The new guy

by Also Known As

A new employee causes pleasant though potentially cum-plicated problems.

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Part 1 A new employee causes pleasant though potentially cum-plicated problems. (added: 29 Jun 2019)
Part 2
Part 3 Stewart dives into his newly transformed life with ferocious enthusiasm, each sexual encounter seeming to prime him for more and inspiring bottomless lust in every partner. Jason tells him this is only the beginning. (added: 13 Jul 2019)
Part 4
Part 5 Stewart’s progress into his new life as a sex god continues to evolve, and Jason remains as mysterious as ever about what’s going on. Meanwhile, Stewart’s partners are realizing their own improvements as a result of being with him. (added: 7 Sep 2019)
Part 6
Part 7 Jason guides Stewart toward a better understanding of what he has become—and what that means in terms of his own pleasure and that of other men. (added: 2 Jul 2022)
Part 8 Stewart’s unexpected display of sex-power has both him and Jason concerned. The first step in dealing with that is obviously to strengthen their connection with a bit of carefully controlled fucking. (added: 24 Jun 2023)
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Part 1

“Have you seen him?”

“Him, who?”

“The new guy.”

“New guy?”

“Yeah, the new guy? Dude in sales? Up on 11?”

“No, I haven’t seen the new guy. What about him?”

“You have to see him. Like, I don’t even want to spoil anything.”

“What’s the deal with him?”

“Just… you have to see the new guy.”

“Okay, whatever.” Stewart rolled his eyes and grabbed his coffee, shaking his head at Jennifer’s weird comment. Why the fuck would he care about some new sales dude? Sales dudes were bros who spent their time complaining about the product, which he helped to build, and dreaming what they’d spend their quarterly bonuses on. Sales dudes were ill-mannered douchebags and most of them were homophobes to boot. Everything was ‘no homo’ this and ‘no homo’ that, like some kind of joke.

He was no fan of sales dudes.

He was rounding the corner towards his desk and the many bugs on his list of things to fix in the app today when Jaime popped up from nowhere and asked him, “Have you seen the new guy?”

“The sales guy?”

“Dude! Yeah! Can you believe…”

“No, I haven’t seen the new guy.”

“You haven’t? But you know about him.”

“Jennifer just asked me.” He was about to tell Jaime how little he actually cared about the subject when Matt came up to them and asked the same damned question.

“You guys seen…?”

“… the new guy,” Stewart finished. “No, I haven’t seen the new guy.”

“Dude! Get your butt upstairs and check him out! Dude, you have to see the new guy for yourself.”

“Especially you,” Jaime agreed.

“Why especially me?”

“Just… you do.”

“I have work to do, if you don’t mind.”

“But, dude!”

“Check you later,” Stewart replied, taking a long sip from his coffee mug and wrinkling his brow. What the fuck was up with everyone going on about The New Guy? Who the fuck cared?

This happened a lot. Stewart was the lone gay man on the floor so he was often reduced to ‘I know another gay guy and you two should meet!’ As if every gay man was attracted to every other gay man simply because they were both attracted to men.

He assumed this new sales guy was gay, so everyone assumed he and the new guy should meet and hit it off and become fast gay friends. Stewart sighed (dramatically, it must be noted) and rolled his eyes. He just got out of a toxic relationship and had no intention of getting back into one. He was hitting the gym seriously, getting into ‘fighting shape’ for Pride and the bars so he could hope to attract someone new into bed against all the other competition out there. He wasn’t on any dating apps, because he thought they attracted liars and losers, and he preferred the ‘old fashioned’ method of hooking up.

He was hard at work when Jaime was suddenly next to him and clearing his throat in a not-actually-clearing his throat way.


“Look. Over. There.” Jaime was pointing with his coffee mug and, Stewart could not help but notice from this angle, sporting what looked like an award winning stiffy in his trousers. Which was odd, but it made Stewart ignore his annoyance and spin around in his office chair to see what the matter was.

And what the matter was, was the most attractive man that Stewart had ever seen. Or even imagined.

No one wore suits anymore, but he was. The new guy was standing next to someone’s desk, talking to them, but at the moment the only person Stewart could see was the new guy.

The man hadn’t yet noticed Stewart staring at him, which is what Stewart was doing. If you have ever had the experiencing of seeing something you have trouble fitting into your world, something so unusual or unbelievable or overwhelming that you have trouble contemplating its literal existence even as it is standing a few feet from you with a coffee mug in its hand wearing a tailored suit that fits its obviously gorgeous body to perfection and a face the likes of which you have only seen in poorly photoshopped images or your own dreams which caused you to spontaneously orgasm, then you have some slight understanding of what Stewart was experiencing.

Then the new guy looked over directly at him, still talking whatever he was talking about, but he smiled at Stewart and nodded slightly and then Stewart felt a sudden warmth wash over him that started like being doused with warm water but then all the warmth starting traveling to the center of his body and gathering all its warmth into a growing heat that tingled and throbbed and stuck its mouth around Stewart’s dick and squeezed and licked and sucked and his body shook with uncontrolled sexual spasms and he felt his cock swell and before he could do anything to stop it, before he could excuse himself and run away or turn around and cover his crotch his cock was pumping out an orgasmic release so deep and profound and undeniable that he shook and groaned and closed his eyes tight and balled his hands into fists and curled his toes in his sneakers and shot a fat, thick, warm delivery of cum into his shorts.

He opened his eyes and met the gaze of the new guy again, and something shot into his head like a direct infusion of sex or a hot injection of pure masculine power and he bent over and moaned and felt his cock swell anew, delivering a second thick flood of cum that coated his dick in wet warmth.

“You okay?” Jaime asked.

“I’m… no… I gotta…” Without another word, Stewart rose on shaky legs with a load and a half of cream starting to crawl down his legs and moved as quickly as he possibly could towards the men’s room.

Stewart tried not to walk (or run) funny as he made a beeline for the restrooms, even as his hard-as-a-rock dick continued to throb and tingle like it still wanted to pump another load. His instinct was to put his hands over his crotch to hide both his monster erection and what he assumed would be a growing wet spot, but he tried acting as nonchalant as possible, making his way around the corner to the mens room and locking the door behind him.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror and said, “Fuck,” before sending his gaze south and realizing that his double-shot wasn’t making itself public quite yet. He undid his belt and pulled open the button-fly on his jeans and his soggy, sodden shorts sagged. He tugged open the elastic band on his underwear and looked down at his still-firm and very erect prick swimming in its own thick soup of cum.

“How did… ?” There was… a lot of cum. Like, more cum than he thought his balls could possibly hold. It looked like his dick had fountained a week’s worth of pent-up cream in two fat volleys! So. Much. Cum.

He sucked in a breath and sighed and looked at his face in the mirror again. His cheeks were flushed and his forehead was sweaty and his pupils were dilated. “Fuck,” he said again, softly.

He glanced at the door to make sure he’d locked it. Everything was a bit hazy and confusing. What the fuck just happened? He’d just looked at the new guy—just looked at him—and suddenly his prick was a swollen, throbbing cum cannon shooting huge deliveries of warm cream. His balls still tingled and his dick was still hard, refusing to go down.

He went to the sink and opened his pants and looked at the mess his happy cock just made. Here was so much of it! Like, way too much cum! He’d never cum like that before, and for a second he was a bit disappointed that he hadn’t actually witnessed himself coming like that. He was already imagining holding his hard cock in his hand and watching himself swell and twitch and then shoot a fat rope of cum all over his belly and chest, and then the second volley shooting even harder and making it all the way to his mouth, and he’d open his lips and aim his dick and push his thick warm load inside his own mouth and…

Fuck! What the fuck! Why was he still thinking like this? He’d just come a truckload inside his drawers and here he was imagining doing it all over again, naked, throbbing, and hard as steal. He pushed off his shoes and shoved his jeans off his hips and laid his pants on the sink counter. Then he started peeling his shorts off, trying to use them as a kind of cum mop and cum bucket to catch the wealth of cooling sticky cum inside the cotton before wadding them up and pushing them into the trash can. Then he looked at himself again and, particularly, at his hard-on.

There was no doubt about it, this was an award-winning stiffy. It stood at attention as if it wanted more of whatever it just received. It stretched its neck as long as it could and throbbed and twitched with obvious need.

“You actually expect me to beat you off?” he asked it. It throbbed and wept a thick delivery of honey from its tiny mouth in reply. “Jesus Christ, what the fuck?” His dick didn’t seem to care, it just wanted to get off some more.

He pulled in a slow breath and sighed. “Fine. Whatever.” Then he reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock.

He gasped and swooned and his knees nearly buckled, and then he came again! He could feel it coming, this third delivery, and he tightened his butt hole and squeezed his eyes shut and felt himself coming again, another amazing thick load, and heard it splatter on the mirror and the sink. He opened his eyes as he realized he was going to come again, and he held on to himself and felt his cock swell and heat and stretch and he shot a fourth fat load, as full and thick and awesome as the first one.

“Fuck me,” he whispered.

He moved his hand ever so slightly, not even really stroking himself, and the tingle of immediate orgasm hit him hard and his balls seized up and the head of his dick turned red and he felt the shaft swell and warm and he shot again, even harder and even thicker, pushing a heavy delivery of cream out of his cock and watching it shoot against the mirror again, dripping down its surface and gathering on the sink.

“Jesus,” he said. “Holy fucking Je…” But he didn’t get to finish his declaration before he felt his prick sizzle and swell and tingle with another delivery of cream that shot out against the mirror again, and he wondered if his balls were going to seize up or if he was just going to keep coming forever.

He held his dick in his hand as another fresh throbbing tingle started to manifest and he swung around, naked from the waist down, and headed for the urinal to shove out cum fountain number five.

His body shook with utter sexual delight and he started to stroke himself, and then his cock seemed to go into overdrive and he shot again and again and again, thick ropes of cream that splattered against the porcelain over and over, coating his fingers and lubing his grip which only made his subsequent deliveries faster and heavier than ever. His brain was spinning and his whole body was throbbing with intense sexual bliss as his cock shot over and over into the urinal as he stroked himself, unable and unwilling to stop this seemingly unstoppable delivery of cum from his suddenly overprotective balls.

He lost count of his pumps, each one as thick and full and satisfying as the last one. Again and again, stroking and coming in an impossible cycle of pure sexual satisfaction until his body was worn out and he felt himself growing dizzy and confused and he released his cock only so that he could use both hands to steady himself against the bathroom wall.

Someone tried the handle and then he heard a male voice ask, “Buddy? Stew? You okay in there?” It was Jaime.

“Ye… yeah. Yeah. I just felt… sick. Or something.”

“You need a hand?”

Stewart looked down at his prick, which seemed finally to be growing calmer, losing its hardness and slowly lowering its wet, shiny head. The urinal was filled with cum. Absolutely full of it. The smell of sweat and cum filled the bathroom and Stewart realized he was now a sweaty, disheveled mess. Though curiously, he had never felt better in his life. “I’ll be okay. Sorry, I just need a few minutes.”

“Yeah, no worries. Sherry and Rajid and me are going to get some lunch. You… want anything?”

I want to know what the fuck just happened, he thought, but he said, “Not really hungry.”

“No, probably not. Okay, maybe you should go home for the day?”

“Maybe,” he agreed quietly, watching his prick deflate and looking at the puddle of thick cum in the urinal.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

He cleaned up as much as he could though the smell of sex was a bit overwhelming. “I guess that’s what happens when you squirt a gallon of cum,” he thought. He also thought that his dick and his balls were going to be paying him back for this abuse, but instead his cock maintained a nice, calm sexual throbbing, making him extremely aware of his prick in his pants as he made his way home on the subway, and his balls tingled with a slight but constant pleasure. He found it hard to keep his hands from his crotch, and he kept glancing down to see if his cock was as huge and as obvious as it felt, but no one else seemed to be looking at him so he assumed he was safe.

Getting off at his station, “getting off” was suddenly the only thing on his brain. His cock started to stiffen and lengthen again as he walked the two blocks to his apartment. He could feel himself swell and lengthen, the head of his cock moving deeper and deeper down his pant leg now that there was no underwear to cage him.

It felt… good. No, it felt great. It felt amazing. It felt like if he pulled it out right now, right there on the street under the hot lunchtime sun it would rise and thicken and swell and start unleashing another torrent of warm, thick, sticky cum all over the sidewalk. And the bushes. And the street. And the mailbox. And that dog. His cock was growing hotter and harder with every step and he started to jog home, and then to run, because his cock wasn’t going to wait.

He pushed the access code in with shaking fingers and dashed up the two flights of stairs as his cock threatened to start pumping a fresh load inside his jeans any second. He could feel it, building like a detonation, like a time bomb, counting down to zero inside his pants.

He paused on the stairs as a heavy, overwhelming dose of orgasmic power suddenly emanated out from his loins and shook him physically. His whole body heated up and his cock surged and pulsed and he grabbed himself to shut off the valve that felt like it was going to burst at any moment.

He fumbled with his keys, dancing from foot to foot as his hard-on began to sizzle and tingle with the recognizable and uncontrollable sensation that he was about to come again.

As he slipped his key into the lock, his knees buckled and he gasped and swooned and he lost the battle for control, suddenly experiencing the heaviest and deepest orgasmic explosion yet as he felt his balls seize up and his cock swell and lengthen and he was suddenly coming with abandon in the hallway outside his apartment. He practically screamed with utter bliss as the sensation of pure sex exploded inside his brain and all his muscles tensed and he ground his teeth together from the sheer intensity of the cum explosion happening inside his jeans.

He dropped the keys and looked down, feeling another explosion building with inexorable power. His cock was practically breaking through the button fly on his pants, a towering stalk of manly power that demanded release. He bent to retrieve his keys and a fresh eruption blasted from his loins, making him shake and fall to the carpet, gasping and groaning with utter bliss.

It felt so good! Jesus Christ, he wanted it to go on forever. No act of sex had ever felt like this, no matter how good his lover had been. It was like something beyond sex, something beyond coming. An orgasm stacked on top of an orgasm. He grasped for his keys and reached up from the floor to unlock his door, then he had to crawl inside on his hands and knees, falling onto his back and clawing his pants open to allow his throbbing erection release before a third overwhelming explosion gripped him and he felt a long, thick, impossibly pleasurable stream of cum traveling up the fat, hard inches of his prick and fountain upward, raining down on his body as he closed his eyes to sink deeply into the orgasmic bliss.

He was lying on the floor with the door of his apartment open when he could feel the next delivery starting to build. He struggled to shut the door with his foot and almost managed it when his cock plumped and stretched and he looked down to watch a thick, massive load of cream erupt from the mouth of his red and shiny and impossibly hard cock.

He gasped and groaned and reached down to grasp himself and, again, the sudden contact of his hand around his cock seemed only to intensify and amplify the sexual sensations, and he pushed his hips off the floor and ripped his shirt open and pinched his nipples and caressed his belly and chest with one hand while he pointed his dick at his mouth and opened his lips.

A warm, sticky flood of cum shot into his mouth, coating his tongue and teeth and he swallowed it with sudden need, shooting again. And again. And again, splattering his loads on his chin and neck and chest as he tried desperately to shoot into his own mouth.

Stewart was fountaining another delivery of cum towards his face when he heard the door close and he pried his eyes open and looked towards the sound.

“Hi,” said the new guy, who was standing at the door of his apartment in his perfect suit and looking down at Stewart’s nearly naked body and incredibly erect cock and the wealth of cum he had managed to paint himself with.

Then Stewart came harder than he had ever come before.

“Oops,” said the new guy, “my bad.”

Stewart looked up, and came again. “What…”

The new guy was loosening his tie. “I can help you with that,” he said. His voice was smooth and deep, and it made Stewart’s balls tingle and swell. The new guy pulled his tie loose and tossed it to the couch. “I mean, if you want some help.” He started to unbutton his shirt, pulling it from his trousers and tossing that aside as well. He was wearing a white crewneck t-shirt underneath. “Because it appears from here that you’re handling this just fine.”

“What…” Stewart could hardly talk. His orgasms were growing in strength. He felt another detonation building and he delivered a fresh, thick rope of cum all over his torso.

“I apologize for all this,” the new guy said. His lips looked soft and warm. His teeth were perfect. Watching him speak was an erotic exercise. His eyes were like jewels. His hair looked soft and silken. “There was no way to know, of course. At least, not with certainty.” His elegant, strong hands started tugging his t-shirt from his pants, showing a hint of his abs and the dark, manly fur on his belly.

“Know?” Stewart came again, closing his eyes and tightening his hole and shoving another full, thick, warm flood of cum all over himself. The room was growing hotter. His nostrils stung from the heady perfume of sex that was surrounding him like a fog, warm and damp.

“It’s my condition,” he explained, before pulling his t-shirt over his head. “Or, more accurately, our condition.”

Stewart gasped and groaned and came hard. He was looking at the most beautiful male torso that he had ever seen. It was… perfect. Muscular and powerful and perfectly developed. Hours and hours and hours of gym work had to go into building that body.

“It’s very rare, obviously, and generally genetic. It’s even rarer for someone else to react, so in a way you should be quite proud of yourself.” The new guy removed his trousers and tossed them towards his shirt on the couch, standing now only in a pair of dark grey cotton trunks. “Though I imagine it was a bit embarrassing. I’d go into more detail about it, but I think we should save that for later. After your first transition completes.”

The new guy’s dick was huge, and thick, and long. Stewart could make its outline out easily. How had he managed to tuck that much meat into his suit without sporting a bulge as big as a melon? Stewart came again, shooting all the way over his head.

“You might want to stop resisting,” the new guy said. “Just a suggestion. You can’t do anything to stop it, and you’ll enjoy it more if you accept it and go with it. Plus, we’re only getting started.”

“Resist… ?”

The new guy smiled and Stewart came again. “You’re afraid to let go, to let yourself experience what’s happening without trying to stop it. It’s frightening, this constantly building sensation of unstoppable sex. Because you’ve been taught not to be like this, not to be sexual, not to display it, to be afraid of it or ashamed of it. But it’s uncontrollable and undeniable, now. You can’t stop it now that’s it’s started, so my advice is to just relax, to give in, and enjoy the ride.”

The man’s body was gorgeous. He was a walking hard-on. He looked like someone had sculpted him with perfect… everything. “I know it seems scary right now. Powerful. Overwhelming Uncontrollable. Wave after wave of erotic bliss, cascading through you and pointing inexorably towards your balls and your dick. Every new rush stronger than the last. Your whole body feels like a prick, throbbing and tingling and wanting only to come, and keep coming. And you wonder how your body is doing this. Performing like this. Feeling like this. How do you keep coming and coming and it just keeps getting better?”

The new guy reached up and started to rub one of his perfect, beautiful nipples with his middle finger. His fuck finger. As he started playing with it, Stewart could feel his own nipple tingle with deep sexual throbs that seemed hard-wired to his dick. The man licked his lips and bit the lower one as he watched Stewart’s reaction. “But if you just… let go, if you finally give in to it, I promise you’ll find yourself really starting to have fun.”

It was getting stronger with every fresh eruption. His explosions were bigger, his deliveries were thicker, the sensation of pure sexual bliss grew deeper and more profound with each new fountain from his prick.

He was holding himself as he came, his fingers gripping his steel-hard erection, and if felt like his dick was growing. It felt like with every new cum explosion, his dick would swell larger and then stay engorged, thickening and lengthening and getting harder every time he came.

“Okay, time for the main event.” The new guy undid his belt and unzipped his fly. “Do you think you can handle this?” He glanced down at the bulge of cock and balls in his shorts.

“Han… handle… ?”

“Really, just let go. Stop resisting. It’ll be messy but I promise you it’s going to feel amazing.” The new guy smiled again and one eyebrow rose over his glittering sexy eyes. “I know it sounds like I’m boasting. And I’d try to make it easier on you if I could.” He pushed his thumbs into the elastic band of his underwear. “But…”

He started pushing the underwear off his hips, slowly, his gaze watching Stewart’s reaction. “So, I guess I should tell you that the only way to end this for you—the only way you can move to the next stage—is… well, I have to fuck you.”

“Fuck… Stage… ?”

He smiled and nodded. “If I don’t fuck you, you won’t advance, and I know this is all coming on very quickly and very powerfully. If there was something else I could do to help, well, I’d do that instead.” He lowered his underwear another inch, revealing the thick dark bush of his pubes and the fat root of his cock. “You’ve… been fucked before?” Stewart came again, harder than ever, a huge thick load that erupted from his massive prick and splattered all over his torso and neck and face. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

The new guy’s smile increased in beauty as he revealed his cock to Stewart. Stewart’s gaze was locked onto the other man’s crotch like iron to a magnet. He couldn’t not watch—he couldn’t even blink. Something inside him, some sense of need or desire, focused all his attention on just one thing.

Then the new guy pushed his shorts off his hips and his cock flopped out and forward, and Stewart came. The new guy’s massive prick swelled and throbbed and twitched, inflating and rising within seconds. Stewart continued coming. The new guy looked down at himself and licked his lips again and moved one hand onto the fat shaft of his gorgeous shank of pure sex.

“I would take the time now to explain what’s happening and what you’re going through and what you’re about to experience, but that won’t change the fact that it’s already happening.” The new guy’s voice was soothing and sexy and erotic. The words were like kisses on his lips or a tongue licking his hard-on. It was the most beautiful and erotic sound Stewart ever heard.

“And it’s not your fault, and it’s not my fault. But it’s not dangerous. Just potentially embarrassing, like today. Plus…” He paused and looked at Stewart’s face, and then at Stewart’s cock. “Plus I don’t think in your present state you could fully comprehend anything more than the strong and constant currant of thick, hot sex running through your body right now.”

The new guy moved his grip along his amazing and gorgeous cock, closed his eyes, and deeply groaned. It swelled in his grip as if being inflated, the mushroom head growing fatter as it pushed from his lickable foreskin. His balls were perfect, low hangers that moved and pulsed like pumps filled with cum. A thick drool of pre-cum appeared at the mouth of his cock and it began to spill a steady stream of clear, thick, sex-scented honey as he dropped to his knees and looked down at Stewart’s ass.

“This won’t hurt,” he promised. “In fact, this is probably going to feel better than anything you’ve ever felt in your entire life.”

Stewart opened his mouth but no words came out. He gasped air into his lungs and his cock swelled and pushed out another thick delivery of cum, a stream of warm sticky cream that erupted out in a fat rope that splattered against the loads of cum he’d already fountained. He gasped and groaned and watched the new guy’s handsome face as the dude maneuvered his massive meat towards Stewart’s butt and he could feel it approach like a red hot poker, like something heavy and powerful and undeniable.

“My name is Jason, by the way. Jason Wilder.” He smiled and winked and thrust his hips forward.

Something entered Stewart’s ass, something made of fire and magic and sex and heat and energy and fucking. It pushed inside him and then something clicked, as if two parts that were meant to be together had coupled in a manner that was so natural that being apart would now seem abnormal.

Then it was moving—he was moving, Jason’s huge cock was moving—thrusting and retreating, and every movement radiated intense and overwhelming explosions of pure carnal perfection.

Stewart felt a mouth pressing against his lips. He opened his eyes and looked at the gorgeous masculine visage of Jason Wilder. He felt the man’s strong, muscular bulges pressing against his body, they moved and flexed and pulsed as if sending strength into his own muscles. He felt the man’s furry chest warming his own, as if he could feel every single curly hair on his thick pecs and they all felt warm and comforting and perfect. He felt the man’s thick, long, hard prick moving inside him, sending out impossibly strong shocks of sexual bliss that rocketed outward like explosions of pure masculine erotic power and made his balls swell and shove cum up the fat inches of his own cock, and he sprayed huge fountains of hot cum between their naked bodies. Jason kissed him again, with gentle passion, and he kissed him back with violent need. He wrapped his legs around Jason and pulled them tightly together and Jason fucked him deep and hard.

The sensation of pure perfect sexual bliss that had been building inside Stewart expanded beyond all previous boundaries, and something else took over. Something so vast and so powerful that it filled him up completely and his cock exploded with cum that rocketed from him like a river, like a sea, like an ocean, and he came and he came and he came.


Part 2

Stewart woke up. He realized he was in his own bedroom, in his own apartment. Daylight was filtering through the blinds over the bedroom windows, but he had no concept of what time it actually was.

He remembered with a sudden, immediate shock what had happened. What happened to him. What happened in the restroom at the office and how the new guy—Jason—how Jason had found him and fucked him, and how good that felt.

With alarming speed, simply thinking of the man and his body and the fuck, he felt his cock pulse and throb and swell to erection. He writhed with passion and lust under the sheets, he gasped and moaned as a cascade of intense erotic sensations erupted outward from his hard prick and shook his body. He pinched his eyes shut and balled his hands into fists, clutching the sheets, and felt a surge of precum pushing its way along the inches of his sudden and intense hard-on and he threw the sheets from his body and looked down.

That… was not his body. In no way was that his own body. This body had abs! It had a chest! It had… holy fuck! It had a cock! But not just any cock! It had a thick monster wrapped in fat pulsing veins with a luscious mushroom head wrapped in a tight cowl of foreskin! It reached up his body towards his chest and as he watched it, the cock that was not his cock, the small perfect mouth drooled a wealth of pre as if pouring honey, and it guzzled out and puddled on his six-pack, pouring between the mounds of muscle like a river through valleys.

He gasped and groaned with pleasure. He reached down and grabbed it. It throbbed and swelled and sent forth a harder, deeper sensation of sex. He pulled his grip away in sudden shock and the sensation of sex decreased, but didn’t abate. It was like a constant musical note in the air, suspended and extending, ringing in his ears.

“You’re up,” a male voice said. “In more ways than one.”

Stewart looked towards the voice and there was Jason, leaning against the doorframe of his bedroom, dressed once more in that crisply tailored suit. His arms were folded over his chest, making the thick muscles of his pecs bunch and swell forward. He was… impossibly handsome. He looked even more beautiful than Stewart remembered.

“What happened?”

“Do you want to talk or do you want me to help you take care of that?” He nodded towards Stewart’s throbbing hard-on, still drooling a thick wealth of fuck-scented pre-cum all over his tightly muscular belly. “I mean, we could try to do both, but I feel like my mouth could be put to much better use, presently.”

Just the thought of Jason sucking his dick created a sudden eruption of sexual power. It pulsed outward from his cock and enveloped his naked body like a warm embrace. His balls sizzled and his asshole tightened and he pushed a fresh delivery of pre up the throbbing inches of the monster cock attached to his groin. He arched his back and twisted his head on his neck and groaned with deep need.

“I guess that answers that question.” Jason chuckled as he loosened his tie and tossed it aside. “Wouldn’t want to get anything on it,” he explained. “It’s new.” He removed his jacket and tossed that aside as well. His dress shirt clung to his muscular torso as if designed to do so, and it probably was. No off-the-rack shirt was ever going to be able to contend with the man’s absurdly proportioned V-shaped torso and huge pecs. He undid the top two buttons revealing a hint of the dark mass of manly fur that Stewart knew covered those swollen muscular globes mounted on his chest.

Then he straddled Stewart’s legs and leaned down and wrapped one hand around Stewart’s prick and pulled it towards his face. “Just to warn you, I’m very good at this.”

He opened his lips and widened his jaw and took the entirety of Stewart’s newly monstrous erection down his throat with one gulp. He had hardly done that before Stewart gasped again and shot a thick, full fountain of cream from his balls and felt it erupt along the fat inches of his cock. Jason’s throat tightened around his meat as he swallowed Stewart’s load with apparent ease and hunger.

Stewart felt Jason moan along the entire length of his cock. It made him shoot again, and though he couldn’t see it, it felt like he was shoving pints or gallons of cum from his balls, tensing his asshole and then pushing the heavy load free only to be replaced by a fresh delivery.

He grasped Jason’s head in his hands to hold him there, wanting this sensation of orgasmic delivery to go on and on. He started to slowly move his hips, fucking Jason’s mouth, and Jason seemed to welcome the action, never gagging on his fat prick and only wanting to swallow everything that Stewart could deliver.

Stewart’s body heated up with sex as he delivered copious fountains of cum down Jason’s throat. The sensation of sexual delivery was non-stop, as if he was sunk into a continuous round of coming rather than the short, unsustainable shots he was used to. Nothing ever felt this good, and he didn’t want it to stop.

It felt like it lasted for minutes, Jason’s expert blow-job sucking thick fountains of cum out of Stewart’s inexhaustible balls. But Stewart finally grew tired, his breath ragged and his body growing limp, and Jason pulled his mouth from Stewart’s fat cock—licking off the final drops that he squeezed from its thick inches as it are limp at last.

Jason moved off Stewart’s legs and stood up. The buttons of his shirt looked like they wanted to burst, and the muscles of his chest and upper arms were stretching the cotton to its limits. “Feeling better, I hope?”

“Fu-uck,” Stewart answered.

“Well, let’s talk first. And then fuck.” Jason licked his lips and wiped some of Stewart’s cum from the corner of his perfect and kissable lips. “You’re probably hungry.” Stewart realized he was starving and he nodded. “Well, since you were so friendly as to provide me breakfast, it’s only fair that I make one for you. Come into the kitchen when you feel sufficiently recovered. A load like that is apt to make anyone feel a bit exhausted.”

Jason grabbed his jacket and tie and pivoted on his heel. Stewart watched perhaps the most gorgeous bubble butt he’d ever seen in a pair of pants walk out of his bedroom as he settled his head back onto his pillow and stared at the ceiling in utter disbelief.

His cock felt cool as the air conditioning kicked on and blew air along its spit-wettened surface. His balls ached and tingled and his body was also cooling off after the best head he’d ever gotten. The man wasn’t lying when he said he was very good at it.

After some time as Stewart contemplated the weirdness he’d been experiencing, the smell of bacon filled his nostrils and the hunger suddenly roared to life in his belly. He sat up, swung his legs off the bed and stood up. There was a full-length mirror on the back of the bedroom door and Stewart closed the door to get a look at himself in the mirror.

The man he saw there was like Stewart 2.0. Stewart Perfected. Stewart Plus. He blinked and rubbed his eyes like someone in a carton who couldn’t believe what he was seeing, because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

That was his face, for sure, but it was leaner, and harder, with a different brow and jawline. His hair was the same ragged unruly mop of dark brown, but his eyes looked brighter or something.

But it was the body attached to that face that really looked different.

He had abs. He never had abs. He had tried to have abs, but it always seemed like an impossible goal. So much dieting to reduce the player of fat, endless crunches and leg lifts, some dudes he knew went to the gym morning and evening just to develop them—and there they were! Six abs. They weren’t very pronounced, and they were a little hard to see, but he could see them. He could feel them. He looked down and tensed his belly and tried to make them flex, but he wasn’t very good at it.

And he had a chest. Or, more precisely, he had some pecs. He already had a chest, because who didn’t? But he could see some definition where there clearly was no definition only yesterday.

He looked back at that more masculine face and smiled at himself. It made his cock tingle, and he reached down and grabbed himself and realized it was bigger, too. Like, maybe a whole inch longer, and thicker as well. It felt… heavy. And good. He traced his fingertip along its upper edge and felt those tingles grow stronger, and watched his balls move and shift in his scrotum.

He turned around to try to look at his own butt when he heard his visitor call out, “You coming?” And he laughed at the suggestion.

He opened the door, not bothering with clothes, and strode out of his bedroom towards the smell of bacon and butter in his kitchen. He saw Jason’s jacket and tie over the back of a kitchen chair and then his guest turned around with a plate of eggs and bacon and toast and set it on the table, arching an eyebrow as he did so. “Naked breakfast, huh?”

“I’m starting a new tradition.”

Jason chuckled again. It was a warm, deep sound that made Stewart’s cock twitch. “And why not?”

“Feel free to join me,” he suggested, anxious to once again cast his gaze on the impossible and unearthly masculine perfection of Jason’s muscular body.

“I have to get to work. New job and all.” He smiled and folded his arms across his massive chest. “You eat,” he said, “while I talk.”

Stewart nodded and sat his naked ass on a chair and dug in. The breakfast was hot and delicious as he shoveled inside his mouth.

“First things first, as I started to explain yesterday…”


“You’ve been asleep for several hours, which is to be expected. You’ll probably want to sleep some more after you eat and regain your strength after pumping all that cum down my throat this morning.” Stewart’s cock twitched again. “What’s happening to you and what will continue happening is that a dormant genetic abnormality within your DNA has been activated. It’s extremely rare, but it’s not dangerous. It’s not like cancer or something, so don’t worry about something terrible happening. I mean, unless you think looking like I do and having that big cock and those over-productive balls are terrible.”

Stewart started to answer but Jason cut him off. “I talk and you eat. Otherwise I’ll be very late on only my second day at work.” Stewart nodded and grabbed another piece of bacon. “It has a name, this anomaly, but it’s Latin and hard to say and even harder to remember, so I just call it Supersuck Syndrome.” Stewart laughed slightly into his coffee mug. Jason shrugged his wide, thick shoulders. “I like alliteration. Anyway, as I said it’s extremely rare and only occurs in men, at least as far as I know. My grandfather had it, too, and it skipped a generation in my family until I had it. I’ve only ever encountered one other man like you where it was activated accidentally, but I guess there’s really no other way to activate it since no one knows if they have it until they meet someone else who also has it.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Can we start at the beginning? Like… who are you?”

“Oh! Sure. That was rude of me. You know my name, Jason Wilder. I’m 46 years old. I…”

“46? No way you’re 46. I would guess, like, 26 but not 46.”

“It’s part of the package. The physical stuff. You’re already seeing some of it.”

“Some of it? Is it dangerous?”

“Not as far as I know. Meaning that as long as I’ve had it, it’s only been… sometimes inconvenient or awkward, but never dangerous. In fact I can’t really imagine my life without its effects, but then it manifested in me starting at puberty, so it’s a pretty intrinsic part of who I am.”

“What is it, exactly?”

“It’s weird is what it is, to be frank. You may have noticed that you already look different than you did before we met, or specifically before I fucked you, or even more specifically before I pumped you full of sperm, because our sperm behaves differently from how other men’s sperm behaves.”

“What’s that mean?”

“To be blunt, we’re sort of like cum vampires.”

“Cumpires?” Stewart joked.

“If you prefer the term, then sure. You’re going to start to crave it. And specifically you’re going to crave mine more strongly than anyone else’s. I mean, maybe you already did?”

“I… enjoy cum. Not sure I craved it.”

“Well, you will now. Plus you can produce a lot of it.”

“So I’ve noticed.” He reached down with one hand to squeeze his dick. A rich, warm flow of pre leaked all over his fingers.

Jason’s brow wrinkled and he shook his head slightly. “You’re taking this a lot better than I imagined you would.”

“Well, I mean, so far I’m not seeing a huge downside. Plus it’s a little hard to doubt what you’re telling me, given the physical evidence.” He dragged the toast through the egg yolk on his plate. “There has to be a downside, though. There’s always a downside.”

“Well, there’s the cum craving. It can get very strong sometimes, particularly if you haven’t had any for a while.”

“What’s ‘a while’?”

“Like… a couple of days.”

“So, fairly constant diet of sucking cock. Got it.”

“Or getting fucked. Your body just needs it, it doesn’t really care how it receives it.”

“Convenient,” Stewart said.

“And secondly your body’s physical changes can be… distracting. To others.”

“What’s that mean?”

“I look pretty good, wouldn’t you say?”

“‘Good’ is an understatement,” Stewart said, allowing his gaze to drift over Jason’s impressive body and handsome face.

“It’s a kind of byproduct of the condition. Maybe because it’s in the genes, maybe because it operates like a sort of virus.”

“A virus? Like people can catch it?”

“Oh no! It’s not contagious. I meant that like a virus or a parasite, it needs its host in order to thrive. So over time, as you keep sucking cocks and getting fucked…”

“Every time you say ‘sucking’ or ‘fucking’ my dick gets bigger.”

“Yeah, so, that’s kind of what I mean. Your body is starting to change, and the changes are all focused on that one thing.”

“Which one thing?”

“Cum. Getting cum. Swallowing cum. So your physical appearance will keep… improving.”

“To make it easier.”

Jason shrugged again. “As I said, it’s a weird, sometime inconvenient, sometimes awkward condition. You’re going to attract attention, and the attention is sexual, and the more attention you attract, the more cum you’re likely to enjoy, and the more cum you enjoy, well…” He held up his arm and bent it, flexing his biceps and triceps into full bloom. The muscle expanded dramatically, filling the sleeve until Stewart could hear the subtle snapping of threads along the seams.

His own prick pulsed and swelled and grew hot on his thigh. His nipples began to tingle and his asshole throbbed.

Jason lowered his arm again and shrugged. “I’m bigger than I was yesterday, thanks to you.”

“To my cum.”

“Specifically. Our cum? To each other? It’s like… super juice. Other cum has a similar effect but it’s much, much less apparent. Much slower to manifest. Except in rare cases. But when I fucked you yesterday, you got some of my superjuice.”

“Rare cases?”

Jason shrugged. “Sometimes I get a much stronger hit off a guy. Instant and powerful, but I’ve never been able to determine how or why that happens. Seems more or less random.”

“So the more cocks I suck…”

“The better your chances. But when we’re together the effects are guaranteed.”

“So when you sucked my dick this morning…”

“You paid me back. So to speak.” He checked his wristwatch and grimaced slightly. “I gotta run, much as I’d like to stick around for another go with you.”

“The feeling is absolutely mutual.”

“I know.” Jason stepped next to him, leaning down and kissing Stewart’s mouth tenderly. “I really want to fuck you again.”

“Well, as it happens my calendar for the next… year just opened up.”

“Finish breakfast. You’re still in the process of changing. Or… no, not changing. It was always inside you. Evolving? Maybe? Anyway, you’re going to feel tired as your body starts trying to cope with all this growth, and you’re going to get hungry to feed it.”

“Hungry for cum?”

“Just hungry. Cum makes us grow. But to grow we still need fuel. And sleep helps the body naturally rebuild. You’re still growing from my cum, which is why you feel tired and horny.”

“Mostly horny.”

“So get some sleep. Allow your body to do what it does naturally. Then have a big lunch—as much protein as you can get.”

“For muscle growth.”

Jason nodded. “And carbs, for energy. Your body will start to need a lot of energy, too.”

“Okay. And… cum?”

“I mean, you do you, Stewart. You want to go on Scruff and bring a big dude home and swallow some cream, go for it. I, uh, also took the liberty of adding my contact info to your addresses. You’re going to have lots of questions, and I may have answers, or know someone who does.” He reached down and adjusted his own prodigious tool. “And also for the occasional or more than occasional booty call.” Jason smiled and kissed him again. Stewart’s cock heated up and inflated with blood, poking the underside of the table painfully and he winced. “Sorry,” Jason reported, then he grabbed his jacket and tie and headed back to the office.

Stewart scooted his chair away from the table and allowed his stiff prick to fully rise to the occasion. He was slowly stroking his hard-on as he watched Jason’s ass leave, his grip warmed and slicked by the copious stream of pre he was leaking. It felt so good, like every fucking inch of it was super sensitive and delivering strong blasts of sexual power. He was still hungry and he was still horny, and horny won out.

He set his dirty plate and utensils in the sink and went back to his bedroom to find his phone. He wanted to put this new body and cock to the test, and there was no time like the present.

First thing he did was take a few new images of his better bod for his profile. Might as well advertise the goods if you want a response, right? He opened the curtains and let the sunlight stream in, then stood naked in front of the mirror and snapped a few new poses with his phone. They weren’t great, but they did show off his new abs and chest, and then for good measure he took a few close ups of his hard-on from a variety of angles.

His dick would not go down. Every time he touched himself, strong shocks of erotic power shot through his body like electrical charges. His cock was leaking pre almost continuously and his brain was on fire with lust. He opened up Scruff and started shopping for someone to help him cope.

His new pictures were like honey for the bees, and he had several contenders vying for his attention before he picked out a large, muscular black dude with a cock that would choke a well-trained hooker. The dude wanted to host which was fine with Stewart, and he pulled on some boxer briefs to help dam up all that leaking honey and a pair of jeans (which were tight around his legs and butt but loose around his waist), tucked his non-stop erection along the hip, topped them off with a plain white t-shirt (stretched across his chest and shoulders, and rubbing his sensitive nipples with every stride) and called an Uber to take him over.

He wanted to suck the driver’s cock. He found that he wanted to suck every dude’s cock. It just didn’t matter, he wanted cock. His own prick was hard and throbbing and he was sitting in the back of the Toyota rubbing his hard-on like a teen on prom night.

The Uber pulled up and dropped him off and Stewart got out, trying to stand up and adjust his erection at the same time. He looked down and nearly laughed at the huge bulge of obvious erect meat pointing sideways in his jeans. He had never been so horny in his entire life.

His cock was acting like it knew what it was in for. Each step towards the building where his conquest lived was harder and harder, because so was his cock. It felt like it was growing just being close to the dude. He pushed the bell for the big dude’s apartment and a deep, sexy voice answered, “Yeah?”

“I believe you were expecting a blow job?”

The door buzzed without an answer.

Stewart went up one flight and knocked on a door. He didn’t even wait two seconds before it opened and he was confronted with the man from the Scruff ad.

He was big. Huge. Probably 6’ 4” and thick as a tree. Not in competition shape, but the dude definitely spent a lot of his spare time at the gym. His skin was very dark and his eyes were very bright. He was wearing a nothing but a jockstrap that held a basket heavy with meat, and he had two enormous pecs mounted on his chest with fat nipples pointed at the ground. He had a bit of a gut, but it made him look powerful and strong. He smiled broadly seeing that Stewart’s real life matched his profile pics, and he looked down to see that constant hard-on throbbing in Stewart’s jeans and he smiled even brighter.

“Man,” he said, “you are exactly what I need.” His dick was already stretching the material of his pouch.

“Good thing I’m here, then.” Stewart placed his hand on top of the fat inches of prick throbbing and leaking in his shorts. “Are you going to invite me in or did you want me to suck it out here?”

The dude put his large paw on Stewart’s shoulder and hauled him inside.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The sex was rough and athletic. The dude was powerful as fuck, strong as an ox and equipped with a slab of cock that outmatched Stewart’s newly improved equipment. It was thick and veiny and Stewart felt something closer to hunger than lust when he looked at it, and it was between his lips and down his throat in record time. The big dude fucked his face hard, groaning and calling him a slut and a bitch and a whore but Stewart didn’t care, he wanted cum and he wanted it all.

He sucked and licked and teased and coaxed the dude’s balls even after the huge muscular man had delivered a thick load, making him shake and moan and shoot a second fat fountain after the first one.

Stewart swallowed it all, gulping greedily and feeling a warmth fill his guts and spreading into his limbs.

“Dude,” the black man begged, “you gotta fuck me with that meat.”


“You gotta. You can’t leave until you fill my ass up with that huge prick. How big is that thing?”

Stewart shrugged. “Never measured it.” He’d come into the dude’s place hard as a rock and it had never gone down. His dick was still throbbing and leaking pre, tingling with sex and power. It was standing up against his abs, his balls hanging down below filled up with cream. He could feel the dude’s twin loads of cum inside him, and he needed more.

“If I fuck you,” he said, “you gotta promise to cum again.”


He nodded. “That’s all I ask. I’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fuck. I’ll fuck you deep and hard and fuck you raw—but I want your cum. I want it all.”

“Well, I mean… I’ve never come three times in a row.”

Stewart reached forward and grabbed a chocolate nipple, twisting it roughly. “There’s a first time for everything.”

“Fuck… I gotta have that dick in my ass. You been hard since you walked in the fucking door! I want to feel that meat drilling my hole.”

“That’s the price, or I gotta go find me a new dude who can handle me.”

“I’m not sure I can.”

“I’m gonna fuck the cum out of your balls. I’m gonna fuck you so deep you’ll taste my cock on your tongue.”

“Fuck me, baby.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The big dude did come three times, and Stewart swallowed every drop. It made him feel warm and sexually charged and even hornier, if that was possible. He pushed his hard-on inside the man’s tight, warm chute and fucked him hard, like he promised, and the dude groaned and shouted and came a third load.

Stewart put his clothes back on and left the big man naked on his own bed, worn out and satisfied. Already his shirt felt tighter against his chest, and his jeans were gabbing his ass like two round muscular bubbles. He closed the apartment door behind him and pulled up Scruff again, seeing a dozen new invitations for sex in his queue. He rubbed his now constant erection and felt it throb and tingle as he set up two more hookups for the afternoon.

Cum. He wanted it. He needed it. He was going to get it.


Part 3

Stewart groaned as his iPhone started going off on the nightstand. He was tangled up in his sheets, and everything smelled like sweat and cum. Sunlight was streaming through the bedroom window and he could hear traffic from the street below. He reached down and wrapped his hand around an award-winning hard-on, his dick still throbbing and tingling with sexual power. His asshole felt stretched and his balls felt heavy.

He reached over and grabbed his phone with his free hand while his other stroked and squeezed and rubbed the erection that seemed to never be satisfied. He groaned with pleasure as fresh shocks of sexual bliss erupted down its thick neck and radiated out from his loins to travel along his legs and up his belly and across his chest. His nipples sizzled with lust.


“Hello, Stewart. Been busy?”

It was Jason. The sound of his voice, even over the mobile line, made Stewart’s prick swell in his grip. He laughed slightly as his mind flashed across the half-dozen or so sexual conquests he’d enjoyed over the past 24 hours, remembering lips and cocks and butts and chests and nipples and assholes and balls and biceps and abs, licking and stroking and sucking in a nearly non-stop orgy. “You could say that.”

“Welcome to your new life.”

“Holy fuck,” he moaned. “Is it always going to be like this?”

“It’ll be whatever you want it to be. It’s not an addiction or a compulsion, you can take a break whenever you want to. But you can also keep going as long as you want to—as you’ve probably already discovered.”

“My dick won’t go down,” he said. “Should I be worried?”

“Only if it hurts. Does it hurt?”

“It feels fucking amazing.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.”

He pulled the sheets back and looked down at his cock. It was hard and thick and shiny. It throbbed in time with his heartbeats, swollen with blood and drooling pre onto his abs. “I think I’m bigger.”

“Nice. Thicker or longer or both?”

“Definitely thicker,” he answered, squeezing his hard prick and watching a fresh flow of pre swell from the tip and start draining down its long neck. He rubbed his thumb around and around the slick head, feeling strong tingles of erotic power erupt along his cock’s fat inches. “Fuck.”

“I was just calling to check in, see how you’re doing. I expected that you’d be busy for a while, and then you’d need some sleep. You’re probably pretty hungry right about now.”

He realized that he was. “I am fucking starving,” he agreed.

“Swallow something besides cum. Keep your strength and energy up, because all this sex and coming is apt to take its toll. Your body processes cum differently, but a man can’t live on cum alone—even us.” Stewart was stroking his erection, sinking into the constant bliss of sex. He moaned deeply. “You still with me, Stewart?”

“Mm hmm.”

“You’re jerking off again.”

“Mm hmm.”

Jason laughed. It was a deep, warm sound and sent tingles through Stewart’s prick. “Get out of bed. Have some bacon and eggs. Mug of hot coffee. Your cock will still be there. I guaranty it’s not going anywhere.”

“Mm hmm,” Stewart agreed, unwilling to stop stroking his drooling monster. He felt like he already had a heavy load of cream swollen in his balls. His lips wanted to wrap themselves round the warm head of his cock and feel the sticky jets of cum fountain against the back of his throat.

“Okay, I know how it feels. Try to get out of bed? And eat something?”

“Mm hmm.”

“Bye, Stewart. I’ll stop by this evening after work. Oh! Speaking of! A lot of people are asking about you. Make sure you call in or let your boss know you’ll be out for a few days.”

“A few days?”

“Do you think your dick is going to calm down any time soon?”

He stroked himself and a fresh delivery of pre guzzled out and drained all over his hand. It was warm and slick and smelled like sex. His prick throbbed and sizzled in his hand, hot as a furnace and hard as steel. “Probably not,” he admitted.

“No, probably not.” The line went dead.

Stewart tossed the phone towards the nightstand but it hit the edge and tumbled to the floor. He didn’t much care, because his cock was happily providing non-stop electrical shocks of pure sex through his body as he continued to stroke its hard thickness. “Get up,” he whispered to himself, as his hand continued to move up and down the length of his hungry erection. “Get. Up.”

He sighed and pulled his sticky hand from his prick. The sensation of pure sex diminished but didn’t altogether disappear. He sat up and swung his feet to the floor. His cock throbbed and twitched, but he ignored its constant call and stood up, stretching his body and his muscles.

He looked at himself again in the mirror after he was done stretching. His cock was literally at the center of attention, a slick, shiny, 8-inch high stalk of pure sex, thick and throbbing and drooling pre. His balls looked swollen, but when he reached down to cup them in his hand they also tingled with strong sexual vibrations and shifted and pulsed with their load.

He needed to get off again. All his stroking had built up a fresh delivery of cream and it was thick and heavy in his nutsack. He smiled as he looked at his body. He was hot! His abs looked tighter and more defined, his pecs were a bit thicker and his arms looked more muscular. He raised them to flex his biceps and triceps into bloom and watched them jump out from his arms, stretching into thick balls of muscle.

He decided to stroke out his load in the shower. The hot water felt extremely good and he lathered everything up, loving the sensation of his hands traveling across his warm, wet skin. He played with his butthole, reaching around to rub it and push his fingers inside as he stroked his thick cock until it exploded, shoving a rich, warm, thick load all over his belly and chest. He arched his head over his cock and opened his mouth and shot a couple of streams against his lips and tongue, relishing the salty tang of his own cum.

He didn’t count but it felt like he came a dozen times, shooting thick ropes of hot cum up the fat inches of his prick over and over. The first thing he did after drying off was to find his phone on the bedroom floor and set up another round of dudes. Sleeping had re-energized his libido and his whole body felt like it was throbbing. He took Jason’s advice and had some honest food for breakfast, but what he was really hungry for wasn’t going to be found in a fridge.

His dick initially deflated for the first time in a day or so, hanging thick and heavy over his balls, but as soon as he started perusing the selection of horny men on his phone, his dick started throbbing and swelling and drooling all over again.

The first man who caught his attention was a cute young dude with long, dirty blonde hair tied into a ponytail and a lean, hard body covered with tats named Beast. His smile was bright and friendly and his profile said he was “up for anything.” He looked like a skateboarder or a rally biker, some kind of extreme sport dude with a wiry frame and a happy smile. He pinged him because he was close by and Stewart needed some dick fucking right now.

The knock came fifteen minutes later. Stewart’s cock had re-engaged and was at full power, standing straight up and throbbing hard. He didn’t even try to disguise anything, opening the door fully naked with that monster drooling honey.

“Dude,” the young guy said, his eyes going wide and a big smile on his face.

“What took you so long?” Stewart asked him.

“If I knew that was waiting for me I would’ve fucking flown here, my dude. That is fucking awesome!” Beast reached forward and grabbed Stewart’s erection, coating his hand in a wealth of the constant stream of warm pre slowly draining down the thick meat and dripping off his balls. He stroked Stewart once, slowly, moving his grip down the iron-hard cock and then he pulled his hand back, sniffed his palm, groaned softly and licked off Stewart’s honey. “Fuuuuuuuck, dude.”

He was wearing a white stretch cotton tank top and a pair of baggy basketball shorts which were already tenting. He leaned in and put his rough hand behind Stewart’s neck and pulled him into a kiss without any further preamble. Then he said “I am so fucking horny dude.”

“Then you came to the right place.”

He kissed him again. “Fucking smells rank in here. Smells like cum and ass.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“Fuck no, dude.” He kissed him again and pressed their bodies together, feeling the heat and hardness of Stewart’s enormous hard-on against his tight, rippled belly. “Fuuuuuuuuck.” He pressed their bodies tight together, squeezing Stewart’s massive meat between them. “You like fucking or you like getting fucked?”

“Yes,” Stewart answered.

“Nice,” the young dude said, smiling.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The tattooed skater boi was energetic and playful, without any kind of sexual limits that Stewart could find. He was up for anything and had a lot of stamina, which was great for Stewart’s current situation. He said he was bi and liked chicks and dudes equally, but it was evident that he really, really liked getting fucked.

He was vocal and athletic, with a filthy vocabulary and remarkable flexibility. He was also funny and a little weird, bringing up odd situations during sex because he was reminded of something. He seemed to have no filters and just said whatever occurred to him as it occurred to him. He was fun to be with and his cum stated sweet and salty.

When Stewart’s cock refused to deflate, it seemed to make Beast even hornier. The idea that a guy could maintain a fucking erection even after coming and even after fucking and even after being sucked off made his eyes go round and a brought a smile to his cute face. “Dude, I could suck your cock forever.”

“Well, I got the day off so… .”

They spent three hours together having every kind of sex they could imagine. Stewart’s cock stayed at attention the whole time, drooling copiously, which drove Beast crazy with lust. The tattooed dude was, as they say, ‘young and hung and full of cum’ and Stewart happily swallowed three fat loads from the long, thin, uncut cock Beast was gifted with. He stank of sweat and tasted like beef jerky.

When Beast finally left, the young man was fully satisfied if a little exhausted, and it was time for Stewart’s next conquest.

Stewart felt hornier and more energized than ever. It felt as if sex only made him hungrier for more sex.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next man was like Beast’s polar opposite. He had salt-and-pepper hair and a full beard. He was wearing a dress shirt and slacks with a thin dress belt and leather oxfords. His name was Chet and he was older than Stewart by a decade or two, but he was randy as fuck and covered in soft, warm fur.

“I don’t mean to be rude,” he said after Stewart opened his door, still completely naked, “but does it smell like a locker room in there?”

Stewart turned his head slightly and flared his nostrils, taking a deep breath of the stench of sex that permeated his apartment. Then he lifted his arm and stuck his nose into his dank, warm pit and inhaled his own stink with deep satisfaction. “That’s me,” he reported. “I can take a shower if…”

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Chet answered, reaching down to the crotch of his tailored slacks and squeezing himself. “Smells amazing. If you could distill your scent and bottle it, I’d buy a gallon.”

Stewart smiled. “Well, I don’t have a gallon but you’re free to drink up as much of me as you’re able while you’re here.”

“Who can refuse an offer like that?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Where Beast was fast and furious, Chet was slow and deliberate and sensual. Beast was a piston, firing off like a rocket and filled with energy. Chet was like a slow, gorgeous drink of wine, slowly settling on your tongue and lingering like sweet honey.

He had a huge cock, much larger than those slacks conveyed, and it swelled and inflated to a majestic thick shank with a fat mushroom head. One thick vein traveled down the length of the shaft like a trail his tongue could follow. He had low-hanging balls and a perfect pink butt hole that Stewart spent many lingering minutes lapping with his tongue, much to Chet’s obvious delight. He was hairy everywhere, including the two round muscular mounds of his amazing ass, which was coated in black curls, while his chest was a forest of pure white fur like a polar bear. His dark, almost black eyes seemed to burn with intense desire and he was as strong as an ox.

Getting fucked by Chet was like having a man slowly insert a salami into your butt. He obviously realized that he was a full meal and that taking it slowly at first provided more pleasure than pain, but once that thick hunk of meat had stretched out Stewart’s hole, he fucked like a man on a mission, shoving himself in and out over and over as he grunted and groaned and sighed with bliss.

“You ass feels amazing,” he said, seemingly literally shocked.

“So does your prick,” Stewart answered. “Can you go deeper?”

“You want me to go harder?”

“As hard as you can, baby. As hard and as deep as you can.”

Chet grinned and used that massive muscular ass to drill Stewart’s ass like it had never been drilled before.

Stewart managed to swallow three of Chet’s loads—each of them a thick wealth of cream that Chet reported was unusual and amazing. Then he took two more loads in his ass, squeezing every drop from Chet’s thick meat.

“I’ve never cum like that before,” he said, as he laid atop Stewart’s body, his dick still buried inside Stewart’s hungry ass. “Something about you drives me wild.”

“I could say the same,” Stewart answered, before kissing Chet’s heavily bearded face.

“I guess so, since that amazing cock of yours has stayed rock hard for the entire time we’ve been together—ever since you greeted me at the door.” He ground his hips around to press Stewart’s hard-on between their bodies. It was huge and thick and hot and hard as stone.

“What can I say, some guys just keep me turned on.”

Chet smiled and arched an eyebrow. “Think you have enough juice left to fuck me one more time? I want to feel you shoot that thick load inside me like fire. It feels fucking amazing.”

“I think that can be arranged.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

By noon, Stewart had been fucking and sucking nearly non-stop and was on his third meet-up, a super muscled bodybuilder who barely fit into his clothes. He owned a thick, well-trained ass and a smallish dick, but he was a very agreeable and enthusiastic bottom who loved getting fucked by a big cock. He had a gorgeous body, completely shaved and contest-ready, with huge, heavy pecs and an amazing six-pack. He was latino with a thick accent and not the greatest command of English, but that wasn’t important when he was screaming like a pig as he was being impaled on Stewart’s non-stop hard-on.

Ernesto loved Stewart’s cock. He was practically worshipping it, saying Stewart’s name over and over as they fucked, and though he had not been gifted by the biggest of pricks, it still delivered copious fountains of rich, warm cream that Stewart guzzled like a starving man. He was milking the huge dudes balls of every drop he could deliver, and marveled at the man’s size and power, insisting that he flex his monstrous muscles into full bloom while being fucked by Stewart’s thick pole, as if Stewart’s cock was inflating him with new muscular power and size.

When Stewart took a break from sex to relieve himself in the bathroom, he paused to look at his refection in the mirror and strike a few poses.

Was he bigger? Was that possible? He felt bigger—heavier anyway—and he thought he looked bigger. He’d swallowed load after load of cum all morning—so much that he thought his belly might be extended by the rich treasure but his stomach was tight and hard and looked even more defined than just earlier that morning.

He smiled and winked at himself and tried to take a piss with a hard-on, which was never an easy task and was even more difficult now that his dick had seemingly stretched longer. He had to sit down and try to force his stream into the bowl, laughing at his weird dilemma and wondering if his cock would ever go down.

While sitting, he was checking his phone to set up his next rendezvous. There were already messages from both Beast and Chet asking for a rematch. Beast’s included a close-up of his “hungry butt hole” and Chet’s offered some fairly filthy suggestions for some things he had always wanted to try with a willing partner but had never had the balls to ask—but something told him that Stewart was the kind of guy who didn’t have the word ‘no’ in his vocabulary when it came to sex. Stewart replied to Beast with a close-up of his still erect hard-on dripping with pre against his six pack abs and treasure trail, and he replied to Chet with a few suggestions of his own desires to see if the silver fox was up for it.

Beast replied almost immediately with a GIF of Homer Simpson drooling.

The phone pinged and it was a message from Jason: Please tell me you ate something

Stewart typed back, smiling: Does ass count?

Jason: No

Stewart: You’re no fun

Jason: I am almost entirely made of fun as you well know

Stewart: Entirely? I’ve only tasted a few of the more prominent parts

Jason: I can assure you that everything is made of fun. If you’re lucky I’ll show you tonight

Stewart: If I’m lucky? Don’t you mean if you’re lucky?

Jason: Believe me, you’re the one who’s going to feel lucky

Stewart: O rly?

Jason: Did you think I told you everything about our secret?

Stewart: You mean besides the cum hunger and the always-hard dick and the muscles out of nowhere and the getting better looking parts?

Jason: Let me put it this way, you ever pull an allnighter?

Stewart: Working all night long to get something done? Not for a while. Sounds dreadful

Jason: Believe me when I tell you that you’re going to love an all-nighter with me. Leave a slot in your busy sex schedule open tonight. You won’t regret it.

Stewart: Promises, promises.

Then he attached the same picture of his drooling hard-on and his six pack abs.

Jason: Okay, maybe I am the lucky one

Stewart: Flirt

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Stewart decided to follow Jason’s instructions and eat some actual food, and at the same time he wanted to take this new body and this new constant hard-on and these new overflowing balls out for a spin in the real world.

His horniness level wasn’t diminished even after three long, rough and ready sessions of hot sex with three very hot guys, but he was curious about how others might react to him. Would there be some dude who had the same dramatic and immediate sexually charged reaction to him as he had to Jason? Jason said the condition was rare and there was no doubt about that, otherwise wouldn’t there be a whole slew of ever ready bunnies on Scruff with cum-bulging balls and foot-long hard-ons in constant need of sex?

Just the thought made his own dick sizzle and throb and shove a fresh delivery of pre up its long, thick neck. He assumed this would stop at some point, otherwise Jason’s crotch would just be a big damp spot of honey from his overflowing spout. He decided the only practical solution to this problem and to save himself some embarrassment and weird explanations was to wrap his happy cock in a condom and let it pump all the pre it wanted to.

Because, honestly, how much could that be?

His usual condoms were now a tight fit on his larger prick, but he unwrapped the tight rubber down the neck of his erection, and even that sensation felt amazing on his dick, pushed the erection sideways along his hip and zipped himself inside his jeans. Looking at the mirror again, the size and shape and firmness of his cock was absurdly obvious, but what else could he do? He had to leave his apartment at some point, if only to go back to work. He grabbed a second condom just in case, then he squeezed his prick and felt a thick surge of pre erupt and warm the mushroom head of his dick and he grabbed a third and a fourth, too.

He looked like a porn star who OD’s on Viagra. His new thicker, more muscular ass was pulling the crotch of his jeans tightly against his massive erection, which looked like he had a dick-shaped salami in his pants. Tightening his butt hole made his cock swell and lengthen, and the tight rubber jacket holding it delivered a constant reminder just how big and hard he was. Even walking around rubbed his prick and the friction was like a rough hand stroking him over and over. His dress shirt was now stretched tightly across his bigger chest muscles, rubbing and teasing his sensitive nipples which were now hard-wired directly to his crotch. Everything seemed to be designed to keep his libido deep into red territory.

If his horniness level had topped out before he put clothes on, his nipples and the constricting jeans and the tight rubber wrapped around his dick and the impression of his erection against the denim was driving it to 12 or 15 on a scale of 10.

But Stewart just smiled and winked at his handsome reflection and said to himself, “Okay, let’s take this thing for a test drive.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

He decided that although he now—even after a couple of days—looked different, he didn’t look too different to stop in at his usual neighborhood cafe and get a cheeseburger and some fries. Normally he would have opted for a salad and something healthier, but he figured he owed himself a treat, and he could afford the extra empty calories with his new more muscular figure.

He pushed the door open and walked in, keeping one hand covering his throbbing erection until he could slide into a booth. He nodded at Teddy, the nice young man who worked there, and noticed Teddy’s look of surprise before he composed himself and erased the look from his youthful face.

Teddy was smart and cute. He was attending college nearby and worked here to manage a little extra money. Stewart often tipped him extravagantly because he always had a little crush on him, though he had always considered himself out of the college athlete’s league. Plus, he never got a gay vibe off him, but maybe that was before he was a walking erection leaking pre-cum and vibrating with sexual power.

“Hey, Teddy,” he called, waving. “Can I just… ?” He motioned to his usual booth by the window.

“What? Oh. Uh, yeah. Yes, sure thing, Stew. You need a menu?” Stewart watched Teddy’s gaze flickering all over his tight clothes and heavier chest. Did he lick his lips, just then?

“Nah, gonna get the cheeseburger special. With fries.” He kept his hand over his thick hard-on and made his way to the booth, sliding his bigger ass along the vinyl and settling in. His hand was kneading and squeezing his cock under the table, and he felt a renewed surge of pre sizzle along its fat length.

He closed his eyes and sucked in a calming breath and moaned slightly, and when he opened them again Teddy was standing there at the table, looking at him intently. His beautiful eyes were darting all over Stewart’s torso and face, his shoulders and chest and neck, taking everything in.

Teddy’s real name was Theo Martinez. He was Columbian and here studying agriculture, but on a soccer scholarship. Stewart liked talking to him because he was smart, he was funny, and he was fucking cute. He owned an ass that would make the gods weep. He had deep, dark eyes and very thick lashes. His lips were full and soft looking, and he had a lean, hard body from all those hours running around the field. His skin was dark and sleek and beautiful. He practically radiated health. Stewart had sometimes fantasized about what Teddy looked like naked, and did he have a nice cock to go along with that perfectly trained ass?

“Hi?” Stewart said, curiously.

“Hey, Stew, you are looking… good. You start a new training regimen at the gym?” Teddy still had an accent but it had grown less and less noticeable in the two years he’d been at college.

“Something like that.”


“Pardon me?”

“Sorry, it’s just… you look really good, Stew. Like… really, really good.”

Stewart’s cock swelled and throbbed. “Thanks, Teddy. That means a lot coming from a handsome athlete like you.” He’d never flirted so openly before, but his hard-on was making him feel bold and sexy.

“Yeah,” Teddy said, a bit dreamily. “Really good.” He just stood there, staring at him.

“Was there… something else?”


Stewart waved his hand before Teddy’s face. Teddy’s eyes focused on his biceps, watching the thick ball of muscle swell and flex. The vein that traveled over the top of the biceps looked very lickable. “Earth to Teddy.”

“Oh, sorry Stew. I… um… your cheeseburger will be right up.” He licked his lips again and Stewart’s gaze was drawn to a sudden swelling in Teddy’s pants. Fuck, maybe he did own a cock to match that butt!

Stewart kept kneading and caressing his cock under the table as he glanced repeatedly at Teddy while he waited for lunch, and Teddy kept returning his glances with shy smiles and thick gulping swallows. It felt to Stewart like his cock was practically swimming in pre by this point, so he scooted himself carefully out of the booth to go to the men’s room and check on his convenience condom.

Teddy watched him walk, following his stroll all the way across the cafe, eyeing his ass with a newly realized fascination. Stewart was even walking differently now, more proud like the swagger of a man who was confident and powerful. Stewart still looked like his friend Stewart, but it was like he was suddenly seeing him in a new light. A new, sexy, horny light. It was Stewart version 2.0, a complete upgrade of the software.

And the hardware. Accent on hard.

There was just a urinal and a stall in the cafe men’s room so Stewart walked up the urinal, unzipped his fly, dug inside his crotch and started to extract the fat inches of hard cock he now owned.

The monster felt weird and soft until he realized that he was actually grabbing the condom, and that it had swelled with pre like a water balloon and encased his inches in thick, warm, sticky honey. His mouth dropped open at the sight of his dick and he shoved his hips forward so it hung over the porcelain and started to peel the filled condom off.

An immediate strong scent of sex rose into his nostril and stung his senses. It was thick and rich and spicy, like sweat and ass and balls. It was potent and alluring and made his already hard cock twitch and spit a thick spill of pre from its small mouth, sending a drooling drizzle of warm honey into the urinal. He sighed and groaned and slowly stroked himself, feeling the strong, undeniable shocks of pure sex radiating along his fat tool and erupting inside his ass and traveling across his skin.

“Jesus fuck,” he whispered, stroking with one hand while holding the filled condom in the other.

Just as he was about to toss the filled-up rubber into the trash, there was a gentle knock on the door. “Stew?” It was Teddy.

“Uhhh… yeah?”

“I just wanted to tell you your cheesebur… are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

“What’s that smell?”

Stewart looked at the filled condom in his hand and the sting of raw sex assailing his nostrils. “Is there a smell?”

There was a long pause, followed by a soft, audible moan. “Kind of.”

Stewart smiled and looked down at his prick. It was arched up and throbbing like clockwork. The fat head had pushed from his foreskin and was steadily drooling pre into the urinal like a honeydripper. Thick veins wound along its fat stalk down into his jeans where his heavy balls tingled and sizzled. He tied the end of the condom into a knot and tossed it in the trash. “You can come in, Teddy. It’s the men’s room. You’re a man.” He laughed slightly. “Obviously.” He grabbed his dick and stroked himself, realizing that the slow steady stream of clear pre couldn’t possibly be mistaken for anything else, and he had a heavy load dragging his balls down and making them ache with their burden.

The door inched open slowly and Teddy poked his cute face in. The scent of Stewart’s potent and rich sexual musk struck him full on and he closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and started sucking in air with large gulps, gasping like he’d just come himself. “Fuuuuuuck,” he whispered softly.

“Yeah, um, sorry about this. It’s a bit embarrassing.”

“There is… nothing embarrassing about that.”

“Sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, know what I mean?” Stewart turned slightly and showed Teddy the massive, drooling erection he was currently stroking. “Gotta heavy load in my balls that wants out.” He bit his lower lip, and then said, “In a way, you’re partially to blame.”


Stewart nodded. “I’ve always thought you were fucking sexy.”

Teddy moved inside and let the door close. The room was saturated with the scent of Stewart’s extremely vigorous sexual power, and it made Teddy start to sweat and salivate. “But, I look the same as I always do,” he said.

Stewart nodded. “And you’ve always looked fucking sexy.”

Teddy looked down at the massive erection gripped in Stewart’s slick hand. It was red and hard and shiny. It looked dangerous and sleek and gorgeous like an expensive sports car, and he licked his lips and swallowed drily. He’d never felt so strongly attracted to a cock before. “I kinda…” He stopped talking before finishing his thought.

“You kinda..what?”

“I kinda want to… suck your dick.”


Teddy looked up, his dark eyes wide. “Can I?”

Stewart shrugged and turned to face him. His erection was throbbing with dull, hard thuds and the stream of pre was constant. He continued to slowly stroke himself, his grip traveling the long distance from the thick root to the sensitive head of his cock, pumping more pre up the long neck to drool from its mouth. Heavy, constant shocks of sexual power shook his body. He needed to get off. “Help yourself,” he said.

Teddy approached him slowly, like an animal he was afraid of scaring away. He kept his eyes on Stewart’s huge cock and rubbed his own crotch with slow, deliberate strokes.

“Can you… ?” Teddy looked up when Stewart spoke. “Can you take your shirt off?”

“Uh huh,” he answered, and he started pulling the hem from his pants and pulling the Polo off his body. As Stewart suspected, he had a lean, muscular, well-trained torso, with a flat belly and two squarish plates of hard muscle on his chest. His skin was smooth and hairless, except for the soft whisps under each arm and a treasure trail leading from his navel to his crotch. He tucked it into his back pocket and then asked, “Can you?”


“Take your shirt off?”

“Oh, sure.”

He set his fingers to the buttons of his shirt when Teddy put his hand on Stewart’s to stop him. “Let me do it,” he asked. Stewart nodded and looked down as Teddy slowly unbutton his shirt front and pulled it open, exposing his newly muscled torso and hairy pecs and subtle six-pack. The college athlete sighed softly and leaned forward and placed his lips on Stewart’s nipple kissing it gently. His lips were warm and soft and Stewart’s prick responded happily, swelling and pumping up an especially heavy flow of pre that flowed from the mouth of his hard-on and coated his long, thick shaft. He groaned and gripped his hands into fists, reacting to the onslaught of passion he was feeling.

Teddy dropped to his knees in front of Stewart and looked up. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, rubbing his face against the huge erection throbbing before him. A thick smear of pre glistened on his cheek and chin and he inhaled deeply, pulling Stewart’s funky, sexy stink inside his lungs.

“Fuck,” Stewart whispered, amazed at Teddy’s seductive sensuality. “I’m so close.”

Teddy smiled as he grabbed Stewart’s cock. “I know.”

“Gotta cum,” he said. “Gotta cum so fucking hard.”

“I know.” Then Teddy kissed his cock before forcing the drooling head of the hard-on towards his mouth and swallowing as much as he could, gagging and moaning and sucking. Stewart started breathing in short, deep bursts and felt his balls tighten and his cock swell and he was instantly shoving ropes of cream down Teddy’s throat.

Teddy tried to swallow all he could but there was simply too much. Stewart’s load was shoved down his throat and into his belly just by the force of his blast, but more of it filled his cheeks and as much was draining from the corners of his mouth and dripping on his neck and chest as was being shoved into Teddy’s guts.

Stewart ground his teeth and bit the heel of his hand to stifle a scream of absolute bliss. It felt so good to finally relieve himself of his burden. It felt like the dam had burst and he was coming and coming and coming, the biggest load yet.

It was too much for Teddy, who couldn’t handle so much cum all at once. He tried to swallow it, he tried holding in in his mouth, but it kept fountaining from the stiff, thick hard-on in his hand and he finally pulled his lips off the monster and sat on his heels to watch the throbbing, swollen erection pump warm, sticky cum high and thick, feeling Stewart’s warm load coating his hand as he slowly stroked the amazing tool to coax the amazing load out of Stewart’s balls.

Stewart emptied his balls for the dozenth time that morning. It was the biggest load yet, enough for four dudes’ mouths to swallow. The rank scent of cum and sex grew even stronger, like an invisible fog of pure masculine erotic power. Stewart’s eyes were pinched shut from the unleashed power of his pent-up orgasmic explosion and all he could feel was the sensation of pumping cream from his balls and up the thick neck of his cock and out the tip into Teddy’s warm, wet mouth.

Teddy was amazed and shocked and turned on by what he was seeing, what he was feeling, what he was tasting. A sexual heat filled his belly from all of Stewart’s cum, and more of it was on his skin, sticky and warm. It was going to be a fucking mess to clean up, but for now he just enjoyed the experience, bathing in cum and sex and pure masculine power.

It was over more quickly than it seemed to either man. Both of them were breathing hard and looking into each other’s disbelieving eyes and then Stewart swallowed thickly and sighed and said, “Was it good for you?”

Teddy laughed. “Dude. You are fucking amazing. Was that, like, a week’s load or something?”

“Or something,” Stewart answered. Would Teddy even believe him if he told him the truth? Then he looked at the spunk all over Teddy’s muscled torso and laughed. “Fuck, I made a mess.”

Teddy looked down at his body and laughed as well. “You really did.” Then he moved his hand across his skin and gathered up more of Stewart’s cum and sucked it off his fingers. Then he stood up and pushed his cum-coated tongue inside Stewart’s mouth and kissed him passionately, wrapping his arms around the taller man and pulling him close, smearing remnants of Stewart’s cum on Stewart’s chest and belly.

Teddy sighed and Stewart held him for a few seconds, feeling his warmth and strength, feeling his heart beating fast in his chest, and then he said, “Think my cheeseburger is ready? I’m fucking starving.”

Teddy laughed and pushed him away. “I gotta clean this up,” he said, looking around at the cum-coated floor and the dripping urinal. “You go eat your lunch, dude.”

“I can help,” Stewart suggested, feeling a bit guilty about the unexpected consequences of his ever-ready balls and cock.

“Nah, it’s cool. Kinda my job, you know?” He looked around again and laughed. “Fuck, that’s a lot of cum.”

Stewart was buttoning up his shirt and then trying to manage his tender, still hard prick back inside his jeans. “Can I call you? Some time?”

Teddy looked at him and kissed his mouth again and said, “Dude, if you don’t, I’m gonna come and find you.” He put his hand on Stewart’s crotch and squeezed his thick cock. “I gotta know what this monster feels like fucking my ass.”


Part 4

Jason sat at his desk typing on his computer. His body was pumping out thick pheromones because he couldn’t help it, but he was controlling them to some extent. Releasing the full blast of his intense sexual redolence would have every male on the floor hard and sweating, needing intensely to pull their cocks from their trousers and start beating off until they came.

And then they’d beat off until they came again.

And again.

He hadn’t pulled out the plug on his inflated power, so to speak, for several years, now. The last time he had done it, he had been very young and didn’t fully understand the implications. It was his first time drunk, so his guard was down, and a friend of his—also drunk—decided to finally explore that deeply-hidden desire to kiss Jason’s mouth, which lead to squeezing Jason’s cock, which lead to Jason unintentionally allowing the full power of his body’s sexual capabilities loose.

He knew better now, of course. He still only partially understood what it must be like for all these other men to have such shallow and tiny wells of sexuality to drink from. How they could only come once after what could be a very long build-up, and that even when aroused their desire and lust could wax and wane.

His never waned. It was a simmering ocean of lava that could overflow its banks and start exploding at any moment. His whole body was screaming with sex and desire every second. His cells vibrated with power—power that when unleashed was nearly unstoppable.

“What’re you working on?”

Jason looked up and smiled. He enjoyed doing that, because he enjoyed watching men’s cocks inflate in their pants. “Nothing special,” he said, moving his chair out from the desk so his amazing bulge was easier to take in.

His cock was a swollen length of thick meat riding sideways in his trousers. He wasn’t hard—at least, he wasn’t fully erect, because the pants would not have been able to contain him if he allowed that. But he was never quite limp, either. He owned a fat prick with a mushroom head and two heavy, plump balls that could not be hidden by even the tightest pair of underwear.

He watched Jaime’s eyes trying not to look at his crotch and he admired the man’s tenacity. He decided to torture him a little and he sat his broad back against the chair and opened his legs wider, allowing his fat balls to sink between his thighs and his eight inches of thickness to swell forward, showing off its enormity to best potential.

Jaime wasn’t gay, but it never mattered. Jason’s beauty and intense sexuality overcame sexual preferences and that weird heteronormative sense of shame about finding another man beautiful. Jaime was attracted to Jason because everyone was, even if they couldn’t even explain it to themselves. He was undeniably irresistible.

“Can I help you with something?” Jason asked pleasantly, shifting his hips so his cock jutted forward in his pants. One did not have to look very hard to see its perfect outline.

“I was… um… how is Stewart?” Jaime licked his lips and looked up, prying his lustful gaze from Jason’s bulging crotch. “You went to see him? You said?”

“Yes, he’ll be fine. Something he swallowed, probably. Just needs some time.”

Jaime’s gaze flickered down again. “Something he swallowed?”

“Mm hmm.” He squeezed his butthole. It made his cock swell and twitch.

“I um… do you… want to get a drink sometime?”

“A drink?”

“Like, with the rest of us? Sometime?”

“A drink sounds lovely,” he answered. “I can’t tonight, though. May I have a raincheck?”


“For next time? I’d love to have a drink with you, Jaime.”

“You would?”

“Of course.”

“Wow.” He wasn’t sure if that was Jaime’s reaction to him accepting the invitation, or Jaime’s reaction to the obvious outline of the monster gently throbbing and moving in his trousers. He suspected the latter.

“Just Slack me when you’re going.”

“Oh… okay. Cool.”

“Cool.” Jaime remained standing there, staring at Jason’s bulge. “Was there anything else I can do for you?”

He looked up. “What?”

“Anything else you might need? From me?”

“Um… .no. I guess not.”

He tensed his butthole again. His cock swelled an inch thicker. “Okay. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll tell Stewart you asked about him.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Jason lugged gently. It was a warm, sexy sound. “And then what happened?”

“And then I put another condom on and went to my table and ate my cheeseburger,” Stewart explained.

Jason smiled and shook his handsome head slowly. “Amazing.”

“Which part? The I can’t control my erection part, the explosion of cum all over the bathroom and the poor waiter part? Or the Stewart came a huge load a couple of dozen times today and his dick is still hard part?”

“Hard to choose one,” Jason admitted.

Stewart was naked and stroking himself, sitting on a chair in his kitchen. His dick was drooling and wet, throbbing and swollen. His last ‘date’ had left only a half an hour before Jason arrived after getting off work, and Stewart had, as Jason suggested, left his evening open. The whole apartment reeked of sex, and was a few degrees warmer inside than outside. It was like walking into a sauna made of fucking, as if the entire place was vibrating with erotic power and dripping with cum.

If it wasn’t quite a non-stop orgy, since Stewart’s dates had all been with only one guy at a time—even though he was beginning to think he’d need to start spreading himself out and inviting couples and threesomes in just to keep up with his unstoppable libido. “Does it ever stop?” He asked.

“It’s only been two days, my friend. You’re just starting up this mountain.”

“You mean this isn’t the top?”

“You’re still in the valley, my friend. You’re a babe in the woods. Things are just starting to change for you, and there’re bound to be some adjustments.”

Stewart glanced down at Jason’s packed basket. “You’re not hard,” he observed.

The insanely handsome man smiled. It made Stewart sigh and moan and shove a fat flow of pre up his cock. “I choose not to be.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

Jason pursed his lips. Stewart wanted to kiss them. “What’s happening now to you, as I said initially, is the first phase of the change your body is experiencing. It’s adjusting to a new reality, so to speak. One where you’re no longer bound by some of the physical limitations that you were before. Think of it like building a cocoon before emerging as a butterfly.”

“A cocoon made of cum?”

“The cocoon is a metaphor. The cum is real.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I thought that was what I was doing.”

“It’s a figure of speech.”

Jason reached down and cupped his crotch, making the heavy bulge swell into what was an easily identifiable and frankly enormous length of cock. It stretched the material of his pants to the absolute limit, and Stewart could see everything his monster had to offer, from the thick veins to the flaring ridge of the helmet to the enormous thickness of the long shaft. “Should I just leave or… ?”

Stewart grinned and looked down at his own exposed and obviously aroused length of fat prick, weeping a steady stream of pre and throbbing like a vibrator. It was nine inches of pure sex, swollen with lust and filled with cum. “You think your toy is more fun to play with than mine?”

“I do, actually.” He began to remove his clothing, taking off his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt as he spoke. “Did you know that there are levels of arousal? Probably you do, though you don’t think about it very much. Arousal starts in the brain and then manifests physically.”

“This I know,” Stewart agreed.

“But your brain wasn’t capable of making a separation, previously. Your body acts naturally and automatically, you cock gets hard, your butt hole tingles, you sweat and your heart rate speeds up.” He pulled the shirt from his muscular torso. Stewart’s cock buzzed and tingled watching the flex of his muscles, the power and beauty of his body, the way in which each muscle was so perfectly developed and defined. Then Jason set his strong fingers to his belt, unbuckling himself before unsnapping his trousers and pulling down his fly. The bulge contained behind it seemed to bloom forward and swell massively, as if inflating.

Jason paused as if to torture Stewart before pulling off his cotton boxer briefs. His prick was a massive shank of thick meat with a fat mushroom head lodged nearly at his hip. He flexed it, like a muscle, and it swelled and danced as if it had a mind of its own. “What we need to do, and probably sooner rather than later as the changes to your body continue to manifest and grow, is to teach your brain to be in control, otherwise the powers that your body is developing could become overwhelming.”

“To whom?”

“To everyone. It’s… very easy to give in to your body’s demands, and especially as they become more constant and grow in power.”

Stewart grabbed his hard-on and stroked himself. A long, thick drool of pre spilled from the lips of his dick and squirted across his thigh. “More constant than this? I’ve had a hard-on for two days!”

“That’s more or less my point, I… .”

“Look, I can hardly concentrate on the words coming out of your mouth while you stand there almost naked with that huge cock poised just a couple of feet from my lips. I’m horny as fuck. I haven’t gotten off in almost an hour and I have a load and a half in my aching balls. So if you want to keep talking go right ahead, but if you don’t take off that underwear and let the beast out and feed it to me, I’m going to rip those off your body and do it myself.”

“Thank you for illustrating my point.” Jason hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his briefs and tugged them down his hips. “But if it’ll allow you to process what I’m trying to tell you more easily… .” He pushed the boxers down his body and kicked them to the side, leaving him completely naked.

He smiled and stood before Stewart simply breathing, both men silent as Jason displayed his utter perfection and Stewart attempted to take it all in. Was Jason this beautiful the last time they were together. That was all a bit of a haze, since Stewart was in the throes of coming to terms with the thing that was happening to him and Jason was all business, taking care of the situation to guide Stewart through it.

But now Stewart was more or less calm—horny as fuck, but calm. His gaze traveled all over the other man’s naked body as if he couldn’t take it all in. Everywhere he looked he found another place on Jason’s muscular form that he wanted to lick or suck, or kiss. His cock started leaking pre steadily, leaking like a broken faucet.

Jason was somewhat accustomed to being admired, or even worshipped. He had been this way ever since puberty hit, and unlike Stewart his development into the power and potential of their situation came naturally to him. He had never been any other way than the way he was now.

According to normal male human measurements, his libido was off the charts, but for him it was simply who he was. His muscular development happened more or less whether he wanted it to or not. Working out only accelerated it, because his body was pumped with growth hormones and testosterone.

He wondered when he would tell Stewart the entire truth of what he was in for. He wondered if revealing the changes to come would be a comfort, knowing and understanding and coping with them as they occurred, or if it would scare him. Jason only had a vague concept of what it was like for men like Stewart who had not grown up knowing that their body was capable of so much. They seemed to enjoy sex—or at least what they considered sex.

But what was it like to not always feel like he did? To not experience that wonderful surging power of arousal drenching every moment of the day and night? To be pumping out so much sexual power that your body’s mere presence could drive other men to spontaneously ejaculate, experiencing the most wonderful and fullest orgasmic sensation of their entire lives?

He felt that every day. Every hour. Every moment.

But he also knew how to manage it. To control it. To mitigate it to some extent so that he wasn’t a walking sex bomb exploding every second. Could he help Stewart understand what he was becoming, and how he had to control it, too?

But the look on Stewart’s face of pure lust, along with that thickly pulsing cock streaming with pre and his own highly-elevated sexual drive meant that he could put all those questions off for now and help Stewart’s hunger in a way that no other man could.

He wrapped his hand around his cock and squeezed himself. Shocks of male sexual power so vast and so pure that they would overwhelm several of the surrounding city blocks of normal men radiated out from his loins and traveled to every cell of his body. He smiled as he felt his innate erotic strength swell with intensity.

He was holding himself back, even now, even with another like him inches away, because he was still unsure of how much of his incredible sexual potency Stewart could take.

Stewart moved from the kitchen chair where he had been sitting and sank to his knees before this god of sex. He raised his hand and moved the tip of his fingers along the hot, hard surface of Jason’s hugeness. He ran his touch around the flaring ridge at the edge of Jason’s cock head and rubbed the pad of his thumb against the tender lips of the mouth of Jason’s cock, feeling the sizzling swell of pre press against his touch, like a steady pump of honey nothing could stop.

Stewart opened his mouth, leaned forward, and sucked in as much as he could. It felt even bigger than it looked, but as he felt the giant cock filling his mouth, his sexual hunger and lust seemed to explode.

He looked up into Jason’s handsome face and felt his jaw being forced wider and wider as he pushed that huge, hard, hot hunk of cock down his throat. Jason moved his hips forward to feed Stewart his monster, putting his hands on Stewart’s neck and coaxing his throat to open to accept him inside, loving the warm wetness of Stewart’s mouth surrounding his hot meat.

He felt like the cock was tingling inside him, like it was throbbing with pulses of gorgeous erotic power, a conduit of masculine force and sexual potency. Then he felt it swell and lengthen, pushing itself down his throat deeper and deeper, as that sensation of heat and sex and euphoria increased.

“Ready or not,” Jason said, softly, “here I come.” A sudden rush of pure, perfect, distilled and overwhelming orgasmic bliss exploded inside him as Jason started pumping Stewart full of rich, powerful, delicious super cum.

Then Stewart groaned in absolute ecstasy.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“That was fucking intense,” Stewart said, now that his mouth and throat were no longer wrapped around one of the biggest cocks on the planet. He felt like his belly was full, like after a huge meal.

Jason just fucked his face for almost an hour. The sensations of sexual and sensual bliss he experienced during that time easily eclipsed any other sexual encounter he’d ever had. It was enormously weird, to be sure, to have a cock down his throat for that long, and he could hardly remember any of it, other that being overwhelmed with sensations of pulsing sex and power that radiated out and through his whole body like being plugged in to the source of all pleasure.

His belly was distended slightly with the wealth of cream Jason had given him, smoothing out his newly acquired six-pack. He hadn’t swallowed it so much as it had been pumped into his guts, but the entire time it felt like his body was experiencing the most intense and satisfying orgasm, or maybe that was his brain?

Anyway, as he knelt before this god of sex, kneading the man’s muscular ass and digging his fingers inside his hole, then reaching to caress his mighty pectoral globes and pinch and twist his nipples, then reaching down to stroke his own unyielding hard-on and feel himself coming with a nearly constant orgasmic release, he was surprised to see that his own cock hadn’t actually released even a drop of cum, though his fingers and the shaft were slick with pre.

He felt like he’d been coming the whole time. He swore he’d felt that sensation and familiar sense of blasting his load from his cock and feeling his balls sizzle and his ass throb as he shoved load after load after load from his balls.

But there was nothing. It was all inside him, and now it was dark outside and Jason was still naked and perfect, now sitting on his couch in his living room as if most were the most normal thing in the world. Jason smiled warmly at Stewart’s declaration about their shared experience, and he nodded. “Intense is a good word for it.”

“You felt it too?”

“Of course. We share a unique perspective in this world, Stewart, one that only a handful of other men know. We’ve only started exploring it, you and I.”

“I felt like we were connected. Like, on a deeper level than anything else I’ve ever felt.” Realizing what he was saying, he was quick to correct course. “Physically deeper, I mean.”

“That will continue to develop as well,” Jason explained, seemingly ignoring any emotional ties that Stewart may have implied. “Tonight, and particularly tomorrow.”

“Why particularly tomorrow?”

“After what I just gave you, and then after the all-nighter, tomorrow should be something pretty special.”

“That thing you mentioned in the text?” Jason nodded. His prick twitched and throbbed along his powerfully muscled thigh. His balls were fat and heavy. “What is an all-nighter?”

“Well, to be blunt, an all-nighter is where you and I go to bed and I fuck you all night long.”

“All night long?”

“All. Night. Long.”

“I mean, I’m up for something like that? Of course I am! But I’m so fucking tired right now. All I want to do is sleep.”

“Oh, you will be asleep. So will I.”

“But you just said… .”

“You’ll be asleep in my arms,” he said, his voice deep and calm. His eyes were intense and bright, and his body looked flushed. “I’ll be lying behind you, with my dick up your ass.” He looked down at his cock, a huge length of thick sex. “And all night long, every minute, every second, I will be fucking your tight hole and pumping you full of cum.” He started slightly pushing his hips to illustrate his words, and his cock throbbed and moved like a living thing.

Stewart’s brow wrinkled in confusion but just the thought of having Jason’s wonderful and amazing (and gigantic) cock shoved up his hole and prodding his prostate and flooding his guts with warm and rich super cum made his dick swell and lengthen and start drooling pre copiously.


Jason shrugged. “Just something I can do.”

“Can… I do that, too?”

“Not yet,” he said. “But you will. You might be amazed at everything you’re going to be able to do with someone else. Or to someone else.” He was slowly petting his prick with the back of his hand, like a pet.

“With anyone?” Stewart watched his actions curiously, how he moved his hand along the fat, heavy inches of his warm, firm prick. It was like an act of worship or devotion. Or of love. God knew he certainly loved Jason’s cock.

“Certainly, though I’m not sure you want to be pumping an endless supply of cum inside an ass not conditioned to deal with it. It gets quite messy. And damp. And sticky. But fun. Admittedly, it’s exciting to see the look son a guy’s face when I’m pumping cum in his ass in quantities he never dreamed of. Holding his ankles in my hands, opening up his hole for my cock, shoving myself in over and over, coming thick loads of cream the entire time.”


Jason nodded again. “Exactly.” He looked up, meeting Stewart’s gaze as he continued stroking himself. “But between us—between you and I—ordinary limits no longer matter. You’ve only experienced this for a few days. For me it’s been decades. Imagine having this power, this… overwhelming need. This intense and unquenchable lust. And not being able to allow yourself to fully experience it.”

“But… you fuck other guys.”

“I fuck other guys,” he said, nodding. “But that sensation is like… a drop in an ocean compared to what we can experience together. Others cannot possibly accommodate my power. Even you, at this early stage, are finding it difficult to cope, I think.”

“So… what we just did… ?”

“Imagine doing that for a day. An entire day. Non-stop, elevated, aroused, coming and coming and coming. Together.”

“I think I could stand it.”

“What about for a week? Or a month?”

“A… a month of non-stop fucking?” Jason nodded. “I could get used to it,” Stewart joked.

“Then consider this as well; I was holding back. I didn’t offer you everything I am capable of sexually. And that’s also why when we fuck tonight, you’ll be asleep. To allow yourself to cope with what I will do to you, what we’ll do together. I needed to wear you out, so to speak, so your body would require sleep and your brain could sail away to that realm of dreams. Because the intensity of what I’m going to do to your ass tonight is… quite extraordinary.”

“Fuck, I kind of want to be awake for it!”

“I would love that, too, Stewart. You’re not ready. But tomorrow…”


“Tomorrow, it will all be different. Everything will be different.”


Part 5

Jason’s words echoed in Stewart’s ears as they lay down together that night in his bed. “The intensity of what I’m going to do to your ass tonight is quite extraordinary.” Those were words coming from a man who had also mentioned in passing that he could fuck Stewart for a month and never stop coming.

He thought that was said in jest, but he didn’t remember Jason laughing.

If he were honest, Stewart would admit that he approached the night with a mix of trepidation and excitement. The idea of being “fucked all night” sounded like something that was sexy in his imagination but would be both tiring and maybe a little boring in practice. Fucking wasn’t normally something that lasted that long—at least, not with just one person. Hadn’t he, after all, been more or less nonstop fucking all day? Scratch that—for two days?

Part of the excitement and the attraction was that he got to fuck so many different men and they all had different types of fucking. Sure, essentially fucking was one guy sticking his dick inside another guy, but there was a lot more involved in it if you were doing it right, and as the two days had progressed he found that his own idea of fucking was less about simply getting his rocks off and more about a shared sense of achieving something amazing, beautiful, and fucking sexy.

If Stewart’s internal doubts manifested in any way on his body, Jason did not seem to notice. Or if he did notice, he didn’t seem to care. Stewart pretended that the idea was as normal as anything else that was happening to his body, but his curiosity and excitement both started to climb when Jason started to take matters into his own very capable hands.

And mouth.

And cock.

And ass.

Jason prepared Stewart by kissing and caressing him in a manner that was so passionate and sensual that he was ready to start pumping cum himself. If this was Jason holding himself back, the implications of his sexual abilities was staggering to contemplate. The sensations that Stewart was feeling from his hands across Jason’s body—his silken skin, his hard, bulging muscle, his steel-hard, flaming hot cock and the scent of his sexual pheromones—were almost too much to bear. It was like drowning in sex.

And what Jason was doing to his body was even more overwhelming. Jason’s hands were working miracles everywhere they touched him. His kisses were what Stewart imagined being kissed by a god might feel like. The physical sensations alone were leagues beyond any pleasure he had felt with anyone else, and even when he thought he couldn’t possibly feel better, Jason would do something and lift him to an even higher level of sexual bliss.

They made out like two men who knew each other on a level of intimacy beyond normal limits. Jason knew what Stewart wanted before he knew himself, and making love with him was like being a raw and unschooled virgin all over again and receiving lessons from a master.

For Jason, it was difficult not to go all out and unleash his copious toolkit of sexual practices now that he was with someone who could almost manage to cope with what he was capable of. It had been years since he was with another man gifted with some of the same sexual powers that he possessed innately, but he knew Stewart was still adjusting to the changes his mind and body were going through, though in just two days he had advanced with startling speed.

Stewart’s sexual equipment—his cock and balls—were unsurprisingly the first part of his evolution to start adjusting. The permanent boner he was sporting looked bigger than ever, thick and hard and shiny, and was drooling a stream of pre-cum scented with Stewart’s unique sexual perfume. Jason could hardly tamp down his anticipation of being fucked by Stewart’s powerful dick once he had reached his full potential, and he was determined to do everything he could to push Stewart towards that goal as quickly as possible.

Step One of that plan would happen tonight, and Jason was perhaps even more excited than Stewart about the possibilities of their fully-powered sexual coupling.

“If you’re wondering, yes, my plan is to wear you out so you fall asleep in my arms, with my cock buried in your ass.”

Stewart sighed and gulped air and groaned in absolute bliss. “Sounds… sounds like a plan,” he managed to say, though his body was being overwhelmed with total sexual bliss at the moment. “How… how do we plan… plan on…?”

“Oh. Easy, my friend. You’re going to fuck me until you can’t fuck me any more.”

As that was what Stewart was presently engaged in, that didn’t come as much of a surprise. “I am?”

“You are.” Jason’s ass did something that made Stewart’s prick feel very, very good. He squeezed his eyes shit and arched his back and pumped a fresh delivery of cum inside his partner’s perfect muscular body. “And then it’s my turn.”

Stewart groaned and felt his cock twitch and tingle as a fresh load of cream prepared for delivery. “Do I… .do I… .?”

“Don’t worry,” Jason whispered. “I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to take care of everything.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The night was lost to Stewart, as eventually Jason’s insatiable ass finally took its toll on Stewart’s fat cock, the man’s seemingly inexhaustible ability to be fucked and perform whatever magic he could do with his hole as it surrounded and caressed and stroked and sucked on Stewart’s throbbing meat finally coaxed the other man into dreamland.

And what dreams he had!

The human brain uses sleep to sort through all its inputs gathered during the day by the body’s incredible and sensitive senses to allow the physical form to regain the energy it needs to perform, but the mind never sleeps. Without that contact sensory input, it dives into its vault of memories and cooks up fantasies and situations to keep itself amused.

All of Stewart’s recent sensory inputs were focused on one thing, and one thing only: Pure, perfect, highly-energetic sex. So his brain took what he had been gathering and sorted it out in a very satisfying and sometimes amusing fashion.

Stewart experienced a series of dreams that night, all focused with unusual intensity on that same subject. As Jason pushed his enormous prick inside Stewart’s hungry hole and slowly, deeply, continually fucked him, driving in deeper and deeper as the hours passed, Stewart’s brain took that unusual input and combined it with the memory of the faces and bodies and voices and sensations he had been experiencing from a variety of men, painting gorgeous, filthy, amazing, lurid movies that played out inside his eyelids like some non-stop pornographic movie festival.

It was no doubt helpful that while he was experiencing this series of overtly sexual images that his mind was painting, his ass was being filled to overflowing with Jason’s cock and his copious flood of cum, his body was being caressed by Jason’s muscular arms and powerful hands, and his neck and shoulders were being continually kissed by jason’s soft, warm, loving lips and tongue.

As the hours passed, Jason continually intensified his fucking, kissing, caressing, and loving of his willing and somewhat unconscious partner. Still, he held himself back, though the anticipation of finally being with another man affected by the same drives and abilities as his own was a nearly overwhelming yearning.

As he fucked and caressed Stewart, hour after hour, he could feel Stewart’s body physically changing, adapting, and maturing into his next form. It was normally a much slower process, and Jason knew he was being greedy and impatient, but he needed Stewart’s changes to accelerate for his own benefit as well.

Jason’s balls inflated with cum, his dick stretched and swelled to reach deeper and deeper inside Stewart’s welcoming body, he pumped a near-constant flood of warm, rich, powerful cream inside Stewart and felt his lover’s muscles swelling with power, his limbs stretch to accommodate more muscular size and strength, his dick grow thicker and longer and harder, and his deep groans of satisfaction and desire grow more profound and begin to resonate with the steadily increasing sexual capacity and ability that this man was slowly developing.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Stewart awoke in the dim morning light, he had never felt so powerful. It was like a day after being at the gym, but with only the sensation of increased strength and size and none of the pain that always accompanied muscular development.

His cock was hard and throbbing and he reached down to caress himself, pulling in a slow inhalation of air to fill his lungs and stretching his body to work out the morning kinks.

When his grip wrapped around his prick, his eyes snapped open suddenly and fully and he gasped with a passionate intensity. Deep, thick, hard throbs of sex erupted along his cock and exploded inside him, spreading from his loins to his belly and ass and chest and back and arms and legs as if he was being submerged in sex, a warm, beautiful tingling that made his balls swell and his nipples tingle with an electric sexual surge.

He looked down to see what he held in his hand and nearly fell out of bed, because he was now looking down at someone else’s body.

His chest was enormous. Two thick globes rising up like plateaus, thick with muscle and coated in a furry forest of dark, manly curls. He couldn’t even see his nipples, though he did not yet realize this was due to the size of his newly developed pecs and not the thick carpet of warm fur. He leaned his head up to look over his chest—he had to look over his chest! How fucking big was it?

There he gazed upon a six-pack of incredible definition, two rows of thick muscle swelling up beneath his skin like a cobblestone street. The fur on his broad, heavy chest narrowed and traveled down between the rows of bulging abdominals before thickening and spreading again like a dark crown over his dick.

Which was huge! That was definitely not the dick he went to sleep with, but it was definitely his own dick judging by the insanely intense shocks of sexual bliss erupting from it as he stroked himself with giddy glee.

“Holy fuck,” he said, and when he heard his own voice he could hardly recognize it. It was now a deep, throbbing, masculine growl that came out of that huge chest and sounded like an earthquake. “Holy. Fuck.” He said it again and grinned, hearing how he sounded now. “Fuck,” he said, allowing his register to drop and feeling the word strike his libido like a tongue on his prick.

He stroked himself and spoke in his new voice. “Awww, fuck,” he said, groaning like a bear in heat. “Awwww, yesssss, so good. Feels sooooo goooood.” As the words left his mouth, he felt them resonate like kisses on his lips, or fingers teasing his nipples, or a tongue on his butt hole. It was a sensation he had never before experienced, and it augmented and heightened every other sexual sensation he was experiencing.

“Jason,” he said, softly. The name was like a prayer of sex. “Jason,” he called, more loudly.

“Good morning,” his new lover’s voice said from his bedroom doorway.

Stewart looked up at the sound and said, “Holy fuck,” again.

Jason looked like a god. He was naked, still, and looked freshly showered. Beads of water clung to his carpet of dark curls and dripped off his thick, heavy, amazing prick. A towel was around his shoulders and he had evidently been drying his hair.

Now he stood in the bedroom doorway, his head nearly brushing the top of the frame, and his naked body filling the space. He seemed almost to be glowing, or giving off heat. Stewart immediately experienced an attraction so strong that he felt physically drawn to him, like he was a magnet made of sex.

“You’re looking good,” Jason observed. “I think all-nighters agree with you.”

“Holy fuck,” Stewart repeated. Every word Jason spoke felt like a dick in his ass pumping fountains of cream made out of pure sex and masculine energy. Though Jason merely stood there, calmly speaking, the man’s affect on Stewart was both profound and irresistible.

“Perhaps I should explain things a bit, now that you’re starting to realize the extent of the changes you’re going through.” He smiled, and Stewart groaned with absolute sexual bliss. “I could have explained before, but there’s some aspects to this that you would likely have found… impossible to believe without personal experience.”

“Holy fuck.”

Jason reached up and started to gently pluck at one of his perfect nipples as he gazed on Stewart’s front body. “I’m afraid that the changes—the physical ones, at any rate—are rather profound. As you’re starting to understand. But thankfully they won’t interfere with your old life too much, at least in the beginning stages.”

“I’m… so fucking… horny.”

“I know, Stewart.”

“So fucking horny.”

“That’s probably the one situation you’ll recognize most fully, and it’s also the one constant that won’t ever decrease in intensity. You’ll be able to… normalize it, in a sense, so you’re not scaring children as you walk down the street sporting a foot-long hard-on drooling pre-cum and leaving a fog of intensely sexual pheromones in your wake. But that’s for others in this world, and not for us. For us—for you and me—you’ll always feel like this, and this feeling is only going to keep getting stronger.”

“So fucking horny.” He stroked himself and squirmed with absolute delight. His whole body quivered and shook with sexual power. It originated with his massive cock and radiated outward to coat his skin is sex. It exploded from inside him. His butthole tingled and throbbed, his balls sizzled, his skin was on fire with lust. Everything felt incredibly sexy.

“The second most notable change is physical, of course. You’re bigger than you were, in every way. Muscle growth, cock growth, your body is both taller and wider so all that new, fresh, amazing muscular development has something to hang on to. That also will continue, as you can see,” he said, gesturing to his own enormity and world class bodybuilder’s physique. But it was even more than that. Jason looked perfect. Every muscle incredibly developed and perfectly defined. Every movement was like poetry, and made Stewart’s prick sizzle and drool.

“Lastly, and probably most importantly, are the mental changes that only you and I will realize.” He stepped into the room and stood next to the bed. Stewart wanted to lean up and suck that fat cock inside his mouth and suck it until it exploded cream all over his tonsils. “Your brain is processing new perceptions. New ways of seeing the world, and mostly new ways of looking at other men.

“Your other senses are now heightened as well—what you smell, how you touch and taste things, the sound of voices—everything amplified to accentuate their sensual qualities. But it affects your vision in an interesting and, I must admit, supernatural manner. Because you’ll now see others not as they are, but as you are capable of making them.”

“Whuh… what?”

“Our cum isn’t just cum. You had to realize that already. Our cum is… powerful. It’s transformative. It can change another man in ways that are only apparent to us, until they take effect, of course. Like I did to you.”

“So… fucking… horny.”

“This was a concentration of power. I gave you a non-stop flood of my cum last night as we fucked. It’s not something I recommend doing too often because it takes a lot out of a guy. I just pretty much ate everything in your kitchen, but I figure that’s a fair trade for what I gave to you.” His green gaze scanned Stewart’s new body as he continued playing with his nipple. “And can I just say without any sense of ego that my cum does some pretty fantastic shit.”

“Your cum.”

“My cum. Yours too, soon. You’re not fully… matured, yet. It’ll take a few more all-nighters to get you to where I am, but yours has some potency to it, just because of what we are.”

“What we are.”

“Your brain is still a bit hazy and overwhelmed. That’s natural. I assume you’re registering some of what I’m saying, that is if your mind can read around the sensations of pure sex that you’re hearing in my voice, now.” He smiled and nodded. “Yes, that’s another thing, of course. Your voice. You’ll need to be a bit more careful with what you say to anyone you’re fucking, now, because your voice has power, too.”

“My voice.”

“For example? Suck my cock, Stewart.”

An overwhelming and inescapable desire overcame Stewart’s brain as the words left Jason’s full, warm, kissable lips. Stewart moved with undeniable need towards the monster between Jason’s legs and pulled it into his hands and swallowed it entirely, sucking the thick, hard meat with intense desire and feeling a sensation of satisfaction and necessity as he did so.

Suddenly, nothing else mattered to him but this. Feeling Jason’s hard, hot prick in his mouth. Sliding it in and out. Licking it and kissing it and sucking it with delirious need. Drooling his spit all over its veiny, steel-hardness and moving his grip along its fat inches as he tongued the slit and kissed the head and pulled it inside to make him cum, again, make him shove a flood of that delicious cream inside Stewart’s belly to warm and satisfy him like nothing else possibly could.

“That’s good, Stewart. That’s very good. You deserve a reward for your efforts.”

A gushing fountain of warm cream erupted from the cock inside Stewart’s mouth, filling his cheeks with its sudden deluge until he grabbed Jason’s muscular ass and pulled his own face towards Jason’s pubic bush and swallowed the thick cock wholly, feeling its firm heat slide down his throat and swell and throb with gusher after gusher after gusher.

Jason groaned with intense pleasure as he exploded his cream down Stewart’s throat. He moved his hips and fucked Stewart’s mouth, feeling the intense and beautiful sensation of orgasmic release with every fresh delivery of warm, powerful cream that his heavy balls pushed up the thick, firm inches of his prick.

Stewart sucked down every drop, moaning with bliss, and when he was done, he pulled that huge prick from his lips and licked Jason’s thick and heavy monster clean, running his tongue around the copious foreskin and licking the pearly drops from the lips. He could feel a warmth inside him from the wealth of cum his friend had pumped into him. He settled back and rubbed his full belly. “Fuck.”

“Technically not,” Jason answered, stroking his still-firm dick and rubbing his thumb across the tender head. “You wanna go again?”

“Wanna… wanna fuck you?”

“No, I’m asking if you want me to fuck you. Though I’m amenable to your suggestion as well.”

“Don’t you… your engines… cool down?”

Jason smiled as he stroked his cock. “No, Stewart. My engines never cool down. My engines are always red lining, pushing harder and faster and with more power than anyone else you’re ever likely to meet. My sex drive is unlimited, and my ability to satisfy it is equally powered. We’ve merely brushed the surface, so to speak. And you’re growing stronger every day. Every minute.” He looked down at his mammoth meat, hard and throbbing, and stroked his thick inches with a wet, satisfying sound. Then he groaned in absolute bliss. “This feels so good, Stewart. Given time, you’ll come to understand what this feels like.” He kept looking down at his mammoth prick and took his grip from its shiny, wet surface. Jason watched himself swell and lengthen, feeling its hard, deep throbs of pure masculine power and its thick, non-stop pulses of unfiltered sex. Stewart could feel the other man’s gorgeous muscular body growing hotter with masculine sexual energy.

Jason looked up and smiled, his cock stretched thick and long, drooling pre and throbbing hard. “My balls are always full. My cock is always hard. I’m always ready, every second, to fuck you. Did you already forget what we did last night?”

“Of course not.” He blinked and looked at Jason’s swelling meat. “You mean, we could still be…?”

“Ah. I see the problem. You still think I’m boasting, or exaggerating. You think that when I tell you I can fuck you nonstop for a week, or a month, or a year, that I am just fucking with you.” He looked up from his manipulations. The mouth of his cock was now drooling cream, heavily scented with sex and power, a steady flow of cum that he wasn’t pumping out in thick fountains, it was just drooling from his cock like a broken faucet. “You still think there are limits to what we can do together. You’re still living in the old world before you met me, and before your cock turned into a permanent hard-on, and before you could fill a condom with pre-cum.”

“I can’t…” Stewart whispered. Watching Jason’s cock was hypnotic and mesmerizing. He had never seen anything so beautiful and perfect. He had never imagined a man’s cock could look so gorgeous and delicious.

“Not yet,” Jason agreed. “But soon.”

Jason moved onto the bed and leaned over Jason’s naked body, moving his lips to press against Jason’s mouth and pushing his tongue inside. Cum was dripping from his monster erection onto Stewart’s naked flesh, a warm, wet sensation that made his own body feel warmer and sexier, as if the other man’s cum had the power to enflame his own libido.

Jason kissed him again, then drew his handsome face back and smiled, making Stewart’s cock inflate and pump up a fresh delivery of cream from his balls. “Soon,” he said.


Part 6

Another week had passed and Stewart’s employer was calling, wondering how he was and when he expected to be back in the office. Stewart was standing naked in front of his full length mirror, stroking his wavy dick with his mobile in his hand, listening to his boss’s voice as he felt the insanely powerful rushes of sex throb along every inch of his swollen manhood. He rubbed the lips of the head of his prick with the pad of his thumb, gathering the latest thick drool of pre and bringing it to his mouth, pushing the honey-coated fingers inside and sucking them clean.

He suppressed a groan of pure pleasure and smiled.

“You okay, Stew?”

He sighed contentedly. “I’m feeling better, but I was wondering if I could work from home for a while? I’m still feeling a bit…” He raised his free arm and bent it, flexing his biceps and triceps into full bloom. The muscle shoved upwards with mind-spinning size, thick and hard as steel. “…weak.”

“Totally okay, Stew. I’ll make sure you get your tickets in the system so you know your priorities.”

“Priorities,” he repeated. He looked down at his reflection at the inches-long, inches-thick cock rising towards his mammoth pectoral globes. He peeled back the tight foreskin to expose the mushroom cap and squeezed his butt hole, sending a thick drizzle of pre up the fat stalk until the warm flow began to coat his entire cock and slick up his grip. “Understood.”

“Great. Take care of yourself, Stew. Hope to see you soon!”

“Thanks,” he said, and then he closed the call and flipped the screen back over to Grindr again, scanning the dozens of dudes willing to give their left nut to be with him, and then again to Scruff, and the dozens of filthy offers and promises of what those hairy, muscular handsome dudes wanted to do to—or with—him.

His cock throbbed and tingled with need and anticipation. His asshole felt warm and wet and hungry. He needed a thick cock in his mouth—and not his own this time. He had finally managed to kiss and lick the tip of his growing prick only three days ago, and now he could push it down his throat and suck himself to orgasm.

Jason was coming by every night, and every hour of every day was filled with men and fucking and sucking and growing. Growing in size, and growing in power. Jason’s deliveries of his powerful cum were feeding Stewart’s growth most noticeably, but nearly every man he was with—or more precisely, every man’s cum—made him feel more sexually potent and powerful.

Sleep was important, because that was when his body realized its most noticeable spurts of growth. Each morning he was anxious and excited to rise naked from his messy bed, which now smelled so strongly of sex and cum that it was like an aphrodisiac for every man who entered his lair, and look upon his newly grown body and cock.

And so it was this morning. Awoken early by the call from work, he was now standing up straight at his new six-foot, six-inch height, a whole half-foot taller than he had been less than a month ago.

Muscle bulged insanely from every inch of that taller frame. He did some working out—press-ups and chin-ups and lifting heavy objects around the house—but the amount of new muscle owed most to the men he was with and not the exercise he managed to fit in between fucking. The sandy blonde hair on his head was now thick and shaggy, a forest of dark manly fur coasted his broad chest and forearms. His pubic push was full and soft, crowning the massive length of cock that was never limp, even now he could feel the morning’s first heavy load of cum swollen in his low-hanging balls and shoving for release.

He groaned and closed his eyes to sink deeply inside the unending shocks of pure sex erupting along his cock and traveling into his ass and his belly and his chest and back and arms and legs. Orgasms were now full-body explosions of intense bliss, ripping shouts of almost overwhelming sexual pleasure from his throat—assuming there wasn’t a fat cock shoved down it.

He had a handful of favorite guys on his sex lists that seemed more than happy to ignore the feat that he was bigger every time they met him. No one’s cock could grow that fast. No one’s cock (except of course Jason’s) was that big, and that thick, and that hard.

Even so, the men he was with seemed not just anxious to feel his huge prick inside their asses or mouths, they seemed to hunger for it. He didn’t know how big he was—after all, he’d be bigger tomorrow anyway so what was the use?—but the idea of burying what was probably a foot-long, wrist-thick cock deep inside a dude’s sweet, tight hole would normally be a frightening concept. But almost as soon as he kissed the drooling tip of his monster against a dude’s pink pucker, they were begging to feel him balls deep inside them.

His phone was already lighting up with dudes wondering what he was doing right now, and if he wanted to be doing it with them. Tattooed skater boi Beast and salt-and-pepper muscle daddy Chet were two of his favorite regulars, and Teddy from the cafe stopped by with regularity as well. But Stewart’s sexual appetite never abated. He was still growing, still… becoming.

Becoming whatever it was that Jason was.

“You been working out?” Stewart looked down at Beast’s naked body as he straddled him with Beast’s long, thin prick buried inside his talented and hungry asshole.

Beast had a beautiful body. Normally, Stewart wasn’t a fan of tattoos, but it was clear that Beast wasn’t just decorating himself, he was increasing the beauty of his body with the design of his artwork.

But what Stewart really noticed suddenly was Beast’s abs and chest. The young dude was grinning brightly with his arms folded behind his head. He was unshaven, so a dust of whiskers along his jawline accentuated its angular properties. Beast’s grin became a smile of pride and he flexed and bounced his pectoral plates and tightened his abs into a cobblestone street. “Yeah,” he admitted. “My progress has been insane lately! I’m growing like a weed!”

“A muscular weed,” Stewart agreed. He tightened his ass’s grip, sliding up and down on Beast’s rock-hard cock as he reached down and ran his hand along his lover’s belly, feeling the tight, hard muscle tense beneath his investigations.

“I got nothing on you though, dude! You are fucking massive!” Beast only had to lean up a couple of inches to be able to lick Stewart’s long, thick cock. It was leaking pre onto Beast’s chest, creating beads of salty honey in his soft chest hair and leaving a shining pool on his sternum.

“Good genetics,” Stewart replied, sitting up and flexing his chest and arms for Beast, who opened his mouth and sucked the head of Stew’s monster inside. Stewart’s torso swelled outwards with muscle, bulging thick and hard and perfect, covered with veins and swollen with strength. Stewart could feel Beast’s groan of lust along every inch of his cock.

Beast settled back and Stewart’s hard-on popped audibly from between his lips. He reached up to caress Stewart’s broad, thick chest and teased his fat, sensitive nipples. “Do that thing,” he asked.

“Which thing?”

“You know which thing.”

“Oh! You mean this thing?”

Though Stewart couldn’t (yet) fuck his own ass, he had learned almost by accident that his ass was very talented when it came to fucking. His new muscular development had not just augmented his size and strength, but his muscular control—particularly when it came to his sexual equipment—was insane.

Stewart sat up and smiled, moving his hands down to grasp either side of Beast’s torso while he started doing ‘the thing’ that Beast was begging for.

Stewart’s ass began to squeeze and massage and stroke Beast’s cock. Stewart could feel Beast’s cock inside him, almost picturing its size and contours as if he had it in his hands and was staring at it before him. It was like a sixth sense—a cock sense. And he could use that to do insane things to Beast.

Beast’s eyes rolled up into his head and his jaw dropped open and he stretched his head on his neck as sudden, intense, overwhelming sensations of sexual bliss wrapped around his cock. It was like being buried inside several mouths all sucking and kissing him. It was like having hands stroking and teasing him, rubbing his head and glans. It was like being inside the most perfect ass in the world.

“Like that?” Stewart asked.

Beast was in the throes of perfect sex. He couldn’t speak. He could hardly breathe. But he nodded and grasped his own hair and writhed in absolute ecstasy.

“You ready to cum for me?”

He nodded again.

“Cum,” Stewart commanded.

A thick blast of warm wetness erupted inside him. He closed his eyes and bent his head back and raised his arms, flexing his muscles into thick relief all over his body, welcoming another delivery of fuel to continue developing his growing power and size.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Who was that?” Chet asked, closing the door behind him.

“He calls himself Beast,” Stewart reported. His scheduling of men was growing so tight that they were now encountering each other. Beast was still pulling his shirt over his head on his way out of Stewart’s apartment as Chet moved past him in the doorway.

Stewart was naked, as usual. He almost couldn’t remember when he’d worn any clothes at all. He woke up naked, he had lots of sex with lots of men, then Jason came over, he had lots of sex with Jason, he went to sleep, he grew bigger and stronger, and then he woke up and started it all over again.

Chet was loosening his tie as his eyes scanned Stewart’s nude body with obvious hunger. The handsome daddy’s massive meat was already swollen in his trousers, but now it was throbbing ever bigger and shoving against the material with obvious need. “And is Beast well named?”

“We’re getting there,” Stewart reported. “Are you curious?”

“He’s cute,” Chet admitted. “You… ever had a three-way?”

Stewart’s eyebrows wiggled. “What, you don’t think I can handle you all on my own?”

Chet tossed the tie towards the couch and started unbuttoning his shirt. This was one of Stewart’s favorite times, watching Chet do his Superman routine. When he was dressed up in his suit, one might not suspect the body and cock hidden behind all that material. His body was incredible, illustrating what a man’s body would look like with years if not decades of constant training. His muscles seemed to swell and bloom as he grew more naked, and then Chet was standing there shirtless and Stewart walked up to him and surrounded his strong body in his arms, embracing him tightly while pressing their mouths together in a passionate kiss.

Chet rubbed his burgeoning hard-on against Stewart’s crotch. “You and I both know you can handle anything.” If it had occurred to Chet that he now had to look up into Stewart’s eyes, he never mentioned it.

“But you’re curious about my friend Beast.”

“Does he own a beast?”

Stewart reached down and gripped Chet’s ample prick still caged inside his wool suit trousers. It flexed back against his hand, like a muscle. “No one has a beast like yours.”

Then Chet mirrored Stewart’s manipulations, surrounding Stew’s thick, hot, throbbing cock with his talented fingers. “Except you,” he said before kissing him again.

“Fuck,” Stewart said, “I’m so fucking horny.”

“Shocking,” Chet whispered,

“I know, right?” Stewart moved his hands behind Chet’s neck and pulled their mouths together as Chet stroked his cock with slow, intent, concentrated attention.

That’s was Chet’s real talent. He took things slowly, but he never let up. He fucked deep, and with deliberateness. He was never hurried and he was always passionate. Getting fucked by Chet’s thick meat always left Stewart feeling slightly weak in the knees, like his ass would need time to recover from that much intensive attention. And fucking Chet took hours. He was nearly as good as Jason.

“You want me to call him back?”

Chet’s eyebrow arched. “You think he has any energy left in him? I know what it’s like after being with you. I’m frankly amazed that young man can walk.”

“You always have the nicest compliments,” Stewart reported.

“I want you all to myself, Stewart. I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

“I can always make time in my schedule for you, Chet.”

“I appreciate that, but I’m not sure this old body can withstand more sex with you.” As he said ‘this old body,’ Chet unzipped his fly and stripped out of his pants, kicking them aside and applying his fingers to his own nipples, which Stewart knew were extremely sensitive and could almost get the man off without ever touching his cock with his hands.

Stewart smiled as he watched Chet’s prick inflate using only his teased nipples. The silver fox allowed his blue-eyed gaze to trace all over Stewart’s muscular form for further inspiration, and then he was caressing his heavy pecs and licking his lips. “Fuck, Stewart. There is no one on this planet as fucking sexy as you.”

“The feeling is mutual, Chet.”

“Wanna fuck?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

It was evident to Stewart that Beast was growing stronger and more muscular. He had been a thin guy with a lean body, but now his torso had definition and he was developing new muscles on his shoulders and lats.

Chet was also apparently changing, but it was more like he was growing… younger. His skin was more elastic and tighter against his already prominent muscular development. His face was less lined with fine wrinkles and his body was tighter overall.

When he asked Jason about it, he explained that he would likely have an affect on every man he was with, and the more often he was with a particular man the more pronounced and speedier those changes would be. “Why is it happening, though?” Stewart asked him.

“Think of it as runoff, so to speak. You’re a lake of sex, and you’re being filled up to capacity every day and night. Some of that is going to spill over the banks, because you can only absorb so much power. Men who are lucky enough to be with you will start demonstrating the same types of changes you experience, but at a slower rate.”

“Are you affected?” He asked Jason.

“You’re a lake of sex. I’m an ocean. I’m kind of topped off,” he said. “I can’t grow more powerful.” Looking at the man, it was easy for Stewart to believe it.

“You’re… maxed out?”

He nodded. “In a manner of speaking. The only way for me to grow stronger is to be with someone more powerful than I am, and I have yet to meet the man who could outperform me.”

Stewart looked down at his own dramatically larger body, muscles and cock. After only a few weeks, he was so much bigger and stronger than he had been, all because he’d been enjoying near-constant sex with an endless parade of handsome, muscular men. “Give me time,” he said.

Jason just smiled and said nothing.

Stewart spent three hours with Chet before lunch when his phone started pinging and he reached over his furry silver daddy to see what the commotion was. “Your next lover seems anxious,” Chet said with obvious humor. Jealousy was something that none of Stewart’s partners had developed yet. He often wore them out and they were happy he had someone else to expend all that pent-up and seemingly non-stop sexual energy on.

He grimaced and frowned. “It’s work. Something apparently no one else can fix needs fixing.” He settled back into bed next to his handsome, furry lover and sighed. “Gotta take care of this, I’m afraid.”

“Well, I understand, but who’s gonna take care of this?” Chet reached down and grabbed his throbbing, dripping hard-on, which Stewart had been hungrily sucking on just moments before.

“Hmm,” Stewart said. “A cocksucker’s work is never done!” Then he reached down and wrapped his hand around Chet’s thick cock and squeezed. Almost immediately, Chet pulled his hand away, and gasped deeply. His entire muscular body shook so violently that the whole bed moved, and he groaned and gasped again as his cock swelled in Stewart’s hand and began to explode with cum.

He shot once, a thick load, in a fountain that arched across his body and splattered everywhere. “Oh, fuck,” he moaned, and then his cock swelled again, and a second delivery pumped free of his balls, just as thick and full as the first.

“Yeah,” Stewart said, watching as his partner seemed to tense, his muscles bulging, his body growing rigid as a third thick eruption—even bigger—shot upwards nearly to the ceiling and rained down on their naked bodies.

Stewart kept his hand on Chet’s erupting cock and pushed his mouth over the spigot, feeling several more warm, wet, thick fountains of cum splash against the back of his throat as he began to suck and swallow every drop that Chet was suddenly producing.

“Oh, fuck,” the older man kept saying, grabbing the sheets in his hand and nearly ripping them free. He was in the throes of the deepest, sexiest, and most profound orgasmic experience of his many years, and it didn’t seem to be stopping. “Oh… oh fuck. Oh fuck! Oh! Fuck!”

Stewart swallowed as quickly as he could, almost sucking the cum from Chet’s balls. The man was full of cum, or at least it seemed like he was. A dozen pumps of rich, creamy warmth filled Stewart’s mouth and he swallowed it down hungrily. It tasted so good, so powerful and amazing!

Chet arched his back and squeezed his eyes shut at the sexual onslaught his body was experiencing. Nothing had even felt this good. He felt as if he was delivering his soul out of the end of his prick. He felt strong and powerful and masculine, his body heated up and shook and quivered. The overwhelming power of the orgasm was undeniable and unstoppable. He wanted it to go on and on.

Eventually Stewart’s tight grip on his hard meat loosened, and with it the sensation of overwhelming sex grew dim. His cock throbbed and drooled. When Stewart pulled his mouth off it, it was purple and shiny and so hard that it felt like hot steel in his fingers. He licked the final dribbling deliveries of cream from the head and cleaned off the whole prick with his lips and tongue as Chet returned to the land of the living.

“What…? What just happened?” He managed to ask at last.

“I don’t know,” Stewart answered, “but it was fucking awesome!”


Part 7

“Of course,” Jason said.

Stewart’s brow arched. “You say ‘of course’ like it’s the most natural thing in the world.”

“For us—you and me—it is.”

“You didn’t think it was worth mentioning?”

“I knew that you would discover it. I’m surprised it happened this quickly in your development. You never noticed that I was doing it to you?”

“You were doing it to me?”

Jason nodded and smiled. It made Stewart’s cock twitch. “That’s how I manage to fuck you all night without you going delirious with pleasure. You just need to learn to control it—like everything else.”

“This whole ‘control it’ stuff is starting to grate on my nerves. How am I supposed to control something I don’t understand—or even realize that I’m doing it?”

“As I said, I’m surprised that this happened so quickly. I certainly would have prepared you otherwise.”

“How long does it usually take?”

“I can only judge using my own history, but bipartisan sexual command took many years in my case. It’s only been a few weeks for you.”

“Bipartisan sexual command?” Stewart frowned. “That sounds so… clinical.”

“What would you prefer to call it?”

“Mutual… fucking… sexy awesomeness?” Jason laughed slightly and shrugged. “And how do I control it?”

“That, in large part, is why we’re here.”

Stewart looked over and scanned the large outdoor space. He was sitting at a sidewalk cafe with Jason, feeling slightly uncomfortable and oddly exposed. His new body, swollen with thickly bulging muscular development and equipped with a fat, lengthy prick large enough to put some horses to shame, was squeezed into some clothes that already seemed two sizes too small, even though Jason had bought them for him only this morning. None of his old clothes fit anymore, and Jason said that Stewart needed to get out of his cum-smoldering apartment for a while, and start to deal with what he was becoming.

The changes to his body seemed to be accelerating. His libido was still in constant overdrive and he hadn’t left his apartment in a week, mostly because of the unbroken chain of handsome and talented lovers he was welcoming to his bed (and his couch, and his floor, and his kitchen counters) when his ass wasn’t being fucked by Jason all night long.

He assumed it was the all-nighters with this incredible man that was pushing his muscles and his cock to swell so quickly. Jason’s balls had to be like a black hole of cum, or something, since they never seemed to empty and every drop made his whole being light up with intense sexual pleasure. He wondered how his lovers were experiencing his own copious loads of magic cream.

He looked down and had to grin. The shirt he was wearing was stretched to its limits by two grand, heavy, ponderous globes of power mounted on his chest. He had to leave the top three buttons undone just to fit this massive chest inside the shirt. The top of his inch-deep muscle cleavage was visible along with the thick curling carpet of manly fur spreading across his pecs, and two prominent and extremely sensitive nipples tented the fabric like the heads of two dicks.

He wanted, even now, to lift his fingers to his nipples and start to tease and twist and torture them, because it felt so wonderful. They were supercharged with intense sexual sensitivity and seemed to throb with power every moment. He pulled in a slow breath and his chest expanded outward, making those nipples rub against the material to grant him a whisper of the sensation he longed to feel.

His mammoth cock twitched and tingled in his pants. It felt thick and heavy and hungry. He kept his hands on the table, clasped together, because otherwise he’d have unzipped himself long ago to extract that massive length of incredibly sexy cock meat and pull the foreskin back to rub the fat helmet with one hand while the other stroked up and down the enormous shaft, throbbing with pencil-thick veins. His balls ached with the load of thick cream he was aways ready to start shooting like a fountain, and his arms felt tight and constricted as the sleeves gripped his bulging biceps and triceps.

His body was developing faster than ever. Sometimes he thought he could stand naked in front of a mirror and watch himself growing heavier with muscular power.

But the changes to his brain—or what Jason referred to as his ‘control’—were lagging behind. His body was definitely in charge of things, and usually he was happy to allow it free rein. After all, none of his partners ever complained about “feeling too good” when they were with him, and he noticed that the more he spent time with a guy, the more that guy improved.

But Jason—ever the spoilsport—warned him that if he didn’t get control over his increasing powers they could overwhelm him and take control over him, creating a willing slave to absolute sexual bliss, like a prisoner of his own lust, libido, and desire, lost in an endless and uncontrolled orgasmic sensation that would never let up.

Although that sounded good to him, he could already see how it could screw things up on a whole new level. Did he really want to become a walking hard-on, constantly pumping cum out of his massive prick with his growing sexual hunger overtaking everything in his life? How was he supposed to just, like… live? Just go outside from time to time to get coffee or go to the beach or walk to the corner store for bread and hamburger?

“You seem distracted,” Jason observed.

Stewart sighed and tugged at his shirt. “Everything is rubbing against me.”

“And it feels good.”

“Of course it feels good, it feels fucking amazing. I’m frankly surprised my dick hasn’t ripped its way out of these pants and arched its pretty head towards my lips, drooling pre all over my pecs until I reach out my talented tongue to lap it all up like honey.”

“How very visual.”

“I’m not making things up, you know. That sort of thing actually happens, now.”

“I understand, certainly better than anyone else you’re likely to meet. And to be honest, my being here next to you is only exacerbating the sensations.”

“You’re making me horny?”

“I’m making you hornier. You’re always going to be horny.”

“Don’t I know it,” He tugged at his shirt again and the material dragged across one sensitive nipple, making him gasp and groan with pleasure.

“I did warn you about wearing tight shirts. They tend to want to grip your body rather than lie against it.”

“Like I have a choice in the matter. Do they even make dress shirts to fit bodies like mine? Why couldn’t I wear a t-shirt?”

“T-shirts are tighter than dress shirts and at least with this one you can undo some buttons and experience some relief.”

“I look like I work at a bank or something.”

Jason smiled and his brow arched. “You look about as professional as The Rock if he was stripped naked and wagging his dick at me.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Stewart replied, returning the smile. “So… what are we doing here, anyway?”

“I want you to unleash your power.”

“What? I thought the point was to contain it!”

“I want you to see what happens when you don’t, so you can start to understand the ramifications of what you’re becoming. You’re already having trouble with control and you haven’t even realized a tenth of what you’ll be capable of.”

“You just want me to… let go?”

Jason nodded. “Think of it as a practice session. You’ve been cooped up with one or two…”

“Or three!”

“Or three men at a time. In a closed room with four walls. You’ve been revving your engines for weeks, and it’s time to put that engine in gear and see what you can do.”

“So I should just… .”

“Yes. You should just let go. Find someone to focus on—not me, obviously, because I’m slightly immune. Find someone new, someone you haven’t been unloading your ample charms onto yet.”

Even Jason’s soothing voice felt like a long, warm, wet tongue wrapped around his throbbing prick. Stewart shrugged and settled into his chair, scanning the assembled crowd for a likely target. There were many to choose from, since this was a coffee shop situated near a local gym that was populated with an assortment of handsome and well-built men. Some of them would already be feeling horny after their workouts, and others were heading in after work. The sun was lowering itself toward the horizon and the cafe’s outside seating was bathed in golden light.

And then Stewart saw him, and he swallowed dryly and licked his lips like a predator. “I see you’ve found something you like,” Jason observed, twisting his his own seat to take a look at the object of Stewart’s lust.

Jason was somewhat disappointed but not surprised. The man was beautiful, if a bit generic. Young, handsome, cleft chin and strong jawline. Model-perfect, with a well-trained body and a face that could launch its own cologne. He was sitting with another man, almost equally gorgeous, and they were laughing about something.

“What do I do?”

Jason sighed with resignation. “You’re already doing it.” Because he could feel Stewart’s lust manifest physically as his friend’s newfound sexual power began to declare itself loud and clear.

It was both a heat and a scent. A new sensation unlike any other normally produced by the male human form. Stewart’s body was gaining amplified faculties that boosted every normal sexual property, and then augmented those with new sensations, and then pumped those up to a factor of ten. Pheromones were pouring out of him in an invisible cloud of lust that was so strong it was like feeling a warm fog bank moving in. He was breathing slowly and focusing his gaze on the object of his lust, his massive chest rising and falling as he slowly inhaled that scent of sex his body was producing.

Then a palpable warmth joined the heady scent and washed over Jason like a wave of sex, and he suppressed his own deep-seated need to respond to Stewart’s clarion call of sexual desire and capability.

He turned to watch the reaction of the crowd to Stewart’s swelling power, observing its jurisdiction as one by one, everyone in its path was suddenly overwhelmed by lust. Men reacted the strongest, but women felt it too. He watched their bodies react before their minds could properly work out what was happening. Stewart’s wave of pure sexual attraction was thick and warm and wet, and everyone it touched was affected.

People stopped talking and looks of surprise and lust took over their features. They breathed in more deeply, hungry for that pure scent of sex. Lips were licked and bitten, they looked around for its source, somehow cognizant that whatever was happening was happening because of someone else.

“Control,” Jason said softly. “You’re casting a very wide net and you’re going to catch a lot of fish. You just want one… unless you want more than one?”

“Just one,” Stewart growled. “For now.”

“Concentrate on him, then.”

“I thought I was.”

“Look around.”

Stewart did. Faces were turning towards him. Faces that showed intense desire, bodies that were moving with sensual need and sexual lust. Hands grasping crotches, fingers rubbing nipples, inhibitions were being quickly discarded and if he didn’t pull back on what he was doing, it was pretty obvious that a public orgy was going to break out. “Holy shit,” he whispered, once he realized what he was doing. “How do I… ?”

“Well, one method would be to simply think of something un-sexy. Personally, I use an image of the president of the United States naked on the toilet.”

Stewart’s face twisted into disgust and he swallowed dryly, but it was certainly an effective image. Some still looked at him—he was, after all, undeniably handsome and his thickly muscled body was barely squeezed into his clothes—but the sensation of overwhelming sexual arousal was doused.

“Shall we try that again?” Jason asked, slightly amused.

“Maybe I’m not getting it,” Stewart volunteered. “I mean, when I look at him, I… .” And as suddenly as it was gone, the wave of hot sex was once again flooding forth from him.

“The president. Naked. On the toilet,” Jason said.

“Fuck!” Stewart was quite obviously frustrated with himself.

“It’s normal.”

“This is normal?”

“I mean… for us. You’ve been growing this power in your apartment with just a few men. You probably had no idea you were even doing it. I could feel it quite strongly whenever we met, but I am also attuned to this particular… sensation.”

“Couldn’t we… try it just together?”

“We’ve been doing that.”

“But I didn’t know I was doing that.”

Jason glanced over at the intended target of Stewart’s sex waves and considered the options. “Perhaps you should choose someone less… attractive. It’s likely that your desire for him is pumping up your arousal and that, in itself, would cause this reaction to grow in power.”

“What is ‘this reaction’ exactly?”

Jason looked at his muscular friend again. “Everyone experiences arousal. Everyone experiences sexual desire, lust, carnality… .”

“I feel super horny.”

“Yes, so, being super horny for us is a constant. We feel it without intent or quarry, if you will. Your dick stays hard, your skin is warm, your vision is focused, you experience everything that anyone else feels when they’re super-horny. Sometimes you’re aroused by someone, and super-horny turns into… .”

“Super fucking horny.”

“And when that happens, all those physical triggers grow so strong that they overwhelm your containers, so to speak. You begin broadcasting your super fucking horniness outward and others can feel it, too. I’m sure there are scientific explanations and physical manifestations that may be measured, but none of that matters. What matters is that it happens whether or not you intend it to happen and that’s why we need to master it. And one method of mastering it is targeting.”

“Targeting,” Stewart repeated.

“Targeting. You can target these sensations so you don’t accidentally initiate an explosion of uncontrolled public sex.”

“How do I control something if I don’t know how it happens? If it’s like this… just… fog of sex my body is pumping out, aren’t I kind of depending on the winds to transport it to who I want to feel it?”

“There are secondary sensations occurring as well, and those are the ones you can target.”

“And what are those?”

“You realize that sexual desire and attraction is almost entirely controlled by your mind, right? You take in sensory input and your mind reacts, and then your body corresponds to that reaction. You see someone physically beautiful, you register that attraction, based on your own definitions of attraction, a man’s voice, a pair of eyes, the shape of a jaw, the way he smells. Lots of sensory input your brain registers.”

“Sure,” Stewart agreed, as his eyes flickered around Jason’s insanely handsome features and registering the things he found attractive about his companion.

“Luckily for you and I, in addition to gaining super fucking horniness, we also enjoy a targeting ability. Again, there are probably scientific and physical explanations for it—perhaps it’s a kind of extra sensory perception, perhaps it’s like a defense mechanism that we developed because we’re super fucking horny and it protects us and those around us from going super fucking atomic horny—but the bottom line is that just as your mind registers feeling super fucking horny about someone, you can broadcast super fucking horniness back to their mind.”

“I can?”

“You can.”

“And I do that how?”

“This will sound simplistic, but it’s as easy as looking at someone.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“I understand that, but that’s more or less why you and I are sitting here now. So you can experiment and learn by doing, and learn from your mistakes.”

“Like accidentally making everyone in the general vicinity want to strip naked and start fucking.”

“Yes. Like that.” Jason turned his head and looked at the model-beautiful man Stewart selected again and then turned back. “Again, this is just a suggestion, but maybe start with someone closer to you and less… gorgeous?” He glanced past his friend and said, “That gentleman, for example,” nodding to a different experimental subject.

Stewart twisted in his seat (his shirt dragging across his hyper-sensitive nipples again) and frowned slightly. The man Jason suggested was as ordinary as ordinary could be. Slightly overweight, wearing clothing designed to mask his round belly and thick neck, with a declining hairline and a large beard. “Him?”

Jason expected no less a reaction. In his vast and complicated sexual experience, people generally only recognized the sexual attraction of someone else based on what they looked like, and not who they are. He had some mental properties that Stewart had yet to develop, and one of those was recognizing when someone else in the general vicinity was either uniquely talented or unusually gifted in the sexual arena. It wasn’t something he could easily explain to someone else who lacked that talent, but the admittedly rather ordinary looking man was giving off some of the strongest vibes he’d ever felt.

“That man is a prime target,” he answered.

“How do you define prime target?”

“Once you learn controlled targeting, and your brain starts working more closely to what your body needs, you’ll start to recognize things in people that aren’t on the surface. And I can guarantee you that if you target that gentleman, you will not be disappointed in the least, and you’re likely to add him to your little coterie of constant lovers who come to visit.”

Stewart looked at the man again, who was engrossed in his phone and a large, frothy latte. “Him?”

“Of course you can choose anyone you wish, but trust me when I tell you that targeting that man might change your life—or at least, what you consider sexually attractive in others which, judging by your initial target, is rather narrow and sadly predictable.”

Stewart sighed. “Him?”


Stewart frowned and shrugged, but his curiosity had been piqued. If Jason said there was something special about him, there had to be something special about him, though what that could possibly be left him confused and doubtful. He was dressed rather frumpily, his face was nearly devoid of emotion, and nothing about him would have otherwise attracted the least amount of his attention.

But his super fucking horniness would not abate, and his clothing was growing tighter by the minute.

So Stewart adjusted his chair to get a better targeting angle on the man and concentrated on getting his attention. Jason could feel Stewart’s sex waves re-engage, though they did seem rather less intense than before, which either meant that Stewart wasn’t really into it, or that he had managed to figure out how to aim his sex power a bit more finely, and now Jason was behind the direction of his friend’s intent.

He didn’t have to wait long before the bearded man’s head snapped up and he was now looking directly at Stewart. As their eyes met, Jason heard Stewart groan and draw in a deep, shuddering breath before saying under his breath, “Jesus Fucking Christ” as they made a connection.

“Oh,” Jason said, “Did I forget to mention that once you’ve acquired your target that the sexual sensations travel in both directions?”

“Holy fuck, what the hell is that?”

“You mean that deep, warm, sensual sensation that just washed over you as if you’re taking a shower in pure, unfiltered, ecstatic sex?”

“That… that’s the one,” Stewart verified.

“Your target has been acquired,” Jason explained, “and what you’re feeling is a physical manifestation of his arousal.”

“It feels fucking fantastic.”

“Especially considering that you haven’t even touched him, yet. What you’re… Stewart? Hello? Earth to Stewart.” Jason reached across the table to tap his friend on the shoulder.

“Huh? What?”

“What you’re experiencing now is something like what he is experiencing from you, because it is now a shared sexual connection. You’ll find that it extends beyond this mental feed, and you can connect to someone else using your eyes, or your voice, or pretty much any… Stewart? I’m losing you again, aren’t I?”

“Fuck, this feels so amazing. It’s like… it’s like… .”

“It isn’t like anything else, though, is it? Trying to explain this to someone who hasn’t felt it is like explaining the color blue to a blind person, or describing music to the hearing impaired. It’s like sex, but it is so much… deeper.”

“I want to fuck him. I want him to fuck me.”

“Of course. But look at him again, and think about who he is inside, and how being together with you will change him, just like it’s been changing Chet and Beast and your usual paramours. Look beyond what you see.”

Something began to slowly change in Stewart’s perception of the ordinary man sitting at that table. The man didn’t change before his eyes at all, but he started to see him differently, looking past the physical, and understanding that what Jason had explained was correct. He could see what the man could become. He could see the sexual power the man was capable of once it had been freed by Stewart’s amplified and enhanced sexual powers. “Fuck,” he whispered.

The other man stood up and came to their table. And even though Jason was perhaps the most beautiful man on the planet, his eyes stayed locked on Stewart’s face.

As he approached, the man seemed to alter before Stewart’s gaze. He… intensified, as if there had been something secret hidden that was being exposed as layers of what everyone else saw were being stripped away layer by layer. His skin took on a glow, his gaze was deep and sexy, his mouth and lips needed to be kissed, his arms and neck needed to be stroked, the bulge in his jeans became a prominent pronouncement of a sexuality so profound that Stewart felt his own libido swelling in concert.

“Who the holy fuck are you?” he asked Stewart, standing now beside him and completely ignoring Jason.

“I’m Stewart.”

“I’m Leonard. Leo.”

“Hello, Leo.”

“Hello, Stewart.”

Stewart tilted his handsome head and allowed his eyes to travel all over the man’s body, which was now to him like a catalog of every carnal thought and lustful desire he had ever experienced. The man was sex made flesh, it cascaded from him like a rainbow and throbbed like a massive hard-on. “Do you want to fuck?”

“More than anything else in the entire world.”

Stewart stood up and began to undress Leo, before Jason intervened. “May I suggest that you both retire to somewhere a bit less public before whipping out those hungry dicks and rutting like pigs?”

Stewart smiled and leaned in, pressing his lips to Leo’s and moaning with obvious lust. Leo wrapped his arms around Stewart’s muscle-swollen frame and groaned in unison.

“Stewart? It’s important that you listen to me now.”

They continued to kiss. There was a tearing sound from somewhere between them, and both men gasped before continuing their passionate make-out session.

“Stewart, you’re losing control.”

Leo’s hand moved across Stewart’s massive back and reached to his glutes, grabbing one round muscular globe and squeezing and kneading his ass. The ripping sound continued, and Jason began to stand up. Stewart’s mouth came off of the kiss and he said, with a growl, “I need to fuck you. I need to fuck you right now.”

“Fuck me,” Leo agreed. “Fuck me now.”

“Stewart!” Jason shouted, his alarm now growing.

The ripping sound intensified and Stewart’s massive erection sprouted between the men, red and angry and hard as iron. The head was surrounded by a cowl of foreskin, and the mouth was drooling pre in a steady stream. More rips appeared along the sleeves and neck of Stewart’s tight shirt, and down the length of his legs along the seams of his pants.

Stewart was growing. His intense lust was manifesting physically, which was something Jason hadn’t expected so soon in his development. He chastised himself for moving this ahead too quickly, and without considering what might happen here.

Jason called on his own greatly amplified sexual powers and allowed them to manifest. The only way to fight Stewart’s fire was with his own fire, and though Stewart might be stoking the flames of a house burning down, Jason’s eroticism was an entire forest in full conflagration.

He placed his hand on Stewart’s neck and released a rush of sexual power more intense than he had ever allowed his student to experience. He pressed his body against the back of Stewart’s and his prick swelled and throbbed, insinuating itself between his glutes, radiating pure sex as if he were fucking him deep and hard. A thick and intense cloud of ultra-pure and deeply powerful masculine pheromones surrounded them in an irresistible fog, and beneath the contact of their skin against each other, an overwhelming sensation of sexual bliss radiated into Stewart’s slowly swelling form. It was still only a hint of what he could do, but it was enough to draw Stewart’s attention away from the man in his arms to the man standing behind him.

Stewart sighed and swooned and twisted around, fighting against Leo’s desire with ease as Jason’s power simply overwhelmed him entirely, blinding him to anyone else in the world who was not this god of pure sex.

It was a dangerous gamble but one that could not otherwise be ignored. Stewart was falling into a deep well of his body’s swelling sexual prowess and it was going to take an even stronger power to stop him before something even more dangerous happened.

“You’re mine, Stewart,” Jason whispered into the other man’s ears. The words were a potent order, an undeniable command. The words left Jason’s lips and sank into the lizard brain of Stewart’s slowly swelling body and sank in like water on parched earth. They overwhelmed anything else, any thoughts or feelings or desires, and caused Stewart to become entirely focused on Jason’s gratification.

It was, to Stewart, as if no one else existed anymore. Not Leo, not Beast, not Chet, not a single one of the men Stewart regularly fucked. Only Jason. He was suddenly an all-consuming desire that blinded Stewart’s swelling sexual powers to anyone else on the planet.

“I am yours,” Stewart whispered.

“You are mine until I release you,” Jason instructed.

“I am yours until you release me.”

Jason looked at Leo and smiled. “You’re mine, Leo.”

Leo’s face fell slack and his eyes grew wide and round. If Stewart was now under Jason’s undeniable sexual control, Leo was a slave to it. There was literally nothing he would not do to please his new sex god. Just falling into his spell made him feel happier and more sexually fulfilled than anything else he had experienced in his life. “I’m yours,” he said softly, almost drooling with desire and hunger.

“Go back to your table, Leo. We’ll be together soon.” Leo nodded and turned, moving almost like a zombie back towards where his cold coffee was sitting and taking his seat again, his gaze never leaving the face of his new sex god for more than it took to blink. Then Jason moved his lips next to Stewart’s ear again and he said, softly, “Release your power into me, Stewart. Give me everything you are feeling.”

Stewart nodded and tilted his head slightly. There was a moment where the world seemed to hold its breath, to pause in its otherwise mundane tasks, and then Jason sucked in a deep breath and steeled himself against what came into him from Stewart’s body and mind.

Jason had underestimated Stewart’s burgeoning sexual powers by a factor of ten. Or a hundred. Or more. He had encountered others like him before, of course, and enjoyed his time with these other men as they both grew more powerful in their shared mutual appetites and abilities.

But nothing and no one he had met before prepared him for what Stewart suddenly unleashed upon him, and he had to grab the edges of the table in his hands to steady himself against the vast and incredible onslaught of pure masculine sexual power that was now coursing into him like a burst dam that had been holding back a raging river.

Stewart concentrated everything he had on Jason, targeting him as he had been instructed and then funneling the full, unmitigated power of his lust into the other man.

Jason was succumbing to Stewart’s overwhelming power. He realized it was happening when he felt his balls inflate and his cock swell. He was beginning to lose control of his own power, something that had never happened to him before. Stewart was massively strong, much more so than he ever realized, and much, much stronger than he should have been in this stage of his development.

“Stewart, stop,” he whispered.

“Can’t,” Stewart whispered back, and he smiled. “Feels so good.”

“I know, Stewart. But you must stop. Now.”

“Okay,” he answered rather sadly.

Just as quickly as he had been overwhelmed by his pupil’s power, the firehose of pure, unfiltered masculine sexuality shut itself off. Unexpectedly, Jason’s body was hot and sweaty, his cock was shoving against its confines angrily, a huge load of incredibly powerful cum was swollen in his balls, and his brain was spinning with a sense of lust and desire so strong that he had a hard time overcoming it.

“Go home, Stewart,” he said. “I’ll come to you soon.”

“Will you fuck me?” he asked, licking his lips. Stewart’s body had grown during the short time they had been connected and he had been channeling his sexuality into Jason. Small and large rips had been created along the sleeves of his shirt where his muscles had grown. His chest was now so large that two more buttons were hanging on by mere threads. His cock had managed somehow to rip the seams of his pants open, though thankfully the elastic nature of his underwear was still managing to provide some coverage for the newly grown monster.

“Of course,” Jason told him. “And you will fuck me.”

Stewart grinned and pulled in a slow, calming breath. “I want to fuck you,” he stated.

“I know.” Jason felt a thrill of excitement along with a chill of fear. What he’d just experienced wasn’t supposed to be possible.

“Can I fuck Leo?” Stewart asked.

“Later,” Jason told him. “Remember, you are mine until I release you.” Jason marveled that he still had any control over this powerful man, and a rush of what it felt like to be on the receiving end of the devastating, undiluted intensity of pure masculine sexuality washed over him in a hot flash.

“I remember,” Stewart reported. Then he got to his feet—he was taller now, too—and turned to head back to his cum-coated apartment. Jason almost came in his jeans looking at Stewart’s newly developed ass.

What was he? No one he had ever been with even came close to the power Stewart just demonstrated without even realizing it. Control was now essential if Stewart was going to somehow cope with the world of normal human sexuality. And Jason was unsure if he was even capable of managing the man’s overwhelming power.


Part 8

“Like, hypnotism? Cumpire hypnotism?”

“Something like hypnotism, I suppose, except it’s 100% effective,” Jason said, though he’d forgotten that Stewart once referred to their unusual semen-empowered hyper sexuality as being cum vampires.

Stewart pursed his lips and ran a hand through his hair. His freshly grown biceps swelled into a fat, hard softball of raw muscular power. “Sorry,” he said.

“You couldn’t have known,” Stewart told him.

“So… I’m like a freak or something?”

“That word comes with some negative connotations that I don’t think could be applied to you or me. We’re simply different, and apparently you’re more different than usual.”

“Than usual for men like us.” Jason nodded. “Are you scared?” He didn’t mention his own state of dismay at what had happened.

“I’m… concerned.”

“Because I can’t control it.”

“You can’t control it, yet. ‘Yet’ being the important qualifier. But working together I’m sure we can do it. Just like I can control myself.” Stewart looked abashed and swallowed hard. “What’s the matter?”


“Stewart, I hope I know you well enough by now to know when something’s bothering you.”

“It’s just… it felt… good.”

“Of course it did.”

“Like… really, really good.”

“It’s sex. Sex feels good.”

“But it was more than that. More than sex. When we connected. When I… felt you.”

“Ah. Yes. That… that’s another reason for our all-nighters. The possibility of overwhelming you when I fuck you non-stop isn’t only that you would black out, but also that you could start to… how should I put this? Suck on me.”

“But I enjoy sucking on you!”

“Not in that way. I was concerned that I might progress you too quickly, and I hoped that my caution would allow your mind and body to cope with what was happening to you.”

“I’m not sure I understand. Also I still really, really want you to fuck me.”


“More than normal.”

“Yes, well…”

“Like, to an overwhelming degree.”

“Then I suppose your self-control right now is to be commended. I know what that feels like.”

“And you can control it?”

“Like you’re controlling it right now. Otherwise we’d be fucking whether I wanted to or not.”


Jason might have actually blushed. Of course it only made him somehow more attractive. “Yeah. So, there are one or two things I haven’t been totally honest with you about. Not that I intended to keep something from you, more like I was hoping to prepare you better for the true reality of your—our—situation.”

“That sounds ominous.”

Jason smiled and shook his head. “The fact that you’re not, to put it bluntly, raping me right now speaks to the level of control you’re already manifesting. What I failed to convey was how intense our powers are, and how much more you’re liable to continue developing those powers going forward.”

“I think I got the picture earlier.”

“Not entirely. Remember that I had control. Rather, that I took control. And after experiencing the level of power you’re able to demonstrate already—without really trying—I think I can safely say that you could have easily refused to grant me control if you wanted to. You could have…” He stopped talking and inhaled deeply.

“I could have what?”

“Stewart, your level of power is beyond anything I’ve ever felt. You’re already stronger than I am. And I’m… pretty fucking incredible. What makes things more, um, potentially dangerous is that you’re not done evolving yet. You’re going to get even stronger, given time.”


“I mean, I don’t actually know what could happen. As I said, I’ve never met anyone as strong as you are already. And we haven’t really even begun to instruct you on how you can control your power without, for example, causing this entire city to break out in an orgy of uncontrolled lust.”

Stewart looked shocked. “Oh. Um. That seems… bad? But also sexy as fuck! But also bad?” God, his face was so handsome. Had any man ever in history looked like that? Jason was certain that if he weren’t in total control of himself, just looking at Stewart’s gorgeous, perfected features—his eyes, his jawline, his nose, his brow, everything put together so radically beautiful—even he would be Stewart’s very willing sex slave.

“Yes. But as evidenced by the fact that we’re not fucking each other senseless right now, I’m pretty sure we can figure this out together.”

“But we can fuck, right?”

Jason laughed softly. “Sure.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Once they were both naked, Jason took Stewart’s hand almost tenderly and looked into his eyes. “Let’s try something.”

“As long as it involves your dick in my ass, I’m up for anything. I’m horny as fucking fuck.”

“I want you to focus on me without control. Without me controlling you, I mean.”

“Focus on you?”

“You started focusing on Leo this afternoon. I want you to focus on me. Establish that connection.”

“Should I.. like… kiss you?”

“If it helps, but I think you’ll be able to… fuck. Fuck!” Jason nearly doubled over as his body shook with sudden, intense desire and his mammoth cock inflated to full blast in less than a second. The man practically started providing Stewart with an explosion of cum without even trying.

“Sorry! Sorry! I only…”

“Jesus, Stewart!” Jason was breathing hard and moving his hands all over his naked body, caressing himself and pointedly avoiding touching his cock. “Holy fuck!”

“Sorry! You’re just so fucking… hot! And I want you to fuck me so bad!”

“That was… intense.”



“I only just started. I think? I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.”

“You’re certainly doing something right. But we need to do this so you can start understanding your power and how to manage it.”

“Okay. Should I start again?”

“Can you sort of… ease into it?”

“I can try.”

Stewart locked his gaze on Jason’s eyes and a look of calm fell over his handsome features. “You’re resisting,” he said.

“Good. Yes, it’s good you recognize that. Can you overcome it?”

“I think so. Is that something that happens?”

“Not normally. But sometimes. In the end—no pun intended—we always get what we need…”


Jason nodded. “We’re kind of like the Borg. Resistance is futile.”

“The sexy Borg,” Stewart said, laughing slightly.

“Yes, we’re sexy Borg. Now try to overcome my…. My….”

“Feels like I’m doing it.”

Jason sighed and swooned as Stewart pressed against his resistance, seemingly overcoming what should have been a struggle without any trouble. “This feels… fuck.”

“Feels good,” Jason said, finishing his thought.

“Fuck yeah.”

“That’s kind of a relief valve for us. Controlling someone else—when they’re willing—feels good. It’s one way we can somewhat mitigate the otherwise overwhelming power constantly throbbing within us. It’s not as effective as fucking, or getting fucked, of course. But when fucking proves inconvenient, we can sort of cheat and make a connection with someone.”

“It’s like I’m plugging in to your horniness.”

“And as we both know, I have an unlimited well of horniness.”

“Mmhmm,” Stewart agreed. “This is kind of… fun.”

“Once you’ve established a connection, you can start exploring.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Dive into the connection. Discover what’s under the surface. Find out what it is your partner… yeah. I can feel you now.”

“This feels weird! Like… like I’m feeling someone else’s feelings!”

“It’s more about lust and desire than feelings, but that’s more or less exactly what’s happening. You can tell what someone else wants sexually. What turns them on, and keeps them turned on. You can share yours with me, as well.”

“How do I…? Oh. Like that.”

Jason’s whole body shook and he closed his eyes as Stewart’s stream of pleasure started infiltrating his emotions. It was nearly effortless, how quickly and powerfully Stewart was manifesting the connection between them. It started out like sucking through a straw, then that straw grew wider until it was a small pipe. The pipe grew quickly bigger. Then bigger again. Then again. Swelling into a huge, open conduit of pure sexual power they were sharing between them in silent contemplation.

“Fuck,” Jason said softly as his mind started to be overwhelmed by the power of Stewart’s lust. “Holy fuck.”

“More?” Stewart asked.

Jason was shocked that Stewart even had more than he was already experiencing. His brain was being inundated with bliss. An unfiltered sexuality that made his body heat up and his mouth go dry and his cock to swell and throb, and they weren’t even touching, yet. More? More than this? How strong was he?

Jason nodded and the sensation redoubled. It was almost too much. A strong, pulsing sensation of pleasure and sensual gratification that was more powerful than anything Jason had experienced, either physically or mentally. This man before him was in possession of a level of potent sexuality he had never considered possible before.

And he was just getting started.

“I…” Jason could no longer think of words. His brain was drowning in bliss.

“Fuck this feels amazing,” Stewart said. “It’s almost better than fucking.”

Stewart reached forward and cupped Jason’s chin in his hand. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the other man’s mouth, almost gently. The connection opened up even wider. He pushed his tongue between Jason’s lips and danced their tongue together, the kiss turning more passionate and needy by the second.

Stewart closed his eyes and sank into the sensation of shared pleasure he was connected to Jason by, like an invisible tether that joined their hearts and cocks and nipples and assholes. It was so easy to do. So simple. Once he established the connection, it was like riding a bike. A little awkward at first, but quickly becoming second nature. Almost as natural as breathing.

He pushed forward, sinking more deeply into the connection, infiltrating Jason’s desires and passion and drinking it like fine wine. His control was becoming absolute, almost complete, and without knowing what he was doing he was suddenly inside both bodies simultaneously, experiencing and realizing what they were both feeling, physically and emotionally, without separation.

It was the most intimate and the deepest thing he had ever felt. More than love, more than lust, he was becoming Jason, understanding him on a level that even Jason may not have been cognizant of.

He wrapped his arms around the other man and pulled their bodies together, as if he wanted them to become joined or singular. He felt their cocks rubbing against one another, he felt the sensations of sexual desire and intimacy beyond anything anyone had ever felt.

He was becoming Jason. They were becoming one being, super sexual and absolutely powerful.

Jason was losing himself. He could feel it. Something stronger and infinitely more powerful was infiltrating him, body and soul. This was beyond making love or even fucking. It was something so powerful and deep that it was nearly inescapable.

He tried pulling his lips away from Stewart’s. “Please,” he whispered.

“Please what?”

“Please don’t stop.”

Stewart inflated the connection again, diving deeper than ever into their shared erotic dream. “Fuck me,” he instructed. “Like this. Like now. Connected.”

“I want to fuck you,” Jason said, because he did.

“I know.”

They fell together onto the bed, intertwined in each other’s arms, kissing and stroking and caressing each other but experiencing the sensations of pure lust as one body. They twisted around until Jason was behind Stewart and he moved his face down his partner’s wide, muscular back, leaving wet sloppy kisses on his skin which he felt on his own.

Stewart looked behind him to watch Jason pull his cheeks apart and start to lick and slurp at his hole. The connection grew stronger still and Jason’s mouth grew hungry as he felt his own tongue lapping at his own asshole, too. Stewart bent down slightly and shoved his ass towards Jason, who reached forward with a spit-soaked hand to start jerking Stewart’s monster cock with slick, slow thrusts.

Each man felt the other man’s sensations as dearly as their own. Both men were being expertly rimmed by Jason’s lips and tongue. Both men were being jerked off by Jason’s slick grip traveling the thick, throbbing inches of both heavy cocks. Both men experienced the anticipation of feeling their cock squeezed and caressed by the most gorgeous ass in the world. Both men felt the eagerness to have their warm, wet hole penetrated by a cock so thick and long, and wielded by a man so good at fucking that if there were prizes given out he’d win them all by default, that it would be the dream fuck to end all dream fucks. So good and deep and perfect that they hoped it would never end.

Stewart pushed his welcoming ass into the air and Jason struggled to manage his steel-hard prick into a position that would allow him to penetrate Stewart. His cock was drooling pre constantly and he could feel his balls sizzle and pulse and swell with hot, creamy cum.

“Fuck me,” Stewart said. His voice was like a command that Jason could not disobey.

Jason kissed the honey-smeared lips of the mouth of his dick on Stewart’s perfect hole. An immense shock of intense sexual bliss erupted like lightning bolt between them. Jason gasped and threw back his head and pushed himself inside Stewart all at once, seating his monster 10-inch prick all the way in Stewart’s welcoming, warm, wonderful asshole and started pumping cum immediately, shoving a long, thick, impossibly huge fountain inside Stewart’s hungry butt like a firehose attempting to put out a fire.

“More,” Stewart whispered, feeling the insane pleasure of swallowing cum inside his body like a thirsty man who hasn’t had a drink in a week.

Jason obeyed, somehow. The connection was too deep, too complete, too perfect. He was a cum slave to the other man, and uniquely qualified to give him as much cum as he needed or wanted.

He started pumping vast quantities of his empowered cream inside his partner’s ass. His balls went into overdrive, producing cum in an unending stream that his massive cock delivered with perfect accuracy into Stewart’s guts.

Jason was both perfectly aware of what was happening and didn’t care in the least. He’d never experienced anything that felt this good, this perfect, this… magic. He was locked inside some beautiful fuck dream of absolute sexual bliss. He closed his eyes and pushed against Stewart’s gorgeous ass and filled him with cum, connected with him so intimately and profoundly that he was at the sending and receiving end of this absolute fuck to end all fucks.

Jason began to slowly pivot his hips, moving his cock in and out of Stewart’s ass, every millimeter of his mammoth prick tingling and throbbing with intense and constant sexual pulses as he emptied his balls into the other man.

Stewart felt stupidly powerful. Almost insanely so. Male potency and sex were flowing into him in a nonstop flood. His body was slowly swelling with powerful muscular development, slowly and constantly, changing him into something better, something more than he was, something beyond even what Jason was.

He started fucking against Jason’s cock, the intensity of their sex redoubled inside him as he felt the joy of being fucked by someone who really knew how to do it along with the satisfaction and utter fulfillment of getting fucked. His cock felt hot and hard as a rock, so stiff and thick and heavy that it was practically its own planet.

“Fuck me,” Stewart whispered, like a prayer. Jason gasped as the command hit him, and groaned in absolute pleasure as he shoved his cock to the hilt inside Stewart’s amazing ass and continued feeding the other man his powerful, body-altering cum.

While the two of them had fucked all night long before, that was only a hint of the overwhelming pleasure and power they were sharing now. Their cum had the power to change another man over the course of several fuck sessions, as Stewart had been doing most noticeably for Beast and Chet, and with less obvious effect to Teddy and the dozens of one-, two-, and three-night stands with hookups online. Because those men weren’t like he was, or like Jason was, and when the two of them shared their power, something magical and profound happened.

This was the first time that Stewart was aware of what Jason could do for him. He’d been asleep before and Jason fucked him all night long with slow, deep, constant thrusts, pumping incremental releases of his cum to feed Stewart’s evolution and growth.

Because that was what happened to Jason.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the end, it was their love for each other that separated them.

“Do we have to?”

“No, we don’t have to. But we need to.”

Jason was holding Luke’s hands. Strong hands that had lifted him to the man he was now, a man fully empowered and aware of his unique talents and abilities. “I don’t want to,” Jason admitted, looking into his lover’s gorgeous eyes.

Luke smiled even as a tear formed at the corner of one of those eyes. “I know. I’d be lying if I said anything other than that, too. I love you so much.”

“Not as much as I love you. I can’t even imagine being separated from you. Being apart. We’ve become one.”

“This world isn’t ready for us. We both know that. We’ve seen it. We’ve… felt it.”

“It’s unfair.”

“I should have told you years ago that this day would come.”

“I probably always knew it, if I’m being truthful. I just didn’t want it to be true. We haven’t really been able to be in public for a few months, now. The effects are too strong when we’re together.”

“And we’re never apart.”

“Until now.”

Luke nodded. “Until now.”

Luke was almost unbearably beautiful. People would stop dead in their tracks when he approached. One woman fainted dead away. Since they found each other and Luke had unlocked Jason’s latent abilities, he had only grown increasingly handsome, strong, tall, and powerfully, almost overwhelmingly arousing. It was as if the two of them multiplied their incredible powers of sexual and erotic supremacy.

Jason didn’t know how old Luke was, and Luke wouldn’t say. There were hints and slip-ups—referring to people or places or activities long gone, the occasional use of an odd, outdated turn of phrase—but he still looked as old as he had when they’d met, and that was now nearly two decades ago. How long had he been alone before that?

What they had, these overwhelming sexual powers, was unique and staggering, and neither one of them was quite sure why they were the men they were. Jason was growing more powerfully sexual every passing year.

He had never met a man like Luke before, and Luke told Jason the same thing, though there were clues that Luke had been with other men like him before now. Perhaps it was inevitable that they would have to separate, and Luke couldn’t bring himself to face that eventuality.

Together, and separate from others, they lived their lives almost perpetually naked. And almost perpetually aroused. Even while they slept, one or the other was slowly, continually, erotically fucking the other, his magnificent and incredibly powerful cock lodged inside the ass of the other man, slowly moving his pelvis over and over and over all night long, lovingly and tenderly fucking the other man.

They had unlimited cum to pump from their large, heavy balls, somehow capable of controlling when and how much of that endless supply to erupt from the tip of their massive and gorgeous cocks. Before meeting Luke, or before being exposed to his sexual powers, Jason would have been considered an ordinary man. He worked out, took care of himself, had a healthy sex life, looked decent in his online profile pics, but compared to the man he was now, that other Jason was a pale shadow of who and what he had become under the careful tutelage of Luke’s care.

Their meeting was not unlike how Stewart and Jason encountered each other. A sudden realization that something was different, that one of them had some odd, powerful, superhuman capabilities that unliked similar capabilities in the other man. And that continued exposure—continued coupling—would only amplify and expand those powers.

But where had Luke obtained them, and why did Jason also find himself becoming this ultra-seductive hyper-masculine super-attractive being with erotic and sexual potential so outsized that even being around others not so enhanced could cause instantaneous orgies and instant eruptions of copious floods of cum in other men?

Singularly, each man could manage the overt attention and unnatural sexual attraction they manifested, but together the combination of two such overly stimulating and carnal beings, seemingly pumping out endless waves or clouds of arousal and lust, powerful and unending, was now simply too much for the average population to handle.

They knew it was dangerous for them to appear together a month previous, when they traveled to a grocery store just to stock up on food for their remote cabin—a necessity given the way they would be stocked or followed after appearing in public—and a sudden and unstoppable orgy broke out with the two of them as the focal point of all that sexual energy.

They’d already relocated to a rural area away from the general population as a precaution when each of them started noticing that Luke’s effect on others was growing more pronounced. Men were now coming up to him, trying to touch him, or even to grope and kiss him. He was open to all of it, of course, craving sex and intimacy the way a drug addict craves the next high. His body and soul were now attuned to sex, without limit or boundary. But when men started to strip naked on the street as they approached, taking their already-hard cocks in their hands and stroking themselves, the two men knew a change was needed.

But in the small store, like sexual gods among ordinary mortals, a kind of ripple effect took place.

Luke was holding Jason’s hand, enjoying the tenderness and warmth. He squeezed his lover’s palm and looked over to watch Jason smile, and it melted his heart. “I love you,” he said softly.

“Same,” Jason said, and he laughed slightly. Luke stopped in the frozen food aisle and backed Jason up against one of the glass-doored freezers housing chicken pot pies and macaroni and cheese entrees. He reached around to Jason’s ass and cupped his muscular buttock in his strong hand, squeezing not very gently. He tilted his head and moved his face closer, looking into Jason’s eyes.

“I’m going to kiss you now.”

Jason smiled. “Do you think you can handle it? After all, we haven’t fucked in nearly an hour.”

“I’ll take my chances.”

“If you insist.”

The kiss was deep and passionate from the start. Luke pressed his tall, muscular body—a perfect male form with freakishly powerful muscles perfectly developed—against Jason’s. He reached his other hand down and cupped Jason’s cock and balls—thick, heavy meat and two hen’s eggs full of cum—and started massaging and groping him. Jason moaned and brought his hands up, placing them onto Luke’s massive pectoral shelf, rubbing his thumbs across his lover’s fat nipples.

It was just a kiss. That was how it started. Just a kiss on each other’s soft, warm, sensual lips. But it triggered something they couldn’t stop. Building and expanding, their mutual lust and need traveling back and forth, building on itself again and again, their passion setting each other ablaze with need and lust.

Those within the building at the same moment, regardless of sexual orientation, age, appearance, religion, or any other consideration simply started to strip themselves naked, unbuttoning shirts, lowering zippers, pulling themselves from the constraints of clothing and under garments without thought or realization. They surrounded the two men, and began performing any and every sexual act imaginable.

“I can’t control it,” Luke said. But as Jason started to object, Luke told him, “I don’t want to control it anymore.” He grabbed his partner roughly, removing Jason’s clothes from his perfect body, letting them all drop to the cold tile floor, kissing his neck, his shoulder, his chest, his nipple, his belly, taking his lover’s cock into his mouth, tasting the flow of his pre-cum, feeling him shake and shudder with ecstasy, before pulling him to the floor, turning him around, and fucking him then and there.

An explosion of sexual power erupted as Luke lost control and allowed the full force of his powers loose upon the world, feeling the sexual energy building and expanding like a swelling balloon of unfiltered erotic power.

And Jason began to change. To grow. To swell with power and muscle and sex.

Luke was pumping unfiltered raw carnality into his lover, abandoning any cares or concerns and allowing himself to fully feel his own power without any constraints or limits. His deep, possibly endless well of incredibly potent male sexuality, beyond anything either man had conceived of, began to manifest between them. Like a wild animal finally uncaged and free to feed his deep desires and unfathomable lust, he loosed his power on his lover without limits.

It was sheer luck that it happened in so mundane a space and with so few witnesses there to be overpowered by what the men were truly capable of once unleashed. Like a flood that builds on its own overwhelming power, Luke’s sexuality grew bigger and more powerful as his lover, Jason, did the same.

It felt to Jason as if his skin was on fire, bathed in the overwhelming heat of his lover’s superhuman erotic powers. Everything felt beyond wonderful, beyond incredible. Nothing he had ever felt before or since felt as good as his unleashed super lover fucking his ass with his colossal cock, pumping his body—every cell, every follicle of hair on his head and body, every muscle and every bone—with pure sex.

Was this heaven? Was this hell? Could he even withstand what was happening? His brain stopped working, all its processes turned now to the oncoming torrent of erotic bliss inundating his body and senses from Luke’s unconstrained superhuman erotic passion and arousal.

When it was over, when Luke seemed to come back to himself and realize what he’d done, they were surrounded by unconscious bodies, albeit all with smiles on their faces. A veritable ocean of cum was puddled beneath their naked bodies, and Jason’s body, naked and coated in sweat, was thicker with muscle, perfect and powerful, bulging under his flawless skin.

Luke’s eyes were wild, and as he realized what had happened, what he had done, he began to shake and cry. “I’m sorry,” he whispered in his deep voice. “I’m so sorry.”

“We need to get out of here.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Luke! We need to leave! Now!”

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