The new simulation game

by hyperboi

 On a weekend home from college, while he’s waiting for his brother to come home (and avoiding his hateful dad and sneering stepmom), muscle nerd Simon screws around with a new sim game he’d lucked into beta-testing—a game that turns out to be a lot more realistic than he’d expected.

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Simon finished packing his bag, being careful to put his laptop in a safe position, and after a bit of hesitation, put the install disk for his new game inside too. He felt guilty because he wasn’t supposed to be going back home for the weekend to play videogames, but to hang out with his younger brother, Sid. It wouldn’t be necessary to go home so often if his father and new girlfriend weren’t such assholes. He wanted to be around Sid more, so his brother didn’t turn to be like their father.

However, he thought he would still have some time for himself and he hadn’t tried that game yet. It had arrived at his dorm that very morning.

Just then his roommate Paul came out of the shower, naked, drying his long hair with a towel. Simon generally tried to avoid staring at him too much, but he wasn’t very good at it. His roommate was hot. He did gymnastics as a hobby and it showed. And his cock was not only bigger than average but pretty damn beautiful.

Paul tore his eyes away before he realized that Simon was finished packing his things.

“You ready to go, Si? I don’t get why you insist on going back every weekend. You miss all the parties… and the ladies!” Paul even wiggled his eyebrows, playing up the salacious possibilities.

“There are more important things than parties and girls,” Simon replied, closing his bag.

“But… the ladies!!” Paul insisted, looking at him as if he were more than a little clueless.

Simon shook his head, holding back his laughter. Paul was not only hot, he was kind of a ladies’ man. His libido was off the charts. In fact, Paul was so constantly horny and up for getting off that if Simon came out to him, he would probably just say, “Great, now you can suck me off from time to time!”

Still, he didn’t dare to come out to anyone. Not yet. He shrugged and put on his favorite old jacket, feeling it tight on his arms and chest.

“Damn, this thing is starting to feel uncomfortable,” he muttered.

“Heh, no wonder, dude!” Paul chuckled while patting Simon’s ample pecs. “You bought it when u came to campus two years ago, and how much muscle have you put since then? 30 pounds?”

Simon grinned and punched Paul’s shoulder. He knew Paul was teasing him, since Paul, impressed by how easily Simon grew muscle, had been the one insisting on regular weigh-ins for Simon, and had actually thrown him a little party at Simon’s latest milestone—a party at which Paul had hooked up with a particularly curvy brunette. “You know I’ve put 35, dick!” Simon retorted, grinning.

“That’s Mister Dick to you!” Paul laughed while swinging his cock to the sides, slapping his legs.

“You horny bastard…” Simon said with a big smile, shaking his head. He looked away before he sported some mayor wood in front of his roommate. He zipped his jacket, having some trouble closing the zip over his chest. Those 35 pounds he had put since he bought it were showing and he was proud of them. Not only did Simon like to see muscles, he also wanted them on himself. That’s why he did serious weight training and dieting like a bodybuilder would. The difference was that he would never compete. There would be no way for him to stand on a stage close to ten almost naked muscle monsters and not have his boner ripping through his posers. Well, maybe his boner wasn’t as big for that to happen, but it couldn’t be missed in posing suits, for sure. Of course, when people asked him about getting serious about bodybuilding he gave the excuse of not being interested in competing and being shy, which also helped with his cover about not dating girls.

He hung his bag on his shoulders and went out to get the bus. It was a short ride and twenty minutes later he was in his front yard. It needed some mowing and the weeds were getting out of hand around the side flower beds. Simon sighed,

He used his keys to enter his house. In the living room he found his father, Carl, reading the newspaper. Carl was a big man. He had been a linebacker in college and had started working in construction afterwards. It showed in his body, although a thick layer of fat hid any definition that would make him a tough competition if both of them competed. Something that would never happen, as Carl thought of bodybuilding as gay. In fact, he thought anything that dwelled on the male body as gay.

“Hum, you’re here earlier than I thought. Don’t you have other things to do, like waxing your legs or something?” Yeah, he always made gay remarks even if he didn’t know Simon actually was gay. If he ever know…

“Good to see you too, dad,” he greeted him with obvious sarcasm.

“Your fag brother is still at school, probably working out or doping some other fag things.”

Simon could take the abuse for himself, but he hated his dad’s bile being directed at Sid. “Hey, don’t call him fag!” he growled.

“I’m in my house and I’ll call him whatever I like! If you don’t like it, you don’t need to stay and hear it.”

Simon stared at his father with a great anger. He hadn’t even raised his head from the newspaper to look at him. He forced himself to calm down.

He turned his back on him and went upstairs towards his room. Except—it wasn’t his room anymore.

“What the hell?”

His books, his posters, clothing, photos… everything was gone. The empty shelves and closet seemed to mock him. The only thing still there were his bed sheets. He let his bag fall on the floor and run downstairs.

“Dad, someone has stolen my things! My room is empty!”

Then his father looked at him, finally. His expression was full of contempt. “Don’t be stupid! ‘Your’ things are in boxes, in the basement. Linda has been packing them all week. We’re turning that room into a guest room. We might even rent it.”

Simon stared at him in shock. His father smirked.

“It’s not your room anymore. Once you started college you stopped being part of this house. That’s what my dad did. Of course you can come visit us—after all, we do have a guest room.”

Linda chose that moment to come out of the kitchen and picked up perfectly on Carl’s assholery, as if they were a vaudeville double act. “Oh! We have a guest, will he stay for the weekend or just for dinner?” she asked, grinning.

Simon stared at both of them. He so much wanted to tear them both apart, but (he told himself) they were technically right. Instead of giving them a piece of his mind, however, he went down to the basement and found his things. It had been a low blow and he should have expected it from the jackass he had as a father. He and his brother had been mad at him after he married that bitch two whole days after his mother’s funeral, three years ago. She was pretty, but she wasn’t nice. At least they didn’t mistreat Sid while Simon wasn’t around, not that Simon knew of anyway. But he doubted they gave him the support a teenager needed. That’s why Simon made a point of staying over on weekends to hang out with him. They were very close, even if they were four years apart. He had expected Sid to be around by when he arrived. He had missed him as he had been sick last weekend, and he hadn’t been able to visit for the last two weekends.

After he made sure the bitch hadn’t break anything, he went back to “his” room, took out the stuff from his bag, and finally, his laptop and the game. Despite what anyone would think, since he did bodybuilding and was assumed to be a jock, he liked to play videogames. Especially simulation games, like “The Sims” and so on. One day, browsing the net, he had come across a pop up about a new game looking for beta testers. He only had to download it to a disk and play it. The only thing they requested in exchange for the free game was to play it with Internet connection, so any complication with it would be instantly relayed to them. Simon wouldn’t even need to make reports about it, just play it as he felt like.

He’d immediately accepted—it was free after all—and had been really surprised the game had taken a whole night to download. It almost filled the disk he used, and it was an 80 Gb diskHe had some time alone so he thought it would be perfect to start the game. Installing it was easy and way faster than he thought. It had no intro, just the title of the game: The Simanipulator.

He laughed at the silly title and continued. He chose new game and it started with a main view of the city where he lived. It was like a Google map view, but he could see the movement of the cars. The graphics were so good it looked like satellite cameras looking from above.

He had control buttons to the sides of the window and in the lower side. At the right side there was a time controller that was set in actual time, although there were other options such as select date and time and also the pace of time passing. There was also a controller of plans and memories of the sims, but he had to select a house, building or a particular sim to change it. All the modifications for the objects and houses were at the left.

Simon was encouraged so far. He always enjoyed building stuff and changing it, and this looked like a good environment for playing around.

For sim manipulations and selection and actions he had the buttons on the lower side. Surprisingly, there was no “create your sim” option, delete sim or house or the like. He was supposed to just choose the already-made sims, which were already a lot it seemed. He moved the map and found the college he went to. It really looked like the real thing. He was amazed that it looked even more like his own as he zoomed and that the quality was as good close up as it was from far away. There was the option of selecting the level of the building to check the first floor or the second and stuff and he went direct to the second floor where the dorms were and found his own room.

He stared at it in amazement. It was exactly the same! The same decorations, the same posters…. It was like there was a camera installed in it. He thought of it as a joke for a moment, but he dismissed the thought—he was too engrossed in the new game to care at the time. He zoomed out and found some sims, and discovered that clicking on them, even if it didn’t stop them for doing whatever they were doing, threw up their personal data, their previous actions, personal story, dreams, and things planned to do. Of course there were their abilities levels and so on, but some of the attributes he expected, like logic, cooking and stuff, were missing, at least from these windows.

When selecting a particular person, or sim, there were also options for physical appearance, hobbies, likes, dislikes… there were tons of things to changeIf that were real data, it would not be good. Even if part of him was uneasy at the kind of info the game seemed to offer, with all cameras and hacking into profiles that must have been involved, all that paled compared with the fact that he could modify the world as he would like! Simon had to admit he’d always wanted to be able to do something like that. Of course, the real world would be unaffected, but it would be nice seeing a world where everything went as he had always wanted.

He wanted to see how everything would be with some changes—he was really eager to try this game.

He wanted to go to his own family profile and change some stuff, but since he was at his college already, he decided to make changes there first.

First of all, in the main settings of the college, he changed it into an all-male college. He didn’t know what that change would imply. Probably it would make all the girls disappear, or go to other colleges. After checking it out with the zoom, he saw that all the girls he saw before were indeed gone, replaced by guys. Now that would be nice. Not that Simon hated girls, but he thought it would be hot if all the students were guys.

He saw the majors his university was known for: Medicine, History and Biology.

“Where is the fun in that? Isn’t this a game?” he complained to himself, and saw the options to change the majors. First he saw his own major, History. He liked History. However, there are other things he could do. He saw different options for the three big majors like maths, political sciences, astrophysics… quite the normal stuff… then he saw the option, customize the major. He smiled. He pondered for a bit and changed his for “bodybuilding”, medicine for “physiotherapy and massages” and Biology changed with “stripping”.

He couldn’t stop laughing as he clicked “confirm”. Then a message appeared:

Changes will be finished after they load in the game system. Time estimated until changes are active, 12:35.

He frowned a bit, why couldn’t he see the changes already? It seemed a hassle having to wait till next day.

He moved on into the campus and checked on the sims walking or hanging out. Then he remembered the party Paul was going to, in one of the frat houses. He couldn’t help laughing at the thought that his horny roommate was in a college with no girls in sight. He felt pity for the sim, so he looked for him, finding him chatting with another sim he didn’t know. He selected him, and chose the “modify sim” option.

First of all, Simon pressed the stop time button and the sims on the game paused.

Half the screen had changed so Simon could still see what was going on in the party and with Paul, and at the same time, Paul’s figure was shown, still like a mannequin. Soon the mannequin was wearing no clothes and Simon was surprised at the graphics and the detail they had. Even Paul’s cock looked the same size he really was. He went to see his mental stats and saw his sexual orientation. It was a bar with a side saying “gay” and the other side “straight”. His was all the way to straight, but since his libido levels were so high and no girl in sight, he decided to help him by changing his orientation all the way to gay. He also checked his horniness level (yeah there was also a stat for that) and saw they were at 60%. He laughed. If being as horny as Paul was only 60% in this game, how much would be 100%?

He grinned and, just to try, he turned it to 85% Then he went back to Paul’s naked body and gave him some modifications. There were bars for muscle tone, density and pounds as well as for fat, body hair patterns and density, but before he could change anything there, he was attracted to the part where genitals options were. There was a lot of ways to modify the cock, with numbers/dials for size, width, length, cockhead shaft ratio and so on, but there was the manual option where u could just touch a part of the cock and just move it to enlarge it or shrink it the was he wanted it. First he selected the option “proportional” and then clicked on the cockhead. He slid it down, and apart from the length growing, the thickness did too and the cockhead as well, so as not to change the shape. He played with it, laughing and boned as well until he left Paul with a foot long soft cock. It looked so big on him that it seemed a bit ridiculous, but it was so hot that Simon decided to let him like that. Then he checked his body. It was well muscled and proportionate, but he would look better with more muscle.

Well, for Simon, everyone would look better with more muscle.

He gave Paul 22 pounds so he was at 210. And damn he looked good. Especially with that morphed cock.

Without unfreezing, he selected the other sim. His name was Adam and then he remembered who he was. It was one of Paul’s gymnast buddies. He checked his stats and he saw it was stated in gay. Then he had a good idea. He turned him so Simon could see his back and enlarged his butt a bit and, chuckling, discovered the elasticity stat in his ass. He turned it from 20% to 65%, and then turned his libido up from 40 to 65% and for both of them Simon clicked “changes done”.

Then Simon got a boner from what he saw next. Still frozen in time, both sims started changing right there. Especially Paul, who filled his clothes with more muscle and his bulge swelled immensely till it looked he had a soccer ball in his crotch. Simon was glad the game changed the elasticity of the pants he wore so his bulge wouldn’t rip through them.

Then he laughed. “It’s just a game, why am I worrying about that?”

Before he would finish the changes he realized the rest of the party guys would end up with blue balls after the party, so he just selected them all and changed the ones who were straight on bi and after that, he went back to Paul and Adam.

Then he hit the play button, to unfreeze time and he started out laughing when Paul jumped on the guy and they started making out. They lost no time finding an empty room and soon the pixilation hid the nakedness involved. Simon grunted and zoomed but the pixilation was still there. He checked the options till he found a way to turn off the pixilation for nudity.

It was like watching porn, just it was his roommate with a massive cock as big as his arm. Adam tried to suck him but it didn’t fit his mouth. Simon frowned and checked the elasticity for Adam’s mouth and increased it to 4 times the normal amount. It was an incredible sight to take and soon Simon was jerking off his own 6-incher. After only a few minutes he came and they were still at it. He cleaned himself and decided to leave things like that and check other places of the city, just when he zoomed out of the college, a pop up appeared asking him something:

Changes will start in 12 hours, do you wish for them to be new changes or old changes?

Simon stared at it in confusion. Old changes? Then he realized the majors and the people had a back-story and the changes he had made would affect it too. He shrugged and selected old changes, so everything was retroactive. He smiled, thinking that if when he started college a bodybuilding major was an option, he would have been pretty tempted. Then, another pop up appeared.

Please select the time the changes started.

He selected them as changes since the college opened his doors.

Then another pop up. He grunted. He wanted to play already. Do you wish these changes to affect the city?

Whatever, Simon thought, hitting yes. Then he was able to finally leave the place he saw the park were some kids were playing, a café he knew, even some people he knew. It was really cool being able to “fly invisible” trough the city. He was able to enter houses, check the insides and even modify this or that person. Then he reached his neighborhood, and his home. He chuckled.

“Let’s go see me.”

First thing he saw was the ground floor, the kitchen, the living room… then he saw his dad and Linda making out. “EW!”

He froze time without thinking and looked away. He looked at them again and anger came again to him in waves. He selected both sims. Starting with his dad, he saw his stats and an evil grin formed in Simon’s face. He went directly to sexual orientation and slide it all the way to gay. Then went to body hair and selected wax and shaved for the whole body including his head. He hit save changes, and unfroze time. Both sims were on the sofa, Linda on top kissing his trail of hair downwards to his tented crotch, when all of a sudden, the hair disappeared and the crotch lost its tented state. Linda didn’t notice about the hair, but she did miss the boner. She played with it while Carl started feeling weird and almost panicked.

Simon was laughing. He hadn’t made the changes old, so he knew Carl was feeling confusion and embarrassment about his lack of desire for the bitch. He selected her again and increased her horniness to 90 %, while reducing her breast size. He also reduced Carl’s cock size to 1 inch long, then set his horniness equaling his wife’s and still totally gay.

Of course that made the frustration reach unimaginable levels both being unable to satisfy the other and not even arousing each other. While on that, selecting his dad character he saw the relationship level he had with the people he knew. He wasn’t surprised when he saw the low level of relationship he had with both his sons, although he felt a bit sad for Sid. He decided to let them be like that, he was bored with them already. The game would figure out how to deal with them anyway. Then he checked the first floor and checked his room.

Yup, there he was.

In an almost empty room, playing a computer game.

Wearing a red shirt and jeans.

The very same clothing he was actually wearing.

He lifted an arm.


His sim had done the same.

He jumped from his chair, the sim did the same. He moved in a way he got closer from the view place, but no matter what he did, there was no camera. He was totally freaked out. And even more when he, going back to his seat, moved the view till it looked directly in front of his head. If there was a camera, it had to be in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t see it.

“I don’t get it…” he whispered, very close to being freaked out.

He had heard stories about satellites using infrared to know about people’s location and stuff, so that must be it. Something like that. It made the game more realistic, that’s for sure.

The he heard screams downstairs. Those idiots must be fighting. Bah, whatever, he thought.

He decided not to worry about it and checked on his sim. It almost didn’t surprise him to see all his stats and image to be the same as his real ones were. Ohhh, the changes he could make to himself if this were really real…

However, he decided he would leave that for later. There was someone he wanted to check on first.

He used the map to move towards the local high school, where his brother should be right then. And yeah, he found him alone in the gym, working out. He checked his story and saw he had been there for an hour and about to finish. In fact, he left for the locker room. Simon didn’t know why, but he felt like following him. Not to see him naked in the shower (at least, not just for that) since he could see him naked if he wanted in his character chart.

In fact, he checked him under the clothing.

He made a whistle. His brother was just 17 but he was already a real hottie. He still hadn’t talked him about any dating or stuff, but he bet he already had any girl he wanted… or guy…

“Holy shit, he’s gay too?”

He had just checked his sexual stats (yeah he was his brother, but he was curious) and found he was as gay as him. It was then where he realized there was a kink list of things he liked and muscle and big cocks were on it. Simon chuckled, Sid was just like him. He decided he could help his “sim brother” in ways he couldn’t help his real one, so he enlarged his muscles and cock while he showered. Just a couple inches here and there. Nothing too showy, like what he did on Paul. Enough to give him a noticeable bulge. It seemed he had been working out a lot lately, so that even without his editing, his body looked great.

He still had some time before his brother came home, so he went back to his “sim-house” and found himself still with the computer. Maybe he could change a bit of his own sim’s life to pass the time.

But there was something bugging him, and watching the room in the game reminded him of it again. It was fucking empty.

He checked the shop option and saw the contents. He spent a few minutes checking his options and then started getting stuff and putting them in the room. There was a catalog in the shop options with crazy gay stuff. Stuff he would never dare to put in his room for real. In fact, there were so many different things that he wanted to add another room just to use them. So he decided to change the whole house into the perfect gay house. He even used the building commands to change the rooms and the size of the house.

When he hit ok, a pop up window appeared

Changes will affect family behaviour, do you wish to continue?

He shrugged and clicked yes. Next a little timer appeared again, like last time he changed the college, showing the same time till changes loaded completely. This was another big change, so it would take a while. It was a pity he had to wait till next day to see any changes, but he could forget about that while he changed his own sim. He wanted to see how would he looked at 300 pounds of muscle. He selected his sim, and in the muscle department he checked his general stats:

Weight 220

Bodyfat 11%

Yeah He was quite big and he loved it, he would probably weigh about 200 pounds if his bodyfat reached the single digits, like 6 or so.

He really wanted to see what he’d look like if he weighed 300 pounds with bodyfat of 6%. He changed it to that and was about to press the button of changes done, when he head the front door opening.


He turned towards the door and went towards it while heavy footsteps echoed in the staircase. Just when he opened the door of his room, someone tackled him to the floor.

He groaned from the impact. “Glad to see you too, little bro.”

“Hey, not so little!”

“Fine…” He smirked and got up, his brother following.

He had to do a double take. It has been 2 weeks since he had last seen his brother (in-game didn’t count, it was a game, right?) and boy, had he changed drastically.

“The hell they feed you, kid? You’re huge!” he looked him up and down, then narrowed his eyes. Since when was his brother as tall as him? “Have you gotten taller too?”

“Glad that you noticed, big bro!” He puffed his pumped chest with his hands on his hips.

Simon almost had to whistle. The teen had a body no gay man would say no to. Heh, he’s almost like his sim is now, he thought. One glance down made him think the same again.

Could this be…? Simon shook his head almost laughing.

Sid glanced at him, confused.

“So you bitten by the iron bug too? Wanna get huge?” He flexed his big biceps in front of Sid, who stared at them with wide eyes.

“Hell yeah! Muscles are awesome! The bigger the better!” Sid flexed a bicep too and with the other hand reached for Simon’s flexed arm. “Damn, you’re hard as a rock!”

Such intimate attention and talk about muscles was also making Simon “hard as a rock” in a place he’d rather no one from his house noticed, so he unflexed and decided to change topics. A loud crash downstairs helped.

“What is going on downstairs?” he asked his brother as he peeked from the opened door.

“Dad and the bitch are having a fight.” Sid replied without interest, suddenly noticing his brother’s laptop on with a new game. He checked it and got surprised as there stood a naked replica of his brother morphed into a sexual fantasy and on top, a little pop up window.

Simon wasn’t paying attention to Sid—the fight was getting louder. “Wow, sounds vicious,” Simon commented happily as he heard another object break. “Maybe we should go down and watch, hehe.” He left the room and walked towards the stairs.

Sid just nodded absent-mindedly, absorbed by the screen. He clicked OK, then another window popped up

Changes unknown to rest of sims? YES NO

He just clicked and went towards the hall to follow his brother. He wanted to ask him about the game. Maybe they shared more interests than he had realized, he thought with a smile, then chuckled, not really believing it. Having a taboo crush on your hunky big brother was one thing, another thing was… well, he better not think about it. The way he was dressed and after his recent growth spurts, a hardon would be too obvious.

Just as Simon had gotten close to the stairs and had already a leg raised to go down it, he felt a jolt of electricity hit him and suddenly felt like he needed more air than he could breathe. Then a warm feeling from inside to outside and felt his body as if he had the greatest of pumps. Then he looked down and saw his chest swelling, making his tee-shirt even tighter.

“The hell?”

He felt his traps rising and the neck also thickening. The sleeves of his short sleeves were starting to hurt his growing biceps and his arms lifted a bit by his swelling lats. He was wearing baggy cotton pants, but even then he could feel his legs starting to fight for space.

And then it was over just as suddenly, and he could breathe like usual.

Yeah, everything was normal, except he felt like he had gained 100 pounds of muscle in an instant.


Then he heard his brother leaving his room and approach him.


“What?” his brother looked him up and down with a flustered face and swallowed hard.

Damn, it’s like he gets bigger each visit… Sid thought.

“I-I’m huge!” Simon was almost panicking.

Sid arched a brow. “Well, that’s what happens when you are a heavyweight bodybuilder, isn’t it? How much did you tell me just now you were weighing… 300? Heh. Yup, you’re huge, big bro.” He almost smirked sarcastically, not really getting why his huge brother was hyperventilating.

Simon stared at him for a moment “Sid, I can’t be 300 pounds!”

“What, you think you’re bigger? Well, maybe. You weighed yourself in the uni, maybe you’ve gotten pumped or something before coming here, but…”

“No! You don’t get it!” he moved his arms making his biceps bulge and tear his sleeves. “Holy crap!”


That made it. Sid ended panicking and ran back to his room. Then the lights went out and he fell in the middle of the hall. He wasn’t used having such thick legs. “Fuck! Now what?”

“I think dad and the bitch might have make something to the electricity. Probably a coffee mug crashed into an electrical socket.” Sid explained has he moved closer to where Simon’s bulk was sprawled on the floor. “Heh, if you weren’t so massive, I wouldn’t be able to see you in the dark.” Simon felt his brother’s hand touch his arm, then sliding towards the forearm (slower than the situation called for) and finally Sid grabbed his hand, helping him to get up.

Or trying to. Because as Simon pulled, he made Sid to fall on him. Sid couldn’t see, but he could feel the muscled bulges below him. He was in heaven.

Then Simon noticed something growing against him and blushed in the dark.

“Oh fuck!” His brother got up in an instant and Simon followed. “I-it’s your fault for pulling me down all of a sudden!”

Simon felt flattered to get such a reaction from his brother, but he felt a little guilty. Even if a little voice inside told him, Hey, there aren’t so many close people you could trust like that and that have the same kinks, go for itSimon shook his head. “Anyway, you stink,” he said, trying to deflect the arousal he had gotten from Sid’s touch. Haven’t you showered after gym?”

“I-I was going to do it now!”

Then Sid was dashing past him towards the bathroom, then heard the door close. He took his cellphone from his pocket and used it as a source of light so he didn’t trip on anything.

Once downstairs he found his father checking the electric box. Apparently, half the switches had shorted. He started changing the damaged fuses while he complaint about ugly bitches.

He didn’t see Linda and didn’t feel like asking where she was, so he went back to his room to wait. Then he realized his laptop had been forced to shut down while it was on and he cursed, knowing what had to be in store.

As expected and feared, once the lights were back, his computer didn’t want to work again, so he had to use the secure mode to check any errors in the system. The screen telling him he would need almost 8 hours to finish and reboot safely.

He sighed, there went his night playing around with the new game.

Then he looked down at his huge body and wondered if it was really just a game. He groped his pecs and felt the mass hanging from his chest. It was his.

“Damn… so this is having 300 pounds of muscle as ripped as the pros…”

He opened his closet and stared at himself in the mirror that was in the inner side of the door. It wasn’t big enough to see all of him, he was too wide. He chuckled.

He pondered whether the bathroom’s mirror was bigger.

Simon walked there, amazed at how his leg’s muscles forced him to walk weird, and found the door unlocked, even if the shower was still on. He wondered if Sid was jacking off, maybe even thinking about his hunky brother. He chuckled, sorry that he couldn’t check him jacking off using the game. Then he told himself off for having such thoughts about his brother.

The little voice in his head was still taunting “I bet the guy would love to worship these massive muscles” He shook his head, astonished at his own thoughts.

He peeked his head, seeing a shadow inside the glass, showering. “Bro, you mind if I come in? The bathroom, I mean.”

“S-sure” he replied.

Seeing he was free, he stepped into the bathroom, peeled off his skin tight clothes and started posing in the mirror. Five minutes later he was tenting his briefs and was also glad that he never competed, as he wasn’t good at posing. Like, really bad.

Then he thought, with such a body, his posing technique would not be that important, probably.

He considered about jacking a quick one, but just then his brother came out of the shower and he couldn’t help glancing at the swollen red appendage hanging from his groin, semi-hard and obviously as big as he had modified him.

While having dinner, he wondered about the game and how could it do what it did, and what other changes would turn true as well the next day.

He and his brother spent the night playing videogames in Sid’s PS3 until it was time to sleep. They also talked about Sid’s weeks, school and friends. Neither of them commented about what had happened before.

Thinking about his laptop rebooting it took him longer to get asleep, but he eventually did.

The following morning he awoke hugging someone from behind he felt his huge pecs rubbing against the other’s back bulges. He groping meaty pecs he could barely reach. His arms were so muscled and the man he was hugging wasn’t skinny either, so it was hard to embrace him completely.

Then he realized what he was doing and jumped off the bed—especially when he noticed his morning wood being in between the muscled cheeks in front of him.

The next big surprise: it was his brother Sid.

He was about to shout at him, demanding to know what he was doing in Simon’s room, when a quick glance around made him stop and slowly turn around and watch the room he was standing in.

It looked like his room, as in, having the same size and position of door and window, yet it wasn’t his room at all.

First of all, it was painted light orange and the walls were covered in posters of muscled hot guys having sex, or just posing in tight posing suits. There was a shelf loaded with bodybuilding trophies. There was his usual stuff, which was supposed to be in the basement now in some boxes, all suddenly back in place. His closet was bigger with huge mirrors inside, plus a big mirror on one of the walls where he could see his whole naked reflection.

Before he could wonder why was he sleeping naked (the part of his brother sleeping naked with him hadn’t registered in his brain just yet), he stared at his reflection in amazement.

He was a total beast! His shoulders and traps so bulging with muscle that he seemed to have his head locked in between so much muscle, also because his pecs were so inflated with muscle than they almost hit his chin without even flexing and so engorged with meat that his nipples were hidden as they fall on his abs. It didn’t matter they covered the first row, as there were five more rows that ended where the root of his thick cock started. But half of them were hidden behind his boner, that easily reached ten inches now. Funny, as he hadn’t modified it. Maybe other changes had changed his cock size somehow.

His balls looked bigger too and hung lower over his massive quads, so defined that his 6% bodyfat of the day before looked like a joke. His calves swelled out from both sides even looking at it from the front. They had nothing to envy to that huge bodybuilder, Frankenhouse or whatever his name was.

He turned to check his back, looking at the huge mirror from the one behind him, in the opened closet. His back was so wide that his V-shape looked like a T. No wonder his arms looked about to make a crab pose even relaxed. And his glutes were so thick and striated that you could crack nuts with them.

“Hum… nice view. Can you bounce them?” Sid said from the bed.

Simon stared at him through the mirror. He was also bigger. He looked as big as he himself had been before the game had entered his life. And the guy was barely seventeen”Hum… Sid, what were you doing in my bed?”

Sid smiled “Wow… Possessive, aren’t we? When did this room stop being the one we’ve been sharing for the last 14 years? Not to mention this bed being OUR bed since two years ago.” Then he actually winked at Simon.

“Oh fuck…” His huge hardon twitched against his carved abs.

“My thoughts exactly…” Sid nodded as he crawled out of bed until he reached him and drew him back to bed. Simon couldn’t think how much those muscles swelled when carrying his own bulk or how much bulk that was in the first place, as Sid soon made him forget about anything else that wasn’t just pleasure.

A bit over an hour later, and still shocked about what had just happened and how natural it felt, despite him knowing it being not the way things had been at all (to the point of making him doubt reality as he had known it a day ago), Simon saw his hunky brother walk out of the room to get a shower.

He shook his head trying to think straight about what was real and what had been modified by…

“The game!” he suddenly exclaimed, as he face-palmed himself.

He started his laptop and the game and focused on the “new” city in front of him.

“Holy crap… is this really what the city has become now?”

“Which city?” asked Sid from the door

Simon turned and hide the laptop screen with his wide back “City? Who said anything about a city? Also, weren’t you gonna shower?”

“That’s what I said, but since you didn’t follow like usual, I came back… Heeeeey good try,” he narrowed his eyes and approached him, trying to peek over Simon’s bulgy traps “Don’t change the subject. What are you hiding?”

“Fine, we’ll shower together, just forget about my new game, okay?”

“New game?” Sid’s eyes shone in excitement and Simon felt like kicking himself.

“Shall we shower?” he tried redirecting his attention. But it was too late.

“Nope, the bathroom is busy with dad’s and Lon’s lovemaking. As much as I love the way dad looks, seeing him have sex is kinda…. Disturbing somehow.”

“Because of the family taboo issue?” Simon smirked as he grabbed Sid’s half-hard dick and squeezed.

“You idiot… you know it’s because that’s the cock that made us, but stop changing the subject and show me that game already!” he leaned on him, trying to see the screen.

Simon finally gave up, but decided not to tell everything.

“Fiiiiine. Remember the sims? This is similar, but way more advanced graphics and details. I’ve … been working on it the last few months recreating our whole city and inhabitants.”

“That’s cool!” Sid exclaimed “Show me around!”

Simon did so and showed his brother the city, which looked exactly like the one they lived in, and while Sid was in ecstasy about the reality the graphics had, Simon was astonished about how much the city had changed.

First of all, the number of gyms and health centers had increased, as had done the number of gay bars and saunas.

He was about to go and check how was the new university, recalling about the changes to the college’s top majors (which he was sure was connected with his new body) when Sid asked. “So you’ve just recreated the city, but haven’t really changed anything right?”

Evading his brother’s eyes, Simon nodded.

“Then we can edit it and see how our fantasy city would be, right?”

“Yeah… that was the idea.” Now Simon was started to get scared.

Sid took the mouse and went directly to his school, then changed his mind and were to the “whole city” settings.

“I have some crazy ideas. How about a men-only city? No, better. A gays-only city!”

“Hum… yeah… that sounds like fun…” He didn’t think it was really a good idea, but he thought it would be hypocritical to say it, since he had done something similar to his university, though he’d only the gay part at Paul’s party. His brother was so like him, but with no inhibitions, which made him dangerous. Especially when a game that could warp reality was involved.

He saw him rewriting the settings, also removing any kind of taboo there was, like sex in the middle of the street being normal, or behavior like kissing someone you just found hot in a hallway, just because and being normal. Simon felt odd that now the game didn’t make them wait a time to change settings so drastically into the city, unlike when he tried to change the College the day earlier. Maybe the big changes he’d made already made these a natural extension of the new reality.

“Oh, this will be fun!” Sid went towards his high school and went to the rule’s section. Then he turned at him, smiling. “How about having a sex class?”


“Oh, this one is good, punishment will be by forcing the teacher’s cock into the guy’s hole. I’ll make that every teacher will have a two-foot-long cock, thick as a beercan, but everyone’s stretchy enough not that it won’t cause physical damage, of course. No, wait. three feet.”


“Oh! OH! I think I’ll replace Math class with blowjob class, haha!”

“WAIT a sec!” Simon’s hand grabbed his brother’s wrist before he could hit enter to enforce that change. “You need your education, and Math’s important.”

Sid looked at him confused, then smiled “But this is just a game. Why so serious, Batman?” he laughed and punched him in the big shoulder. Simon’s muscle made the fist bounce back. “You trying to pull my leg, acting all ‘serious’ like that…” Then he hit enter with the other hand.

Simon sighed and gave a fake smile. “Haha, yeah…” And continued to watch as his brother made more and more weird and sex induced changes.

“This school needs more sports and them to be more contact oriented…. Oh and the locker-rooms need more space and some beds, let’s add a sauna… and… hahaha, how about- yeah, how about we make the students more prone to want to study?”

“What do you mean?” Simon asked, almost scared.

“How about adding an inch of cock to whoever gets the highest grade of the class in a test? If I could get that rewards, you bet I’d be studying like mad!”

Simon smirked. His brother was such a size queen… of course, Simon had to admit he probably was one too.

“And… I think I’m done with this round … let’s finish the edits to my school.” He hit a command, then a pop-up window appeared.

Changes known? Yes/No

“Hit no,” explained Simon “It would be boring if the sims in the game started freaking out or something.”

Sid shrugged but did as told, then another window popped up.

New changes? Yes/No

Simon remembered that this was what made things retroactive and his mind started to spin at the possible ramifications. “Again, better no, right?” Sid was saying just before hitting the “no” button.

That made Simon worry. He had been a straight-A student. Would it affect him too?

“Ugh, another window…” Sid complained.

Please select the time the changes started.

He selected them as changes since the school opened his doors, just as Simon had done with his college, and just as Simon feared.

Then another pop-up, and another grunt from Sid.

Do you wish these changes to affect the city? Yes/No

Sid clicked yes and just when Simon was thinking of editing later those changes when his brother wasn’t looking, one last window popped up.

Changes will update with effect immediately.

“What?” Simon was astonished. The same thing had needed 12 hours to update last time. Had his previous changes to the city made the new changes not so extreme?

Then Sid jumped up with a growl coming from his stomach. “Fuck I’m hungry. Come on studbro, I’ll race you to the kitchen!”

He had just disappeared through the door and Simon had gotten up from the chair and started to hurry following him, when a dizziness fell on him, forcing him to shake his head. Then he took another step and tripped over something, falling to the floor face down, hurting his forehead. Fortunately, the size of his pecs prevented his whole face hitting the floor.

“FUUUCK!!!” he shouted. He tried kneeling as he rubbed his forehead, but here was something in the middle of his massive legs. It looked like… Another leg?

No, it was longer than his normal legs, and thicker… and with veins as thick as his wrist used to be…


It was his cock. His soft cock. He stood with difficulties. His soft cock was so long it reached the floor and then 2 or more feet of it were resting on it. It had to be around 6 feet long. Just thinking on how long could it be when hard… He checked the ceiling of his room and saw some cracks on it. He nervously chuckled, guessing what could have caused them. He didn’t have a slightest idea of how to even walk with such thing hanging from his groin. Though, funnily enough, his butt seemed to have been trying to compensate for the weight difference in the retcon made, and was now disproportionally massive. His thighs and calves looked also way bigger than before. It felt nice that they could support such hugeness, but that didn’t solve his walking problem. And let’s not think about clothing, he groaned inwardly.

Or about how all this had affected … other people.

He shrugged, making his traps rise past his ears and grabbed his cock, holding it with both arms (and still there was a lot hanging from his hands). The touch of his warm, strong hands made his monster organ tingle, though fortunately it knew not to get hard just now. His balls, despite their huge size, were dwarfed by his cock and he absentmindedly thought about enlarging them, then shook his head trying not to be led astray by the way things were getting out of control.

He went down the stairs carefully to found his brother seated at the table, as well as his father reading the newspaper and another guy he didn’t know.

He was blond and nicely muscled too. Kind of cute, actually, but Simon had bigger things in his head (and in his hands) at the moment to notice.

Carl looked up from his paper for a moment, then back to it. “Morning, son. Did you forget your basket-strap?”

“My what?”

The new guy laughed and Sid playfully threw a bit of cereal at the stranger. “Hey, you guys like to hang free in the weekends too, just like us.”

Simon almost did a double take when his brother’s comment made him focus on the table and on the muscled legs under it and the amount of soft cock, which took even more space than the legs. Even if he was now monster sized, it seemed he wasn’t the only one in the house with such problems (if you could consider it a problem, that is). He rubbed his eyes, letting his cock hit the floor and carefully waddled towards the fridge.

“I made enough scrambled eggs even for you, big eater,” the unknown guy mentioned as he rubbed the cock next to his right foot, feeling it swell.

“Lon!” Sid complained, spiting some cereal.

“Sorry, kid.” He winked “Wrong one!” And he started to rub the next cock over.

“Not here,” Carl warned in an amused voice without raising his head from the paper.

Simon just blinked and sat down, carefully stretching his legs to the sides as they were too muscled to be put together and not lift the table by with quads, plus his massive cock needed all the space, being placed on top of feet and the other cockheads.

“Simon…” his father raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t give me a boner now, bro. I don’t want to move the table.” Sid said.

“What he said,” Lon said with a chuckle.

“Sorry, but I’m not sure where to put…” Simon tried to think of a way to keep his six-foot cock from causing problems.

“Just don’t move too much, ok?” Sid said with a mischievous smile.

Simon had a bad feeling, and it soon became a reality when he felt another cockhead pressing against his soft flesh. He looked around to see his father calmly sipping coffee and Lon biting some leftover toast, then at his brother who was smirking as he ate his cereal.

He tried to think is ugly stuff as he ate, but there was too much hot naked massive muscle around and humongous cocks right by his feet not to start swelling his meat, despite his normal good control over his boners.

His father’s cock moved as something growing pressed on it, causing him and his partner some arousal “Simon…”

“Sorry, I’m trying, but Sid…”

“What? I’m a normal horny teenager, bite me, brother.” He replied with a smirk.

“Just make sure you clean afterwards?” Carl said before getting up, with his 4 feet and a half already lifting cock leading the way, as he held hands with an equally aroused Lon, who at just 3 feet of boner was dwarfed, especially by his partner’s massive defined muscle that almost equaled his older son.

“It makes you want to have been a better student back there, huh?” Lon joked.

“Shut it before you made me harder. You know your ass has limits…” Carl threatened him as they exited the kitchen.

Simon’s cock continued to engorge and lift and it was already poking over the other side of the table and lifting it. Sid quickly started taking the stuff on top so it didn’t break as the giant boner grew and grew. Simon didn’t know how much blood did he need to feed that monster, but he supposed having huge muscles helped. Sid finally took the table off him and the massive cock finished his travel upwards, hitting the ceiling, despite Simon still being sitting.

“That’s what happens when u have around 10 feet of cock, huh?” Simon joked.

Sid frowned. “Weren’t you eleven and a half feet long?” he asked, confused.

Simon shrugged. “Once you get to that size, what it matters a foot more or less? Holy crap, the thing is wider than I am, and I’m almost 6 feet around at the shoulders!”

“I guess your tests at the uni are going pretty well.” Sid joked as his own monster cock towered over his head several feet. Simon looked at it in awe. It had to be as long as the person it belonged to. About half his own size.

“I guess…” he started to say, the he frowned. “Wait, weren’t the cock rewards added to just the high school setting edits?”

“What edits?” His brother asked distractedly as he tried climbing his sibling’s towering monster.

Simon moaned as Sid’s strong arms and legs gripped his sensitive shaft. “I-I mean the game…”

“Yeah, what about it? I had only time to check how well have you recreated reality in this city. I’m still waiting to start editing, but got too hungry to start with that.” He replied, making no sense to the groaning Simon. “Damn, I can’t wait you get a couple feet longer so I can fuck your monstercock, I’ve started to miss some rewards this week so I don’t outgrow my chances of doing that, even if it’s just once.”

The thought of his hunky muscular overendowed brother using his person-sized cock to fuck his cockhole attached to the biggest cock in the morph realm, made Simon reach climax all of a sudden. With a huge flush of pleasure he was cumming like a rocket, although it was only two shoots. His balls weren’t proportional to his cock, so it was only natural he didn’t came as much as his size would suggest.

But he thought it was good nevertheless, as it was already difficult enough to clean the ceiling without extra spooge to make things worse.

Unfortunately, his cock didn’t feel like getting soft just yet, so he looked at his brother, who was rubbing his own pole towards his. He started climbing further up his cock, and with his weight, made it go horizontal and hopped off, still holding it down, helped by his brother’s own efforts, making his triceps bulge like basketballs.

Then Sid pressed his own cockhead against Simon’s, meaning both had their cocks bent down to a 90 angle and they were so separated by their respective length that each was pressed against each opposing wall of the room.

Sid, groaned in frustration, his own cockhead too big to enter his brother’s cock hole. Still he moved it, rubbing head against head, frotting like a pro (and Simon had the feeling he was a pro, after the retcon.)

Several minutes afterwards both cocks shot another go, bathing each other’s shafts and part of the floor in goo.

And still Simon was hard.

“Damn, bro. Since when did you start to need a third time?” he chuckled.


“Eh, I’m not complaining,” Sid assured him with a kinky smile, then he approached the cockhead and wiggling his fingers, soaked them in cum and pre plastered in his brother’s shaft. With enough natural lube, he pressed his fingers inside the hole. First one, then a second… until all his hand was inside.

Simon gave a loud moan and fell on his knees, almost passing out from pleasure. He didn’t even know what was going on or who he was. He was lost in it.

Inside the head, and inserting his arm till all his muscled forearm was in, he started flexing his hands, making his forearm bulge inside the tightness of his urethra. Soon he felt a pressure in his hand and he took it out, followed by a new gush of hot cum.

Lying on the floor, Simon was panting, starting to recover consciousness. He wiped the drool covering his chin and the tears in his face. Sid was standing over him, sexy and watching him with glinting eyes.

“Da-damn, that was intense…” Simon stammered. He felt his cock deflating and saw his brother’s doing the same until the tip just touched the floor. He also noticed his brother’s butt was bigger than normal, as were his legs. They were probably compensating the weight in front, as his own was doing.

“So, can we check your game already? I’d love to start with the editing. I have some crazy ideas.” Sid said almost jumping from excitement.

Simon laughed. “Yeah,” he said. “You sure do…”

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