The madagascar charm

by Reuben

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It was Friday night and I was standing at the bar in The Gemini checking out the crowd. It was pretty crowded, even for a Friday. On the lower level, the dance floor was packed with gyrating men, some with their shirts off, muscular chests bared proudly. That wasn't what I was in the mood for, though. I had taken the advice of one of my favorite of Maupin's characters and come dressed like what I wanted to take home. In this case, I wore jeans and a white T-shirt and boots. James Dean. Shy tough guy. But there weren't many of those there that night. Mostly clones.

Then I noticed someone on the other side of the room checking me out. He was rather handsome, so I didn't avert my gaze. He started walking towards me and I decided this man was definitely a prospective date. He was about six feet tall and looked pretty well built, was in his late twenties or early thirties. Maybe he had some Italian blood? His black hair was pulled back in a short pony- tail.

He stepped up to the bar and asked me politely if I minded if he joined me. I liked that. No awkward line, just a friendly request to share my company. I told him “sure” and offered to buy him a beer. He accepted, and while we waited for it, I got a better look at him. I decided his swarthiness and dark hair were more likely to be from Native American blood than Italian. He had the high cheekbones and deep brown eyes of those people. He wore a plaid flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled down. Since I'm really turned on by strong sinewy forearms, I wanted him to roll up those sleeves. I ceased hoping that he would be my type: I'd already decided that he certainly was! Instead I began hoping that he would be attracted to me.

The beer came and we chatted for a few minutes. He said his name was Hall, which I thought might be phony, but I went and told him my real one, Walt. (Obviously short for Walter, but I didn't say so. I hated the name Walter.) After a few minutes of small talk, he said something that startled me. “Walt, have you ever been to Madagascar?” How could he know about that? And just what exactly did he know?

I tried to be nonchalant. “Yeah, a few years back I did some research there. How'd you know that?”

“I met someone who knew you. A man named Albert Noko.”

Then I began to get frightened. It was obviously not a coincidence that Hall found me tonight. He must have been looking for me. But I said nothing. I just looked at him.

Hall also said nothing for a few moments. Then he went on. “Albert told me some pretty weird tales. Things I found pretty hard to believe, to tell you the truth. Did anything weird happen to you while you were there?”

He was smiling and acting relaxed as if he was still talking idly, but I could tell he was extremely interested in how I reacted. I could feel him observing every twitch of my muscles. I became aware that I was sweating pretty hard. A drop ran down my left temple and I saw Hall's eyes dart towards it, as if that were all the answer he needed to his question.

“Obviously you didn't just run into me by accident. What do you want?” I asked bluntly. There was no point in playing games.

“Well,” he said, looking away. Then as he rolled up the flannel sleeves of his shirt, he said, “I wondered if you had ever seen this before.” The object he wore around his right wrist was the very thing I had been terrified of seeing ever since he mentioned Madagascar. Years ago, when I visited that country, I seriously offended a man and he took revenge by drugging me and cutting me with a knife. (I still bore the scar on my left forearm). The blood of my wound he then gave to a local magician who used it to enchant the very iron bracelet I now saw on the wrist of the man standing next to me at the bar. Whoever wore this charm had complete control over my body.

I stared at the terrible thing and almost wept. It had been years since the thing disappeared, and I had begun to hope that it would be forever out of my life. Yet here it was and I had no illusions that Hall didn't know its significance. The only thing I wondered was what he wanted to do with me.

“Walt, I've got to tell you that while I didn't really believe what I was told about this bracelet, the circumstances under which I bought it were weird enough that I had to find you to test it out. And I finally have. Here you are.”

“Here I am.” I weakly said. “Now please answer my question. What do you want?”

Hall smiled just a bit, and replied, “Well, first I want to see if this thing really works like I was told.”

I didn't give him a chance to say anything else. I quickly interrupted and said, “I assure you that it does. Please don't say anything stupid.”

He thought about that for a moment. “Okay, but I still just want to be sure.” Then he looked at my crotch. “You have a ten-inch dick… no, a twelve-inch dick… no, you have fifteen-inch dick! … and it's beginning to get hard.”

Now I actually had a normal-sized five-inch dick, but the instant Hall completed his sentence, my dick grew to ten, then twelve inches, then fifteen impossible inches in my pants and began to grow hard. Hall's eyes widened as he stared at the huge and obvious bulge suddenly snaking through my pants leg. “Damn!” He whispered. “It really is true, isn't it?”

My erection was growing very painful, and I had to go to the bathroom to let it out of my pants. I gave Hall an angry look and ran to the bathroom, not far from the bar.

Once there, I went into a toilet stall and unzipped my pants. The monstrous cock that I now possessed burst free and throbbed in the open air, reaching to my chest. After a minute or so, I began to laugh as madmen will. “Well,” I said to no one, “at least he did something to me that I like.” I stroked my dick, and felt my fingertips through every inch of its new surface. Then I pulled my pants down to my ankles, sat on the toilet, and leaned forward to suck my own cock. It wasn't at all hard to do. In fact, at least three inches of it I could envelop entirely in my mouth. I sucked on the cock head and rolled my tongue around it. When I shot come into my mouth, it squirted onto the back of my throat and I thought what a unique club I had joined: the men who were able to suck themselves off.

I waited until my erection went away and the flesh dangling between my legs was relatively manageable—though still colossal. Tucking it into my pants, I had to guide it down my pants leg where it nearly reached my right knee. It was a good thing I hadn't worn very tight jeans! I left the bathroom and considered trying to make a dash for it. I could change my name. I could move to another city. Maybe he wouldn't find me. But the thought of going through all that again, of running, running always running. Not knowing. It would be unbearable. Plus, I couldn't very easily live with a fifteen-inch dick. The only life for me would be as a star in pornographic films.

I decided to go back. Hall was right where he'd been before. I stood at the bar and looked at him. Half-sarcastically, I said, “Thanks a lot. Now I can suck myself off whenever I get lonely.”

Hall smiled and said, “Oh, that won't happen. You and I are a team now.”

I just stared at him, wondering what he had in mind.

Then he said, “Walt, look. I don't know what that African man did to you, but I'm not going to hurt you. You're in a gay bar, I'm in a gay bar. Why don't we make the most of this thing?”

Could it be true? Could it be that he would use the bracelet not to torture me, but to please me and himself both? I had to be sure. “Hall, tell me what you're thinking. I have to know what you want to do.”

Hall lowered his voice and said, “Walt, we could have the greatest sex in the world. We can do anything at all that we want. Your fantasies, my fantasies… we'll make them come true!” He paused and looked in my eyes to see how I would react. When I said nothing, still trying to decide if what I heard could possibly be true, he went on, “Do you find me attractive, Walt? I can use the bracelet on you, but not on me.”

At last I believed that he meant what he said. I was not only relieved, I was beginning to get quite excited. The possibilities which he envisioned I had long ago gone over and over in my mind. Now the fantasies really could come true. Did I find him attractive? This gorgeous hunk? “Hall, you're the sexiest man in this bar tonight. I find you very… very… attractive. Having sex with you would be great no matter how we did it.”

“Walt, you don't have to work any more. I know you're a beer delivery man, but with me, you can do a hundred other things you'll like better.” That bothered me a little bit. I actually liked what I did. I liked my clients, I liked my image, I enjoyed the physical nature of my job. But I had to admit, there were other things that would now be possible which were awfully exciting to think about. Especially related to sex. I could be anyone's dream man. And people would pay for that.

Evidently, Hall was thinking along the same lines. “Men will pay a fortune to be with you. I'll show you. Go to the bathroom and sit in a toilet stall, when you get there, close the door. You will turn into a six-foot-four tower of pure muscle with a ten-inch dick. No, that won't work… your clothes won't be able to fit. Your height will have to stay the same, but you'll gain fifty pounds of pure muscle. You'll be as big as the biggest bodybuilder you’ve ever seen. And very hairy. You'll have black hair all over your chest and stomach and forearms.” He paused. “Wait a second, will a delayed transformation work? I mean, can I say that this will happen when you get there?”

“Yes, it will work. Everything will happen just as you say.” I didn't worry about the dangers that might happen if what he said came true literally. A tower of “pure muscle”, after all, would be a brainless carcass. But that wasn't how the magic worked. The bracelet always correctly interpreted the intent of its wearer.

“Okay, then. Go to a stall and that will happen. Then step out and wait for a middle-aged man to enter the bathroom. If he steps up to the mirror and begins combing his hair, I've sent him to you. You go to a urinal and pull out your meat. You'll piss a gallon. Then don't take less than two hundred dollars from the man just to suck you off. Got it?”

Though I normally wouldn't have liked the idea of sex in a public bathroom, nor prostituting myself, it felt strangely exhilarating thinking about doing it while “wearing” a hyper-masculine body. I agreed to what Hall had said and then, with butterflies in my stomach, went to the bathroom. As soon as I closed the door to the stall, I felt my body swell up with muscular mass. My chest widened considerably, stretching my shirt, my upper arms did likewise. I watched dark hair thicken on my forearms, and when I peeked under my shirt, a forest of the same greeted me there. I was anxious to see myself in the bathroom mirror, but I couldn't leave yet. Someone had been at the sink when I entered, and I had better wait until he left or he would wonder what the hell had happened.

Or would he? I looked so different, he would surely not recognize me. I decided to test my theory by leaving the bathroom stall and moving to the sink to wash my face right next to the man. I felt his eyes on me, staring at my huge masculine body longingly. I outwardly ignored his gaze while secretly delighted in it inside. The man combed his hair, washed his face, then evidently ran out of excuses to stay and, taking me in in one final aching glance, he left the bathroom.

I waited a minute, and then a middle-aged man entered, gasped as he took in the sight of me, then went to the sink and began to part his hair. Suddenly, I felt a huge pressure on my bladder, and I moved to a urinal to relieve myself. My pendulous organ hung from my fly and I held it in my right hand like a hose. The man at the sink finished combing his hair and came towards me. Then he stood at the next urinal over and did his own duty: pissing, then shaking himself off, then putting his dick away. Meanwhile, my stream went on and on and the man stared in disbelief both at the size of my penis and at how long I was urinating.

I began to have fun with it. I would let the flow go down to a trickle as though I were almost done, then I'd turn it on full blast once again. I shifted hands as if my right hand grew tired of holding such a heavy weight for so long. I boldly stared at the man next to me, but he was oblivious to my gaze, for now he was boldly staring at me! And not at my face either, but directly, unashamedly, at my monstrous cock.

Finally I felt myself running out of urine, and I assumed I had pissed the requisite gallon. I shook the head of my dick dry, but didn't put it away. Instead, I turned to the man and said, “You want to suck this, don't you?”

The man looked startled for a moment, then said, “I'll pay you fifty dollars to let me suck you off.”

I laughed. “I wouldn't let you touch me for fifty dollars. And if you try to, I'll beat you to a pulp so your mother wouldn't recognize you.”

But I still didn't put my meat away or leave, so he knew there was a price. “How much, then?” He asked.

“How much you got?”

“A hundred dollars.”

“For a hundred dollars, you can touch me for thirty seconds.”

“Wait a second,” the man said, and got out his wallet. I knew Hall must have found someone he knew would have plenty of money. “I've got more.”

“How much more?”

The man took out a wad of money and showed me. “I've got two hundred and twenty dollars.”

Tourist, I thought. Well, he was going to shoot his wad tonight. “Okay,” I said. For two hundred and twenty dollars, you can suck me off.” I held out my hand, and the man only paused a moment before letting go of his better judgement and passing me the stack of money.

I didn't do anything, but just stood there with my dick hanging out of my fly. The man looked at me like I was supposed to do something, but I just said, “Well?”

“Hang on,” said the man, and turned to lock the bathroom door so he wouldn't be caught.

Then, comforted a bit, he turned to me and got on his knees. Then he lifted my meat with his hands like it was a hot dog, and put it in his mouth. He sucked on it hard, and I felt a boner coming fast. Yet he also sucked on it deeply, and as I grew hard, I could feel myself inside his throat, getting stiffer and more uncomfortable in that position. I stepped back just a bit to free my cock head from the man's esophagus.

It probably was only a minute or two later when I came, filling the man's mouth with a very large quantity of sticky semen. He wanted to go on sucking, but I pulled myself out of his mouth and, tucking my new income source back into my pants, zipped up and left the man alone.

Outside, I found Hall waiting back at the bar in the same place where we had talked. “Wow,” he said. “You look utterly unbelievable.” He was looking me up and down like a sculpture. In a sense that's what I was, his artwork.

I said, “I got two hundred twenty dollars.”

“I thought he looked like a rich, desperate cock-sucker. I was right. But we can do much, much better than that. Still, if you don't mind, I'd like to have some fun with you myself now. Is that okay?”

I mused that, far from taking a turn for the worse as I had feared when I laid eyes on the bracelet, my life seemed to have become decidedly better tonight. Hall seemed to be no sadist, and wanted to make sure things were okay with me before altering my body. We could not only have fun having sex, we could make money off it as well. Enough to live comfortably anywhere in the world. And not necessarily by selling my body to men, though that now seemed a very appealing thing.

“Yes, I'd like that.”

“Okay! In a little while let's go somewhere a little more private. But first I want to enjoy people staring at us. Let's go sit at a booth.”

Though the place was crowded, we got lucky and one of the booths was just being vacated. We sat opposite one another and Hall and I took one another in. Now that I was not so anxious about the return of the bracelet into my life, I appreciated what a handsome man Hall was. His forearms were as strong and sinewy as I had desired, with a thin covering of black hairs. His face was strong and serious, but his eyes were bright. His body was lean but clearly muscular, and his neck was strong.

As I was taking him in, he was doing the same to me. While in the bathroom, I marked that he had not altered my face. How odd it had been to see my face sitting atop this thick tree-trunk of a neck! My arms seemed far away from my body now, so broad were my shoulders! And my jeans, loose-fitting at the start of the evening, now fit me badly, my big thighs rather tight in them.

Hall said to me, “So tell me what you want to do, Walt. What are your fantasies that we can now make come true? Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine.”

I couldn't believe this was happening. “Well, one of my fantasies has already come true. I'm sitting here, looking like a bodybuilder, with shoulders like—” I laughed, rubbing my right shoulder with my giant left hand, “—like… bowling balls! My chest feels like I'm wearing a suit of armor or something. It's unbelievable!”

As I was saying this, a waiter came to take our orders. He had to be used to seeing attractive and muscular men at the Gemini, yet still he looked at me like I was a rare specimen. I had a goofy grin on my face that I couldn't stifle. “A pint of Guinness, please.” And Hall said, “The same.”

Then Hall said, “Have you ever fantasized about being a different size than you are now?”

“You mean like this?” I asked, pointing to a softball-sized biceps?

“No, I don't mean the size of your muscles. I mean the size of your whole body. Have you ever fantasized about being, say, twelve inches tall?”

The thought made me tingle with both fear and longing. I knew that some people had this fetish, and while I didn't share it, I had to admit that the thought of it—now that it was truly possible—was exciting. But I was also afraid of being so completely at someone's mercy. Not, I quickly told myself, as though I'm not already completely at Hall's mercy. What the hell, I thought. Why not? “I haven't much before, but I'm game if you want to try it.”

Hall said nothing, but just nodded and smiled faintly. “That's what we'll do tonight. But first I want you to tell me about this bracelet.”

“And I want you to tell me how you found it.”

“I will, but you go first.”

Our drinks came, and for a long while, we told one another our stories. I won't relate them here, as they are both the subjects of their own stories and don't anything else to do with what happened to us afterwards. But maybe he or I will write them down someday.

Around 1:00 AM we left the Gemini to the envious stares of countless men, all longing to possess or caress a body like mine.

Although we had more than enough money for a cab, Hall and I both lived within a few blocks of the Gemini in Chelsea, and we wanted to walk, showing off my hypermasculine body. We passed a couple of leather guys, one of whom had a handlebar mustache. Hall said, “Mind if I see what that would look like on you, Walt?”

“Go right ahead,” I answered, and a moment later, my nose tickled with the thick bristly hair of a mustache that went to my chin. I licked it with my tongue, loving the thickness of it. I had never been able to grow much of a mustache or beard before.

Hall was looking at me and smiling. “Walt, we’ve got to get someplace soon, cause you're giving me a raging hard-on.” I smiled and said nothing. We passed another couple who unabashedly stared at me as we walked by. My white T-shirt was very stretched very tight over my enormous chest and arms. A bit too tight. “Hall, do you think you could make me just a little bit less muscular? At least until I get some new clothes. This shirt is way too tight, and my jeans don't fit right.”

“I've got a better idea. You will now maintain your muscular proportions but will shrink six inches.” I lost my balance and stumbled as we were walking, for I was unprepared for the awkward shift in my center of gravity. Hall caught me and helped me right myself. We stopped walking and I looked at him. I had been slightly taller than he before, but now I found myself at eye-level with his chin. I was a stud-muffin: short and very muscular. “Did it work?” asked Hall.

I didn't realize what he meant. “Obviously it worked! Don't I look shorter to you?” I asked, looking up at him.

“No, I mean: are your clothes more comfortable now?”

Oh. “Yeah, they are. Thanks.” I still filled the T-shirt completely, but I was no longer uncomfortably squeezed by it. “Well, my jeans are still a bit tight,” I added.

“Okay, you will now further shrink another six inches.”

And so it happened as we stood there. I went from being at eye-level with his chin to being at eye-level with his chest. I still felt just as strong as before, but my body felt lighter and less cumbersome. Also, both my jeans and shirt were now comfortable. Actually, my jeans were a bit too long. I knelt to roll up the cuffs. While I was down there, I noticed my shoes were now quite loose. “Think you can return my feet to their normal size so my shoes won't fall off?” I asked. Hall complied, and I found myself a five- foot tall muscleman with feet that filled size 12 shoes.

Being a short bodybuilder was very exciting! I pounded my chest like a gorilla and said so.

“I like the way you do that,” said Hall. “Ever wondered what it would be like to be a gorilla?”

“Hey, hey, hey—” I stopped him. “One thing at a time, please! I have to tell you, this is exciting and all… I mean amazingly exciting… but it's hard to get used to. I'd like to keep the body I have for a little while longer before we do anything else. Okay?”

“Okay, Walt. Don't worry. I won't do something that you really don't want.” He paused. “But I hope I can talk you into trying a lot of things that you haven't thought of before. I'm a very creative person.”

He put his arm around me, and then I did likewise. Together we walked down the dark but still well populated streets of Chelsea on the first night of what has turned out to be a very adventurous life.

We eventually ended up going to my apartment. I told Hall I thought it would be more fun for me to see familiar surroundings at my new size than to see a new place. So we walked up two flights of stairs to my brownstone apartment and went inside. How different it looked and felt! Even turning the doorknob was strange; it felt like it was placed several inches too high on the door! Inside, it seemed to me that everything had grown about 20% larger. Hall looked around and then made himself at home in the living room while I explored the place! It was more new to me than to him!

In the kitchen, the counter came up to my navel. Even in the bathroom I found that my dick was below counter level. My dick! I had hardly thought about it since we left the Gemini, despite the fact that I had been in a permanently turned-on state! I now unzipped my fly and pulled it out to get a good look at it. It was no longer surprising that the man at the Gemini was willing to give me all his money to suck me off. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that even at this height, I easily could be a porn star. I had a gorgeous body, thick with hard muscle and thick with black hair. With my handlebar mustache, I resembled a young Carl Hardwick. Too bad the man in the bar didn't get to see the mustache, I thought. And this cock in my hand was gigantic! Both long and thick, it was quite bigger than any cock I'd ever seen in real life or even in pictures. It was almost as thick as a beer can and twice as long! Even its weight was surprising. In my hand it felt as heavy as a ketchup bottle.

A huge slab of meat it was, but it was not long enough for me to suck myself off. I called out to Hall, “I've got a bone in here! What are you going to do about it?” A few moments later, Hall was behind me, reaching around my waist and rubbing my hard cock. His head was entirely visible in the mirror over mine. With my body now more muscular and a foot shorter, and with a thick mustache covering 30 percent of my face, I could only barely recognize myself.

I reached my hands behind me and rubbed Hall's thighs while he continued to stroke my heavy organ. We were both still fully dressed, but I could not ever remember being so turned on by an encounter with someone. “Stop a moment,” I told him. He did, and I removed my shirt. I had not yet even seen my own chest. It was deep and powerful, and as thick with hair as a caveman’s. I briefly noticed that I had no hair on my shoulders, and probably had none on my back, either, though I couldn't tell. I had to some degree become what Hall had envisioned when he made me this way at the Gemini.

My abdominal muscles bulged, hard and precisely cut. Five years of sit-ups would not have given me better-looking abs. Hall put his arms around me again, but this time caressed my broad chest, letting my dick hang on its own. I held his forearms gently while he ran his fingers through my hair, pausing at my nipples to rub them gently. They were very sensitive to his touch, far more so than they had been with my old body. Big as half-dollars, they became hard cones as Hall kneaded them. My apartment was not hot, but I began to sweat and the mirror was getting a bit steamy.

I knew my orgasm could not be held off for long. The experience was so much like having sex for the first time that I was a bit like a teenager unable to control his first ejaculation. “If you want to suck me dry, you'd better be quick, mister,” I said. “I'm about to shoot.”

I turned around and faced Hall, and he knelt to take my cock into his mouth, or as much of its ten-inch length as he could. His tongue had only barely touched my sensitive head when I felt the thrill rocket through my whole body. His lips enveloped my entire head and my whole body went into spasms as I shot again and again into his mouth. Hall didn't let an ounce go to waste. He swallowed it all and kept rolling his tongue around the end of my dick after I had begun to get soft.

At last, he stood up and gazed down at me. His face was serious (though I eventually learned how to read his face, Hall seldom smiled) and he kept his eyes on mine as he unzipped his own pants. “Now I've got a bone. What are you going to do about it?”

I had not yet seen Hall's bare chest, much less his penis. Still, I was happy to see that he was endowed with a cock of above-average length and girth, and it was not circumcised. I preferred uncut men, so I was not at all disappointed. And Hall was right: he had a bone, all right.

I knelt before him to reciprocate. While Hall had had to hunch over in order to suck my dick (despite its extreme length) I on the other hand found I had to bend his dick downwards a bit in order to take it into my mouth. But take it in I did, and I not only found a thrill in sucking him off in my studmuffin's body, but also, unexpectedly, in doing so with the thick handlebar mustache on my face. As I shifted my head and mouth around its thickness, I allowed the bristles of my mustache to rub against the sensitive thin skin of Hall's shaft. Evidently, he found it painful but erotic, for he moaned with each prickly pass, but he didn't stop me. I could just take all of his length into my mouth (as he, alas, could not do with me), and he was deep-throating me when he came, his seed going directly down my throat. I swallowed hard to send it on its way.

I stood before hall, bare-chested and sweating. He was still fully clothed, however, his cock protruding from his fly. I wanted to see him naked. I put my hands under his shirt and began to rub his stomach. His abdomen was taut and hard, and I could easily feel the separate bumps of his abdominal muscles. Briefly I thought how lucky I was that Hall was so well put together. Supposing an obese man had acquired the charm and wanted to have his way with me!

I ran my hands up the sides of Hall's torso, enjoying the narrowness of his waist and the widening thickness of his chest. He had little hair on his chest, but he was hard and warm. Seldom had I been more attracted to a man before. And gone entirely was the fear that I didn't please him as much as he pleased me! For I knew that I was exactly what Hall wanted!

With my arms still reaching under his shirt, I wrapped my arms around Hall's back and rubbed his shoulders from behind. They were round and solid. I looked up into Hall's eyes and he looked down into mine. “Are you ready to grow smaller still?” he asked. I paused. I was enjoying this, and though I felt like I had just come more in one ejaculation than I normally did in a week, already I was growing hard again. I wanted to continue exploring Hall's body. “Hall,” I said, “I'm willing to be shrunk some more, but I want to explore your body. I haven't even gotten a good look at you yet. You feel fantastic!”

Hall smiled at that. He said, “How about this? I'll shrink you slowly so that you can explore me first like you are and then from a small perspective. In fact, I could make you so small that exploring me would really be like exploring a strange landscape! What do you say?”

I thought about it and found that the idea was rather appealing. It was a bit scary, too, but in a good way: like riding a roller coaster. I consented.

“Okay, you ready? Good. You will very soon begin to shrink slowly, always retaining the incredibly handsome proportions you have now. You will shrink about one inch per minute until you are four inches tall, then you'll stop. Okay, you're beginning to shrink now.”

“Let's go back into the living room,” I said, and we both went to where there was more space. I reached up to pull Hall's shirt over his head, and decided that already I could feel the change in height. It sounds odd, but in the hour or so that I had been this size, I had already gotten somewhat used to it and I noticed the change.

I was at eye-level with Hall's nipples now. I rubbed his handsome stomach and kissed the warm flesh under his chest. We both still had our pants on, but I could feel mine growing so loose that soon they would fall off. I decided to let them. But I would remove Hall's pants. He cooperated and tossed them in a corner of my room, followed by his boxer shorts. He was now towering over me, a handsome Native American god. I wanted to remove the band that held his ponytail, but it was a bit of a stretch for me. “Hall, let down your hair. I want to see what you look like when you get up in the morning.”

“I look a lot worse than this when I get up in the morning, Walt,” he said. But he removed the band holding his hair up and let it fall down. It was shiny and black and was shoulder-length. He shook his head to let his mane hang loose. Hall appeared truly as a god: proud, tall, stern, and strong. As I stood admiring him, I noticed that the moist spot on his torso that I had been kissing was now approximately at my eye-level. Then my pants fell to the floor, my thighs at last I told Hall I wanted to go see myself in a mirror. I invited him to help himself to a drink from the refrigerator or the liquor cabinet while I returned to the bathroom. The bathroom counter surface was now higher than my nipples. I had to reach just to turn on the faucet. My dick had shrunk with me, but it was still quite large relatively speaking. In fact, though I was at least two feet shorter than my normal height of about six feet, my dick was probably still larger now than it normally was. It was almost obscenely huge. I wondered briefly whether men who were this well endowed (extremely few though they were!) had trouble appearing decent in public. Very loose pants could hide such a monster if it remained tame, but there was really nothing that would hide it if erect.

I left the bathroom and found Hall pouring us both scotch on the rocks in the kitchen. He handed a tumbler down to me and I had to reach up and take it with both hands for fear of dropping it. “Better drink it soon, Walt,” he said. “Soon there'll be more there than you can drink.” Now high out of my reach, he sipped his scotch.

What a handsome navel Hall has, I thought, when I noticed that I was now looking straight at it without looking down. I beckoned Hall into the living room, then set my scotch down on the coffee table (which was now the size of a dining room table to me) and reached my arms as far up his body as I could. I could just put my hands on his shoulderblades. I stood on my toes and tried to rub the balls of his shoulders with my palms, but they were out of reach.

Hall then said, “Hang on, I want to put on some music. Is that all right?”

“Sure,” I said. He went to my CD collection and perused the selection while I admired his handsome naked form. His hard cock was almost exactly perpendicular to his erect body. With his back turned to me, I had a chance to appreciate his fine V-shaped back, the muscles moving visibly beneath his skin as he lifted the occasional CD to see what songs were on it. I finally made myself leave this beautiful sight to return to the bathroom. I wanted to see what I now looked like.

When I got there, I found that my armpits were now exactly level with the counter. I rested my triceps on the surface and picked up a bar of soap, noticing how large it now seemed. Though half gone, it more than filled my hand. I stood on my toes to turn on the water and reached over the basin to wash my hands, just to see how it felt. Though almost entirely absorbed with my ever- diminishing size, still I marveled at how handsome and masculine my hands were. Their backs fairly thick with black hair, they were strong and well proportioned. I rinsed them under the warm water and already noticed that it was with increasing difficulty that I could reach the running water at all. Then, finally, turning off the water was impossible. It was out of reach. Where I had been able to rest my upper arms on the counter before, now it was too high.

I closed the toilet lid and used it as a step to get to the counter. First I turned off the water. Then, to my surprise, I found that I could stand on the bathroom counter and see my entire reflection in the mirror! I couldn't have been more than three feet tall! From the living room came soft jazz music, and then Hall entered the bathroom.

“You're quite a studmuffin, you know that?” he said, rubbing my butt. “Turn around.”

I did so, and found that while standing on the counter I was only slightly higher than he was. His head seemed huge to me. I was not just a short man; I was a small man. If I had become 50% smaller, then my head must be 50% smaller… and Hall's would seem twice as large to me. He leaned forward to kiss me. We locked lips, and the experience was incredible. His huge mouth entirely engulfed my lips. With his huge tongue, he licked my thick mustache, then pried at my lips, inserting himself into my mouth.

Having his gigantic tongue in my mouth was bizarre and thrilling. With my own small tongue, I licked the underside of his, then licked its upper surface. But mine could not begin to approach his in surface area or volume. Indeed, when he inserted it all the way, his tongue reached to the back of my throat and nearly filled my mouth completely. It was as big as the biggest cock I'd ever sucked before, and it was flexible and strong. My shaft grew painful with the need for release.

“Let me fuck you, Hall,” I said. “I'm probably about the right size now that I'll fit.”

That was probably true. When Hall sent me to the bathroom of the Gemini, he had made me six feet tall with a ten-inch cock—and that was when I was soft! I had probably been a foot long when that tourist paid me to suck me off.

Now, at less than half that height, my cock was of a more normal size: five or six inches. Hall said okay and turned his back to me. I realized the difficulty of the situation now, however. Standing on the counter, I was too high to fuck him, but on the floor I was too short. I realized that I would be about the right height if I stood on the toilet seat. So we moved over to it, and I gently inserted first my finger, then my thumb, into his ass. Satisfied that he was fairly relaxed, I slid my entire length into his waiting sphincter, which seemed to eat me up happily. Exercising the greatest discipline of which I had ever had need, I pumped in and out slowly, holding back the flood of come that wanted to burst forth. In and out, until I could hold back no longer. I squirted into Hall from behind and sighed audibly with relief from the release of the pain I had felt. Hall turned around and kissed me again. His mouth felt even larger than before. He said, “You'll be hard soon and ready to go again, don't worry.” It took me a moment to realize that he was not just making an observation, but using the Madagascar Charm. Now I had no choice. I would be hard again soon.

Hall put his hands under my armpits and lifted me off the toilet and set me on the floor. I was almost exactly at the level of his cock, which pointed straight at my face. It now seemed to be at least a foot long, and as big around as a soda can. There was no way I could take him into either my ass or my mouth. But I could at least suck on his head. I put my lips around it and rolled my tongue around its surface, spreading around the pre-come that had already begun to provide lubrication. I found that my tongue was almost small enough to insert into his slit. In another five or ten minutes, I'd be able to stick my tongue all the way in it.

I stopped licking for a moment to ask Hall, “Do you want to come now or wait?” I assumed that he (unlike me, now under the control of the charm) would not easily be able to come three times in one hour, and might want to hold this one out longer. But Hall said, between gasps of pleasure, “No… now… don't stop….” I changed from licking to sucking, and very soon I felt his cock head suddenly grow hot and even thicker still, just before it filled my mouth with what felt like a quarter cup of semen. I gulped down each spasm hungrily, but it was almost more than I could handle. If I had been much smaller, I would have choked on the load.

We returned to the living room where jazz music was softly playing. Outside I could barely hear the usual car and pedestrian traffic of Chelsea. How different everything seemed now! At this point, I was so small I could not walk outside without looking like a freak of nature. I was not tall enough to reach my CD player or any of the CD's above the second shelf. Hall's dick, which I had just sucked off standing flat on my feet, now hung like a heavy pendulum over my head. When I stood facing Hall, all I saw were his lean brown thighs. Looking down I saw knees, calves, and bare feet. Far above my head rose his hard torso, wide chest, broad shoulders, and, finally, god-like face. He was looking down at me, mesmerized by my continuing transformation. For someone with a size fetish, I supposed, this must be the most thrilling sexual experience of his life.

It turned out I needn't have worried about Hall being able to perform multiple times. Already he was growing hard again! He didn't have a solid bone, but he was successfully resisting the tug of gravity. He rose now, somewhat rigid, at a 45-degree angle below the horizontal. I could walk between his legs without his cock or balls even touching my head.

“How tall am I now, Hall?” I asked. I wondered how much longer I would shrink. The thrill I felt was beginning to be mingled with fear. I trusted Hall entirely by now, and believed in his good intentions. But I couldn't shake the instinctive fear that came from being next to a giant so tall that I only came up to his knees.

“I think you're about two feet tall. It should be about twenty more minutes. I'm going to lie down so you can reach me better.”

“Thanks,” I said. He moved his colossal body swiftly to the center of my vast living room floor and lay flat on his back, putting his hands behind his head. I walked over to him, and as I walked, I noticed for the first time that my feet were still slightly out of proportion. He had made them a little bit large for me so that my shoes would not fall off when we were outside. Now, though they were surely only three or four inches long, they seemed big to me. I paused in my trek to twirl one large foot in the air and enjoy its heft.

Then I continued on the mountainous man that was my new friend Hall. He watched me keenly, and his dick obeyed his urges, becoming for a third time a stiff pole pointing toward the ceiling. I was so small now that it wasn't easy for me just to step up onto Hall's chest. I climbed onto the gently rising and falling platform and stood up slowly, maintaining my balance with some difficulty. The navel I had admired when it was at my eye-level now was big enough I could put my fist in it, and I did so. The surface of his skin seemed thicker now, and the thin hairs seemed more bristly. I walked up his abdomen to stand on his chest. It was a magnificent chest, I decided; a hero's platform. His head was now a huge thing before me, and I took two more steps forward so I could reach his giant chin. I knelt and rested my arms on his chin and ran my hands over his lips, which now outsized them. He instinctively licked his lip, and the massive tongue seemed a huge and strong thing.

I decided I wanted to see his hands. “Let me see your hands, Hall,” I said. He gently reached to where a pillow lay on the floor and put it under his head to free his hands. He rested them at the bottom of his chest, palms towards me. How long had I been climbing around on his torso, enjoying the feel of his tan skin? It had seemed to be only a minute or two, yet I now realized with a shock that I must be less than a foot tall. Hall's hands were mighty walls of flesh before me. I stepped cautiously up to his right hand and put my own hand on its thumb. Though I still was a muscle bound bodybuilder, his thumb was as long and as big around as my arm. I must repeat that I trusted Hall. Yet I was also terrified. My stomach was filled with butterflies. Here I was, next to a hand so large it could squeeze and crush me effortlessly. And even as I stood there, the hand appeared to grow.

For now, you see, at this height, each inch I lost was a more noticeable change for me. At five feet tall, a loss of one or two inches, while noticeable, was not a great change. But now, with each minute that passed, I lost a substantial proportion of my size. I moved to running my hands across Hall's left index finger and found that I could actually see it rising higher and higher, first level with my waist… then my abdomen… then my chest. I must be almost finished shrinking now. And it was so. When I stopped shrinking, I felt it. The hand had been growing and growing, and then it stopped. The thumb I had just been awestruck by, as big as my arm, was now bigger than my legs, heavily muscled though they were.

In the distance between Hall's hands, I saw his cock still towering. And now it truly seemed a tower. I approached it across the low hills of his abdomen, and as I neared, it seemed to rise higher and higher. At last I reached it. I could not get my arms around it, and its helmeted top was too high for me to reach. The shadow of Hall's right hand fell on me as it descended upon me. I thought for a moment he was going to pick me up, but he didn't do that, thankfully. I wasn't ready for that yet. Instead, he pressed down upon the underside of his cock to lower it so that I could reach its head.

I had thought just a half-hour ago that I would soon be able to insert my tongue into Hall's slit. Tongue! I was now able to insert my arm! It was a tight squeeze, especially when I reached my huge triceps and biceps, but I was able to do it. The pre-come that already oozed out from its depths lubricated my hand and arm and helped me along. The feeling was sensational. The flesh of the inside of Hall's cock squeezed my arm tightly, yet I found I was able to wiggle my fingers. I slid my arm in and out and opened and closed my fist, fucking his dick with my right arm. It was easy to think of it as an animal with its own mind, utterly disconnected from Hall. After all, I couldn't see Hall right now. All I saw was this eight-foot living pillar aiming its mouth at me, hungry to eat me up.

Hall spoke to me then, and his voice sounded like booming thunder: “HOLD ON, I'm GOING TO LET GO. GRIP ME WITH YOUR LEGS.”

It was impossible not to obey the commanding voice. I wrapped my legs around the massive creature and squeezed tight to hold on. For just a few seconds I hung there, one arm wrapped around the outside of the dick, the other inside, and both legs gripping the outside. Then, suddenly, Hall lifted his hand. Freed, the monster rose suddenly to its full height, taking me along with it. I gripped it tighter still with my legs and found myself grabbing the flesh of Hall's foreskin with my left hand to remain steady. With my right arm, I resumed pumping in and out, fucking this pole with all the muscular power I had in that limb.

I heard deep cavernous moans behind me, and I knew Hall was about to explode. Sure enough, a moment later, while I was thrusting my arm in, it was suddenly pushed out by a veritable geyser of thick white juice that spewed high over my head before raining back down all around me and on me. I could not hold on with my right hand now, for it was too slick. Indeed, when a basketball-sized lump of come hit my left hand, I lost its grip on the foreskin. Finally, my legs got hit as well, and I slid down the pole to rest in the wiry bed of hair at its base. In the rising and falling of the ground beneath me, I felt Hall's breathing slow. Then the giant tower above me began to collapse, spent, and at last it, too, lay down beside me as if going to sleep, exhausted after a long day.

The next morning Hall and I sat eating breakfast opposite one another at my dining table. I was back in my studmuffin body: built like a truck, hairy as an ape, and only 5 feet tall. Eating was tricky with my thick handlebar mustache. I'd never had one before. I kept drinking too deeply from my juice glass and getting orange juice all in the bristly hair of my upper lip. But I have to admit, even that was fun. Everything about my body was hypermasculine, and I liked it that way.

Hall wanted to experiment with my body. I had a feeling he wanted to do something a bit kinky, and that sounded fun; I was in the mood.

“You’ve got something in mind, don't you, Hall?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he answered, but volunteered no more. “You up for it?”

“Don't you even want to give me a hint?” I asked, smiling at him.

Hall said, “I think you'd like it better if you let me surprise you.”

I took a bite of cereal and got more milk in my mustache. I just left it there and looked at Hall. “Okay. I trust you. Go crazy.”

“Okay, your forearms are getting stronger.”

They responded immediately, even as I was taking a bite from an English muffin. Though I was already enormously muscled, my arms grew to resemble Popeye's arms in their dimensions.

“Don't you want to wait until we're finished with breakfast, Hall?” I asked, laughing and staring at my new forearms.

“I'm done. Besides, I'd have thought you'd be really eager for sex, with that raging hard-on you have.”

Instantly I felt my huge cock swell and grow hard, making a very visible teepee out of the crotch of my sweatpants. I wasn't that horny a moment ago, but my body responded to Hall's command, and now I was aching for his sexy body.

“Your forearms are going to get a bit stronger and bigger still, really freakish. And longer. Your arms are going to reach past your knees. And your hands are getting big, too. They're about ten inches long.” I gazed down and watched my hands lengthen to unnatural proportions, still strong and manly, but now almost twice as large as they should have been for my short body. Stranger than the size of my hands, though, was the bizarre length of my arms! I stretched them out before me and found I could reach Hall all the way across the table! Though I was still only five feet tall, I could reach Hall's shoulders with my long arms and knead his hard shoulders with my fantastically huge hands!

“Your neck is thicker and your chest and back are thicker and broader—” Hall continued. “And your lower body is getting a little bit smaller—” What was he getting at? I stood up and found it hard to balance myself. My proportions were all unnatural. I had to put my hands on the table to keep my balance. I wanted to go to the bathroom to see what I looked like, but I found it hard to walk. My upper body was now so heavy that when I leaned forward, it became difficult to keep from toppling over. When I discovered this, I put my hands on the floor to catch myself, and then I realized what Hall was doing. He was turning me into a human gorilla, as he had wanted to last night.

“You are so fucking hot, Walt! You are just fucking awesome looking, man!” he said, standing above me and beholding his work. “There are just a few more things to do. Okay… your big toes are opposable thumbs and your other toes are long and agile like fingers—” Of course it happened exactly as he said it would. “And you're too small. You look like a baby gorilla. I want you to fill the room. No, maybe not quite that big. But I want you to be taller than me even when you're on your hands like you are now. Grow, baby, grow!”

And I did grow. I was on all fours, with my freakish gorilla arms holding the weight of my massive chest. And I grew bigger, stronger, taller, heavier. I actually felt the floor beneath me sag a bit as my poundage increased. I must weigh 500 pounds, I thought, as I kept on growing.

Soon I was at eye-level with Hall, though I was still leaning forwards. I tried to stand upright, and found that I could do it with difficulty. My arms reached the ceiling easily, and I pressed my palms against it to hold myself upright. Even so, I kept on growing. “Stop, Hall!” I cried. “I'm going to hit the ceiling.”

He didn't say anything, but I stopped growing anyway. I had reached the height he had specified. Letting myself back down to the ground, I found that I was looking down at his grinning face from about six inches above it. I reached out one incredibly huge arm and felt Hall's face with my enormous hand. It entirely enveloped his head. His head felt as small in my freakish hand as if I was holding a grapefruit. I mussed his handsome glossy hair. Then I squatted on the ground and used both hands to pull his shirt off over his head. He cooperated, but I realized that if he resisted (and didn't have the charm, of course), there wasn't much he could do to stop me. I was a towering hulk: half man, half ape, and as large as a tractor. I was hairier than a normal man but less hairy than an ape. My face was still my own, I supposed, but my head was on a neck as thick as my leg. My feet and hands were a monkey’s, only more massive and strong. I could have easily cracked walnuts barehanded… or cracked bones.

I wanted to see myself in the mirror. I waddled to the bathroom and found that it was easier to walk on all fours, my knuckles on the ground. When I got to the bathroom I found myself too large to fit through the door! I squeezed and pushed, but my chest was just too deep and my back too strong. I couldn't get in the bathroom past my shoulderblades. I did, however, get a look at my body just from the shoulders up, and I could see why Hall was turned on: I was incredibly handsome. My face was large, square, strong and manly. My neck, as I said, was inhumanly thick, and my shoulders and chest were so huge, there was no bodybuilder on earth who could compare with me. And my chest was thick with dark hair, so thick that I couldn't see my skin beneath. It grew thick even up my neck, and on my arms as well. My face still had a mustache but no beard, though the stubble was thick on my cheeks and chin.

As if reading my thoughts, Hall said from outside the bathroom, “You really need more hair on your face to go with your caveman body, Walt. You're beginning to grow a thick black beard that will grow up to your cheekbones and down your neck.”

It didn't grow at lightening speed, but still I was able to see and feel it growing. In a few seconds, it looked like I hadn't shaved in several days. Then a week, then two. In less than a minute, my face matched the rest of my very hirsute body, thick with a handsome beard. I ran my fingers through it and ducked out of the bathroom.

Hall stood before me with his arms crossed over his bare chest. I've said before that he appeared to be of Native American blood. His skin was brown and rather smooth, his hair black and glossy. His muscles were strong but he was lean, like a basketball player, only not so tall. He had a handsome smile, and now he beamed at me, obviously pleased with his latest masterpiece.

“Walt, you should see yourself! You are a hot Neanderthal hunk of man!”

I surprised Hall by grabbing him with one hand and one foot! I was able to grip his torso with my strong toes and lift him completely off the ground while resting my weight on my other hand and free foot. I rubbed his chest with my thumb and big toe, enjoying the versatility in my new feet. Then I brought him close to me and kissed him deeply. Although I was enormous, our heads were not so different in size that it was uncomfortable. I kissed him while still holding him off the ground, and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me hard. My upper body was far too wide for him to hug his arms around me, but he at least could rub me, and he did.

You never know what will turn you on until you try it! I had the most amazing sex all morning long with Hall, and I was in the body of a gorilla-caveman- bodybuilder-hunk. Kinky, you think? Hall and I had just begun!

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