The cowboy

by Chance Riverwind

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Narrator: This story begins with Joey. He relaxing at home reading his new book, The Gay Kama Sutra. Joey hears a knock at the door.

Joey: Great just right when I'm getting to the good stuff.

Narrator: He puts his book down and heads toward the door.

Joey: I hope this is some cute salesman.

Narrator: Joey opens the door and ends up staring into the chest of a 6—6” cowboy.

Cowboy: Excuse me for bothering ya, but my truck broke down. Could I use your phone?

Narrator: Joey could not believe it. A real live, huge, cowboy was standing before him. It takes a moment for Joey to come to his senses and reply.

Joey: Sh…Sh…Sure…Come in. The phone is in the living room on the coffee table. Help yourself (Thinking) My gawd look at that ass?

Narrator: The cowboy seems to be a man of few words. He turns and continues into the living room.

Joey: (Thinking) Hmm. The strong silent type. I have got to have him. Oh Oh!

Narrator: In all the excitement, Joey forgot he left his copy of “The Gay Kama Sutra” on the coffee table.

Joey: (Thinking) What the hell. It's my house, and he'll just have to get over it.

Narrator: The cowboy picks up the book.

Cowboy: So does this mean you're queer? Joey: YES! It also means I can read Mr. Cowboy man!

Cowboy: Where I come from we don't see many freakin' faggots around.

Joey: Well we don't see many goat roper rednecks around here.

Narrator: The cowboy bounds to his feet, causing Joey to feel like he may have gone too far. Joey figures its time to act butch, so he climbs to his feet as well. The cowboy grabs Joey by the throat and picks him up.

Cowboy: I think you need to be taught a few manners! Boy!

Narrator: The cowboy drags Joey around to the center of the living room. Joey tried to resist, but he really likes being dominated by strong men. It was a bit scary. Joey had no idea what was about to happen, and that kind of excites him.

Joey: What are you going to do?

Cowboy: Bent you over my knee. Maybe you will have a little more respect for folks afterwards.

Joey: Oh my GOD! He's going to spank me. This is good to be true.

Cowboy: Move to the other side of this foot stool!

Narrator: Just when Joey thought he was about to get a spanking, he finds himself arching backwards over the cowboy's knee. Joey felt helpless as the cowboy grabbed him by the hair and forced him further back. There was no way to escape without getting hurt. He looked up into those dark blue eyes wondering what the hell was going on. This little game was starting to look like trouble.

Joey: (Thinking) Oh shit!

Narrator: Feeling totally helpless, and a little nervous, Joey is further confused by what happens next. The cowboy is now grabbing at his pants and unbuttoning them. In the blink of an eye the cowboy has Joey's pants undone. The cowboy has said nothing, and Joey is too shocked to utter a word. The cowboy reaches in to Joey's pants and grabs his big cock.

Joey: Wait…

Cowboy: Keep quiet BOY! Comprende'?

Narrator: Instantly Joey's dick starts to get hard.

Joey: (Thinking) I thought this guy was straight!

Cowboy: (Thinking) Nice little dick he's got—

Narrator: Joey can feel the cowboy stroking his cock. Then a warm moist sensation consumes his dick as the cowboy begins to suck. Joey's balls rub against the zipper on his pants with each stroke of the cowboys lips.

Joey: Mmmmmm!

Narrator: The rough sensation of the cowboy's beard on Joey's stomach is a total turn on. Joey's cock grows with each stroke, and the cock ring tightens its hold on his growing package. The cowboy's hand touches the crack in Joey's ass. Its all Joey can do to keep from shooting his load.

Joey: (Thinking) This is great.

Narrator: It was obvious who was in charge. This man was definitely teaching Joey a lesson he would never forget. The cowboy grabs Joey's balls.

Joey: I'm going to shoot my load!

Narrator: Without missing a stroke, the cowboy lets go and pushes Joey's pants down. The distraction is just enough to keep Joey from delivering his hot load of cum. With out any warning the cowboy reaches between Joey's legs and grabs his ass. In one quick move Joey finds himself slung over the cowboy's shoulder. Joey almost passes out from the sudden change in position. The cowboy carries Joey across the room.

Joey: What are you doing? Put me down or I'll…

Narrator: The cowboy slams Joey down into the easy chair

Cowboy: Or you'll WHAT?

Joey: (Gulp) What the HELL is this? Who are you?

Cowboy: Your MASTER for the time being. YOU will call me SIR! Now its time for lesson number two! (jams boot into Joey's chest.)

Joey: That's it man! I'm out of here! You're FUCKING crazy!

Narrator: But there was nothing Joey could do. His pants were around his ankles, making it impossible to escape. The cowboy simply reached out and grabbed Joey by the shoulder. He quickly pinned Joey down. Joey wasn't going anywhere without the cowboy's permission. The cowboy has had all he can stand of Joey's bad behavior.

Cowboy: Time for your Spanking, BOY!

Narrator: The cowboy held Joey down by the neck. Then he began the punishment. Joey was finally getting his spanking! Perhaps a little more than he bargained for. The sting of the cowboy's belt sent a rush though Joey he had never felt before. The cowboy continued to strike -again and again. With each sting of the leather belt, Joey entered a strange euphoric state. He could feel his ass on fire, but it didn't matter. His whole body was glowing. Once again, the cowboy was making it painfully clear who was in charge! And Joey had the welts to prove it!

Cowboy: NOW! Do we understand who's boss?

Joey: Yes sir.

Cowboy: Good. Now let's get back to the lesson.

Narrator: The cowboy starts to strip. FINALLY, Joey was going to see this man's package. The anticipation was almost too much. Would he be all hat and no horse, or ALL HORSE? The cowboy slowly reaches into his jeans and grabs his cock. Out flops this huge hunk of meat!

Joey: DAMN! (Thinking) and he's not even hard.

Narrator: Joey can't believe his eyes. This man is hung like a horse!

Cowboy: You're not going to please me by just staring at it! (Grabs Joey's head and forces down on cock)

Narrator: Joey loves to go down on a man's big fat cock, but this might be more than he bargained for. The cowboy didn't waste any time in taking control. Joey just took it as the cowboy lunged back and forth. With each stroke his dick grew larger and larger. In fact the cowboy looked like he was growing larger and larger…

Cowboy: Oh yes suck my dick. Narrator: This was a complete turn on for Joey. He loves being forced to suck a big man's cock. Joey pulled down the cowboy's jeans, releasing his balls and exposing his ass. Joey could taste the cowboy's sweet juices beginning to flow. It was getting close! The cowboy's breathing told Joey a load of cum was about to fill his mouth. He could feel the cowboy begin to quiver. An explosion was on its way.

Joey: (Thinking) I want to taste this man's cum. I want his sweet juices running down my throat! Cum in my mouth you big stud! Cum inside me!

Cowboy: That's enough BOY! Release my cock.

Narrator: Joey was disappointed, but he obeyed his master.

Joey: Please Sir. I want to taste your cum.

Cowboy: You need to please me first. Now climb up on this chair and spread your legs. I'm ready to RIDE!

Narrator: Joey gasped from the sting of the cowboy's cock forcing its way inside. Joey's dick grew as he received the meat he had held in his lips only moments ago. Joey was in heaven. This man's big fat cock up his ass was sending him into orbit.

Joey: OH! FUCK ME SIR! Fuck me hard!

Narrator: His ass was burning. It felt like the cowboy was shoving a hot poker up Joey's hole. Joey wanted a pounding, but so far the cowboy was fucking him slow and gentile.

Joey: Give it to me Master! Fuck me as hard as you can!

Narrator: But the cowboy continued with his slow methodic strokes. Almost as if he were teasing Joey.

Cowboy: (pushes on Joeys cock) Roll over.

Narrator: The minute Joey was in position, the cowboy RAMMED his cock back in, and began pounding HARD!

Joey: OH…YES…! Thank you Sir!

Narrator: The cowboy and his cock grew larger with each stroke. He was going where no man had gone before. Joey's ass was getting a serious work out. The cowboy plunged deeper and deeper as he and his cock grew to there full potential, around 8” tall with a 16” dick. For the first time, Joey was having an orgasm without cumming. He had heard of this, but never before had he gone there. Joey: Oh gawd yes! FUCK ME!

Narrator: With out warning the cowboy pulls out.

Cowboy: Get back in the chair.

Narrator: Once Joey was in position, the cowboy began stroking his cock. Joey followed his lead and started jacking himself as well. Joey knew what was coming next. He was about to get the cowboy's cum. The cowboy promised Joey a taste if he could please him.

Joey: I'm ready Sir. I'm ready for your HOT SWEET CUM!

Narrator: It didn't take long for the cowboy to fire… The moment Joey tasted the cowboy's juices he shot his load… It was heaven. They had both cum at the same time. The ultimate turn on. And Joey got to taste the cowboy's hot creamy load… The cowboy had shot all over Joey's face and chest. He then drained his cock into Joey's mouth. Joey took pleasure in liking up every drop.

Joey: Thank you Sir.

Narrator: The cowboy sat down and lit a cigar.

Cowboy: Take off my boots, Boy.

Narrator: Joey quickly complied with the request, and then knelt down in front of the cowboy.

Cowboy: I just might have you out to the ranch. We can do some riding. (Leans forward and gave Joey a kiss)

Joey: Honey! You can ride me any time!

Cowboy: Then we'll take 5 and continue in the bedroom.

Joey: As you wish, master.

Narrator: But that's a story for another time.

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