The game of champions

by Seth Peterson

A mysterious card game seizes the interest and the bodies of four very eager, very naughty college boys. Watch the fun unravel!

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Troy grinned as he opened the room to his friend's dorm. The other three boys in the room all looked up expectantly.

"You got it, man?"

Troy shrugged nonchalantly.

"Of course I got it!"

He held up the box. He had found it under his bed. It was a card game, that much was certain. But there were no words on any of the cards, and only two words on the instructions: Be careful. Troy's friends had decided to play the game, using markers to make their own version of Cards Against Humanity. It would be fun!

Ethan reclined on the couch, his lanky frame stretched over the arms. Ethan was the group's comic relief, with his improv-style humor and quick wit. He was exceptionally tall, nearly six five and thin as a rail. He was athletic, though, and loved referring to himself as the 'human gazelle' due to his tremendous hurdle-jumping abilities. Next to Ethan was Sam. Sam was thick and burly, a football player to the end. Quite a ways shorter than Ethan, Sam was far wider than he was tall. But despite his huge frame, Sam was incredibly sweet and caring, never picking a fight or lashing out. In fact, Sam often let others do the talking. He was very quiet, but seemed incredibly intelligent.

Sitting closest to Troy was Matt. Matt was a little on the husky side, but athletic in his own right. Troy heavily suspected he was gay, but it didn't matter. Matt was a bit of a blowhard, always ready to voice his opinions. Sometimes it got annoying, but it was mostly refreshing in this modern sea of butt-hurt fans and protesters. Troy himself was pretty tall, about five eleven. He was toned without being slim or muscular, years of swimming creating a sculpted body. He wasn't nearly as gung-ho as Matt was, but not as quiet as Sam. He was intelligent and clever, and not too shabby in the looks department, either.

Troy sat down and opened the box, shuffling the cards. Every sat in a circle, ready to play. Ethan chuckled.

"So…we definitely need a 'Pac-Man uncontrollably guzzling cum' in there somewhere…"

Matt sniffed.

"I was thinking a 'Daddy issues.'"

Troy waved his hand.

"You'll all get to write down your own thing."

He took a card and started writing. He laughed as he finished.

"What do you guys think of 'Orphan cages?'"

Everyone smiled, but as Troy went to put his card down, his eyes widened. Where had the words gone? They had vanished. But…he had wrote them down seconds ago. Matt turned to Ethan as he wrote.

"Hey man, I meant to ask. How did it go with Rachel the other night? You get lucky?"

Ethan shrugged.

"She bailed. Guess I'm too buff for her."

Matt scoffed.

"What girl wouldn't love the spaghetti look?"

Troy jerked in shock as a slight jolt pulsed from the card. Dropping it, he yelped. Everyone turned.

"You okay?"

Then the card started to vibrate slightly. Everyone looked down in shock as words started printing across the card.

-Rule Number One if you wish to play. Everyone here needs to be gay.

Matt looked up.

"The hell does that mean?"

Troy shrugged.

"I don't know. Since when do cards write themselves?"

Sam shook his head.

"Weird stuff, man. You pick this up at Satan Inc.?"

Troy raised his hands.

"Don't look at me! I found this in my dorm!"

Matt shrugged.

"Anyway…Ethan, did you ever call Roman back?"

Ethan shook his head.

"No. After he ditched me, I figured he wasn't interested."

Matt blew out a breath.

"Suit yourself. I would've tracked the guy down and forced him to blow me."

Sam rolled his eyes.

"And the horn dog strikes again."

Troy shushed them.

"Enough, guys. Let's just focus on playing the game."

A second card suddenly jumped off the pile and vibrated. Their eyes widened as more words etched in the card.

-Rule Number Two to play this game. Everyone here needs to be less tame.

Troy scratched his head.

"Less tame? The hell does that mean?"

Ethan chuckled and slid off the couch, putting a massive arm around Matt.

"Maybe we're going to be visited by the zoo police…"

Matt scoffed and reclined into Ethan, his head pushing against the taller boy's chest.

"Get real, Ethan."

Ethan raised his eyebrows and lightly squished Matt's swollen chest.

"Are we lashing out because we're insecure?"

Matt blew out a breath and smacked Ethan's leg.

"Fuck off."

Troy rolled his eyes and inched closer to Sam, resting his hand on the boy's large thigh. Sam blushed slightly and put his hand on Troy's. Troy eyed Ethan's hand, erotically squeezing Matt's bloated breast.

"You like them chubby, Ethan?"

Matt flushed and Ethan chuckled.

"Always did have a thing for bears."

A third card nearly took Matt's head off before vibrating on the floor.

-The first step to becoming a bear is growing quite a bit of hair.

Matt raised an eyebrow and turned to Ethan.

"Hope you like shaving three times a day."

Ethan eyed Matt humorously. Finally Matt realized something was off and looked down.

"Well, shit."

He pulled off his shirt and Sam flushed hard as Matt's bloated belly and wobbly man-boobs jiggled in the open. Troy leaned in sniffed Sam's ear gently.

"You're better."

Sam looked at Troy and smiled softly before pressing his lips into Troy's. Troy jerked lightly in pleasure and moved his hand to rub Sam's swollen pec as his tongue slid into the bigger teen's mouth. Neither of them noticed Matt's big belly begin to grow darker as hair sprouted down his trial and around his belly button. His nipples sprouted hairs as his chest darkened slightly. His face grew a large amount of stubble, the hair growing down his neck as well as his limbs. Ethan noticed and promptly started sucking on a new, fuzzy nipple. Matt groaned in pleasure and rubbed his head.

"Like them big, huh? Good boy…"

Sam looked at the two of them, then back at Troy.

"Am I big enough for you?"

Troy grinned.

"You're adorable. And yes, you are. Nice and muscular."

Another card flipped off and everyone turned their attention to it.

-Sroy seems to be going well. What happens when Troy begins to swell?

Sam looked at Troy.

"What's sroy?"

Ethan chuckled.

"It's a ship thing. You two would be Tam or Sroy. We'd be Methan."

He looked back and kissed Matt on the lips. Troy looked back at Sam.

"So…I'm going to get fat, then? I don't like that!"

Sam's eyes were drawn to Troy's body. Troy looked down to find his chest bulging outward.

"Oh, shit! Muscle!"

Grinning, he pulled off his shirt to watch his toned chest bulk outward, his nipples fattening up as his pecs ballooned outward. Sam blushed hard and rubbed one happily.

"They're as big as mine!"

Troy felt his chest plump out a little more, his biceps erupting larger too. His legs thickened and his ass formed a huge bubble, stretching his sweatpants hugely. Troy moaned as Sam slipped his lips around the swollen pec. Ethan continued sucking on Matt's plump chest as Sam pleasured Troy's fat pec the same way. Another card subtly flipped itself over, catalyzing words carving into it.

-Matt's growing to be a bear, of course. I think it's fair to make Ethan a horse.

Ethan stopped mid-suck and blinked.

"H…horse? Like…as in…"

He stopped and grunted as the bulge in his pants started expanding. He stared as the outline of a massively growing cock pushed against his gym shorts.

"Bad day to go commando…"

The huge head quickly shot out of his pants, the huge shaft swelling and growing as the head plumped hugely. Matt licked his lips and knelt, the huge head sliding into his mouth as he sucked hard. Ethan's cock kept growing as Matt sucked, Ethan's pants constricting around his swelling dick.

"Oh damn…"

Another card flew off, leaving no time for enjoyment.

-All four of your sex drives are lacking. Perhaps you need some help in sacking.

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Sacking? Like firing someone?"

Troy grunted as he felt his balls begin to sag.

"No…I think the game's rhyme scheme is getting weak."

Everyone began to moan as a large bulge formed in their pants, their new nuts growing larger and pumping hormones through them. Sam groaned and dropped his pants, everyone quickly following his lead. Troy was decent, at a nice seven and a half inches. Sam was big at probably eight and a half. Matt was around six, but Ethan was easily twelve and still growing. A card flew off, smacking Troy in the face before setting down.

-I'll teach you to mess with me. A massive cum dump you shall be.

Troy's eyes widened.

"Uh oh…"

Sam all but pounced on Troy, his lips smashing into Troy's. Troy couldn't help but kiss Sam's hot, firm lips, his mind clouding. God, it was getting hard to think! Harder to focus…mmf, Sam's dick was throbbing in need, that gorgeous long cock pulsing against Troy's new abs. Troy stared into Sam's amazing green eyes and let his tongue slide into the teen's mouth. Ethan smiled as Matt sucked on his swelling head, his cock now almost fifteen inches.

"Great. Now the game thinks it's Yoda…"

A card shot at Ethan next, the teen yelping and ducking.

-I'm not a puppet from your precious Star Wars. Watch yourself become the bane of all your whores.

Ethan raised an eyebrow.

"What? This game makes less and less sense…but I love it! It's so nice!"

He cast a weary eye at the cards, but no more took sinister vengeance on him. He barely looked back before Matt kissed him hard, his beefy body falling on top of Ethan as the two went down together. Sam resumed his making out with Troy, his balls inflating even as they kissed. Troy grunted in stiff pleasure as he felt his ass begin to quiver. He ran a hand over it, but it wasn't growing or anything. It just felt increasingly hot and sensitive. Sam began to blush hard and grinded his stiff organ against Troy's stomach.

Troy managed to sneak a glance at the other couple and flushed hard. Ethan was almost twenty inches and still swelling, his cock rubbing the bottom of his chest, squished in between him and Matt's swollen body. In fact, Ethan's cock seemed to be growing even faster than before. Troy wondered if it would ever stop. His attention was roughly drawn back to Sam as the muscled hunk turned him around and rubbed his cock on Troy's new bubble butt, still expanding slowly. Troy moaned happily, lust blossoming in his mind.

"Yeah…fuck me, Sam."

Sam eagerly took the order, shoving his dick hard into Troy's hole. Troy moaned happily and felt his insides clamp down on Sam's head as he slid back, feeling the pleasurable heat blossom inside him. Ethan looked over and licked his lips.

"Shit, look at him take that cock…s'fucking hot…"

Another card shot out and everyone glanced at it.

-Ethan would probably be best if he were mute. Also, a dick like that deserves the body of a mindless brute.

Ethan opened his mouth wordlessly in horror, then actually tried speaking. All that came out was a hot, loud huff. Matt raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"The loudmouth has nothing to say, huh?"

Another card smacked Matt in the face before landing on top of the others.

-It's not nice at all to mock your friend. Watch your weight grow without an end.

Matt's eyes widened.

"Oh man…no, I've been wanting to get rid of that…"

Sam thrust into Troy again as both watched both boys begin to change. Matt quickly began to grow larger, his height increasing as well as his weight. But his weight definitely outpaced the former, his hairy belly swelling larger as his breasts rounded and bloated. His ass stretched wider as his thighs thickened and beefed. He bit his lip and cupped one swelling man-boob, its mass quickly spilling over his palm.


Ethan, on the other hand, was growing even taller, his six and a half foot body stretching higher and higher, eyes closed in pleasure. His muscles began filling out his lanky frame, arms and legs swelling larger and beefier. His cock began to deform, its girth swelling and thickening as the head twitched and blossomed larger. Troy noticed Ethan's skin beginning to darken in some spots…but also lighten in others. Ethan kept tossing his head slightly, like he was trying to clear his mind. Snorts and huffs came from his mouth, his body swelling continuously larger.

Troy's attention was quickly diverted as Sam continued his passionate drilling, Troy bending back to slip his tongue into Sam's swollen, perfect lips. Sam fucked Troy harder and harder, his huge balls smashing into Troy's. Troy moaned out as Sam groaned loudly, his body beginning to sweat. A card fell over, but no one noticed this time around.

-Glistening is fun, you better bet. But it's always more fun when boys sweat.

Sam threw his head back as his cock slammed into Troy's hungry hole with a ferocity. Troy began to moan louder, the feeling penetrating his insides. His skin began to shine as sweat oozed from his pores. Sam panted loudly, his tan skin getting wetter and wetter with every second. Soon he began to drip, sweat falling from his body as he slammed into Troy. His long blond hair soaked and clung to his face as his cock pulverized Troy's hole. Troy began to drip himself as he jerked his own cock wildly, loving the feeling.

A sudden whinny caught their attention. Sam wiped his sopping hair from his face as both he and Troy turned to look at the odd sound. Their eyes widened as they took in the bizarre scene before them. Matt was enormous, his body huge and fat and definitely looking more and more caniform in nature with every second. Almost entirely covered in fur, Matt's body was massively thick, fat mixed with muscle to make a hugely bulky frame. However, his muscularly chubby rear took the most attention…or rather, what was connected to it.

A two foot horse dong swelled and pumped into Matt's enormous hole, the length growing even as we watched. That, in turn, was connected to a huge pelvis which was part of an enormous, muscular, gorgeous anthro zebra. Enormous swollen muscles bulged from every part of Ethan, veins throbbing across their surface. Striped fur bristled from Ethan's skin, an enormous mane drooping into his eyes and down his neck. His massive dong throbbed with power, plowing into Matt with a ferocity. Ethan's eyes were filled with animal instinct, his voice sacrificed for grunts, huffs, and the occasional horse whinny. Matt didn't seem to mind at all, his body transforming the more Ethan pounded into him.

Sam shook his head in disbelief, his body oozing sweat, his entire body soaked. Troy was in the same boat, gasping for air as his pores poured like faucets.

"What game did you say that was again?"

In response, another card flipped.

-I'm sure you can hardly believe your eyes. Now watch as every thrust brings a lovely surprise.

Troy looked at Sam, blushing as the boy's severely attractive face glistened with sweat, hair plastered to his forehead.

"Want to find out?"

Sam grinned and resumed fucking Troy, the bottom groaning in pleasure. As Sam rammed, Troy felt an odd pushing in his gut. Looking down, he found his carved six-pack pushing out with every hard thrust. In no time at all, Troy had a nice bloated muscle belly, his six-pack set in a big bulge. The next time Troy looked, the muscle gut was enormous, forming a huge swollen bulge in the teen's gut. Thankfully, it didn't grow further, but it still made a gorgeous swell in his skin. Sam loved it too, grinning as he rammed Troy hard, his body sweating and oozing.

A sudden huff behind them made both turn. Ethan sniffed in pleasure, his three-foot cock pressing into Sam's ass. Sam jerked back and shook his head.

"I can't take that! No way!"

Ethan sniffed disdainfully and moved around. Troy tried to resist, but was helpless as Ethan pushed his enormous horse dick into Troy's mouth. Troy instantly became addicted, suckling on the behemoth head eagerly. Sam sighed wistfully.

"Cum dump indeed…"

He glanced a look to see Matt lying comatose on the floor, his enormous bear body passed out as cum belched from his ass. Ethan sniffed and pawed the floor, face fucking Troy brutally. Troy gagged and choked, loving the challenge of forcing a cock half his size down his gullet. Ethan did too, because me whinnied happily and gripped Troy's soaked hair, ramming his mouth down Ethan's shaft. Another card flipped itself over, catching only Sam's eye.

-Make him a breeding factory on legs. Please, Sam, fill him up with eggs.

Sam blinked hard in shock, but the look of confusion was quickly replaced by lust. He felt his balls jiggle and wobble in preparation and fucked Troy with a renewed passion. He was so close…

Troy moaned loudly as he was impaled from both ends, cocks slamming into him and burning his insides wonderfully. Ethan, being more animal than man now, came first, cum blasting into Troy's throat with such a ferocity that it oozed out of his nose and mouth. Sam didn't last much longer, cumming hard. However, instead of cum, Troy felt round, sizable objects deposit inside him. Groaning in pleasure, he rubbed his ass against Sam's pelvis, forcing more eggs into himself. Ethan pulled out, his tongue hanging in delight. Sam soon pulled out after, gasping for air. Troy rolled to the side, his belly full of eggs and cum.

"Shit…am I gonna be a father of zebras?"

Another card flipped, and everyone looked.

-You're not a complete whore. Everything back to before.

In the blink of an eye, everything had returned to normal. Four normal, albeit very naked teens, stood in the room. Any size had deflated, and Sam was ninety percent sure he had cum in his nuts again. Troy himself was egg-free. Ethan let out a breath.

"Holy shit…I'm never gonna jerk off the same way again."

Sam nodded weakly, his body soaked but no longer sweating.

"Fucking A…"

Matt groaned and rolled.

"I've never been so full before…"

Troy couldn't even speak, just sighing in pure bliss. Ethan groaned, rubbing his package.

"I liked the horse dong. But shit, talk about an orgy!"

A final card flipped over and everyone crowded around.

-We'll all have sex as long as I can rhyme. I'll see you next Friday for another great time.

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