The people you find on the internet

by Miguel Burgos

Enrique tried dating on the internet and started to encounter some really, really different people.

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Part 1: Rafael Enrique tried dating on the internet and started to encounter some really, really different people. (added: 31 Dec 2015)
Part 2: Oscar Enrique finds another amazing specimen on the internet, a horny giant called Oscar. (added: 20 Jul 2016)
Part 3: Antonio The tables turn on Enrique when he goes on his latest internet encounter, only for him to turn out to be the giant this time. (added: 14 Oct 2016)
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Part 1: Rafael

Let me introduce myself. My name is Enrique, I live in South America. Black almond shaped eyes, black hair, cherry lips, as a lot of Latin-American here. I am a guy who is a little shy so I don’t go often to bars. For dating, I prefer using websites. Most of the time, you find boring people with whom you do not share common interests. But I always had hope to find someone who’s worth it. Then I found Rafael. We first exchanged messages. About ten years more than I have, but he looked so young… and attractive. Blatino, dark eyes, shaved hair, gorgeous lips. He seemed very fine and a good person. But there are also a lot of things you don’t get to know until you see someone in person.

So we set a rendezvous in a beautiful park in the center of the city. I arrived 15 minutes early; he arrived a few minutes later. His profile said he was 2m25 tall but I was used that some people exaggerate in this kind of websites. But he was not exaggerating. When he got close enough I was realizing I was dating a real giant. He was so tall that his nipples were surely over my head. When he arrived at my side, I had the impression I was a child next to him. I was breathless. With a deep voice he said:

“Hi, I am Rafael. You must be Enrique.”

“Yes.” I was about to mention about his height, but I figured he would always be bothered about it. “Nice to meet you!”

We took a cup of coffee nearby, it was nice to discuss with him except for the stares we got from everyone everywhere. We decided to go at my place, which was not far. The moment I closed the door, he started to kiss me. He lifted me like a doll and put his huge lips on mine. His huge tongue invaded my mouth and my throat and even giving me a massage in my throat! When he broke up the kiss, he started kissing my neck. I then realized how huge his tongue was when he was able to reach my cheeks with his lips still on my neck. It was large but so long that it looked at least a foot long.

“Where’s your bed?”

“Upstairs at the right.”

Rafael lifted me into the stairs so we could still kiss while going up. We arrived at my bed where he threw me like a towel. He looked at me with a great smile and a cocky face. Towering over me, his head a little ducked because the ceiling was too low for him, he said:

“Are you ready for something weird?”

With a 2,25m giant, there was nothing weirder I was expecting but Rafael went much beyond I could imagine:

“I’m sure you didn’t notice my hands!” he said while showing them.

It was true, I didn’t notice: there were six fingers on each of them! He took off his shoes and socks (which were gigantic and probably custom-made) and there were also six toes on each foot!

“You are great. Just seeing you makes me really hard. I have like 24 inches of cock.”

Of course, I did not believe him. But with the height, the tongue and the fingers, there was a possibility… Unzipping his pants he showed me a huge 12 inch cock. He said:

“Wait, there’s more.”

He unbuttoned his pants and then I saw the unimaginable: two 12 inch cocks, with huge hard-ons tensing the foreskin they had. He had three balls and they were huge like king size eggs. I start putting my mouth on one of them since two could just not enter my mouth. He started jerking the other one with his right six-fingered hand and moan with such a deep voice he made me shiver. I was thinking: “How will I take these cocks in my ass?”

Rafael started to push my head against his left cock. It was weird to feel such a big paw behind my head, mostly when he tried to change the position and I could feel each of his six fingers. Then he pushed my head back, then forward to his right cock while he started stroking his left. He was fucking my face so hard I felt bumps inside my throat, but he was doing it in a way I didn’t had any gag reflex. It was so weird having a six fingered hand pushing me to swallow such a big cock and more having another six fingered hand at my left stroking an identical cock. Then Rafael asked me to tickle his balls: The three of them. They were the size of very big eggs.

Then I felt them contract. Rafael started to scream. That was frightening. I felt everything shake. Then I felt the cock he had in my mouth stiffen. He started to unload, but there were streams of cum. It was so strong I could not bear it. He gave me a facial in which I thought I had two hoses blowing me. I went backwards and then he shot more, and more, and more. There was so much cum I was covered with it. He must have unleashed at least ten streams multiplied by two. Seeing two cocks shooting so much with a giant man screaming in ecstasy made me cum right away. It was like a drop in the ocean of his cum. My bed was full of cum after he shot the last drops. The odor of his cum was making me in bliss. Just when I started to think how I could clean that, Rafael said.

“I’m still not done! This is just the first one!”

The first one! He wanted more! He took me like a baby in his arm to kiss me invading again my mouth and throat with his gigantic tongue. His cocks started rising again. I could feel them between my legs. Then he threw me like I was nothing in the bed which made a big splash due to the amount of cum there was. It was still hot! He took off one of the pockets of his jacket two condoms and put them carefully on each of his cocks. He told me:

“Are you ready for tight? Have you ever had double penetration from one man?”

He wanted to snug both of his cocks in my hole! He started to slide his cocks but it seemed to be tough for him until he found my hole and took me like a doll and pushed me onto his cocks. It was so painful! Then I started to bite a pillow on the bed. After five minutes, it felt great. It was like having two men in one. His large hands were capable of a very good grip on me. I was looking at them and all the six fingers on each. It was so arousing! I even came before he did. And when he did, flows of cum got out of his cocks at the point he had to take them out. The condoms filled with cum and then he took them out. He splashed streams of cum like a fountain. He shouted louder and then the streams got just stronger. It looked like hours but after a few minutes and my bed transformed in a pool of cum, he stopped.

“That was good. A few more like that and I am done.”

Rafael took me five more times and used two condoms on each time. My room looked like there had been an orgy. The bed was dripping with cum and there was a puddle of cum all around. Then he lifted me again like a doll, kissed me very deep with his invading tongue. Then he whispered at my ear with his deep voice.

“You were great. I always need to unload a few times a day like that. You can call me whenever you want.”


Part 2: Oscar

One day, I had a message from a guy called Oscar: a guy from Cali who was working as a software developer. He invited me to his apartment to watch a movie. He said he didn’t like to go out and he had a HD TV and everything to make a good home theater. He was kind. We had a few conversations and I liked his sense of humor. So I accepted the invitation, but there were a few surprises I would have once I met him.

The moment I knocked at his door, I knew there was something going on. Everything started to shake. It was like if there were explosions at the lot near the building: Boom! Boom! Boom!. Then, the door opened: what I saw was a belly, a large belly with legs bigger than tree trunks and the largest shorts ever. I couldn’t see any head or nothing over his belly, because he was much taller than the door frame. He told me with the deepest voice ever:

“Enrique? Come in! I was waiting for you! I’m Oscar.”

I passed in front of him and had eye-level with his belly button. It was as huge as my mouth and looked so deep. Then I took enough distance from him to have a whole look at him. He was like a giant sumo. The ceiling was about eight to nine feet tall and his head was brushing it. his nipples were higher than the door! He must have weight at least 800 pounds if not 1000! His feet must have been size 25! They were broad and toes so big that the smaller one was bigger than my thumb! His belly was so huge! No pants could get around him! It was like a huge stone that could smash me anytime. His shorts must have been custom-made!

He put one of his giant hands on me. I had the thumb over my shoulder and his little finger on my elbow. His middle finger almost reached the other side of my back!

“You are very sexy”, he told me. “Don’t be afraid, I’m gentle!”

Telling me that, he took his other big hand and brushed my head. His hand was bigger than my head and was really heavy. Then, after walking on a floor that could barely support him, he sat on a giant couch that look made for him. Looking around, the majority of the furniture seemed to be larger than normal and even hand-crafted. Oscar told me that he has a workshop in the yard where he does his furniture and crafts furniture to a lot of “big people” he knows.

“I’ll make you meet a few of them. We’ll have lots of fun.”, he said. Meanwhile, he wanted a blowjob. He stood in front of me and lower his shorts. I saw a big mushroom coming directly to my mouth. He was so tall I didn’t need to duck! And it was still soft! A flow of pre started to erupt and I was shivering while hearing him moan. Then he stopped me and said: “I am very hungry. There is nothing I like more than watching a movie while eating with good company. I’d like to order some pizza. Would you like some?


“What kind do you prefer?”

“Hawaiian.” (That's the most popular here in Colombia.)


He took his phone and then I was first amazed. He ordered 20 large pizzas of all kinds (with two Hawaiian) with five three liter soft drink bottles and five deserts. The amount should have been the equivalent of a week of salary for me. While we waited, we watched TV and he was looking at me with a horny look. I was also horny, but worried how I could handle such a giant. When the order arrived, he got up and walked I saw everything shake in the apartment. The delivery man, who was surely expecting a big party had the surprise of his life, as I did when Oscar opened the door to me. He told the delivery man to come in.

“It will be 529 000 pesos.” (That's about $200 U.S.)

“There you are.”

After receiving that gargantuan quantity of food, he said, “We’ll be more comfortable in my room. Come with me.”

His room was special. There were four double mattresses on the floor with sheets that seemed to be sewed together and a huge TV set at the bottom of it. Even with all these mattresses, it looked just big enough for him and a little space for me. There were a few pillows but I realized I didn’t need any. When we got in the “bed” he took me like I weighed nothing and put me on the mattress between the wall and him and wrapped his arm around me, from the back of my head to my crotch. Then he started kissing me. His mouth could have engulfed my whole face. His tongue was so large it barely fit in my mouth. I was trying to suck his lips but they were so big! His teeth looked so large almost like a piano. He was sucking my mouth but also my chin at the same time. We then stopped, he started the movie and he handled me one of the 20 pizzas he ordered. I couldn’t eat more than three slices but what I saw on his side was out of his world: he was eating each slice of pizza like if they were bite-sized! Engulfing each one with one bite or two! After half an hour, he had finished all the pizzas. And seeing him drink the soda bottles was also a shock! After the 20 pizzas, he drank a whole 3 liter bottle in one shot in less than 30 seconds! He asked me if I wanted a desert, but I was full! Then he asked me if I was going to eat the rest of my pizza which I ate only the quarter. When I told him “no”, he ate it in a few bites! And the creamy deserts he ordered were also eaten in a few minutes. From the time he ate all this, I noticed something: his belly was growing and his feet also further. He was not only growing in terms of belly, but also in height! After he finished the fifth bottle of soft drink, I felt him shaking from all over. Then he burped so loud the whole room was shaking. I’m sure he could be heard from a mile away.

The movie got on, but it took just a while for Oscar to start rubbing me. With his huge hand, he covered half of my upper body. The he lifted me like I was nothing and put me on his belly. It was so comfortable and so big it was like being on a water mattress, but rounder and firmer. He told me then to suck his nipples to turn him on: I have never seen such big nipples. My mouth could take the center of them but not all. His boobs were so huge they surely weighed as much as my whole body. While I was sucking the left nipple, he took the right boob and started sucking the other nipple! Then I started to feel something growing upon my leg. It was hot and very wet. I was concentrating so much on his nipples that I did not mind. Then he started kissing me in the neck with his huge mouth. I felt he was almost eating me. His tongue was so large that he could lick my whole neck at the same time. He was also good at licking my ears. When he was licking my nipples, it was like he was licking the whole pec. Then I felt the something wet and hot pounding my ass. It was his cock! I turned my head and saw that gigantic monster which was now longer and wider than my legs! It was a huge pole and still growing. It was drooling of a hot and thick precum which had an euphoric smell.

“You can take it in your arms and start masturbating me if you want. Then you can suck it.”

I turned back and had one of the best sensations of my life. I was sitting on the base of his cock, which was broad as a tree. The tip was over my head and I could wrap my arms around it. With his belly on my back, it was like having the biggest flesh pillow ever. His cock was leaking so much pre I started to be wet myself. The scent was so powerful. I started rubbing it with my arms (not just my hands). I started hearing the moan f the behemoth behind me and it was shivering me all over. Then I had to go upper with my legs in order to start sucking the top of his cock. I had to swallow lots and lots of precum. He moaned even more of pleasure then without warning, he stood up. From the position I was, I had no choice to follow: he was standing and I was sitting on his cock and my legs in the air! His cock was literally lifting me! He started walking and I had the impression of being on a small horse and we went to his living room where he put me like a pancake on his sofa and took my butt.

“Now I am ready to fuck you!” he said.

I was terrified. He took his dick and covered my butt, mostly my hole with his pre. I felt my hole widen and widen. Then he inserted his huge cock into me (I still don’t figure how he did) and shoved it strongly. I felt my body widen at each stroke. It lasted for more than half an hour like that and then, he took off his cock (what a relief) saying:

“I’m ready”.

He took his huge hand, turned me over, then stroked his cock a little and then it came: a huge splash of cum. Not only he gave me a facial, but the cum splatted all over me, on the couch and even one stream was so strong it went over me and broke the window behind me. He was like in trance and shot gallons and gallons of cum. The living room was full of his cum and this is when I (modestly if you compare with him) came. After a few minutes of cumming, Oscar wanted to go shower with me. Pointing his cock, he asked me:

“Wanna ride?”

I hopped on his cock and it was still hard enough to lift me. I hugged my big grizzly bear and he was so good to hug. We went in the shower which was big enough to accommodate ten of my size and then when showering he told me:

“I love sex, you were great. I never get tired. I could do it like this twenty times a day.”

We dried ourselves and then the doorbell rang.

“Oh! These are a few of my friends that are coming. We are going to have supper and then a gangbang. Wanna join us?”

That sounded great!


Part 3: Antonio

Let me introduce myself. My name is Enrique, I live in South America. Black almond shaped eyes, black hair, cherry lips, as a lot of Latin-American here. I am a guy who is a little shy so I don’t go often to bars. For dating, I prefer using websites. Most of the time, you find boring people with whom you do not share common interests. But I always had hope to find someone who’s worth it. Then on night I found Antonio. We first exchanged messages. He was young, attractive, with cute eyes and mouth and looked well proportioned. Well that’s what I thought. He told me to get to his place, which was about half an hour in bus.

When I knocked the door, I did not hear anyone coming. The only thing I noticed was that the lock and the doorknob were very low. If I would live there, I would have to crunch myself each time I have to open the door: not too practical. When the door opened, I found out why: Antonio was less than a meter tall, even less than three feet!



“Come on in, I am very happy to see you.”

The guy was short but he did not look like any midget I could have sawn in my life. In the pictures, I could not doubt anything because he does not have short legs for his body, his head is not over proportions of his body. He just looked like a bodybuilder who has been shrunk but with all proportions. Of course he was wearing clothes that could have fit to a small child. His apartment was special: it was like a studio and the living room was normal with normal furniture, apart a small kiddie chair at one side and a normal sofa and TV on the two others. There was also a table set with normal chairs but also a kiddie bench on one. However, the majority of the studio had a mezzanine made with a plywood and a few columns. The plywood was just above a meter high with a small stairway between both “floors”. All over, there was furniture that was so small it looked like made for a baby. On the first floor, there was an office with a small desk, a small chair, small drawers. There was also a dining room with kiddie-like table and chairs, and a kitchen in which there was a small oven and a small fridge, and also small counters. You could see small dishes like plates and glasses that looked made for babies. Nevertheless, it looked just so normal for him because of his size. I was in awe.

Then I felt something touch my butt: it was the small hand of Antonio. He said: “Get comfortable. Undress!”

Then he just passed between my legs as if it was nothing. With a good effort to reach up, he unzipped my pants and then he put his very small hands in my crotch. It looked smaller than the hands of a baby! Even if he was muscular! He got out my cock like he got out a huge behemoth. My 10 inches looked like 30 to him. Slowly, he started licking the tip with his small mouth and tongue. Reaching my knob, he put his tongue in the slit of my cock. The feeling of it was so intense I got erected. With the slit upwards, he could not reach anything except my balls which he started to give a massage. Then, he did something I did not expect: he climbed my leg like a coconut tree and then he sat on my fully erect cock like it was a branch. His head did not even reach my nipples. He held my cock and then licked again the slit of my cock. Then he pointed the couch and rode me while I headed to there. I sat with him over and he started to take off his clothes. He threw his kiddie shirt and pants and I saw the smallest underwear over a man. Then I saw his small cock growing on mine. It was as big as mine but in his proportions. Like four or five inches. He asked me to lay down on the couch and took my cock between his arms and chest and masturbated me. I could feel his legs between mine. Then he changed position and put his full body over mine but on reverse. I could see his small feet as he plunged in the gap between my balls and legs. He started licking and with his small tongue it was tickling so much! Then the long fingers on his feet started massaging my nipples, gripping them. I was in awe!

He asked me to turn over. I had to be cautious to avoid crushing him. He went straight to my ass and then asked me: “Can you give me the lubricant tube on the table?”

I reached it from my position. I saw that he putted the lubricant all over his arms and legs. He first put his fist, which was like a finger or two in my ass, but his whole hand started massaging me inside! He could move it with gestures that were so relaxing! Then he put another one and started expanding my rectum. Having those two hands which were moving in different ways was so arousing! When he got out his arms, he thought I was ready. I already had big cocks in my bottom but when Antonio put his leg and then another, I was in bliss. Almost all of his lower half was inside me and he kept entering and going out while his hands were massaging my back. It was like he wanted to hide in my ass but couldn’t! After a few minutes, I started cumming. He asked me then to suck his cock which was so small to me. I felt like a giant with a huge mouth and I could take his entire cock and lick his balls too! I wanted to be careful because I thought I could hurt him. He moaned with pleasure and then I had a surprise. That guy sure had cum in him. His load was immense and I had the impression I had to drink like a gallon of cum! I wondered how such a little man could cum so much. Then, kissing me with his ridiculously little mouth which just covered a third of mine, he entered his tongue and could just lick my teeth because his tongue was so small. I got up and he gripped himself on my neck. His feet were in the air and he was trying to have them stabilized. I put my hand under his small ass which just the right size to fit my hand. I was like a rock cliff for him or a three story building!

That’s when I told him: “Do you want me to fuck you?”

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