The night shift

by Dreamtransformer

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Matthew could not believe the day he had. First, he received a call from work saying he would have to cover Joe’s shift; which meant he would be home at 10pm instead of 6pm. Then when he was at the gym, his favorite machine, the bicep curl, was broken and the other machines were being used by the major roid heads; never a friendly encounter. And when he got to work at the clothing store at 12pm, his boss left in him to deal with angry customers for an hour and a half. He wanted to just go home and lay down. But he couldn’t—he still had to stay one more hour in the store, by himself.

Matt looked at the clock on the wall. 9:00pm exactly. The store door buzzed opened, and in stepped a guy that made Matt eyes grow wide. He was big and muscular, white with short brown hair and a little scruffy beard and soft brown eyes. He was dressed from head to toe in workout gear, like he had just left the gym. His feet were as big as Matthew’s (size 14) and completely barefooted. Matthew could smell the strong scent of the guy’s sweat from him. Intoxicating and powerful. The guy turned his head to Matthew and smiled.

Matt found his voice and said, “Hi, welcome to the Clothing Barn. Can I help you?” Matt was trying hard not to faint at the pure sight of this guy. Matt was masculine in every way but he could not hold a candle to whatever power this guy was sending towards him. The guy approached him slowly, each step seem to cause the ground shake with his huge feet; which appeared to have gotten bigger. When he stopped closer to Matt registered, the scent of his sweat was over powering but Matt continued to stand strong.

The man smiled. “I’m hoping to find some new clothes.” He said in a deep, masculine voice that was causing Matt knees to feel like jelly. “I forgot to bring a change when I left the gym. Can you help me?”

Matt nearly fell over on that. His already, tight jeans were straining from the erection he was hiding from the sheer look he was getting from this guy, but fact he wanted Matt to help him find some clothes almost sent him over. Still he held his stance and Spoke clearly, and just as manly, “Yes sir.”

Matt lead the muscle hunk over towards the men casually and began to point out which outfit would best suit him. Mostly muscle-tees and loose fitting jeans and shorts. The man tried on each one, leaving the changing room door open so Matt could see him.

The guy was defiantly ripped, His arms and legs massive with hair that was neatly trimmed. His abs were impossibly long; like he was a snake and his pecs were huge and round. The guy was giving him a show and was not shy about it. Matt was glad that the cameras did not show the dressing rooms. Matt adjusted his hard on and looked at the clock. 9:30pm.

The guy made his way back up to the register, his arms carrying the bundle of clothes he had tried on. “I’ll take these,” he said happily.

“Great.” Matt said with a mix of joy and sorrow. He knew if this guy didn’t leave soon he probably have to change his underwear. “Would you like a pair of sneakers too, sir?”

The man laughed, once again his rich deep voice made Matt weak. “I never wear shoes,” he said. “In fact I find this whole concept of clothing ridiculous. The only reason why I wear them is because you humans have grown soft. You shun what is natural and you frown on men being admire for their bodies. Look at you, your body is near perfect. Near my level of masculinity. You should share it. Not be afraid to show it.”

Matt watched him, not sure what to do. The guy was acting nuts. Saying things like he wasn’t human, like he was something else. Yet what he said to Matt did make sense. When he was little he remembered not wearing a shirt at all at home and people said how cute he looked. He loved being admired for it. His mother said he looked like his father, who left him when he was younger. Now he was older and missed those days of being shirtless, barefooted and more. He missed it. He wanted what this guy had, this perfect male specimen.

The guy looked at Matt and smiled, “You want to be free, don’t you?” he said in a low whisper. “You know this is not the world for you. You want people to see you for who you are. Near perfect, like me, like your dad.”

Matt was bugging out. Did he say Dad?

The man looked deep into Matt’s eye and Matt could see…himself. His life. As a baby, then child to teen. His first crush with a guy, The day his Stepfather kicked him out after his mother’s death. This man staring back at Matt could not be his father, yet he knew he was. The man’s strong scent seem to over power Matt. He could not take it anymore. Quickly Matt dropped his pants and begin to stroke feverishly. With each stroke he felt his body getting bigger and tighter.

The man removed Matt’s shirt and helped him work his pecs and abs. The man was smiling the whole while saying things to Matt like “That’s my boy. Free your inner demi-god!”

Demi-god? Was Matt a demi-god? The man seem to shine brighter, and so did Matt. He was becoming more masculine, bigger, stronger, sexier. Matt could not hold on much longer.

He released a powerful stream all over the register and the man just stood back and laughed. After about 10 minutes, Matt stood up and saw himself in the mirror near his register.

He looked like the man, only a few years younger and not as scruffy, but his body was giving off the same aura of powerful masculinity as the man. Matt looked at the clock, 9:50pm. He had to lock up. He turned to find the man and the clothes were gone. A note left on the register along with a large stack of cash and a key.

“Dear Matt,” the note read. “I am sorry I could not get to you when you were younger, but your grandfather forbade me from making contact with you until now. I want you to know your mother had to lie about me to keep you safe. Now that you have experienced this moment you are free of your human bonds. Look for your brothers and cousins. They too need to be free and ready, for man kind needs you. My son, I love you. Signed, your dad, Hercules.”

“P.S. don’t worry about the cameras. They only show you selling me clothes. The keys are to your new home as well.”

Matt looked at the clock and remembered that this night shift changed his life forever.

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