckin' huge dicks, man. Horse cock. Big fuckin' balls.”

“Huge muscle, man, bodybuilders. Big like the pros, man, huge.”

“Bigger, dudes.”

“Yeah, fuckin' so hot man. Aww. Gonna cum.”

“Yeah, oh God, here it comes.”

“Aww, yeah. Oh fuck, yeah.”

And as they started to shoot, all three at the same time, Cory reached his arms around the shoulders of his brothers, and they reached around his, and each other, and as they shot their cream, spraying it everywhere as their cocks jerked and recoiled with every spurt, they pulled together into a tight circle, shoulders to armpits, their heads together looking down into the center of the circle as they sprayed each other with their thick warm cum for over a full minute, until it finally played out.




They grabbed dishtowels to wipe up their mess, even though their cocks were still at ninety per cent full erection. While they finished cleaning up, Cory went to the door of the den and peeked in quietly. With a large smile, he turned and motioned for his brothers to come quietly and look.

In the den, Toby had put on a muscle model tape, and he was lying on the floor, propped against the sofa, jacking his own little dick for all he was worth.


Part 4

“Dude,” Robby Mills called out. He and Sandy, his dad, were on their way into the center as the Callahan brothers were leaving.

Jace was already feeling a buzz from the shot they'd just all got and he was lost in thought, or at least sensations. Cory had walked out ahead of them all, the leader, as usual, getting his keys out of his pocket, and Jace had been noticing how Cory had to struggle to get his fingers into the pocket of his 501s, they were so tight on him now. Jace's own jeans were clinging to him in places where they'd hung loose just a week ago, and this little realization, as he watched Cory walk, seeing the faded denim hugging his amazing muscular legs and the bubble butt that looked like it had been molded into a narrow, thick, high-sitting ass to die for, stirred Jace's cock. Or maybe it was just that stuff working on him.

“Hey,” Robby yelled again, “Jace.”

Jace turned, finally, and saw Robby and his dad heading toward the center.

“Hey, Robby,” he smiled.

He knew what was up, and he was, at the same time, very aware of how he looked right now, bulging jeans and all. They'd talked a few more times at school, and Robby confessed that he thought what he was seeing, the sudden muscle and genital growth Jace was only too proud to display in the locker room, was pretty cool. Even his dad, he said, had taken to wearing just his underwear around the house, and his mom was doing the same thing, the women's version, and she was starting to look really good too, and his dad really wanted him to do it. Jace wanted him to do it, too. He didn't even really know why, but he thought it would be great to see some of his buddies getting changed, too. Mostly, he thought it would be hot if other guys felt the way this stuff was making him feel. Especially right now, with his second shot hitting. Great, he thought.

“Hey, Cory. Hold up a minute.”

All the Callahans stopped. When Cory saw who it was, he came back.

“So, Jace said to Robby, “you in, man? That's great.”

Cory had come up. “Hey, Sandy,” he said to Robby's dad, “lookin' good, man. So, you're getting Robby in? Cool.”

“Yeah. I think your brother here has a lot to do with that, but we're glad.” He clapped his son's shoulder. “And speaking of looking good. Man. How many treatments for you?”

“Just had my third,” Cory said, almost reflexively reaching up to touch his pecs, making his arm flex with veined, hard, bulging muscle as he felt the size his chest had taken on. The formula was working in him, already, too, and being noticed for how good he looked revved up his own self awareness. “Thanks,” he said, unabashedly feeling the outer edge of his pectoral muscle, its width, thickness, how it distended the material of the T-shirt he'd worn. “It really works fast.”

“Yeah, sure does,” Sandy answered. He glanced down at the swollen bulge straining the button fly of Cory's Levis. Already there was so much meat packed in those 501s that, even with briefs holding it, it pushed out forward and rounded down past the crotch seam, down the left side, although there was not enough room for anything in the jeans' leg other than the thick muscular thigh, which forced his heavy package to strain the denim outward in breathtaking display. The huge package bulged beyond anything that could be passed off as just a well hung guy. Even remarkably well hung. No, Cory was looking biochemically enhanced, now, in a way that couldn't be hidden and couldn't be explained any other way. Seeing this, Sandy realized he was starting to stiffen up.

In a brief moment of awkward silence, he realized, they all realized, that they all were standing there boning in front of each other, just from the mutual unvoiced acknowledgment of the incredible thing they were all sharing, and suddenly, they all grinned, and then burst into laughter. Even little Toby giggled, although his face looked like he might not have quite got the joke. Only Robby appeared a little uncomfortable, but Sandy saw it, and, looking at his watch, said, “Well, we'd better get in there. Great to see you guys. Cory, we should get together.”

“Love to, man. Call me.”

“That's so cool, that Robby's gonna do it,” Jace said, in the car on the way home. “Kinda weird, though, seeing his dad get all buff and all.”

“He looks great,” Cory said. “Younger, too. And more handsome. I think a lot more guys are gonna be joining up.”

“I know Ken Stormer is, and Ryan Jackson, and John Wilkes says he is, too. They all think it's so totally cool, and their dad's are talking about it. And some teachers, too.” Jackie was sitting in the back seat with Toby, and he had his hand on his crotch, feeling how big his hard-on was already. Talking about other guys doing it was obviously exciting him.

“Jackie's got a boner,” Toby teased in a sing-song chant. Already his voice had broken and taken on the deeper tone of adolescence.

“Yeah, so? What's that pokin' up there in your jeans, little dude?”

“Okay, you guys,” Cory said. “We'll be home in a minute.”

“I don't know if I can hold out, bro,” Jace said. “I feel so buzzed and so hot. My dick feels like it's gonna bust outta its skin, man.”

The bulge lay across his groin and the thick firehose had pushed its way toward his hip, reaching its full nine and a half inches, in spite of its confines. At least it was nine and a half last night when they'd measured again. Jackie's was nine, even little Toby had hit eight inches, which looked huge on such a young guy. But more than the length they were all getting, the thickness, the girth of their cocks was astounding. That was what made the bulge in Cory's jeans so pronounced, that, especially, besides the fact that his had lengthened that week to almost fourteen inches and his balls were like jumbo eggs. The thickness of their cocks made them all feel the weight of the meat that hung from their groins, and even totally soft, was fast becoming something that distinguished them from other guys as some of the first to undergo this transformation thing that was being talked about more and more.

Something about the transforming formula, though, made them want the changes even before they happened, so that they looked forward, in some odd but exciting way, to having the changes become more and more apparent, to being looked at, talked about, and everything that went along with what they were doing, what was happening to them.

“I know,” Cory said, “but you know that's just the feeling of making it grow more. We're almost there,” Cory said.

“Almost ain't good enough, bro. Oh, god, man. This is too hot. Jeezus, look at you, man. You're not even gonna be able to wear those jeans anymore. You're like one of those total bodybuilders, man. Fuck. Sorry, Tobe. Oh, man. Does that feel good, man, do you like that, does it feel hot? Flex, man. Let me see. How big are your guns now, man?”

“Stop it, Jace,” Cory demanded with a grin, “you're gonna make me blow. Yeah it feels good, man. You know it does. You'll be this big next week, man.” He flexed his right arm, steering with his left. “Twenty inches, man. Full twenty.”

“Hey, Cory,” Toby said, “It's cool that you're a muscle man. Everyone thinks so. It looks really, really cool. Jackie and Jace, too. I'm getting muscles, too, you guys.”

“Yeah, you are, little dude,” Jackie said. “Make a muscle.”

Toby flexed, and his arm showed the development of a young athlete. His biceps had measured fourteen inches just the night before, far behind Jackie's sixteen and Jace's seventeen, but it seemed that the younger the guy, the faster his development, as Jackie was catching up to Jace and Toby catching up to them all, relatively judging their growth.

“Shit, kid. No one would ever guess you're not even fourteen yet. You look like some sixteen, seventeen year old jock already.”

“Really? Cool.” He looked at his flexed arm, then he reached down and held onto the hard mound at his crotch. “You guys … I feel like … you know … what Jace and Cory said.”

“Hang on. Let's just get inside.”

Cory sped into the garage, slammed on the brakes, and they were all out of the car before the garage door closed. As leader of the pack, Cory tried to maintain his cool, sauntering in, his fat cock and huge balls straining in their confines, and the others followed suit, enjoying being together, now, in private, on the edge of orgasm, completely boned in their clothes, together, bonded by their mutual experience, their shared feelings, the arousal of being so aroused openly, in front of each other, together.

“Okay, dudes. Check it out.” Cory posed, struck a double bi with his hips thrust forward to emphasize the immensity of his meat. “Let's see it.”

They all imitated Cory, hitting the same pose, each thrusting his package forward, feeling the size, the weight, the strain on the material of their pants.

“Total fuckin' studs,” Cory said. “Look at all that meat. Okay, shirts.”

He pulled his T-shirt over his head. So did each of the others.

“Fuck, Cory,” Jace said, “just lookin' at you could make me blow. You're so hot looking. God. Not just all that muscle. Dude, that hair is totally fuckin' hot, all over you pecs and abs, that trail. God I love that. I hope I get more. Even Jackie has more than me already.”

Jackie had sprouted hair very quickly and had a nice swirl on his chest and a good, thick trail. Jace had just a patch between his pecs.

Cory was peeling off his Levis.

“You're right. I'm not gonna be able to wear these any more.”

The others pulled off their pants, too. They let Toby join in, and he aped the older guys like any little brother would, but this little brother was looking more like a hot young bodybuilder already. They all noticed and shared a look that acknowledged what they saw. Toby had, maybe in just the past day, maybe since they'd noticed, maybe just now, become one hot looking guy. When he stood up from taking off his pants, his cock standing up proudly, thick as his wrist, from a heavy, thick patch of pubic hair with a trail running up to his belly button, balls to make any man jealous, legs sprouting dark hair, thick hair sticking out from his armpits, he saw them all looking at him.

“What?” he said.

“Little dude,” Cory said. “You're not a little dude any more.”

“Can I jack off with you guys, then?”

“I don't know. Whatta you guys think?”

“Yeah, let's let him in,” Jackie said, always sticking up for his little brother.

“Yeah, okay. Why not, man. He's got the meat, man.” Jace was holding his big cock, now, ready to stroke.

“Okay, but only jacking off,” Cory said.

“Fuck, bro,” Jace blurted, “I'm gonna shoot. Come on, dudes.” He stroked his cock with both hands, enjoying the feel of its size.

“Oh, oh yeah.”

“Oh, man, this is so good.”

“Aww, yeah.”

“Here it comes.”

“Oh, yeah, oh man.”

They each blew their loads onto the tile floor, letting it fly, stream after stream, with enough moans and groans and shouts and grunts of ecstasy that no one could doubt, upon just hearing the sounds, what was occurring in that house.

When they finally finished, with laughs of release, and Cory had thrown a couple towels to Jace and Jackie to help him clean up, Toby, who was still completely hard, watching them, and feeling the pecs and abs that were defining themselves so beautifully on his body, said, “Hey, Cory?”

“Yeah, Tobe?”

“What do you mean, only jacking off? What else is there?”

Jackie and Jace, concentrating on the floor, held back the laughs that almost burst from them. Cory looked sternly at both of them, then paused and looked at Toby.

“Never mind, little dude. Never mind. Why don't you go shower and get cleaned up?”

“But we'll probably just do that again.”

“That's okay, get cleaned up anyway. Jackie will be right in, too, and Jace and I are going to get cleaned up. Then we can watch some TV or something.”

“Okay,” he said, reluctant to leave. “Can we watch muscle guys?”

“Yeah,” Cory laughed, “we can watch muscle guys.”

“You know,” Cory said, when Toby had left, “They're probably right. We probably really should think about just closing up the house for a while and going to stay at the campus out there. It's supposed to be amazing. Just guys finishing up the program. All in like dorms together. And they would put Toby into what they call the nursery, for guys like him, from like ten or twelve to whatever age they think it's okay for them to mix in.”

“Are they starting guys that young? Ten?”

“I guess they want to get guys as they enter puberty. Anyway, that's not the point. We'll talk about it. I'm gonna shower.”

Cory was in the bathroom, admiring the muscle god he saw in the mirror, flexing, feeling his body, amazed that the feeling that this was happening to him, that this was his huge, incredible cock, and balls, and pecs, and guns, and legs …

“What do you mean, only jacking off?” Jace's voice behind him teased, imitating Toby. “What else is there?”

“Fuck, Jace.” Cory didn't even turn around. He just continued to stare at himself in the mirror, to flex, feeling the growing, thick, veined muscle, the soft coating swirl of hair, the length and thick heavy weight of his cock, so hard that it defied gravity and its own weighty mass by standing almost straight up against his hard, furry belly. “This is so fucking hot, man. Look at me. Do you know what I found out? Do you know why they're making us like this, making our cocks so huge?”

“Do I know?” Jace was looking his brother up and down, his own fat ten inches at full, throbbing erection. You mean, do I care?”

He walked up to Cory and began to feel the hard, furry contours of his brother's chest.

“Because you can't get it in a woman, man.” Cory continued to explain, and at the same time, watched his brother touching him, feeling his beautiful mass. “It's about population control, man. Way better than a vasectomy, huh. And you not only can't get your monster cock in a woman, it changes you so you don't even care or want to.”

“No, you don't, do you?” Jace stepped closer, his hands more aggressive on his older brother's chest, gripping the muscle, rubbing hard against his nipples with the heels of his palms, pounding the hard muscle. “Fuck, man. I only want muscle, and cock, man. Huge muscle. Big, thick fuckin' cock.” He ran his hands roughly down Cory's hard belly, brushing the gigantic organ as his did, causing Cory to suck in his breath as he sank his fingers into the dense bush of his pubes and down past the base of his cock. “And huge fuckin' balls, bro.” He lifted his brother's balls.

“Yeah, and the other change” Cory continued to explain and watch his brother getting off on his transforming body, “is that only guys like us can take huge cocks like these. Did you know that, Jace? Like a snake's jaws, man. We can open wide at both ends to handle all this meat. Keeps it among the guys, gives them the outlet they need. God, you are fucking hot.”

“Am I, bro? Am I that hot? No, man, I didn't know that. You want to show me, bro? I need a fuckin' outlet right now man. Do you need an outlet, Cory? I'm nothin' like you, man. Hardly any hair yet. Just startin' to look like a bodybuilder, man. But I feel hot, bro. I feel myself changin', man. Am I hot yet, dude?”

“Oh, fuck yeah, man. Look at yourself.”

“Show, me, Cory. Show me how hot I am.”

He ran his hands across Cory's chest again, feeling the hair that he would soon be growing on his own, the muscle that would just get thicker and hotter. And then Cory reached up and gripped Jace's head in his hands, stared hungrily into his eyes, and closed his mouth over his brother's hot, anxious lips.


Part 5

“All right, guys. I'll be back later, don't know exactly when, but you two,” Cory nodded toward Jace and Jackie sitting naked on the sofa, both of them totally boned, watching the TV where some handsome muscular guy was flexing his muscles as he stroked his cock, “in bed by eleven, and I don't mean together. It's a school night.”

They laughed. Jace answered, “Okay, bro. No worries.” He flicked his twelve inch boner by pushing it down to his thigh and letting go so it smacked his belly with a thwack.

Jackie laughed and did the same thing. “No problem,” he said.

Toby, lying on the floor propped against a chair, giggled at the two of them. His youthful giggle and boyish face were the only things about him now that gave away the fact that he was such a young kid. In the five days since their second treatment, he had grown from five feet four inches to five feet ten inches, and his body had taken on the look of a solid young bodybuilder already. His biceps had swelled to nearly seventeen inches, his chest was forty-six, his waist a tight, cobbled thirty, his thighs, twenty six inches of striated, veined muscle. His cock had grown another two inches, reaching a rock hard length of just over ten inches with a girth of the same dimension, and reaching it often. But the icing on the cake that celebrated his physical maturity at just thirteen was that he had sprouted hair that swirled decorously all over his pecs and down his abdomen where it gathered itself into a trail that joined his chest and his groin. His pubic region, his armpits, his arms, and his legs all demonstrated that this was going to be one hirsute guy, and even his whiskers, which he had to shave every day, had filled into the full shape of a beard, incongruously but handsomely decorating his thirteen year old face. He was stroking his own big cock with relish as he watched the muscle guy flex and jack. Since all they would let him do was jack off, he'd taken to doing it all the time, in a show of adolescent defiance as much as in response to the sex drive that grew more unrelenting daily. It seemed there was no limit to the amount of semen that any of them could produce on demand, and the internal demand was becoming incessant. It was, by this point, the main recreation around this household, the main occupation, preoccupation, obsession. Toby loved to see his older brothers play with their big cocks that way. He loved how open sexuality had become so much fun that they could tease him and make him laugh, and at the same time, turn him on and make him feel so hot. He couldn't wait till he got as big as they were, and they just kept getting bigger, which meant …

“And Toby, bed is still nine o'clock. Understood? I don't care how old you look, you're still thirteen. Okay?”

“Okay,” Toby said, never taking his eyes off the screen or stopping his stroking for one second.

“Okay. Later, then.”

Cory had left the car parked by the curb, and he felt the evening air warm on his skin as he walked down the walk. Even though it was autumn, the Santa Ana winds were blowing in from the desert, and he felt the hot breath of the Mojave on him, felt it right through the spandex of the tights he had put on and the thin cotton of the white ribbed wifebeater. He'd passed the point where he could pretend that he wasn't one of the guys undergoing the transformation. He'd also long since passed caring who did know. When he'd had to give up trying to squeeze himself into his pants and shirts that last Sunday, the day after his third shot, the day after they'd all gone to the center together and run into Sandy and Robby, he'd experienced an unexpected thrill. This was way beyond his legs suddenly being too muscular to fit into his jeans. He could have just got bigger jeans. It was the size of his package that could no longer be contained in regular clothes that had stunned him, the realization almost making him stoned on himself. He'd tried several pants, and even managing to get his legs into them, he couldn't get the flies zipped or buttoned over the bulge that his meat made, and he couldn't let it hang because his legs took up all the room. It didn't help that the more he tried, and the more he realized, the more he kept boning and had to jack off just to try on another pair. He'd had to have Jace help him peel off the pants, laughing the whole time, they'd been so tight, and he'd sent Jace and Jackie out to a sports shop to buy some spandex shorts and tights for him, and for them, too, since, he told them, this would obviously be happening to them, too, soon.

They'd told him at the center that this would happen soon, but somehow, it still had felt unexpected. The reality just wouldn't compute until he'd actually felt the weight and size of his testicles and gigantic penis that day. They'd said that he'd be one of the first to be forced, so to speak, even though he'd volunteered for this, to go public.

The timing coincided with some carefully placed stories on the news and some announcements by various public officials that a program was underway, worldwide, to halt the geometric increases in the world's population, which was straining the planet's resources beyond sustainability. Many had been brave enough to volunteer without knowing much, and those “pioneers” would soon be obvious. They should be examples to follow for the future benefit, the very survival, of the human race. But the program was the beginning of a sea change for humanity, and the hope, no, the necessity, though it would remain voluntary, was that everyone would ultimately see the good, the need, and become participants in the program.

All that meant to Cory was that he would probably be stared at when he made his first appearance in the shorts that his brothers brought home, or the tights—that he would be going out showing a bulge of masculinity that no one had ever seen before, and that it had to be cool. Well, it would be for him. He had cum four times in the hour they'd taken to bring back the clothes, and couldn't wait to get into a pair of shorts and go to the grocery store. There was something unbelievable exciting about going out like that, the first time, to someplace so mundane, so ordinary, so everyday, where he would stand out that much more, to the housewives and the daddies with their kids. Oh yeah, the daddies. They'd be jealous. They'd want to know what it felt like to have what he had.

Now, four days and several inches later, the excitement was more intense, if that were possible. He waved to Mac Hennessey across the street watering his lawn. When he waved, his arm felt huge and heavy and so hot, the mass of muscle it carried moving on the bone, tendons holding it taut, veins feeding it nourishing blood. As he walked he felt the massive bulge of his balls and cock bounce from side to side with each step. Soft, his cock was a foot long and full nine inches fat, and his balls were the size of tennis balls. Mac waved back, but Cory could see the expression, the gulp of his Adams apple. He knew Mac was struggling that moment with the conflict of shock at seeing someone making such a blatant display of sexuality and wanting, if just for an instant, or an hour, maybe a day, to see what it felt like.

Cory put the top down. It gave a little more time for Mac to check him out, and for everyone on the way to Sandy's house to see his magnificent body. To think he'd ever had doubts about being so muscular, massive even, or that he'd thought that body hair might be unattractive or a distraction from the cuts and shape of the muscle. To the contrary, as the shadow of the top moved off him and the late, low sun cast its long shadows on him, the shadows that emphasized the size, the curve, the cuts of his huge muscle, he felt so attractive, so extremely masculine, that he wondered for a moment how Mac resisted coming over to touch him. He smiled.

Just as he started the engine, Mac was by the side of the car.

“So, you really doin' it, huh?” With a glance back at his own house, maybe to see if anyone was watching, he put a hand on Cory's shoulder. In a much lower voice, he said, “So, tell me the truth, man. How does it feel? What's it like?”

Cory glanced at the hand on his shoulder. He smiled. He was actually as irresistible to a straight man as he felt.

“Great,” he said. “It feels incredible. But I'm just doing my part, man.”

The pitch. The sell. It came so naturally. As natural as patriotism, allegiance. Humbly giving himself to the greater good. He looked up at Mac's eagerly questioning face.

“You should do it, man. Everyone should. Hey, gotta go.”

As he started to pull away, and Mac dropped his hand and stepped away from the car, Cory saw the rise in Mac's pants that told of a curiosity deeper than just intellectual.

He wondered, as he pulled into Sandy Mills' driveway, if Robby would be there, too. He had half expected the call from Sandy. In fact, he was surprised it had taken as many days as it had, since running into him at the center that last Saturday, for him to call.

Sandy answered the door wearing a T-shirt and a pair of loose, silky gym shorts. He already had begun to take on the shape of a bodybuilder and the silky material of his shorts hung over an ample bulge.

“Wow,” Sandy said, looking Cory up and down as he let him in. “I guess the third shot's the charm. Jesus, man.”

He led the way into the kitchen. “Want a beer or something?”

“Sure, that'd be great.”

Sandy popped open a couple beers, handed Cory one, and led the way, again, to the family room. Through the windows, Cory saw Robby lying on a chaise by the pool. It had only been five days since his first treatment, but Cory could see the signs on the young weight lifting buddy of his brother. Sandy flopped into a leather chair, noticing Cory checking out his son.

“He's already starting to show changes. He never wore a speedo before in his life, and now that's all he'll wear. He talks all the time about Jace, how big he's getting, how he shows off 'his stuff' all the time. I guess your brother's kind of a trailblazer for him, like you were for me.”

“Yeah, he looks good. So do you. I was a trailblazer for you?”

“Well, yeah, pretty much. If I hadn't heard so much about you from Robby, I probably wouldn't have had the nerve, at least not when I did. I gotta thank you, man.”

“Cool.” Cory settled back in the chair. Even with his legs spread, his thighs were so thickly muscled that they made his package sit proudly, and enormously, on top of them, stretching the spandex to their prodigious, bulging shape, the huge, thick dick flopped to one side of the two mounds of his balls, lying in the crease of his groin. He knew that's what Sandy wanted to see, and he wanted to show it to him.

“Where's Kate?”

“Oh, she went over to Marsha Randolph's. Marsha got into the program the same time we did, and Kate and she have become pretty close. Have you seen her?”

“No, not for a while. Not since you guys joined up. Why?”

“She's fucking gorgeous, man. It does the same thing for women, you know.”

“No, I didn't really know. I mean, I've heard, but …”

“Yeah. Talk about a body.”

“So, what's up with that, then, man? You must be really into that.” Cory probed. Where was Sandy's head about all this?

The male to male attraction in his own household had grown so strong that he and Jace and even Jackie had been unable to deny the urges that brought them together, physically. There was something about getting it on with guys like him, guys so incredibly built and masculine and, well, so huge. They had discovered the deep satisfaction of filling each other with their growing manhood, and the bigger they got, the more they craved it, wanted to feel it, be filled by it. But he wondered about the effect on straight guys, even though he thought he knew, and he did know what he'd just seen with Mac Hennessey.

“Actually, man, it's funny. I love her like always, and I love how beautiful she'd becoming, but she doesn't do it for me any more. Sexually, I mean. And I don't do it for her. She loves my body, how muscular I'm getting, even how big my dick is getting, but she loves it like she loves the statues at the museum. And she's okay with that. She is totally turned on by Marcia, and I guess a couple of other women that are in, too. This whole thing—I think, from what I hear, that it doesn't just transform us so we can't reproduce, or rather, can't fuck. It, like, reverses the pheromones, or the response to them, or something. I don't know. I just know that … hey, man, you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I think I do. So, what about Robby? You okay with him around?”

“Okay? Listen, I'm quite a bit older than you are, and I'm a lot more set in my ways. What are you, twenty-three, right?”


“And I'm almost forty. I've been seeing the pendulum swing for a while, now, man. I think the age of sexual repression has suddenly been thrown into history, my young friend. I think we're about to see a new era of sexual openness, and I think some of us are going to blaze that trail.”

Cory knew what Sandy wanted, and he finished the beer, set down the can, and stood up. His cock had started to stiffen, and he felt its weight pull the spandex, stretch it, and he adjusted it so it could slide along his leg, then flexed one arm.

“Ready to blaze, then, dude?” he said.

Sandy stood up, too. The silky fabric of his shorts pointed straight out in a lateral pyramid toward Cory. He lifted the T-shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor.

“I've been blazing for days, man. I'm on fucking fire, stud.”

“You had one of these up your manhole yet?” Cory grabbed his cock, so stiff now that it was pushing out his tights sideways past his hip and looked like he was carrying a boa constrictor.

“Show it to me, man.”

“Come get it, Mr. Mills.” Cory hit a double biceps.

Sandy came up to Cory, placed a hand on each of the twenty-six inch arms and squeezed as much as his hands could cover.

“Fuck, man. That is so fucking hot. I can't wait.”

“Why wait?”

Sandy slid his hands down to Cory's shoulders, then his pecs, pressing his palms against the hard, furry masses, and then, with a sudden grab, he took the top of Cory's beater in both hands and ripped it apart down the middle and jerked it off him. Then he slid his hands inside the waistband of Cory's tights and pulled them down, going down on his knees to get them down to Cory's ankles. Cory's huge cock sprang free, slapping Sandy in the face, streaking the long forelock of his blond hair with sticky precum. Cory stepped out of the tights, and Sandy reached up and took the gigantic cock into both hands, at first just looking at its size, then sliding the length of it, finally stroking it while he licked and sucked all around the gigantic head. He discovered he could open his mouth wider than ever before, and he managed to get the whole head into his mouth. Cory held his head and pushed into him until he felt, to his amazement, his throat open to take its formidable girth into his gullet. He slurped, sucking not just with his mouth, now, but with his throat, too. God, he didn't know he could even do something like this, let alone love doing it so much.

And then Cory stepped back, pulled himself out, and turned Sandy around. Neither said anything, but Cory took a handful of precum that was freely oozing from his cock and used it to lubricate the blond hunk's fuckhole, working it with two fingers, then four, then both hands, stretching it, readying it. Finally, he positioned himself.

“You want it now, dude?” he said in a tone defying Sandy to say no.

“Yeah, man. I want it. Fuck, man. Show me how much I can take.”

“You ready, fucker?”

“I'm ready, stud.”

“Awww,” Cory closed his eyes as he forcibly shoved his meat inside the waiting muscle ass, “fuck yeah, that feels so fuckin' good.”

“AAAAaaarrggghhh!!” Sandy bellowed.

“Yeah. You like that dude? You like that fuckin' huge meat. Aww, fuck man, I'm so fuckin' big, and growing, man. Getting bigger. Is that hot to you, man?”

“Fuck yeah, that's hot. Gonna get meat like that too, man. Then I'll fuck your fine ass with it.”

“Yeah. Aww, man. Take it deep. Aww, so big. That hot, dude?”


“Totally fuckin' hot, dude?”

“Aww, yeah.”

“Tell me, fucker.”

“Fuck, man. You are so fucking hot. I fucking love your cock in me, man. I want it all. I fucking want it bigger, man. Yeah. Oh, fuck, yeah!”

Just then, they heard the slider from the patio open. There stood Robby, naked now, his cock rigid in his hand, surprise on his smiling open-mouthed face.

“Dad!” he said.


Part 6

“Hey, you guys,” Toby said, stroking his already oversized dick with one hand, feeling his fuzzy abs and chest with the other, lying on the carpet, propped against a chair, watching the muscular model on the TV do the same thing, “don't you think he'd look so hot if he had hair on him?”

“Yeah he would,” Jackie answered. His own almost black body hair had thickened in the past few days, still short enough to show each muscular cut and vein, but heavy enough to perfectly decorate his quickly growing musculature. “Weird, huh? I used to always think when I got really buff from weightlifting, I'd shave any hair I got, like most muscle guys do. Now I think it's just totally hot, like, so masculine.” He paused, feeling his newly muscled up, hirsute torso with both hands. “I am so totally fucking queer, you guys. I just think dudes are the best, man, hairy, muscular, big cock, balls, the whole thing, man. I'm lovin' this. I can't wait for another shot, man. I wish every guy would do it. Look at you, little dude. Only thirteen and you're already a hairy muscle guy, like a real junior bodybuilder, man, and hung like a horse. I can't believe how much hair you got already, bro. Looking really good.”

“Yeah, fuckin' rub it in, assholes.” Jace was stroking and flipping his huge cock, rubbing his abs, fingering the thin trail that ran from about three inches above his navel down to his pubes. “Both you guys are getting all the hair, even the kid, man, and I barely got any yet.”

“Yeah, I know, that is funny,” Toby said, looking back over his shoulder at his two older brothers on the sofa. “Cory says I just must have real hairy genes, like Jackie. But he says you'll get it, too.”

“And besides, dude,” Jackie looked over at Jace, who was flopping his cock so it slapped his thigh and then his belly, back and forth, obviously lost in his enjoyment of its size and weight, “look at your fuckin' cock. If we got hair genes, you got the dick genes. How big it that thing, now?”


“Shit, man. See. I'm just barely eleven. Even the little shit has ten. If anyone should complain, it's me, man. Fuck your hair, look at your dick, man. That's so hot. Not just that it's twelve inches, man, but it's so fuckin' thick. It's as thick as my wrist. It must weigh five pounds. And your fuckin' nuts are huge, too. Your starting to get a bulge like Cory's, man, just sticking out all over the place man.”

“Yeah,” Jace said, refocusing on his meat, rather than his scanty body hair, “it is pretty hot, huh. It feels amazing. My wrist is barely eight inches around, and my cock is eight and a half already.”

“So what would you rather have, man? That monster package or my hair?” Jackie stroked his shiny, silky, midnight brown swirls of fur.

“I want it all, man. Like Cory. Like those guys at the center.”

“Yeah, same here. I can't fucking wait for the next shot.”

“You already said that, Jack-o.”

“I know. Oh, man, it just makes me feel so hot.”

“You are SO queer, bro. Total big fuckin' fag! Look at you, man, feelin' up your hairy muscle bod, man, and droolin' over my huge meat,” Jace teased, making his rigid rod stand straight up and wiggling it back and forth. “Fuck, man. I am gettin' huge. Today at school, everyone was looking at how much my stuff sticks out, man, telling me, dude, that bulge, you're getting so big. And everytime anyone said something, or even just stared at my bulge, man, or even my muscles, I'd start to bone up. They'd be all teasin' me and shit, about boning right there, and I wouldn't even care, man. It's like, since everyone knows, I don't have to care. I just let my dick get hard and stick out, and it felt so totally cool.”

“And you call me queer, you big homo. You're so into dick, dude, it's pathetic. And if you're not a big fag, how come you're whining all the time about not getting all this hot lookin' hair on your body, man? Huh?” Jackie rubbed the soft dark hair on his chest, taunting Jace. “It really is so fuckin' hot, bro. Bones me every time I see myself in the mirror. Too bad you hardly got any yet. But then, only some total fag would be so into guys bein' all hairy.”

“I like it, too.” Toby piped up. He was still stroking his ten with his right hand while his left felt his muscular pecs, totally covered with fine, brown fur. “The other kids at school keep saying I'm looking like a high school guy, even a college guy, but I'm already bigger and stuff. They keep wanting me to show them. Mr. Brown told everyone not to make a big deal about how I was changing, or the other kids that are in the program, either. I think Mr. Brown is doing it, too. He's getting real muscular. But I still took my shirt off so they could see, and they were all, like, whoa, dude, look at you.”

“What do you like best, little dude,” Jackie asked, “getting all hairy so young, or getting such a big dick and balls, or getting all the muscle?”

“Hey, Jackie,” Jace admonished. He didn't have to say any more. Both he and Jackie had been told not to get into real sexual stuff with Toby, that he was just too young.

“What? I'm just asking. Hell, man, the little shit is just lying there jackin' his big dick right in front of us, feelin' up his hairy muscle. It's not like there's anything secret, here.”

“Yeah,” Toby said, “You guys all act like I'm still a little kid.” His voice had the mid-range unreliability of post-pubescence, reaching for its new, deeper pitch.

“You are,” Jace said. Then, with a slightly wicked wink at Jackie, added, “Just a very hunky kid.”

“I think I like the muscles the best,” Toby said. “I love how it makes me feel, looking all muscular. I like that on you guys, too. But I like the other stuff, too. It's really cool to be getting hairy. It makes me feel really cool seeing more on me all the time, and having to shave and still having a shadow, growin' 'burns, all that. Hey, so, whats wrong with being a fag, anyway? Mr. Brown said all the guys in the program are becoming gay, and all the girls are, too, and that it's okay, it's all part of the program. So what's wrong with being a big gay guy? It makes me feel good to think about guys, I mean their muscles, and their big dicks getting bigger and all. I don't even care about girls. I just like guys, but big guys, muscle guys, hairy guys, guys with big huge dicks and balls and stuff. I can't wait to get like that.”

“Well, doesn't look like you're gonna have to wait long,” Jackie said, his breathing getting a little more ragged as he lovingly worked over his furry, thick, muscles and brushed the heavy log projecting from his hairy groin across the hair on his hard abs or down against the hair of his upper thighs, the friction of letting it brush across his hair bringing him rising waves of erotic pleasure.

“How many times a day do you make yourself cum, little dude?” Jackie pushed the conversation.

Jace reached over and pounded Jackie's arm, but Jackie ignored him.

“I don't know. A couple in the morning, then I have to go to the bathroom maybe three or four times at school, and then you guys know how much we all do at home. Maybe ten, twelve.”

“Bet you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror,” Jackie teased.

“Yeah. I love to look at myself. It feels so funny, all this stuff. I mean, it feels really cool, but it's so weird, to be so much taller so fast, and gettin', well, you know. I mean, my dick is getting so big so fast, and my balls, and all the hair all over me. A couple times just looking at myself, how I'm getting made me shoot, without even jackin' or anything. Once, in school, I was just sitting there, not even really thinkin', just feeling inside my shirt, the hair in there, on my stomach, and how hard my abs felt, and how I was bulgin' in my pants, and I almost shot in my pants, I swear.”

“Welcome to the club, Tobe,” Jackie said, stroking his own hairy, cobbled stomach. “This stuff just makes you into a total horndog. Seems like you just gotta cum all the time, and everything makes you turned on, at least everything about what it makes your body do, how it changes you. It just feels so hot. Right, Jace?”

Jace was still preoccupied with flopping his big, stone hard rod, just feeling its size and weight slapping against his leg or belly, not even stroking it.

“Dude,” Jackie said, “do you love how huge your cock is getting, or what, man? You're so into it!”

“I would be, too,” Toby said, getting up, now, to look at the huge cock on his big brother. “It is getting huge. It looks so cool, how it makes such a big bulge in the front of your pants, now. I mean, everyone can see it all the time. Almost like Cory. I can't wait till I get like that.”

“Dude, you're getting there pretty fast. Look at you. Thirteen year old kid, man, with muscles like that, and all hairy, and a package most guys would kill for.”

“Yeah? You really think so?” Toby beamed with pride and struck a double bi pose. His cock was so hard it stood almost against his belly, and strings of slippery precum dangled from it and fell against the large full sac that hung heavily beneath it, surrounded by dark, soft, silky hair.

“Oh yeah, little dude. It's really hard to remember that you're so young. You're getting very sexy, my man.”

“Jesus, Jackie,” Jace teased and scolded at the same time, “you are some kinda total fag, man. That's our kid brother, dude.”

“Yeah, the same kinda fag you are, duuuude.”

“Am I a fag, too, you guys?” Toby asked, as if he were asking if he was part of some highly exclusive and desirable club.

The other two both laughed.

“Well, little dude, I think it's part of the program, but let's see.” Jace pretended to be very serious. “Would you rather be alone with Britney or Justin naked?”


“Not much hesitation, there.”

“When you're at school, do you get a boner over the girls' tits? Or over thinking about guys, about big cock and muscles?”

“I think about that all the time.”

“What do you think, Jackie? Is the little dude a fag?”

“Oh, I'd say that's a definite yes.”

“Cool,” Toby said, flexing his arms, not the least inhibited about the oversized boner he sported in front of them that was jerking with the quick, involuntary but welcome spasms that lead to the realease of orgasm, “'cause I love all this. All the cool guys are turning into big fags, I think. Like you guys. I love that we can get naked and jack off and stuff, and just get off on muscle guys and getting such big dicks and all. I love how Cory looks, and you guys are getting like that, too, with bulges just stickin' out and all muscular and everything, whatever you wear, wherever you go, like it's just how it is, you know. Like at school, I love how the kids look at me since I'm startin' to bulge out, too, and get tall, and get hair and muscles,” as he blurted his increasing excitement, his hands were all over his body, feeling exactly what was exciting him so much, “and just, like, being so into it, you know, like you guys, just feeling your muscles, and floppin' around your big dicks. Oh, man,” his own cock was jerking harder and his hips begans to clench on their own, thrusting his hairy groin forward, “it's just so cool, all getting big and just all total, cool fags together. Ah, man, you guys. You like looking at how I'm getting, too, don't ya? Oh, jeez, I'm gonna cum. I can't help it. Oh, man, oh, oh, oh, I just love cumming, man, it feels sooo good. Oh, yeah.”

Jace threw a towel to Toby as he started to spurt. “Catch it in this, little dude. Or should I say, little fag boy. Yeah, definitely. Shoot it, baby, 'cause you gots to go to bed when you're done.”

Toby caught most of the cum and wiped up with the towel, when he finally finished his very vocal ejaculation. “I'm gonna have to take a shower before I go to bed. Okay?”

“You mean you want to go jack that big hose in front of the mirror so you can gloat over that hairy muscle bod some more, don't you? Sure, go on. Just close the door, and make sure you get to bed like Cory said.”

“I will.”

The two older brothers watched him leave the room. When he was gone, Jace turned to Jackie.

“The little fuck even has hot fur on his perfect muscle butt. Like you. I could hate both you dudes.”

“Oh, fuck you, man. I'd give you this trail,” he ran a finger down the thick rivulet of hair that bisected his torso from pecs to pubs, “if I could have those couple extra inches you got there in your hand, man. Your fucking cock is getting almost as big and hot as Cory's.”

“Yeah, I know. It is fuckin' hot, isn't it? And it just keeps getting bigger. So fuckin' thick and heavy, man. I just gotta keep floppin' it around so I can believe it's me, man. My dick. My big, thick, fat, huge, long, heavy meat, man. My fuckin' bulgin' meat. And I look at Cory and think about being like him, man, and he just keeps getting more huge. Dude, this whole thing is so totally amazing. I think we'll both get what we want before it's done, don't you? Look at you, bro.”

“Yeah, I know. I do, all the time. So do the guys as school. Shit, I just love teasin', letting myself get kinda boned in the showers. Everyone talks about, too. I love that. Just like Toby was saying. That it's like right out there now, that we're all doin' it, even the other guys at school, and teachers and shit.”

“Yeah, that is great. Pretty soon, there's gonna be dudes just suckin' cock in the locker room, once there's so many guys like us, wearing spandex because they're all too big for anything else, just showing it all like that's how guys are, now, man.”

“Fuck, Jace. That's so hot.”

“Yeah. Shit man, come over here. I want to feel that hair, man, all over those beautiful muscles. I want to feel that muscle butt slide down this huge cock, man. I love that whatever the shit is they're giving us, it makes us able to take these huge cocks, man.”

Jackie stood up, straddled Jace's legs, positioning himself to do exactly what Jace had just suggested. Jace held his cock up with one hand, while, with the other, he reached up and rubbed up Jackie's trail, pushing hard with the heel of his hand until it stopped at the thick curve of Jackie's heavy, hairy pec, closed over it, gripped it hard, rubbed roughly across the hard nipple that protruded through the hair, then slapped the solid mass.

“Fuckin' beautiful, bro.”

“God, Jace. You are so fuckin' hot, man. Total bodybuilder, man, with a horse cock. And so fucking, fucking handsome, man. Jesus, I could be totally in love with your ass, man.”

“Yeah. Oh, yeah, Jackie, slide down on it. Oh, fuck, yeah, man. Dude, you're the handsome one, man. Oh, yeah, take all my huge meat, man. This has got to be the ultimate brotherly love, man. You and Cory.”

“Fuck Cory right now, Jace.” Jackie leaned into Jace's face, took his head in his hands, and planted his mouth on top of his brother's. Jace opened his mouth to take take Jackie's tongue, and, at the same time, pushed his hips upward, driving himself as deep as he could into his brother.

Then Jace pulled his face back. “No, man. I'd rather fuck you, man, big, fuckin', hot hairy muscle boy.”

“Yeah, bro. Fuck me hard, man. I want to imagine how it's gonna be after another shot.”

“Oh, Jesus, man. Gonna be so fuckin' hot. We are gonna have to go to that campus or whatever, man. I won't be able to stop, man. Be just too turned on all the time. Oh, god, man. Jackie, dude, you're the bomb.”

“No, man. You. Flex those twenties for me, muscle dude. Aww yeah, man. Go deep, man. Do me, man, ream me, you musclebound fuck.”

Jace lifted Jackie with each thrust as he rougly grabbed and slapped the young teen's big hairy pecs, and Jackie gripped Jace's left arm, clawing at the thick veiny muscle while he stroked his throbbing cock over the rippling abs of his musclebound jock brother, both going at it hard but slow, wanting it as intense as they could get it but making it last, letting the feelings, the sensations grow, just as they were growing, together, changing into something past imagining, thrust forward with a relentless, erotic, transforming power that urged them, drove them, hard and deep.


Part 7

“Hey, Mr. Hennessey,” Jackie said, shouting over the motor of the mower he'd been pushing across the front lawn of Mac Hennessey's place.

It was a good thing this was the only lawn job he had left, now. Concentrating had become more difficult as the day for the third shot had approached. Now that it was here, all he could think about was that shot, how it would amp him even more. It was amazing how, instead of getting used to the feelings after a shot, sort of leveling off during the week, it just continued to get more intense, the whole sensation, as the changes took place, little by little, but really, so fast that it was impossible to get used to it. Talk about a ride.

Jackie knew, this morning, when he'd struggled into his baggiest cargo shorts, the ones he used to wear when he wanted to go extreme, show a few pubes, constantly pulling them up so they didn't slide off his ass, when he'd had to pull hard to get them up his thighs, like squeezing into a wet suit, and then was barely able, with careful manipulation, to get the zipper up over the bulge that his prodigious meat, bigger and heavier every day, had made, that this would be the last day he'd ever be able to wear these shorts, or anything remotely like the clothes he used to wear. The waist still gapped out, and anyone standing close could look down and see where his luxuriant trail plunged, although his hair had spread so much that the trail was more like the darkest part of the river that flooded his whole torso from side to side, streaming thick into the center, and merely grew much thicker and darker as it gathered all over his pecs and down around his enormous cock and the balls that hung so huge and heavy. Despite having jacked off twice already, just experiencing how much he'd changed since the day before, feeling himself fill those shorts, seeing the bulge, he became the involuntary witness of his pole fattening again, pushing down the leg, making room where there was none, until the flare of its head came to uneasy rest kissing his kneecap. He had to cum again, but he didn't even undress, this time. He just lifted the hem of the shorts leg, which hung just below his knee, stood over the toilet, milked that huge head for a minute, and shot another load.

“Jeez,” Jackie heard. He looked around to see Toby, standing at the door watching him with his own enormous cock in his right hand, his left feeling his pecs, which stood in thick relief, broad and completely covered with silky dark brown hair that swirled in the same kind of pattern that Jackie had developed, except Toby's didn't quite make it up to his throat, yet, or out to his armpits, and his trail was really just a trail with sprinkles of hair spreading out from it. But he had shot up to around 5' 11”, almost as tall as Jackie, and it was harder every day to remember that he was his not-quite-fourteen-year-old brother. “Your dick is SO BIG! So, come on. Are you almost done? I GOTTA jack off. I already came all over myself when I woke up.”

“Yeah, little dude, I'm done. I gotta go do Mr. Hennessey's lawn. Look at you, bro. You're looking pretty amazing. Not far behind.”

“Yeah, I know. Come on, Jackie, or do you want to just jack me off? I wish you would. I don't care.”

“Me either, but Cory does.”

“I know, I know. The little kid. That's okay. I got some guys at school doin' it, too, you know, in the program now, and they love to mess around with my big dick, feel my muscles, check out how hairy I'm getting.”

“Yeah, I'm sure. Look at you. You're getting awesome.” Jackie used some toilet paper to wipe off the tip of his dick and some cum that had hit the edge of the toilet. “Okay, kid. It's all yours. Whack it good.”

Jackie left Toby in the bathroom and went to put on a shirt before going over to Mr. Hennessey's. He didn't have to wear a shirt, of course. And he loved showing off his new torso. But there was something that turned him on so much about how his old clothes, the ones he could still get into, fit him now. It felt just as sexy, in a different way, as going shirtless. Maybe because it really showed off how huge he was getting, and he was loving showing off, now. He riffled through a drawer. Anything to keep his mind occupied was good. They'd all be heading to the center for their third shot today, Cory's fourth, and it seemed like forever until then. He had to keep busy. Otherwise, all Jackie could think about was his body, his brothers, the other guys in the program, and sex. He decided to wear an old wifebeater. It used to fit him tightly when he looked like an everyday Abercrombie dude. Now it almost cut into his lats and pecs, it pulled so tight across his chest, and it barely came to the bottom of his rib cage.

He looked at himself in the mirror over his dresser. He definitely looked like one of the guys in the program now. For a guy not even 16 yet, he was already built like a hardcore bodybuilder roidboy. That is, if roids made your stuff grow, too, instead of shrinking. And he'd become so hairy, in such a great kind of way. The way his hair grew, it was thick and dark, but it lay flat on his skin and swirled in patterns that he thought just made his muscle, which he was in love with, look even more masculine, bigger, sexier. His muscle bulged so thick, flexing with every movement. His narrow midsection showed between the bottom of the beater and the top of his shorts, which gapped and then pulled in, tight against his lower belly from of the swell of his hard, high ass. The shorts looked about to break free, so tightly did they stretch over his muscle and meat in a display that, in another time, would have been thought obscene. But not anymore. He'd hit that point where there was no hiding that he was one of “those” guys, and he loved the feeling. Soon, he'd have to wear Lycra, Spandex, anything that would stretch to accommodate his body and show the world that he'd given himself to the new order of things.

Pushing the mower, he'd been enjoying how his sweat was causing his shirt to stick to his muscle, how his hair was wetting down, how hot he knew that looked, feeling the weight of his huge, beautiful man meat hanging against his leg, showing the results of this population control process for all the world to see. Nope. No way would he ever be able to penetrate a woman, now. Well, maybe, if he were really determined and she really willing, but it would be hard, if not impossible. And the next shot, this afternoon, would cinch that. Cory was so huge now, he just put on that Lycra shit and let the world see. He couldn't even get himself into anything else. He was a man's man, and fuck anyone who was stuck in the old way. And Jackie knew he and Jace, even Toby, weren't far behind. Just thinking about it was making him start to bone again, and he felt the material of his shorts stimulating his cock as it shifted across it when he walked behind the mower. And that's when Mr. Hennessey appeared at his door, shouting “Hi” at Jackie.

“Unbelievable,” Mac Hennessey said, walking up to Jackie and looking the young stud over.

Jackie turned off the mower so he could hear Mac Hennessey. “I'm sorry?” he said.

“I said, unbelievable. You look unbelievable. It still blows me away that guys are showing up looking like, well, you know.”

Jackie smiled. “Yeah, I know.” He was getting cocky about how his body was changing, too. He could hear it in his voice, even feel his whole attitude changing.

“Well, you probably can't see much difference, but I got my first treatment yesterday, after chatting with Cory. I already feel different. I can't even imagine how you must feel.”

“Pretty good,” Jackie shifted from one foot to the other, the change in stance pushing his meat more firmly forward. He glanced down at himself, and seeing the bulging contours of his enhanced endowment excited him even more with the attention it was receiving. “Going for another treatment today,” he said. “Probably go stay at their campus after that in a couple days or so. Might not be able to handle your lawn for a while. Not sure how long we'd be there or anything.”

“Yeah, I figured. Heard about that campus. So, another shot today, huh? You're not going to be able to stuff all that in those shorts anymore.”

“Yeah, I know. Probably by tomorrow. But Cory already got us a bunch of that stretch stuff, so it'll be cool.”

Mac Hennessey's 501 Levis showed an ample bulge beginning to strain at the button fly, and he smiled when he knew Jackie saw it. “Yeah. I already know what you mean. Well, I'd love to have you come in for a coke or something, but you probably want to get done here. I mean, if you want to take a break or anything …”

Jackie squinted from the glare of the sun, cocked his head, and grinned. “You want to see this, don't ya, Mr. Hennessey?” He rubbed a hand down the log that had started to harden up down the leg of his shorts. “I could take a short break.”

“Come on in, then,” and he led the way inside.

As soon as they were behind the closed door, Jackie undid his shorts, pulling them down his hips as he followed Mac Hennessey to the kitchen. His cock and balls were much too large to flop out on their own, so when they got to the kitchen, and the older man turned around, Jackie reached in and lifted out his oversized, heavy meat using both hands. He was instantly aroused, showing himself off this way, and he watched his enormous cock stiffen and rise.

“Pretty big, huh, Mr. Hennessey? Got over thirteen inches now.”

“Fucking amazing,” Mac answered.

“Be fucking amazing after the treatment today. I can't wait. Have you seen Cory?”

“Have I seen him? He's the reason I started myself. How big is his now? What is he, three treatments, now?”

“Yeah. His cock is twenty inches, man. Goes way past his knee. The killer is it's like eleven inches around, man. No way he could get it inside a woman, but I guess they gotta keep it going so they're absolutely sure, like, no possibility. Cory says he's seen some of the guys from the campus, and they end up with like two-foot-long dicks that are like 14 inches around. Fourteen inches, man! Do you have any idea how huge that is? Takes two hands just to jack it. I can't wait!”

Just talking about it excited Jackie so that the pitch of his voice was rising as he spoke, and his cock began leaking precum.

“Well, what you have already is pretty fucking amazing.”

“Mr. Hennessey, the bulge in your Levis, there, is looking pretty full already. Don't you want to let it out?”

“It's already grown almost an inch, and I am so fucking horny.”

“I know. It's cool. You want to feel mine? It's okay. Why don't you jack me off, Mr. Hennessey? I love that. I'll do you, too, if you want. Come 'ere.”

Jackie pulled Mac Hennessey to him by the waistband of his 501s and quickly unbuttoned the fly, pulled out the man's hard cock, a respectable, fat eight inches or so, and squeezed it hard. Mac sucked in a breath that flattened his abs and thrust his hips. Then he took hold of Jackie's pole with both hands and stroked it, slowly at first, but picking up speed fast.

“Whoa, Mr. Hennessey. You're gonna rub the skin off. Fuck, man, you like how big my cock is, don't ya? Oh, man.”

“Yeah. And all that hair, too. Jesus, man, this shit makes you into one fucking stud, doesn't it? I never gave a shit about if a guy was hairy, but now that looks so hot to me.”

The man and the teen stroked each other, faster and faster.

“Yeah, I know,” Jackie gasped. “Oh, yeah, Mr. Hennessey. Oh, yeah. Come on, man. Yeah.”

“Oh, God. Fucking beautiful. Oh, fuck.”

They both shot their loads, spraying cum all over the floor, all over their clothes, not caring, just shooting, spurting, and shooting. When they were spent, Mac grabbed a couple dishtowels and they wiped up the best they could. Jackie stuffed himself back into his shorts. It seemed even more difficult now than it had been before. There was just so much to get in, and the legs were already so tight. But, with spots of cum mingling with sweat stains, and bulging insanely in his shorts, he went back out to finish the lawn. He peeled off his tank and tucked it into a belt loop.

“Look at him out there showing off. Is this insane or what? He looks so totally fuckin' cool.”

Jace stood naked at the window of Cory's bedroom with his brother close behind him, both watching Jackie finish Mac Hennessey's lawn. Cory's twenty inch rod was pressed against Jace's back and Cory was reaching around his brother, holding his big fifteen incher up with one hand while he lightly teased its head with the other.

“Yeah, he does,” Cory said. “Big fuckin' muscle slut, just like his brother. Bet anything he just got Mac to whack him off or something. Fuck, man. If you think you guys are horned up now, wait till after that shot today. We're gonna have to go to the campus, man. I'm barely holding out with this everyday shit, man. You'll see what I mean. I gotta fuck your ass, Jace. Your muscle is so fuckin' beautiful, man, I can't stand it.”

Cory pushed on Jace's back, and Jace grabbed the window sill, still watching Jackie across the street, as he bent over to give Cory total access.

“You think my muscle is beautiful, man? Fuck. I am getting big. Feels so hot.”

“Big? Fuck, dude, any bodybuilder roidhead would kill to have your muscles. You're fuckin' massive, man. Aww, dude, fuck, man, I love to slide this huge fucker in ya. You like how that feels, bro?”

“You know I fuckin' love it, Cory. I can't wait till it's even bigger, man. I want to take two feet of you, man, big around as some guys' arms, man, fuckin huge cock, man, fucking huge hairy musclefuck cock, man. Aww, Jesus, Cory, yeah, go deep, man. Yeah. Get my fuckin' tonsils. I wonder how they make it so we can take it, man?”

“You fuckin' wonder something like that now? Who gives a fuck, man? You love it, don't ya?”


“Fucking pig, man, massive fuckin' muscle pig.”

“Yeah. I'm a fuckin' pig, man. So are you. So is that hairy musclefuck over there. A bunch of horned up dogs, man, in fuckin' heat. God, look at his hair. It's fuckin' beautiful.”

“Your muscles are beautiful, bro. You'll get more hair. He'll get more muscle. All of us gonna be fuckin' gods, man. They're makin' a race of gods. Aww, fuck, that feels so good, man. You love how huge my fuckin' cock is, don't you, man? Can't wait to get this big, too, fuck my muscle ass with your own monster cock, huh?”


“Yeah, I know. You fuckin' Robby, bro? He love your huge cock?”

Cory kept slamming into Jace while they talked in breathless gulps of words.

“Yeah. He fuckin' loves my big fuckin' cock, man. He fuckin' loves my muscles, man. You love my muscles, Cory? I'm getting so fuckin' huge. Want to get so massive, man. Come in me, man, do it.”

“Aww, fuck. Yeah. Aww, ummm.”

“Oh, God, man. That's so hot. Suck me off, man. Make me cum, too.”

“Yeah, turn around, you big musclefuck. Let me see that beautiful fuckin' muscle.” He slid his rod out and let it flop as he turned Jace around. He let Jace's cock rest against his hairy upper abs while he grabbed both of Jace's huge, thick pecs, almost tearing at the meat. “Yeah, bro, fuck. Fuckin' beautiful. Hair's comin', too, bro. Yeah. Come on, give it to me, Jace.”

Then he took Jace's cock in one hand and bent his head to its head, tonguing it, spitting on it, working it with his mouth and his hand at the same time until, almost immediately, he brought it to ejaculation. Jace held Cory's head while Cory drank every drop of Jace's hot, thick cream, greedily, noisily sucking it in and swallowing it down.

“You fucking animals.”

It was Jackie. They hadn't even noticed that he'd finished up and come back across the street.

“And this little animal here,” he had Toby by the back of the neck, “was getting off on your show. Weren't you, little dude? Found him out there, watching through the door, which you conveniently left open, whackin' away. He was whackin' it when I left him before. Christ, give the kid a toy …”

He tousled Toby's hair, like the kid he was, even though he was nearly as tall as all of them, now, built like a bodybuilder, and sporting heavy stubble on his boyish face and quite a pattern of hair on his muscular body. They all laughed at him, standing there naked, his cock still erect and slick with cum, but looking like he'd been caught in the cookie jar.

“I can't help it,” Toby said, “I'm just so horny all the time.”

“It's okay, kid,” Cory said, “We all are. So, let's go let them make us all even hornier. You guys ready to do it?”

“Yeah.” Toby was first to answer.

“So, put something on. Let's go.”

They didn't even bother to clean up. They just toweled off and got into Lycra shorts and T-shirts. All the way to the center, they were all too excited to talk. Their erections said everything for them.


Part 8

By the time the four guys had received their treatments and talked about setting up a stay at the campus starting Tuesday, which would give them Monday to check out of school, by the time they'd stood and talked with a couple of the directors about all that and trying to stay cool about standing there outrageously, completely boned in their Lycra shorts after their shots chatting with two men who looked like the gods they would soon become, muscular beyond comprehension, swollen with thick, hard, masculine body mass that forced them to stand and walk like a whole new breed of man proudly displaying hypermasculinity with deeply erotic and casual pride, by the time they left the center and were walking back to the car, they were all so intensely buzzed from their treatments they could barely talk beyond an occasional “Jesus,” or “fuck,” or “holy shit,” as rush after rush would overtake one of them or another blasting them into a whole new level of psychophysical arousal that coursed through their brains, their blood, their muscle, their bones, their skin, their cells, and every thought and sensation. Evolution at warp speed.

When they reached the Explorer, Cory threw Jace the keys. “You gotta drive back, man.” Already a dark stain was growing where the head of his cock was testing the stretch limit of his Lycra shorts, angling across his groin over to his left hip where the low-slung waistband was lifted sharply by his tent-pole, the material straining over it, the peak reaching over his hip, higher than his navel, about to hit the point where his lats began their corbra-hood spread. Cory's eyes shone with glazed intensity as he swung one massive trunk of thigh around the other and reached for the car door, his massive arm forcing his thick, wide pectoral to jump and bunch into a cabled mound of banded steel across his chest, the veins and deep striations clearly visible under the silken sheen of black Irish hair that climbed to his throat and shoulder.

Jace didn't need to ask why Cory wanted him to drive. All three of the younger brothers could see that Cory was in a new orbit that would take a while to adjust to. Jace looked at Jackie and the two exchanged a knowing smile, but it was Toby who voiced it.

“I don't know how you're not cumming right here in the parking lot, Cory,” he said like the kid he was, bursting with youthful enthusiasm. “If it feels like this after the third shot, it must be unbelievable after four. I'm horned up outta my head. Aren't you guys?”

“Big time,” Jackie said, as they all climbed in for the ride home.

Cory didn't even answer. He just leaned back in his seat, completely unconcerned about what anyone might see or think, and released his cock from its confines, letting the Lycra snap back and hold the throbbing log firmly against his abs and in the crevice between his pecs where it drooled precum from its fist-sized head that lay against the upper part of his sternum where his chest hair divided to swirl together and up toward his throat and down toward his stomach. He lay his head back against the headrest, his eyes rolling up toward the ceiling, but their focus entirely within his body, as wave after wave of erotic stimulation swept over him, strengthening the depth and intensity of the masculinity he felt with each wave. He felt surges of amplified hormonal production working on him at levels he hadn't known existed. He didn't even need to use his hands to feel the size of his muscle because this masculinity was all about the size he was gaining, and his growing size was all about masculinity taken to a whole new platform. He was past anything that even the most rabid roidhead could have imagined in the old way, the old order of things, and he still had two more treatments to go.

He couldn't tell his brothers about this. Oh, he could use words to try, but they'd have to feel it themselves. He knew that the week before, when he'd received the third treatment that his brothers had just got, he'd soon begun quickly to feel a significant difference, to realize that this was something beyond just looking like a juiced up bodybuilder with massive meat on obvious display. He'd felt a change that was a deeper transformation taking place, something so erotic as to be physically, emotionally, psychically overtaking him, changing him into a creature of pure male sexuality, a sexuality so strong that it had to recreate his whole body to reflect its intensity. He felt the transformation coming upon him the way a pubescent boy becomes aware of his first whiskers and pubic hairs, as inevitable, unstoppable, and utterly exciting and desirable.

Now he was in the throes of transformation, full-force. This shot had been lift-off. He knew why he had to take his brothers and go to the campus. They would be gaining that same awareness over the next day or so, more and more each day, and he had to be where he could just let it happen, go with it completely. He didn't want to have to focus on anything else. He would take them there, get them out of school before they couldn't concentrate on school or anything but their own transforming sexualities.

Oh, Christ, it felt so unbelievably good. He loved this size, this mass, this hard, thick, heavy density. He loved the hair. And he loved, completely, the new kind of genitalia that he was being given. His cock felt electrified.

No one had said anything since getting in the car. They'd all watched Cory—watched him and felt their own bodies surge with new power. The only sounds were the occasional moan or soft exclamation of sexual pleasure mounting steadily and powerfully.

Cory heard them, and knowing that they were about to embark on the realization of the true depth and nature of this transformation made him more excited. Seeing them change, watching their reactions to themselves and each other was so hot.

He lifted his head. Precum was slithering down his huge shaft, wetting his hair. He took his T-shirt off the floor where he'd dropped it, and wiped down the hair, but that huge cockhead looked so hot to him, right there on his enormous, bulging pecs, that he lifted it up with both hands and just stared at it. He could feel an ejaculation building. The dam was about to break. He saw Jace looking over at him, huge, musclebound Jace with that incredible monster meat. He smiled, knowing Jace thought that his big brother Cory's cock and muscle were the hottest thing in the world right now, that seeing him holding this giant meat was driving him crazy. He leaned his head down slightly and ran his tongue teasingly around the flaring rim, watching Jace watch him, teasing. Oh yeah, teasing, turning him on. He knew he was turning the other two on, too, but he didn't turn around. He just let them watch him tease Jace. He kissed the leaking tip and sucked in some precum, wet his lips with it, took some more onto the tip of his tongue and ran it around his lips, watching Jace's gaze swivel from the road to his beautiful, huge cock. He took its head into his mouth, opening wide, his jaws stretching from their hinge-points like a snake's jaws, a phenomenon of this amazing transforming formula, like the ability to open the asshole to allow penetration by something this huge and more. He knew that watching him getting off on himself was as strong an arousal to his brothers as if he were literally jacking them off. And it turned him on just as powerfully to do it. He slid his mouth down until the back of his throat had to open to take himself in.

“Mmmmmfff.” He let go of the shaft and just sucked on the bulbous head. His hands found the mass of his pecs, the heels of his palms under his pits, his fingers pinching his big, hard nipples as he pushed his pecs together, making their mass form a trough that he could use his mouth to rub his cock against, the hair teasing its thin, hypersensitive skin.

As though hit by lightning, his body went stiff, and the ejaculation came, suddenly and more powerfully than he'd expected. His back arched, his glutes clenched, and his body involuntarily thrust his cock hard into his throat so that he scraped himself with his teeth, but even that felt somehow so hot, rough. As he began to spurt, he swallowed the sweet-bitter-salty fluid that came and came and came. God he loved it. He loved taking in his own masculinity like that. He loved doing it while his brothers watched. He felt almost as though, if he kept on milking himself, he would keep cumming as long as he wanted, and he'd love to just keep doing it, and cumming, and cumming, and cumming. Oh, God!

And then he heard, from the depths of his ecstasy, his brothers letting go, too.




There was a moment of silence when all of them were finally, if only momentarily, spent, followed by sniggers, and laughs, and guffaws.

“Whoa, dude,” Jace said, “Fucking intense.”

“You have no idea,” Cory said, and he knew they really didn't.

They stripped off all their clothes the minute they got home. The living room looked like the pump room before a bodybuilding contest, without the weights, just the flexing, and preening, and oiling. But these bodybuilders were a step beyond in musculature and many steps beyond in the endowments they proudly paraded for each other. Each of them could feel the pressure inside that was forcing their muscles and genitals to grow, and the feeling was pure erotic ecstasy.

They had been home only an hour or so, long enough to have enjoyed several ejaculations together and to be heading for another over the pure sexual excitement of their bodies. Jace was about to cum again over finally getting hair sprouting all over him like his brothers, Jackie was enthralled with how heavy and thick his cock seemed to already be getting, Toby was just generally giddy over being a hairy, musclebound, horse hung stud kid with a five o'clock shadow filling in as fast as all his big brothers, already having full beard stubble by late afternoon and growing muscle that would already make a true bodybuilder weep. And Cory was mostly silent, looking at himself, feeling his sexuality grow with his mass and size, focusing inward on the deep intensity of the transformation that was occurring. Each was in his own world and, at the same time, a show and a source of total arousal for the others.

The first to arrive unexpectedly was Mac Hennessey.

“Saw you all come back,” he said, “figured I'd wait for a while, but I just had to come and see how it went.”

“Come on in,” Cory said. “It went great. It still is. So you're starting, too, huh. That's great. Jackie tells us you're already into what it does to you. Get ready, man. You ready for this?” he said as he flexed a mammoth biceps for him to feel.

“Oh, yeah, I'm so ready for that.” He took hold of the arm with both hands to encompass its girth and couldn't come close. “Fucking beautiful,” he said.

“Let's see you,” Cory said.

“Yeah,” Jace came over. “Come on, Mr. Hennessey. Let's have some of what you were sharing with Jackie before.” He tugged at Mac's Levis.

Mac let himself be pulled toward the seventeen year old muscle stud.

“Yeah, show 'em, Mr. Hennessey. Show 'em how you're already getting big. You want to play, Mr. Hennessey?”

They formed a ring around Mac, all flexing, their cocks all jutting out, hitting against him. His Levis revealed the extent of his excitement. He reached to feel Jackie's pecs, Jace's shoulders, Cory's pecs. And then Cory reached over and, with two hands, tore the T-shirt off Mac's body with a jerk while Jace ripped open the fly of his Levis and pulled them down. Mac stepped out of them, and as the brothers were starting to pleasure his body while he engorged himself with theirs, another knock came at the door.

Toby went to look through the peep hole.

“It's Robby and Mr. Mills,” he said. “God, look at Robby!”

Cory laughed. “Well, don't be rude, little dude. Open the door.”

“We knew you guys would be home by now,” Sandy Mills said as he and his son stepped into the room and Toby closed the door. Sandy wore sweats that could barely contain his mammoth legs and butt and even the jock, which showed at his waistband, couldn't rein in the raging boner that led before him into the room. “How'd this one go. Robby and I go in about an hour.”

“It's amazing, man,” Jace said, turning to face them, hitting a double bi and impressing even himself with the size of his guns. He had to be at twenty-two, twenty-three maybe. And the only thing hotter than feeling that when he flexed was showing it to his buddy, Robby and seeing Robby's reaction, knowing he'd be there soon himself.

Robby was wearing some board shorts that were the last of his regular clothes he'd be able to get into, and they were bursting at the seam with the young hunk's muscle and meat. He grabbed his bulging cock.

“Holy shit, man. Look at you. Oh, man, I'm gonna blow just looking at those guns.”

“Well, don't just look, buddy. Come on.”

Jace reached for Robby's head with one hand while offering a flexed arm for his buddy to feel. As Robby grabbed the arm, Jace planted his mouth on his old weight lifting bud's mouth and fucked him with his tongue.

Meanwhile, Cory had just looked Sandy up and down, no words needed, lust on both of their faces, and then reached for his cock and his pecs at the same time, merely copping a feel, winking at him, and then taking his arm, feeling Sandy's bulging upper arm muscles as he led him into the circle of muscle guys.

“But where are my manners? I don't think you know our neighbor, Mac Hennessey. He just started the treatment a few days ago. But you remember how fast it starts working. You guys don't have much time, I know.” He reached into Sandy's sweats. “Why don't you lose the clothes. Let us send you off for that shot the right way. Fuck you're lookin' good, man.”

“Thanks.” Sandy was already stripping.

In that brief minute, Jace had already turned Robby around and Robby had greedily taken Jace into him, but Jace walked into the group with Robby impaled on him, slamming him at the same time, Robby moaning with pleasure. Mac Hennessey went down on all fours with Jackie's cock in his mouth and Toby poised to join the party right behind him, and cried out, “Yeah! Party!”

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